Diwali Puja: Beginning of Sahaja yoga

Nargol (India)


1995-10-29 Diwali Puja

[Hindi to English translation]

I had not thought that after twenty-five years, so many Sahaj yogis would collect in Nargol. When I first came here, I had no idea that Sahasrara would be opened. I was just thinking that we needed to observe the status of Man. Man had not yet reached the stage where he would understand what Self-realisation is, although many saints had provided proof of Self-realisation. This knowledge is known to a great extent in Maharashtra, because the people who followed the middle path, called Nath Panthis, had suggested there was only one path to be followed for the betterment of oneself, and that was the path of Self-realisation. I also knew that you cannot get anything without knowing your own Self. But I saw that the situation of human beings at that time was rather strange. The people they were trying to follow were not pious. They had no other motive than earning money, and when a man’s situation is like that, when he doesn’t recognise truth at all, it is very difficult to tell him about truth. And why should people listen to me? Repeatedly, I felt that that Man should struggle a little more. But I found that people were facing the torture of Kali Yuga very badly. On the one hand, the people who had done good deeds in their previous lives were being tortured by those who had done bad deeds. Among those, there were also people who were dismayed and in great distress on account of the karmas of their previous births, and there were also some who, because of their karmas of previous lives, took birth in this world of devils and would never hesitate to brutally torture, pester and degrade anyone. So, I observed specially two types of people: those who torture others and those who are tortured.

Now it had to be decided, to whom to pay attention. Those who troubled others were egoistic and would think of themselves as perfect persons. They would never imagine that they were troubling and bothering others. And those who were tortured were tolerating; maybe because of compulsion or maybe they didn’t know that they should retaliate against those who behave in such a manner, that they should revolt against such people. At that time, I was thinking that Man would think of transforming himself, transforming his inner being, because both the groups had already reassured themselves. Some people were more troublesome, while others were less, and some people were tolerating more torture, while others were tolerating less. This was the situation of the society, whether it was in the name of God or in the name of nation; whether it was political or economic, with some people in poverty, while others were affluent.

So, in this way, a process of decline was going on in this country. I understood that as long as Man didn’t get transformed and didn’t recognise himself, as long as he didn’t obtain his dignity and eminence, till then he would go on acting in that way. This was already in my mind, from my childhood on, and I thought that it was very important to understand human beings. So, first of all I did a lot of study of human beings by being detached from them. I tried to understand them in my witness state, as to what are the faults of their past lives, and why human beings think like that. Then I reached the conclusion that either a man has too much ego, or too much superego, which we call conditioning. Because of both of these, he is not balanced. Unless he is balanced, how can the Kundalini rise? And that, too, is such a great thing.

But when I came to Nargol, due to some strange reasons, a very wicked rakshasa who had set up his camp there sent word to my husband that I should visit his camp. I didn’t like him at all. Even so, I obeyed my husband and went there, and most probably the bungalow I am staying in right now is the same one we were staying in then.

On the previous day, I was sitting under a tree watching their drama, and was so surprised that this person was giving them mantras and mesmerising them. Many people were screaming and shouting; some were barking, and growling like lions. I understood that he was shifting them into their previous lives, and I was nervous to see that he was awakening their subconscious mind. I had seen also these false gurus earlier and observed what they did. People should know what they do and how they do this business. And I noticed one thing, that these people were very frightened. They would have their guns with them and their guards with them. I thought, if they are doing God’s work, why do they need such things? And they were charging limitless money. They looted crores of rupees from people by telling lies. These two things were in my mind. I thought that it was a result of Kali Yuga that such people were still thriving. But the only solution was that when Man’s consciousness awakened, he would have pure knowledge and he would understand that all this was untruth and it was useless to follow such things. The third thing I saw was that in the society I was living in, all the time people were doing all sorts of things that would lead to their destruction; for example, drinking, running after women, and things like that. And they hankered after money. And they didn’t seem to be talking in a natural way. They would talk in a strange manner. They would pose and talk dramatically. I would think, what has happened to Man? Why is he entangled in this drama business and doing wrong things? But whom could I tell? I was all alone.

