Navavarsha, Hindi New Year

New Delhi (India)

1995-10-25 Navavarsha (Hindi New Year) Delhi (part 2 translation missing)

Today is the auspicious occasion of the New year and auspicious blessings to you all. Every year, new year comes and keeps coming. But, the feeling of observing the new year, people don’t understand. People just wear new clothes, celebrate. People don’t think this way, that the new year is coming and what is new thing that we will do. However life is passing, it continues in the same way in the new year. In Sahaja Yoga, we are so collective, we need to think as to what is new we bring into Sahaj in the new year. You have entered deep into meditation. You understand meditation and you have established your state. But in the new year, what is the new thing we will do, we need to focus on. We also need to think, what are the questions affecting our nation and the entire world. And how do we bring solutions to the problems. For this, I think, whichever Sahaja yogis have interest in certain areas, they must pay attention to them. This is how new things have been started in Sahaja Yoga. You know, we have thought this time, that we need to bring Shia muslims and explain to them. We are trying for that. Also, Shivaji Maharaj’s pure life, we are trying to make known. Both things are very good – that Shia people understand what religion is and by looking at Shivaji’s life, we also understand what religion is, what are the ideals of religion and what all he did for the ideals. In the little time, how much he achieved. Now, from organizational point, we have become alright, especially in Delhi and surrounding areas and Sahaja Yoga is also growing. Alongwith this, we also have to think, that within us, we have to introspect, if we have achieved quality, in addition to growing in quantity, this we have to pay attention to.

In this direction, wherever meditation is happening, you have to pay attention and see how it is proceeding. And to increase growth, you have to go to nearby villages where you have worked, pay attention to them. In this way, you can grow further. But, in this new year, you need to see, from the projects from which we have built homes, ashram. In the ashram, what all ways we can grow, what can we publish, so that people get to know about us. One thing I had thought many years ago, that there should be one newspaper of Sahaja Yoga that needs to be published. In Bombay, a newspaper was running but they made some mistakes and had to shut it down. But there are so many spiritual people (yogis) all over the world, that we get the newsletter from outside, we translate but that has mostly news about those places outside the country. Similarly, we can also give news about India.

I think we should pay attention to 3 subjects. The first one that I understand, is peace, that we should establish peace within ourselves. The unrest that is outside, what is the reason for it. Why is it there, why is unrest there in all countries. That we must understand the root of this. And how we can implement the peace. For example, about Chechnya, I spoke with Russians, they say that it is not our mistake, it is one-sided. The problem is, we are a republic and there is a big difference with democracy. In a democratic country, you cannot rule based on any one religion. And the exclusivity of religion, like the 3 major religions and the same you can say about Buddha and Mahaveer also, that they came from the five angels. They are Jews, Christians and Muslims, they all accept their own book and their own incarnation. Because of this, they are exclusive. But in reality, they are not exclusive. This point, we must write to them. What it is, you must understand, that Moses had talked about Abraham. Then Jesus Christ came and he talked about Abraham and Moses. Then when Mohammed sahib came, he had talked about all 3 and also about Christ’s mother. So all these religions are not exclusive. They have been made exclusive so that they can fight. If someone says that we will have a universal religion, they don’t like it. How will they fight? The desire and tendency to fight, how can they satisfy that? This is why they say that we are exclusive and keep fighting. In the middle of these exclusive religions, if there is democracy and someone from one religion comes up, they will keep fighting. If they all come into one universal religion, all these feelings will go away, that we are separate from each other. If you see, even now, they are all fighting in the name of religion. If the religions are not exclusive, and all the religions come from the same system. If this is the truth that they are not exclusive, all these fights will end. So they said, that in Chechnya, if we give them a country, these muslims, each person has up to 28 children and by having so many children, women are factories there, they have already become a majority. If we given them the rule, they will keep doing this and then how do we stop this. So, in their religion, the strength they think is that they are spiritual. So they will eat up all of Russia. So why don’t they become Russians, instead of holding to one religion? So Muslims have this, like in India, they are muslims first and Indians next. It is in all countries. Here, the muslims in Pakistan, the Indian muslims, who went there, every day 18-20 people are getting killed, those who went from India. There was an interview, you must have seen, they said, that “we came here and we got neither God and we don’t belong to either country.” This is their state. They now understand that the Indians are very collective and alright. Because the Sindhis and Punjabis (in Pakistan) don’t want the Indians to be there. So the people from India have formed a group among themselves and stay near Karachi. Now Karachi is their only port. So all these religions, especially Islam, they have said that until you know yourself (khud), you cannot know God (khuda). First know thyself.

