Understand what is wrong in your country

Moscow (Russia)

1995-09-19 Public Program Moskow Russia Opt, 69' Listen on Soundcloud: Transcribe/Translate oTranscribe


Understand what is wrong in your country, Public Program, Moscow 19-09-1995

I bow to all seekers of truth. (so many Sahaja Yogis are sitting here). At the very outset one has to understand that the truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot describe it and we cannot transform it.

Today we are living in a chaotic world. We don’t know how the things are working out in a manner that is not good to us, not good for ourselves, not good for our children and as a whole it’s not good for anyone. Everybody feels insecure whether you are in Russia, China or America. The reason is we are not allowed to stand on the principle of truth. Whatever is our human energy, we find it is difficult to survive in this conflicting world and we get very upset and disturbed. We don’t feel peace in our heart. All the time we are worried and we don’t know what is going to happen for our future. At this point it is being predicted that something is going to happen to human beings that it would achieve the global transformation.

In every field we find there is a big misunderstanding, supposing you follow one religion if you are a Christian you don’t understand how could the people who talk about Christianity have anything to do with God. If you talk of Islam also you are surprised the way people are behaving. Because Christ has said something very great about morality. He said that thou shall not have adulterous eyes. Have been to most of the western Christian nations and I find they are not their eyes adulterous but the whole being is adulterous, (they are) their priests are immoral, bishops are immoral, pope is immoral, they are only immoral how do they call themselves Christians; they are anti Christians.

The second ones are these Muslims. Islam means surrendering to the will of God. They believe in the Formless God and why are they fighting for lands? Everywhere they are fighting, everywhere they are creating problems.

Actually, the problem is like this that Christ never wrote Bible, it was Paul, who was a very bad man, who wrote Bible. He got Peter who was the weakest of weak person as a disciple of Christ. In the Bible it was written, it was written very clearly in the Bible that Peter will be caught by some satan and that one was Paul. This Paul is the one who hated women, he was epileptic. According to Sahaja Yoga, any man is epileptic is possessed by a devil, devil or a ghost.

Second thing is Koran was never never written by Muhammad Sahib. He did not know how to read and write. He actually told his friends who also did not know how to read and write about his revelation. These people had their grandchildren who got educated and after forty years a very nasty fellow called [Abu Bakr] he wrote Koran. All right, this fellow became the fifth Khalifa, he became the fifth Khalifa. The first one was Abu Bakr, I mean you should say the second because first one was Muhammad Sahib. No, first was Abu Bakr. The second one was Ali, Hazrat Ali, whom this fellow, Muwaiyah, killed, he killed his sons. Then the third one also he killed and the fourth one also he killed and his mother ate the liver of this fourth Khalifa and the fourth Khalifa’s liver was eaten by the mother of this Muawiyah. Such a horrible man and he is the one who wrote Koran.

He asked the grandsons after forty years the death of Hazrat Muhammad and he wrote this Koran from them. Can you remember, those who are Sahaja Yogis here, even one of my lectures by heart? So, for forty years can you imagine somebody remembering what Muhammad Sahib had said. He was also hater of women, maybe he might be Paul and that’s why all these books have condemned women.

Then the Jews also had their own book. Actually, you can see that Muhammad Sahib never had exclusive religion. He talked of Abraham, he talked of Moses, he talked of Christ specially of his mother and he said nobody dare say a words against that the Holy women. Despite all efforts of Mr. Muttaiyah, it’s in the Koran. Another thing he has said, “That the one who does know himself is like a beast” also that is there. So it’s not an exclusive religion, he gave all the different stages of evolution of religion.

Same with Christ he talked of Abraham, he talked of Moses so how can you talk Christianity an exclusive religion and these books as authentic? I am telling you the truth and if you have any intelligence try to understand the way they are fighting in the name of god, they are bringing bad name to God. The way they are fighting in the name of Christ or in the name of Mohammad Sahab or Abraham, Moses they are maligning their names. Christ has said know thy self. He also said you are to be born again. This kind of religion can be only be followed by stupid and idiotic people. What could has this religion has done to the priest themselves and what is it going to do good to us.