That time when I came here, the only problem was what should be done. After coming here, when I saw that these rakshasas were mesmerising people, then I understood that if Sahasrara was not somehow opened, God knows where the people would drift to. As a consequence, the followers, the seekers of God, the seekers of truth, God knows where they might go. Then after noticing this, the next day, early in the morning, I was at the sea coast for the full night. I was alone and I felt very good. There was nobody to disturb me. Then in my meditation, I thought again, ‘Let Sahasrara be opened.’ And as soon as I desired it, that let the Bramharandra of Sahasrara be opened. I saw my Kundalini in my own being, shooting up like a telescope: khat, khat, khat. Its colour was like the combination of all the colours of Diyas (earthen pots) that you have lit here. Then I saw the outer yantra of that Kundalini was rising up and up and up, looking just like the colour of iron when it gets hot in furnace. At every chakra there was a noise ‒ khat, khat, khat ‒ and the Kundalini pierced Bramharandra. my piercing didn’t matter. But I saw that it would now be easier in the universe. And at that time I felt that some power, whatever it was, dawned into my inner being, and a Cool Breeze came from all around me. Now I understood that there was no harm in starting my work, because whatever complications were there, were over. With full confidence, I thought that now the time had come.

After all, what would happen? At best, the people would kill me, beat me; at best they would laugh at me, make fun of me, and after that they would kill everybody. There is nothing to be scared of. This has to be done. I have come to this world for this purpose only. Because I have to invoke collective consciousness, I thought that unless people get their Self-realisation and know their own Self, it is impossible to achieve my goal. We may do other things, but it is all useless. So first of all, I experimented with a very old lady who had much faith in me, and she got her Self-realisation. Then I was confident. I thought that at least one person has got realisation. In this Kali Yuga, is it easy to give realisation to anyone? When one person got realisation, I thought that it was possible that many would also get it. And it was easy to give realisation collectively. It was easy to give realisation to one person. It was easy to pay attention to one person. But for the collective realisation, whatever I had experienced about human beings, there was still some more work to be done. What should be done when I find that somebody has a bad quality, or has some trouble, or is conditioned? Because one person has one problem, another has a different problem, and a third person has a third problem. If collective work is to be done, just with one awakening, everybody should benefit. It should be helpful to everyone. Right now, because of the shortage of time, I cannot make you understand that till this time, this collective realisation work, which had not been done before by anyone, was done by me with the help of a lot of deep meditation.

As I was rotating my Kundalini all around, using my Kundalini repeatedly to influence others, nobody knew what powers I had inside me. Who am I? Nobody knew. Nobody in our house knew. And nobody knew in my in-laws’ house, either. In my parents’ house, too, nobody knew. And I never told anybody, because it is not easy to put it into their heads, because Man’s brain is such that it is very difficult to thrust any thought into it. Everybody is egoistic; everybody feels self-important. Now, who will tell them? As Kabir has said, ‘How shall I make the whole world understand?’ I feel it is not blindness but ignorance, absolutely a huge collection of ignorance. And how to transmit this subtle knowledge?

When the Kundalini of that lady, that Devi, got awakened, I noticed that she had subtle knowledge, and she started understanding me with the help of that subtle knowledge. After that, twelve people got realisation, and after getting realisation, they were surprised because their eyes sparkled absolutely. And they started seeing everything. They started experiencing some strange change inside their being. In the beginning, I worked on all the chakras individually of the first twelve people, because elements give strength to its foundation and we have to struggle hard to make it strong. Although their Kundalini had awakened, you know that even after the Kundalini is awakened, we have to meditate to take it into the right direction, and it has to settle down. I worked very hard for these twelve people. As a result, I understood that if the twelve behaviors of these twelve people were somehow synchronized, how can the power of the enlightened soul be organized? Just as we thread flowers into a needle, how can that totality be obtained? How can the different behaviors of these twelve people be synchronized into one common formula? And when they got their realisation, I saw that, by and by, all of them were becoming integrated internally. I had to work even a little harder. But I realized that to tell somebody, to tell people in general about it, was not so easy. It is not for the people to understand. Then a program was organised in Jahangir Hall. There I said, ‘How many rakshasas have come, and how many rakshasnis have come? What will they do?’ Everybody got frightened. They started saying that if Mataji talked this way, how would anyone help Her? All of them advised me not to talk in that manner; otherwise there would be great problems. I told them, ‘Till now, my killer is not born, and you should be free from worry.’

