Public Program, stick to spirituality

New York City (United States)

1995-10-16 Public Program New York USA DP-RAW, 97'
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Public program, New York, USA, October 16, 1995

Shri Mataji: Please be sited.
{Aside] Can I have a glass of water. What did you say?
Sahaja Yogi: Inaudible.
Shri Mataji: All right.

[About the mike] All right. It’s a little bit, it’s not steady.
It’s better, it’s better now. Thank you.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, we have to know that truth is what it is. You cannot change it. You cannot transform it. It is to be known through your ascent. Unfortunately, at tis human awareness, we do not know the truth, the absolute truth. What we know is relative truth and that’s why all the problems there are between human beings between countries in the whole world. It’s very important that we have to realise that really, we don’t know the absolute truth. America is a very fortunate country in a way, that it had prosperity. But as a result, I found that many people came to this country who thought there is a good market for marketing Spirituality. We must know we cannot market Spirituality. You cannot sell it in the market. You cannot have a kind of a prescription for it.

So, what is Spirituality? Now what do we have to gain and why should we be Spiritual? These are common questions one can ask. American lifestyle, as you know, has been that they want to enjoy every moment of their life, this way or that way. Their idea is such that we should enjoy every moment of life, a very good idea. But when you look at the way they enjoy, one finds that all these enjoyments are self-destructive. They do anything to feel the enjoyment, but actually, it is self-destructive.
All the time, we are using our energy for this thing or that thing, as we call it, a pursuit for perfection. All this energy that we are using this way is a limited energy. And one has to realise that we have to have some more energy within us, a real energy and that energy is Spirituality.

When we are human beings, we have to also understand that, at this awareness, we cannot know the truth. We have to become a higher personality. All the religions have talked about it. It’s not that I am saying. All the religions had said that, “You have to know yourself “. Even in Quran, it’s written. Unless and until a person knows himself, he will not know God. Clearly, every religion has said so. But today, the religions have themselves have become so money oriented, so power oriented. None of them are Spirit oriented. Unless and until you become the Spirit, that’s a fact, that’s the truth. Unless and until you become the Spirit, you will not know the absolute truth. But nobody talks about it. Nobody says about it and goes on and on and on for years together. Nothing has worked out through all these endeavours people have tried. To know thyself is the first truth, that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this ego. But you are the pure Spirit. This is the first truth you know about yourself that you are the pure Spirit.

When we say this is my body, these are my emotions, this is my ego that means this mind belongs to someone who is that? When you ask such a question immediately you will be surprised to see that there is no answer to it. The second truth is that when we see all these beautiful flowers, take them for granted. We don’t even bother to find out how this miracle has taken place, how this mother earth has given us these beautiful flowers. If you ask the doctor, who runs your heart? He will say autonomous nervous system is a name given. Who is this auto? That he can’t answer. Who is this auto which is doing this autonomous. So, all these questions are only answerable when you become the Spirit.

So the second thing that one has to know that there is a power, there is a power, very subtle power which does all this living work. This power we have to feel, we have to know and to have more energy we have to be one with this power. Now whatever I am telling you please don’t take it for granted. We have had enough trouble with this blind faith. Everywhere you see people are having a fixed title. I am such, I am that I am that, but you are not. What you are is pure Spirit. Unless and until you become that, unless and until you are connected with this All-pervading Power, you do not know the truth. You do not know the absolute and it’s so simple now because I call it a blossom time where there are so many seekers. So many people who are seeking the truth genuinely and who achieve that. It’s not difficult at all in these modern times.

It’s a special time which we call as the last judgement, you can call or in the Quran called Qiyama, where you will know yourself. For this you have already been told of this arrangement that is within us. This has been built in throughout our evolution, gradually as we came up to this stage of human beings and this is your own. This power of kundalini is your own. It’s like this instrument which if it is not connected to the mains, it has no meaning, no identity and that’s the reason you are to be connected to this All-pervading Power which is this connection called as “Yoga”. And Sahaja means “Sah” mean, “JA” means born. Born with you is the right to be connected with this All-pervading Power of divine love. It has been described also in every religion, in every scripture but nobody is bothered about it.

