Public Program

National College Grounds, Bengaluru (India)

1996-01-30 Public Program, Bengaluru, India, 79' Chapters: Preparations, Arrival, Bhajans before program, Talk, Self-Realisation, Bhajans after program, Departure
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1996-0130 Public Program, Bengaluru, India

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. At the very outsaid, you have to know that Truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot transform it, we cannot describe it. You have to experience the Truth. What we know about Truth is through our limited mind which is in itself in a confusion. Mind is actually something artificial. The real is the brain. But mind is artificial. And when we start projecting our mind, everybody does it in their own way. And then there is a conflict, there is a fight. Some says this is correct, another says that is correct and one does not know which one is to follow and what to do. We have science before us. We thought science will solve our problems but we must know that science is a-moral. It has no morality within it and it has such limitations that we cannot know the fundamentals about ourselves. For example, we cannot say why are we on this Earth. The science cannot explain why are we on this Earth. What is the purpose of our life. There are so many things we can ask scientists and they cannot answer the questions. So, we take to religion and to books which are written about God Almighty. There also we find the people who are in charge of religion are extremely power oriented or money oriented. They are not spirit oriented. So whatever religion they have created is nothing but ritualism what we call as karmakand. All kinds of rituals people do. I met many people who told me ‘Mother we have done this vrat, we have fasted, we have been Himalayas, all kinds of things we have done but we haven’t achieved self-realization- the Atma Sakshatkara’. I again say for this you have to know that you have a special right to become self-realized because you are born in these modern times. These modern times I called them the blossom time, where there are many many seekers of Truth who were running about in the search of Truth all over on the mountains, inside the caves wondering what is the aim of their life. But they all could not find it and it is already promised, already promised that in this horrible, ghor(Terrible) Kaliyuga that people will find the Truth. Without the Truth which is absolute we can never understand why we are fighting. Everybody thinks that they know the Truth and they can lead the masses into the path of Truth so called. But as you see gradually, that all these ideas are exposed to be not the Absolute. So, we have to find the Absolute Truth. Now what is the Absolute Truth? What is the way to know the absolute? Absolute Truth is that: you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not these conditionings or you are not this ego, you are not these emotions and aspirations. But what you are? You are the pure Spirit. This is the first thing one has to understand. Whatever I am going to tell you today, you shouldn’t accept it blindfolded. We have had enough of problems with blind faiths. So, you should keep your mind open like scientist. If you find what I am saying is being proved, then as honest people you better accept it. Because it is the last breakthrough of your evolution. Because, it is for the benevolence of your being, for the benevolence of the family, benevolence of your city, of this country and of the whole world. Because human beings are as they are, there are problems. What they need is a complete transformation and today I am telling you about global transformation. For that you need not be very well educated, for that you need not be belonging to any big city, for that you need not be a very sophisticated personality, or of a person who thinks he is still be overly religious. It can work out in every person because our Creator has already created that wonderful thing called Kundalini within you. 

