Public Program: Satya Ki Pahchan Chaitanya Se He

Lucknow (India)

1995-12-14 Public Program, Hindi, Lucknow, India, DP-RAW, 118'
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Public Program, Satya Ki Pahchan Chaitanya Se He, Lucknow, India, 14.12.1995

First of all we should understand one thing, that Truth is Truth. Truth is in its own place. We cannot change it, we cannot describe it. It is established in its own place. The only thing we have to do is to accept the original, created truth.

Almighty God has made all the equipments and arrangements within us. It is of utmost importance to know this truth. Today, we can see that mankind, in this world of illusion, in this Kalyuga, is getting deceived and continuing to be misled. He is not able to understand what has happened to the old value systems, and from where to where we have finally reached. And what is going to be our future.

When he begins to think, what is going to happen to our future, what is the arrangement for it, what situation and circumstances are going to be in there for our children. Then he begins to realize that the state, in which human beings find themselves today, is not the complete, entire state.  Because, he does not know the absolute truth. He does not know the one and only truth. Every person tries to use his brain and intellect to understand the truth.

There are two schools of thoughts; one thought is we accept only that which is accepted through our intelligence and that which we think is right. But whatever perceived through our intellect is limited. Some think this is good, some think that is good and are quarrelling among themselves. They want to speak first before listening to others. In this way there is confusion going on all the time.

Now about the type of people, who follow something or the other blindly, thinking that there is no other way, so let us follow this. Then when he realizes that whatever followed blindly is of no good and that he had not been profited in spite of doing these many things. Is there anything called truth or no. He returns to find the truth. He is a seeker, he is a true seeker, who has understood that whatever decisions were taken through intellect by us, and whatever was perceived by us through intellect were wrong.   As they were proved wrong, and were not beneficial at all. On the other hand, he also realizes that whatever he has done blindly for so many years were not beneficial either.

Now what’s the truth? Now you should not follow the things I am going to tell you, blindly. . Because it will be similar to, as you blindly follow what others say. But once you perceive it, once you experience it and still you don’t want to believe it. It means you have not been truthful to yourself.

This is the one benevolent for you. By this you can achieve the benevolence of your home, your family, your society, your country and entire world. This will begin from one person, one human being and then it will spread to the entire collective.

I am very happy to know that, we have a one representative from ever village in UP and each one has taken the light of sahaja yoga to their respective villages. I am a daughter-in-law of this place. I came here after my marriage.  It’s unbelievable, that so many from UP will take to Sahaja. I was very surprised. How can so many take to it? As, many people here are of blind faith and arrogant. How will they take to sahaja which is a balance between these two? But I am very happy to see, how you have attained this state and taken to sahaja. I believe that it has been possible, because of your good deeds in your previous birth. It is possible only by virtues of your good deeds.

It has been mentioned in ‘Nadi Granth’, an old testimony written by Bhrigu Muni. That the saints who are searching the God in the caves, they will find God in Kali Yuga. When they find God in Kali Yuga they will be mere householders. This is being proved now. It has happened only because of the rewards of your good deeds of your previous life. It would not have been possible by me. I am surprised to see the way you all have come here together.

Now, I will tell you what the truth is. Truth is that all the titles given as, your body, your mind, intellect, virtues, superstition, and your ego etc. All these titles are useless and false.

 This decoration is very beautiful, which has been done from your heart. Flowers used for this decoration have been brought from UP. Farming is done a lot here. UP is basically agriculture predominant state. This land, this earth which lets us do the cultivation, is our mother earth. She gives us everything naturally. When a seed germinates, it naturally flowers. Which

h is this power which changes the seasons? This power which is spread all over the creation is called Ritumbarapragyna(Divine intellect). We also call it as Ruhu( spirit). We also call it as Paramchaitanya(All pervadine power of God). This power is full of consciousness. She thinks, understands, creates and does all the work. She also controls our heart beat. Above all the most important quality is that, she is full of love and does everything with Love. According to me, there is no difference in Truth and Love. When you Love a person, you know every bit of that person. You know the entire truth. So, in this way, Love and Truth are one. When you attain truth, then your mind becomes peaceful. Peace establishes on the insight of truth. 

Truth is not burning, there is no blaze, there is nothing causing agony. It is very peaceful. It is full of peace and joy giving. You have the capability to attain all these.  You have the merits, you should attain it. You have reached this state, because of the virtues of your good deeds in the past births. It’s your right to attain this yoga.

