How far you are evolved within?

Jingguang New World Hotel-Manfulou, Beijing (China)

1995-09-13 How far you are evolved within? Beijing, China, 184' Chapters: Preparations, Introduction by Yogi, Introduction with bhajans, Arrival, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Departure
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Public Program. Beijing (China), 13 September 1995.

Very much enamored to know that you all are very much interested in Sahaja Yoga. The first person who is sitting here and who had the honor to meet in Austria, and I was surprised how he was know all about Sahaja Yoga.

In your country you had very great philosophers once upon a time. Of course you believe in humanism; but there was another great, great philosopher who was called as Lao-Tse, of a very high spirituality like a great incarnation of a Master. What He has written about, described about Yangtze River is very interesting, because I went through the Yangtze River Myself. And He calls it Tao. Tao. Is actually He is talking about Kundalini. He was a poet, so whatever He has described is rather subtle. And maybe they must have thought that it’s better to understand other people than Tao written by Lao-Tse. But all over the world you will find it is Tao which people respect very much, and they like to always interpret the meaning of the word “Tao.”

Really symbolically He has described that this river Yangtze is a difficult river to go through. And the surroundings, the banks of this river, are extremely beautiful. You won’t believe for twelve hours I was sitting outside watching the beauty of the banks. I’ve never seen such beautiful mountains, trees, and the whole movement of nature is like an artist painting something. And all your paintings, most of them, I think are impressed by that kind of banks that I saw, because I have studied your art and I felt that the way you have shown in your art that is mostly paintings of Yangtze River. But the symbolic thing is this: that in the beginning it’s a very difficult river, there are lots of currents, they form lots of circles, very heavy type, and is very difficult to climb. It is for quite some time you have to pass very carefully. Just about few hours when it reaches the sea, it becomes calm, absolutely calm.

In the same way, the Tao that He describes is, in the beginning, according to Him, is rather difficult. But when it reaches near the sea, it calms down. It is a remarkable thing that how He could see the Kundalini so much well defined as this Yangtze River. It is an extremely, very artistic, subtle idea. Shows what a poet He must have been, and how highly developed spiritually He was.

Confucius is all right, “But for what we should become good?” is the point people will ask. “Why should we be good people?”, people can ask such a question. “What is the need to be good, to be balanced?” We too had many like this who talked that, “We have to be in balance, we have to be moral and we have to be righteous people.” But for what is this balance we have to find out. This balance is for the ultimate ascent. And unless and until we achieve that ascent, nothing can satisfy us. The fundamental question that we have all over the world, we should say, “Why are we on this earth?” Is it just to be born, to live and die? All our life to struggle, to worry and also to lead a life which is painful?

Then the people think that it would be that if you get lots of money, we’ll be happy. But you should know that those people who have lots of money are not at all happy; on the contrary, much more unhappy than the people who don’t have much money. Because they have greed, and greed never satisfies them. Then another type are they think if they have some powers, you see, political or economic powers, they’ll be very happy. But they are also not happy.

If a person is sensitive, he doesn’t feel satisfied with what he sees around. And then he becomes restless. All over the world you’ll find these days thousands and thousands of people who are restless. But they don’t understand why they are restless, and they think they have to seek the peace within us so that they become at least joyous.

I think in this whole world these days there are numberless people who are seekers of Truth. Because normally we live in a relative world. We don’t live in the absolute world. Because of that, we have problems. For example, one man thinks something is very good, he has a fixed idea. Another man thinks that something else is good, and he has another fixed idea. But they are not satisfied because they have to find out the absolute Truth. For that, in our whole creation through the evolutionary process, there’s a built-in mechanism within us, which is the Tao. This – I think in those days it must have been hard to say something very openly, so He took this name Tao and described the Yangtse River.

I have to tell you that now the time has come, a special time, I call it a blossom time. It is all repeated in so many scriptures that such a time is going to come. And it is evident, very evident to Me, that there are thousands and thousands of seekers of Truth. They may not know what they are seeking. So after a person feels restless, he starts finding there are so many coincidences which he cannot explain. For example, I met your Premier with My husband here – it was not a coincidence, I know. I could feel that he was a very sensitive person. And he asked Me about the spirituality. Though he did not know that I was doing any spiritual work, but somehow he felt and he asked Me. Then I met many Chinese people also, and I found them to be extremely wise, very balanced, very humble, very sweet and it was such a pleasure to be with them. I met the Ambassador’s wife in London, and I was amazed, her ideas about culture were same as we have in India. I have greatest desire to come to China, really. Because I felt Chinese are the fit people to get their Self Realization. They are very deep, they are very wise and very serene. Their style is very much like Indian style, I should say – the real Indians who are very simple.