By and by, I told these small streams inside everybody and small rivers of Kundalini, ‘You concentrate on my Kundalini.’ And they became thoughtless the moment they started to meditate. And the moment they became thoughtless, they felt that they had a lot of identity with me. By and by, there was more and more thoughtless awareness. By and by, there was more focus on collectivity. This I saw first of all in Jahangir Hall. Hindustanis, Indians, have taken birth on this land because they are very religious-minded. They must have lived a noble life, because in India we don’t have to work so hard. In no time people would get realisation. Of course, in the beginning it took a little more time. But in foreign countries, hands get tired. To raise someone’s Kundalini is just like lifting a mountain, and then it falls down with a bump. It rises up and then falls down with a bump. And there is a great difficulty with collectivity, asking weird questions, this and that, and all sorts of worldly talk. When I answered their questions, they would get surprised. How does She know all this? How does She have knowledge about all this? They examined me a lot, because they had lots of ego.

Now, by and by in London, the first time, seven Sahaj yogis came. All of them were like hippies and drug addicts. They transformed into Sahaj yogis. It meant that I got some support, in a way, and I was confident that in Sahaj Yoga people were denouncing drugs.

It is not so easy to help a drug addict. Out of this, one good experience was gained that even the most difficult person must get connected and must have the knowledge of his own Self, when he desires it. He gets his Self-realisation simply by desiring it. Then I would tell everyone to desire for Self-realisation in their hearts. That helped them to get their Self-realisation.

I have experiences in many countries, for example, Russia, Ukraine and Romania. These countries, I feel, must have been in some close contact with our countries at some time in the past. And Nath Panthis, Machendra Nath and Gorakh Nath must have visited these countries from here. Because whatever I got from their countries, I could understand that these people knew about the Kundalini, even three hundred years before the birth of Christ. Then I understood how these people got their Self-realisation so quickly.

Nath Panthis worked a lot in Maharashtra, and I, too, worked very hard. But I feel disappointed that whatever work I could do in north India, could not be done in Maharashtra, even now. I can’t understand it, because this is the place where saints have shed their blood, and every Maharashtrian knows what work Nath Panthis have done. And I don’t know why it is that what I achieved in north India could not be achieved in Maharashtra. In the beginning, I would call Delhi as Billy. There also I worked very hard, but I was very much surprised to see the Sahaj yogis I found there and the way Sahaj yoga was spreading there. Seeing this flow, I am so surprised that the place where so many saints worked so hard ‒ and since our childhood, we have learnt and studied ‒ here everybody is telling the same thing, that in this Maharashtra Sahaj Yoga didn’t spread as much as it has in the north. What is the reason? I feel that when everything is already known, it is not respected. It is treated with indifference. There is a shalok in Sanskrit: ‘Ati Parichayat Avaghya Santat Gamana Anadaro Bhavati, Prayagvasi Kripe Sananam Samacharet’. It means that when you go anywhere repeatedly, or meet a person frequently, you are disrespected. Then you lose your respect. Because people of Prayag, Allahabad, instead of taking bath in Gangaji, which is the meeting point of three rivers called Triveni, take bath with water drawn from the well of their homes, whereas people from all over the world go there to take their bath. Maybe this is the reason that Sahaj Yoga has so much recognition in north  India. It is not because there is a shortage of Sahaj yogis. There are many Sahaj yogis in Maharashtra who are practising it, but I never found they had the dedication that is required for Sahaj Yoga. Maybe it will increase. Dedication means to know how to utilize the Sahaj yogi status that has been given to us. I can’t understand if they think only of their benefit, their own problems, of their own families and not for the whole world. In spite of the culture of Maharashtra and the deep impression made by their religion, Sahaj Yoga has not spread to that extent. And in Gujarat, in Nargol, where I opened Bramharandra, there are more problems. I can’t understand the people of Gujarat. I worked very hard in Gujarat, but I worked the hardest in Maharashtra. Today, there are many Maharashtrians here. I want to say that to spread Sahaj Yoga, first of all you meditate and go deep. When you attain that depth, then you feel, ‘Why should only I enjoy its blessings and not let other people do so as well?’ When you get this feeling, Sahaj Yoga spreads. Day and night, the same thought gives a lot of pleasure.

