Makar Sankranti Puja

Pune (India)


Makar Sankranti Puja 14 Jan 1996, Pune, India (Hindi/English/Marathi)

Translation from Hindi:

Today, we have assembled here to perform the puja of the Sun God on the day of Sankranti. In our country, a lot of importance has been given to the puja of the Sun God and there is a custom to offer Arghya (water offering) to the Sun God and even in the foreign countries, Sun has been given a lot of importance. Their astrology and other scriptures is dependent on the Sun.

During Sankranti, on 14 day of January, the Sun shifts from his existing position and comes to North, and that is the reason why we celebrate Sankranti with a lot of belief. But, before this earth motion, from 22 December to 14 January, the weather is severely cold. Many people suffer during this cold weather. They catch cold and face other such health problems. Then this is called the period of infection (‘sankraman’). It will become very cold, more than required. On account of this cold weather, number of problems arises. But, there is also benefit on account of this cold. That is, whatever worms and such similar things which move about and give problems in this season in this county, they recede to their resting place; most of them are destroyed also. Many people die on account of cold. Meaning, that in India cold is such that whatever parasites exist, they all get killed. It is also important that in India, cold should be such that much of all unwanted things get killed. But, the importance of Sankranti is believed, that in the cold during Sankranti, people [unclear]. Actually, whatever our customs are, which we believe as important, by making it a practising ritual, people have become fed up /vexed.

But, if viewed in the perspective of scriptures (‘shastra’) there is a lot of meaning in all this. In this period, we give sesame and jaggery to people. This is also a thing to be understood. Sesame is an oily material. And, exactly during this cold period, people, their skin and everything gets dried up and in order to bring back oily texture to the skin, we consume sesame. The oil content in sesame comes into our system. When people get dried up like this, there are many other things attached to it. For example, the genes in our system have three special things, out of which phosphorus is an important part. This phosphorus has such a quality that when it gets dried, it results in dryness in your muscles, nerves, cells and the phosphorus starts erupting due to the dryness. In other words, such a person becomes very hot tempered due to the explosive nature. Meaning person gets very angry, he loses his temper for small and trivial things and becomes rude and generally eccentric in nature and gets upset. That is the reason one should take some oily item, by which his internal dryness is cured.

And people also give ‘jaggery’ or sugar along with the sesame seeds. By this, the heat in your liver reduces. This is a scientific feature.  Similarly, when a person has cold nature, he should eat something oily. Besides that one should eat something sweet. But, what do you mean by sweet? Meaning, what is pure, sugar or jaggery, on account of which, the heat within your system becomes less. Now, how scientific is this in nature. If the same thing could be done in foreign countries where there is so much of cold, if their food habits are improved, then their violent nature and aggressiveness will disappear. And when this is given to people in Maharashtra people say ‘take sesame seeds and jaggery, and speak sweetly’. Because, those who are ascetics (‘Tapasvis’), sitting in Tapasya, are quite the angry type and on account of this anger sometimes big problems may occur. People do fear such people, but they do not have any real faith in them. At that time, they are told to take sesame and jaggery (‘Til Gud’) and speak sweetly. It is a fact that if you take oily thing in large quantity, the liver gets affected. That is the reason that the remedy for this is eating jaggery along with sesame. With this, both things get balanced with each other.

Now, it is very important to understand what the qualities of the Sun are. In countries where the sun does not shine as much, people their consider Sun highly superior. They sit exposed to sun and take care of their radiance. And for hours together they run after the Sun. Now, the Germans have gone away to South Africa. I feel that very shortly, they will come and live in Ganapathi Pule. But the heat here is too much. They do not know how to adjust in such hot weather. Sahaja Yogis should understand that when we become too much right-sided, and when we become too much of a ascetic (‘tapasvi’), we feel that we have done this work, that work, we have done like this, like that, then the balance gets broken. When the balance is broken, the person becomes very much heated up. When you start feeling that you are doing work for Sahaja yoga, it is better you give up your activity immediately. Because, even to feel that we are doing a lot of work, and nobody else is doing, is also very wrong. You are not doing anything. God Almighty is the doer and Param Chaitanya does all the work. Then for you to think that you have done this work, that work, and others have not done any work, is a very wrong perception. To think too much of yourself, will only enhance your pride and ego. ‘I have done this work, that work’.

When you came to Sahaja Yoga, then who were you to become somebody to do any work?  You have become part and parcel of Virata. When you, as one drop mix in the ocean and unite with it, then the ocean only will take care. With the same strength, the power of param chaitanya, all work gets accomplished. But, as long as you start thinking that ‘I am doing this work, I am doing that work, till then Param Chaitanya says, ‘ok do it’. Like it has been said in Marathi by Ramadas Swami in Marathi ‘Alpadhrisht’, meaning come on, you do it. But that is not the thing. The meaning is also not that you keep your hand one on top of the other, sit down and say that yes brother, all this is param chaitanya. This, I am talking of the feelings. Whatever the work may be, you have to do it. Whatever can be done, that you have to do it. Your attention should be only on that. You have to complete that work totally. But you should know that the strength of Param Chaitanya is flowing, yours is not flowing. By this, whatever ego you may have, will get suppressed. On account of this pride, there are so many difficulties in the world. There is no limit.

