Medical Conference

St. Petersburg (Russia)

1995-09-19 Shri Mataji speech on Conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia, 181'
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Medical Conference, St. Petersburg (Russia), 20 September 1995.

I bow to all the people who are seeking peace from their heart. If it is superficial, then I can not help. But when we realize that all these wars have brought such a calamity on your nation and all the nations concerned, we should now really think seriously about peace.

I’m against no religion. All the religions came on this Earth as flowers on the same tree of spirituality. And then it so happened that people plucked these flowers and now are fighting with the dead flowers, “This is mine, this is mine.” After the Second World War a new style of war has started in the name of God. How can you fight if you believe in one God? So it is just a mental idea they have. It’s not the real faith in the heart. No religion teaches you to hate, but the situation is just the opposite. I know in the beginning all these religions came in the purest form and tried to bring love, peace and unity in this world, but some people became in charge of the religion. They were also nice, but gradually they started separating from each other. Not only it was among religions, but among every religion there were different, different sects.

Whatever they have done, at least they have created the feeling of righteousness among people. They have talked of morality. They have talked of love and compassion. They have built many organizations to express that feeling, but all that has been very superficial. You see anybody who says he’s a Christian or a Muslim or a Hindu, is he really that? Is he really a Christian? Christ has said, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” Have you met any Christians who doesn’t have adulterous eyes or who never had? Mohammed-sahib has said that “Unless and until you know yourself, you will not know God.” Self means the Spirit. How many have tried that? All these Muslims, are they trying to be spirit-oriented? They are just fighting, fighting, fighting everywhere. I feel so sorry for them because thousands are killed in this and they’re made to have wars, they’re encouraged to have wars and so many are killed stupidly. They have been completely butchered.

I asked a Russian, “Why do you have this Chechnya war?” He says that “We are a democratic country and in a democratic country how can you have a nation which is based on religion?” which is very reasonable and logical. But do you know in England there’s only one religion. That is Church of England. They say that Catholic Church’s eldest daughter is France. In Spain they have nothing but Catholic Church. Here you have nothing but Orthodox. Whatever good they have done is neutralized by this because those who don’t follow their religion according to them, they are heathens.

If you want to know about the Muslims, go and ask the Jews. If you want to know about the Jews, so go and ask Christians. And if you want to know about Christians, better go to America and see what they are doing. Openly, Christians are extremely immoral people. Today I saw a little glimpse of the Russian film. It was worst than an American film. One girl, who was absolutely quite nude, was there just like an American girl, without any shame, without any morality. Did Christ preach immorality? Did He talk of prostitution? In the West even the housewives behave like prostitutes because I have seen it. They have no respect of their chastity. And very nicely all the junk from America is coming here because they can not sell it. And you are all buying that junk without thinking. And you are taking to all the immoral ways of the West. So how are you Christians?

Same about the Muslims. They talk of Islam, which was such a great, I should say, a religion which professed morality, which talked of morality. Mohammed-sahib even talked about Christ and His Mother’s chastity, but if you see that Muslims, they are sometimes worse than Christians. Once I was traveling from Riyadh to London and I went off to sleep. When I got up all those people, women and men who were wearing all Arabic dresses and bouka went with Me in the plane. When I got up what I find, they were all wearing fashionable, new types of dresses, the women were wearing – absolutely shameful. And the men were wearing also horrible dresses like clowns. They were all drinking, smoking and doing disco dance in the plane. So I asked the air hostess, who had covered her face because she was an air hostess, I said, “Did we go somewhere else in between in our travel?” She said, “No, no, no, no, nowhere.” So I said, “What these people?” “They’re the same?” “How are they changed?” They said, “You go and see them in London, you will know.” They drink more than Scotsmen. We have been to many parties because of my husband’s job and they use to call my husband Muslim because he did not drink. All the rest used to drink nicely.

Christianity has failed. Islam has failed, no doubt. By forcing, you cannot bring morality. This I could see. I met some Englishman. I said, “Why are you all the time looking at woman like this. Why?” They said, “We enjoy.” But I said, “What about Christ?” They said, “We do this even in the church. Should we fix our eyes with something?” I said, “You can. There is a way. You are not Christians. You are not Muslims. You are not Jews. You are all hopelessly bad people.” They said, “Then, Mother, what should we do?” “Are you seekers of truth?” I asked him, “Or you want to live with your fixed old ideas and also dwell upon something that ‘we are Christians, saved, we are Islam, we are saved people, we are Jews, we are saved people.’?” Frankly, I will tell you, most of you will go to hell.” They said, “Why?” “Because you are hypocrites.” Reality is that you don’t follow your religion. You just have a label here.

