Try to find out the truth

Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi (India)

1995-12-03 Try to find out the truth, New Delhi, India (Hindi, English), 64' Chapters: Hindi Talk, English Talk
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Public Program (Hindi/English). Delhi (India), 3 December 1995.

[Translation from Hindi]

Those who are in search of the truth, my salutations to all those seekers. In India from time immemorial, there has been seeking for the truth. This can be understood by our scriptures. And by many other ways, we have been searching the truth. Our country is spiritual in a specific way. The reason behind this is, in our country many things are easily accessible. We do not know, how resourceful our country is, and how sacred it is. And how people here are very simple and unpolluted. We used to call all the foreigners as malecch (unclean). Because we used to see that the foreigners, who came here had their desires towards filth. In our days, now we have become old, it was observed that these people who have come from outside, were very superficial. Their whole Outlook was very shallow. There desires used to be very frivolous. Slowly, in our country also, the western culture has started influencing. The reason behind this was, for 300 years westerners have been on our head. And slowly we started thinking that these people are very great, who have come to our country to rule over us. In fact, these people made fool of everyone and got their work done. Secondly, because of the ritualisms, different types of wrong rituals came into practice in our society, because of which we started becoming cultureless. Our culture started disappearing. perticularly in north India, I never thought that this many seekers would come forward. The reason behind this could be that you were great seekers in your previous births. And you must have done penance so that instantly you have become eager to know the truth. otherwise, various religious masters and false people had spread, in the country, all kinds of wrong things. And many people were following them. But today, the time has come, when people think that they should attain only the truth. And what is the definition of truth, we should know that.

    What is the truth? If I tell you that, you should not just believe me, because I am saying so. Instead you should inspect it. The truth is you are not this body, mind, soul, ego, and Superego etcetera. But instead, you are the form of the spirit. What is a spirit? Spirit is the reflection of the God Almighty within you. That is what you have to become. And the rest of the things are useless. Because, until you know yourself, you cannot recognize the reality of anything. Mohammad Sahab also told that if you don’t realize yourself, you cannot recognize God. So, you must recognize yourself first. Meaning, to recognize thy self is an exclusive state. Today you are in the human state. Beyond this also there should be another aspect. Because, today whatever outrage we are witnessing in this world, and witnessing all sorts of a corrupt system, there has to be a way, some way, by which human beings can be emancipated? Many saints and sages spoke about their emancipation and all the Great incarnations also said about it. When will that emancipation happen, and how will that happen?

   It is not that, only I have spoken about the sahaja system. This is known as Sahaja, Since eternity. whatever has to be achieved, is Sahaj. But in olden days there were people who used to direct people in the wrong path. Read this book and it will happen, take bath in river Ganges and it will happen or indulge in some other nuisance and it will happen. With this kind of different tools, human beings were totally wrapped up, shadowed and filled in their brains. Now there is a small thing as worshipping Satyanarayana. People don’t even bother to think that when Narayan himself is the form of Satya (truth), then what is the necessity to prefix his name with “Satya”. Like the blind, all these practices take place here. It does not happen only in Hindu religion, it is worse in Christian religion, and worse than that in the Muslim religion. People cannot get salvation by going about the same old beaten path. Never. But when it has been told that the God is inside you, search him there, and achieve him, people forget to do so. One ethics among the ladies is that this should not be eaten, that should not be eaten, the head should be tonsured, there should be minimum covering on the body, and by doing all this we can achieve the God. We should think a simple, straight forward thing that the God Almighty who is your father, Will any father desire that “my child should be hungry?”. And the father of the father, who is father of all the fathers, from whom we inherit the of paternal feeling, ever desire that you tonsure your head and starve yourself?

    But human does not think in matters of religion, that which ever religion we are following, what is the use of that? What did we achieve out of that? I know that all religious people, who do severe penance to acquire wealth, are so angry people that it is very difficult to approach them. And even if you go there you should go with the stick in your hand. Because they get angry for everything. Recently, I wrote in a book about the scientific reason for this, there is a database for the genes present within us.

