In the triangular bone there is a power called Kundalini

Teatro Avenida, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

1995-08-29 In the triangular bone there is a power called Kundalini, Buenos Aires, Argentina, DP-RAW, 142' Chapters: Preparations, Introduction with bhajans, Introduction by Yogi, Bhajans, Arrival, Bhajan, Talk, Self-Realization, Music after program, Departure
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Public Program, 1995-0829, Teatro Avenida, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, I have to tell you that truth is what it is. You cannot change it, you cannot describe it. It is, it has been, it will be.
Now we have to understand that in these modern times human beings have become very restless. This restlessness may say that we cannot adjust ourselves to the speed of the modern times. But actually it is not that. In a very subtle way we are searching the truth. These are the special times when we are not satisfied with what we have and we are searching for something beyond. And also in our lives we find there are certain things happen to us like coincidences which we cannot explain. The reason for all this we try to find out. But the seeking is so strong in modern times and so evident that people have taken advantage of it. Many false people have come as masters of spirituality and they are selling God, selling spirituality, marketing it all over. Actually spirituality cannot be marketed. You cannot pay for God. Because God doesn’t understand money, he doesn’t have any banking. His spiritual property he wants to give you. Now whatever I am going to tell you I please request you not to have blind faith about it, do not take me for granted. But whatever I am saying is being proved then as honest people you have to believe in it. Because it is for the benevolence of your being. It is for the benevolence of your country. It is for the benevolence of the whole world. Because this is the last breakthrough of your evolution. You have become human beings through your evolution, but, at this human awareness you have problems. And the problems you have are of a very serious nature because you do not know the absolute truth. Everybody has different ideas about truth and they differ collectively also. But if you know the absolute truth you will no quarrel, you will not fight, you will not argue. And there will no wars at all. There will be complete peace. But to know the something has to happen within yourself. We have within ourselves this (pointing towards chart) mechanism built in. By this awakening you become the spirit. You are not this body this mind, you are not this intellect, this intelligence or this emotions; but you are the pure spirit. You are not this ego and You are not these conditionings. So one has to become the spirit. You say this is my hand, this is my body; who is the owner of this ‘my’. If you ask a doctor “Who runs your heart?”, he will say its a autonomous nervous system. But who is this auto? That a doctor cannot answer. The second truth is that there is a all-pervading power of divine love which does all the living work. We see this beautiful flowers here, we take them for granted but its a miracle. All this beautiful things, living works are done by this all-pervading divine power. In the bible it is also mentioned as the cool breeze of the holy ghost. In the Quran it is described as ruah. And in the Indian scripture it is called as paramachaitanya. Patanjali has called it as Ritambhara PrAgnya, means the enlightened spirit that makes the season. So now we have to know how we have to become the spirit. It is a living process. We take the seed, put it in the mother earth and it sprouts by itself. We don’t have to do anything. It is spontaneous because the seed has got the built-in quality to germinate and the mother earth has also the built-in quality to germinate it. In the same way our evolution has been spontaneous. And the last breakthrough is also going to be spontaneous, that is Sahaja. Saha means with, ja means born. Born with you is the right to become one yoga with this all-pervading power of divine love. Again you cannot pay for it. It is spontaneous, its your right to have self realisation. Now in the triangular bone called as sacrum, there is a power called Kundalini. I was surprised in Colombia people had this symbol of kundalini in the ancient time about 3000 years back before Christ. Also in Africa they had this symbol used. Now this power is in the sacrum bone, which is a sacred bone according to the Greeks. Now, this is the power which connects you to the all-pervading power. This instrument (mike) if it is not connected to the mains, it has no identity, it has no meaning. In the same way if we are not connected to the mains we have no identity. These are the centres as have been told that they cater for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. All our personal problems are there because these centres are in jeopardy. When this kundalini rises, through this centres it passes and ultimately breaks through the fontanelle bone area. And thus it connects it to the mains, to the all-pervading power. This is the actualisation of baptism. It is not like some priest putting the hands on your head and you are