Now, here we say that our governance is not alright. Behind this governance, there is a big ego, that we are something, and that no law can catch hold of us, even if we do something wrong, if we kill somebody, whatever is inflicted on others, nobody can do any harm to us. Such type of thoughts that come is called ego. In a way, ego engulfs humans through many ways. Especially nowadays there is a lot of inertia, for which the people say is that everything runs towards materialism. From this also people run towards materialism and their ego enhances. Their ego grows so much that by continuous enhancement of ego, they become so blind they do not even know the quantum of wrong things that are being done. We are exploiting so much. Asking for such things, on which we have no rights. We keep doing such things on which we have no rights and on account of this, we adopt even corruption, and never even think that this is a wrong thing to do. From the way in which our politics is going on, the problems that are being faced, its difficulties, its troubles, even to rectify it the Sun is very essential.

What does Sun do?  Sun brings everything into light. It is his duty to take away darkness and light up everything. This is the work of Sun. Sun is one of the five elements (‘ pancha mahabhootas’). And in that he, with his brightness, and along with his brightness, exposes who is how.  To day …….. (talk is not clear)..  descended, let us do this work through param chaitanya of Sun. Let it expose everybody, show the reality of everyone. How these people are? How the others are? Every type of people will start getting exposed. If we do not bring the Sunlight into use of the param chaitanya, then understand that definitely darkness will engulf. And people will start flowing in this darkness. This is the speciality of Kali Yuga that in Kali Yuga, people have forgotten that the sun light comes from very far and can enter all corners. Such types of people are born as they have forgotten about the powers of Sun in this Kali Yuga. Some are like snakes, some are like scorpions, some are like wolf that are active, work in darkness, and secrecy. With the growth of such people, the whole country is harmed. Not only that, the whole world is harmed.

Now, if you are a Sahaja Yogi, you have obtained knowledge in Sahaja, and then you can see from that, in any country in the whole world, you can find no such person, whom you can say that, “He is all right”. Everybody will be doing some foolish thing or the other. They will do foolish things to such an extent, that it is very surprising. How these people have become like this and what are they doing?  Like somebody, a well known Prime Minister of New Zealand.  But, he did not have bliss as required in Sahaja, did not have maturity. He was quite good, used to give good lectures. He did good work. But he did a foolish thing in that, he married his secretary. All such stupid things happen because there is darkness in Kali Yuga. In this darkness, a human being starts committing many wrong things and in this Kali Yuga, it should be understood that the Sun will uncover all these people by virtue of his brightness. Everybody will be brought to the forefront. And those who are doing wrong work will be visible. That is the reason why the Sahaja Yogis should be transparent. They should keep themselves such that there should be no doubt from inner or outer side. It is very important, because the Sun will be largely after Sahaja Yogis.

Sahaja Yogis have no right to behave as and how they like. Sun will be after them because, with the help of Sun only, you have achieved it. You know that the place of Sun is at Agnya Chakra.  Agnya Chakra knows everything. It sees how one is getting caught in his ego, or is getting caught in his prevailing bad culture. It is not necessary for him to keep watch on himself. He can see clearly as to how he is treading the wrong path, how he is getting bound.  He does not have look upon himself.  He can see clearly as to how he is treading on the wrong path, how he is getting mesmerised. And that Sun, that  Sun of Agnya Chakra when you have opened completely, then in his light, you can see many things of the world clearly, which are harmful for you and those who support you.

This light, the same light, which has to be called the light of the Spirit (‘Aatma’) which has two parts one being  the Moon, which is in the form of Shri Ganesha and the other part is Shri Jesus Christ (‘Isa Masiha’). These are the two types of parts. And when you invoke the Sun God, when you invite Sun, all the qualities of Sun could appear, because you are a Sahaja yogi.  But, if you do not aim the method (‘pranali’) of your life, the goal of your life, enlightened and beautiful and extraordinary like the Sun, then your coming to Sahaja yoga is a total waste. Those who have come to Sahaja yoga have received their light from the Sun, and that is how they should enlighten their lives. You are aware that after coming to Sahaja yoga, a light will be seen your eyes. Your eyes will glow. This light which has come into you is a symbol that your soul has been enlightened. In this light, you can see yourself, and can see others. You can see your own chakra and that of the others chakras too. But, if you are not fully involved in Sahaja, and if you have not fully reaped the benefit of the same, then both these acts become weak.  Neither you are able to see your own faults, nor others’, and when you see your own mistakes, then you will also see your ego and your superiority complex (‘aham bhav’) and you will see your anger also. As such, you are aware that all these things come from the right side and with the speed of the Sun.

Then, again you will see how the Sun looks to balance. Wherever the intensity of the Sun is more, there will be lot of trees. There the trees are green and full and below such trees, the heat of the Sun is not felt. This is the law of the Sun. Where there is no Sun, there will be no trees also. There will be ice there. Just see how the Sun maintains the balance. And, in this manner various things are considered, like, where the place is very hot, there the animals do not have hair on their skin. Where there is cold, there will be no hair. The nature keeps changing their destiny accordingly. Because, those who are in cold countries, it is essential that they get woollen clothes. There should be such animals, which give lot of wool. That is the reason you see that where there is cold weather, in the absence of sun, animals have lot of wool and people wear it also. Now, whoever has Sun’s grace, that person becomes very bright.  Like Shivaji maharaja, Rana Pratap in our country, and also in other countries such bright people are there. This happens by the grace of Sun. Because, if the Sun is in the Agnya Chakra, the people, first of all, are conscious and have awakening about themselves.

