Adi Shakti Puja: The Shakti of Satya Yuga

Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin, New Delhi (India)

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Shakti Puja: The Shakti Of Satya Yuga 02-12-1995

Today, we are going to do the puja to Shakti in Satya Yuga. Because Satya Yuga has started in this environment, the influence of Shakti has also become more intense.

The first form of Shakti is that she is enlightened, illuminated. She is full of intense light.

When the Shakti manifests herself in Satya Yuga all the manners of wrong people will be exposed, they’ll come in front. all wrongdoings of theirs will come in front and exposed. All their acts that have been hidden to the rest of the world will be exposed.

All wrong actions – they may be illegal or mental, or terroristic or others all these forms of acts which are against Satya, which are against the truth- none of such activities, such an institution can be saved because the light of truth will shine on it. In this light of Satya (truth), you will see its special form. The reason I had already told you before is that Krita Yuga has started and Satya Yuga will follow soon. 

I had already said that the sun of Satya Yuga is on the horizon. Soon you’ll get the proof of this, that whoever brings untruth in the path of truth, who is indulging in untruth will be exposed. Even if he is a Sahaja Yogi, if he calls himself a Sahaja Yogi and indulges in wrong activities, he cannot save himself. Till today, truth saved him, protected him and looked after him. But beyond this, truth does not have that power that it can protect people who are doing wrong things in the name of truth.

I told you day before yesterday, that the biggest power of truth is love, is the power of love. The meaning of love is that without any ego, without any expectation whatsoever, spreading the kingdom of unending love. This work may be done by Shakti, but all this work of Shakti will be done through you, as the instruments. If Chaitanya could have done this work, then today there will not have been any Sahaja Yogis nor Sahaja Yoginis and there will not have been any need for Sahaja Yogis. Today there is such a need for Sahaja Yogis as you can see. Today, Sahaja Yogis are being readied in collectivity. 

But the vehicle, channel for Chaitanya, it is you, people. But the vehicle, the carriage of this Chaitanya, should understand that you must not even glance at any wrong activities because you are full of Chaitanya yourselves, you have all kinds of shaktis. So many Shaktis are flowing through you and these Shaktis will make you completely capable and will you give all kinds of powers. And it will also make you healthy, you do not need to take recourse to anything else. As soon as you resort to something else, you will fall down.

Like, I’ve seen there are many highly placed people, who call themselves very high, very special. They will send a message that: “We wish to meet Mother.” I wish to have a special appointment with Her.” There is nothing special about them, but: “I want to meet Mother.” If you avoid trying to meet them, then the people say that: “Mother, they will trouble us a lot, so it’s better to meet them”. And people keep pleading all the time: “Mother, they are coming; they are coming.” There will ve advertisements everywhere t announce their arrival. Then they will come, they’ll get their realization and they’ll become all right but after that, they won’t even bother asking any more. Because they don’t understand how intense the power of truth is. 

Once you’ve come to Sahaja Yoga, it’s better that you establish yourself otherwise, you cannot be saved. Every time man thinks how can I profit from it, how can I benefit from it? When he comes to Sahaja Yoga he only thinks: “My daughter is not all right, my son is not all right, this is not all right, I have to spend so much on income taxes because of this problem, that problem.”

All these problems, they all will be averted at once. At the very first instance, if there is no balance developed in man after realisation, then Sahaja Yoga has no meaning. When this balance comes into you, then you feel: “Now, this is too much, I don’t want any more.” There is no need for doing anything wrong. There’s no need to do anything wrong that might harm the society, harm anyone. Doing any harm after Sahaja Yoga can’t bear any fruit and will only suffer as a result. 

I have seen in the beginning many people who came to Sahaj came only to make money, fight with people and didn’t do nothing else in Sahaj Yoga. Then it has to end because the shakti of Sahaja Yoga is such that it just pushes such kind of people away. If they get better and come back then it’s a different matter. 