I’ve seen people fighting in the church, fighting in the mosque and fighting in the synagogues. Just imagine, from Abraham to Moses, Moses then to Christ, then to Mohammed-sahib, it’s a regular step by step forward movement. Even the Sharia that Muslims are using doesn’t belong to them, was not given by Koran, but it is in the Bible, in the Jeremiah that Moses gave it to Jews. And the Jews said, “No, no. We’ll not have this one. It’s too much.” Then the Christians said, “Oh, we can’t have.” But the Muslims said, “All right, we’ll have it.” It’s meant for Jews at the time Moses found them to be absolutely decadent. But does it help anyone? Now, if they believe in the abstract God, in the formless God, specially the Muslims, why should they fight for any country or any land? God is everywhere. It is necessary that in every countries, like Russia, anyone, you have to know you are Russians first. Those who will think they are Muslim first or Christian first, they will fight because they are political minded, they’re not spiritual minded people. You have to be spiritual minded, otherwise you should say you don’t believe in God. If you believe in God, then you have to be spiritual minded. I’ve seen much more perhaps anyone of you could have seen.

Now the quarrel is between the Western culture and the culture of fundamentalists. The fundamentalists are saying that you should take to very strict culture. They’re forcing it. In Algeria thousands of people were killed because they were dressed up like Westerners. They’re throwing bombs in Paris. All kinds of violence they take to, these fundamentalists. Mohammed-sahib has talked about rahim, rehamat – compassion and there is no equality at all among Islamic people. They ill treat their women. One woman goes on producing children, eight to ten children, and then they throw her away as talak. In India we have thousands and thousands of such women and children who are the poorest in our country. He said, that you can marry four women, but women should not become prostitutes. That was the time. So now, they are mostly prostitutes. How are they to live? They should starve in the name of Islam? And also kill their children?

What has Christianity done or Muslims or Jews, what have they done, what good. I know the people in charge of religion are working very hard to do their level best, but they must face the reality. They have not achieved anything that Christ asked for, Mohammed asked for or Moses asked for. On the contrary, because of their blindness, they have brought such a bad name to all these great founders of these great religions of one tree, spirituality.

As you know, these days Americans are the rulers because money has become the God, so their culture is the God’s culture. They’re exploiting your country, you people don’t know, you don’t understand. I saw advertisement of imported goods in your television. Are you mad? All your money you are spending on this junks here which are not sold anywhere in the West or in America. All your learned people are going to America to become dishwashers. There is no sense of patriotism and sacrifice. In my country, I must say very proudly that you can not get even a tie which is imported thanks to Gandhiji. He said, “Don’t buy anything from abroad. You can buy hand-woven, hand-spun cloth, which is course, doesn’t matter.” My parents sacrificed everything for the country because they were patriotic. And I’m also patriotic and I want all of you to be patriotic. It’s only possible through Sahaj Yog. Not by saying I’m Islam, I am Christian, no, no, no. You have to first say you are a Russian. You can follow any path you like, but first of all know what you want.

Another thing which is such a sinister, illegal thing which has been accepted, called as Swiss bank. Nobody says anything about it. They accepted it. Three fourths of our country, my country, is locked up in Swiss bank and I don’t know how much Russian mafia is there or any other mafia is there. Through your legal forces you must attack because they are illegal. This is the money was to go to the poor, to the sick, to the lepers. They have taken up all that money, these Swiss banks. When I addressed World Conference of Women, I said you all should attack Swiss bank. They have no legal right to exist. For example, I’ll tell you in my country what happened. India was a country with great potential, but three hundred years very nicely the British came and stayed in our country without any visa. They looted us and then now the situation is such if one Indian wants to go to England they will thoroughly examine him. They took away all our gold, our diamonds, our silver, all the precious things we had they took away, just like a highway robbery. And they call themselves Christians, all right. Their label doesn’t go out.

Now, before going they created problem between Muslims and Indians – not Hindus, because of Buddhists, Jainists, everybody. So the Muslims said we’ll have our own land, as usual. They’re very attached to land. Muslims are very attached. I don’t know why. So they took Pakistan and Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the poorest country in the whole world, much worst than even Ukraine. Now they are smuggling themselves to come back. To India, they are somehow or another managing to come back and Chinese are giving them weapons to fight us. But Pakistan is much worse because the people from India who opted for Pakistan, they thought they’d become very rich and they will have big positions. And what happened to them that they were treated just like slaves. Indians are very cunning and clever. They found themselves near Karachi, which is the most important port. Now they are saying, “Give us this land to us because here we are the majority.” In one interview this gentleman, who is the leader of those people, said that this Prime Minister is like Hitler and she’s killing everyday fourteen to sixteen people to reduce the majority. So now that Muslims are fighting with Muslims. Saddam Hussein is fighting these rich Muslims. Kurds are fighting Turkish. Is this Islam? Is this the way to enshrine Mohammed-sahib? Because they have not found themselves, they don’t know about God.

Sahaja Yoga is the only way by which you can get your Self Realization, self-knowledge. We have had people from all religions, from all races, from all the false gurus. And all of them have told us that Sahaja Yoga is the only way by which we got our peace. If you have no peace within, how can you give peace to others. People who have been given awards of peace are horrible, hot-tempered people. They never even smile, as if there is a revolver behind them. They are so tense. How can they give peace to anyone?

