Navavarsha, Hindi New Year

New Delhi (India)

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1995-1025 Navavarsha, Hindu New Year, Delhi, India

Speech language: English, Hindi

Transcript of Talk in Hindi (Sound cloud – Nirmala Vidya – 1985-1025 Navavarsha Puja Delhi NC Source NITL – Start time 00.22 secs)

Today is the auspicious occasion of the New Year and auspicious blessings to you all. Every year, New Year comes and keeps coming. But, the spirit of observing the New Year, that people are not able to understand. Other than that, on the day of the New Year, new clothes will be worn, will be celebrating. No one will think in a way that the New Year is coming, what is the new thing that we will do. The way life is passing, it will continue in the same way and in the same vein everyone will be wished for the New Year. In Sahaja Yoga, when we are so collective, we need to think as to what new we need to do in Sahaja Yoga. You have entered quite deep into meditation. You understand meditation and you have established your state. But in the New Year, what is the new thing we should do, our attention needs to be on that. In reality, first we also need to think that what are the questions affecting our nation and what are the questions of the entire world and how do we bring solutions to those problems. For this, I think, Sahaja yogis should pay attention to the areas which interests them. In a way many new things have been started in Sahaja Yoga. You know, we have thought this time, that we need to bring Shia Muslims and explain to them. We are trying for that. Also, we are trying spread the information about Shivaji Maharaj’s pure life. Both things are very good – that Shia people understand what religion is and by looking at Shivaji’s life, we also understand what religion is and what his ideals were and what all he did for those ideals. In the little time, how much he showed through his achievements. Now, from organizational point, we have become alright, especially in Delhi and surrounding areas and Sahaja Yoga is also growing. Along with this, we also have to think, that within us, we have to introspect, if we have achieved quality, if Sahaja yoga is growing, it is increasing in quantity, then has the quality come, this we have to think about and we have to pay attention towards it.

In this regard I will say that, wherever meditation is going on in your groups, you have to put attention in the centre, go and see how it is proceeding. And to increase the numbers, you have to go to nearby villages where you have worked, in this way, you can grow further. But, in this New Year, you need to think that, we have like initiated many projects from which we have got flats, we got homes and ashram is also being constructed. This is also a good thing. But in the ashram, what are we going to do, what all ways we can grow, what can we publish, so that people get to know about us. One thing I had thought many years ago, that there should be one newspaper of Sahaja Yoga that needs to be published. In Bombay, a newspaper was running but they made some mistakes and had to shut it down. But there are so many people (yogis) now that we get the newsletter from outside, we translate but that has mostly news about those places outside the country. Similarly, we can also give news about India to people and more such work can be done.