The second truth one has to see is that there is All Pervading Power of Divine Love, is described with different names in different books we should say by different incarnations sears and prophets is called as ‘Parama Chaitanya’ in our Indian scriptures, is called as ‘Ruh’ in the Quran, is called as the ‘All-Pervading Power of Divine Love’ in the Bible as the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. Adi Sankaracharya has called is the description ‘saleelam saleelam’ – cool cool. This the description of this All-Pervading Power may be called by many names but that makes no difference. There is an All-Pervading Power we can call the only power which is vital, which looks after us, which gives us all these beautiful plants and flowers which we take it for granted, which runs our heart, which gives us life, gives us Joy and which tells us what is the Absolute Truth. We have to feel this All-Pervading power, experience it. By experiencing only, you will know what is the Truth is. You have to experience it on your central nervous system. Is not just to say that this is what God is, this is what Parama Chaitanya is. You have to experience it. All of you have to experience it. Of course, it’s a living process of our evolution. When we became human beings, we didn’t pay to anyone. Or when these plants came up, or these flowers came out of one seed we dint pay to the Mother Earth. So, you cannot pay for it. For the Divine doesn’t understand money. It’s a headache human being have created. They think that God also needs money. God doesn’t need any money from you nor you can pay for your evolution, which is absolutely there, already placed within you in the triangular bone called as ‘Sacrum’. That means that the Greeks knew that it was a sacred bone. And they told me that they came to know from Indians. Its very surprising that the Greeks learnt so many things form us while we don’t know much about ourselves. This triangular bone is placed at the base of our spinal chord, is the one that has this special power which is coiled up in three and half coils and because it’s a coil which is in Sanskrit is ‘Kundal’ and because it’s a feminine power it’s a Shakthi, that’s why it’s called as Kundalini. At least in the south people know something about Kundalini. And they know also about self-realization. But in the north people don’t know anything. If you talk to them about Kundalini, they think that I am talking about Kundali. They don’t understand what is Kundalini is. But it is very surprising because the people in the north are not so ritualistic perhaps they have taken to sahaja yoga so easily that I felt that these are some seekers of last life that they have taken to it so easily and are so much involved into themselves in bettering their inner being. Unless and until we improve our inner being we cannot understand what’s wrong with us. Why we behave in such a manner, why our society behaves in such a manner, why people who are occupying higher places at the helm of affairs suffer from all kinds of problems of Greed also is coming because we are ignorant about ourselves. We don’t know what we are. How great we are. What are our powers. What is our glory. Because of that we are running after things which are of no value, which are of no use. Which are not meant to be taken to as human beings who are at the epitome of evolution. They are the highest. Those highest people have to achieve the last break-through. This is I am just as a mother telling you that if you can accept not what I am saying but accept that experience that you are going to have. In short I will try to tell you what happens when this Kundalini raises. 

Actually it is like a little seed has a Unclear(prevue /preview) in it what we call ‘Ankura’ and which gets manifested when it comes in contact with the Mother Earth. Then it grows into a very big tree. In the same way your prevue is this Kundalini, as a result you become a very different transform person who has the light of the spirit shining in the attention. So, the first thing that happens to you is that you start feeling this all-pervading power around you. I must tell you this country of ours is ‘Yoga Bhumi’. Don’t get disturbed by what is happening outside. But inside, this is a very very ancient country of Yoga meaning by which you are surrounded by this Parama Chaitanya. Which is those who can see, can see that the Parama Chaitanya is active. And because of this you can feel the existence of this Parama Chaitanya very easily. Indians can feel it because they say that one has to be full of punyas to be born in this country. Of course, some people have lost faith in that, that is not the truth. The truth is definitely that you have born in this country, you have every right, you have your birth right to get your self-realization. The whole world is understanding that this India which is going to lead this whole world in spirituality. Once this Kundalini is awakened, it passes through various centers, you have been told about these centers that it passes through six centers and pierces through the last center which actually the seventh one and connects you through this al-pervading power of Divine Love. Like this instrument supposing is main and is not connected to the mains it has no meaning. In the same way we have no meaning, we have no identity unless and until we are connected to this power which has created us. So spontaneously try this. You don’t have to do anything, no mantras, no japas, no fasting nothing. You don’t have to stand on your head. Nothing of the kind. But it just spontaneously gets awakened, rises and you can feel it on your fingertips this cool breeze of the Holy Ghost as they call it in the Bible or as in the Quran it is described that at the time of resurrection, you will feel this Ruh on your hands and your hands will speak and they will tell you what is wrong with you. These hands will speak against in the sense, they will tell you what’s wrong with you. You have been told already about the chakras and how you feel them on your finger-tips. All this has to happen. But internally what happens is that we become extremely peaceful automatically. Nobody has to tell you that Unclear(I will give you a peace award) or peace you must have, these lecturing doesn’t work out. Because all the time this head is madly thinking, this mind is thinking all the time, and when it is thinking what is happening is there are waves of thoughts coming up and down, up and down. We live in the future and also in the past. But we cannot live in the present. If I say come to the present, you cannot. And present is the reality because past is finished and the future doesn’t exist. So, what happens when this Kundalini rises, She elongates these thoughts and the space is created between them which is called as ‘Vilamb’. By this happening you feel absolutely peaceful because you become thoughtlessly aware. Thoughtlessly aware. Means you are absolutely aware but you are thoughtless. We call it in Sanskrit as ‘Nirvichar Samadhi’. Automatically, it happens to you that you become thoughtlessly aware that you stand in the present. Then there is no bombardment of thoughts nothing. You are absolutely peaceful and then you get all the qualifications of a Sakshatkari who becomes the witness of the whole drama. He thinks the whole world is a drama. He watches the whole thing without getting disturbed. I can give an example like if you are standing in the water, you are afraid of the waves that are coming. But in case, you know how to jump into a boat, then you are not afraid. You watch these waves nicely and enjoy them. But supposing how to jump and swim then you can save others also. So, this is the two stages into which you pass, first you become thoughtlessly aware. And the second stage where you become, we call it as doubtlessly aware means in Sanskrit it is ‘Nirvikalp’. There is no ‘Vikalpa’. And you just become one with the Divine Power and you know how to handle the situation. As a result of this so many things can happen. Because all your physical, mental, emotional problems are there, because these centers are there in the jeopardy. Something wrong serious with the centers, that’s why you are physically sick or mentally ill or you have other problems. Say even from false gurus you have problems. They all get corrected because this Kundalini passes through these centers, She nourishes them, She integrates them and enlightens them and with that enlightenment what you get is a complete experience, again I say not the knowledge. Because knowledge can mean the mentalism. It’s not the mentalism. But the complete experience of your self and the experience of your being whatever it is which you have never known before. We say this is my nose, this is my hand, this is my body. You say my my my. But who is the owner of this my is the Spirit, and the Spirit is the reflection of God almighty within us. Now, so many patients have been cured, many heart patients have been cured, cancer has been cured and even aids has been cured through sahaja yoga no doubt. But for that we can not force you. We cannot force you to take your realization. It is your own desire, your pure desire, that works. This solves the problem once for all. because first of all, your health improves, also your wealth improves. The reason is also there is a Laksmi principle in the Nabi chakra. When it gets enlightened you get ideas and ideas which are workable. Which workout to solve even your financial problems so you don’t have to take to something that is greed or take to something that is wrong. Above all you feel absolutely satisfied about everything. For example, now you want to buy a car. Then you want to buy a house. Nothing satisfies you. You go on buying one from another to another to another. Nothing satisfies you. What happens that, all the time you are dissatisfied. And what ever you workout and whatever you try for is of no use to you because once it is done, you think it is finished now. There is no use having anything of this kind but we should have something more. Is a principle of Economics that ‘wants in general are not satiable’. So, we all suffer from this kind of a madness of running from one thing to another and then to another. Now, this is finished. Whatever you get, you enjoy and whatever you have, you love it. Even a little thing like these flowers here so fragrant, I can just feel them how beautiful they are and how they are so fragrant. They may die tomorrow. But how fragrant they are. How they are giving you Joy and you become sort of a, I should say a very sensitive personality which feel the nature, which feels other human beings and which feels all the goodness of the whole thing. You become really a very saintly person like a saint. But you don’t have to give up your family, you don’t have to give up anything. Because this giving up is also a mental idea that if you do this, then something will happen. 