So the first we must achieve the peace within. This is my work for the last twenty-five years, not only that you get peace, but you get citizenship of the Kingdom of God.

Last time when I came to Russia there was a coup and I saw the Sahaja Yogis absolutely peaceful and I asked one, “Are you not worried about what’s happening around?” They said, “Mother, we are in the Kingdom of God. Why should we worry. These governments will come and go, but we have entered into eternal life.” You could see it from their faces. It was no hypocrisy.

Sahaja Yoga is the one that gives you the absolute knowledge, not relative knowledge. Relative knowledge is that “Because I am Christian, I am higher than Muslims.” And “I’m Muslin so I’m higher than Christians.” Like that you see, competitive. With some fixed idea because you are born a Muslim, you are born a Christian – it’s a fixed idea in that. Hitler was the climax of that. He said that he is a superior race. A superior race. They killed children in the gas chamber and they enjoyed. How can they be superior race? Whom do we consider superior are the Saints who have compassion and love.

So we have those ideas stuck into our head and we have no freedom, no courage to get out of those ideas which limit us. Moreover, our human energies are limited. Mental energies are limited. As all of them have said, “If I say there’s a power which is all-pervading, why should we not try to get it? Why should we think that we are Christians or Muslims or whatever it is? But why not we get that energy which is described by Mohammed-sahib, by Christ, by Moses?” What is the harm? If you can get something, why not have it. Also it is free. You don’t have to pay. Actually, I don’t need anything from you. I am sufficient in Myself. I also don’t need Sahaja Yog. But why am I running everywhere? Because this love, this compassion within Me makes Me do all this because people are blind, they can’t see. I don’t need to have anymore churches, anymore mosques, anymore synagogues. No need in these buildings. But in the heart of the human beings is the Spirit. In the heart we have to create the peace. Now all this God has built [speaks aside] – built in this whole mechanism of Kundalini, God has made, not Me. Why has He made it? For the last breakthrough. It is your own Mother. She is going to do it. It’s there. It’s your own power. It’s your own Mother. You have a right to get this. You have every right to become one with that Divine Power, to tap it. We have this instrument. Supposing God has made us an instrument, but we don’t want to connect it to the mains. Then what are you? What is your identity? Why are you born? Why are you born?

Now come to science. Science has its own limitations. Whatever they can discover is science. But can they say why human beings have come on this Earth? Can they say why evolution took place? Can they say what is the aim of human beings? They can not answer many, many questions. Say for doctors, you ask them who runs your heart? They’ll say autonomous nervous system. Who is this auto? They have no answer. Now, in the body, there are acetylcholine and adrenaline, two chemicals. One augments, one relaxes. But in the body it acts arbitrary. Nobody knows why. The one which has to augment, contract, relaxes. Why? Can they explain? Now anything foreign goes in the body has to be thrown out immediately by the body. All right, but when the fetus is formed, it’s not thrown out. It is kept, nourished, developed up to the right timing and then it is thrown away. Who does this discrimination? Can doctors answer this question? They can not say what is the purpose of our life. We can take any of these sciences which are everyday bringing out new hypothesis and new discoveries. There’s a big competition between the scientists. There’s a big fight going on and then what have they produced? Atom bomb, hydrogen bomb. Because science is amoral, there is no morality for scientists. They can become spies. They can become killers. They can be scientists also. They can be drunkards. They can be adulterers. Just like any priest, no difference. What’s wrong with them? They are so highly praised. They have so many awards, this, that and here you find they are so low level in morality, because they do not respect themselves. They do not respect themselves because they do not know what they are. They do not know how great they are. That’s the trouble with all the human beings. We don’t know what we are. We are not this body, this mind. We are not this intelligence and emotions. We are not this ego and conditioning of religions or anything, but we are pure Spirit.

So now, I tell you exactly, become the Spirit, what happens. I don’t think anybody should object to that because it is for your benevolence, it is for benevolence of your family, for the benevolence of your nation, for the benevolence of the whole world. So please listen to Me carefully. We have this power of Kundalini within us. It’s a very ancient science from India. In the Koran also is written “Asas.” In the Bible it is said that “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.” Now the reality is that you must experience. You not blindly have faith in Me. We have had enough problems of blind faiths on and off. But experience, experiencing that this Kundalini rises and pierces through your fontanelle bone area. And the result, you get connected with this all-pervading power of Divine Love. It is no lecture. It is no sermon. This is the actualization of your baptism.