So, all these fixed ideas we have are really mental ideas that you go on thinking on one line. It’s a linear movement of your thinking, your own. For example, Hitler thought that he was the superior most personality and he had every right to kill people. How can you tell him it’s wrong. How will he know it’s wrong. He destroyed so many people, destroyed so many things with his fixed idea in his head that he was the supreme person who understood. In the same way, we have fixed ideas about everything we have fixed ideas but it’s not the reality. So, to know the reality, you have to become the Spirit is said by everyone. But it so happens that when you are seeking the truth you don’t know what to seek, you don’t know what you should know. And sometimes, I have heard here, many a times, when I came people complained, “Mother these gurus came and they lynched us, they took away all our money, they did this “. I said, “Why did you not ask what are you going to do? What are you going to achieve? ” And the best thing would have been not to pay them a single pie and you would have founded.

If they ask for money, just cancel that, anywhere and you will be surprised that most of them will disappear. Most of them came also from India, from all over the World to this country of yours because you had money, they have become very rich but I don’t find Americans have become rich. Actually, if they were blessed they would have been and that’s how they have been befooling-befooling and telling you stories about it which I don’t know how you being so intelligent believed them. Now, I think I have coming to America, many a time I have been here and I have tried to tell people that please take to reality. First thing, you must find out what are the disciples, what have they achieved. What do they know about in our life. That’s the first thing you should know. Then you should also find out what powers the people who follow any guru or anybody, what powers have they got. They are crazy people or what sort of lifestyle they have. Are they normal people? Instead of finding that people just jump into it. I see when we go for shopping we find out what sort of a thing it is, what make it is, what it is.

But here just blindfolded people have jumped into it. I can’t understand how to explain it. One has to see, when they talk of spirituality, how far the spirituality they know. How far they can find out about you, about your spiritual awakening. It is very surprising. The last time I went to Washington and some people came in told me Mother that we have sold our houses, we have withdrawn our children. I said for what? They told me because there’s some gentleman who said you can control the minds of others and had a pendulum in his hands and he moved the pendulum and another fellow who came there also started moving the pendulum. So, we wanted to control the minds of the people so gave away everything whatever we had, we tried our level best. So, did you move the pendulum? No. But why don’t you understand why have you come on this earth to move the pendulums?
You must know what’s your value is. You must evaluate yourself, are you here just to move your pendulum and gave up all your money, everything to a stupid fellow who as made you as stupid person also the way you have given away. There are so many things like this, I just don’t understand. I have come here to tell you about some of them because they are still here going round. Americans are supposed to be very intelligent, perfectionists, progressive but in one matter they have been really very funny, that is Spirituality. How much money did you give to Christ? Simple question.

There is another thing like I went to Chicago, it’s another experience, last year. It was very cold and practically everybody was shivering. So one gentleman came and he said I am the head of Hare Rama, Hare Krishna. I said very good, very nice. What can I do for you? He said I have come to listen, I said very good but what about this dress of yours is a thin Dhoti you are wearing. My guru told me that you must wear this Dhoti if you want to be saved and if you have to go to your Nirvana. I said with this Dhoti? I couldn’t understand. I think just see it’s a brainless thing. He said yes that’s what my guru told. I said but by wearing dhoti you are going to go anywhere then in my Country eight percent people wear Dhotis. Where will you have a chance to go to heaven? But I said as a mother, I feel very sorry for you because it’s very cold and you better cover yourself.

So, the second thing was and even funnier. He had shaved his head with a little pony tail coming out of here. So, I said, “Why have you to shave your head?” He said, “My guru told me you must shave your head”. “For what?” “For Nirvana “.