    There are three things to it. One is carbohydrate, another is nitrogen and the third is phosphorus. When the asceticism gets inside us, then the moisture inside us gets burnt completely. The water in the cells get dried up. If you remove phosphorus from the water, it will flare-up. So that is why people also flare-up. So, this kind of penance is completely against peacefulness. Because, physical exercise itself is like that. So, you must have heard, in olden days there was a Durvasa, (a sage) who used to  curse people. He knew only to curse others, I have never heard that he emancipated anyone. This is not spiritual. Enlightenment of the spirit is not one-sided, it spreads on all sides. And this kind of a person (spiritual) remains calm in his own peacefulness and dignity. To attain this state, “Leave something, leave this or leave that”, no need to leave anything. Everything in this world is in its own place. As soon as you attain your spirit, which will happen by the awakening of Kundalini, you will see that, you will be identified with everyone else. Such beautiful poems will occur to you, such lovely projections will come in your mind, very subtle, which you would have never thought of, which you would have never seen, which you would have never considered, and which has never crossed your mind. To attain this state, earlier people used to do various remedies. They used to follow Gurus, used to take  lot of trouble, but were never successful.

    It is very true awakening of kundalini is very difficult. And once, someone asked Shri Ramdas Swamy, who was Shivaji’s Guru, that it how much time does it take the Kundalini to awaken. His answer was “instantly” (tatkshan). It happens that very second. But there should be a recipient and also a giver. So, I can see the recipients sitting in front of me. And now the time has come. And this period is such that, people are very much in a dilemma. This particular era is suffering from the age of vices. A very tormenting era for human beings. Being hostile with one another, trouble one another, constraint one another, Wether it is in the family, or outside, or in the politics, or any other field, This work happens. And many people don’t realise that “we are doing anything wrong or We are constraining anyone or fighting with anyone”. And this is happening in every religion. There is no religion where there is no fighting or there is no pain, and people are not ready to accept this at all that their religion is not greater than other religions. It is not any special religion. If your religion is so special then why are you fighting like this? Why your situation is like this? Why are you facing problems?

    Our religion is most dignified. If you were born in any other religion then you would have said the same thing for that. Meaning, to fight on behalf of the religion, is a great disgrace to the God. Very great disgrace. In those days, according to the needs of that period, people spoke certain things. But to twist those words and change them completely, and bring them in front of people, and fight in the name of God, is the greatest sin. To beat others in the name of God, to trash others in the name of God.

   The God Almighty who is forgiving, merciful and ocean of compassion, doing this kind of heinous act in his name is most disgraceful for any religion. And what are they fighting for? Some are fighting for the land, people who believe in “formless” are fighting for land. When you believe in nirakar (formless), then why are you fighting for the land? leave it. But there is no point in saying all this. They spoke like that, but that was fruitless. Has anyone heard them saying so? No one accepted it, it has just remained in the talk and lectures, but it has no effect on anyone. The reason being, humen are lying in darkness and ignorance. This is what Kabir said as ” how do I explain, when there is darkness all over”. Because of this earlier, I used to think that, breaking my head over Delhi is useless. But in the same Delhi, in my lifetime I am seeing, and I don’t know how do I express my joy and happiness. In this place, where no one has heard of kundalini, If you talk of Kundalini to anyone, they will say “do you see horoscope? wait let me go and get my horoscope”. I used to say here “I don’t know, how is it going to happen?  How will it happen”?

But later I understood that, very great saint and sages of previous birth must have come here, very great seekers and religious people must have taken rebirth and must have come to Delhi. And now they must be desiring that we all attain our self-realization. The Desire which they had in their previous birth is being awakened today. Otherwise, I couldn’t understand. I got married in Delhi, and I used to think ” oh my God! What kind of place is this”? here, people don’t talk of anything except clothes, jewellery, money and power. And no one talks about anything else. In that same Delhi today you all have come for your self-realization.

