Disease and its cause

Rotary Club of Pune Central, Pune (India)

1996-01-01 Disease and its cause, Pune, India, 54' Chapters: Introduction, Introduction by Yogi, Talk
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1996-0101 Public Program Rotary Club of Pune Central, Pune (India)


Her Highness Mataji Nirmala Devi. May i request Charter President of rotary club Pune Center, past president S P Malhotra ji, may i also request general party chief of staff to please come on this side and garland mother. I request past president bhai Shri Malhotra to felicitate mother. May i request to please light this lamp. I request [UNCLEAR] to introduce Mataji.

Dear fellow Rotarians members of the top management [UNCLEAR], chief guests ladies and gentlemen. I have been asked [UNCLEAR] introduce this mother, i can only say that she is most loving, most affectionate very kind hearted and a divine soul, because whatever i am saying i am saying from the core of my heart, from the inner depth because i am here today after fourteen year, i remember Mataji we met first time on 17th of January 1982 in Rotary district conference in Ashoka hall Delhi. There i went to say bye bye to my friends and colleagues over there since i was to go for my bypass surgery, it was all set and just to see that before finishing this pilgrimage i should meet all my near and dear ones and beg apologies for anything if i have done wrong to them and in that context before leaving for states at Houston where i was to go for my bypass surgery i attended the meeting of Rotary district conference in Delhi just to meet few more friends and there that i saw the program the same what is [UNCLEAR] which we kept today [UNCLEAR] through kundalini awakening by Her Holiness Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi. Just fourteen years before i was introduced to this subject and friends i am before you fourteen years have passed with the “Karunamayee” “Kripamayee” and what all i should say because of her blessings… because of her… you see fountain of love which is flowing from her not only for me of course i [UNCLEAR] there and i have the drops of those nectar from her. But she has got a fountain of [UNCLEAR] from her body for everyone, it is up to you that how serious you are or how much “Shraddha” you have or how true seeker you are for this self-realization. I think i should not say any more on this subject because when the power house or the fountain of that nectar is before us let us hear from her, and not only hear but i think we are all very fortunate that we are here today, if you are true seekers and if you follow what you are being told truly from the core of your heart i am sure that before you leave this hall you will be a realized soul. This is the only introduction i can give for my most loving respected Maa and one thing again i would like to tell you that during past fourteen or fifteen years i brought Mataji to Pune that she will be in Pune will be having more time will have a more affection and love but she is hardly few days, six to eight or ten days in Pune and rest of the time she is in Italy where there is one very big center near Milan, in UK, in Europe, in Australia, in America seventy centers are over the world and i know that since she does not differentiate between one son to the other son she has to go everywhere to meet all his children and we are very fortunate again i am repeating we are very fortunate that Shri Mataji is with us today, i am grateful to my friend Dr Pauli Umranikar president of Rotary club Pune center who at a very short notice could agree to my suggestion of holding this special meeting, gentlemen you know that today’s meeting was originally every Saturday, and Saturday being 20th and 20th January you know it’s a national holiday for our Rotary because of Polio pulse, you see the Government of India has accepted this request of ours and the nationwide [UNCLEAR] in December one day and 20th January two days were fixed by which [UNCLEAR] to completely eliminate polio from our country, today we say that it is 57% polio is there from India but tomorrow is a day when the mass realization will be done and see how lucky we are that we will be doing immunization through some drops and other things but here you get the nectar directly [UNCLEAR] nectar through Shri Mataji. I shall now present to you my most beloved Shri Mataji.

[Talk starts here] 10:35

I bow to all the seekers of truth, in this special time that we call as “Ghor Kalyug” the worst time when we have problems of all kinds that surrounds, of course we have physical problems we have mental problems, emotional problems and also economic, political and social problems. We are surrounded by so many problems such a permutation and combination of problems we really get confused and the essence of kaliyage is “Branthi” is confusion. At this juncture one has to understand there must be some solution and there are many who are seeking the solution for all kinds of these problems that surrounds. First if we turn to science we find that science [UNCLEAR] it doesn’t give you any sense of morality and also is quite livid, then we have to turn to religion there also we find lots of problems going on as far as religion is concerned people are fighting in the name of god and doing [UNCLEAR] of things that is also something [UNCLEAR absurd].

