Arrival Talk (media missing)

Boryspil International Airport, Boryspil (Ukraine)

Talk on arrival in Kyiv, Borispol Airport, Kyiv, Ukraine, Sept. 24, 1995

I really don’t know how to thank you for this surprise. It’s very kind, all of My dear children, all of [them OR everyone] are here. I have a very great concern for Ukraine.

While coming airplane I was looking at your beautiful land near the river Dnieper. And I felt such a good land you have here and I also know that once upon a time this was a very reach country where the wheat and all this produce were supplied to whole of Europe. So I was asking about what has happened to this country, it was very reach country just before separation. So they said that this land is now doesn’t belong to anybody and the government does all the [UNCLEAR WORD] and [UNCLEAR WORD].

In the, in My country also we had same problem that land produce was very little because people were doing only for themselves. But then they formed cooperatives and gave the land to people – cooperatives and it was called as a green revolution. And thus our problem was solved. Our problem of food and [UNCLEAR WORD] was solved. So if Sahaja Yogis can ask for [UNCLEAR WORD] cooperative form they can help their government to solve the problem. Because Ukrainian Sahaja Yogis are very deep and are very good people. We had one problem because of this Chernobyl problem. But it seems you people look very much now all right and healthy (Shri Mataji smiles and yogis laugh and applaud).

With Sahaja Yoga all these problems which are minor can be easily solved. But one thing is that you must work in unison as one person, part and parcel of one union. And also try to understand how you can solve your problems. I was told that you don’t have oil – doesn’t matter. You are such great artists and are producing beautiful things out of your hands. And do you know in the West they don’t know now anymore how to work with your hands. So you can really sell all that out and can really solve your problems.

There are so many things you can think of because you are now Realized souls. Because there is a help of the Divine as well as you yourselves become very alert.

I found in Russia that Americans are taking over. They have brought all their dirty culture to Russia and people are taking to it. If you go to America you will know that they are really living in hell because they believe in a joy at every minute but what they are doing is nothing but self-destruction. Their music, their everything shows that they are extremely frustrated. With all the money they have are committing suicides. The mothers kill their children, the father kills the wife, goes on those killings. So you should keep your own culture and this horrible culture will not be allowed to come. Most of the women are nothing but they are like prostitutes. All children are drug addicts or alcoholic the men are. They are not at all normal. So Sahaja Yogi has to produce our Sahaj culture, which brings peace, which brings joy and is based on innate morality.

I think this awakening is coming now even in Russia. I’ve been there for a conference and in the conference subject was Health, Morality and Peace. So these are very important points to make a nation solid, not money. That comes automatically. So I told them that don’t buy anything that comes from abroad. Nothing imported you buy. You’ll be amazed in India you can’t buy even a pin from abroad, there’s no shop like that. Mahatma Gandhi told that don’t get anything from abroad and so we have come up. Three hundred years these British ruled us. They take away our gold, they take away our all precious stones, everything. But now India has come up by becoming Indians, that means by becoming patriotic, that means really give our children very nice chance.

I wish I could come for more time here [UNCLEAR WORDS] that I am running from place to place.

May God bless you all.