I think we should pay attention on 3 measures (subjects) for which there is a conscious question today, if we pay attention to all the 3 things. The first one that I understand, is peace that we should establish peace within ourselves and we should identify the reason of the unrest that is outside. Why is there an unrest, what is the reason of the problem in all the countries or the problem in other countries. That we must understand the root of this and how it can be implemented (the peace). Now like the question about Chechnya, I spoke with the Russians, then they say that no one writes our side (of the story), it is all one-sided matter that is going on. They said that the problem in Chechnya is that, if we are imperialists and if we are a democratic country, there is a big difference between both of them. In a democratic country, in a democracy, that which is democratic, you cannot rule based on any one religion and the exclusivity of that one religion which is (in a way) alone, like all the 3 religions and the same you can say about Buddha and Mahavir also, and the 3 religions have come from the five angels which we can call as Jews, Christians and Muslims, they all accept their own book and their own incarnation and because of this they are exclusive. But in reality, they are not exclusive. This point, we must write to them. What it is, you must understand, that Moses had talked about Abraham. Then Jesus Christ came and he talked about Moses, Abraham, about all of them. Then when Mohammed sahib came, he had talked about all 3 and also about Christ’s mother. So all these religions are not exclusive. They have been made exclusive because of which they fight and if someone says that we will have a universal religion, they don’t like it because how will they fight then? The desire and tendency to fight, how can they satisfy that? This is why they say that are not willing to accept that, their religion is exclusive. And if on top of all these exclusive religions, if we want, that in a democracy, let Jews come, and this come, and that come, they will keep fighting. Hence they all should come to one universal religion. By coming to a universal religion, all these feelings will break, that we are different and they are different. If you see, see today, even now, they are all fighting in the name of religion, all this can end. If it happens that the religions are not exclusive at all, then why are you fighting? If there is Jew they believe that, if there is Christian they believe that, everyone has come from the same system. If this is the matter that these religions are not exclusive, all these fights and all the flutter in this world will end. So they said, that say, now in Chechnya, if we give the Muslims a country, the Muslim community is famous for each person having up to 28 children and they have by giving birth to such children, and they say that the women there are factories, and they have already become a majority. If we give them the rule, they will keep doing this and then how do we stop this? So, in their religion, the strength they think is that they are in large numbers. So to increase is not a problem for them and if they increase in this way, they will eat up all of Russia. So why don’t they become Russians, instead of holding to one religion? So Muslims have this, like in India, they are Muslims first and afterwards Indians. It is in all countries. Here, the Muslims have got such a slap, in Pakistan, every day 18, 18 to 20 people are getting killed who are Indians. There was an interview, maybe you must have seen, they said, that “we came here and we got neither God and we don’t belong to either country.” This is their bad state. Now the Indians have understood that those who remained in India are prosperous and are fine, but there no one knows who will be killed next, that is the state. And are getting killed in Pakistan, because the Sindhis and Punjabis (in Pakistan) don’t want them to be there. As they were from India, they have formed a group among themselves and stay near Karachi. Now they are asking for Karachi as they are now in majority. Now Karachi is their only port. So all these religions, especially Islam, in Islam the biggest thing that has been said is that until you know yourself (khud), you cannot know God (khuda). First know thyself.

And the second thing is for which they are creating trouble is that that they believe in the formless (nirakar) and don’t accept the form (saakar). So if you believe in the formless, then why are they fighting for land? The form (saakar) is the root. So if you believe in the formless, then achieve the formless and without achieving the formless you are fighting for the land, his is the second thing which is wrong. But it is not easy to make them understand and they are after violence. Whatever is the matter, but we should start writing articles, start explaining and they will start thinking that, how much truth is there is what they are saying and how much is false and will also start seeing that we have been fighting and dying, what was the benefit we got. After that, it is the Muslim community that is very difficult for Sahaja Yoga, but we should also not say completely like that because, Muslims have come from all places in Sahaja Yoga, we have 15-20 Sahaja Yogis from all over the world. But when I made a speech on the radio there, I said openly, everything and when I said everything no one said anything because they were all talking through the telephone. But some ladies there had called on the phone and said that we are feeling cool-cool, listening to Mataji’s speech and many of them got realised. So we are also thinking that this is one way, those people who have gone out, like Iranians who live in America, we can get them. Similarly, wherever Muslims are there, one thing is that they are ruffians, they get into fights and the second thing is that they think such things like in Africa, they have formed their gang and one person who had made one big gang and they wanted to blow up the World Trade Centre there. He got arrested and got 18 years punishment. So these people, wherever they live are ruffians, they do not understand, they need to be made to understand that if they believe in the formless, why they are fighting for land.

And the other stupid thing about them is that after you die and you will be buried, and when resurrection time will come, our body will come out and you will get resurrection. Now you tell me, after 500 years which part of the body will get resurrected? Like this, there are many strange things. So we need to start writing in a way that in some newspapers and they need to be told that they are talking stupidly and how stupid they are. Most importantly, Mohammed sahib didn’t write the Koran. Forty years after him, Koran was written. Jesus Christ didn’t ever write any Bible and neither did Moses write anything. So the question is, what is the authenticity over for which they are fighting over this. Now if they continue like this, they will go to hell and I can’t see any remedy for this. Stupidity also has its limits and doing these stupid things, nothing good will come for them. But if we try to find among Muslims, we will get a lot. It is possible that one or two of them might come up and if they show this much courage to talk about these things and make them understand. But, they are all scared that they will get killed and they will be finished. But nothing like that will happen because when they come to Sahaja, then no one can hurt others. If someone shows this much courage then this can be explained and this which is a very big thing, that our peace is finished is because of religions. It is because of these unrighteous religions that our peace is finished. If this one thing is finished, then I can say that at least 75% of the problem of the wars will get solved.