And today I feel the coincidence has worked that I met this gentleman in Austria and this whole thing was arranged so well. I was in Hong Kong, and the people in Hong Kong who got Realization, they wanted Me to go to the Main Land. It is something that in some countries I find people are extremely evolved. I don’t want to criticize but compared to you people, Americans are babies, not yet matured. It’s very difficult to talk to them. I’ll give you one example. It is not such a decent one, but that’s how you’ll know how stupid they are. Now this gentleman is not there. He was Chairman of the International Jung Society. Jung is the one who fought his teacher and started talking about the Realization. That time I was about sixty years of age and this gentleman must have been eighty years. So, after the program when I told them how Jung has not understood certain things, they were very much impressed.

So he said, “I would like to see You for some private work.” And he tried to know My address. He came to My house and I asked him what the problem was.

Now such an old man, eighty-year-old person, started telling Me about his own life. So he said, “I had a keep, and I am a Catholic so I could not marry her, and I didn’t even tell my wife.”

“Now my wife is dead, so I asked this lady to marry me. And she does not want to marry me. Can You do something with Your spiritual powers to make her agree to marry me.”

I said, “What is the age of your keep?”

So he said, “It’s only thirty-five years.”

I said, “What am I to tell this old man of eighty years shaking and asking such a stupid thing, you know.”

But in America you’ll find many like this. There’s no – no surprise now to Me. Also about spirituality they don’t have much idea. Like once I was traveling, an American lady tells Me that, “Do You know this gentleman who is a guru from India?”

“So what does he do?”, I said. “What is his speciality?”

So, “He takes out some watches and things, and also diamonds – he gives you diamonds.”

So I said, “But why do you follow him? Do you want diamonds?”

“No, no, this time he is giving us a bargain price. So why not make use of that?”

So to them spirituality is marketing. And there are many like these who are selling spirituality in America. But they cannot work out in China, I know sure. Another one started a funny sort of thing that you can fly up to three feet. For that people have to pay six thousand pounds. Most of the Americans were there. I don’t think any Chinese would have accepted. And not Indians, because they got exported to America because Indians are also very wise.

Now I asked them, because they sold out their houses, took back their children from the schools and they were all bankrupts. I said, “Why do you want to fly at three feet, already we have jams on the way. Why do you want to fly at three feet?”

They said, “It’s a very great achievement, you know, that you can fly at that height.” And their practices, they broke their bottoms also, so they paid the money and this fellow had to jolly well pay them. So perhaps Indians are also very clever. They must have realized, “You can cash on these stupid people”, so they all went to America.

First time I went to America and I said, “Nothing doing with these stupid people.” For nine years I never went and all these gurus nicely prospered, had lots of money. But one should understand that you cannot pay for your evolution. It is a living process. For that you need wisdom, because if you are so stupid, I mean you just can’t explain. Maybe China and India both are very ancient countries, perhaps maybe because of that we’ve developed that maturity.

Now what I feel that these Americans, or Europeans also, they all are trying to put their culture on us. And this Women’s Conference, you see, these were saying that “We should become very free and we have this right, we have that right.” I have been all over the world, as you know Sahaja Yoga is now working in sixty-five countries. And if you see what freedom these women have achieved – it’s nonsense. They have just freedom to fight, freedom to wear funny dresses, exposing their body. In no way they are free.

There was one American lady who came to a conference of My husband – very highly placed. And she started boasting that, “We are very free people; we give all the freedom to the children.” And she asked Me if I’d seen all the pubs of London. And she had a complete list of all the pubs.

She told Me, “That’s a very great tourist attraction for London. “But,” she said, “the best I liked was called as the Hermit’s Pub.”

I thought, “In England, how could there be a hermit?”

So she said that, “One fellow was living in a dingy room. He died there. Nobody knew about it, and it was all very smelly, and there were lots of cob webs that developed. And that is the best place where you really feel so much beyond this world. And all these tourists are dying to go to that place, you see, because it’s such a small, little room, like a den and they cannot enter in.”

I said, “I’m sorry, I’ve not seen all these place.” But then I heard about her something. Was very shocking. She was actually condemning Indians and boasting that, “See, you give all the freedom to your children, and – you never give any freedom to your children but we give full freedom to our children.

“We give them everything to drink. Whatever we drink, we give it to our children. We want them to enjoy. One is a fourteen-year-old, another is twelve-year-old.”

The news we got was that the twelve-year-old was having his birthday, and they drank so much. And the whole house got caught up with a fire with which they were playing, and the husband, wife and both the children died. So their idea of freedom is absolutely complete bondage. Now, freedom is where a person is beyond all the habits, all the destructive cultures.

Now the problem of the West is that they believe that every moment should be enjoyed. And their enjoyments are all very self-destructive. They have this Grand Prix in which a person has to die. They have all kinds of self-destructive enjoyments, every enjoyment is nothing but is to kill yourself. With this stupid ideas about enjoyment, they are losing completely themselves.