So then what to do where to find the solution for our problems, science cannot answer many questions but the most important is that why are we among [UNCLEAR], what is the purpose of our life. This cannot be answered by science, for that when we turn to something which is very deep which ours inner spirit about which so many saints have talked, specially in this Maharashtra we know is a place where so many saints were born and such great saints that they were appreciated all over the world. There was one called Namadeva who was just a tailor and he went down to Punjab where Gurunanaka swamiji and he could immediately see what he was like, so he asked him to stay in Punjab and asked him to study Punjabi language and he has written such a big book in Punjabi language about what i am going to tell you today. As Kabira has also described it they all have described about a power that is within you which is to be awakened and this power is called as Kundalini, Kundal means you can say the coils and the energy that is described, Kundalini is in the sacrum bone. Now that means the Greek’s knew it’s a sacred bone because they called it sacred, now they all have talked about this that you have to seek yourself don’t have to seek outside, don’t  indulge into “Karnmakanda” and don’t just get lost in all these outward things like giving up something or going into penance but it is something within which you have to find out. And what is that you have to find out they have described it making different words, but the simple thing one has to understand what they have said that all around us is a power which is called a [UNCLEAR] you can call it “Alak Niranjan” you can call it as “Param Chaitanya” you can call it the all-pervading power of divine love you can call it also the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost as written in the Bible. But actually it is the power of love of god, now many people don’t even believe in god, but whether you believe it or not you have to keep your mind open like scientist because if you already preconceive the ideas then  it cannot be explained, but if i am telling you something as a hypothesis… take it as the hypothesis… and if it is proved then it is better that we should accept it because i am talking about the power that you have your own and this power needs to be awakened because then you will know what you are, so far we have not known what we are.

Now the subject here given me a little bit limited that how it helps our health, the awakening of this power which is residing in our sacrum bone for three and a half coil, now what i am telling you today is not something that i have discovered today, it has been there with us, this power has been with you since long since you are born long time back, i should say that this is your mother which is within you, it is anxious to give you your second birth which is described in all the scriptures that you are [UNCLEAR] second one. Now this power how it can help you in a physical improvement is the subject what [UNCLEAR] has asked to talk but it is not… it is very deep it is… but in any case i would like to tell you what are we made of, first of all you must know about yourself, now you should not take me for granted or believe into me blindly, we have lots of problems blindly but if it proves then you have to accept it because it is for your health, it’s for your wellbeing for the wellbeing of your family, for the wellbeing of your city, wellbeing of your country and the whole world at large. It’s something so great and this is the last breakthrough of your evolution, you are a human being all right but this human awareness is not absolute, it doesn’t give you absolute truth. One person thinks this is the truth another person thinks that is the truth but why this happening you really can feel this all-pervading power on your fingertips, you can easily feel it on your hands and you can also feel this cool breeze coming out of your own fontanel bone area which is called as Brahma Randra in the Sanskrit language. All these things happen no doubt and it works out very well, for example [UNCLEAR] was telling you about his weakness and illness, it’s not very difficult to cure this simple trouble of Angina it’s not difficult because if you know about the centers, what center has gone wrong where it is gone wrong, what was been used too much and how do you get this trouble. Now you will be amazed if i tell you Angina is caused by a center here we call it as left, this center catches when you feel guilty it’s a fashion to be guilty so very big fashion to be guilty, you know even small thing like you spill some coffee you feel very guilty because the norms of the bottom line are so tight that you do anything wrong you start feeling guilty that affects this center and that’s how you [UNCLEAR]. So i have to say it today because the time is very short to tell you about what you people as i have seen… as you are… what diseases can trouble you and what is the reason, that much portion i have today to deal with.