Shivaji maharaja, understand was fighting with Muslims in those days. He confronted the enemies during that period. In the same manner, though he was self-respecting, he was very soft and polite. Along with politeness, he used to have high regard for his mother. He was full of bhakti and had belief in Devi. And he believed in his Guru Sri Ramdas Swami and he used to believe at least other 21 such people, who were great saint and sadhus. All this showed his brightness, that when a person becomes bright, he does not kill anyone, does not lose his temper on anybody. A lot of balance comes in him and with this balance; he does such things, that when he talks with anybody, he will talk in such a manner, which will make people understand that yes, it was their mistake. I should have not done this, because I had told you about the importance of the Sun. This gives a lot of balance inside us. As it gives balance to Earth element, it gives balance to all. If  there is no Sun, no movement of the Sun, neither will there be rain, nor change of seasons and no varieties of flowers, vegetables, no greenery, all of which bloom on account of the Sun, nothing will be seen. All the fertility of the Earth will become like dried and barren. These are the various means of kindness and mercy of the Sun on us.

And importantly, there is special kindness of the Sun God in our country. The kindness of Sun is so much on us that we people do not understand it. But, we have to understand one thing that there is also energy in this. We do not want to use this energy. I was surprised that so much of work is going on this energy in Australia, where they do not receive much of Sun rays. In this country, there is so much of Sun, that if we properly start using this energy, the rest of our questions will be set right. With this energy of Sun, we cannot just imagine what all we can do. But, once we tried to tell our government that we would like to work on this Solar Energy. They talked about expense running to lakhs of rupees. Then we said, brother, this is not alright. It is better to try and do other things. But, if people pay some attention that with this solar energy, we can do something, then many of our questions for which we incurs expenditure involved, and so much of struggle that has to be gone through, will all be easily resolved. Like the rays of the sun, whose energy, whose strength, if we can accumulate, then we can do many things.

Now, it is for the Sahaja Yogis to pay attention to this. Where no progress has taken place till now, that can be taken up by you. And Sun will specially help you. And because, you are a Sahaja Yogi, Param Chaitanya will help you. How would you like to use this? How should you use it? Now, the most important thing is that because of Sun, human being is able to be busy with work. When the Sun goes down, human being sleeps off peacefully. But when sunrises, he starts his work and works hard. But it is a surprising fact that in which ever country there is ample Sun, there people are mostly lethargic and human being becomes fatigued and tired. He becomes tired very fast. That is again the prominence of the right side.

But, I saw in foreign countries where the sun is very mild, there people are laborious and in spite of working hard, they do not sweat. They do not get tired. Cold is their strength to the extent that in the cold atmosphere also even if they work very hard, they do not have trouble. They do not get tired. Severe cold is their complete strength that there is no problem in working in this weather. But, we have to say this that the Sahaja yogis from abroad, are to a great extent rapt (‘tanmay’), satvik and deep tapasvis. I had told that you people to get up at 4 am in the morning, and the Sun rays at 4 am are very peaceful and beautiful. In their ashram everybody gets up at 4 am. After having bath, they sit for meditation (‘Dhyan’).

But this is not so in India. For people in India, getting up at 4 am is sinful. How to get up at 4 am? In India, people do not have that quality, which I have seen in these people from abroad. Especially in our Maharashtra, it is really very bad. I don’t know how suitable Maharashtrians are for Sahaja yoga, because their inner strength is quite low. Those who have Bhakti, can get up at 4 am, or even earlier, and can work out (put effort) at any time. Any time, they can involve for the sake of their progress. The surprising thing is in Maharashtra, so many sadhu and saints have been there. From childhood, we have been learning that one has to acquire one’s salvation (‘moksha’). We have to get our param chaitanya and we have to acquire everything in Sahaja yoga. From childhood you are aware of all this. A lot of work has been done on this. Here, there were nath panthi, who have done a lot of work. But, even after having all this, the people of Maharashtra, have become a sort of strange type. I cannot understand, they say that the governance here has not been proper. That is the reason for our being so useless. But, I also feel that Maharashtrians feel that ‘we know everything, we are aware of everything.’ What do the people here know? What do the other people know?

Now, Delhi people do not know about Dattatreya. What will they do? You know Dattatreya. You know his story. You know everything. But, you cannot become Dattatreya. Because you know a lot, you are sitting on that hill where there is no knowledge. After sitting on the hill of knowledge you are saying that the knowledge is impure (‘avidya’). Sahaja yogis do not require this. Now see the Sahaja yogis of foreign countries, they have never gained this knowledge (‘vidya’). They did not know anything.  I am surprised that North Indians did not know about Kundalini. They thought that horoscope (‘Kundali’) and Kundalini are one and the same. In Maharashtra, the matter is that people do not have what is called mass (‘pind’) within them at all. In Sahaja, there is Mass (‘pind’). I am aghast that in North India, people who had never known Kundalini, have come easily into Sahaja yoga and have gone deep into it. They have so much of devotion. Should we be talking about this? Maharashtrians do not have such thinking. Why such wrong notions have come now in them and tomorrow I have called Sahaja Yogis and Yoginis, and I am going to talk especially with Yuva Shakti.