We have a very great poet in India called Kabir Das, Kabira. He said’ that by shaving your head if you are going to go to heaven then what about the sheep which is shaved twice per year. You see, I mean some common sense should be there. Why I am warning you that even now they are around. How many times I have said so. I really can’t understand what has happened to our brains. Why are we so dull, not to understand that these are all money making propositions. And why should we be stupefied by these people. All of them I have said openly. They cannot prosecute me because I can tell what they are up to. There was another lady who went to Australia and took some shawls from America and she said these are all Spiritual shaws and she sold it for a very high price and these Australians stupidly bought it. I mean this is really going on with all of you who are so intelligent. There are PHDs’ MAD’s who all here and I am surprised at how they are running after these people.

So, I have to first of all warn you that Sahaja Yoga is a living process of your evolution. It’s a living process, it’s not mental. Your evolution you have come up to a point and now you have to achieve the higher state where we call it as a Self-realised person by which you will get the knowledge about yourself. Now you have heard about these things, don’t believe me, I am again telling you, “Don’t believe me, but you experience yourself “. You experience yourself what happens.

Now I am going to tell you actually what should happen to you if you get your Self-realisation, is no claim, nothing but you have to experience and see for yourself if it works in you or not. So the first thing that happens is, first thing that you feel the cool breeze of the holy ghost or Paramchaitanya or Rooh or this All-pervading Power on your fingertips. Can you believe, it was Mohammad Sahab who clearly said at the time of Qiyama, the resurrection, that your hands will speak and they will give information about you. Imagine! He said, but which Muslim cares for it? Does he bother to find out whether he is feeling on his finger tip? Christ has said, Christ has said that, “You have to know yourself “. Know thyself is the most important thing he has said. Which Christian wants to do it? Christ was very subtle I should say. He said Thou shall not have adulterous eyes. Look at this subtle morality talking. Now, please, tell me in which Christian nation I would find people who have no adulterous eyes?

So, one has to understand. America has a very great responsibility. You don’t know where you stand. What is your position in the field of Spirituality. You have such a big responsibility. You will go to Vietnam to fight you will go there to fight and do this and do everything but in the field of Spirituality you have failed and you have not understood your responsibility that how it is important for you because you are responsible for all communication of the world and that you should know the truth. You should work it out and know the truth. So the first thing that happens is that you feel for the first time you feel the cool breeze on your fingertips, first time. You have never felt that. Then, they will start wondering, doubting, is it true or not. Then they close their doors at home and see for themselves there is a cool breeze coming.

Now what happens with this that you know about your own centres to begin with and when you grow into you Spirituality you know about centres of others. Now these centres that you have, energy centres are responsible for your physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual being. You can make them out on your finger-tips. What’s wrong with somebody. Now in life, we have lots of coincidences but we don’t realise that these are planned for some purpose, we never. We take them for granted. Now these coincidences must give you some insight to understand why, why this is happening, why that is happening. I will not say that there are few seekers. There are many, many seekers in America but somehow they get interested in people who have some sort of a special attire, may be a special horn coming out of their heads I don’t know what sort of things they are into. They can’t understand in normal people to be spiritual but when you become spiritual you will be the most normal person.

All these outside things are not going to give you that evolutionary ascent which is very important. The second thing that happens to you is that all the time as you know we are thinking about the future or the past. All the time and we are jumping on the cusp of our thoughts of future and the past. Future doesn’t exist and the past is finished. We have to be in the present. Now, if I say be in the present, you cannot. Nobody can be in the present. So, what happens when this power kundalini rises, she elongates these thoughts and in between the space is created and this space is the space which you call the present, where you become absolutely peaceful. Not only that, but no more thoughts bother you. As Jung has described, you become thoughtlessly aware. You are aware, absolutely aware.

Not only that, but no more thoughts bother you. As Jung has described, you become thoughtlessly aware. You are aware, absolutely aware.
Just a minute. You can’t hear?
Seeker: [Inaudible]
Shri Mataji: How to solve the problem? I don’t know. This [mike] is supposed to be American, I don’t know what to do it.
I should remove it?
Seeker: No.
Shri Mataji: All right.