I will give a simple example, I was in Chicago, it was very cold, really really very cold and we were in a hall which is heated up but still it was very cold and everybody was feeling the cold you see, but there was a fellow from some group ‘Hare Rama group’ who came and who was wearing a very thin dhoti. He was an American you see. And he was shivering before me. I said why are you wearing dhoti? So he said ‘My guru has told me that if you have to have your moksha you must wear dhoti’. I said O really? Then in our country eighty percent people wear nothing but dhoti but all of them will get moksha without any trouble. Then he was shaved and had a pony tail behind what we call Unclear(‘Kudvi’). So, I said what is all this whey did you shave your hair, why did you have this. So again, he says ‘my guru has told me that you have to have this if you have to enter into heavens’. I said really? I dint know this because in India so many people have it. But then I told him about Kabeera who has said a beautiful couplet about it. He said, by shaving your head if you can go to heaven then what about the lamb who shave twice a year. He will be there first before you. Its like this. So, you see all this kind of things when I said he got very angry, he said you are talking against my guru. I said I am not talking against your guru, but I am just telling you as a mother what are you doing? What’s the use, its so cold for me as a mother I feel that you should not wear such a thin dhoti that you feel this shivering in yourself. So, this is what I am saying that if you are in ignorance and you accept it as a truth, you will go on and on and on for ages together, yugas will pass you will never take to Truth. The Truth is that which can be absolutely Unclear() experienced not only that but there should be complete understanding through your reigning. Not rationality but reigning. You must know it that what you have got is the Truth. Is not the way that my guru told me or that I know this is it. it’s not like that. Now this will do good not only to your physical being as I told you, it will good to your mental being. You will become a peaceful person. Many people who are mentally sick have been cured. Now English language is very limited. As you know mind, I don’t understand English mind, what it means. If it means intelligence, or if it means brain or anything. But we call it ‘Buddhi’. That’s a simple word to understand. English language as it is you know its very limited. It has no sense much of adhyatma about spiritual life. But as I don’t know your language, I had to use this foreign language to explain to you. For example, they say Spirit. Now spirit can mean atma. Spirit can mean alcohol, spirit can mean also a dead body. I mean imagine, these three things, how can you have one word for that? But our languages are much more explanatory because they have been always going in to the understanding of the truth. That’s why we have much more words which can explain our inner problems and inner thing in a very clearcut manner. So now whatever it is, you should say that when people are retarded, they are born retarded or they have mental problems can be cured through sahaja yoga. There are many who have been cured by sahaja yoga. They have been. I am not telling you lies because I don’t have to get anything from you. I don’t have to get any money or any position or I am not for any election or for any political aids. I am here just to give you what is your own. This is your right to have. And all the saints have talked about it. You go to Punjab there is Guru Nanak, he says ‘kahere banko jananaye’ – why are you searching it in the Jungle, seat is within you. Just find it within yourself. And once you find it, then you realize what you are, that you are the pure spirt. This is the minimum that happens to us when you get realization. But afterwards when you are established, you get all the powers: to give realizations to others, to save others and to work it out in such a way that it spreads very fast. What I feel basically, we are very conditioned people. 