So, I feel very much surprised that in this Maharashtra, Shri Rama also walked bare foot. He removed his shoes in this holy ground, where there is the empire of Ashta Vinayaka, wherein Shri Maha Vinayaka is sitting in our Ganapathi Pule. Where, the fully revered Swayambhu swaroop of three Devis and the fourth swaroop of Aadi Shakti are present in the same Maharashtra. In the same Maharashtra, I was also born.  With all this, what is the matter with Maharashtrian people? On account of numerous rituals (‘Karma Kand’),  they have developed a lot of ego, egoism, which is called courtesy (‘Shishta-Pana’) in Marathi, has come in. On account of this, the depth which is required is not there. There is a lot of superficiality and a lot of resistance is on the top. It is a very sad thing. Sometimes we feel that so many saints have done so much of work here, and in this land there is lot of vibrations, on that land where I was born, we are not able to understand, as to what further progress will be there in future. Just like grass grows and then gets dried up, in the same manner, if a Sahaja yogi ascends and then nothing further is there. Just like grass grows and then dries up in the same manner, if Sahaja yogi ascends and then stops, we do not know when there will be awareness on this earth.

Specially, girls over here have made me so frustrated after getting them married. Better than these are the girls from the North. They never frustrate me. They do not trouble. Girls from Maharashtra have troubled me a lot. I feel surprised from where such girls have come. In Maharashtra, when we were small, we did not know anything about make-up. We had never seen it. Whichever clothes parents bought for us, we used to wear them; lived in a most in a simple way. And these days I see even girls who are in Sahaja yoga, use make up, from morning to evening, this is their occupation. The effect of cinema, which has come here in Sahaja yogis has not come that much in North India. It is surprising. I am very much surprised myself. How this has happened, that if girls from here have the effect of cinema, it should have been on them also. No, not in Sahaja yoga. We always used to wear simple khaki clothes. When we were young and being so much dressed up, being like any actress, roaming about. Such things would never come in the mind before. Girls  never dressed up like this. Even in Punjab it is like this. As long as girls are not married, they are simple. After marriage, all this dressing up happens. If the entire attention goes on this alone, then as it happens with Gujarati ladies, same will happen to you also. Gujarati ladies are always talking about clothes, this matching that etc. They are caught in this only. They are caught in this. Their growth is not possible. Because, all wasteful things. What is the necessity?

When you come to peace by yourself and if you can come by yourself to the enlightenment of your soul, then that brightness will come into you all by itself. By itself, that beauty will come into you.

If you have to indulge in some artificial method for this, then you are not a Sahaja yogi. Naturally, which means naturalness is in a Sahaja yogi. It shines. Once, I was coming from London. One lady came near me and sat. She touched my feet. I asked what the matter was. She started telling me, my marriage took place in Punjab in the family of Nanak Saheb. But, I did not see the shine in them as I saw in your disciples. In all their faces there is so much of brightness. Everybody’s face was shining. I was surprised how so much of brightness came in people from a foreign country? How has so much of shine has come in their faces?’ Then they said that their guru is like this only. All these people are sitting for you only. They all can meet you. But, if you surrender yourself to external things, and you run after them, then your inner essence will not blossom. It will not come out; feels as if somebody has suppressed it. It has been hidden. I always tell whenever I come to Maharashtra. I feel very sad. Because I had very high hopes in the people of Maharashtra. I used to think that in Maharashtra, there is lot of righteousness; a lot of goodness, and especially for Sahaja yoga. And when I see Maharashtrians, I feel very much surprised. Nothing special to tell, but as I saw certain things, I was very much surprised. As if they had no self respect and wanted everything free.  Who do not have any purpose, where has this greed come from?

Do you know, Shivaji maharaja had taken a lot of jewels and articles to Sant Tukaram. So, when Sant Tukaram came to know that he had given all things to his wife, he said ‘Return all this, you are my wife. You are not a queen of any king, you are not a goddess. What is the necessity of all this? You are my wife and you should be like one. And if you stay like that then there is no necessity of all these things’. In the same manner, you are a Sahaja yogi. What is the necessity for Sahaja yogis to be like actresses? What is the necessity for them to be dressed like that?