       This is the ultimate fortune of this place. It is a privilege to this place. Because india is a very great country. It is a holy land. But we do not know anything about this country. When we do not know anything how can we love this country? How can we be alert towards this? I used to live in place like London, perplexed. The country of England is very small, just this much. and also should it be mentioned that, there are not as many people as India there, very few people are there. But every person knows everything like back of his hand and accept everything with dignity. There is nothing sublime in that country.

I asked someone ” where did you buy this glass vessel from”? Immediately he said ” it is there in particular place, on the Northside, there is a factory in which is vessels are made” and this and that. There, people do not talk to their neighbours but every person knows everything about the country. He knows everything about his country irrespective of his being educated or not. We went to a lady’s house in the village. She did not know where Russia was. But about London, though she lived in a village, she knew about whole of London, though it is a small place, she knew every small thing, every small detail she knew.

    And here (in India), we all have become bosses, we live here but I don’t know what has happened, no one knows about anyone or anything. People used to criticize their neighbors. This I am talking of the earlier days, not about the present. Whatever you ask them the reply will be “I don’t know” in an angry tone. You ask them ” where does this particular person live”? “Oh! Is he a clerk? I don’t know where he stays, but he lives in a clerk’s colony”. “But then who are you”? “I am the head clerk”. Thus, there was so much of ego among people, so much of vanity. And where ever you see, for very small things, they used to boast that ” I am this and I am that”. Same situation in Old Delhi. same situation in New Delhi. And what  were they proud of, I do not know. But there was a kind of atmosphere which we call as an illusion. Sabhranth meaning illusion. Everyone was under some illusion that ” I am this I am that”. If you go to old Delhi and ask a shopkeeper about a particular shop, he will immediately say ” why sir? What is wrong with my shop? You please sit here”. Dear brother, if you say like this who will sit in your shop.?

  This kind of throng, enemity to this extent, this kind of mutual criticism was prevailing here. The same Delhi today wants to get re-organised. Want to show mutual love. And we should attain that Union which is a divine gift to us. Now you tell me how I should be feeling? I have seen lot of this world and I salute this Delhi people a thousand times.

Now you people understand your responsibilities also. You live in the kind of city, through which, the fame of our India is known to the other part of the world.  Whatever happens in Delhi, is known by the whole world. What is Happening here, how are the people in Delhi? If one person dies in Delhi, the whole world will come to know about it. But even if  25 people die in other cities, it will not make a difference to anyone. So, this means that you people are significant. And your significance is that you are representatives of this country. You are the representatives of this holy land, this India. Today you have come here for your self-realization or many of you have already achieved it. But you should understand that all of you who are realised, have a very special place of their own. And I believe that Delhi people also have a very special place. You all are sitting in the capital city and in this capital city whoever is realized and whoever has attained their spirit, should display a magnificent power from within. And that magnificent power is of love and truth. Truth and love are one and the same. When you recognise the truth then you will become calm. When you have recognized the truth then where is the reason for getting disturbed? None at all. But then do you know what is the truth? Truth and love both are the same things. Whoever has recognized the truth can do it only through love. For example, when you love someone, you know everything about that person, what does he like, what does he dislike, what can be spoken to him, what cannot be spoken to him, what does he eat what does he drink, everything you know. What is he trying to say, everything you know if you love that person. And you have dedication for the person. So, when you will know the truth through love, only then it is the truth. And if you want to remove the love from there, then the truth will diminish. The truth cannot sustain. Because the flame of truth, the glow of truth is stabilized  by the oil of love. And love doesn’t mean that ” I love my son, I love my daughter, I love my brother, I love my family”. This is not love. There is a word in Sanskrit for this “nirvajya”, “nirlep” meaning aloof, detached.