For example, I went to Russia, Russia is a place there, we are not allowed to talk about God or religion. It was such a crime to talk about God about religion. Now in Russia, you will be amazed first time I went there, I was amazed the way people throng for sahaja yoga. And they settled down so easily. Thousands and thousands. Always I have programs in a very big stadium. But in one village there is twenty-one thousands settled sahaja yogis you know. We can’t say their pindas are better or they are people or ‘purva punyas’ Unclear(or anything). But only thing good about them is they are not conditioned. They are of the people with a very clean slate. And just they accept and go into it. The scientists, we have so many scientists who are sahaja yogis in Russia, is very surprising. And once I had about three hundred scientists invited me to a conference and as I started talking about science, because I thought for the scientists you better start talking on science. They said madam, we don’t want to know about science. Because in science they are really very much advanced people. Much more than even America. They said, we know all the science and the limitations of science. You tell us about the science of God. I was amazed at these people. There are two hundred and forty doctors who are practicing sahaja yoga in Mosco itself, leave alone other parts. Now, you see very surprising when they had a Unclear() there and I was there and I asked them, are you not worried about your political situation? He said, why should we? I said, why there is such a political situation of Unclear() and all that, aren’t you worried? They said, see mother, we are in the Kingdom of God, what do we bother about this kingdom? Such people are there because they are not so conditioned. We are overly read people, we know so many things by heart and we are so conditioned in this country that I find the level of reaching the Truth is much higher in those countries where they have no education whatsoever about Spirit, about religion, about God. Because once you think you know so much, it’s difficult to talk to. Supposing you sent some boy to a collage who thinks he knows everything; how will he learn? Nothing. In the same way it happens in our country. And I sometimes feel very sad because I know this country is very great and in this country are born such great saints of such great heights that we should not be lacking behind. As I told you the whole world feels that India will give them the spiritual lead which is needed. Now first they used to talk about IQ. That is the intelligence quotient. And according to them, Germans Unclear(rate) the most highest races. Can you imagine with all the kinds of horrible things that they have done? But what has happened with them? Now they are talking about EQ that there has to be a balance of your emotions as well as your intelligence. If intelligence doesn’t have the balance of emotion, a person can become a devil. Now they are coming with this unclear() but we realized it long since I don’t know even Markandeya has talked about it thousands of years back. Now Kundalini is not new science by any chance. It’s a very very ancient thing which was discovered in India, I was surprised that Ukraine I went to, they had three thousand years before Christ, they said a Machindranath came to our country. Can you imagine our Machindranath. Machindranath and Gorakhnath came to our country and he told us about the Adi Shakthi. About the Aditi they called. And they have made paintings about this, about the chakras. I was amazed to see all these things that they have could make it even in the tera cotta. And they are in the musicum. I was surprised how they are accepted all these things. But then they said that our communism came or the Christian religion came and they abolished everything. But still, still they have in the museum all these things which I am talking to you today. So, this is an ancient science of sahaja yoga. It is not a new one. The only difference is in that in the old times, when people were practicing this, especially the Nath Panthis in Maharashtra and also in your country they did not sort of do the job of Kundalini awakening much. The tradition was to give one, only one selected person the awaken. Only one. One guru would give it to one at the most. But at the time in the twelfth century Gnaneshwara said that, no let me at least write about this Kundalini. So, when he wrote a treaties on Gita, in the Gita it is not mentioned. Because Krishna must have thought of what’s the use of telling these people about it may be. Then Gnaneswara wrote it in the sixth chapter saying, telling about the Kundalini, how she is the one who gives you realization. She is your individual mother and how she works it out, so beautifully done. It’s in the sixth chapter. But the Therma Marthanda’s the ones who are in charge of religion had no idea about it. So, they said this is out of question, this is something that Gnaneswara had said it but it has no meaning. It is nishidh-its not to be read. So the whole thing went into oblivion. Then came in the sixteenth century so many saints even in your country, we can say that the maximum number of saints came but also in the west. We have William Blake*, we have another one called as Luis you see, all these people have talked about sahaja yog so clearly. But we dint understand that it’s so important to get your self-realization. Now what we have done now in this modern times is that a new method of a-mass-realization has come. A-mass. You can give realizations to masses. That has to be. Because the time is set. Because also this Parama Chaitanya has gone into a transformation. So now, before the Satya Yuga starts, after the Kaliyuga what I started is called a Krutayuga. Where this Parama Chaitanya is absolutely active. It is so active that once you come to sahaja yoga, you will be amazed. You may say this is what you have got as a miracle. Nothing is a miracle here. Everything works out so beautifully that you won’t be able to believe that is possible because just from this ghor Kaliyuga getting into the realm of Krutayuga and the Satyayuga has started because in Satyayuga all the wrong things will be exposed and that’s what is happening today. You shouldn’t blame anybody, it is the yuga which is helping us to see things which we never saw before. Now at this juncture what I have to tell you that you have this power. you can become thoughtlessly aware. Your spirit comes into your attention. In the light of your spirit, your attention does lots of things. If you put attention to somebody, you can know about his chakra. You can cure that person, you can help that person. So many things can be done through your attention which is now enlightened, absolutely enlightened by the Spirit. You can experience your own being, you can experience your greatness, you can experience your glory and also you develop a new dimension in you which we call as collective consciousness-Samuhik Chetana. Means you can feel others on your finger-tips. Who is the other? The question is who is the other? And you are amazed how you can feel others on your finger-tips. And once you are there, you are a sahaja yogi, anything happens to you here, the whole world where ever there are sahaja yogis, they get disturbed. They want to help you. They want to find out what’s the matter. The whole world. Just one thing happens to you, every one all over the world where you have so many brothers and sisters. They have all become collectively conscious. We have seminars in India once a year. And people from sixty-five nations at least come there. All selected people. I have never seen them quarrel, I have never seen them fighting, never said a harsh word, they don’t drink, they don’t smoke nothing of the kind. But so much beautiful, lovable people how they love each other. Of course, there are little mischievous and certain humor there but its such a friendship, such understanding and oneness, such a rapport. The children and the elders it’s a very beautiful rays that has come out. Now, I request you as Indians to understand me and not to keep your mind working so much but just understand that you have to have this. Because ultimately what you get is that you jump into the sea of joy. Joy is not like happiness, unhappiness. It is singular. It is ‘keval’. It is absolute. This joy is there and you just enjoy yourself and enjoy everyone and life becomes full of enjoyment. And all these trivial things that bothered you gets solved. Everything gets solved. You are so amazed how it worked out. I have got letters after letters and I was so fed up but reading all of them that I didn’t know what to do with it. So, I told one sahaja yogi who is very good at computer that you computerize these things and see now, they have, we should put it in the book. In one month, he says the whole thing gone up to my head mother. Now what am I do? In one month. I said forget it. let people experience, enjoy and find it out for themselves. What’s the use of writing you get this and you get that. It’s so wonderful the whole thing is, un believable. Unbelievable. I will give you two examples you won’t believe, how this Parama Chaitanya is helping you. There was a lady from Mexico who was working with the UNICEF and when I went to New York many people from the UN came, one of them was herself. Then took to sahaja yoga and she became a very devote sahaja yogini. She had a son very young boy who was studying in Harvard university. And she wrote to me, Mother in Mexico all my elders died of some disease which is very horrible and they died at a very old age but my son has got this disease at a very young age. He is just a student. So, she wrote to me three letters. Whether I should come to India? Will you help me this, that. But I was travelling, I thought what to do. And the fourth letter came and in which she writes, ‘Mother thanks to you’, of course I didn’t do anything, I must tell you, I am a ‘nishkriya’, I don’t do anything. But it has worked out, ‘and my son has no disease. They have given all negative reports’. I was surprised how it is worked out. It’s a fact, it’s a fact. How it has worked out? This is the Parama Chaitanya which just worked it out. You see, it is like a big computer or it’s a big office where the sort of things go and they work it out. You won’t believe it works. And it has worked with so many. There is another case of a girl, was young, her father was a sahja yogi, mother was a sahaja yogini but she got frustrated with some, every young girl in some love affair or something. So, she wanted to kill herself. Father was custom officer, so she took a pistol and put the trigger here. And the thing triggered in such a way that the thing came out from this side, a bullet also some blood. So, the parents got afraid, they took her to the hospital. She was quite conscious through out and doctors were amazed how she is conscious? But then they x-rayed her, saw her. And they were amazed that the bullet has not touched any bone, any muscle, any nerve. It has nicely come out from this side and the doctors couldn’t understand. As a result, that hospital has taken to sahaja yoga. In Delhi. That’s why I must say, north Indians are much better in this respect their authorities because the Delhi university took over and there was a research done and four doctors have got now M.D. But here I don’t know what is the situation but in Maharashtra we have some so called intelligent intellectuals. I think they are dumb people. Absolutely dumb. Because they don’t want to see. If this is going to help them, why shouldn’t you see this? Because after all, we are suffering from so many things and if this is going to be helpful. Why they had say that this is not good, not possible, we cant believe it. But if you say arrogantly, you raise my Kunalini, I cannot. If you force on me, they told me one organization will give you two lakhs of rupees if you raise my kundalini. I said even if you give ten lakhs I cannot raise. Because Kundalini doesn’t understand money. She understand your pure desire. Because she is the power of pure desire, she is your individual mother, she knows everything about you, and she is anxious to give you your second birth. So, this is all you have within yourself which has to just manifest. Once it manifest, you will be surprised, your children will be very beautiful children and most of them pass with flying colors. I have seen so many sahaja yogis who get first class first position, first class second position who were supposed to be very dull students. So, you can imagine what happens to your intelligence also, but also you can become a very compassionate kind and peaceful persons. If this all your own property, this is all within you, why not you have it. What’s the harm in having? Instead of thinking about something else, I have read this and I have read that why not have it? It is a very very simple thing, it is sahaja: saha means with, ja means born. It’s born with you. This right, this birth right to have this yoga, is the union with the Divine. May God bless you all. 