Now the other part is that where does this unrest come from? Because if we see on the larger scale, there are wars between countries, this is a different matter. Like Mr. Shirac had ignited the atom bombs there and because of that there are lot of bombs not at his place, but if you look at it individually, see it individually, then where does the unrest in the individual come from? What is the reason for a human to feel the unrest? Now the roots for this are many. You may say that it is because of jealousy, ambitions, this and that and that a right sided person will not feel peace. But can also be left-sided, because left remains sad and right assumes he is happy. But both don’t have the peace. For this, we need to correct their unrest. You may have read in my book, that I have written about genes. That genes get alright after coming to Sahaja and when the genes get corrected, man becomes peaceful automatically, there is no need to say and the complete health improves. I have explained a lot about phosphorus, that phosphorus that is in the genes, if the person becomes dry, the phosphorus explodes, this you know, it explodes. So now, Worlikar said that this point was not said by anyone so far. One of them was saying that so far, 3 people have received Nobel Prize for research on phosphorus but they haven’t said this yet what you have said. So I said that now they have gone for the Nobel Prize for this so it will happen on peace. But the thing is, when unrest comes inside a man, then in that unrest two things can happen, I think in two ways it can happen, one is of egoistic people and the other who are left-sided, are possessed. African people are possessed but the others are due to their ego. So if we are able to eliminate both ego and possession, we will become peaceful and though the medium of that peace, we can ourselves give peace to others. We have to pay attention to this, that when we go to the villages and give them realization, we should explain the importance of peace. In the villages in North India, there is one problem, due to the mentality of Islam, women are suppressed and then when you suppress women and when they rise, they become manlier than man. So there must be respect for women and the women here are also backward, that they don’t understand what their self-respect is. Now in Sahaja yoga I am seeing that our women are weak, even though I am a women. Not meditating, back-biting, creating fights, now these are the things that re going on and the biggest of all is domination. As all these things have come in these women, they lose their powers because, power comes from women, they are the potential and when they start behaving like this, the entire society loses its power. So it is important that women must establish their peace. For this, husband must also be peaceful. If he is peaceful and respects the wife, I think, children will also become peaceful and homes will become peaceful. And, here, there is a type of aggression in men, it will not be contained, it will come back on them. The companionship that is there, to talk lovingly to each other, talk well to each other, how to behave in front of others and in any case these things we need to pay attention. Like I have seen many people that their wives are not useful for Sahaja but they will be made to sit on their husbands head. They will sit on top of their husbands head. There are also many husbands who do not care for their wives, beat them, even now, in Sahaja Yoga we have such cases. This makes me very sad that even now, if there is no companionship between husband and wife, this is a very serious thing, a very serious thing for me, a complete companionship because now you are Sahaja Yogi and your wife is also a Sahaja Yogi and when both of you are sitting in the same (pedestal), how can they fight amongst themselves? It should not happen because this is a very dangerous thing. Because you have come in Sahaja Yoga and are fighting with each other, the biggest thing is that the deities get upset with you and I cannot say what will happen to you. You need to pay attention to this. Assume if there is a women and there is a man who is forcefully troubling her for nothing, this is not good, that is not good, not like this, not like that. Then one day will come, that man’s all deities will become angry, it is a problem of Lakshmi. If not Lakshmi, then the problem of heart. Most of all, when Left Nabhi catches, all kinds of diseases can come.