[Some body talking from the crowd] – Mataji time has been extended up to 8 O Clock

[Mataji talking in Hindi]

I can see the people who are here, the kind of life they have and i would like to tell you what you can face in life at least i can tell you very clearly. The first is that there is a center which we call as Swadishthan chakra which is the second center and this center is very important for you because you are all busy people you are futuristic you have plans you want to do this… you want to do that… This center… there are six center above the lowest one, the six centers are the ones which are awakened by this Kundalini, now second center i am dealing with because i find that you people all are susceptible to the attack of this center. Now this center comes i don’t know how many doctors there are but there are two sympathetic nervous systems, left and right, and when they join together like you see you form another center, so now this center is to the left and the right sympathetic nervous system and make into what you can call the Swadishthana chakra, now this center which medical science doesn’t know is very important for people like you because you are futuristic, you are using your brain power too much, all the time this energy is going out, you are thinking, planning… planning… planning. Now what happens that this is the center that supplies energy for your brain cells. Doctors do not know that who supplies the energy from the brain cells, this is done by this particular center. Now the second part is that this is the same center which is on the physical side we know on the medical science as well [UNCLEAR] it supplies energy to liver it supplies energy to your pancreas to your spleen to your intestines to your kidneys, all these organs [UNCLEAR] are looked after by this one center being called as Swadishthana. So when you are using too much of your brain cells all the energy from this center goes to your [UNCLEAR].

So the first thing that goes wrong is that other important organs which require the attention of this center suffer. The first one that suffers is your liver and the liver suffers in such a manner that the heat of the body which comes as the poison is to be circulated through the circulation of blood system, it cannot do it because it is so weak it cannot do that. So the heat starts accumulating when this heat starts accumulating what happens it starts moving upwards, we have now one center that we call as the heart center this is for our immune system, to this is on the right side and left side we have two right and left centers further [UNCLEAR] for the lung right side and the left side is for the heart. So this center gets affected by the heat and people develop Asthma as simple as that. Asthma is a very common disease people develop who think too much, who plan too much, who work too hard and all the time they are making [UNCLEAR].

Now the second thing that it happens is that your pancreas will be affected and as a result what you develop is diabetes, if you go in Maharashtra villages i have seen when they offer the sugar in the tea they first see that the spoon must stand at right angle when you put the sugar otherwise they think this is no tea this is a joke, so much sugar they take and they never get diabetes because whatever they earned today is finished by the evening and sleep, next day they earn sleep well, they don’t have insurance problem tax problem this problem all these modern problems they don’t have. So they are happy people they don’t have any diabetes or anything, but while these people who are on [UNCLEAR] and sitting down planning… planning… planning that time we have diabetes and this diabetes develops, it’s so common i mean [UNCLEAR] we never take it seriously that something specially wrong about this diabetes which can result into lots of problems. So this Diabetes is caused only because we are futuristic and we think too much.