If you are wise, you will understand that we are not living in a very peaceful world. So first thing happens to you is that you become thoughtlessly aware. When we are thinking, we are thinking of the future or the past, but not of the present. Present is the reality. Past is finished. Future doesn’t exist. But we can not be in the present, is a fact. So now, one thought rises, falls, another thought rises and falls and we are jumping on the cusp of these thoughts of the past and future. But when Kundalini rises, she elongates these thoughts and there is a space created in-between. That is the present, when you don’t have a reflecting mind, you are absolutely at peace with yourself. You’re aware, absolutely aware, but you are thoughtless. Jung has talked about it, Jung, little bit. I don’t call him a full fledged Sahaja Yogi, but he did oppose this Freud, horrible fellow. All right, so you become absolutely peaceful and when you get connected with this all-pervading power, which is peace, absolute peace, no conflict. Bliss starts pouring into you and the peace spreads around. You make others peaceful. All ideas which are not truthful drop out. So you know one thing – that God is the source of peace. That’s how you can spread peace. In Sahaja Yoga you’ll find this peace among thousands and thousands sitting here. They may belong to any country, they may belong to any race, but, when they are together, they are like one ocean. It’s not imagination because with this you become part and parcel of the whole because the drop becomes the ocean. They enjoy each other. They never fight because they are pure Spirit.

Another good thing happens to you is that your attention becomes enlightened. You might be all of you younger than Me, I don’t know. I’m seventy-three now. I’ll be seventy-four very soon. And most of the people at this age become senile.. [speaks aside]… because attention becomes like this. It’s difficult to change them also. But your attention will become enlightened. In that enlightened attention, firstly, you see the totality of the whole. It is enlightened with love and compassion. You see the good points of others and try to help who need your help. I must tell you an experience of Mine that first time I came to Russia, I didn’t know any Russian language either and who came to help Me? There were Germans, twenty-five of them. German Sahaja Yogis came here first time to help Me. Tears came into My eyes. I said, “How are you here?” They said, “Mother, Germans have killed these Russians, so many Russians, we are duty bound to come here.” See this kind of love, so genuine, is only possible when you become the Spirit. It’s not talking, giving sermons and lectures.

Then second thing happens to your attention, that this enlightened attention gives you the right path, righteous path. Overnight, overnight, people have given up drugs, alcohol, all destructive things. In the West, idea is we must enjoy every moment of our life, but every enjoyment is self-destructive. With Sahaja Yog you enjoy without getting into destruction. You enjoy all the nature. You enjoy all the human beings. You enjoy all the innate religion – innate, again I say innate, not superficial. All this is available to you, is your own, which you have to have.

Now this attention is also powerful. Yesterday they told Me, “Mother, it will be cold, very cold in Leningrad.” I told Sahaja Yogis, “You just pay attention, the sun will be there at your service.” It was sunny yesterday. [speaks aside] So you can order it, all the nature to be at your lotus feet because now you have become one with this Divine Power. This Divine Power is the one which creates seasons, which creates everything. It has created you. It has created all of you – and you, whatever is good for you, it will do, not something bad. If you think that somebody should be killed, it won’t work out. But after Realization, after becoming the Spirit, you don’t think of bad things.

Then the another very important thing happens to you, that wherever you put your attention, you can even give Realization to people. Like one candle is enlightened, can enlighten many candles, thousands and thousands. I’ve not been to Africa and there are so many Sahaja Yogis in South Africa, in Cameroon, so many places. I’ve not been to Siberia. There have been so many who are in Siberia. It is spreading. Those who will be against it will be dropped out very soon. People will know that they’re hypocrites. We don’t have to worry about it. Automatically they will be found out. We should not think bad of anyone. We should not curse anybody. They don’t kill anybody. Sahaja Yogis can not kill any one. I was told in Brazil that Sahaja Yogis have become extremely honest.

So then, after you start giving Realizations to others, you become another state is doubtless aware, where you have no doubts about Sahaj Yoga, about Me, about the workings of Sahaja Yoga – also doubts about yourself. That level, once you have to achieve. Many have achieved in your country. Among all the Western people or the white skinned people, Russians are the most sensitive to Spirituality. They are not like Americans. Americans, I find them quite stupid. I mean you can’t understand them. They’re very stupid.

I’ll give you an example. There was the president of the Jungian Society. He was at least twenty years older than Me. I was about sixty years. So he said, “I told them about Jung, what mistake he had committed and they were very impressed.” He came to Me, shaking with a stick. And he said, “I have a private problem.” I said, “What is your problem?” He said, “I’m a Catholic and I had a keep. I could not marry her because I was a Catholic. I couldn’t get a divorce.” He said, “Catholics are allowed to have keeps, but they can’t divorce.” And he never told his wife who died. Now he wants to marry this lady. I said, “What is the age of your keep?” He said, “Only thirty-five.”

I was shocked. I mean she was the age of his granddaughter. I said, “What do you want Me to do, sir?” He said, “You please put in her heart feeling for me that she should marry me.” I said this eighty year fellow, shaking, asking Me of all the things, such a blessing. I told, “Sir, sorry I can’t do this job for you.” He was the president of the International Jungian Society. I mean such a stupid thing, you know. Any old man there wants to see Me, I said, “I’m sorry.” Younger people are better because these old Johnnys, who still have stupid ideas in their head, want Me to do their stupid things. I tell you, if they had gone to Christ, He would have beaten them with hunters. If they had gone to Mohammed-sahib, He would have slapped them. It’s impossible, these stupid people are trying to rule the whole world.