Now, I have done a lot of work on Left Nabhi and I see that the Left Nabhi is very difficult to correct. Because there is no introspection. You don’t think, why is our Left Nabhi catching? You must understand, if the wife is forceful, is not willing to listen and does whatever she pleases, insults, you sit with her and talk. You must have a rapport between yourselves, you must discuss. Now people come in Sahaja Yoga, then it is seen that they go behind Sahaja Yoga. They never talk as husband-wife or never talk to their children. This is like in England, America, people go on a holiday. You must give time for Sahaja Yoga, you must do work for it, but, with companionship, both together, involve the children also, wife also, bring everyone. If you want to keep doing Sahaja Yoga work and wife is at home, as you reach home, she gets upset. So you should try to have a complete companionship, discuss with your wife, tell her what the plan is, what should be done and how. They should also grow, their intellectual level should also grow, their understanding should increase. So, due to effect of the Muslims, now I have seen that everything is happening in the reverse way. Earlier, I could see that the women were suppressed, now they suppress the men. So, this action-reaction, we must finish this in Sahaja Yoga and the solution to this is that first in our life, in married life you need to set this alright. Now when you become peaceful then your children will also become peaceful. So all these different illnesses due to the lack of peace, like you see in all the wars, come from where? They come from humans, not from the sky, not from the trees. The root of this is man and if man himself becomes immersed in peace and grows into peace and he feels glorious that he is very peaceful, as a minimum, the social problems will get solved. To solve the social problems should be undertaken by the Sahaja Yogis. If they themselves are fighting, how will they solve the social problems? I get lot of complaints, that the man is alright but his wife is bad or they say, that the wife is alright and husband is bad. Such kind of reports come often. So this civility that we have, the dignity. So we lose this civility and make mistakes. If you see in Maharashtra, the wife is respected and wife also respects the husband. So we have our own civility, our own ways of doing things. We are depriving ourselves of that culture and are doing wrong things because at our place, at least we see in Maharashtra, the wife is respected a lot and even the wife respects the husband very much. This is a culture and in this it does not happen that one husband also doesn’t think that the wife is something else or her stature is lesser than him. I have explained many times that a chariot has two wheels, if one wheel becomes smaller than the other, it is not alright. Both do not have any similarities, each we should say, their height is similar, texture is similar, all is there, but both, if you put the right on the left or the left on the right, it will not fit.

So both have their own speciality. Like, the women may have some weakness, we cannot say weakness, she has a constitution, a nature. Man has his nature, he wears a watch, the watch is ticking for a man. So I tell many men to take off the watch. Women definitely, need time, if they have to go somewhere or anything. So if they can’t go on time, the man gets upset. Like this, are small-small things, means it is a small thing. The fights begin with this and I feel that some men think that they are in charge for everything, like we need to reach on time. If you don’t reach on time, nothing bad will happen. Slowly-slowly you need to train your mind that you don’t react. All the time, keep you mind in such a state, that you don’t react. Only, you have to watch. Slowly-slowly you will be surprised, that you will become alright, your wife will become alright and both have to practice this, that both will look at it in a witness state. So, you need to know that women are different and men are different. Their ways are different, their methods are different. Even though, you must understand that the similarity is that both are human. Now, you must introspect on this, look into this, why we have such problems in Sahaja Yoga. Like a girl from Lucknow came here, after getting married. She has 2500 problems. She must be talked to and asked what her problem is and what is not. Sahaja Yoga is not for breaking anyone, is for joining everyone. So whatever breaks, you have to understand what the reason is and how, you must see in that direction and fix it. Now when the fixing starts, then you may start thinking that Delhi people, they must connect with the Bombay people, it doesn’t happen that way. You start thinking that puja must happen in Delhi. Even if the puja happens in Bombay, it is still happening in Delhi. When you open your heart and see, the whole world is there. Wherever puja is happening, it is happening for you only. It is so much that the puja should happen in Delhi only, you must surely come here. Now in this regard I keep going here to there. I keep going from here to there. Someone says, you must come to Muradabad. Someone else will say that you must come elsewhere. See, at this age, how much I travel? Just because, no one should think that I have done favour for someone else. So I have thought that I will not go on European tours. I will not go to Europe. Then, wherever I go, Europeans come there, I go to Romania they are there or I go to Russia they are there. All reach there because where we can meet Mother, Mother is not going to come to our country. So whatever they used to spend for my travel, they manage with that. Now you see, in Sahaja Yoga, you all know each other’s names, who is this, who is that, have so many relations, you have a big kinship all over the world and when you start travelling like this, now like I am saying that ok I will never come to Delhi and say I will now come to Nagpur, so everyone will come to Nagpur, is it not. So, this type of detachment you must develop. I can see that, “Mother you come here, you come there”. No one thinks that at this age how much hard work and travelling I must do and a bit if you keep on pulling me here, pulling me there, pulling there, so how is it possible. So you all must make them understand a little, that whatever work Mother had to do, she has done and now what she desires we should do. We should not force anything on her. If she says we will have puja. If she herself agrees then it should be done, else no, we should not force her to do anything.