Today I am happy that people from all over the world have come here, and many others have come from foreign countries, from Delhi and other places. It is a matter of happiness for me how all of you reached such a basic/primitive place. It is all the blessing of love. It is all your love. It is a great thing. But the only difference is that in Kolhapur we worked very hard, but Sahaj Yoga has established very little there. It is so surprising. Why it is so? They told me that there are eight hundred Sahaj yogis in Pandharpur, but it is not so here. If we go to Gaziabad, there are fifteen thousand, in Faridabad there are sixteen thousand, and in Haryana there are twenty-five thousand. There they are in the thousands, but in Maharashtra, there are eight hundred here, five hundred there and seven hundred there. What is the reason? I could not understand it till now. It is possible that here there are self-knowledge, Self-realisation, and a people with knowledge of the minutest things; so much has happened that now there is no attention towards this. In Maharashtra, they don’t have any yearning for money, as you find in Gujarat and even in Uttar Pradesh. In north India there is much longing for money. It is not so in Maharashtra. Praying to God from morning till evening, getting up early in the morning at 4 a.m., doing this, doing that, is agreeable. But it is all mechanical. Do it by heart, do it with devotion and try to share that devotion. Maharashtrians must follow it. I know that we have our Ganapatipule programs in Maharashtra every year, and there are very good Sahaj yogis in Maharashtra ‒ deep, very deep! The Yuva Shakti of this place, too, is very good. Still, I would appreciate it if it had spread to the extent to which it has spread in the north.

Now, you see, my in-laws are in Barah Banki.  Every place, every village, everywhere where Sahaj Yoga has reached just one person, the place has become a Sahaj yogi place, just like a small spark in dry wood causes it to catch on fire. What makes it flow so forcefully, I can’t understand, and whoever gets it, doesn’t have any questions. But in Maharashtra, they ask a lot of questions, because they have read lots of books. In the houses, each day, you can see that any Maharashtrian has the photographs of at least ten gurus. Out of those, only one or two may be real gurus. And there are statues of every type. It is the land of Ganesha. Four Ganeshajis are sitting here, but it is called Ashtvinayak. I am saying four because two aspects or characteristics of each Ganesha are different here. Now, Maharashtrians know about that. They go there and do Ganesh Puja. Here, three Devis are well-recognized. Even then, they will go there. They will go to temples. They will go to the Mahalaxmi temple daily. All that they will do, but now they are in Sahaj Yoga, they do nothing. This is very surprising.

Today, many Maharashtrians have come here, and I wanted to say that a great number of people have come from Delhi. So many people would never come from Maharashtra. In Marathi they are called Gharkonbde. It seems they can be found in their own country only. You will never find the people of Bombay in Poona doing any work, and the people of Poona are in a way glued like a rakshasa. I am saying so, because sometimes, by saying all this openly, the problem gets solved. I have to say openly that Aathvale are better than Sahaj Yogis in Maharashtra. They talk uselessly, but they have accumulated lakhs of people ‒ not to mention Gujarat. They are under the influence of gurus. But what happened to Maharashtrians? Here, Ramdas Swami has talked about all the gurus and ‒ I shall tell everyone to pay attention ‒ so many years ago explained Sahaj Yoga. They sing every day. Namdev has written the song, ‘Jogwa’, that you sing every day: ‘Mother, please give us yoga’. But for that yoga you have to do something. If you go to any village, many people will come when I go there. After that, even if two people come together, you will be surprised. So, I would like to say that Maharashtrians should pray for these people. They can do Havana, some collective programs, so that there will be awakening in Maharashtra as it is in north India, in Russia. They are very much devoted, but I can’t understand why Sahaj Yoga doesn’t spread there. It is spreading at a very slow pace. In Kolhapur there have been many pujas. Devi’s temple is very beautiful. Everything is there. But there is not so much depth. For that, people should pay attention collectively because Maharashtra is a very big city, a very prestigious city, and whatever it is from the point of dharma, spiritually it is very prestigious. So, everybody should talk about the awakening of Maharashtra. There is no quarrel, no problem, but Sahaj Yoga has not spread as it should have. Maybe it will be all right in the future.