So you Russians are wise people. You have a great tradition. India has never invaded any country so far. Genghis Khan invaded us. Every type of invasion we had, every type of invasion, but in spirituality Indians know a lot. They know about Kundalini. They don’t want material things. They want their moksha, their Self Realization. Of course, we also have some culprits, but everybody knows who is who. But I have great respect for Russians and very great love because they never even had heard the name of Kundalini. How did they accept it so fast? What was in them that it was seeking? What love, what understanding of this subtle subject. Very few people in the world are like you.

Now, this is the last judgment and those who miss will miss in any case. Christ has said, “You’ll be calling Me, ‘Christ, Christ,’ but I will not recognize you.” So understand, you have to become the Spirit. As Christ has said that “You are to be born again.” You may have faith in Me or not, doesn’t matter. You must have faith in yourself to begin with. But, when you will grow spiritually, you will know better. I’ll not tell you what I am. I will never tell you what I am. Christ was the Son of God. You may deny it, but He was. But when He said that they crucified Him, stupid people. I don’t want to get crucified, so I will not tell you what I am, but I must be something, no doubt. It makes no difference to Me. Whatever I am, I am. But I’m not going to tell you. You have to rise in your Spirit and realize it and understand it. Why? Because you have to do good to others. With your ignorance, you will stop the progress of others. What a responsibility, what a beautiful responsibility you have.

And last of all, you enter into the Kingdom of God and then drown into the Ocean of Joy. Joy has not got a double coil like happiness or unhappiness. It is singular. You lose all your lust and greed and you become detached and see yourself. You don’t have to become an ascetic. You don’t have to go to Himalayas. You don’t have to fast. It is something internal – nothing to change outside. I know there is going to be global transformation in the world. Even the database of your genes change. All kinds of people have come to Sahaja Yoga, have got transformation. So many people have been cured, have been cured of incurable diseases without paying anything, by their own powers, so easily Sahaj, spontaneous. Even the animals, if you give them these divine vibrations, even the crops and things grow ten times better. So, in this last judgment, a new race of great people is created. It is your own. It is your own power. Only to know how glorious you are, how great you are, absolutely free because you get that superior intelligence. In the light of Spirit ,you know what is constructive for you. You know absolute knowledge.

So many things are in this small lecture, I can’t tell you. Only thing I want to request all the people who are suppose to be in charge of religion, now they have brought people up to a point. Like different steps, they have crossed. For what? Why to have the religion? It is to ascend. They must ascend. The balance has to be established through religion. Like we have airplanes fixed in different, different shops, or you can call them – what is it called? – workshops, to get the balance because they have to fly. What’s the use of just balancing without any flight. So you have to fly. All the freedom of the Spirit you don’t have to say, “Don’t do this, don’t do that.” Nothing of the kind. You are ready to fly. Now enjoy your full freedom.

In this little lecture, whatever it is, I tried to express My Heart. Everybody thinks it is a miracle the way Sahaja Yoga has worked in this country and how they have solved their problems, even material problems.

So may God bless you all.

What about asking the questions?

[speaks aside]

I’m also a communist.

[Question: “Are you the Holy Spirit?”]

Write it down and give it Me please.

[.Are you Holy Spirit…?]

Now, I’ve already told you that I’m not going to say anything about it. I’ve already told. Now, if I say, why should you believe – blind faith? After Realization you’ll know everything. I don’t want to get crucified.


You see, let them discover, it’s the point. You can not force anything. Only thing you have to be honest people.


Thank you, thank you very much.


There was one question, “What is the purpose of human life?” The purpose of human life is to enter into the Kingdom of God. Is to enjoy the bounties of God Almighty. The purpose is to become the Spirit so that there is complete peace, harmony and pure joy. That is the role of God also. This another question.

Mr. Roerich [a famous Russian painter who lived in India] went to, definitely he went to this gentleman to get some kind of a Buddhism. He was, himself, a very good man, but I don’t know why he got allurement with this kind of a Buddhism. Is another kind of religion, which has not helped anyone. Buddha has talked about compassion, compassion and compassion. And the Japanese are the greatest Buddhists. So you can see what sense is it. Compassion – Japanese are only doing their business. Buddhism has not entered into their mind. Like any other religion, only after knowing yourself it will happen. We have horrible cults in Japan under the name of Buddha.

I went to Canada and there was one fellow who came in the orange dress and I asked him, “Why are you wearing this orange dress?” So he said that “This is the only dress left now to me. I was a very rich man. All other money, everything is gone to Mr. Dalai Lama.” He’s a great beggar and I was surprised that in the West people like if you beg money from them. In Boston they asked. “Many, how many Rolls Royces I had?” I said, “I have none. I only have one car that my husband has.” So they said, “You are not in the business?” I said, “No.” They said, “We don’t care for you. Get out.” That’s American style. So this Dalai Lama has accumulated so much money. He has come in our country. No one likes him, but he is sitting on our heads. He’s very fond of gold. He tells people, “You take sanyasa. You become ascetic. Give all your money to me”, like all other false gurus.