Now the another imbalance comes with the worst in the spleen, now see our modern life is so hectic, if you can witness if you can see in our self for example early in the morning [UNCLEAR], in America it’s much worse of course that they have no time to have a bath and even to brush their teeth, in America they will brush their teeth in the car [UNCLEAR] because they haven’t got that much time at home even to do that, so some of them will put on their jeans and all that and rush into the cars and drive as fast as possible, while doing that all the present thinking now i am late… i am late then they see the jam on the road then they are even more upset then they go to the office, the boss is shouting at them even worse, but the worst is early in the morning you eat [UNCLEAR] and you get such a shock i tell you, they always do shocking things they won’t do something good isn’t it, so something shocking has to be there shock your mind you need it [UNCLEAR] that’s what is this going on in this country what is going on in other country and you will always [UNCLEAR] some horrid time on the front pages, now with that we get so upset and that upsetting causes problem for our spleen because our spleen is a speedometer and it emits RBCs it creates RBCs Red Blood Corpuscles whenever there is an emergency, now we are always in emergency, it’s such a hectic life you know we don’t even take our breakfast we rush sometimes we have breakfast in the car and if we are moving on a motor bike we might have even then, formally it used to be in India especially the husband used to sit down and the wife used to see fan him he used to have his food and that is how you see the speed of the person was kept, these days people are so speedy even the dramas the pictures and the film songs are so speedy that you don’t know where you are, just you see bumps on your nervous system also. So all these makes you very hectic and this poor spleen doesn’t know how to carry with this hectic [UNCLEAR] person, so it starts putting [UNCLEAR] and then what develops is blood cancer, Sahaja yoga has cure, many patients of blood cancer were declared to be dead with in one months time they are still existing for the last nine ten years and still they are perfectly all right. Now this [UNCLEAR] problem [UNCLEAR] because we do not know how to relax and there is no question because you are so busy and so important [UNCLEAR] the speedy life that can’t [UNCLEAR], so when you start looking at it that i must be very very relaxed… i am relaxed you don’t get relaxed there has to something else to happen to relax.

Then another very important thing is your kidneys, your kidney is also is also if you see gets coagulated, when they get coagulated you cannot pass your urine so you go on to dialysis, you go on to dialysis and you get bankrupt [UNCLEAR], nobody has been cured by dialysis it’s the fact, i had a very specialist in Delhi who has got this dialysis system in his hospital which is a shop i should say, where people go there pay for dialysis… pay money for dialysis and nobody is cured, but he got this kidney trouble he came to me, i said doctor i will cure you on one problem that you will not take people on dialysis, he said alright i will not take but when i [UNCLEAR] then he got alright you will be amazed he again started doing it, i told him why you are doing now… you have promised me, he said mother you see i have spent so much money buying these machines so how can i now stop it you know [UNCLEAR] i didn’t know what to say after all your mother how far she can go but he was cured… completely cured.

Then another thing that happens to you is your intestines have movements [UNCLEAR] movements they just stop in the sense you get very rigid and you develop terrible constipation, people have such horrible constipation that they are all the time in the bathroom [UNCLEAR] but it can be even more serious because constipation means [UNCLEAR] from gases all the problems come. It doesn’t stop at that point, this heat can travel upward as i told you i think suppose you get a young boy of say 21 – 25 years of age who is drinking too much and also playing tennis and is working very hard or something, he might get a heart attack which would be just fatal… just fatal, he cannot survive because you see this heat will reach the heart and just you have a massive heart attack, that’s not the end of [UNCLEAR] then what happens this heat can go into the brain of the person on this side on the left side and when it passes on to the left side the brain gets attacked and you get paralysis, now another disease has come, in America they call it Epistasis in that a very hard working person works very hard you see, always with a briefcase you see running for the work and all [UNCLEAR] it ruins work because perhaps i think this is very great whatever it is, he develops a disease called Epistasis in the… i mean… ordinary terms. Now this disease in this disease what happens that a person has no control over his conscious mind, unconsciously [UNCLEAR] unconsciously he may even walk but if you ask him to [UNCLEAR] he becomes as a reptile, you have to carry him like a big fish and place somewhere… he thinks alright he talks alright everything is there, the brain is alright but the body has become just like a reptile, this is another disease which is aware of such people who are extremely busy running after things and not paying attention to their families.