   And you people might say ” mother, if love becomes detached then many things may be ignored”. But it is not like that. Look at a tree. It’s flow of love, it’s fluid is equally distributed to all parts of the tree. It reaches everywhere. It goes to the flower, it goes to the branches, it goes to the leaves, goes to the fruits and flowers, but it doesn’t stop. It either vanishes in the ether or goes back to the ground. It doesn’t stop anywhere. For example, supposing the tree starts liking one particular fruit or the flower and stops there, then the tree also will die and the fruits flowers everything will die with it. That is why whatever a person deserves should be given to him. Whoever deserves the nectar, whether in the house, family, in the society, in the country or in the whole world, give what ever one is deserving. But don’t get attached to them. To get attached is a kind of, what is called in English as an obsession. To get stuck. Now whatever it is, by this obsession, your power of love will diminish. It will not flow. It is said that “Udara charitanam, vasudhaiva kutumbakam” meaning this whole earth, the whole creation, the whole world is his family. This is the glory of love. If you recognise the glory of love, You will be surprised to know that this happens only with the awakening of the spirit.

   I have noticed that, when people come to Sahaja Yoga, first of all they try to to see the defect ” within me”. And come and tell me ” mother! See, see what a fool I am. I have done this kind of foolish things, and I have this catch”. I tell them, I don’t need your confession, you write it down and preserve. they come and tell me, “then I became like that, I cheated him, I forced him. Earlier I could not see anything but now it is as if, my spirit is standing before me, in the form of a mirror. And now I can see my mistakes, and I ponder that was I so bad”? Then I told, let it be. Whatever has happened is past. The past tense doesn’t exist so forget about it. Now you are in the present and everything has been cleansed. As a lotus, comes out of the dirty water in an aromatic way, and fills the whole atmosphere with it’s fragrance, you also have become like that. Forget the past. So, whatever has already gone by, whatever is past tense should be forgotten. And he forgets it also. When his ascend takes place slowly, he tends to forget it. When I was in Russia, koo happened at that time. When koo happened I asked the sahaja Yogis, are you not worried about who is going to come to your country? They replied ” mother! We are sitting in the kingdom of God. Why should we get scared? Clearly they told this. We are in the kingdom of God. This is a kind of state. This doesn’t happen by any rubbish. People make big promises that “this will be done that will be done”. Not like that. A person develops the biggest skill, when he watches himself without any fear. He is not scared. He doesn’t think ” how do I think what I am”. Because he is detached from himself. Whatever was old has gotten off him and now everything is new in him. This new person, who has emerged is very beautiful and dignified. He has self-respect. He is not the one who would expect everyone to bow before him. This is not the case. He has his own self-esteem. And the self present in that self-respect is “you”, to understand the mechanism of this “you” is Sahaja Yoga. Whoever understands the mechanism of self, becomes independent. The mechanism of self means to know the mechanism of your spirit. ,

     Up till now, we were stuck to our mind or things connected to our rituals but now within us our spirit has awakened. And in that awakening we are watching everything clearly. First, we watched ourself and now we are watching the society. Now in our group, many people have come from different religions. Muslims, Hindus, Christians are there and Buddhist are there, Mahavir followers are there, all kinds of people have come to Sahaja Yoga. And first thing I noticed was all of them spoke about their society. For example, if a Jain came, he would first say ” mother”, please correct the mind of the Jains. If a sikh came, he would say mother! Please correct the mind of Sikhs. And if a Christian came he would say, mother! When are you going to correct these Christians? In every religion I noticed that they detach from themselves and start watching their society. They start watching their family, watch their society, watch e their country then the whole world. They get involved with the global problems and say ” see mother! This is the problem of that Place and you should do something about it”. I said why are you loading me with the problems of the whole world”. The answer would be “you only can do it, so you have to solve it”. You have to correct this. This person is not alright, you have to correct him. Like this, they have got entangled, involved with the problems of the whole universe. If a very ordinary person, supposing he is a farmer, he thinks only about farming, it is understandable. But he also says ” mother! They have killed Rabin? How could they do that? Mother you do something for their peace. you fix their peaceful state”. I was astonished. How did this farmer know about it? Was this news in the paper? was this published in the newspaper that this messenger of peace was killed? And he had tears in his eyes. Though  they have never seen him or met him. They must have read in the newspaper.

