Public Program

Chandigarh (India)

1995-12-07 Public Program, Hindi, Chandigarh, India, DP-RAW, 36'
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1995-12-07 Public Program, Hindi, Chandigarh, India

Sahaja Yogi speaking: As you can see in the triangular bone, on the back bone, It is located. It is called as Kundalini. In Greek language it is called as ‘sacrum bone’. The meaning of sacrum is ‘something that is sacred’. Now don’t pay attention to anything else like – ‘what is happening’, ‘who is walking on the stage’, ‘how the decoration is’, ‘what is happening’, all such things. Only concentrate on getting your Realization. It is in your nature, I am telling you again, maybe today is a turning point in your life. Remember my words. I’ll repeat again, ‘it’s possible that today your life will change. Your Kundalini..’ [Ends here as Shri Mataji arrives and She is being welcomed].

Time: 4:37

Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi

I bow to all the seekers of truth. First and foremost I would like to tell you that the Truth is ‘True’ in its place. You cannot change it, you cannot describe it and it needs to be experienced. About this experience, for thousands of years Markandeya swami, Adi Shankaracharya, everyone and even in foreign countries, many great saints have told that without the experience you cannot know the truth. What we believe is the truth is through our intelligence, as per our brains. Whatever our intelligence says ‘it is true’, we believe it and get involved in it. The growth of this intelligence – is in the head of human beings. In the head, whatever the intelligence says we believe it to be the truth. One person if fighting about one thing and the other person is fighting about something else. What I don’t understand is that if God has made all the human being, what is the need to fight? Why are they disturbed? Why are they quarreling? Why the distress among them? Why don’t people understand who deserves what and what needs to be given? What is the need to fight and quarrel for that?

But this intelligence – the knowledge, cannot be obtained by reading and writing. Even the educated people have dearth of knowledge. Everyone works as per their intelligence. Even if there is a small difference in that, they become angry.

This is an experience. The experience is to be one with the All Pervading Power that is spread all over the Universe. You have to have this experience, without the experience if you believe in anything, it is of no use. You are climbing the stairs and reached the door, then come in and sit peacefully. Many people don’t think that. They again go down the stairs thinking ‘we have to climb again to reach God’ – one, two, three, four, five. But those people understand that they have reached the door, and the special blossom time has arrived where now we will be getting the fruits of good deeds of our previous lives, they will jump. Even if they don’t understand this through their intelligence, what has been proved to through experience that at least you should accept? Even then if you don’t accept, then what will happen? What great thing have you achieved?

 Whatever your ancestors have done, whatever has been followed earlier, you carry on with all those weird thoughts. You got carried away with it – someone misled, another one misled and you got carried away and surrendered even your intelligence to blind faith. Those who used intelligence they kept you going around in circles. Like this, people in Kaliyuga who are mesmerized, who are in delusion, they have only one way that they become enlightened in light of their Spirit. And enjoy in the light of the Spirit. God wants them to enter His Kingdom and achieve joyousness and enjoy.

Will any Father wish that His son should fast, do penance, stand upside down, stand on one leg? Will He wish it? Who is this – Who is the Father of all those who have achieved fatherhood, will He think like that? How can He even get such a thought? Don’t know who told that if you do penance, you will achieve something and if you practice asceticism you will achieve something? It is not just here, it is so abroad also. 

I had gone to Chicago and there a person had come who was the chief of ‘hare Rama, hare Krishna’ [ISKCON]. Poor guy was wearing dhoti, shaved his head, had a small pony tail and came to Me with great reverence. Because of the cold, he was in a very bad shape, and I was wearing socks and he was wearing just a thin dhoti and was shivering.

I said, “Why are you wearing a dhoti? What happened, why are you wearing just a dhoti?”

He said, “My guru has told me that if you have to go to heaven you have to wear dhoti”.

“What?” Then people of our country in 80’s who were wearing only dhoti, should’ve reached the heaven already, since ages they are wearing dhoti. Then I asked, “Why did you shave your head? Why did you shave your head?” 

So he said, “Our guru told us that without shaving your head, you cannot go”. 

Probably because there are no barbers there, so shave your head here only before going. I said, “You people are amazing! Even a simple Indian can understand that one cannot go to heaven by shaving their head. Have you people lost your mind or your mind has become empty?” I told them that Kabir has told that if by shaving your head you are able to go to heaven, then as wool is shaved twice from the sheep, then they will reach the heaven before you. How will you reach?