So, the second thing that happens to you that you become thoughtlessly aware and you stand in the present and there where the spirituality grows. When you are in the present, you are with reality and that’s how it grows, spirituality grows within you, when you become thoughtlessly aware. Now I have met many people who have got peace awards you know, they are so hot tempered that if you have to face them take a you see pole in between just to save yourself and they have got peace awards, I don’t know how have they got peace awards. On what basis they have got peace awards. Peace has to be within. Unless and unit human beings have peace within themselves you cannot stop wars. You cannot get rid of it. Because where does the war start? In the hearts of the human beings. Where does the conflicts start? In the heart. Jealousies, and all kinds of things start not on the trees but inside the heart of the human beings. And unless and until a person develops the state of peaceful existence inside, you cannot just award somebody like that’s the person who is giving peace. Once you become peaceful, the peace spreads. It spreads all over and makes everyone peaceful around you. It’s a thing to be experimented and seen.

The third thing happens, which is very important, that your attention becomes enlightened. Attention becomes enlightened. First of all, the attention is all over the place. We cannot control over attention, whatever we may try. But when you become a Realised soul, the Spirit, attention becomes absolutely enlightened and doesn’t go to things which are destructive. Your attention knows whatever is destructive. You become enlightened, in the light of the Spirit, you see what is destructive and what is wrong, what you should not do.

You are special people who are seeking the truth and the truth will be known to you if you understand that you have every right to have it. This enlightened attention can be extended to anyone. It’s an energy field, your energy field becomes so strong, that when you put attention to somebody, it acts and it works. Believe me, you all have these powers within yourself. Believe me it is your own power. This Kundalini is your own mother who knows everything about you and she is very anxious to give you the second birth.

There have been some books, I was told, that the kundalini can be very dangerous. It’s all nonsense. Kundalini is your own Mother. When you were born, your mother took all the labour pains. Did she give you any trouble? Why will kundalini will give it to you just think of it. I have seen now. I have been working for twenty-five years. Not one person I saw had any problem with this kundalini awakening. Not one person. But it is said that way because those people who don’t know anything about it, don’t know how to awaken the kundalini try to discourage people all these nonsense things. This is the ultimate that we have to achieve for which already there has been arrangement within us. There has been complete mechanism within us that works it out, so then this is our special privilege as human beings, the special love that God Almighty has put within us. This power for us to be connected with this All-pervading Power.

We have to realise that our energy is limited. We get exhausted, in this country there are so many diseases which I am amazed, cannot be cured by any medical science or anything but Sahaja Yoga can cure. We have had, I think four doctors who got their MD in India for curing diseases which are absolutely incurable by your own power. The diagnosis is also done on the fingertips, otherwise if you got to a medical hospital, half of your energy would be finished with the diagnosis only. And whatever remains would be finished with the operations. So, here it is you only who can judge what’s wrong with you. You know what’s wrong with you and the people who are going to help you also know what’s wrong.

Then another power you develop that you can enlighten other people. It’s not that just you enlightened and going about saying I am what here is the Christ born this is nothing. It’s a power within you by which you can awaken other people. It’s very easy to do it. It’s very simple. But first is difficult for modern people to be simple. They want to have something to say, they want to eat the food, they would want to put their hand like this.

It’s a problem with this modern complex mind. It doesn’t believe that it’s so simple and not only that y9ou achieve your own powers by which you can enlighten people. It’s as simple as this, like there is one candle, the candle can enlighten another candle but first the candle must be enlightened. As an enlightened candle can enlighten another candle, this can be done by all of you and that’s how it is going to spread.