We will have the meditation process now. It will take hardly ten minutes. Not more than that. But if you don’t want to have it, you can leave the place. I have already told you that I cannot force on you. It cannot be forced. That’s one of the limitations it has to be asked for and it will work. So please you can leave the place if you don’t want to have it. Now there are some people who might have read some stories that if you raise the Kundalini you get this and you get that. Nothing of that kind. I have done this for twenty-five years more than that, I have not seen anything happening like that. Because if somebody doesn’t know something, you put your hands in the plug then you said the electricity has burnt me, so that means you are knife. But those people who have been helped, you ask them what they have felt it and how they are enjoying life. It changes you, transforms you, it gives you such a lot of creativity. Now you know Amzad Ali, he is a, now a famous Unclear() he is a very famous musician, they are all sahaja yogis. First, they were no good. Suddenly they have become such great artists. There are many painters who are now world famous. So many things have happened to them. There are people who are charted accountants have become great poets. One fellow from Maharashtra was a very ordinary man, now he is got an award for writing up spiritual poetry so well. More than that and a very great poet called Madgulkar has praised him so much, he said, I have no words to praise you. You are so much higher than me. So, it works out in all directions everyway and your personality is expressed so well. All these modern things stress, strain and all these, I don’t want to discuss now. But all these problems can be solved. Your children who are taking drugs and your children who are doing wrong things become extremely beautiful obedient children and very good citizens of this country. It is a very different rays that’s coming up and you should be one of them. That’s what I request, May God bless you and give you a full desire to have this. It will take hardly anytime for you to achieve it. 