I don’t know how I had this strange perception that so many of you would come here, and how so many of you came to such a small place after twenty-five years. I worked very hard. But it is not surprising to observe that in such a small place, so many people understood the importance of spiritualism after twenty-five years.

Nargol in Sahaj Yoga means Sahasrara. And when I came here and saw the blessings of the forest and nature, I felt so happy and had a feeling in my heart that we had come to a very blessed place of nature. It was the month of May, and I was not feeling the heat of summer at all. When Sahaj yogis come, I absorb their heat, but here there were no Sahaj yogis. I didn’t feel any heat and when I opened the Sahasrara, I found that people didn’t have any knowledge of it. Mostly, they were Gujaratis, with few Maharashtrians. And in Maharashtra so many books have been written, They have written Holy books, not stories. Whatever they have written is truth. They write about chakras and the Kundalini. After writing so much and acquiring so much knowledge, if they utilise this, it will spread limitlessly.

Sahaj Yoga can spread here to a great extent. Now that our system of Sahaj Yoga has spread and is so deep, you must have understood it from the drama that you watched. In this drama they showed, with the help of their brain, why Mother came, and everybody said that they worked very hard. We tried our best to divert human beings towards spiritualism and let their attention be towards God and somehow let them get realisation, but it didn’t work. So we are now telling the Goddess to please incarnate. You incarnate and set right the world that You have created. This is absolutely right. There is no doubt about it, and it has happened like that, and it has formed like that. All the work is going on so smoothly, and when Sahasrara was opened, I had not thought that I would be able to see all this work done in my lifetime, but it is the work of the greatness of this Kundalini and Paramchaitanya. I am Myself surprised by this Paramchaitanya and don’t know what it is doing, although it is my Shakti, but you are witnessing that this Paramchaitanya is creating my photographs of various types and is showing varieties of miracles, almost fifty types of miracles.

There was a Mexican lady working in New York. I met her there. After that she got her realisation, too, and went to Mexico. There she got a job in the United Nations. She wrote a letter to me that her son was sick. He was very young, and this disease is hereditary in their clan when people become very old, but this child had inherited it at such a young age and now he could not survive. She had written to me three such letters. I was talking about Paramchaitanya, and in her fourth letter she wrote that the child was now all right. He was studying at Harvard University and was absolutely all right. He was absolutely cured of his disease. A doctor asked him, ‘What did you do? How did you get well?’ So there is no better doctor than this, and the way Paramchaitanya works is surprising.

Now, somebody asked, ‘What is this? Does Ganeshaji take milk?’ I said, ‘This Paramchaitanya has come in Krita Yuga, and if it has some work to do, it does it, and whatever it does is less. There are hundreds of jobs to be done. They will feed milk to Ganeshaji, feed milk to Shivaji. Can we say anything about it? Is there anything that Paramchaitanya cannot do? It does every type of work.’

There was a gentleman in Canada. This story, too, is an old one. He wrote a letter to me saying, ‘Mother, I don’t have any money and I need this much money.’ I told him, ‘It is all right. No problem.’ On the second day he called me. ‘Mother, I received the money.’ I asked him how. He told me that he opened a drawer and there was money in it. I said, ‘Oh, my God, I didn’t keep the money. How did he get the money?’ He said that it was exactly the amount he needed. There were lots of experiences of so many people. So many experiences are still felt because this Paramchaitanya comes in the form of blessings. Everywhere it will bless you, will give you love, will take care of you in every way. Everything is there, but it has moved fast. I Myself can’t understand how it does so much work in a place like America, where people don’t have any sensibility at all in the field of spirituality. One time, there was a big program in such a big hall, people had no place to sit, and people got their realisation in five minutes, just in five minutes. Then the same thing happened in Los Angeles. I was so surprised that the people there are such fools, but it happened with them. Then in Canada, there also they got their realisation in five minutes. Then we went further. There also people got realisation in five minutes. I could not understand what it is and why it is so. The forms of Paramchaitanya have extended so far, its varieties are so many, that no one can understand what the matter is and how it takes place. If somebody asks me, I won’t be able to say.