I must say, I must say from my experience that a place like Russia, which I never thought will have so much receptivity or sort of a sensitivity for spirituality. But when I went there, I was amazed. You see, they are not so money-oriented. They had not known money much and they are not so materialistic also. There, thirty five percent are horrible. They want Marlborough cigarettes. They want to be Americans, they wear American dresses, have American wines. You see, for them America is great. All right. But the rest of them are very well-educated people, very keen, very spiritual. It’s very surprising. First place I came to, was America. What I have found at that time there was a sixteen-year-old guru, who has come there. He was permanently sixteen-year-old. And everybody was mad after him. I said, “How to talk to these people?” “No, we are already blessed”. They didn’t look blessed to me. But that’s how they got some ideas, and they stuck on to this sixteen-year-old fellow till he got married and settled nicely. He was at least wise. He didn’t wait till he demised; you see. He just escaped everything and he nicely settled down.

Now I challenge your intelligence now, really I challenge that think about it. What do you think you should get as a boon of Spirituality. Firstly, you should be a peaceful person, you should be an integrated person. You should have full idea as to what you are, you must have full about yourself, about your Spirit, about what people have talked about. But it seems to them, those who are clever and cunning, they know how to put their marketing on a very higher basis some or other. For some people wanted to fly in the air or about three feet they wanted to rise to go above. Imagine and thousands and thousands of dollars and pounds you all pour just to go around you see, three fight higher. Now I have a problem because of your Mr. pope was going that side and we diverted at this side so we had a big problem coming down. Such a jam and then if we had these three feet people what would have happened.

Such stupid ideas, if they give you and you accept then I don’t understand. I am here to tell you that all these stupid things you must give up and take to reality. Try to find out what have you got by doing all these things. By paying so much money. What did you get. What is the result. Did you get any powers? Did you get your peace. Did you feel your duty and your glory within yourself. Now here, I tell you, the main problem of America is that they have no found their identity as to what they are. Somebody told me that now they are cutting the eyebrows from in between. I said for what? It’s a fashion. I said but why. See, they don’t know what to do with themselves. They will cut their nose, they will cut this, they will put this. This is not America. You are not supposed to do that. You don’t know what you are in your own glory you cannot rise and in your own beauty you cannot rise unless and until you know your identity.

Like this one [mike], if it’s not connected to the mains has no identity, it’s useless. In the same way, what’s happening with us is this that we really don’t know ourselves. We don’t know our glory. This is the minimum that happens, minimum, I am saying why because when you grow into your awareness from thoughtless awareness you jump into another new awareness call as doubtless awareness where you have experimented with these vibrations. You’ll be amazed, people when they give these vibrations to others, even to crops, If they are not high breed, they give ten times more. You can experiment and see, I am telling you openly. Apart from that, you see animals also.

For example, an Indian cow gives about two litres of milk but if she is not hybrid like the Australian, if you give it vibrated water, she can give up to ten times more milk than what she is giving. It is possible, these divine vibrations are the ones which look after us. They have created us, they have helped us, they have guided us, but now it’s for us to rely upon ourselves and know for ourselves that you have not come on this earth to move pendulums. See a special understanding is needed for once own glory and for once own abilities. The ability of knowing yourself is built in within you. It’s a living process, like a seed if you put it in the mother earth they sprout. Why? Because the seed has a built in premule in it, and also the Mother Earth has the built-in capacity to sprout it. Now, how do you explain? We cannot explain living process but we can feel it, we can understand it.

Now, I don’t know how many times I have been here before also, but I feel that somehow or other, money is so important but money which is important is also wasted all the time. Whatever they are is for wastage. Money is not important. What is important is your enjoyment. So, what happens to you that you jump into the ocean of joy. Joy is not happiness and unhappiness but it is a singular thing joy is something that is an experience which doesn’t give you unhappiness but you just become extremely joyous and joy makes you forget all these nonsensical things which are for your enjoyment, which are destroying you. People I know overnight in England can you imagine. In England, people gave up drugs. This is solution for drugs. They will put all the military everything but will they listen to me. Will they understand that you can solve your drug problem completely with Sahaja Yoga? Now, openly I am telling you. You can challenge. They won’t listen to me because perhaps they have a way of understanding anything which comes through science or some scientists. Now look at science, science is immoral. It doesn’t teach any morality. Does it? It is an immoral thing. Moreover, science is limited. How far can it go science? See how far can it solve our problems. I asked them simple questions, they cannot answer.