      Thus, identification with the whole world, and unity with the spirit of the whole universe (vishwatma) takes place. And the person feels his spirit within himself and becomes a very chivalrous person. He doesn’t think about small-small things and small troubles. He doesn’t think that “I have this problem, I have that problem, I have this tension, doesn’t think at all about these. He only thinks, how can he solve the Global problems. He achieves this greatness. And then he acquires powers also. That too to divine powers. When he starts thinking, then the problem also gets solved. Because of his greatness, the problem gets solved by itself. I have seen many such people, who say see mother, ” once it so happened that in that particular country, there was a huge war going on, so we thought let us pray and meditate and desire, and the very next day It was there in the newspaper that the peace is prevailing in that country. Now nobody will believe that anyone can do I think like this. But, why can’t this human believe this?

   That is because, human doesn’t recognise his greatness and grandeur. Unless he recognises himself, how will he recognise his greatness? How will we understand, what exactly is he? What is his dignity and what are his powers?

     After the self-realization, you can attain all these things. You already know about Kundalini and about all the Chakras (plexus) and what happens by the awakening of the kundalini. Now if we talk only that by this awakening we get cured and become healthy, then people will ask “are you running a hospital”? Just to get rid of all your illness is not the aim of Sahaja Yoga anymore. Once upon a time it was. Earlier whoever used to come used to say that my father’s grandfather’s grandfather’s, father’ own son has a problem. then “mother, you cure him”. And then that person is drinking, he is doing that and this.

   This is what used to happen all the time. Now that is not the case. I get astonished that how great the human is becoming in this country. What Kind of grandeur he is achieving. Now you think once upon a time, such seers and philosophers were born who used to ponder upon problems of the globe. They never used to run behind family or small cheap problems. Now, if you listen to their explanations, if you see them, then in this same country, many great people were born, who had great thoughts, and did very great deeds. Now we don’t know what kind of trough we are caught in that we think that kind of nobility is impossible. Not Possible at all. How can we become like that? Why can’t we?

   Once upon a time there were people, who fought with English, who sacrificed so much for the country, can’t such people come back to our country? To which Other country can they go? Those who loved this country so much can’t they take rebirth here? Those who sacrificed for this country, who faced lot of torture for the country, are going to be awakened again through Sahaja Yoga. I have full confidence that whoever love this country, and correct the System of this country, will bring forth peace and integrity in the country. When this country becomes alright, other countries also will imitate this and become alright.

    As it is, we have Global problems before us, but we have to see among this which country comes forward first. Which country will hold the banner. Which country is going to say that “we will create an ideal country where people will be a in a high spiritual state”.

   In our Sahaja Yoga ” spiritual” does not mean, that leave your wife, leave children and go to jungles. Not at all. We have to see us within ourself and attend this highest state. This special status which has been made for us, which we can achieve, which is not difficult to achieve, for which we don’t have to sacrifice anything, except sacrificing foolishness and sacrificing unintelligence, and you have to run away from your narrow and Selfish temperament. You should understand the narrow-mindedness, which is within me. And then you will find that all your doubts will start clearing. You believe in God, right? Or do you just think that you have bowed down before God, or you went to Gurudwara and bowed down? That is not going to  fetch you anything. Within you, the trust which we have built till now, that religion should imbibe in each and every vein of ours. The glory of this religion is such that, because of this religion many great personalities were born in this country. I would say that in no other country than this, so many Saints were born.