Like the sea has two kinds of powers: with one, the waves come towards the shore and with the other, they recede. In the same way, the power of truth is – it pulsates. “Spanda” [pulsation, throbbing] means at one moment, it contracts and the next moment, it expands. The heart pulsates. Adi Shankaracharya has called “vibrations” as “spanda”.

“Spanda” means that these vibrations can lift you, the next moment they can throw you down too. I am not trying to frighten you. I am just trying to inform you that now we have to behave in such a manner so that we can progress in Sahaja Yoga.

The day before yesterday I had told you that in North India, Sahaja Yoga is spreading very, very fast like wild fire. Everywhere, people are coming to Sahaja Yoga in great numbers because there are many benefits from Sahaja Yoga. So, some get good health, some get financial benefits, some are blessed with a son, everyone gets some kind of blessing or another. Some get a lot and others get a little bit less. 

But the greatest benefit from Sahaja Yoga is this balance, this satisfaction, that: “I don’t need anything else anymore.” “I don’t want anything anymore, I have got everything”. When you get this state, then you will realize that now you have become a Sahaja Yogi. And then without any effort, whether you want it or you don’t, Sahaja Yoga will take care of you, and will make you completely satisfied, contented. Your balance, your equilibrium will reach the seventh level and people will wonder: “What’s happened to this man? How has this man become completely desireless as if he has taken up some kind of ‘sanyasa’ [ascetism]? He is least bothered.”

Once I went to America and there was a lady who owned this shop. I gave her realization. She told me, ‘Mother, it’s incredible. Before Sahaja Yoga, I used to know everything in my shop, what needs to be replaced, what needs to ordered, how much it costs, I used to write down everything. But even then, I never made any profit, I only lost money. Whether something would get sold or not, I was always worried all the time. After Sahaja Yoga, I forget to count, how to keep records of everything, and the wonderful thing is that now, I am making a lot of money. I just can’t remember anything, to whom I was selling my goods, who is buying them, who owes me money, I just don’t have the information’. And in this state of complete lack of information, everything works out. This means that Sahaja Yoga has taken her in its arms. So now she has given up all her worries about running the shop, keeping accounts and everything and now she says that: “It’s like someone is running my shop, it’s for definite.”

When everything works out in such a way, one realizes that one has now reached the highest level of equilibrium and satisfaction. He doesn’t have to think, he has achieved the state beyond thinking. The reason for this is that before Sahaja Yoga, we live a life based on thinking. You count everything, you weigh everything, you keep an eye on your watch all the time. And every time you feel that you miss out something.

Even if you keep your accounts scrupulously, still you end up with a kind of feeling despite all the headache that you have missed out something. Because now you have taken up Sahaja Yoga as your work, then everything works “sahaj“, spontaneously. In Sahaja Yoga, everything works “sahaj“, spontaneously.

You’ll have the experience of this gradually. But in this Satya Yoga, the Shakti is working so that you can be completely dependent upon Sahaja Yoga. The day you become completely dependent on Sahaja Yoga then all your work, your entire life starts to work in a very efficient manner and you don’t have to take any kind of trouble.

Once, there was a theft in our house, all my saris were stolen. Barely one silk sari was left behind and I used to wear the same sari to all the parties that I went to. And my husband started thinking: “What is happening to her, she is only wearing the same sari everywhere?” I told him “I have only one right now”. And now all of you are giving me so many saris that I don’t know what to do with them. Maybe, we will have arrange another ‘Draupadi Vastra haran’ [When Draupadi’s chastity was saved by the infinite saris], then maybe these saris could be used because I don’t know where to keep all these saris, I don’t even wear them!

But achieving this balance, this satisfaction is the greatest blessing that you can get with Sahaja Yoga. Like for example, if I like something, then we keep hankering after it all the time: I need it, I want it, I must have it, I like it and we keep trying our level best to get this. We borrow money to get it and finally when we get that, we don’t even look at it and we start looking at something else. We are not happy with what we have got. We just don’t look upon it twice.