 When, you attain this you. When you get this first time, you will feel the cool breeze on your finger tips. It’s a very enjoyable cool breeze. Adi Shankaracharya has said it as Shalilam, Shalilam( cool, cool). Jesus Christ has mentioned it as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. Mohammad Saheb has mentioned it as Ruhu(spirit). Guru Nanak has mentioned it as Alak Niranjan(Invisible and unblemished). It has been described by many adjectives. It was very necessary for us to reach a certain height, to feel and to understand their sayings. If someone describe me about Lucknow, that Lucknow city is like this and like that. I will be able to know Lucknow, only and if someone takes me and shows me Lucknow. So similarly, how much ever you talk about this great energy; it will remain as talks itself. After sometime, men get bored listening to these talks, what are these talks about with no meaning at all. It becomes just an entertainment without any gain.

Almighty has made an arrangement for this special power and it is called as Kundalini. The amount of work done on this cannot be found elsewhere, other than India. There have been many authors, in other countries, who have written about it. But we cannot find the amount of work done on this elsewhere as in India.  The people of our country are spiritual from the beginning itself. They were always curious to know what we are. What is our status? What is our profile? What is our personality? Indians have always put effort to know this. For ages, they have been searching for this. They have been in jungles and caves in quest of knowing, who am I? What am I? In result of this search, we see that people in multitudes are getting to it, and you all also can get it.

 When, this kundalini energy is awakened for the first time. It happens very spontaneously. Its rises in the central channel, the Sushumna and pierces the frontenelle. Mainly, there are three channels in our body. The awakening of the kundalini happens in the central channel. Everything in the world is pulled downwards towards the earth, only fire goes upwards. But this is a silent fire, full of peace. This is God’s greatest miracle. When this energy rises upwards, the chakras open up automatically; you don’t have to do anything. Spontaneously, when you sow a seed in the earth, do you pay money to mother earth? Do you pay your salutations to her? It is her dharma, innate quality to germinate whatever is sowed in her womb. Even the seed also has the innate quality of germinating. And so, germinates by its self.

Similarly, it is present within you and all of you.  You cannot say that this Kundalini is not present in people of any caste, any religion, in any country or in the people of any country. We are working in 65 countries. It’s surprising, in Russia, as you all are present here, so are they in the small villages there. Those people, who have never heard the name of God nor were allowed to take the name of God or the name of any person who spoke about God, but because of the purity of their personality, they took to Sahaja easily, in thousands.

I am surprised when I look at you all. I used to see, what amuses them all.  They all have left everything, which amused them, and taken to Sahaja. The things which amused them before were self destructive. It’s the same condition now in America; they want to be joy every minute. Every minute, you are going towards self destruction. What joy will you get? You are progressing towards death, towards destruction. How will you be joyful, when you are progressing towards death, towards destruction? This does not enter their brains. We are very simple minded and poor also, but we have more wisdom then them. They are stupid people and cannot understand. They told me that till you don’t take moneyfor this from us, we cannot believe you. Who can talk to these stupid people, but now things are changing. We have nothing to learn from them. Our culture is much better and very high. Being in Sahaja you will be able to understand, that being in this culture, nothing else can happen to human, other than progressing towards God and progressing in Yoga.

 It is not necessary, that you have to leave and go to forests or take to sanyas, renunciation or starvation. It’s unnecessary to do such things in Sahaja as these are all external. Fasting, many people starve. Once, Narada Muni asked God; why people in India are starving? He said, people are used to starving, and they are always starving, so let them starve. All these ways of penance, fasting etc, it’s over, time has gone. Now it’s not necessary. It is like you are climbing the stairs and instead of entering and sitting in the house, you are stuck in the stairs, and not willing to climb up. Now, you have to understand, that the special time has come, the vasant ritu has come, the blossom time has come, and in this time thousands will attain their self realization. Not thousands but crore, people are going to get their self realization. Who have to get it, will get it. No one can stop it. When I am telling you about this, it does not mean that, I think that, it is a big announcement. It is complete truth. It is happening in so many countries, it is blossoming in a big way. There is also some importance of time behind this. This time has come in this dreadful present age of kali (ghor Kaliyuga), that mankind wants to know the truth.

 What can happen in this light of truth: Firstly, In the light of truth, man leaves Asatya falsehood very easily. It’s like; you are holding a snake in your hand. You are unable to see in the dark night and you are adamant too. When someone says, you are holding a snake, leave it.  You do not believe. You say that it is not a snake, but a rope and I will not leave it and keep holding it. But the moment there is even a little light, you will immediately leave it. This capability is only within you. This is one type of blindness.

 Many people from foreign have written to me, that they have left all the things which are poisonous, intoxicating. They have left all the things which were destructive. Many people want to leave them, destroy them but are unable to destroy them because they do not have the capability. Samarth means, you know the meaning of yourself. If you become the spirit then you will leave all these. Now you look at your children. I have received lots of complains, that they are getting spoilt. Bring them to sahaja once. One persons child was not studying, he came to me. I told them to give him realization, He stood first among all. It happens. It is visible. It is because very little part of our brain is used. But by the awakening of the kundalini, the light which enlightens our brain, we can do extraordinary things. By this our attention gets purified immensely. The attention which was moving here and there becomes very calm and concentrated. So we can do any work very efficiently. We can become expert in any work.

