Evening Program, Eve of Navaratri Puja

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)


Evening Program, Eve of Navaratri Puja

She is from Calcutta, Bengali didi. Her name is Amita Dutt, I saw her dancing & something very celestial, I would say such a dancing of Kathak I have never seen so beautiful and the theme of ‘The Mother ‘ has been brought forth with such depth ness and understanding with the intricacies of expression that I was amazed at this lady. She is a very well educated lady, comes from a very good family and also has a very nice husband. All this is there but she has dedicated her life to dancing and the expression in Art. Very remarkable …A gentleman accompanies her, is  SaptShri Roy …Whom I have not seen before dancing but I mean I might have seen in the group that she had.

So We are going to enjoy a very beautiful dancing – A life story we can say of the advent of the Goddess Mahakali. I don’t know how far she is going to go. But this shows great dedication, and creativity of this lady the way she has used Kathak for expression of a very beautiful theme. To be able to understand it you should not bother much about the intricacies & allow your heart to flow and I am sure you will understand her because She is very very vibrant at the same time She is extremely expressive, and you don’t need any language to understand it. I was so surprised for her talent and everything. I requested her if she could come to Cabella but I think this place is too cold also. But still, I am sure she will do her best to express her art to you. As we will know from this how difficult it is to get into Indian arts, Whether it is  Music, Dancing, Drama anything. It’s very intricate & needs complete dedication. And some other Indians are blessed to know about it and to learn it & to express and manifest. Such dancing when I saw about the English also have imbibed it and they are also doing so well. I was really surprised. The drama of the UK people was really very enchanting and I am happy now. They have become so vocal about it. (They are not just keeping the very quiet type of a drama that sometimes bores you .)

All the time it is very enjoyable and all of us enjoyed very well. And the more surprising thing that I know is somebody lives in Scotland and somebody lives in Britain and how they got all of them together to do this is really remarkable. I don’t know how they managed it. It is very creditable to have such a collective manifestation. They did so well.

My congratulations to them. And also it’s a very deep thinking deep understanding of the work of the Goddess. And they brought it out very Beautifully one by one. I am really amazed. And very happy about them. May God bless them. And thank you all.