For example, I will ask them that in a human body, the science says that anything that foreign thing comes is thrown away then how is it when the foetus is formed it is not thrown away and kept till nine months fully and at the right time is thrown away. How? Explain. Another thing is acetylcholine adenylate. These two chemicals act in a different way inside the body. Who manages that? Who is doing that job? Can they explain? They can’t. Now what science has produced is these atom bombs, hydrogen bomb, this and that. Is that any balance, is that any understanding of what human beings are worth. They would never have produced all these nonsensical things. But there is collectively also no respect for this human personality that you have. No respect. So, all such things are allowed to come up. All such criminality is working out.

Human beings are the epitome of evolution. They are the epitome of evolution and what are we doing about that. What are we understanding. How are we treating them. First of all, we have to understand ourselves. That is the most important thing and that’s why everybody has said, Self-realisation, Self-knowledge. Knowing your Self is the most important thing. Because otherwise, we are blind. And to make blind people understand about some colourism is impossible.

So, first thing is that your eyes must be opened yourself. Once that happens I don’t I have to tell you anything anymore. It just works. You start understanding and enjoying yourselves. Now you see always whenever I have come here I asked them that you can ask me questions and the number of questions they ask me. What do you think of this Babaji? What do you think of this Dhabaji?
I said now forget. I am sitting before you. Why do you want to know about them? For what? What I think about him I say whatever I like. Why should you believe me also? First of all you must know yourself. Then you will know who I am and who others are. What are you? I am not going to tell you. I will never. You better discover, is better that way. Christ said he was the son of God. He was, no doubt. He told the truth. So, they crucified him. Now I don’t want to get crucified.
[Laughter and applause]

I am myself seventy-three years old lady, travelling every day. My third passport is so big as that. I’m quite alright, quite healthy. Nothing wrong with me. So, I don’t want to answer such stupid questions, “Who are you? ” You see, like a custom officer. Best thing is that you discover yourself what I am. I don’t want anything from you. I have not come to oblige you for the thing. It’s you own. Whatever is your own I have come to give you. That too I am not giving, it’s just working out. So this time I will not have too many questions. Because last time there were so many questions, so many! Then I asked them one thing, “Did you go on and ask these questions to your Babajis?
In the Babaji, nothing. You see, Babaji, they just went, gave the money. He is sitting on the seventh floor somewhere. They just bowed to him. “We have great respect for this Babaji “. What has he given you? What have you got out of Christ? What have you got out of Mohammad Sahab? What has he given you? What have you imbibed within you? That is the main thing we have to and it’s very simple, it’s just you have to become a Self-realised personality. That’s all. Which you can be very easily.

Now I must say I shouldn’t compare you with Russians. Because you won’t like it. You are also my own and they are also my own. I feel that how these Russians, who never talked of God, who were not allowed to think about God, they were never allowed to even read the Bible have become so Spiritually enlightened and what about Americans? You have, I don’t know how many Churches you have and all kinds of parapsychology, these things, all kinds of things going on. And despite that, people are absolutely dry as far as spirituality is concerned.

What is the reason for that? How can you get, how can you be influenced by these people who make a show out of it? Or some sort of a, you can say marketing, it’s real marketing. They know how to market. Marketing for Americans is a special idea, is to market it for Americans. And it’s a big business here. They are experts, you know. This big expertise, how to market it. And somehow, they have managed.

