How the mind is controlling us?

Darling Harbour, Sydney (Australia)

1996-03-04 How the mind is controlling us? Sydney, Australia, 135'
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Public Program, Darling Harbour Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia, 4 March 1996.

[Till 3.38 yogis singing devotional song ‘Jai Shri Ganesha

4.40 to 9.45 devotional song ‘Mother’s Joy’

10.12 to 33.55 Welcome address, background on Sahaj Yoga, introduction to Sahaj System and Chakras

34.00 to 42.12 yogis sing devotional song Sitting in the Heart of the Universe

43.20 to 50.25 yogis sing Sri Jagdambe

52.07 to 1.00.34 yogis sing Udaya Udaya

58.20 Shri Mataji comes in

1.01.20 to 1.03.58 Introduction of Mataji


I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

At the very outset, I have to tell you that Truth is what it is. You cannot change it. You cannot describe it. You have to experience it. And you cannot pay for it. You can only discover it through the last breath of your evolutionary process which is a living process into a new awareness, into a new dimension. Now whatever I am telling you, please don’t accept blindfold. We have had enough problems with the blind faith. If you do experience, if you do get the results of whatever I am saying, you have to accept is as honest people, because it is for your good, for the good of the family, for the good of your country, for the good of the whole world. We talk of peace. Now where does this war come in? From where the ideas of fighting and quarrelling come in? It comes from your mind. Now look at this mind. What it is. I say it is a myth. Mind is a myth created by the reaction of your ego and your conditioning. It’s like the fog or you can say like the bubbles on the shore of the ocean, which are brought forth by your thoughts and your reactions. But you can’t stop it. When this mind is created, it again substantiates and support your ego and your conditioning. It’s like this as create a computer and then the computer itself starts controlling us. In the same way, this mind starts creating us. Or we can say we create the watch and then this watch starts controlling us. Now all these thoughts are born through this mind of ours which is nothing but the garbage we have gathered around by reacting to things. When we see very grotesque type of creation of things and films, handsome also, very so called art, we are surprised from what brain it comes. There must be some rotten brains that are bringing it, but brain is reality, not the mind. They come out of the mind. So one has to understand that to get peace we have to go beyond this mind. This mind if the one which reacts and creates problems for us. Makes us believe into things and, we are conditioned. We are not free. Free people to understand what is reality. Reality is beyond the mind. Now how to cross the limit of mind. Like once a doctor in Switzerland said, mother, you do what you like you can cut my throat, but stop these thoughts they’re bombarding me. You cannot stop. Because a thought rises and falls off, another thought rises and falls off. These thoughts come to us from the past or the future. You’re not in the present. You cannot be in the present. But when this power that is described to you already known as the kundalini, rises, then she takes your attention beyond the thought. Beyond the mind. And that is the place where resides the present reality.

Now this special thing as called as kundalini is not to be discarded because it is coming from India. It has been described in every Scripture. Even in the Bible it is described that I will appear before you as tongues of flames. These are the tongues of flames you see along the path of the kundalini. Also Mohammad sahib has said very clearly in his Koran, that if you want to know God, you must known yourself. Christ has said ‘Know Thyself’. All of them have said the same thing. If you see the Zen system, or Lao Tse or Confucius, anyone of them. They all said that unless and until you know yourself, you are not there, you have no identity. But knowing yourself is very important, because you are the treasure of knowledge, you are the wisdom and divine discretion. It’s all within you. Which you should know without any effort. Effortless. Sahaj. ‘Sah’ means with, ‘ja’ means born. Born with you is the right to get your self-realisation. It’s your birth right to have it and in these modern times it has been made very very easy somehow to get this realization.

In our country also, all the saints have described about achievement of yourself. Sahaj word has been used by so many saints, esp by Guru Nanak who says, ‘sahaj samadhi’. Whatever you have to get in your awareness (Samadhi is awareness), has to be in a sahaj (means spontaneous) manner. So for this you don’t have to stand on your head. You don’t have to run away from your families. You don’t have to starve or fast. You’ve done it. You’ve done it in your last lives. In this life, you should have the fruits of your hard work that you’ve put in to express your desire to be one with the divine.