And also these girls have disturbed me by laughing at everything. To laugh so much is like a disease in them, I do not understand to laugh at everybody. They do not respect anybody. Even if they are not educated they behave in a similar manner and laugh at everyone. Everyone is disturbed. Everybody say that the Maharashtrian girls …….. (talk is not clear).. What to tell now? How embarrassing it is! During Sankranti, I would like to sit with you and tell you about this that you recognise your dignity. Recognise your strength and what are you? When you understand all these things, then you will understand as to what you will get by doing all this?  Even after going to foreign countries, these girls have showed their colours. Such things make you wonder and surprised. How do they get these things? There is no seriousness. They do not think about anything with any seriousness. Today, it was not my intention to say these things. But, a lot of things have happened in a manner that I have to tell this today. Because it is a matter of Sun, all things come before Sun. From this Pune city, five ladies have come back. Their husbands have discarded them. They are very good people. There is nothing wrong with them. Five people have been discarded. What is the reason for this? The reason is to make a joke. Yesterday only I saw here, girls laughing. Where you have to laugh, do laugh. But every time chuckling, what is the necessity?  It means you have no decency. You do not have decency, meaning you were not standing in the light of the Sun; you were standing in the darkness. You were seeing all wrong things about yourself.

Today, special request has been made to me, Mother please talk about these girls because, if such talks keep on going, the name of Maharashtra will get drowned. It is very strange things if this sort happens. Take care of yourselves. Caring in such a way that we are Sahaja yogis and through Sahaja yoga how people have risen. Where they have been cleared from? How many people have been cleared? How it has all been done? But, now also we are sitting in the same circle. Some are caught in ego, some are caught in their customs, and some are stuck up in external things. This thing has to be known by everybody. The progress of our country will take place only when we bring into us the brightness of this Sun. In Maharashtra, there has been women one better than the other. Mother like Jeejabai, great ruler like Ahalya Bai Holkar, Jhansi Rani, and in case of Muslims, Chandbibi have all been from here. There is so much of exuberance, in our country the quality of ladies who have done such great work. Now, in the same country, do not know how some cases have come up. And there is no seriousness in them. And there is no vision. Whoever sees will not be able to tell that yes a Maharashtrian girl has come. Previously, it used to be that a Maharashtrian girl is required. Now, it is that a Maharashtrian girl is not wanted.

In the same manner, in today’s world we have to be productive in work. It does not mean, working solely. Sun spreads light all over. Now, some are there who can do only one type of work. They do not know how to do any other type of work. There are many people here, especially North Indian people, who do not know the name of any flower. They do not know the name of tree. They do not know anything. You go and ask him what type of flower is there? They do not know any flower, do not know the name of the tree, or do not know which vegetable is there. They did not know anything about Art. What is this Art? What has been told about this Art? What Is the strength of this Art?  How many years ago, this Art has come? In Maharashtra there is no Art. The question does not arise. Whatever Art is there, is all plastic art. At least go to North India, there is so much of Art. There people do not know what is the Rajput form, what is Shyam form (‘Shyam shaili’), any other speciality. In Music, Maharashtra is quite good. Now that music will also have its end, as and how cinema music will come in. Now if music has to be rejuvenated, the Music has to be encouraged in Maharashtra and to rejuvenate we are fully trying in that a music academy be made. Taking for granted, you do not know music, cannot sing songs also, but at least the minimum you can do is to keep interest in music. In that also I saw girls were laughing.

This is the indication of their foolishness. Those who are foolish do like this. They do not understand that those who are foolish they feel as to how to show their presence? So, you laugh. This is the sign of great foolishness. If you cannot understand, you sit peacefully. Hear, see. Slowly you will develop taste by yourself because our Music is filled with culture. Our Art, what is it? What it is not? In order to know this also you should know what our culture is?  Now, in our Maharashtra only, such famous things are there Ajantha, Ellora. How many people are there who have gone and seen Ajantha Ellora? What is it? It has been made in the last thousands of years, worth seeing. Where there was no Sun light inside, how did they make such a beautiful artistic thing? As long as you do not see all this, you will not be able to develop love for your country.

England is such a small country. But every person knows which place is where. I was very much surprised, once I bought a flask, and it was strange, ‘this is made in that place’. I said ‘Good. Where to where’, that person said ‘it is done in north in that place’. This is the speciality of that place. In us, we do not have the knowledge of this at all.  At the most, we can understand where the sarees come from? Otherwise nothing more we can understand. What all things are there? Where all things are available? Do not know anything. In which country which Art is prevalent in which place?  In this matter, we do not know anything. If we do not know about our own country, then from where will we get respect for our country?

I saw in people of Germany. It is a small country. But, they know such minute details about their country that if you have to go to a particular place, then by which train you will travel. Otherwise, which port will it be, they know everything. They know the nook and corner of their country. When you do not know your mother, how will you love her? So, it is required that we should tell our children about our country. How is our country? In this country who have been the great people? And that too, here, they have just indulged just in politics. Others do not know that here numerous great people have served. How much they have sacrificed for our country? How much they have sacrificed for our country? And after how much of sacrifice that was made by our people, on account of which, our country got established. We do not have any attention on that. Therefore, we should think as to how bright our history is. How difficult it is, but you have accepted just what is new today. You have started running after them. How scientific it is.

I have told you today also that this Makar Sankranti is the only day which comes exactly on 14 January because this is the only thing which is dependent on Sun. And for the rest we depend on the Moon in our Astrology. 14 of January is the only day when we depend on the Sun. Thus, we do not know anything about our culture, our History, our Shastras. We just do not know anything. And we call ourselves Sahaja yogis. The study and the awareness of all this is very necessary. It is important to study and understand all these. It is important to study good books. In order to read all this, there is Quran, so many examples are there and so many other things. It is very essential to read all these. This does not mean I am teaching you regarding Hindu religion or Muslim religion. But, we have to have awareness of all this. And we should know which country we are sitting in.