baptised. So the first thing happens to you that physically you get connected. In India four doctors have got MD degree for curing people of incurable diseases. As a result we find that there is the solution within our own body to correct ourselves. Also mentally it corrects your depression, schizophrenia, up to lunacy. Actually it gives you a balance between your emotions and your thinking. Complete integration takes place. Actually we are never living in the present. We think of the past or of the future. And we are jumping on the cusps of this thoughts which rises fall and rise and fall. But when this kundalini rises she elongates those thoughts and there is a space in between. Then you become thoughtlessly aware. You are fully aware but thoughtless. That time you become like a witness of the whole drama. That is the time you achieve your peace within. It is not possible to achieve peace by having conferences, by giving awards to people. I have known many people who have got peace awards are extremely hot-tempered. There is no peace within. Once you become peaceful, the peace spreads all over. Your attention becomes steady, and your attention acts. Wherever you pay attention it creates peace, it creates harmony, it creates well being. Actually you become a great saints. You enter into the kingdom of God. Now apart from this the greatest thing happens to you that you become collectively conscious. You start feeling on your fingertips this cool breeze of the holy ghost and your centres are enlightened, which are as 5, 6 and 7 (pointing to fingers on hand). You can feel your own centres and correct them. And you can feel the centres of others also and can correct it. Sitting down here you can feel the centres of anyone wherever you pay attention. Actually you become a universal being. I am talking about a global transformation. 1.22.11

With this global transformation, all our problems of this chaotic modern world will be solved. In the light of the spirit, you become absolutely righteous. Nobody has to tell you don’t do this don’t do that. You follow all the 10 commandments by yourself. You become your own master. And, as in modern times, the idea is to enjoy every moment of life, but, they don’t know this enjoyment is self-destructive. It is destroying so many countries. But to achieve the real pure joy. This pure joy is not a duality. It is not like happiness and unhappiness. But it is singular. And because of this joy, you drop all the ideas of nonsensical enjoyment which is destructive. And also you develop a great sense of self-respect. I have seen people giving up drugs overnight after they got their realisation. You don’t have to tell them, it just happens. It is so simple as that. Ultimately you swim in the ocean of joy. Like a drop becomes the ocean. You transcend all these very frivolous ideologies of racialism, of hatred, everything. Now Sahaja yoga is working in 65 nations and in some places in a big way. I was in Brazil and I was surprised to see very high people at the helm of affairs wanted to get their realisation. Like the president of the supreme court, minister of justice, also we had the minister of economic affairs. In India also we have very highly placed people who want to have their realisation and it worked. We cannot force it on you. You have to ask for it. It is not of course for people who are arrogant and for people who are critical of spirituality. Of course not for idiots and stupid people. But it works. It has worked in thousands and thousands. The time has come; this is the last judgment. You will judge yourself by your fingertips. Mohammad Sahab has said, “your finger will give witness against you at the time of judgment”. So this is a special time and I hope all of you will get your realisation tonight. But one thing you must know, that once the seed is sprouted in the parable of “Seeds of Christ”, you should not waste it. But you should respect your spirituality and your higher being and grow in it. For which you don’t have to pay anything. Again and again, I say “God doesn’t understand money”. So you can make out easily who are false and who are real. Its said that know thyself and that you should be born again. But it is not the band you can wear. It is not a brand. But when it happens to you, you get all the powers. You become extremely dynamics at the same time extremely compassionate. I am now 73 years of age and I am travelling every third day. Only when I see people get self-realisation, that is my complete satisfaction. That is my complete joy. This is the one of compassion and love. We have never used the power of love so far; only of hatred. But if you use the power of love you will understand that you are a glorious personality. That you are fantastic and there are so many powers within you which you can use to change the world. Only thing I have to request you to have full confidence within yourself that you will all get your realisation here, tonight. Again those who don’t want to have it have to leave the hall. It will take hardly 10 minutes. Because I respect your freedom and I cannot force it on you. After realisation when you will come to our centres and grow, you can ask any number of questions; and I am sure people would be able to answer it with love.