These days, there are so many beautiful flowers that are blossoming everywhere in Delhi. On my way to the puja, I was just looking at them. There are such wonderful flowers blossoming on the trees, I don’t know if you people have noticed them or not. Where is your attention? If your attention is on the Spirit, then the Spirit only shows you what brings the joy. Then in that, you really get your “svartha” because you realize what is good for your “svartha” that is for yourself, you become selfish. Look! What a beautiful word they have chosen: our ancestors have chosen every word very carefully, “svarth” that you look for “svarth”. “Svarth” means “what is good for the Self”. Previously, people used to think that “svarth” means to try to make money, to try to gain this, gain that, but you never found happiness. When you go crazy with all this seeking, this searching, then, you run towards your Self. So that is why they said that you look for “svarth”, for “what is good for your Spirit, your Self”. What benefit will you get from this?

When you start flowing in this stream of Sahaja, then you start realizing that this in this Satya Yug, that the one who looks after you, nurtures you, has millions of hands. You are in its protection, then why do you want to do anything wrong? Why do any such thing by which you get caught up and you get into troubles. Even if you are caught up in something, then you get rid of this.

To give an example, I had bought five statues made of clay in Canada. They were very beautiful I thought that we could make similar ones here. They were just 5 statues made from clay.  So the people in the customs valued them at eighteen thousand rupees. I was quite amused: “how could these clay statues ever cost eighteen thousand rupees? They may be worthy eighteen rupees.” I kept laughing and the news reaches the police and they also started laughing. And they said: “Look at this, this is a joke. How can it ever be worthy eighteen thousands rupees?” And then, they were released from custom, because they were caught up doing the wrong thing. 

Sahaja Yoga looks after all that is necessary, whatever needs to be done, all this work is done by Sahaja Yoga and it is done spontaneously. Then you must understand how to leave things to Sahaja Yoga. The greatest thing is to depend on, to leave everything onto Sahaja Yoga.

I see very often people are worried about useless things. And the meaning of all these worries is that they are not yet in Sahaja Yoga. So the essence of the Shakti of Satya Yuga is that it is firstly, light; secondly, truth; thirdly, love and fourthly, it is the peace of the mind. Now you must get this peace of mind (shanti). Whatever happens, you just keep watching. If someone is worried about something, then he is not yet a Sahaja Yogi.

You might have heard so many names- about Socrates, about Hazrat Nizamudin- that they were in such a position that they were given an ultimatum: ‘tomorrow, if you don’t bow your head before us, we will cut your head off’. Then what happened was that the head of that king itself was cut off at night. Who did that? Not these people. It couldn’t have been done by their disciples, who cut off the head of the king? Someone must have done it.

As I told you, everything in Sahaja Yoga has two directions like the sea which gets flooded and then also recedes. In the same way, even in Sahaja Yoga, you are looked after by two different Shaktis. With the first Shakti you raise, with the other Shakti you are thrown out. Once you are thrown out of Sahaja Yoga, then we do not have any relationship with each other. You don’t have any right over Me. If you wish to have any claim over Me, then first you must establish yourself in Sahaja Yoga.

Like the gold when it is heated in fire, it gets purified (becomes ‘kundan’-highly refined gold). In its purified state, it develops this characteristic that it can grip a diamond. In this state of gold, “kundan” which is very soft, you don’t need anything else to set the diamond. It automatically is able to hold onto the diamond in this state. There is nothing more harder than diamond in this world. In the same way, you can also develop this pure state of gold, this state of “kundan”. And in this state of “kundan” you will see that you are developing this state of equilibrium, balance and satisfaction. In this state, there are no thoughts, you go beyond thoughts. In Sahaja Yoga, you go beyond your intellect, beyond your thoughts, beyond your gunas, you become “gunatit”. You reach the state where there are no thoughts whatsoever- no thoughts. You might look at anyone but you don’t have any thought about that person, you just keep looking.

There is a habit of thinking, which is called as reflection. Whatever happens, you start thinking. You see anything, and thoughts start. In fact, people just go crazy with this thinking.

One gentleman in Switzerland told Me: “Mother, cut my throat, if you may, but relieve me from all these thoughts”. He was himself a doctor.