     in this country so many great people are born that this has not happened in any other country. In no other country as many Saints were born. This means that our India can provide a great contribution to the whole world. Recently I had been to China. I was very surprised because normally Chinese are against our political system, but they said that they are expecting a lot from India. I asked them “what’? They said “spirituality. We know that in India there is mine of spirituality”. But until now no one has mentioned it. And in our stall (Sahaja yoga stall), people were streaming in line after line, Queue after queue, where they were inquiring about Sahaja Yoga. It came in newspaper also. Americans also were surprised that What is so special in this? Why so many people have gathered here? Now you can see that so many people are sitting here, including foreigners who have achieved in Sahaja Yoga, and today they are singing glory story of your country. You also should pay attention towards this.

    In Sahaj, it is not difficult for you to get the realization, because you are well prepared for that, as a seed is sown in the mother earth, it germinates because there is energy in the seed and also in the mother earth. But after that it takes time for it to grow into a tree. It is necessary. Because your greatness will be visible only when you become a huge tree-like. For that, you have to meditate and be in meditation. Sahaja Yoga cannot be done by shallowness. You get the actual delight in this, only when you dive in spirituality. You go deep in this, only then you will enjoy the actual pleasure of Sahaja Yoga and you will understand what you are and how great you are. Even after achieving all these, a kind of peace and contentment will be seated within you that with that Power, just by your attention you can make things alright. I can tell you that your attention will become so beautiful, that where ever your attention goes, just by that attention you can set right many things.

      So, if you want to come out of your narrow outlook, and rise yourself to a higher state, you have to maintain your meditative state. Without meditation it is not possible. Only with meditation, you can organize everything. Now, this is what everyone told me that men meditate but there are very few women who meditate. It is very surprising. I am also a female. I am also a woman, and I too have family, children everything. Along with taking care of everything, only with meditation I found out this mechanism by which thousands of people can get the self- realization. So, I request you, that if women meditate then children also will follow them. Women are religious merit of power (shakti). And where ever women do not meditate, children also will not meditate there. To handle the children, It is essential that men meditate because men run the family and women protects the family.  So, the husband meditates, wife also should do that, and children also should do, and then the greatest thing about sahaja Yoga is that, it is a collective action. Collective. Not alone. It is not like, ” mother! I am meditating alone in the house, but still I get sick”. Cannot do alone. Those who can come to the collective, when they can accept sahaja Yoga in collective then that will be the Sahaja Yoga of the present day. Those days have gone when somewhere a single person used to get realization. If we have to give realisation to people in thousands, lacs and in crores, then we have to become collective. And the power of collectivity is tremendous. I am very happy that in Delhi people have given this much of honour to Sahaja yoga and understood it. Such sensitive people are there in Delhi. it is very surprising that in Maharashtra where so many Saints and seers were born, people do not have the kind of understanding you have.(Delhi people). I am very surprised to see this. Those people think that they know everything. There, Nine Masters were born, which went to waste, many Saints and sages were born, all for nothing. So, as you have understood and accepted this, to improve this you have to meditate individually and also get involved in collective meditation. I accept, there is a lack of space there, and I have to do something for that. In course of time everything will be done. But wherever you become collective, you will not talk about anything except Sahaja Yoga. Now is the beginning, and in future, in many places my program is going to happen. Whoever can come, please do so. [after English speech}.

      Whoever do not want realization there is no compulsion on them. This cannot be done by force. You should have pure desire in your mind that you should get self-realization, first of all I cannot force you into this. Not at all. If you think  you want self-realization, it is very good, and if you think you don’t want it, even then it’s ok, you can leave this place. But whoever have come here will have to participate in this, If anyone does not want to participate can kindly go out. Because there is nothing funny happening here. This incident takes place from within, and not without. So first of all You should Desire from your heart that you should get the self-realization.