The second thing is, it is sad, that they believe in the formless (nirakar) and don’t accept the form (saakar). So if you believe in the formless, then achieve the formless. So if they believe in the formless, why do they fight for land? This is the second problem. But it is not easy to make them understand and they are after violence. But we should start writing articles, start explaining and they will start thinking that, whatever they are saying is the truth and we have been fighting and dying, what is the use. Yes, it is true that the muslim community is very difficult for Sahaja Yoga but we should also not say completely like that because, muslims have come fromm all places, we have 15-20 Sahaja Yogis from all over the world. But when I made a speech on the radio there, I said openly, everything and when I said everything no one said anything. Some ladies from outside had called on the phone and said that we felt cool, listening to Mataji’s speech. So we are also thinking that this is one way, those people who have gone out, like Iranians who live in America, we can get them. Wherever muslims have gone outside, they get into fights. Like in Africa, one person have formed a gang and they wanted to blow up the World trade center there. He got arrested and got 18 years punishment. So these people, wherever they live, they need to understand that if they believe in the formless, why they are fighting for land.

And the other stupid thing about them is that after you die and when resurrection time will come, our body will come out and you will get resurrection. Now you tell me, how the body will get resurrected after 500 years? Like this, there are many strange things. So we need to start writing that they are trapped in this stupidity. Most importantly, Mohammed sahib didn’t write the Koran. 40 years after him, Koran was written. Jesus Christ didn’t write the Bible. Neither did Moses write anything. So the question is what is their authenticity? They are fighting over this. Now if they continue like this, they will go to hell. Stupidity also has its limits. And doing these stupid things, nothing good will come for them. But among muslims, if a few come, it will be good. But they are scared that they will get killed if they come. But nothing like that will happen. When they come to Sahaj, no one can be harmed, if they have courage to come. This needs to be explained to them, that the lack of peace is because of these religions, these unrighteous religions. If this finishes off, at least 75% of the problem of war will finish off.

But the other part of it if you see, the presence of unrest within us. On the bigger scale, there are wars between countries, this is a different matter. Like Mr.Shirac has dropped bombs and because of that there are lot of bombs there, but if you look at it individually, in the individual, where is the unrest coming from? The roots are many. You may say that it is because of jealousy, ambitions, this and that. That right sided person will not feel peace. But he can also be left-sided. Because, left remains sad and right assumes he is happy. But both don’t have peace. For this, we need to correct this. You may have read in my book, that I have written about genes. That genes get alright after coming to Sahaj. If genes get corrected, man becomes alright by himself. I have explained a lot, that Phosphorus that is in the genes, if the person becomes dry, the Phosphorus explodes, this you know. Worlikar said that this point was not said by anyone so far. So far, 3 people have received Nobel prize for research on Phosphorus but they haven’t said this yet. So I said that now the Nobel prize for peace will perhaps be given for this topic. But the thing is, when man has unrest inside, there are 2 types of unrest, one is of egoistic people and the other of left-side is of possession. So if we are able to eliminate both ego and left-sidedness, we can get peace. So through this peace, we can ourselves give peace to others. We have to pay attention to this, that when we go to the villages and give them realization, we should explain the importance of peace. In the villages in North India, there is one problem, due to the influence of Islam, women are suppressed. So when you suppress them and they can arise, they become very manly. So there must be respect for women. The women are also backward, and don’t understand what is self-respect. In Sahaja yoga, women are weak, even though I am a women. Like, they don’t meditate, back-biting, fighting, the biggest is domination. Due to all these in the women, they lose their powers. Because, power comes from women, they are the potential. When they start behaving like this, the entire society loses its power. So it is important that women must establish their peace. For this, husband must also be peaceful. He must be peaceful and respect the wife, I think, children will also become peaceful and homes will become peaceful. And, here, there is a type of aggression in men, it will not be contained, it will come back on them. The companionship that is there, to talk to each other, how to behave in front of others, these things we need to pay attention. I have seen many people, that their wives are not useful for Sahaj but they will sit on top of their husbands. There are also many husbands who ignore their wives, beat them, even now, in Sahaj. This makes me very sad. That even now, if there is no companionship between husband and wife, this is a very serious thing, a very serious thing for me, that you have become a Sahaja yogi and your wife is also a Sahaja yogi, so you both are here, how can you fight? It cannot be. This is a very dangerous thing. Because you have come in Sahaj and fighting, this is dangerous because the deities get upset and I cannot say what will happen to you. You need to pay attention to this. If there is a wife and there is such a husband who is troubling her very much, that this is not good, that is not good. Then one day will come, that man’s deities will become angry. Like Lakshmi’s problem. If not Lakshmi, then the heart. Most of all, when Left nabhi catches, all kinds of diseases can come.