So these thoughts that are inside us are there maybe because of our ego or conditionings. Then there are even other people who create this, cultivate this habit inside you. Maybe they come from the books that you read. Or you go to some guru, you meet this or that person, you talk to someone and you develop this habit. You have discussions and arguments with people.

Samarth Ramdas Swami has said: “Mite vad sanvad, aisa karawa”, which means ‘indulge only in such conversations that this habit of arguments and discussions finishes’. Means, don’t argue. 

This is also true that even if we come into Sahaja Yoga we keep thinking about everything. But we don’t know the miracle of Sahaja Yoga that when we have surrendered ourselves to Sahaja Yoga, when we completely surrender to Sahaja Yoga, then even the thinking will be done by Sahaja Yoga. Even the solutions will be brought out by Sahaja Yoga, even the solutions to problems about which we are not aware but that are existing all around us.

Like, today, I said that we’ll have the puja at three o’clock. I knew everyone is a householder, how could they reach there at three o’clock? “Probably, we’ll be late, but there’s no problem with that. We will come later when it will be time to come.” There is no hurry.

Very often, people think that: “I have lost my way, I have lost my path.” And he gets quite worried: “How will I find my way? Who can I ask? How will I get back?” If you have lost your way, it is because of Sahaja Yoga. Maybe you had to meet someone or maybe you had to travel that way or maybe something has to happen that you have to experience, that is why you lost your way. Why to worry about it? After all, what were you going to do? Are you going to go on the battlefield somewhere? And even if Sahaja Yogis are going to a battle, they will win definitely, they don’t need to fight or anything.


While standing on truth, due to being in a state of thoughtless awareness, one realizes that these thoughts have no power at all. In many countries where people have exclusively depended on thinking, for example, in America, this stupid man, Freud, who was a donkey, even worse than a donkey – I am sorry I do not know any worse swear words – this greatest idiot, was treated like God.

And Americans want to enjoy all the time. All this enjoyment is done in such a way that it leads towards destruction. For everything, they don’t have any such thing that doesn’t have an element of destruction built into it. Until they get destroyed, they never realize that they have reached the limits of joy. Like, look at the kind of sports they do: they will go at the top of the mountains, they will ski and break their legs and knees and damage their kidneys etc. They will see people hurting themselves before them, but they will keep on going up there.

Somehow by luck, wherever I lived, there would be a church and, right next to it, a pub, both together. Those people who were entering the pub saw others staggering out and falling down, but they still queued to enter so that they could be in the same state. This proves that all thinking destroys one’s intelligence.

Whatever a man did with his intellect in his pride or ego, it all went wrong. The result of all this is that we are suffering. But when you are following the light of your spirit, the result is effective and smooth. It works out in the best possible way with great understanding. But this thinking doesn’t have any understanding because it doesn’t have any awareness.

So today, when the time of Satya Yuga has arrived, when we are on the path of truth, there’s no need to look back. Because you carry with you the greatest Shakti, the greatest light (Prakash) and you move towards light. And that light has also such a quality that it doesn’t create any shadow. This light is in front of you, on both sides and behind you. But the flame of this light, you will have to illuminate fully. For that, I have shown all of you a very simple way that is to meditate. But even that, you are unable to do it. 

Especially, I have been told, that women do not meditate. All their attention is on cooking, looking after the children, this, that. It’s very surprising because women should be the first to meditate because they are the shaktis of the society. The first task of the women is to build up society. It’s not as they say in Russia that women are driving cars, trains or fly aeroplanes,

What great thing have they achieved? When men do not have work anymore, why do you want to drive taxis or trucks? Your task is to organise the society. You must build and consolidate the society and for that, you must have a very balanced outlook and a clear understanding.

And along with this understanding, women need to be humble, to have humility. If a woman is not endowed with humility, she becomes a man.

