TV interview by Santo Biasatti

Alvear Palace Hotel, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

1995-08-30 Interview with Sr Santos, Argentina, DP-RAW, 49'
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1995-08-30 TV broadcast of Interview with Sr Santos, Argentina, DP-RAW, 23'
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TV interview by Santo Biasatti

Interviewer: It is difficult on this time to talk about the spirit?

Shri Mataji: That’s most essential at this time. We are in a chaotic world, because we don’t know that we are the spirit. All this restlessness is because we have to still become the spirit. Without that we are still at the human level. And we live in a relative world while we have to be in the absolute.

Now this work I have been doing for the last 25 years. And I feel that a global transformation has started. Once you become the spirit. In the light of the spirit you can solve all the problems. So most essential thing today is to become the spirit. Because with these mental projections you cannot solve the problems. Mental projection is linear and after some time it recoils. And effects the person or the society or the collectivity, everything is effected.

All over everybody has different ideas which are fixed. But when you become the spirit it radiates on all sides. And you become a subtler personality. And you develop a new dimension called as collective consciousness. Then you can feel another person on your fingertips. All our problems comes to us through our energy center within us in a subtle. So you would call mental, emotional, spiritual.

But in us is placed an energy, which is in the triangular bone of which we are not aware. But its a very ancient secret knowledge of Indian scriptures. They knew about it. Even the bone is called sacrum, the triangular bone. That was the Greeks knew it was a sacred bone. Also in Colombia I have seen in the very old antique pieces of say 3000 BC Christ. They have the emblem of this Kundalini of three and a half.

This purpose done in India till the 12th century in a way that it was done only one person was giving self realization to only one person. That was the tradition. But in the 16th century even in India we had lots of saints. They talked about these times. And at this time they said is the last judgement where many people will get their self realization. Any poets even in England have talked about it.

I am sure also in your country there must have been some poets who must have predicted. The problem of modern times is such that people are restless for some reason or other. And they don’t know what it is. Another modern idea specially American is that we must enjoy every moment of our life. But this enjoyment is self destructive. It leads you to incurable diseases.It leads you, the destruction of families, destruction of what is real pure joy. But when this power rises through this six centers then she pierces through your Fontanelle bone area. And connects you to this all pervading power of divine love.

You see this beautiful flowers here I will take it for granted, its a miracle. Who does this work? In the Bible is described as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. In the Koran as Ruach and in our scriptures as Paramachaitanya. They have all talked about this allpervading power the subtle power that does all the living work. But talk has been talk. Now the time has come to get this self realization in a very spontaneous manner. If I have done any work is this that I found out the method by which en-Masse realization could be.

For example yesterday in that beautiful hall it was full, absolutely full. And they all raised their both the hands saying that they have felt this cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. I was really surprised, because you see people are really so worried nowadays here with political problems, this problem, but they got it. By this ascent firstly your physical problems are solved without going to the doctors by your own power. Then secondly I mean like I can tell you in India four doctors have got their MD in curing incurable deceases. Because these centers are the basis. And when this power rises through them she nourishes them and integrates them. And then connects you to this allpervading power which is a spiritual Yoga. So our human powers become unlimited.

Interviewer: Which one of these six centers are, which one are the six centers?

Shri Mataji: six centers are: First one is, actually there are altogether seven. But the first one is the Mooladhara, which deals with all the excretion including sex. It is below the Kundalini. So sex does not play any part in our ascent. It is very immoral to say such thing. Then the second one is called Swadishthana which caters for our physical and mental activities.

Interviewer: Nabhi

Shri Mataji: is the solar. So which establishes within us

Interviewer: Vishuddhi

Shri Mataji: This is Center is for collectivity, for communication.

Then we have a center on the optic chasma. Like this in the center here, in the brain.

Then the last center is a 1000 petal center. When we are doing some work or thinking too much or if you are conditioned then there are 2 organizations or you can call balloon like things which are placed over our lymbic area. So this side it crosses over so this is the side for mental and physical happening, the Ego develops.

And from the left side our condition, Super Ego or conditionings develop.

To the right side. So that’s how we are closed. Now when this Kundalini rises she sucks them like this. And opens you to this allpervading power. And that energy starts flowing through. And on your fingertips you can feel your own centers and you can feel the centers of others.

Now if you know how to correct your centers you solve your problems. And if you know how to correct the centers of others you solve their problem. See but actually we live in the past or in the future. We cannot be in the present. One thought rises falls off another thought rises, falls off. Either from the past or from the future. We cannot be in the present. So when this Kundalini rises she elongates those thoughts. And a space is created in between, that is the present. In that state you become thoughtlessly aware. Is your aware but you are thoughtless without any thoughts. But you get inspirations. And like that.

That is how you come to the present and the present is the reality. And because there is no bombardment of thoughts you become absolutely peaceful. If you don’t have peace within how can you spread peace outside?

Like I have seen many people who have got awards in peace. They are horrible people. I mean they are very hot tempered. But they have got awards, alright. So this makes a person extremely peaceful and it spread to the collective. And you become absolutely relaxed. All the stress everything disappears.

Interviewer: He says since 25 years you are working, but what happened before that?

Shri Mataji: I was finding out what’s the problem with human beings. Why can’t they get en-mass realization. That one was my, I should say my work. Because unless and until any discovery is not meant for everyone it is useless. Because so many saints where there but they also failed, real saints. Because nobody understood them. Now with this thing so many are getting realization. And so many saintly children are being born today. This is very important. This transformation is extremely important. Not for one person, for the family but for the whole world.

Interviewer: About your knowledge of the human body, because when you explain the things your knowledge is not a normal common knowledge. It is very very deep.

Shri Mataji: I did my medicine also just to understand what doctors call it. And also I tried to study psychology because I have to talk to phycologist also in their terminology. So that one can convince these scientist they are very conditioned people.

Interviewer: When you speak about fix ideas that prevent people to achieve a higher goal you are referring to ideologist?

Shri Mataji: Yes. So called. There are no ideals in it. Ideologies without any ideals. Because these are relatively made. Unless and until you have the absolute knowledge you can’t create any idea. Like Hitler believed that he was a very Germans were the, what you call, the highest people. That’s not true. Absolutely false.

Shri Mataji: No technique. It’s a spontaneous thing. It’s a living process. Now what is the technique when you put a seed in the earth it sprouts. Because is built in the seed to germinate and in the Mother Earth to germinate it. So it is all built in. Already. Through your evolutionary process all these centers everything are within you.