How far you are evolved within? Jingguang New World Hotel-Manfulou, Beijing (China)

Public Program. Beijing (China), 13 September 1995.

Very much enamored to know that you all are very much interested in Sahaja Yoga. The first person who is sitting here and who had the honor to meet in Austria, and I was surprised how he was know all about Sahaja Yoga.

In your country you had very great philosophers once upon a time. Of course you believe in humanism; but there was another great, great philosopher who was called as Lao-Tse, […]

Fourth World Conference on Women Asian Games Village, Beijing (China)

Fourth World Conference on Women, “On the Global Problems Facing Women, Inter-Regional Round Table”. Commodity Exchange Tower, Beijing (China) 13 September 1995.

Moderator: Dear Mother Shrivastava, Who is a spiritual Mother and the present head of Sahaja Yoga, which I’m very much looking forward to hearing what You have to say, because I’m sure that You have such desires for many women around the world. I’m looking forward to being touched by You today.

H.H. Shri Mataji:

Brothers and Sisters of the World, […]