Now, somebody clicked my photograph, and I wanted that type of photograph, as people say about Mother that the Moon is in Her Divine Feet and the Sun is on Her head. I wanted that type of photograph, and the photograph taken was exactly the same. Whatever a human being wants, happens. What should we say? Paramchaitanya’s own Shakti knows everyone’s problems and worries, and works out those problems so smoothly, with great love and reverence. Until now you have done Adi Shakti Puja. At that time, you worshipped this Supreme Power called Paramchaitanya and Ruh.

When I came here, I saw things happening everywhere and thought that the Devi had already blessed this place in some form or the other. And in fact, such a big and prestigious work was done so quickly and in no time at all, that I could not understand why and how it happened so early. It is that very Paramchaitanya. Now, let us say it is my Shakti only, but I don’t know my Shakti. It happened in this way. It is happening so fast that I can’t understand what it will do next and what its next move will be. I mean to say, this power is so eager that in this world, whatever the changes, it is a global transformation. There is no delay in doing that, but those who will join it, and those who will work for it, only they will get it.

Now I am going to tell you the same thing about Maharashtra, that this Shakti is working there speedily. And all of you should fully understand this Shakti, its mode of working, and understand it and utilise it accordingly. If you start utilising this power, you can do all kinds of work. If anyone is bothering you, you can give a bandhan to him. For doing any work, you can give a bandhan. Only a bandhan. What do you do in a bandhan is that the Shakti that is flowing inside your being, you wind up that Shakti. And if you have any question, or any problem, you can give a bandhan to that. That Shakti will work out the problem. You have got this Shakti. You are so powerful. If you utilise it, your success will be limitless. But a human being is lost. Even after getting realisation, unless a human being considers it something special, it will be difficult for Sahaj Yoga to spread. In Romania, they had not even heard the name of Adi Shakti. This is what I think. There Sahaj Yoga has spread so far and wide, it is so surprising; there are five thousand Sahaj Yogis in one city. Now they are increasing all the more. The same thing must happen in Maharashtra, and I sometimes am anxious about why it doesn’t happen in the same way in Maharashtra, and why it is not spreading in the way it should.  These are big cities, quite spacious, and this thing has to take place there.

So, today, a great thing has taken place, that after struggling for twenty-five years, we are in such a situation that you people have come here to give importance to it, to add to its glory and to make it sacred. I don’t know the words to say. I think about it and I feel emotional for you people, that you have come here from so far away.

I am sorry I have to speak in this language, because most of the people know only this language and some of them know only Marathi, but they only know simple Hindi language. Sorry, I don’t know French, and I don’t think, in this life time, I will be able to learn. I have to speak in this language, which you can get translated and then understand. I have told them how I came here by chance and found somebody trying to use mesmerism on people. That was the time, I decided, we had to open the Sahasrara, and that is what I did in a very Sahaj manner. I must say that I just desired that now it would be opened. And that is all. I didn’t do anything, and once the Sahasrara was opened, I was amazed to find out how human beings can give realisation to others. Even human beings can give collective realisation. Of course, they have to use the photograph; we can say it is Niralambha, only. Niralambha means that we should not have any Alambhan, depending on anything, but it is Nira, Niralambhan. I am Nira. This is a very confusing word. But this is what it is. You have to use my photograph.

So far, I don’t know anybody who has been able to give up the photograph and call himself a Sahaj Yogi. I don’t compulsorily say, ‘You must have my photograph,’ but they know the positive side of it. That is why they use it. I have talked so many times about this realisation. That is how you have come to this far-fetched place. Thank you very much.

May God bless you!

[English transcription]

I am sorry I have to speak in this language because most of the people only know this language. And some of them know only Marathi but they know something about Hindi language that all. I don’t know French and I don’t think in this lifetime I can able to learn. I can speak in this language, which you can get translate it and understand. I told them how I came here since by chance and there I found somebody trying to use mesmerism on people. That was the time I decided we have to open Sahasrara and that’s what I did in a very Sahaj manner. I must say it was just I desire and now Sahasrara might be opened. I didn’t do anything once a Sahasrara was open I was amazed how I also knew how the human being had in realization states.