Buddha has failed, Christ has failed, Mohammed-sahib has failed because people never understood them. They were too great for human mind. So the first thing I did was to study human beings for about forty-seven years of My age and I saw how complicated they were and then I found out this method of en masse Realization. There were many Sufis who got Realization. There were many Saints in India who got Realization, but very, very few. Also, among Christians, there were some who got Realization – Kahlil Gibran. But they were all tortured.

So we have to say now, to understand them also, you have to have your self knowledge. They’re all making money in the name of these great founders of religion or they’re spreading poison. In Mecca there were thousands and thousands of Muslims and there was one fellow from Sudan. He was black, absolutely jet black, and he was spreading poison in the name of Mohammed-sahib. I had somebody close to Me who knew Arabic and I was shocked. And just after that, there was a stampede and thirty-two people, innocent people who had gone for Haj, died in the stampede. You can’t spread a poison in the name of divine people. It is sinful.

Also this gentleman, this painter and his wife, both suffered a lot from physical health.

[“How can achieve good attention?]

You don’t have to do anything because whatever you will do, you’ll do through your mental activity. Mental activity is linear. There’s no truth in it. It goes up to a point, recoils back on it. But the power of Spirit spreads on all sides. [speaks aside] Now they’re asking about attention. It’s very simple, when the Kundalini rises, the attention which is spread out here goes up like this, up. It is brought in the centre. And, at this Sahasrara, it breaks. When it breaks, you see, this whole attention is filled with enlightenment. You don’t have to do anything, but you have to go on raising your Kundalini like this yourself. That’s all. When you watch something, watch something without thinking. Can you watch Me without thinking? Now you can feel the all pervading power in your hands, you’ll see that. This is the namaz, but Muslims don’t know anything. You will feel the cool breeze. This is the all pervading power and on your fingertips you will know about your centers and about the centers of others. All those who have felt cool breeze or hot breeze on their hands or out of their fontanelle bone area raise your hands. So, all of you have felt it. So simple because you are ready and because you’re Russians. May God bless you.

Now we have centers here and we have doctors and we have people here who know how to cure you. You can go to these centers [tell them] and get cured and you can also cure others. One thing I’ve seen, Russians in a huge crowd of sixteen, eighteen thousand people, they told Me they got cured in the program. Only possible in Russia, not even in India. I respect you very much. I don’t know of what metal you are made.

[“There is a central charity Christian Orthodox fund, Shri Mataji. They want to cooperate with Sahaja Yoga.]

Oh, I’m very happy. Now Central Charity Christian Orthodox Fund wants to cooperate with Sahaja Yoga. Thank you very much. Thank you. That’s what I said they are wise. They are very wise people in this country. They will not stand in the way where they see that people are helped. For no rhyme and reason they will object to Sahaja Yoga. Thank you very much. I would like to thank.


Some Sahaja Yogini has written to Me. ‘llI go home and read the whole thing and I’ll answer them…. answer them in the program, all right. It’s a very big question.

[“Shri Mataji, do you have a good opinion about Mikhail Gorbachev? What do you think about him now?]

It’s all again political business. I don’t want to say anything about Gorbachev. I think he fell into the trap of these Americans or something. I don’t know what to say. I have all respect for him. But somehow he never wanted to meet Me. I tried. It’s all right.

[“What is the attitude to the husband?”]

The question is there about the women, they want to know my attitude towards the husband.

[“Sorry, Shri Mataji, Moonies” – unclear]

What a question. My goodness. You please don’t ask Me about devils.

[“If each and every person could be a Sahaja Yogi?”]

The question is if each and every person could be a Sahaja Yogi. Yes, of course. But say he’s an idiot. He’s stupid. He has fixed ideas. What else – who’s arrogant. You see if your one foot is in the mouth of the crocodile and put one foot in the boat, what should we do?

[“Shri Mataji, please say how to tell about sects, about false gurus. How we Sahaja Yogis have to talk about sects?”]

Sahaja Yogis have to talk about how they should talk about the false gurus. You see those people who have been to false gurus are already suffering. They could be even quite mad. For example, I went to Chicago and there was one fellow of the Hare Rama Hare Krishna. He was the Chairman of Chicago Hare Rama Hare Krishna. It was very cold and he was wearing the dhoti you know this common in India, very thin. And he had shaved his hair and with a pony tail, a little bit like that coming out. I said, “Sir, I’m a Mother, why are you wearing this dhoti in this cold weather? It’s very cold you know, I’m shivering.” He said, “My guru has told me that if you wear a dhoti, you’ll get moksha, nirvana.” I said, “What? In My country eighty percent wear this thing, so they’d be there already.” He had shaved his hair.