So if she becomes dominating and thinks that she has to compete with men in everything, then it’s a wrong thing. Is there a thing to compete on? You yourself are so powerful, why compete with someone else? I keep repeating this again and again because, in every country where women have not realized their responsibility of looking after society, those countries are declining and will get destroyed. To look after their children, their home, is a work of great importance, of great responsibility. Of course, if necessary, you can work. If men want to learn how to cook, they can, there is no harm. But it’s not their main role. In the same way, for a woman, it is important to illuminate her shakti (power). And it is only the women of this country who have avoided the destruction of society, believe Me.

But not by force, but by love (prem) a love that is completely devoid of any self-interest. In this country, there has been such great women like Panna Dai, who, in order to save the crown prince, sacrificed her own child. This is part of history.

When I tell in foreign countries that Queen Padmini killed herself (‘jauhar’- self-immolation) along with three thousand other women, they just don’t believe Me. They say: “How is it possible? How could she do that” I said: “Yes. This is what they used to do in our country.”

It was only through their heroic deeds that the society has been able to survive otherwise there is such darkness around us today that our country would have been destroyed long ago. We exist today only because of their noble deeds (punyas) and those same “punyas” today have taken a special form and appear before us in this Satya Yuga.

The result of that you saw it in the way the Romanian boys sang yesterday. They have never studied our music (sargam), they do not know our system of music. For example, there was a great musician sitting there who said ‘for developing such a mastery. it takes many years of hard work (tapasya)! How did they develop such a skill?’ This has to be a miracle. 

In your life also, after Sahaja Yoga, there will be many miracles. Even then, you still depend on your own thoughts. So for that, Samarth Ramdas Swami has said: “alpa dhaarisht pahe”. So God say, “Whatever little things you want to do, go ahead’. [inaudible].”

After dissolving in Sahaja, there is a special kind of joy that you get. When you are in that joy, what is there to say! So you must, therefore, reach that special state of joy but it does not mean that you go about like a mad man. In this state, you become responsible for your duties and get power to do it. And if you want get this power, you must fully get immersed in Sahaj. 

So give up all these worldly things: some people want power, some people want a position, some want money. But the one who says: “I do not want anything else, it’s all done. All desires, all wants are over.” Then Param Chaitanya thinks: “now I will fulfil all your desires.’ Then the desires of the Param Chaitanya become your desires. He will perform such miracles, that you will be completely astonished. Things you did not even think about will happen. All the problems and difficulties of the world will be solved. And you will have nothing more to ask. Nothing remains if there is no want. Then you will become the giver, just the giver. What is there to ask? Those people who want something, are still lacking something. But those who are immersed in the ocean of satisfaction and peace, what would they want? You will look around and ask yourself, “What do I need this for?” But that does not mean that you become an ascetic and go to live in the jungle.

There is a very beautiful description that we have about Raja Janaka. He was known as ‘Videhi’. He had to rule over the kingdom, dance and music performances were held in front of him and he had to participate in huge processions etc. but people called him a Videhi. One day, a disciple called Nachiketa asked his Guru: “When King Janaka comes in, why do you stand up?” The Guru replied: “Because king Janaka is higher than I am, you do not realize it”. Nachiketa asked: “How?” So his guru said: “I had to leave all my worldly possessions and take up ‘sanyasa’ and become an ascetic, and only then did I experience something. But King Janaka, without renouncing anything, is settled in this experience’. 

So, what is there to leave, to give up? If you are attached to something, then you say: “I have given up this, that.” But when you are not holding onto anything, then what is there to leave? This attachment within us is because of our thoughts which are either due to our upbringing, or our ego. If it has not yet disappeared, it means that you haven’t established yourself deep into Sahaja Yoga.

Our attachment is developed only when we consider something to be very important. The Spirit (atma) has no attachment whatsoever. He is the give., He spreads the light (prakash) in all directions. He is the giver of Shakti that overwhelms people completely and grants complete oneness with this power. There is so much love that all struggles end.