Even human beings would give collective realization. Of course they have to use photograph, which we can say that is Niralamban. What is Niralamban? Which you should not have any alamban, Niralamban, without any alamban. Depending on anything but it is Nira. Niralamban. I’m Nira so that’s what. It is a very confusing word. So it is what it is. You have to use my photograph. I don’t know so far anybody who has been able to give up the photograph and call himself a Sahaj yogis. They don’t compulsory say you must have my photograph but they know the positive side of it that’s why they use it. And I told so many times about these Realization that’s how you have come this far. I’m very much thankful to you.

May God Bless You.

[51:22 to 53:22 Mins]

I would like to congratulate the French people for giving us such a beautiful exposition of the Sahasrara opening. Even the music and poetry was very deep and beautiful and I am really amazed that how the French have come here to celebrate Diwali. Diwali is celebrated by French people…. [UNCLEAR] and poor thing Marathi they call it tu chal Bangdi, they are going from one place to another. Last time they had it in Russia and this time here of all the places this bar fish place called Nargol, So they have been coming and organizing and helping us so much and doing it so well. It is now the question of Global transformation and in that Global transformation we see all these people of the countries who have loved into India before and started feeling so much for sahaj culture and have accepted it and as in the sahaj culture we do not accept any nonsensical falsehood a from any religion. But to accept every religion and expect every religion is very important if you want to have peace, no doubt about it. In the name of God we cannot fight, is a very wrong idea. Now we have see how they brought it beautifully for Sahasrara it was important that all the deities had to help to get to the last point of the Sahasrara. Tomorrow I will tell you more about it, but today I was influence the way they have graphs the principle of it. 

[1:01:15 hour to 1:01:42 hour]

It is something very surprising about Romanias but I think the French influence has worked because you people pick them up it’s very remarkable how can they sing so well I mean it’s impossible, you have to work very hard to develop this kind of attention for music I can’t understand I’m really surprised how you people have influence them and looked after.

 [1:04:30 hour to 1:07:47 hour]

Three thousand years before Christ in Ukraine and part of Russia and also in……..[UNCLEAR]  , they used to worship the primordial mother who was called as ‘Aditi’ we too call her Aditi and they told us we are Aryans and a big rapport with the Indians, we used to go there and they used to come and we believe in the primordial mother …….[UNCLEAR]  energy  aani they had painted chakras exactly like chakras ……[UNCLEAR] ganesh chakra manje mooladhar chakra, mooladhar chakra they had painted with four petals and Agnya chakra with two petals, beautifully painted. I was surprised and they believe in the awakening of the kundalini and they showed me in the stomach of the Adishakti the ‘Aditi’, there was the kundalini three thousand year back aata if they know our music I’m not surprised. I think Machindranath and gorakhnath who were travelling all over, aani they were from Maharashtra I can’t they have described. I think they must have told that what the primordial mother and this is how three thousand years back they were worshipping but when the Christian influence it was also preached. It’s very interesting so many scholars have done it, so many things are happening now in the world and I’m sure sahajayoga will be expected and accepted all over the world. 

Especially for music I must say that music carries the vibrations. It the rhythm work, it carries vibration…[UNCLEAR] which we call as saundarya lehri or you can call it Chaitanya lehri, are really carried by notes and music and that is why all of them though they are people not afrainted with our Indian music they appreciate it. It has something to do with respect and is know that our music has come from the ‘Atma’  and that’s why everyone they don’t know any ragas, they don’t know any taalas but they appreciate and now they has started understanding the ragas and taalas. One fellow went to, he went to Belgium and he said that I’m surprised, the Indians in Belgium are stupid fools, “I said why”, the fellow was singing Pilu and they didn’t know what is Pilu is. So I said they are abutted Indians so are coming abroad, so don’t you worry. You see that is how this is spreading all over the world and its working out within you, so at this time of Diwali I wish all the good luck to Indian musicians and to all the classical musicians.