So now what happens with kundalini, when she raises what she does she nourishes the centers, she nourishes all the centers because that is the vital power which is meet all the living work and that power [UNCLEAR] but when it comes out of this Brahma Randra then it becomes one with this all-pervading power which is the real Yoga, that is the real union not other Yogas standing on your heads and breaking your bones that’s not the thing. The Yoga real scriptured Yoga is when you become one with this all-pervading power, once you are one with that all-pervading power it starts going into your body it works through your body  that you can feel it on your fingertips [UNCLEAR], this is your own there is no obligation you can’t pay for it nothing, it’s your own just like a seed you can put it in the mother earth it sprouts, it happens like that, you don’t have to do anything you don’t have to take a Sanyasa, you don’t have to give up anything, nothing outside, it is all within you is there and i have seen with Indian’s specially very easy to raise the kundalini…. very easy, with the western you see them work quite hard but now they are also all right, but with Indian’s they are specially… they are something special about them that they get their realization in no time. Then you see what happens when she nourishes the center, it has a power… additional power and all the time that power flows and he develops a [UNCLEAR]. Now another thing that has a very important [UNCLEAR] that we are all the time thinking, now thought raises falls down, another thought raises falls off and we are all the time jumping on the crests of these thoughts which comes to us either from the past and from the future, but we are never in the present, if i say you be in present you can’t, present is the reality not the past [UNCLEAR] and not the future because it does not exists, so past and future thoughts are actually false so to be in the present what has to happen is when this kundalini raises these thoughts [UNCLEAR] by that there is a space, in Sanskrit we call “Vilamb”, the pause in between and then your attention stops at this pause and you become absolutely thoughtless, but absolutely aware you are absolutely aware in the thoughtless which in Sanskrit they call as “Nirvachar Samadhi”, you can watch everything you are witness to everything but extremely peaceful. I will give you an example how, supposing you are standing in the water in a very turbulence [UNCLEAR] you are afraid of the waves that are coming but somehow i can ask you get into a boat you can see those waves and you can enjoy it, but supposing you know how to swim you can jump and save many others who are frightened of the waves. In the same way it happens in Sahaja Yoga that you become so peaceful… so very peaceful within that you see the whole thing like a drama like [UNCLEAR] and you are not bothered. But your attention, your own concern works because now your attention is enlightened, enlightened because of the kundalini the spirit in your heart is [UNCLEAR] just like you see there was oil and there was [UNCLEAR] which i have to just put the candle near it and it starts [UNCLEAR], in the same way our spirit gets enlightened and the light of the spirit when it comes into your attention this enlightened spirit becomes extremely powerful because it has… like ether it works around in that power as i told. So you pay attention to anyone, if you pay attention to anyone that person can get completely cured and you can know about that person what’s happening, you won’t believe the amount of miracles i have seen in Sahaja Yoga because this all-pervading power is now in a new [UNCLEAR] we call it “Tritayug” where it is wanting to do something, it is active before it was not so active. The other day you will be amazed there was a [UNCLEAR] and she had a son who was suffering from some disease we [UNCLEAR] very often, that disease they used to get when they were very old [UNCLEAR] but this fellow was a young fellow studying in Harvard University he got it, he was very young he was about 21 years of age, so she wrote to me that mother what should i do should i bring him down to Pune or how are we going to work it out. She was herself a very great Sahaja Yogini and you will be amazed to see that she sent me requesting me what should she do and the fourth letter she said i took him to the hospital and they said the disease has disappeared they don’t know how, this all just tell you [UNCLEAR] another things that can happen because of the attention… attention becomes so active that it can cure so many diseases even without touching that person or even help, the patient himself you see [UNCLEAR] but the kundalini works because she is your mother and she is anxious to give you self-realization , she works it out. But after getting that after achieving that then you have to understand that it’s a blessing of the divine and you have to believe in [UNCLEAR] divinity the light becomes very different. I might be the oldest women here [UNCLEAR] but you know the amount of travelling the amount of things i do, i don’t feel it because as i told you i just become the witness, i never think i am travelling i don’t think i am [UNCLEAR] and that’s how you feel perfectly alright not only physically but also mentally. Now Sahaja Yoga definitely has cured so many people all over the world that i really don’t know how may they are because i never keep counts of this and not only [UNCLEAR]  i am thankful to [UNCLEAR] he brought some very good people to Sahaja Yoga so i cured them but they became very great exponent of Sahaja Yoga they have done so much for Sahaja Yoga they have met so many people all over the world, it was very predictable  for him to bring all such people to me of course i was trying to tell him that all the sick people are coming here now going to send it to you saying that go to [Hindi Talk] so that you better cure them and not me, so but i must say it’s quite creditable for him that he brought really wonderful people who were very deep and who had a great sense of responsibility that now we are working let us give it to others, now you can’t pay for it, it’s a living process of your evolution you can’t pay for it, one thing we must understand you can’t pay, you can’t purchase your guru if you can purchase then it’s not your guru [UNCLEAR]. Very simple thing is this that by this awakening you get so many things, firstly i know people… now you must heard about Amjed Ali… Amjed Ali was not such a great player once upon a time and he he had [UNCLEAR] wanted me to listen to him  by chance i was late for his program and he was just playing something everybody was bored but as soon as he saw me on the door step he cannot see me before, immediately he said i don’t know what happened to me Mother this kundalini is open he doesn’t know and he started playing in a raag called Marva which is a very difficult raag my husband doesn’t like that raag but he played so well as if the whole beauty of Marva was created and he said i didn’t do, how i played the mother and today he is such a great musician, there are many musicians like that [UNCLEAR] so many of them they are Muslims but they are Sahaja Yogi and they are playing so well because their kundalini rose, i didn’t do anything.