End of talk in Hindi (Part 1)

Translation of talk in Hindi (Part 2)

By this one thing will happen that our health will be alright. If any more work needs to be done, then for that I do not want to have any dragging around this. Now whatever projects you want to do, you have to do it, think properly and do not put the burden on me. For small-small things, like somebody is ill, they will call saying such and such person is ill. Now you all are Sahaja Yogis, and you have been given powers, why do you trouble me, you people do it, now it is your responsibility. I think my children have grown up, and they are most responsible and they understand everything and you must give me this assurance that ‘Mother, you do not have to worry. We will set this right. We will set this right, that right’ Now, when such a thing starts happening, then I will feel that now everything is alright, nothing is amiss. But now the situation is such that I am receiving letters after letters, somebody has something, others have something else. But we should tell them that if you want to send letters send it to the Centres. Why are you troubling Mother? Now you should see as to how many people in Sahaja Yoga have solved others problems, like me. I will only solve it, their, this problem. Now when such a thing comes, firstly you should know fully about Sahaja Yoga and you should do it with pure conscience. Both are very important because I have seen many people saying bring it on, I will treat the person. Then they treat the person in such a way that the person says that let it be, I need a break from Sahaja Yoga. Now what you should do is form a committee, the solutions should be through that committee and like if you go to some place, they will say this is the problem that is the problem. Now in my opinion, you are familiar with these kind of problems You are totally aware, you know as to what is to be done in every situation, and if it works out, I also want to write a book on this that if someone is facing a problem, how to give a solution to them. But you can yourself write this, you yourself can explain it. By this what will happen is that, the burden which is on me, will come on you and you will flourish and grow and this New Year the day you will think that next year something new needs to be done. Hence, am telling you all first, later I will tell abroad, I am telling you so that the religion within you, the advantage of it, the culture that is within you, on the foundation of it you can do so many things. Foreign people also look up to you a lot. They say if we get some Indians, nothing like it.

Now I sent an Indian lady after getting married, she created such a spectacle, that they said ‘No-no, a westerner is better.’ These are the things which are important for us to think and understand. The other matter is around marriage for that I also want to tell you, you are leaders, you should think very carefully before you suggest for a marriage. There is no benefit to us from this. You get marriages done, it does not benefit financially as well nor is there any other benefit other than that if the couple is happily married the husband and wife are benefitted. Because after marriage seeing that you people are all fine, and that it has been done properly and big-great saints can take birth. But they think that they are obliging us by getting married. The attitude is such that they are obliging us by getting married, what is the advantage we get? When you people recommend, you should tell them that there is no advantage to Mother (by arranging the marriages). Sahaja Yoga has no advantage in this except that we are getting the people married and it is to their advantage. After that only after doing adequate screening that the marriages should be performed because if the marriages happen with anyone then there is a lot of problem. After looking at all this that people are getting well, marriages are going well, I need to focus on children as well. Now, the first thing I said was that there everyone should be peaceful. The second thing I said was the social aspect, respecting the women, taking care of women and the society’s vision and the society’s foundation are women. The women need to take care of the society, for that men are not that required. The men’s work is to look at economics and politics, the women take care of the society. So they need to have a sacrificing nature, they need to be sensible and they should be wise, then this society of ours will be alright. Now many women are not generous, they do not know much about Sahaja Yoga and those who know don’t know what they think about themselves. So to bring them in balance, to make them sit and understand is a very important work. It may be felt that it is not such a big task, but I think it is a very important thing, a very important thing that our women should know what they are, why they have come in this world, what is her duty. She is the one who will make the society and to make the society, how much you are helping her, you have to understand. In this way if the attention is there, then the other thing is that attention should be paid towards women, it is very important.