Mantras? Nothing. She will raise spontaneously. You don’t have to do anything. Also, sahaj means spontaneous. It is effortless. It will workout effortlessly. So, you don’t have to take any name or chant anything. Nothing. Just be quiet. That’s all and it will work out. You will be amazed to feel it. I have to only tell you one thing that its rather cold but doesn’t matter if you can takeout your shoes, it will help a lot because as I told you this Mother Earth in India is specially vibrated, specially very spiritually gifted because Shri Rama also took out his shoes when he came here, he took out his Unclear(padatran) when he came here. Its such a holy land. We are sitting on the very holy land of our country and where it is very easy to give realization. To give realization to foreigners, unclear(I/will) have to break my hands and I tell you it takes sometimes months to establish but not with Indians. You will get your realization in no time. But don’t waste it, respect it. You have to respect it and go into it. We have a very nice center here, and you are all expected to be there and you will get all the knowledge free. Its not like my introductory lecture and after that you will be leached with any money. Because money has nothing to do with shaja yoga. Maybe you might have to pay something for this place or may be. But that’s different. That you can pay. But for your self-realization, you cannot pay for this divine knowledge you don’t have to pay. Once you get divine knowledge then you will understand the knowledge of our scriptures of Bible, of Quran, of Gita all of them. Before that you cannot read between the lines. So, you develop that Sukshma Drishti. That subtle understanding by which you really realize what is the Truth is. You transcend all religions, all communities, all cast system, all nationality everything you transcend. You become a global personality. 