The first truth is that you are not this body, this mind. These conditionings, this ego, these emotions, but you are the pure spirit. The second truth is very much evident but we’re not bothered to know. For example, you see these beautiful flowers, beautiful trees all around. It’s a miracle. See everything is different. Every seed is different. And all flowers are different. Their fragrance is different. IT’s a miracle that is created but we take it for granted. If you ask a doctor who runs your heart. He’ll say it the autonomous nervous system. But who is this auto? Who is the one? Who does it? They don’t know. At the most they will say it is the autonomous nervous system. Beyond these systems, we have this system here of these three channels. And these three channels, left and right channels, look after your right and left sympathetic nervous system, which are responsible on the right side for your physical and mental activity. On the left hand side, for your emotional activity. In the centre, these two sympathetics, they form a loop like this and the chakras, the centres are created. These centres are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. But when we start exhausting whatever limited energy it has then we start developing either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems. If somehow we can save these centres from state of jeopardy we can solve the problem of physical problem, of mental problem, and also emotional, spiritual problems.

Now we must tell you that we have cured through Sahaj Yoga. I shouldn’t say we have because it is your own Kundalini that has done the job. People who suffered from blood cancer; people who have suffered from lots of incurable diseases; we don’t have to go through the rigmarole of horrible diagnoses. You can diagnose a person on your finger tips. Because these fingertips, 5,6 and 7, are denoting your centres within yourself. They get enlightened. So with the light of the spirit when you are enlightened, you really become an enlightened person. It is not just a certificate, I am this , I am that. It is something that happens to your awareness. The first thing that happens as I told you: you go beyond the mind that you become thoughtlessly aware. In Sanskrit, we call it ‘nirvichar samadhi’. It is an instant happening. Maybe the modern times are such that Kundalini rises like a jet. And in thousands of people, it has worked. But to establish that situation of thoughtless awareness, you have to meditate at the most for 10 minutes, in the evening. But immediately you will feel absolutely peaceful. You’ll feel like witness of the whole drama that is going on, and with that drama you’ll be able to see that there’s nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be worried, because you are out of that problem, you can solve it. Like if you are standing in the water, in the sea, and it is turbulent, you see the waves rising higher and higher, you’re frightened. But supposing you can get into a boat then you can watch the same scene with such attention and with enjoyment because you know it cannot hurt you. But supposing you can jump into the sea because you are a great swimmer, you can save many others. So in the second state where you become doubtlessly aware, you become all powerful, because you can give realization to others. Its like one enlightened light or a candle can light many candles, you can give realization to many people.

They say that Sahaj Yoga is working in 108 countries where I’ve not been. I’ve been to many but not so many. Only the people who got their realization went down to all these places and have given awakening to so many people. It’s something that is within you. This kundalini is your own mother. She’s your individual mother. She knows everything about you. She’s very anxious to give you your self-realisation. As your mother took all the pains when you were born, she takes all the pain. She’s so anxious that if she knows that there is a atmosphere that she can awaken your inner being, she spontaneously rises and doesn’t give you any trouble whatsoever. It’s a living process of evolution as I told you. We cannot explain any living process in a very scientific method because supposing you have a seed, and you plant it in the mother earth, it sprouts. Because the mother earth has got power to sprout it and the seed has got power to be sprouted. It is no effort. The seed is to be treated with respect and it has to be planted inside the mother earth. It is a very simple thing. Now, people think that how can it be so simple. For them it should be a very difficult thing. But everything vital in this world is simple. For example, our breathing. Supposing for our breathing we had to do some or take some lessons, or consult some books, what would have happened? It’s a very vital thing which has to happen and that’s why it is very simple. I think these are the times I call them as blossom time, where suddenly so many seekers have come and the Kundalini is taking this form. Of course, it is predicted also by Kundalini long time back that such and such thing will happen. But still it will happen in such a big proportion I could never have guessed.

What happens to you when the Kundalini rises? First of all you feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. Now what is this cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? It is the all pervading power of Divine Love. This Divine Love is the one which gives you these flowers. Is called also as ‘Ritambhara PrAgnya’ by Patanjali. It is also called as ‘param chaitanya’. It is also called as ‘rooh’. Also it is called as ‘nirakaar’. You can call it by any name. in the Bible it is called the all-pervading power of divine love. Whatever you may call it. It is something which is an energy around us which is a very subtle energy. Which works into every atom and molecule, into everything, penetrates into anything. This special energy we have never felt before. For the first time tonight, you are going to feel it. Also this is called as the Last Judgement because there are people who like to go to people who can be bought whom they can pay money for self-realisation. People who can deceive them. People who can tell them stories something artificial, and they get bound by those permissive marketing ideas. If they’re permissive people like them because it supports their weaknesses. If it is ego-related, they like it because it boosts their ego. So, the judgement is now. It is for you to judge whether you want the absolute truth or not. The difference between Truth and Absolute Truth is this that Absolute Truth is felt by everyone on the Central Nervous System which we called as ‘bodh’. From where the word Buddha has come.