This is the greatest country. Out of all the countries in this world, this is the greatest, but the condition of this country has become such that people say ‘any country is great, but not this’. There is a reason for this in that we have forgotten our culture. Now we have to see as to what the Sun has taught us? What are the things that are taught by the Sun? What type of belief we have in Sun? Early in the morning, people offer namaskar to Sun. By offering namaskar to Sun, our health will be good. Offering namaskar to Sun means to give respect to it. The first thing is to give respect to others. It is to this extent that we offer salutation to Mother Earth as soon as we get up. ‘Oh Mother Earth, please pardon us, we are touching you with our feet’. Those who do not have the nature to give respect to others, they will always be disrespected. Why should anybody give them any respect?  When you yourself are not respecting any one, who will respect you? This only will lead to battle, quarrel. We should give respect to parents. Children are taught to keep the respect of teacher. Keep the respect of your religion. Keep the respect of your country. Keep the respect of creation. Now, the severe Sun light, which is a special blessing, we got so caught up that we cut all the trees. We did not think at all why the Sun would have spread out trees for us? This whole circle is a cycle, and to complete that only the Sun has given the specially blessed earth, and that, we will totally cut and do away with it.

So, the duty of Sahaja yogi is, to plant as many trees as possible. And the most important duty, which I have said thousand times, that your prime duty is to plant as many trees and plants of all varieties in the gardens. You may be surprised to know that in a country like England, if they do not have a garden, they will take a small piece of land and all people will work on that land. Every Saturday and Sunday they go and work on the land. They find it very enjoying. I have seen in Russia also. There people go to places where good trees are there, they will water the trees and take care of it and not only that, even in their own  land, may be as small in size as about 10feet by 12 feet, they will try to revive and rejuvenate the land. They take care of the land, water the land and will try to make it good. I was so astonished. We people do not have time for watering Tulasi plant also.

Now, I had been to Doctor Saheb’s house. They had planted a tree. It was getting dried up. I said twice, water it, water it, and water it. Next month I thought I will only water it. Then your hand will be vibrated. With this energy, if you water the plants in this manner, this Earth will become evergreen (‘Sashya Shyamala’). In the same land, such trees will come out, such fragrant flowers will bloom, and you will make it so beautiful, today, you will feel that all the barrenness will be cleared.

In 1935, we had come to Pune for the first time. All the big mountains could be seen, all beautiful and good, it was very nice. Now you see, it is totally barren, not even a single tree. Do not know how these people made it blank. It is because they have to burn the wood. Why burn so much of wood? As they have the fad for eating and for the sake of cooking food, wood is required for fire. Alright, you cut the wood, but plant another tree in its place. So, automatically, you have paid back the Mother Earth its dues. Then you thought ok come on, let us do something more. How many trees have been planted by Shivaji in our country? Here in Maharashtra, there are so many trees, all of which have been planted by him with his own hands. Even in Pune, he has planted many plants. You can also plant many trees in the same manner. You can also make this Earth evergreen. This is your responsibility especially, when you are in Sahaja yoga.

Then, this is all I have to tell about Sahaja yogis, whether they are in Maharashtra or in North India, in the first place, all Indians should know that they are born in a magnificent country. So much of grandeur is there in this country. You do not know what all has been filled in this soil. You have to understand this first. If you understand this, you will have a lot of love for your country. Because this country which is complete with freedom. How people fought for independence? How they sacrificed? You do not know anything at all. Just came and sat for free. As is said in Marathi, ‘Aayatya  Bilawar  Nagoba’ which means ‘To reap the benefits of other’s hard work”. So, have taken everything and sat comfortably. As if you have been a great patriot. Behind this, there has been so much of strength of struggle, so many people have sacrificed so many things, so many gave up their lives, they died. Everything was done. After all that, you are now becoming westerner. The culture in Sahaja yoga has no connection with westerner. Wearing dirty (indecent) clothes, wearing clothes used by them, to become like them. All right, if you go abroad, all right, wear clothes like them because there, it is necessary. About, even in our country we see what dirty clothes we wear and roam about, that it stinks. What is in our culture has been there since times immemorial, duly inherited. The reason is that these things are useful for our country. What went on from the time of our ancestors, that is getting improved …….. (talk is not clear)… After that, it was necessary to change them. What has been received by us from heritage is very superior.

Now you would have seen, whoever comes from abroad, they all wear clothes like us, live like us Sahaja Yogis. They say that Mother, there is lot of comfort in these clothes. And they started searching for this abroad also. They feel sometimes people see in a way look like ‘Hare Ram Cult’. But, they like it very much. Please get us Kurta Pyjama. We will wear Kurta Pyjama because of the comfort and the simplicity which is there, and is not there in any other clothes. Now, if you are going for a job, or any other work, alright, then you can wear that type of clothes. But, for daily wear, the clothes of the type of our country is very simple, straight, and most comfortable. On account of this, we have to see what we can obtain from this country, and what we can give to the world. This is very important. But I see we have no love for country. The person, who has love for his country, would never think ill of his country. Never! Yes, people in the country have become bad, but the country is bad, this cannot be believed. Whoever is bad is on account of lack of love for the country. If they had love for the country, they would not have looted the country, like this. Their greed would not have been for the notes loaded in the walls. Their get up is something else. And even now in our country there is faith for the inner strength, whoever is in the country.