I said, “Why did you shave your hair?” He said, “That my guru has told me that that’s the station to get into the heaven.” He was American, you see. I said, “There is Kabir, a great poet in India, said that by shaving your head if you can get your place in heavens, then what about the sheep that is shaved two times every year. Those sheep must be already there. Where will you have the place?” So he got very angry with Me. “You’re talking against my guru.” I said, “See, you need not be angry with Me. Do what you like, your guru has said, but tomorrow if you get sick with this dhoti don’t come to Me.” This “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” we say everyday in India. We don’t say good morning like the English. We say, “Hare Ram,” just like the Muslims say something, “Allah.” So we say the same way. It’s just a lip service. How can you go to heaven. He got angry but then he developed varicose veins. Next year he came to Me. So, to deal with them, you have to be careful. Firstly, they are slaves of their gurus. They have fixed ideas. Some of them just start shaking before Me. They fall in the ground. But most of them now are finished.

First thing they mesmerize. We have one in India who used to mesmerize and bring out Swiss watches to give to people. Lastly, there were very great people from India went to see him. There were four cameras. He could not mesmerize the camera. So the cameras clearly showed how he brought a necklace and passed it on. And also our rich people in India are so stupid – rich not the poor. They used to go to him to get diamonds, can you imagine. I mean all kinds of tricks he did. But he was exposed by newspapers now. They’re all getting exposed by God’s grace. All falsehood will get exposed. Firstly if you tell them that you don’t have to pay any money to the guru, all the gurus will jump in the sea.

[“Is it possible for people who are not realized to feel the vibrations in your presence?”]

You see those who are not realized can not feel any vibrations, even in My presence.

[Answering a written question:] Then she’s saying that how is it that the people do not accept or recognize that it is You and only You who is the Holy Ghost? They are asking Me again and again the same question. But I must tell you about Russians. First time, when I came to Leningrad nobody had heard about Me. Nobody had seen Me. There were only some advertisements in the newspaper with My face. I also look like Russians sometimes and, you know, they saw only My face in the newspaper and when I went for the program the whole place was filled already, two thousand people and two thousand were waiting outside. I was surprised. I went inside and people got their Realization and when I came out they were still sitting. They said, “Mother, what about us?” I said, “All right, you come tomorrow. We’ll sit outside in the open.” It was very sunny and there were two thousand from outside and two thousand from inside and two thousand more, six thousand people. I was amazed. They all got their Realization. I said, “How did you come to My program?” They were not realized souls. They said, “Mother, Your face, it’s absolutely evident. We know who You are.” I was surprised. That’s why I praise Russians very much. They are sensitive to truth. They are sensitive to spirituality. Maybe last lives they must have done lot of good things. I just don’t know, but I find Russians extremely sensitive.

Another are Romanians, compared to all other Western countries. I’ll tell you a joke. In Tagliatti there was a joke that a Tagliatti fellow asked an American, “How many Sahaj Yogis you have in America?” So he said, “Fifty-six.” He said, “You have Fifty-six thousand. We have only twenty-one thousand in Tagliatti.” We had to hold the meeting in jungles near Volga River, because there were so many. Very sweet, very sweet, very sweet, I don’t know how to express Myself for your love and understanding. Here I talked to scientists. There were two hundred fifty scientists sitting. They said, “Don’t tell us about science. Tell us about God’s science. We have had enough of science.” Just think of it, such beautiful people like the flowers about to become the fruits. No credit for Me. I go to all the countries, sixty-five countries. Among all of them, you are so special. I don’t know, when I leave you I feel somebody is wrenching My Heart. May God bless you.

[“If there are chakras above Sahasrara?”]

There are chakras above Sahasrara, but first of all establish yourself. Gradually everything will work out.

[“What is to be attitude to the members of the family who are not Sahaja Yogis?”]

My family members were not Sahaja Yogis to begin with. My husband used to say, “I know You are a Saint, but You can not transform others. You are moral, but You can’t make others moral.” Now he’s changed. He said, “I’ve seen all this happening. You’ve made them into angels. I have to be honest that You have done the job.” Even now, My daughters, My grandchildren, everyone in My family, husband’s family, My mother’s family, they believe in Sahaja Yoga. But I would say that I showed all compassion, love and patience. But I would say they are not great Sahaja Yogis like Russians, but they will be. Also it’s better to keep them out because Sahaja Yogis make such a fuss out of them which will spoil their chances. They should come to Sahaja Yoga like ordinary people, otherwise it will be like nepotism I don’t want that.

[“Mother, please tell us how to overcome the daily suffering of how making enough money to pay for the food.”]

Now she’s asking how to make sufficient money to have the food. After coming to Sahaja Yoga, many people have solved their financial problems completely. How? First their attention becomes so good, that they can do many things which they could never do before and the blessings of the Divine start pouring on them. You have to have faith in yourself that you are Sahaja Yogis and you’ll be amazed so many things will happen. Such coincidences that you’ll be amazed at yourself.