Another one is ‘ved’. Veda is to know it on your CNS not mentally. Not on mental level. On your fingertips. And on your fingertips you can find out what is the Absolute Truth and what is the Relative Truth.

Supposing you have 10 children who are realized souls and you tie up their eyes and ask them to say what is wrong with the person who is standing before you. They will all raise the same finger or fingers which will mean maybe that he has a bad heart or he has got mental problems. It can be easily found out what’s wrong with that person. Now if you know how to correct your centres, you can also correct the centres of others. And thus, you can help the whole world. To get emancipated, it’s the thing by which you are resurrected.

Again I would say Mohammad Sahab has said though he didn’t write Quran but there are lots of things left behind somehow, that your hands will speak at the time of resurrection, at the time of ‘qiyamah’. This is exactly what happens that you can feel on your ends of your fingertips your centres and centres of others. Because you get into a new dimension of your awareness which we call as collective consciousness. Become collectively conscious. Sitting down here you can know the vibrations of another person. You can know what’s wrong with that person. Even if he’s dead, you can know about it. It’s very interesting how you become full knowledgeable and after some time you will be amazed that you can even tell the future of a person. It’s very simple because if you become a saint of that level, what is future and what is past. it’s all absolutely in your brain already built-in. Only thing is that you are not open to it so far, but with the light of the spirit everything opens up in your brain.

I’ve seen children who are very dull in class who were brought today because they were hopelessly bad, failing all the time. Stood first, got scholarships. And most of the students from Sahaj Yoga I’ve seen are always breaking the records everywhere. If this is the advantage only, I would have said it’s all right, it’s alright, it’s nothing great. But the greatest advantage I think is that your personality moves to totality, you get your identification. See people have no identity. Why these people paint their heads and wear funny dresses because they want to express their identity. Your identity is within yourself, is your spirit and once you know your spirit you will be amazed how dynamic you are. I’ve known many artists who were very ordinary artists in India specially. You know Amjad Ali was a ordinary artist. After coming to Sahaj Yoga he has become such a great artist. Safat, Hussain, so many of them. Because I am telling you, you don’t have to believe it, you can ask them. There are so many people like this who have achieved a lot. There are many who could never speak a word on the stage that the stage fear. They have become great orators and speakers. They’ve become free to express themselves. Then we have people who have become Chartered Accountants, who have never known what is language is, what is the beauty of poetries, they’ve become great poets. Like this so many things have happened to people but we don’t want to publicize and we don’t want to give it in the newspapers. We don’t allow people to talk about it because that is not the main thing you have to achieve. Firstly, you are collectively conscious. But when you become collectively conscious, you don’t react, because you know if a person is trying to be harsh with you, you know why he’s harsh. If a person is trying to be nice with you, you know why he is; because you know you do not react, you just watch. And this watching is something like your attention being directed towards the problem. This attention when directed towards that problem, acts. It acts. It’s not just an attention that goes out but it works out things. So many miracles have taken place in Sahaj Yoga that it is impossible to understand this all-pervading power how it is working. As I say it is ruta yuga. Kalyug is about to finish and ruta yuga has started. Rut Yuga means the one in which this Param Chaitanya, this all-pervading power is acting. It is acting, it acts in so many ways that you are surprised at the miracles it has created. It’s not the time I could tell you about this but those who are here who have got their realization have been blessed by Sahaj Yoga can tell each one of them lots of things that they have seen that has happened to them, and how their lives were transformed. This transformation is very important today. With this transformation, people lose the sense of greed. You know nowadays this greed has brought politicians to such a level. It is so stupid to have this greed. The satisfaction part comes in through Sahaj Yoga.

As you know there is a law of economics that in general wants are not satiable. Today I want to buy a car, then I don’t enjoy it. I want to have a house, I don’t enjoy it. Then I want to have an aeroplane, I don’t enjoy it. Because, we don’t know what we want! We run after these things one after another like mad and the greed starts working to such a stupid limit that people want to put all this money into the vaults, they want to have vaults of money. And the stupidity goes to that limit, not only greed, then also the jealousies we have. Because we think that the people who are with us are not the people who should be there, or we should supersede them or we should be at a higher position. Actually, there is no love, no compassion. There’s no understanding of another person. But when Sahaj Yoga takes place, I have seen thousands of people whether they are from Russia, from England, America, Australia, anywhere, I’ve seen them thousands together, they live together, they feel each other, they understand each other, and the love they have for each other is tremendous. If something happens to someone anywhere in the world, the whole society you can call it, you can call the nations where Sahaj Yogis are there, they are so concerned, as they would not normally be even about their brothers. All kinds of help. All kinds of suggestions come in. Doctors will run through they’ll come up. IT’s such a big society. Such a big moral relationships that starts. Every body helps. But that doesn’t mean one will become…