Now there are three conditions very simple. The first one I have already told you that you have to have full confidence within yourself. That means you should not feel guilty at all. Whatever has happened has happened in the past. Just now you are here where this all-pervading power is the ocean of forgiveness. Whatever mistakes you have committed you should have faced them at that time. No use feeling guilty now. Those people who will tell you “you are sinners”, must be sinners themselves. So don’t believe them. Just now remember don’t feel guilty. Because when you feel guilty, its a fashion also, this centre on left-hand side catches very badly. As a result, you get spondylitis. Or if you don’t get spondylitis, you might get angina. It is a heart trouble. Now also your organs become very lethargic. So why to feel guilty for nothing at all. The second condition is as you forgive yourself, you have to forgive everyone. Forgive everyone even without thinking about them. Because whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. It is just a mental acrobat. But by doing that you are torturing yourself all your life. Especially at this moment. This optic chasma has the centre just like this. Very constructive. And if you don’t forgive it wouldn’t open. And how will the kundalini rise? So, just forgive in your mind and it will open like this. I promise you, you will feel much lighter. Now the two conditions I have told you of forgiving others, forgiving yourself and the third one having confidence.
To begin with we have to take out our shoes if you don’t mind. I am saying this because the first time in England when I said “take out your shoes”, half of them walked away. They are so much attached to their shoes you know. So you should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. As love you, you have to love yourself. Now a very simple thing is for people who are sitting on the chair have to keep their both the feet apart from each other, because these are two powers left and right. The left is the power of mundane desire and the right is the power of action. So you, please. It is all right for sitting down, need not worry about. They can sit the way they like.


Please be seated. You all have to be seated comfortably. You need not slouch, or you need not put yourself in too much of strain or too much of strain or slouch in front. Be comfortable. Don’t have to go to the Himalayas and you don’t have to starve yourself. Because it is something inside that has to work out. Now put your left hand on top of your left lap. Which is symbolic that you want your self-realisation. Sit comfortably without any asan. Just sahaja asan. Comfortably. You know what is sahaja asan is just relaxed way. You are not force anything, you are not to say any mantra, nothing. It just works. Now please put your left hand on left lap and right hand on the heart. Right side is the significant of action. And we are working only on left side. So now please put your right hand on your heart. In the heart resides the spirit. If you become the spirit you become your own guide, your own master. So now bring right hand in the upper portion of the abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the centre of your mastery. Now please bring your right hand on to the lower portion of the abdomen on the left-hand side. Surprisingly this is the centre of pure divine knowledge. Now, raise your right hand in the upper portion of the abdomen on the left-hand side. Now on your heart. Now in the corner of our neck and our shoulder and turn your head to your right. I have told you about this centre. Now, raise your right hand on top of your forehead across and bend your head as far as possible. This is the centre where when you do not forgive it go into jeopardy. Now please take your hand on the back side of your head and push back your head as far as possible. This is the centre where without feeling guilty, without counting mistakes, just for your satisfaction you have to ask forgiveness from this all-pervading divine power. Now stretch your palm fully. Put the centre of the palm on the fontanelle bone area which was the soft bone in your childhood. Now important is to stretch back your fingers. And put down your head as far as possible. Now press your scalp and move your scalp slowly seven times clockwise. That’s all you have to do. Now again you have to close our eyes, but, before closing your eyes you take out your spectacles and put a left hand towards me and right hand on heart with both the legs apart from each other. Now don’t open your eyes till I tell you. And shut them when you sleep like that but not with the strain. Shut your eyes gently as you do when you sleep. Now on the heart centre, you have to ask me a very fundamental question about your self. You may call me a mother or Shri Mataji and ask the question three times, “Mother Am I the spirit.” I have told you that if you become the spirit, you become your guide, your own master. Now please put your right