Now this power is your own and it’s lying dormant only thing it needs to be awakened but it awakens in no time, like [UNCLEAR] is guru for Sri Ram and somebody asked him how much time it will take for a kundalini to raise, so he used a Sanskrit word “Takshanam” “in that moment” but there should be a giver as well as the taker, you cannot force it out… you cannot… you have to have a “Sudh Echa” “pure desire” to get it, then it works out.

Now of course with the sickness people just have a desire that they should be cured… doesn’t matter, but if you are cured then you are duty bound to see that others are also cured, for diagnosis you don’t have to do all kind of things you know like Ramakrishna Bajaj told me he had to go for his diagnosis to America, he said i am half dead with the diagnosis only and half what was left and i want to run away. Now the main thing is that unless and until you desire to be [UNCLEAR], you have to desire that i want my self-realization not the cure but the self-realization because the totality you should know, it’s not one part that you get cured of one disease and get another disease, you should get completely cured in the mental, physical, emotional, some people go to wrong gurus they do all kinds of wrong things and they [UNCLEAR] that also should be corrected because this is the power which goes to all the six centers integrates them so that you become absolutely integrated means there is no fight between your mind or the [UNCLEAR] it’s like mind is funny but the [UNCLEAR] and your liver or say your heart there is no [UNCLEAR] so all integrated and you lead a very integrated life you believe you become an [UNCLEAR] in a way and you enjoy… enjoy [UNCLEAR] and you see people in England came to me and gave up their drugs overnight, i was surprised… overnight… you tell somebody to give up even drinking they can’t but they gave up their drugs overnight just by the awakening of this kundalini because you become “Samart”, “Samart” means whatever it’s the meaning you become that the spirit and by that Atma you feel that your enlightened life is going to guide you, you don’t need any guru anybody, your own light guides you what is good and what is bad, all these powers come within which are there and which must be awakened and you must get full advantage of this power. See it’s not my discovery i should say in a way because all people have talked about it, thousands of years back Markendaya talked about it, Adi Shankara talked about it, then came all other on the 12th century [ie. 1200s] you see Gyaneshwara talked about it very much, then came 16th century all these three saints talked about it and in Punjab you know Gurunanak saab Gurugobind saab all of them have talked about kundalini, Kabir and others talked about it… all… Now you see not only that but also we have some people like William Blake who has talked about this kind of a resurrection and also in [UNCLEAR] unless and until you know yourself you will not work out… clearly… Quran also [UNCLEAR] was not written by Mohammed saab, there are many truths that are still there that one of them is that you have to know yourself otherwise you cannot know God. There are so many things like in the Quran which are absolutely Sahaj and he has called kundalini as [UNCLEAR] only the words are different, he called it as [UNCLEAR] and he said you have to be [UNCLEAR] means you have to be a realized soul, he said the same thing that anybody has told like Christ has told you have to be born again and he has said that you have to come and knock at the door nobody is going to open your door. So whether Shri Ganesha is correct or not whether Mohammed saab is correct or not whether Christ is correct or not you can know [UNCLEAR] that they are flowers of spirituality born in different times and they were representing nothing but pure spirituality at the different time and they were all related to each other and we are [UNCLEAR] who have taken away these flowers who are [UNCLEAR] so once you see this you will be surprised how the peace will raise because all this problems of different ideology… this that… will all subside. It is the peace that [UNCLEAR] you feel the peace with in. Now i know many who have got [UNCLEAR] are very hot tempered extremely hot tempered, if you have to trace the [UNCLEAR] you can’t just talk to them [UNCLEAR] so i don’t know how they got peace from which angle they got peace awards but they have peace awards.