Now this Mrs. Clinton, Hillary Clinton, came here and said that – they always interfere with government so they think they are right to say whatever they like. Instead of thanking the Chinese government for arranging such a nice conference, she just tried to show off. And what she said that you should not force women to have less children; and they should have right, you see, to have as many children as they like. Because it’s all right in America where to these white people, white skinned people, children are not born, they don’t want to be born. Because children are wise. Why will they be born in such a stupid country where children are killed by parents, by everybody? They are after the lives of poor children.

So you Chinese and we Indians have to bear the brunt. Because all the children want to be born with us. So what she talks, you see, she doesn’t know the world. But, you see, her remark has been everywhere criticized. And in all the newspapers they said, “All right, let the Chinese produce lots of children and send all of them to America.” But I felt, “Why punish the poor children?” Even the little girls are not safe with the father. Can you imagine such a thing? Everyday there is news about these people, and they think it is sensational – so, so shameful it is!

There are so many things which can be told to you, but you are people who have been endowed with great wisdom. And when I am telling you this, you are all with Me. But if I tell this to Americans, they’ll say, “What’s wrong? That’s our right to do what we like.” So, you will realize in Sahaja Yoga, there is nothing to learn from these Americans, or these Western people. Actually, you see, they are so much after perfection and progress that they don’t know what to do actually to achieve progress. For example, now if you go to America you find a person with a big pony tail from the back. So know that is a man; it’s not a woman. And if it’s a crew cut, it’s a woman. And you cannot make out who’s a man, who is a woman. Can you imagine? They are all becoming man or woman, I don’t know. One story I’ll tell you, interesting – because I’m in a great, very happy mood.

There was at the airport one gentleman was standing and he saw a girl dressed up just like a man. And he told another gentleman who’s standing there, “I don’t like the way the girls are dressed like this, like men.”

So this gentleman said, “What’s wrong? She is my daughter.”

He said, “I didn’t know you were the father.”

“No, I’m the mother.”

I mean, what is so great in doing this kind of nonsense? They all find out nonsensical things all the time and say, “What’s wrong?”

Once upon a time people used to say, “When China will rise, the tiger will start roaring.” And that’s why you see today. Let them criticize. Let them do what they like. Everybody knows how far they are. Now this Mr. Lopain from France – this one, Mr. Lopain from France and he is criticizing this conference. He says that we should not criticize Mr. Chiraq for putting the bomb in the Pacific but criticize these Chinese for making this conference and this kind of a artificial thing, according to them. Because in the conference they are discussing morality. And French don’t want to hear about it. Though it is called that the French are, France is the eldest daughter of Catholic Church. But there is an unwritten law that a housewife could be a prostitute. How can they like Chinese, or how can they like Indians whose basis of life is morality? So this is how, you should know how you are placed in a very, very high position as far as morality and spirituality is concerned.

There have been some sort of misunderstanding between India and China. But, it will all pass over because I know basically we are the same. And Indians have great, great love and respect for Chinese. Our Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Joshi, who was a Sahaja Yogi and who talked to Me about the Chinese and I gave him the full idea that we have done lots of mistakes, they have done some mistakes. And he admitted that, and when he came here he said, “They gave me a red carpet treatment.”

So what we have to understand that already basically we have a very big foundation here of spirituality in this country. It has nothing to do what kind of political … what you can call a political sort of, like this is communism, that is so-called democracy, all that. It’s nothing to do with you. It is something outside. What is democracy is all you can call them demonocracy. So what is important is: how far you are evolved within, not what you have got outside, so-called. I personally think that this inner evolution has taken place in a very greater way in this great country of China. As long as you don’t interfere with the government, you’re all right. So we don’t have to be in any way curbed because we are democratics or we are socialists or we are communists – makes no difference to us. Because I told you all these stories to show: those who think they are very free are absolutely absurd people.

Now, My own experience of Chinese has been really very great. I don’t know now, but when I came I was surprised how honest they were, absolutely honest. And they were so sensitive about Me, that wherever My husband went, whatever office, they used to invite Me there. I mean, I was just a housewife, but they showed such respect for Me, I was amazed.

We were here in this city and in a hotel, very good hotel, and My toe ring – which was silver only – fell down somewhere. Then we went to Tachai, all kinds of places, ultimately we reached Shanghai. And I was amazed that this toe ring was sent to Me, very carefully wrapped, so sweetly. I couldn’t understand why they took so much trouble. And it really touched My heart, shows how much they loved Me. Because nothing was special about Me that time. So I found that extremely compassionate and loving people. And some sort of a idea of spirituality, of sensitivity to it. Because the way they behaved towards Me, not for a housewife – they would never behave like this for a housewife.