hand in the upper portion of the abdomen and press it hard. Here you have to ask another fundamental question about yourself. Here you ask three times; “Mother am I, my own master?” Now I must confess I respect your freedom and I cannot force pure divine knowledge on you. So you have to ask for it. Now take down your right hand in the lower portion of the abdomen on the left-hand side and ask me six times because this centre has got 6 petals. Here you ask “Mother please give me pure divine knowledge” please say it 6 times. As soon as you ask pure divine knowledge, the kundalini starts rising, so you have to enrich your higher centres with your full self-confidence. Now, raise your right hand on top of the left side of the abdomen on the left-hand side in the upper part. Here you have to say 10 times with full confidence “Mother I am my own master”. I have already told you that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this intellect, this ego or conditionings; but you are the pure spirit. So please raise your right hand on top of your heart and say 12 times with full confidence “Mother I am the pure spirit”. This all-pervading power of divine love is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of bliss and of compassion. It is the ocean of forgiveness. Whatever mistakes you have committed can be easily dissolved into this ocean of forgiveness. So please forgive yourself. Now please raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to your right and say 16 times with full confidence “Mother I am not guilty at all”. I have already explained to you whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you do not do anything. But, if at this moment if you don’t forgive the centre of optic chasma wouldn’t open. And you will miss the chance, such a great chance of self-realisation. So please now raise your right hand on top of your forehead across and put down your head as far as possible. Here you have to say with full confidence, not how many times but from your heart “Mother I forgive everyone in general.” Now without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction, you have to ask forgiveness from this all-pervading power. So now raise your right hand, put it at the back side of your head and push back your head. Here again from your heart, you have to say, don’t count “Oh divine power if I have done any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me. Now the last centre is very important for which you to stretch your palm fully and put the centre of the palm on top of your fontanelle bone area. Now here most important is to push back your fingers and put down your head so there is a good pressure on your scalp. Here again, I cannot force self-realisation on you. You have to ask for it. So please move your scalp seven times clockwise slowly saying “Mother please give me my self-realisation”. Alright. Please put down your hands. Put on your glasses. Put both the hands towards me like this. put down your head again and see with your left hand if there is a cool or a hot breeze like vibrations coming out of your own brain, out of your own head. Now if it is hot, means you have not yet forgiven yourself or others. So please forgive now. Some people get it close to their head, some away. So move your hand and see for yourself. Now put your left hand towards me like this again and bend your head and see with your right hand if there’s a hot or cool breeze like vibrations coming out of your own head. Now again for the last time with the right hand, right hand towards me and see with your left hand again bending your head if you are getting a cool or a hot breeze like vibrations from your own head. Now raise your hands towards the sky like this and push back your head and ask any one of this three questions three times. The first question is “Mother is this the cool breeze of the holy ghost ?”, the second question is “Mother is this the all-pervading power of Divine love?” , and the third one is “Mother is this the Parama Chaitanya?” ask any one of these questions three times, any one of them. Now please bring down hands. All have got it.

Now put your hands towards me like this, please. Please. Like this. Now watch me without thinking. This is thoughtless awareness, which is the first stage. And second is doubtless awareness, in which you become the master. Now, all those who have felt a cool or hot breeze on their fingertips or on the palm or out of the fontanelle bone area, please raise both your hands. Oh my God! May God bless you! All of you have got it. I bow to you all saints. Argentina, I never expected. May God bless you! But you must grow. Don’t waste it. Respect your self-realization. You need little time that’s all every day. You meditate hardly 5 minutes. And you have to go to the centre once a week. Just it’s very simple. You have now entered into the kingdom of God; I promise you. And you will meet so many blissful things and miracles. But you must respect ??, That is very important. May God bless you.