   And the second thing is if you think “I am a sinner, or I am bad, I am nasty”, or also from my lecture if it has come to anyone’s mind that “I am bad or I am a nasty person” anything like this then forget my lecture. And also forget that at present you are sitting here totally sinless. You have not done any mistake. You please forgive yourself completely. Because if you don’t forgive yourself and keep thinking that “I have done this mistake and that mistake, I am guilty”, this disease is more in in foreign countries, and less in India. Here mostly people do not think that “I have done any mistake”. But if anyone is thinking like that, it is my request he forgives themselves.

     Many people will tell you that you are a sinner and as a punishment for your sin you pay so much money and so on. But in the eyes of a mother none of her children are sinners. What kind of a mother is she if she cannot forgive her children’s mistake? So, you get rid of this thought from your mind. Because if you think that you are guilty, then this Chakra on your left will catch. And when this catches, many diseases occur.

      The first disease which occurs is called Spondylitis wherein the bone of the neck dislocates, secondly, Angina may occur, and thirdly all your organs may become lethargic. So kindly forgive yourself on my behalf. Don’t think of your mistakes, and don’t think of your problems. And now second thing is you have to forgive everyone. You may say ” it is very difficult mother, to forgive anyone. So, I cannot forgive anyone”. It is very difficult. It is also possible that you can forgive some and not forgive others. But a thought should be given to the matter that whether you forgive or don’t forgive, what do you do? You do nothing. It is only a mental projection that ” I cannot forgive I cannot forgive”. So what? Do or don’t. But when you think like this you deceive yourself.

And whomever you are not forgiving, you are playing in his wrong hands and you trouble yourself. So, it is better that you forgive everyone. When you are forgiving you should remember not to think of any person in particular but forgive everyone together. Because to think of them also can be a headache. So, forgive everyone at a time. It is very important to forgive because, this agnya Chakra is very narrow and unless you forgive it will not open up, and if this doesn’t open how will Kundalini climb up? As soon as you forgive everyone, it will open and then Kundalini can rise up and Pierce the fontanel bone.

So,it is very important, particularly this moment, this time and this second is so important, that if you don’t forgive kundalini will not rise above, and you will not get your self-realization. So, all of you please forgive everyone and say wholeheartedly that ” I forgive everyone”. Don’t think about anyone. ” I forgive everyone”. This will give you peacefulness instantly. You will feel very good.

  Secondly, when we will meditate after I tell you, it is better to remove your shoes before that. As such most of you are sitting on the ground. But whoever is sitting on the chair, it is better for them to remove their shoes.

   [three lines in english in between].

Don’t say any mantras. Don’t say anything. And don’t concentrate your attention anywhere. Automatically your attention will become alright. As soon as the Kundalini starts rising, the attention from all the sides goes up like this. And when the piercing happens here (in the fontanel bone), then the light of the attention, from all the four sides, enlightens the param Chaitanya, which is the energy spread, all around us. You will experience this today that on all the four sides, the all-pervading power of God’s Love, which has been described by Adi Shankaracharya as “salilam salilam”, the cool breeze. The description of this is there in Bible also and in Quran also. It has been described in all religions. You are going to achieve this today.

   I request you again, that whoever does not want to meditate, can go out and not disturb others. Indians are very fortunate. Very lucky. There is no need to break hands and feet with you. No one in this world achieves self-realization, as fast as you people. There is some traditional inheritance in you. What can I say? It is so easy to give you self-realization. But it is very difficult to establish you people. When they get something very easily, Indians don’t respect it. So, don’t think because you have got it easily, it is going to stay with you unless you establish this completely within you. It will happen very quickly, I am telling you, instantly. I know this because this has happened and this will happen also. But, you have to establish it. You will have to respect it. If you don’t respect your self-realization, then it will go a waste. For example, if there is a germinated seed and it is lying somewhere then the bird will simply peck it. You should have complete desire with reverence, to ascend forward. And you should promise your mother that you will show her that you can grow into a huge tree. This is what I want to ask you and nothing else.