I give you two examples of a miracle. There was a girl, young girl, who got frustrated because she didn’t do well or something and she shot herself on the stomach on the left hand side and the bullet came out from here from the right arm. Also there was some blood, but she was quite conscious. So they took her to the hospital. Doctors were surprised. They x-rayed her, did everything and found that the bullet did not touch any nerve, any muscle, anything. Doctors said as if the bullet had a stroll around. Nobody could explain it. She came out of hospital second day.

Another miracle, recent, I mean recent one, there was a lady who’s son was in America and who got into a horrible disease which is in her family at a very young age. Normally, they get it in the old age. She was working in the UN. She wrote to Me three letters praying that, “Mother, please cure my son. He’s so young and he’ll die within a month’s time.” And the fourth letter came from her, that he’s all right, nothing is wrong with him. I didn’t do anything – this All Pervading Power.

Another is another Sahaja Yogini in Turkey was thinking that her husband is not well employed in Turkey as a pilot and just out of the blue he got a job in Germany and now in America, a very big job. I don’t do anything. I am the laziest person.

[“What can save Russia?”]

I’ve already told you, you have to be patriotic. This is another revolution. You have to sacrifice and you have to understand not to waste your money on these Western nonsensical things. And Divine help will come to you. So many Sahaja Yogis who dare touch you, you’re all protected by the Divine. What else?

[“Shri Mataji, one of the symbols with Denmark is the elephant. Will Sahaja Yoga be established in Denmark?”]

If they’re asking if Sahaja Yoga will go to Denmark because the symbol is the, what you call, the elephant. Sahaja Yoga in Denmark will move likes elephant only, I think.

[“Will there be other incarnations on the Earth?”]

They’re asking about incarnations, will there be incarnations and all of that. Why do you worry about all these things. I can’t tell you.

[“I want to know about these big problems …. China”

He wants to know about China? You shouldn’t mind if I say that we couldn’t start Sahaja Yoga there in that way because still they’re communists. But I’m sure the government of China will accept it very soon and then we can start Sahaja Yoga in a big way. Chinese are other very ancient people, very wise. Culturally, they are like Indians. They have morality in them. One thing I noticed, they were extremely hospitable, kind and gentle. You saw people there who were from Germany, from Africa, from America. They looked so gross. But Chinese, you know, they had arranged, through their students, the volunteers, very well trained girls and boys and so gentle. They were paid nothing. They are very patriotic people one has to learn from them. I wish Indians were like that. They are very dignified, very well mannered. Of course, if you insult them, they don’t like. I must admit that Indians did that, insult them. And art, what art they have. Their government doesn’t allow much to come inside China. They also don’t care much for the Western culture. They dress up just like Chinese, most of them.

Moreover, they’re very learned. They had two great philosophers, but the greatest was Lao Tze, who talked about Kundalini, Realization, everything. Confucius talked about humanity. So they believe in Confucius because it suits communism. In Hong Kong there are many Chinese and I asked them what will you do when the Hong Kong goes to the China, mainland China? They said, “We are Chinese and we’ll be with mainland China. What does it matter? We’re not going to run away.” And do you know how they became rich? So many Chinese have gone abroad. And after this episode of killing the young students they were angry, but when it was explained that how can you suddenly give freedom to these young boys, students. One can do it gradually.

Otherwise, like Russia, there will be problem of mafia. They are very wise. So the Chinese who are abroad understood and the Chinese abroad send fifty to sixty percent of their income to their government. They are not attached to money. That’s how they have become rich, very dedicated. Thousands and thousands of people are there, but the system that they have built, so beautiful that nobody will start playing. I was amazed that while working nobody drank anything, even a drop, so very alert. But when we were coming by that plane first class all the ladies and men were drinking vodka, vodka, bottles after bottles. I got a headache. Chinese are ashamed to do such a thing. Also they have told Me that the Chinese men marry Russian women and then give it up and call the Chinese women. I tell you, Chinese women are really very sweet. They don’t compete with men. They are very sweet and they win over men with their sweetness. I also know they are very sensitive to spirituality. Even their prime minister asked Me about spirituality when I went with my husband. And I’m sure one day you’ll find your brothers and sister very closely in China.

I hope I’ve been able to answer most of your questions. I thank the organizers of this conference from My Heart.

[“Many questions about how to give up drinking Shri Mataji?”]

When you get your Self-Realization, in the light of Spirit, you give up everything which is destructive. How? I’ll give an example. Supposing I’m very obstinate and I have a snake in my hand and there is darkness and you tell Me there is snake in your hand. I will say, “No, it’s a rope.” But when the light will come, immediately I will throw it away. In the same way, not only you give up drinking, that’s not the only thing you do, but you give up everything that is bad for you. Because you also become very strong and free. Nothing can attack you, no habits. All drop out.