Actually, no other country or its people have not made so much sacrifice. They were hanged. What all things they have done. Now, you people have come, you will get all things from Sahaja – everything. Your health is alright. Everything is alright at home. Children are alright. Marriages are being performed free of cost. Everything is alright. There are blessings from all sides. This is a very important thing. But this does not mean that even now some letters have come saying that, my brother’s wife’s father’s mother’s so and so is not getting employment, please kindly do something about it. Is he a Sahaja yogi? No Mother, but he is a close relative, something or the other.

Such things are believed, I am surprised that why even now they have greed and temptation for everything? Now at least sit in composure. Because, those who were your ancestors, they fought, quarrelled and made our country independent. They fought with British. How much of sacrifice they made? And after all this you have got this country and after this you should also be aware that you got Sahaja yoga, and through Sahaja yoga all things have become alright. Your diseases got cured. Your troubles have become alright. Everything has become good. This you have to agree. After this also, you do not have attention at all. I have seen many times that in Sahaja yoga, people do not have attention. They are speaking, but attention is here and there. Somebody has come, attention shifted there, shifted here. At least keep the attention in Sahaja. It is only through attention, you will benefit from Sahaja. And by cleaning this attention, if you become radiant like Sun, then wherever your attention goes, it will become successful. I am keeping this entire responsibility on all Sahaja yogis. But, if your country does not become alright, it is the responsibility of Indian Sahaja yogis. How wise they should be? If our country does not become alright, then this is the responsibility of Sahaja yogis. That is the reason why we should unite together. How wise and understanding we should be. And how much of love should be there within us, for all. We should have faith and humility.

If we become glorious like Sun, the country can once again become green and beautiful. Faith and respect of our country, to keep love towards country, is in itself, a big and beautiful worship. There is nothing bigger than this. When the vibration is flowing everywhere, when the great country is ours, we should become equally active, just like the Sun is towards its responsibility. The Sun never thinks that ‘I am doing some work’. Here, so many creative things have made world-wide, and how many seasons have been changed. Ritumbara Pragnya comes only from this. In the same way, may all of you be radiant.

Today I do not want tell against anybody that you are having only negativity. But I would like to tell you that you can rise higher, if you can understand these negativities. And you rise above these and keep faith in yourself. You be careful about yourself, and understand your worthiness.

End of talk in Hindi

Transcript of Talk in English [starts at 55:13]

I am sorry; I had to speak in this language because normally I always speak in English language and you have heard me so many times in English language. This could be translated; this was more meant for Indian’s than for you.

I am very pleased with all the Sahaja Yogis from abroad and I have seen that, they have utilized Sahaja Yoga very well. I don’t think I have anything to correct them and to tell them anything about it, because they are really so dedicated and so beautiful. Sahaja Yogis here have to learn a lot from you. I am telling them, “You must learn from them, how they have humbled down themselves. How they have taken to this Sahaja culture and how they are all the time ascending higher and higher”.

It’s really remarkable that Sahaja Yoga has been in this country from thousands of years. And also now, today, it has taken a very mass approach with thousands of people in this country who have got Realisation. Maybe in your country, may not be so many people. But I must say, I am really amazed the way you have taken to Sahaja yoga and you have come to such a conclusion, that is the only solution for life.

It’s different, when I am in Cabella, I feel very different in because there are no problems because people are so simple. They have accepted all the solutions. It’s very remarkable, very, very remarkable. And the way you have accepted our music and you sing and also the Sahaja culture is very difficult for you to accept, but you have accepted it and you like it. I have no words really to tell you the truth, but these Sahaja Yogis, they have seen you and they are amazed.

The other day I met a great musician. And she told me that when these boys started singing “Jogawa”, they are surprised, were stunned: how could they sing? “We don’t know ‘Jogawa’ so well as they are singing”. And they were really amazed how they know more about it.

So, I have to say that something is great about you that despite the fact that you were not born in this country, it’s after ‘punyas’ of thousands of years born in this great country. But whatever it is, what I see that you people respect all that is Sahaja in such a beautiful way and you have given up all that is artificial, materialistic, so beautifully, that it is really to be seen to understand. So beautiful it is!

I hope all the Indians here will take a lesson from you and they’ll understand how dedicated you are, in this country. Somebody told me, “Mother, when we go direct to India, it’s the Sun, which makes us do all these things. The Sun is so beautiful!
Though we all have the sun here, but we don’t understand the importance of Sun as you do. And the way you work it, the whole Sahaja system is really wonderful!

I am very much thinking about doing lots of programs and projects for this country, also abroad. It’s all because of your help I being able to achieve something. I’m really thankful to you from my heart. I never expected that I have such a response from all the Western countries and also Eastern countries, who have helped in every way Sahaja yoga.

We all, Sahaja Yogis from India, are thankful to you for bringing all kinds of presents for us and have been so much blessed. And so beautifully we all came together! It is such a eye-opener for all of them.
May God bless you all.
Thank you very much!