I have done a lot of work on Left Nabhi and I see that the Left Nabhi is very difficult to correct. Because there is no introspection. You don’t think, why is our Left Nabhi catching? You must understand, if the wife if not listening, and does whatever she pleases, insults, sit with her and talk. You must have a rapport with her. You must discusss. People come in Sahaj and run after Sahaj and never talk to their wife or children. This is like in the West, people go for holiday. You must give time for Sahaj, you must do work, but, with companionship, both together, involve the children also, wife also. Bring everyone. Like if you keep doing Sahaj work and wife is at home, it doesn’t work. So whatever you do, discuss with your wife and they should also grow, in intellect, understanding. So, this is an effect of the Islamic culture, now it is turning upside down. Earlier, women were suppressed, now they suppress. So, this action-reaction, in Sahaja Yoga, we must finish this. The solution is, in our life, in family life. If you become peaceful, your children will also become peaceful. So all these illnesses due to the lack of peace, you see in all the wars, come from where? They come from humans, not from the sky, not from the trees. The root of this is man. So if man himself becomes immersed in peace, grows into peace and he feels glorious that he is very peaceful, minimum, the social problems will get solved. Sahaja Yogis must solve the social problems. If they themselves are fighting, how will they solve the social problems? I get lot of complaints, that the man is alright but his wife is aweful. Or they say, that the wife is alright and husband is bad. So this civility that we have, the dignity. So we lose this civility and make mistakes. If you see in Maharashtra, the wife is respected and wife also respects the husband. There is a civility. The husband also doesn’t think that the wife is something lesser than him. I have explained many times that on a chariot, if one wheel becomes smaller than the other, it cannot function. Both are not similar. Each has its own height, texture… You cannot put the left wheel on the right or the right wheel on the left. Both have their own speciality. Like, the wife may have some weakness, we cannot say weakness, she has a constitution, a nature. Man has his nature. He goes by his watch. So I tell many men to take off the watch. Women definitely, need time, if they have to go somewhere. So if they can’t go on time, the man gets upset. These are small small things. The fights begin with this. I feel, men think they are in-charge for everything, like we need to reach on time. If you don’t reach on time, nothing bad will happen. Slowly, train your mind, that you don’t react. All the time, keep you mind in such a state, that you don’t react. Only, you have to watch. Slowly, you will be surprised, that you will become alright and your wife will become alright. Both of you have to practice this, to witness. So, you need to know that women are different and men are different. Their ways are different, their methods are different. Even though, you must understand that the similarity is that both are human. Now, you must introspect on this, look into this, why we have such problems in Sahaja Yoga. Like a girl from Lucknow came here, after getting married. She has 2500 problems. She must be asked what is the problem. Sahaja Yoga is for joining everyone, not for breaking anyone. So whatever breaks, you must see, you have to understand what is the reason and fix it. If the fix starts, then you may start thinking, that Delhi people, must merge with Bombay people. It is not like that. You start thinking that puja must happen in Delhi. Even if the puja happens in Bombay, it is still happening in Delhi. If you open your heart and see, the whole world is there. Wherever puja is happening, it is happening for you only. You must not keep saying that I should come to Delhi and puja should be here. I keep going from here to there. Someone says, you must come to Muradabad. Someone else will say that you must come elsewhere. See, at this age, how much I travel? Just because, no one should think that I have done favour for someone else. So I have thought that I will not go on European tours. Wherever I go, Europeans come wherever I go, to Romania or Russia. They come to meet me there. Because Mother doesn’t come, so they come to see me, spending whatever they used to spend for my travel. In Sahaja Yoga, you have many relations, all over the world. You know who is who. So many relationships. So if you start travelling, like if I say I will not come to Delhi, I will come to Nagpur, so everyone comes to Nagpur. This type of detachments you must develop. You must not say, “Mother you haven’t come here”. No one thinks that at this age how much hard work and travelling I must do. If you keep calling me here and there, I cannot. So you must understand, that whatever work Mother had to do, She has done. Now, She will do what She desires. If She says we will have puja.

[end of part 1]