So now what one has to know is that peace within, if you are not peaceful within how can you talk about peace and how can you give peace to others, but such a person gives peace every [UNCLEAR] because there is love and love and truth is the same. Now suppose if you love somebody then you know each and everything about that person, in the same way this truth that i am talking about, which you have to have, the absolute truth is absolute love and this love is not like an attachment that like you see you are attached only to your daughter, your son, or to your father or somebody. It is like a [UNCLEAR] which raises goes through different parts of the tree gives the [UNCLEAR] to all the parts whatever is needed and then it evaporates or it goes back to the mother earth it doesn’t [UNCLEAR]. Suppose if this  [UNCLEAR] get attached to [UNCLEAR] so what will happen to the whole tree it will die and the flowers will also die, so you become detached in the sense that you become really a person who has nothing but love and the love you give to everyone and you enjoy… really enjoy loving others not in a way that you are attached to anyone or support anyone but you develop the greatest qualities of wisdom and understand what is good for another person and what is not good for another person, normally you may not speak about it but you can somehow show the polarity i can call it block polarity that this was something wrong you have been doing and the person realizes, you see it’s a very sweet way of bringing around many people. Now see there have been many saints there have been very great people in this country but somehow people never liked them and so many were tortured and [UNCLEAR] and we also just read their life [UNCLEAR] biographies and all that, but nothing goes inside like you are to be [Mother talking in Hindi] “i have great faith in this person” [UNCLEAR] but what has come in you from that person we don’t see. After realization only you will be surprised you become so virtuous and you appreciate [UNCLEAR] not only that you appreciate but others enjoy that you are so virtuous, you are so good and you see the whole life becomes so sweet and so beautiful.

Now as it is the Sahaja Yoga has spread into so many countries i know of only sixty five which i have visited but they say it is more than hundred countries it has spread. It’s just like one candle which is enlightened can enlighten many, in the same way it spreads and you spread it very fast. Specially Russia is something really very surprising place where at least 65% people are extremely open hearted. Scientists, doctors they have arranged a program with some scientists about three hundred scientists so i thought [UNCLEAR] immediately one of [UNCLEAR] mother we don’t want to know about science we [UNCLEAR] you tell us about the science [UNCLEAR], i was amazed and there are so many scientists who are Sahaja Yogis there are so many people who are Sahaji Yogis, there i cannot have program in small place we have to have in the stadium, still half of the people are waiting outside, it’s a place where i don’t know how because it was such a clean slate that no Samskaras of any kind the thing has worked so well and they are so beautiful then they had this two [UNCLEAR] there i aren’t you worried about your political problem, say what political problem, we are in the kingdom of God we have no problems, just imagine [UNCLEAR] introspective i must say they are very introspective

[Talk ends here]