(Only possible in Australia I tell you. If you’re interested in your well-being, in your transformation, you must have some patience, otherwise how is it going to work out. On the contrary, I have seen in Russia, there are never less than 16-18 thousand people, and not one person would leave. After all what is so great about that. I can’t understand. We are in a democratic country and we have got freedom to do whatever we like all right! But what about the freedom to wisdom. To understanding. Russians I think are people, of course communism or anything I am not very much for favour of it. But one thing. They haven’t developed that possessiveness. They’re not possessive. They’re so sweet that their government gave them their houses. And they said you can have these houses. These flats you can have them your own. We don’t want to have it, you can have it. Apart from that, you see once I was there, there was a coup, and I asked them aren’t you worried? There’s a coup on! And all these things happening. They said, Mother, Why should we? We are in the kingdom of God. I was surprised at their positive understanding of themselves. That’s what you are. You’re so powerful within. You’re so dynamic within. It’s such a treasure within you. You’ve not known your glory which you have to. Once you know that you become satisfied with yourself to begin with. but that doesn’t mean that you become poor or financially disturbed. Not at all! On the contrary, I have seen now in Australia itself, people who have come to Sahaj Yoga are all very well employed, very happy people. It all works out because your attention becomes enlightened. Attention becomes concentrated. Doesn’t flit around. Doesn’t take your mind here and there. And you see the right thing at the right time. You become a personality of great penetration. You don’t do anything as such in the sense that you don’t react, but the attention itself acts and works for you. You must know that we’re not only ordinary human beings. And as great saints, they’re nothing, they were not even some of them educated people, but what was so great about them that they were one with the divine power. They had this power flowing through you and they were so dynamic, and you could see the dynamism in them. This is with your attention it happens. You know the absolute truth. If you know the absolute truth, then how can there be a quarrel. Supposing all of you know I am sitting down here, now you won’t fight on that issue whether I am here or not. Because everyone is seeing the same thing. So if you all know absolute truth you see, then there is no question of argument. No question of discussion. But everybody will know the same thing. That’s how there cannot be any wars if all the people believe in the same thing.

Of course in every country we have lots of Sahaj Yogis, I must say. And there are also some politicians in Sahaj Yoga. Some. If it reaches the helm of affairs, I’m sure, a day will come that people will give up the idea of war completely. No question having any war or any struggle, any fight, or anybody putting up atomic bombs around. It all comes from the ignorance and the blindness of people who do not see that we are part and parcel of the whole. But when it happens to you that you become one with the divine, then you’re like a little drop dissolved into the ocean. Ocean of joy. Now joy is not like happiness and unhappiness. It is singular. Once we jump into the ocean of joy everything is a joy. If it ridiculous, you laugh at it. If it is sublime, you enjoy it. And the whole personality becomes so beautiful and vibrant that it absorbs everything that is constructive. All that is destructive is dropped off. You’ll be amazed that in Sahaj Yoga 50% people in the West who had taken to drugs, have dropped off. who had taken to destructive methods, have finished with it. So many destructive habits which they could not give up, have been completely given up by them. This is not because of any compulsion. Without any discipline, or force but your own power of spirit makes you your own master your own Guru and you see in the light of the spirit what is good for you what is bad for you. Nobody has to tell you about it. It just happens. Now you saw these people these western people singing. It’s a Marathi song written by Ramdeva, in the 16th century all over villagers also sing

The way they were pronouncing you’ll be amazed I mean nobody can pronounce. It is very difficult for Western people to pronounce our difficult tongue twister languages, but they are the ones who have picked up not only the language but also the music. We’re surprised from Romania, three boys came in 2 months’ time they started singing qawwali just like Nusrat Jahan. We were surprised how good they take to it. So easily. I mean you just become like a genius. In every walk of life it becomes so different. Your stress and strain all these things drop off because now you are connected with the all-pervading power of Divine Love which guides you, which works for you, which helps you, all the time. It’s a blissful existence which is your birth right which you should have.