So, now please put both your hands towards me. Please take out your shoes…

[………………………. DISCONTINUED VIDEO AT 1:05:45 ……………………….]

You know, you do one thing is to forgive. Forgive yourself and forgive everybody else. Don’t feel guilty, don’t feel guilty. That’s the main problem. Don’t feel guilty. Just forgive yourself and forgive everyone in general. Now, please put the left hand towards me. I know there is breeze outside, but this is coming from inside your head. Just see again with the right hand on your Talu, or your fontanelle bone area and left hand towards me. But please don’t put it on the top of your head but away from it Unclear() like that and see, some people get it far, some get it nearer. You can move your hand and see it for yourself. Now be honest about it if you are feeling it coming out of your fontanelle bone area. This is the blessing of our beloved country which is India. Now, you have to bend your head. Now please put your right hand again. You must bend your head, just bend your head. Its better that you see if it is bent. Just please bend your head and see for yourself again. Be honest. Now please put both your hands towards me like this and watch me without thinking. Just watch me. Just watch me without thinking. Some people get it from down below, they should put it back like this. Some people are getting from down below. Now, please put up your both the hands like this and push back your head. See the sky is enlightened also. Put the hands like this and ask a question in your heart. You can call me Mother or Shree Mataji whatever you like. ‘Mother is this the Parama Chaitanya?’ ask this question. See what a wind, its blowing. Put up your head. In your heart, please ask this question. Now take down your hands please. All those who have felt cool or hot breeze out of their fontanelle bone area or on their finger-tips or on their palms please raise both your hands. I bow to you all. Your saintly life has started. I bow to you. May God bless you Unclear(the whole of Banglore). May God bless you, may God bless you.

Now, as I said respect your self-realization, and you have to give just little time. For meditation hardly you need ten minutes at home but it’s a collective happening, its not happening individually. So, if you do something individually, it will just cleanse you out for a while. But it’s a collective happening. You have become the part and parcel of the whole. So, like if my finger is caught up, the whole body feels for it. In the same way, in the body of the Virata, you have become part and parcel. So, now you have to come to the collective for which you don’t have to pay, you don’t have to do anything. Its just to enjoy all your brothers and sisters. Not only in Bangalore but in the whole country and later on in the whole world. May God bless you. 

I think I will ask them to sing one song, so please don’t go, just clap. Because that will help you to improve your sensitivity. Just one song. In Bangalore which is very important today the way I see the situation is, may God bless you. 

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