There is more of agriculture in this country. We have done many experiments in agriculture. These vibrations flowing from our hands can be used to vibrate the water. We can get ten times the yield by using this water. You get more from non hybrid seeds than hybrid seeds. If you use non hybrid seeds you don’t need to use fertilizers. We had grown such a big sunflower. We had a sunflower of 1 to 2 ft diameter. It was difficult to pick it up. Single person could not pick it up.  Many said that it was impossible to grow tulips. But, we have not seen such a thing which we cannot grow. We have grown all types of things in our farms. But not seen such a thing which we cannot be grown. This is happening in large quantities, of good qualities. Ours is an agricultural predominant country. This is very useful for our country. We have told many. We have spread the message in many places, and one collector had felicitated me too. But he was transferred the same day. Now all these things will change. The people who have taken to Sahaja yoga, there houses, there fields, their animals, there queries, the queries of their society will be answered.

 Now we are standing on the ledge and I know that if you don’t look back, you will fall in the trench. Now as we know it, we should look back and we have to accept it. You don’t have to give anything for this. How much do you pay to these lands, which are giving you fruits and flowers? Similarly you do not have to pay for this; you don’t have to spend anything, no showoff, no deception nothing. Only you have to know a bit of knowledge, of, which are our chakras, what is the fault in it, what are the lapses in it.

When you get to this, you will see cool breeze flowing from your palms. You will feel it on your finger tips on your sympathetic system. Here you will feel which chakras are caught. The fifth, sixth and seventh are of our right side and similarly on our left side.

 Our right side is developed through our working process or makes it.  It does the work which is done by our buddhi(intellect) and our body. The left side is our emotions, our desires; the power which governs our emotion is in our left side. In this way we have two shaktis energies. The energy in the center is for our ascent. If this energy ascends a little, a three and a half starts moving, then the brahmarandra fontanel will open and you will feel the peaceful enormous divine energy all around you descending in your being. Peace will be established within you.

 We are always thinking, in the mind.  Our thoughts, one after the other is moving up and down and we are jumping on these. Sometimes we think ahead and sometimes of the bygone. Sometimes we think of the future, sometimes of the past. The present, where we are we cannot pause here. Immediately our attention will move to the future or the past. When your kundalini rises, your attention will pause in the space which is between these two and you are in the present and you get to Nirvichar Samadhi (Thoughtless state).

 Nirvichar means when you see something you do not show any reaction to it. It’s like when you look at these lovely flowers you start thinking, where did they get them, where did they buy them from, how will they have done etc, nothing comes to your mind. You only enjoy them. This energy which comes within you, establishes the peace within you. A person who is peaceful wherever he stands, he emits peace from within. He makes the entire area peaceful. He becomes a special person. You all can become a special person and do such work. Your attention becomes such that where ever you put your attention, the attention starts working. When you put your attention, from where you are sitting, on the person, who is not well. He gets well. You have to reach that to state. You have to go to other state which is called as Nirvikalpa Samadhi(doubtless state). Where there is no doubt in the mind. Nivikalpa Samadhi. Many people here have reached Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Very eminent people have reached Nirvikalpa. I was shocked. They have crossed the first state and reached the second state. There are no doubts remaining on self as well as on others.

 You should not have any doubts on Sahaja. You attain a complete mastery. You become your own Guru. You don’t have to become Guru. You yourself become a Guru. After, you have attained, this Gurutva(qualities of guru). After, you have attained this greatness. You can treat yourself as you know about your chakras on our finger tips and you can treat others also and help others also. By awakening of the kundalini, your health becomes better. It is true that the awakening of this energy, cancer also has been treated.

 Here a Doctor wants to meet me. I will talk to him.  In this you don’t have to spend any money. It’s your energy which gets enlightened and it’s your energy, with which you heal yourself and you can treat others also. Doctors sometimes get worried, what will happen to our practice. For that many rich people are still there, as many are not in Sahaja. In this way you will see that you yourself become Dhanwantari(God of medicine). You become a vaidya, Doctor. You get well without any medication. In this, you will feel a type of freshness. You know my age I am very old. There might be very few people of my age. Daily, I am travelling. I am travelling so much. My throat may get soar, by speaking so much. I have seen that I am very comfortably leading my life. Similarly, you all will lead your life comfortably. You will get rid of all these useless diseases. Your body has been cured; you have got your mental health. Many insane have been cured. You have achieved mental health, your emotions are healed. You can feel only the truth on your finger tips. You will know which of your chakras are caught, who’s which chakra are caught, and who are what.