The third thing I said about is regarding children. Even in respect of children, whatever our thoughts are, whatever it is, they should be properly understood. We should talk to them, enquire about them. In England, one book was printed by them, in which what children had to say about others was written. When he got it printed and it was published, the very next day itself the whole lot was sold out. And now the condition is that it is difficult to get the book because such things pertaining to children are very interesting and everyone wants to read what the children are saying. What is there for the children, they talk such endearing things to the extent that in those times, the Prime Minister was, other Ministers, has all been written. From this two things will happen that, firstly, in society the children will have their own strength, what the children are talking, the innocence which is in them, and what they saying in through it, the entire society should know. Then there is a give and take in the society. Children can see that whatever they have said has been agreed, then the elders think that what the children have said, how to attend to the same. So the give and take should begin. Children should not be rude, nor should there be any pride but they should have the ability to say their things, we have to pay attention to that thing. The children talk so much sweetly that I feel very happy. You just give me 100 children, I will not require anything else. Their understanding is very deep and they are very sensitive. They see minute-minute things and they tell minute-minute things with so much love as if they are immersed in the entire divine knowledge or the entire divine activity. Minute-minute things like this has been kept here, if there is a child they will come and organise here, ‘Not like this. For Mother this should be kept first, that should be kept later on. You have brought this and how come kept it as it is.’ They talk using the vibrations, I have seen most of the children talk using the vibrations and then they set right the elders as well. Now one person had come, as he sat down, he kept the hands in this manner. Then the children asked ‘why are you sitting with your hands behind, you should sit straight.’ That person was a bit upset, ‘How does it matter to you?’ They said ‘Don’t sit like this.’ He asked, ‘Why, what happened?’ They said, ‘How will you get Mother’s vibrations then? You will only get the vibrations of the land.’ He was perplexed that such small-small children who were 3-4 years old. Like this there are so many things that I know about them and I enjoy a lot how these children talk about these things and make them understand and they also take care of me a lot. So we should learn from the children. So the third thing is to learn from the children, to keep a rapport with children, to talk with them. But when they grow up they become like us, but the sensitivity is there in the childhood. So to sit and talk with them, to ask them about anything, is a thing that gives a lot of happiness and this happiness should be received by everyone.

So I have told you that people who fight in the name of religion, we should establish peace within them, we should talk to them, we should make them understand and the second thing that I have told you is about society, if the society is not good then there will never be any peace or rest will not be in that country, it will not progress. No like I have seen in Russia, their society is very good, China’s society is very good, similarly, India’s society is also very good and the reason for that is the women of these countries. They have kept the society together. America has lot of prosperity, they have everything, but the society is very bad. So Sahaja Yoga has a big work to do which to prepare the foundation of the society. What all illegal things, what all is irrelevant talks are happening in different societies, now like in America, a very small girl was beaten very much, then they called me that Mother that we want to support her. I said yes support her, she requires it very much, what she wants, what she doesn’t, go to her and see and help her very much. Talk to the police and let them know that you will be taking care of them, this is like a new dimension you will get that these people care for us. If someone is worried, or someone does not have anything to eat, for someone it is something else for which they are worried not because of greed but are genuinely worried, it is very important that we put our attention towards them, the time has come that we collectively look for solutions for the society’s questions and we should look pay attention towards this. Like we take a decision like those people who are old and cannot walk freely, for them we can take a place for them to stay. There we can set up a refugee camp, there we can set up a home for leprosy (people), I was quite young we started all the three things done. I have moved from there but those are still working. So we need to pay our attention to these things as well where in society there are such people who we can say in a way that they are deprived, whose health is not good, who don’t have anything. If you can help such a kind of a society then there everyone will have respect and love for you. We are doing it for ourselves, we have achieved it for ourselves, but what are we doing for others? Specially, because of the power of Sahaja, you can cure the sickness of any number of people, you can help them, do something good for them, build ashram for them. In a way the burden of the society is on us that when the God Almighty has given us so much powers, then how we can change the society in a smooth manner from which their physical, mental, intellectual and cultural, other than that their spiritual powers also are established. This is one task that Sahaja Yogis should take and from different places for people in society who are backward, who are weak, they should be helped. Slowly-slowly you will be surprised that you popularity will soar across in the country. In reality, people make such forums, they make these kind of things, only for getting vote or for earning. We do not want any of those things, but with our power we can cure these kind of people. Now if they get alright, then they themselves with their powers can prove that with Sahaja Yoga people will get benefitted and not just this, and they can also tell everyone openly what Sahaja Yoga is and what it is not.