Now I have to make really a very, very humble request to you, that now get out of it! Iit’s all nonsense. This is not blissful. This will not give you any knowledge. This will not give you any health and it will never give you joy. So, take to something that is genuine, that is real and enjoy yourself. Because something that you have to enjoy is yourself. But once you become that, you become like a drop in an ocean and you become the ocean. You become collectively conscious. You can feel others. Not only that, but the compassion and love and dynamism of Sahaja Yogis, is something so remarkable.

I never expected that form sixty-five nations. They come to India and I have never heard them quarrelling, fighting, nothing, never. Only, of course, they are sometimes very humorous, pull each-others legs is all right. But I have never seen them quarrelling, fighting, arguing, nothing. Because they all know the same truth. They all know about everything they say it, so what is it to argue? What is there to fight? What is there to have any kind of a dispute? All these disputes are very superficial. And even if you have United Nations or united world or anything, this will never go away unless and until you clear out yourself and know the reality. Then, everything will work out.

All these superficial things are not going to help us. As I told you, it’s all linear. It moves in one direction your thinking, and then it coils back and it hits you, like boomeranging. But If you are in reality, if you are your Self, lights spread all round. It doesn’t come back because this thinking has no truth in it. What happens, it has no strength to stand on its own. So, it falls back and it comes back. It’s not only in individual, it’s also collectively, even nations have suffered like that.

If you understand the reality, you will be amazed to know that we are all brothers and sisters. We are all related to each other. Who is the other? Who is the other? Instead of fighting or quarrelling or arguing, why not become your Self? And then you will know that you are a part and parcel of one personality. Just like this hand, if it gets hurt, immediately the whole body knows. In the same way, it happens to you. And you become absolutely part and parcel of a new race of people who feel for you, who have love, affection, compassion and respect for you. This is what you are in for.
I’m here, I have come here for one day only to talk to you about this. And I hope you realise your value, realise how great you are and why are you on this earth. Science cannot answer this question. Only with Realisation you can answer these questions so well. All this, I have said before also, I am saying it again. And I hope you people will al get your Self-realisation, today, tonight.

Only thing is you have to have full faith in yourself, this is one thing missing. Because they feel sometimes very guilty. There is a fashion also to feel guilty. “I have done this thing wrong. I have done that thing wrong. I have harmed that person”. Now finish that one.
This guilt has come to us, I don’t know from where. But I was surprised that whatever wrong you have done is finished and gone in the past. At this moment, what’s the use of feeling guilty? But do you know if you feel guilty, your throat goes off because this left Vishuddhi, the left center on this side, gets into jeopardy. So, what happens? You get spondylitis. You get angina, that’s another disease. Then also, you might get all your organs get lethargic, because you are all the time feeling guilty for nothing at all. It’s a fashion also. To feel guilty is a fashion. Like you see they are having other fashions, they are having this also. And they are very proud of it that they are guilty. After all, if you were guilty, you would not have been sitting here. You would all have been in jail, isn’t it? So why to feel guilty at all and spoiling your health like this?

Then another is a center which is on the optic chiasma like this, absolutely like this, constricted. And then, Kundalini has to pass, it has to open. And that’s only possible if you can forgive everyone without thinking about him. Just forgive. Now it’s very common to say, “It’s very difficult to forgive”. It’s very common. But just logically, whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, what do you do? Think about it. You don’t do anything. Just you are torturing yourself, that’s all. What you do is to torture yourself. You don’t do anything. So, what’s the use of remembering a person who has harmed you, troubled you all your life? Now this center of Agnya is absolutely constricted like that. It won’t open unless and until you forgive them. Just to say, “I forgive”. And not to think about them, because even thinking about them is a headache. If logically, it has appealed to you, please also forgive all of them.