Secondly, forgive yourself, similarly you forgive everyone. Even though you forgive or don’t. What do you do? It is only mental acrobat. Always, thinking about such a person who has troubled you. He is enjoying and you are troubling yourself. Why do you want to trouble yourself? You are unhappy thinking about how other person has troubled you. He might have troubled you. Finish it. You cannot correct it, by remembering it. But you are playing in wrong hands. So you should forgive one and all, together.

 It is difficult for the Kundalini to rise, when this chakra gets caught (left Vishuddhi). When, this chakra gets caught (heart). This chakra, it is because of not forgiving others. So today, forgive everyone together. You don’t have to say I forgive such a person. It is a headache to take the name of such person. When this chakra of yours is caught (Agnya). It is tight like this (shows two fingers crossed) When you forgive, it opens like this. You will feel very light in the heart, when you say in your heart that you have forgiven everyone.

When, you have come for this very important moment to get your, self realization. How can you get it? Will you let go such a big thing for such a small mistake? So please forgive everyone by your heart and become joyful. You should always be joyful. A person who is joyful can only reach the Divine. Will we carry a sad face, when we are going to meet the divine? We have to be joyful there. In this Joy only we can attain it. We should have some preparation to welcome the bliss which we will be receiving by this. I want to tell you that, you all have this power. All have the ability to get your; self realization. And all have the birth right to attain it. One more thing is that it cannot be forced on anyone. People who do not want to get their self realization can leave, or can move away.

Many people have written that this and that happens when kundalini is awakened. I have never seen anything like this.  But yes, if you are possessed then sometime I have seen some people dancing and jumping. It happens sometimes, very rarely.

In this lecture, I have told you everything, what I wanted to say, but it is not enough, still there is a lot more to say. For this, we have our teams. There will be a follow up. You should try to attend these. It is not that you have done it today and it is over. Today it is only sprouting, and then you have to become trees. Then you have to plant thousands of trees.  Later you have to continue this further on from your own will. For this, you don’t have to pay any money. You have to meditate for five minutes, every night before you go to sleep. Once a week, you have to attend collective for a little time. By this you will have complete satisfaction, and you will master it. You have to give little time for yourself and for your self-realization. You have to take care of your self- realization, you have to give importance to it, and you have to respect it. You have to understand its prestige, because your prestige is because of it. Your prestige will be known, by it. As you keep the light burning by pulling its wick, similarly you have to repeatedly raise the wick of this kundalini and keep it alright. When, you will lose yourself in the state of Nirvikalpa, and then you will be able to do this yourself. You will not wander away. You will not accuse others, by saying I am better than you. That thing should be over. Ego will be destroyed after this, I have complete hope.

You have come from different villages and far of places. I bless you all, especially for those who slept here last night.  I don’t know, whom I have to thank. For so much of love, so much of understanding I have received. It is easy to give self realization to Indians because of the virtues of your past life, you might have been great saints in your past life; so you have taken birth, in this holy land. There is no doubt about this. It is not at all difficult for you. Really, I have seen that it’s easy to give self realization to Indians.

 Now you have to do as I say. Those who are sitting on the chair remove your footwear and keep both your feet on the floor apart. It’s okay, if you are sitting on the floor.

Now put your right hand towards me. I say left and right, because we have different names for this in our country. So I say right. You can remove your spectacles. Place your right hand towards me, and left hand on the fontanel. Fontanel means the tender bone on our head when we were a child. It is known as fontanel. Just above the fontanel. Keep your right hand, and bend your head. Now you see from within you, from your frontanel, bramharandra, the hole of Brahma. Do you feel the cool or hot breeze coming from within you? Feel it, bend your head and feel it. If you have not forgiven yourself, and not forgiven others till now, then you will feel hot breeze. So please. Now, once again with your right hand above, and left hand towards me. Bend your head and see, if you can feel hot or cool breeze coming from your head. You have to move your hand slightly up, down in the sides. Some feel it very strongly outside. But do not touch your head, but above the head. In Marathi language we say it as adhanth. Now bend your head and keep your right hand towards me, feel if you are getting hot or cool breeze. It is not coming from outside. It is coming from within you. If you forgive yourself and others, then you will get cool breeze. It is not very cold. Adi Sankaracharya has said it as Soundarya Lahari (wave of beauty) or Spand (palpitation). Now lift both your hands, palm facing the sky, lift your head and ask, Mother, is this the Param Chaitanya. Ask thrice, is this the param chaitanya. If you are a Muslim; ask, is this the Ruh. If you are a Christian; ask, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. Ask three times. Is this the power of Love of the Divine. Bring your hands down and keep it in front of me and look at me without any thoughts. Look at me in complete Nirvichar. Some may get the flow from beneath the palm then you can lift it up like this from down to top of the palm. Lift both your hands who have felt cool or hot breeze on your finger tips, or palms or your frontenelle. Do it with sincerity. Entire Lucknow has got its self realization. My countless blessings.  Anant Ashirwad. Once again lift your hands.