But you all now, I mean in this New Year we need to come out of our hold or this shell in which we stay and need to do our projection externally. In the beginning problems will be there, your own problems, ego will be the first thing to stand up and that will be the first to spoil your skull. You will get angry, you will be annoyed, such many other feelings will come, but to overcome this also you need to come out of it. Then you will come to know how the things are fine, here everything is fine in the name of God, but when you will step out you will come to know that how to be with outsiders, because we need to integrate them as well and when we will find a way to deal with them in a peaceful manner, then we should know that we are cleansed within at once. This is a matter of cleansing, many people say that Mother you are right, what you are saying is right but we can’t do it. Why brother, because you are God and we are not. I said, God cannot do anything, he stays completely away. If I am God and we are doing it, then it means that your state, the higher state that you have obtained, you need to make it in such a way that it can be utilised. It is not that you are sitting as a useless Sahaja Yogi, you should make complete preparations to completely utilise it which is the power you currently possess and when you put your attention on that matter then you will see that your home, your society and your country, in all the places there will be a kind of new form. Even now if you see the Sahaja Yogis are very nice, they have a brightness, the eyes are sparkling, vibrations are coming this can be for any realised soul. But you have one more thing, it is the utilisation, it is the use that you can do on others collectively and when that thing starts, when you move forward in a collective manner, then you will be surprise that these powers that you have cannot only be used to cure others but also can be given to others. But till today we are very exclusive in this matter, Sahaja Yoga is for self, why do we need to talk with others. So under any scale that it is being spoken about, we should definitely put our attention to it and to talk there is not a problem in you pulling them into Sahaja Yoga and those who are not in Sahaja yoga, no problem at all, but for them give them comfort and peace is necessary. So you have to work on these three measures that how we can do it. Now, like you all sat now and set right for the house, the land is set right, very good. I am talking about a bigger thing now that our reputation should be that we help the poor, we help the women, we help the downtrodden, we help the sick, not with a missionary zeal but from within they feel it and do it. With this there will be an increase in the prestige for Sahaja Yoga and this we should do, we should take efforts for this, it is not a difficult thing.

So in this New Year, you need to translate this what I have said and you will need to share it as they would want to hear how to do it. In a way we need to increase our introspection and when that will increase, you will reach a stage where your thoughtless awareness state increases and as you get your thoughtless awareness, it is for you to see how you can increase it further. What work you can do in thoughtless awareness cannot be done otherwise. Hence you should direct your attention towards yourself, keep your attention on yourself, you should try to become thoughtlessly aware. You need to bring thoughtless awareness in your meditation. In that thoughtless awareness you have crossed your mind and all the cosmic energy will help you and whatever your desire can be fulfilled. But while doing all this you need to be in thoughtless awareness, this is very important, otherwise it will be half here and half there. Now we need to say that currently we are all in a systematic form in a collective form but its utilisation, what we have done, that we became realised souls, why did we do it? Did we do it to die like Buddha or to remove our clothes like Mahavir? For what have we done? Where can we use this and I have seen people use their vibrations, wherever they go if there is a problem they start using vibrations. But this we do it for ourselves, for our utilisation or for Sahaja Yoga as a maximum. But we should use this for non Sahaja Yogis as well and it is not very difficult. You have the power within you, to whoever you want, you can give. So this tendency to be selfless that has awakened within you, then no question shall remain. Now I only want to say that whatever I have said you should sit and write down and make a continuation and think what you can do and what you cannot in this regard. Thank you.

End of talk in Hindi (Part 2)

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