Now this Sahaja Yoga has certain limitations. First of all, Sahaja Yoga doesn’t work on idiots. I have seen, it doesn’t work. Whatever you may try on an idiot, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work on people who are stupid. They go on laughing, you know, all the time; stupid people. They have, I mean it’s just a waste of energy with them. It doesn’t work with the stupid people. Also, it doesn’t work with arrogant, I have seen. People who are arrogant, it doesn’t work. Kundalini won’t rise. So, one has to little bit, humble down to say that, “I don’t know the truth. I want to know the truth and that’s why I am here”. All these things, if you understand and you don’t fall into these categories, mostly all of you will get your Realisation tonight here. Also, there is another category, those people who are sick, who are in trouble also take time to get their awakening done. But if you try all of you otherwise can get your Realisation tonight. It’s not difficult to do.

I promise you this will work out but you have to promise that once you get Realisation, you should try to develop yourself into a proper Sahaja Yogi. A proper tree from the little seed which has grown to give shelter to others. That’s what I have asked you to do it. It’s not this, as Christ has said that, “Some seeds got sprouted and were thrown on the marsh”. It shouldn’t be like that. You must respect your Self-realisation. And if you are doing guru shopping, then it’s better you go away because there is no shop here. So, if you respect yourself, you want to know the truth, genuinely, then it is going to work out. The worst thing is that I cannot force on you. If you don’t want it, I just cannot because I respect your freedom. You have to ask for it. If you ask for it, really from your heart, it will work out. Because this power of kundalini is the power of pure desire.

Normally our desires are not pure, because if they were, they would have been satisfied. But you know the law of economics, that in general, desires and wants are not satiable. Why? Because today we want a car, tomorrow we want a house, never satisfied. But this is the pure desire that once you get it you jump into the ocean of satisfaction which shows on your personality, on your lifestyle, in every way actually you become like an angel. Believe me you are all capable of becoming angelic. It has nothing to do with your outer face or outer things like your nationality or race or anything. It is something within pure. I feel some people still feel guilty. That they think they are not innocent. Now I have to tell you, innocence is one thing that cannot be destroyed. Whatever you may try, it cannot be. Only thing, it gets covered with the, you can say the clouds of wrong doings or misunderstanding, whatever it is.
But once you get your awakening your innocent nature comes up and you really become like an innocent child. What Christ has said, “To enter into the kingdom of God, you have to become like children”. It really happens. Believe me, whatever they have said is the truth. Only thing is when people who were in charge of these religions, have gone into another direction, we find it’s very disappointing. Actually, it is something that is present within us, which works out and I have seen thousands and thousands of getting Self-realisation.

I hope you’ll cooperate with me. And try to understand what is your value and what you should have which is your own.
May God bless you.

It will hardly take ten minutes; I must tell you, not more than that. But as I said, those who do not want to have it, should leave the hall. Because no use disturbing others. To be more civil and to be kind is to leave the hall if you don’t want to have it. It’s all free for your asking. It’s all there. But still, I would request you that you don’t disturb others.
[Ye hindustani hai, dekh lijiye aap. He is an Indian, just see to it]

That’s it. Now I don’t think there are more people who want to leave. So, we could have the Self-realisation program. First, you must have full faith in yourself. That’s a thing, a condition, I would say. In no way, you should feel diffident, in no way you should feel guilty. So, you have to forgive yourself, completely. Because this All-pervading power is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of bliss and so many miracles. It is the ocean of love and compassions and dynamism. But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. Whatever mistakes you have committed will be easily dissolved in the power of this ocean of forgiveness.

So, first, you forgive yourself and then forgive others. That’s a very important understanding you should have, that you forgive. Forgiveness will make you, just now also, very relaxed. Just forgive, forget.

Now, certain things, I hope you don’t feel offended, because I will ask you to take out your shoes, that’s important. This Mother Earth helps us. Those who are sitting on the ground are all right. They should also take out their shoes, anyway. But, those who are sitting on their chairs must keep their feet apart from each other. Because I don’t know if he has told you or not; there are two powers, left and right and so these two powers should be kept separate.
All right? Now, maybe it might work faster than normal. I have a feeling, let’s see.

[Realisation process starts at 1:07:07]