In England there was, there is a priest a very high priest called Bishop who was adulterous. So he says what can I do? my genes are bad, if so why are you priest? You better go into jail and stay there. Religion cannot come into us unless and until we become enlightened people. In the evolutionary (people) process we have reached the state where we are human beings. But we have no absolute truth with us. Some say democracy is good; some say communism is good; some say anarchy is good because we live in relative world. We don’t live with the absolute truth. As long as we live with this kind of relative world we can never have peace, never can have joy.

That is how a new generation, a new type of people race is born today. I call them as seekers of truth. They are feeling extremely restless. They cannot accept relative truth; they are very disturbed and frustrated. Not in only Russia, China, America, England, Spain everywhere. These are the people who are seeking the truth. But when the crooks discovered they thought it’s a good market you see. This is also described in the Bible luckily that all these false, nonsensical people will come on this earth to exploit you. Thank God some or other most of have run away from Russia.

You cannot pay for your ascent. If you tell these false people we can’t pay you they will run away; they just want money. Then this restlessness comes then they are start seeing there are some coincidences happening. Despite these false people, despite these wrong people who are claiming God and all that, they come with coincidences they realised that there must be truth somewhere.

When I first came to Leningrad nobody knew who I was and the whole hall there were 2000, already filled in, and 2000 were outside. They asked me, “What about us Mother?” I said, “Let me finish the program then will see”. They all stayed outside. When I came back I say, “All right, tomorrow morning we have it at open ground”. And I was amazed 2000 from inside, 2000 from outside and 1000 more like 5-6000 people there for program. So, I asked them, “How is it you believe me? I may be a thief; I may be cheating you”. They said,”Mother we don’t want money, we don’t want money. We haven’t met anybody whether from the church or from the mosque or form the gurus who doesn’t want money at all”. So, I just laughed I said, “Look at the wisdom of these Russians!”

So, Russians are very wise no doubt but they must understand what’s wrong in their own country. Don’t blame the government, everywhere the governments are like this but firstly you all should get your Self-realization and enter into the kingdom of God. You become the citizens of kingdom of God then you will realise in your wisdom what you have to do. I see here all these shops which are junks from America or England or Spain. They cannot sell this junk in their own country so they have sent here to exploit you. There is nothing to learn from the West; there is complete decadence there, they are all going to hell. They will give you Marlboro cigarettes or they will give you these jeans and take you with them to a hell.

You have to be patriotic. In India you cannot get even a tie which is made abroad. Mahatma Gandhi told don’t buy anything from abroad, buy everything that is made in your country. If you buy anything from abroad you are selling your country to other people. What I find here that alcohols from Scotland, from Holland, from all over the places specially France is selling on the streets. They told me that they think they become French if they take French wine, what is so great about French, they are stupidest people ever living, very immoral they said there is  unwritten law that house wife could be a prostitute, how does it appeal to you to take these things and buy these horrible things, these junky things out of your precious rubles. All over on the road what you see alcohols by taking alcohol are you going to become a great people.

I have seen so many statues in Moscow not one of a drunkard, nobody praises a drunkard. In London I had a house always unfortunately near a pub, most surprising thing was that the people were coming out of the pub and falling on the road and those who were nicely standing were queuing up for going inside to come back falling. They couldn’t see the stupidity of these people going in spending all their money and coming out and falling on the street. In the western countries drinking is regarded as a part human endeavor. Animals don’t drink why should human beings drink I don’t understand because they are restless. Once you start this bad habit, goes on and on and on. So what something should be done about it; there are so many divorces; there are children who are taking drugs, all kinds of immoral things are happening.

In the west the theory is: every moment must be enjoyed. But all these enjoyments are self destructive, you don’t know yourself then you do all these things, isn’t it. So you have to know yourself and to know yourself there is a mechanism within you as shown here. This mechanism is already built in within you and when this power rises and breaks through your fontanel bone area you get actualisation of baptism. Then your genes change they get transformed in the light of the Spirit you know what is good for you, what is destructive and you have the strength to give up everything nonsensical. You become very dynamic as well as extremely compassionate.