There is a Muslim gentleman from Algeria, his parents said they wanted to go to Hajj. So he said: “Go to London.” They said: “Why London?” He said: “Because now the Hajj has moved to London.” They said: “Is that so?” he said: “Yes, I went to London and that’s where I go it. Then they came to London, both husband and wife, to see Me. They said: “Our son told us that the Hajj has come now to London. So we came here.” So this understanding came to one boy and his parents came to London to see Me because of him. So I asked them, ”Why did you believe him?” They said: “He is a very intelligent and wise boy. He has changed so much that we just can’t believe it. How has this boy been so much transformed? There are so many people, thousands, who go for the Hajj but they is no change in them. Those who drink continue to drink, those who beat their wives continue, they continue being the same. But this one boy, we have seen, has transformed tremendously. So we thought that its possible that Hajj might now be in London. So that’s why we came to London.” 

So this had an impact on the parents. This is the second effect of truth (satya). Truth is so illuminated, so enlightened, so powerful that it is able to transform people. People are so impressed by such as person that they ask: “Who is this person? How did he change so much”.

Sahaja Yoga had not spread as much in Maharashtra. One gentleman came to Sahaja Yoga, he is no more now. He had to go to the collector’s office for some official formalities. He was sitting very peacefully. There were some people who said that they were in a hurry and wanted to go before him, he said: “Alright, you go first.” When he was called inside the collector’s office, they asked him: “How come you are not bothered, you were sitting so calmly?” He said: “Well, I wasn’t in any hurry. Everyone else was. So I sat quietly meditating.” In Maharashtra, a Guru is a very important person, so they asked him: “Who is your Guru?” He said: “I will not tell you.” They insisted but he did not tell them. While going home, four or five people were following him. They said to him: “Tell us who your Guru is, otherwise we will not leave you.” So he gave them My name and then they came to Sahaja Yoga. 

So, when I went to Rahuri, I saw that there were so many Sahaja Yogis as if there was a wildfire. I said, “What brought so many people to Sahaja Yoga?” Because of one person. Because of love, because of oneness, because of the behaviour of one man. He was not very handsome, but the light (teja) that emanated from him shone on those around him. 

So even to say: “What can we do? This country is all dark, everything is so corrupt and rotten from within.” Even if only one man of quality comes, very solid, that will be enough. Like I said in the morning, ‘The world can bow down, but the one who can make it bow is needed’. If you all become like that, then what else is required? 

But, first of all, you must realise that you are settled in Satya Yuga and that the power of truth is with you. Nothing else is needed and everything happens by itself. Nobody understands how things work out. Like yesterday, I said ten minutes before that I was going to eat here, that I could not leave because the Qawwals were here. And I saw that in ten minutes that the stove was on and the food was ready. Even they were surprised and said: “Mother said only five minutes ago that she would eat here, how is it that everything is ready in such a short time?” They are called ‘spontaneous’. They are really spontaneous.


How everything works out, you cannot explain it. The power of this Paramchaitanya is beyond description.

Someone asked Me: “Did Shri Ganesha drink the milk? Did Shri Shiva drink the milk?” I said that “Yes, maybe, they have.” I am myself surprised to see how Paramchaitanya is performing so many beautiful things even with Me. He is exposing Me fully. Paramchaitanya can do anything. I did not know that Ganesha ji could drink so much milk. In any case, apart from showing our surprise, we can not do anything else. So many miracles happen and, in spite of that, if you only rely on yourself, OK then, fine, let it happen.

Please believe that now you are in Satya Yuga and that this Shakti has enlightened you in a thousand ways. No one knows how many qualities can blossom inside you. You just have to say one thing as Shirdi Sainath said: “You must be patient (saburi).” This patience must not be mental and cannot be developed by saying: “All right, be patient, be patient”, this is not the way. This patience (saburi) is also a state. It is built in. It’s a state. If you reach this state, then it is no need to say anything to anyone, to show anything, everything works out inside us. Such things that you will never be able to imagine, will happen.

Apart from this, it is very special that you are born in this country of India. It is a great privilege. It is because of your many good deeds (punyas) that you have done in your previous lives that you have been born in this land of Yoga (Yoga Bhoomi). And it is in this land that Satya Yuga will come first and the whole world will see what Satya Yuga is, how it work outs, and what a miracle it is.