  Now, you simply put out your hands like this towards me. And close your eyes. Remove your eyeglasses and close your eyes. Both hands towards me. You just understand I am not going to gain anything out of this. For example, if you sow a seed in the mother earth, do you pay her anything for that? This is a similar thing. Now you keep your left hand towards me and open your eyes and bend your head and keep your right hand on your fontanel bone, which is called as Brahmarandhra, above the Crown, which is a soft bone in your infancy. Keep your right hand on top of that. Now, you bend your head again, and keep your right hand towards me. Please see. Please put your right hand towards me bend your head, and feel yourself with your left hand if cool or hot breeze, like vibrations are coming out from your fontanelle bone area? Some people may get away from the head some main get close to the head. And if the hot breeze is coming then it means that you have either not forgiven yourself or others. If it is hot that means you have not forgiven others now you have forgiven yourself. So please do that now. Now keep your left hand toward me. Again keep your left hand. Please put your left hand towards me please again. And put down your head. And see for yourself now with your right hand if a cool or hot breeze is coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Keep your left hand towards me and check if cool or hot Breeze is coming from your head or not. You should not get hot breeze if you have forgiven yourself and all others, then you will get cool breeze. Not very cold also. Now keep both your hands towards me. Open your eyes and look at me and become thoughtless. Please put both your hands towards me, open your eyes watch me without thinking. Because we have to go beyond thoughts. You have to get into thoughtlessness.

   If anyone is getting cool breeze from below, push it up like this. Now whoever got cool breeze from hands, or cool or hot breeze from the crown, whoever felt that, please raise both your hands up. Please raise your hands who have felt the cool breeze. the whole Delhi?

my salutations to all of you. You have become saints and sages. Self-realized saints. My infinite blessings to all of you. I asked you for only one promise that all of you, with love and reverence will meditate. in the evening if you meditate for atleast ten minutes, it is great.    

Infinite blessings.

[English transcript]

Shri Mataji: I am sorry to use this language which is our national language which is very important …To be very frank it’s not my mother tongue. But it’s a very powerful language, and to express Sahaja is a very wonderful way you can talk about it. Why?
In English, I find it sometimes fumbling. Because certain words which are very deep and subtle can not find them in western languages. I wish you all could learn our national language so at least one language you can learn. It is not difficult. It is a very easy language …The Hindi language is …
I hope you all are comfortable here and as you say that you have to come for the comfort of your spirit…I am sure with meeting with all these people you must be very happy. And I hope there are no complaints about your stay, about your food and all that …
I have been just telling them what I have told you before that Love is Truth and Truth is Love. But love should not be attached love It should be detached love. When it is detached gradually you start growing into such a huge big personality that you can solve the problems of the world…So you have to grow and for that growth, you have to come out of your smaller narrower lives into the wider and wider atmosphere… Once that starts happening you really grow and you grow so beautifully that your power can solve the problems of the world …I have spoken so many times in English and seldom get a chance to speak in Hindi or Marathi …I hope my Hindi is not so spoilt that people have been able to understand me But the main thing is that our language is of love. When there is love you don’t need any words to express. You can just feel it and you can assimilate it, you can absorb it, and you can enjoy it. So many of you told me that Mother you better speak in Hindi because whenever you speak in English we start thinking. We don’t want to think so it’s nice when you speak in Hindi we enjoy it more and it’s really true also sometimes that If too much thinking is done then you come down to the level of thinking and you are not beyond thinking where you have to be. But I must congratulate you all in the presence of all these people that your dedication, your understanding and your depth is also immeasurable. I don’t know in my lifetime I never expected that Sahaja yoga will spread in 65 nations, in such a great way and you are the representative of all these countries…And as I told them that you are responsible for your country there you should develop Sahaja Yoga in such a way that people will follow you But I don’t know which country will take the lead …I wish you all great …[cut in the video]