In all such small things, people are entangled in. What happens is that when you are involved in all such things, when you start doing penance, then you become very cruel, you become very strict. There was a person who was a great believer of Hanumaji. Every Tuesday they used to run out of the house. I asked, “Why are you running away today?” “It’s Tuesday” [recording is missing here].

Time: 11:23

Shri Mataji speaks in English 

[missing recording] essence and the subtleties of it. The best language for this according to Me is Marathi language no doubt, because lots of (it) has been written about spirituality by great, very great saints and what you call ‘siddh’ [accomplished] people from all over, in that language. Moreover in Punjabi also quite a lot has been written. But Hindi language is another one which is a derivative of all these languages and conveys much better. I feel much more confident to speak in this language though it’s not My Mother tongue, I have never studied Hindi language before, nor your English language. But I try to speak. 

Now, I was explaining to them how this country is specially blessed by the Great Divine Force. And all over this country you find the blessings of the Divine and Divinity overflowing. But we have lost ourselves either in our too much brain washing, we should say or too much of brain activity. We have to go beyond our so called intelligence, so called assumptions and ego and reach that state of subtlety where you become one with this All Pervading Power of Divinity.

You all know what is reality is and what you have achieved. I don’t have to explain that. But these people are impressed that you should take to Sahaja Yoga so easily because for you it’s a foreign stuff. But you are the ones who have shown that it’s so appeasing – such a rapport is there between you and the Divine that means you all must’ve been something great people in your previous life. Otherwise how is it possible that you have accepted all these things so easily within yourself? Perhaps it’s the experience which speaks for itself. The experience of Joy, experience of truth and experience of love.

I am very thankful to you that you have come all the way here and you are singing so well and they are so impressed by your music. And that you have shown what Sahaja Yoga can do to you people also who are supposed to be the very advanced and developed people. And I hope you are comfortable here and enjoying yourself, I am sorry I can’t meet you, but I hope we’ll be able to do something to arrange a kind of a special meeting for you.

Thank you very much.

Shri Mataji [in Hindi]: The song which is there ‘Bhole Bhale’, Shakarji’s song.

Sahaja Yogi: ‘Bhole bhale, Shankar bhole bhale[bhajan]

Shri Mataji [In Hindi]: Listen to the song of Shankarji. They sing very well. It’s good for you.

Shankar bhole bhale bhajan’ is sung

Time: 18:07 

Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi

You are Indians, you are Hindustani and are sitting in this blessed land. It is very easy for you people to get your Self- Realization. 

Now place your left hand towards Me. Bend your head and see if you are feeling cool or hot breeze coming out of your head. Before that you understand that you have to forgive everyone. If you don’t forgive then there will be hot air. And whether you forgive or not, you don’t do anything unnecessarily you are troubling yourself. Bend you head and see. Forgive yourself, forgive yourself. Not that ‘I am sinner, etc.’ All these talks are of no use. See now.

Now place your right hand towards Me and raising your left hand, bending your head, see whether you are feeling cool breeze coming out of your head. If it is hot then you forgive yourself as well as others, just forgive that’s it. See at this place which is called as ‘talu’ [fontanel bone area]. In your childhood it is very soft. You see if you are feeling cool, not cold but cool breeze flow. It is called as the ‘Chaitanya Lahiri’ [Divine Cool Breeze]. 

Then you place your left hand towards Me. I cannot force you right? You have to have the pure desire that you should be evolved, that’s it. Now again bend your head and see from your right hand, left hand towards Me, check with your right hand; bend your head.

For some it will be felt high above for some much closer. Now place both your hands towards Me and be in thoughtlessness. Those who are sitting on the chair place your legs side by side – separately, and place both your hands towards Me. And do not think, absolutely no thoughts. You should not think low of yourself, its wrong. Now that you have come here, you have come for your upliftment. 

Hindustanis, I told, see so quickly it never happens. Many blessings to all.

Time: 21:14

Shri Mataji speaks in English

Have you seen this? With Indians, I don’t have to impress. I don’t have to tell them anything, see their love will do.

Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi: 21:33

Seeing you they are surprised. Mother didn’t have to work hard, instantly everyone got their Realization – most of them. Whenever I work outside, I feel terrible. You people are not like that. You people are great.

Now to all of you once more blessings. Now that you have received the blessings, you have to nurture it and grow into big trees. I will come once more. It’s very difficult before that. But whenever I come I should see that you’ve grown into large tree here and standing here. And these large trees should’ve changed many more people along with them.

My blessing to you all.

You sing one more song after that I’ll have to leave.