But you are the lights, you are the flames, and it is you who must spread this light (prakash). You must believe it, understand it and adopt it. Such a great responsibility is upon you, you need to realize it. Many tell Me that it would have been better for them to be born in another country. For example, if they were born in America, they would have been much more esteemed. “No, I replied. Where I was born, it was a proper place to take my birth; it takes a lot of luck to be born in India.”

Even here, Sahaja Yoga is spreading very fast. Why is Sahaja Yoga spreading so fast here? What is the main reason? The reason is that you are born in the land of Yoga (Yoga Bhoomi). Everywhere the Chaitanya is flowing in this country, far more than in the rest of the world. Beyond that, you have to understand that you are the vehicle of this Chaitanya. Your hands can bring it to other people.

Even now, I see sometimes that you are lacking something. Please set it right. ‘Whatever problems I have with this body, this mind, this intellect, ego, I have to free myself of all these vices. I have to clean myself. Only then, this country will rise. This country has a very bright future. With regard to those who say that this country is ruined, this country is going to dogs, I must tell them that in the most violent seas, only the strongest ships can be fit to sail. So, you must become stronger.

So you have on one side this total darkness, then on the other side, you should have absolute light, your vibrant and pure lives should be an example to others. To develop this greatness, you don’t have to do anything. With devotion (bhakti), with total devotion, you have to meditate. It is very necessary that you meditate, with love (prem) and devotion (bhakti).

So with this bhakti you will develop an extraordinary personality and people will say, “Who is this person? Where has he from? Have he come down from heaven?” So this is the capacity that you have, the potential. You must realize that inside you there is a glorious life that flourishes. Please, awaken it, let it grow.

Leave aside all the material hankerings of this world. “He has a car and I do not have one. He has a very nice car and I do not have one … ” What do you want to do with it? What does it bring you?

You will be surprised I do not know the number of my car, not even its colour or its make. I cannot even count money. Maybe if you give Me ten rupees, I’ll be able to count but give Me a hundred rupees, I would not be able to count. I do not know how to write a bank cheque. I am completely action less (nishkriya). There are many things that I cannot do. I cannot do any work and the work is still happening.

By developing this understanding within you, then you will start to clean yourself from within. So clean your chakras and meditate and with that only, the whole world will be saved. I repeat it time and again, this transformation will start from this country, India, and the responsibility is on you. 

So, on this auspicious occasion, you must decide, in your heart, to stand on the path of truth (satya). You will see how things work out wonderfully. But if you are not even on the path of truth, then how can the truth help you? If you walk in small and narrow lanes or get trapped in a traffic jam (away from the path of Truth), how will Truth help you?

So today you must make a promise to bring a glorious future to India through your personality and your Sahaj powers. Integrate this resolution into yourself and give up any negative behaviour.

For example, I brought back many things from the West to give gifts to Sahaja Yogis. The customs officer did not see anything and thought there was nothing. Because these things were covered by love, how could they see them? How could they see it? It didn’t get seen, became invisible! Because with great love, your brothers and sisters from abroad had brought these gifts for you. How can we pay customs duties for this, do we pay customs duties for love?

They did not come to do business. It’s a remarkable thing. The Sahaja Yogis had so much confidence! They said the customs did not even look at them. Not sure what happens! 

A lady brought a silver dish for puja. At that time, it was forbidden to export silver. She did not know because Indian laws are constantly changing. So she kept the silver dish in her suitcase and brought it to puja. The customs officer opened it and right on the top there was My photo, so he did namaskar with folder hands andclosed the suitcase.


Thus, with these exchanges between the countries, all our problems will be solved. If a country does want to grant a visa, so we won’t the grant the visa either. If a country asks for a certain amount of money for a visa, we will charge the same amount. One day, all that will be finished because we are all one. The whole world is one. But it’s only through the mental work of humans that these divisions happen. Same is the case with religion and everything else.  Because of thinking too much, the whole world has been divided.

But Sahaja Yoga is not just the integration of everything, but also the entirety. So the shakti that unites the essence of everything is active today, so you must all use it because it can only be expressed through your being.

May God bless you.