I know once in London there was an exhibition which I could not attend because I was out of station so they extended the exhibition for two days for Me. The whole transition also took place because of wisdom. But people who are not wise, who are not evolved, cannot understand there has to be transformation. Now I am talking of global transformation, of global transformation. This is the time for global transformation. When this Kundalini rises, She passes through six centers which are for our physical, mental, emotional being. And these subtle centers are very important because they are the foundation of our being. This Kundalini, we can call It as a residual energy which is the fifth energy we have got. Now, we have limited energy of our mind, of our mind. So we have to have more energy, extra energy if it is available.

So far we have seen that the man who starts thinking about the future and the past all the time is in trouble. One thought rises, falls off. Another thought rises, falls off. And we are jumping on the cusp of these thoughts all the time like mad. But when this Kundalini, this power rises She elongates those thoughts and then the space in between. It’s a living process; it has to happen; it’s spontaneous. And in the center of these thoughts, then there is a space created. This is present. This is where you become thoughtlessly aware. You’re thoughtless, but you’re aware. There’s no thought. This is the seed of our peace. This is what I said today that if you don’t have peace within, how can you have peace without? I have met many people who have got peace awards. But they are so hot tempered that if you have to talk to them, have a barge pole in between. I don’t know how they give them peace awards, for what? This is what, we talk of “peace, peace, peace.” It’s just a talk. Unless you have peace within yourself you cannot create peace outside.

I must tell you about Sahaja Yogis from Moscow. You’ll be surprised how much they are changed. When they were having this coup, I was there in Moscow and I asked them, “Aren’t you troubled with this that is happening in this country of yours?” They said, “Mother, why should we worry? We are in the kingdom of Divine. Why should we worry about what’s happening here?” That was really surprising for Russians to say that. Of course, thirty-five to forty percent people are for Marlboro cigarette, but in China, I’m sure, there is a very big percentage of people who are quite evolved.

In short, I tell you what can happen once you get this global transformation. Firstly, you get cured. You get all physical problems are solved. Now we have four doctors in Delhi who have achieved MD in Sahaja Yoga. It is a meta science I am talking about; it’s a meta science. Even if you may not be a doctor, you can cure yourself and you can cure others without paying any money whatsoever. Because you get the light of the Spirit in your consciousness, in your attention. Because we are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this intelligence, ego or conditioning. We are the pure Spirit.

So unless and until we get our Selfhood, we don’t know what we are. Like this instrument, if it is not connected to the mains, it has no meaning, it has no identity. In the same way, we are to be connected to the mains for this All Pervading Power of Spirituality or Divine Power of Love. Once that happens, you start getting that vital energy within you. You become absolutely dynamic. At the same time you become extremely compassionate.

Now, see, I’m seventy-three years of age and I’m traveling every third day. I came from Frankfurt all the way traveling for nine, ten hours and they took Me straight to the hall where I had to speak about peace. Because you don’t worry. You are in the center; you are in the reality; you are in the present. And then this All Pervading Power of Divine Love looks after you. It takes over. Such coincidences will take place that you will feel that you are being looked after by somebody. You are protected; you’re helped; you’re blessed. Also you drop out all your bad habits. I have seen even Americans giving up their addictions to drugs, overnight. Now also what happens to you that your attention becomes enlightened. So wherever you pay attention, this attention works, and so many miraculous things happen that you can’t believe it. Once you will start growing in Sahaja Yoga, they will tell you about the miracles that can happen. Even you will write to Me about many miracles. Now we have such a lot of collection of these miracles and we don’t know what to do with them.

So life becomes really a blissful, peaceful existence. You also get powers to raise the Kundalini of others. You have so many powers – your intellectual powers, your perception, everything becomes really so dynamic, you’ll be amazed at it. And you take to righteous ways of life, automatically. Nobody has to tell you, “Don’t do this, don’t do that”, you become that way. So many qualities develop that in this lecture I cannot tell you all that, but you’ll be amazed at yourself. I have seen people solve their problems very well. They lose the sense of greed and lust and they automatically become moral – automatically.

Now the greatest thing about this is that you become a universal being. Like a drop becomes the ocean. Lao-Tse has described this. In ways He has described, and I’m sure that you all will achieve it and you’ll grow into it and you’ll enjoy yourself. The best part of it that you jump into the Ocean of Joy. Joy is absolute, it is not a double coin like happiness and unhappiness. Such love, such understanding exists. Now see here we have people from all the countries. I said, “Now this is the United Nations.” This changes your database of your genes.

It is very surprising that we are not aware about our greatness, our growth. But we must respect ourselves because we are human beings at the epitome of evolution. Now the time has come to know yourself and understand how powerful you are.

Thank you very much. I’m so happy, you don’t know, that somehow we have entered into China. Thank you very much. Thank you.

If you have any questions, I don’t mind answering them.