What we need is love and compassion whether we confess it or not. We need pure love without greed, without lust. We have all the capacities and capabilities within us. We are glorious, we have to know ourself. There is a mechanism within us which spontaneously does your awakening as a result what you get is first of all the absolute knowledge on your fingertips. Then your attention becomes enlightened. You see everything clearly and totally. You come in the present in the reality. You yourself develop powers to cure others to raise their kundalini.

Of course, your physical being, emotional being, spiritual being, mental being all gets enlightened. All your incurable diseases are cured. So, this peace comes into your heart.

Many people gets peace awards, there is no peace in their hearts. They are very hot tempered. If you have to meet them be careful. So we find ourselves to be a universal being. So, we transcend all the barriers of religions, barriers of nations, barriers of all fixed ideas. All this is available to you and it can work out.

So, today you know I have to go Leningrad and in this short lecture I have already told that you can have your Self-realization tonight. Only thing is you must have desire to do it because I respect your freedom, I cannot force it on you. You have to ask for it and secondly you must have full self confidence that you’ll get it.

Another condition is that you should know that you are not guilty of anything because when you will discover this divine power you will be amazed that it’s an ocean of forgiveness. It just cleanses you completely and you become a pure personality like the lotus that comes out of mud and once its bloom it so fragrant and so beautiful. So, the truth is you are not this body, this mind, this emotions, this intelligence, this ego, this conditionings but you are the pure spirit and another great truth is that there is a All-pervading Power of Divine love which is subtle, we cannot feel it. It does the all the living work.

After Self-realization you can feel it and then you will feel that you are a special person chosen by God Almighty. You get completely transformed. It is the actualisation of your baptism. It is not some stupid priest puts his hand, dirty hand on your head. This is what is enlightenment. It acts very easily ‘Sahaja.’ ‘Saha’ means with ‘ja’ means born, with you is the right to have self-realization at this time.

It will hardly take 10 minutes but those who want to go should go before we start our process. It will work very fast but you have to forgive yourself as well as others. Whether you forgive or you don’t forgive you don’t do anything but if you do not forgive then you play into wrong hands and torture your life. In that your centre on the optic chiasma gets completely closed. So please forgive others so that it will open. If you don’t forgive then this centre here on the left catches. You might get diseases like angina, spondylitis because of that, so better forgive yourself and others because this is a very important moment when you have to have yourself Self-realization. It might work very quickly as it works in India very quickly, if you just co-operate.

(I think, if you just ask them to put their hands)

All right. So, now just put your hands towards me. Those who are seating on the chair should take out their shoes please and put both the feet apart from each other. Those who are seating on the ground can take out their shoes, just put your hands. All those who are feeling cool breeze on their fingertips or on the palm or out of the fontanel bone area like this, just see(the), feel it.

Now please put right hand towards me and feel it. You’ll feel cool or hot breeze coming out of your head. If it is hot then that means you have not forgiven yourself or others, so please forgive.

Now please put the left hand towards me and see with your right hand, bend your head. Now with right hand again once more, again put your hands like this towards me and watch me without thinking because this is the first stage you achieve is of thoughtless awareness. You are aware but you are thoughtless. Our thoughts comes to us either from the future or the past and we are jumping on the cusp of those thoughts but when the kundalini rises these thought elongates all right, and in between is the present where there is no thought, that is our peace within.

Now all those who have felt cool or hot breeze on the left hand or the right hand, please raise your hands. That’s Russia.

May God bless you. 

You all are very great, I love you very much. You must also love yourself and look after your Self-realization and grow into it and I am very proud of you. It only works this way in Russia and in India nowhere else. You are specially blessed with spirituality. Now enjoy yourself, enjoy your spirit. You have to be collective; you have to understand what you have got. Like the drop has become the ocean. All your problems will be solved.

May God bless you.  So fast.

Thank you.