[End of talk in English 59:35]

Translation from Marathi

They are humble. For them, if I tell something, they will not argue and do as I have told. They have never answered me back, but not here. Here immediately the response will be ‘Not like this, but like that’. They will always use their brains for everything. These people (foreigners) will not utter a single word. Whatever Shri Mataji says they will accept calmly. I don’t understand what good deeds they have done. You have also done equally good deeds and hence have taken birth in this country (India). But you have left the basket of good deeds behind. You need to search where it is. You have to open that basket. When you see yourself in that basket, you will know your truth and realise that you are born in such a great country and how bright is your history and big. I sometimes feel that have these people been born in a foreign county or what? Their quality is like them (‘mavlyan sarkhe’). And have the people with no work (‘upatsumbha’) have come here? In Brazil, leave aside America, but in Brazil where people have never met someone like us, there also Sahaja yoga is spreading fast and they are so deep.

In Uttar Pradesh (in India) there are 30 Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers who are Sahaja yogis and here not even one IAS officer [unclear]. They all have tails. First they need to drop their tails, then they will become normal people. There is too much courtesy. Maharashtrian people have too much courtesy. This excessive courtesy needs to go, not humility. In that also, women are more decent than men. If this happens once and if they get their realisation, if people get to know themselves, they automatically become humble and this courtesy (‘shishtapana’) needs to go. It is very important. If you see the history of Maharashtrian people, this is really Maharashtra. This is very pure, of very high order. But what has happened I am not able to understand. I don’t know how such people have come here and from where? After coming to Sahaja yoga one should get polished as diamond. Their brightness should become like that of the Sun. Otherwise what is the benefit of performing Sankranti puja? Otherwise we take the name of Sun and if one behaves likes stone, there will be no progress. We are doing pooja after pooja. That is why I am taking no more poojas in Maharashtra. But if there is no improvement then what is the use? In the pooja also people come for free, are miserly – it is very clear.

When I talk, that time people think that Shri Mataji is talking about others and not about them. That Shri Mataji is talking about me does not cross their mind. Then how can we change? How will anyone realise that it is their mistake only? In Delhi there are only three Maharashtrian Sahaja Yogis, but they are having such a good state. Everyone says, Shri Mataji, please call some of the Maharashtrians here. I say no. Let them be there in Maharashtra. Those who are having good state are already come there. Not anymore. We don’t need diligent (‘Karmath’) Maharashtrians. They are too diligent. Why did Mahatma Gandhi leave Gujarat and go abroad? Because he said only Maharashtrians are too diligent, not Gujaratis. Because they are so diligent, they have only taken to ritualism. There is nothing else left. But leave them aside. Now you have come to Sahaja yoga, then after coming to Sahaja yoga exclusive, need to establish it, such exclusiveness should be developed. Then only you will become humble. If you do not become humble, you will not be able to spread Sahaja yoga. It will not spread.

To spread Sahaja Yoga, humility is one of the most important part. If it is not there, then anytime, how much ever you put effort, Sahaja yoga will not establish. You should inaugurate with your mother and father. You have to show courtesy. I am telling you, the trouble five-six Maharashtrian girls have give to me, oh my god. I have never seen such malevolent (‘avadsa’) girls. I had not even heard about them. Such characters are not there in any theatrical acts as well. I don’t understand which area (‘khsetra’) has come. They can slap their husbands as well. What to say! Had never heard of such things before what our Maharashtrian girls have done and shown wanton (‘prachanda’). Then we have to have a special boundary (‘valon’) for our girls. They have to become Grihalakshmi tomorrow. They have to make the society. Tomorrow they will have kids and they will also become like this and behave like fools. Then such girls form their group. They will learn all dirty things, then better not to remain in Sahaja Yoga. You should take care of your mother and father. Everywhere Maharashtrians have completely cut their noses (ashamed) because of these girls. Those who are good people and are your leaders (‘pudhari’) are also tired.

Another problem is not to give money. In Naragol there was a turnout of 6,000 people, but only 3,000 people paid their contributions. We don’t need such beggars in Sahaja yoga. Sahaja yoga is not for beggars. Such people should go to orphanage. There we need people of caste. Sahaja yoga is not for useless people. You should keep this in your mind. We should understand our importance. Today, everyone’s eyes are on Maharashtra. Here people have come for peace foundation. All people whom they have taken in their committee [unclear] individually. All kinds of business are here, but why have they are not known? As in this land of religion, land of yoga, such work is not suitable.

I am very hopeful that you all will get your realisation and will bless this land of Maharashtra. These foreigners have written a poem that Maharashtra should be realized. I told who will give realisation to stones? It will not happen from outside. The thought should come from within. I repeat again, Maharashtra needs it very much. Very much needed because the attention of the complete world is here. Everyone has set their eyes here. Then Maharashtra should have collective humility and one culture.

I bless everyone. And I request only one thing, that please bring accolades to the country of your birth. Even if Sahaja yogis do this much, I will not tell them anything. Take care of the country. From you only these people will come who will give a new dimension to Maharashtra.

I bless each one of you.

End of talk in Marathi