In one lecture of course you cannot tell all about you because it’s very very deep down within you. All these things are sprouting and existing. But once you get your realization you have to know that now you have become a collective being for which I must say that you can’t do as you are doing meditation at home. You have to come to the collective. Today it’s a collective happening. I’m talking of global transformation. For that this collective happening has to take place. Thus we can avoid all the struggles, all the strife, and all the horrible wars completely. There is no compulsion for anything. You yourself know what is good for you and what is bad for you. I hope today you all get your realization , you will, if you desire. Definitely you’ll all get your realization. No doubt. But then you should not allow yourself to be just blown off for a while and then again you don’t develop yourself. It’s like a seed that grows into a tree. You all have to grow into a tree which is not difficult, especially Australians have a speciality I have seen, they can grow very fast into their ascent in very simple way and luckily we have very good centres here, very very good Sahaj Yogis. It’s working very well and I’m sure you are all going to enjoy your realization and your growth. For that you have to come to collective. Of course we don’t have elaborate arrangements and things like that because we don’ believe in publicity or marketing. It is your desire that you have to come humbly and get to know all about it. It is not mental knowledge but it is the knowledge on your Central nervous system.

So many things are happening here. I was told also that a wing has been given in some hospital in Australia, maybe in Sydeny, where people could be treated by Sahaj Yoga, for which you don’t have to take medicines, you don’t have to pay to the doctors, nothing. That’s one thing one should know you can’t pay for God. You can’t. God doesn’t understand money. He doesn’t understand bank. He has no idea about what all these things we have done to ourselves. So best thing is to remember that only you have to give some respect to your self-realisation. Respect yourself. Love and compassion for yourself And forgive yourself. That’s one of the ways we can really understand that we are human beings at the epitome of evolution and we have to achieve this in our lifetime. It is such a tremendous luck that at this time at this juncture you are here. To get your realization and grow into it.

May god bless you!

it will hardly take 10 minutes. Hardly 10 minutes to get your realization. But I would request those who want to go to go now. You should not disturb others later on. It will be better that they go now. If you want Sahaj Yoga, you want to have your ascent, then please you should not disturb others. Stay here and follow few things that I am going to tell you. It’s very simple as I told you. IT has to work fast. It has worked very fast these days. I was amazed, that in Shivaji Park there were 60-70 thousand people and it worked out in 5 minutes. I was amazed how things work out these days. It is getting faster and faster. First, it used to take hours together, but not now.

There are conditions which are very simple. First as I told you please forgive yourself. People must have told you that you are a sinner or that this is wrong that is wrong and we develop guilt. Also it is a fashion I think to develop a guilt for everything. Now supposing we do not follow any norms of modern life. There are also some stupid norms you see. And if you don’t follow anyone of them, then you start feeling guilty. I should have done this, I should have done that. But we don’t know how we harm ourselves by feeling guilty.

The centre on the left hand side, gets into problem. When this centre gets into problem minimum of minimum you might develop spondylitis on the physical side. Then we might develop the disease called hearts disease, angina. Then also we might get all our organs in the viscera, all the organs can become very lethargic. So to feel guilty is also a nonsense if you see because whatever mistake you have committed is past. At that time you should have corrected it but what sense of now feeling guilty about it and torturing yourself. Whatever you have done is finished and gone. At least for Mother, the son is never guilty. In the same way, in the eyes of god you are not guilty. So you have to say in your heart – you can call me Mother or Sri Mataji, Mother I am not guilty at all.

The another simple thing to do is as you have forgiven yourself forgive everyone. Even without thinking about them. Because logically whether you have forgiven or not you have done nothing. I don’t forgive means what. Means that I am torturing myself all the time all my life for somebody who is enjoying himself. We play into wrong hands if we don’t forgive. But by that what happens to our chakras. That this centre in the crossing of the optic chiasm is like this is absolutely constricted. Absolutely constricted. And unless and until you don’t forgive it won’t open at all and the Kundalini cannot cross over. This is the last barrier we have. So just forget and forgive all the people in general if you want. Don’t think about them. Because that is also a headache to remember whom you have to forgive. They don’t deserve that attention. So just forgive altogether, you will feel lighter even now immediately if you just forgive everyone.

These are the two conditions. I don’t think are so difficult.

Third one is you have to take out your shoes. But I hope you don’t mind because in England first time when I said you have to take out your shoes half of them walked out. Why shoes because this Mother Earth helps us a lot. She sucks in our problems. When you’re your socks on it doesn’t matter.

Now you know that these five are sympathetic. Now you please put these hands towards me like this. Just like this. Please put your right hand towards me like this and the left hand on top of the fontanel bone area (tadu) which was the soft bone on top of your head. Now put down your head. Now please don’t put it on top. But away from it. Now see for yourself. Please put down your head. If you want you can take out your spectacles. Now see for yourself if there’s a cool or hot breeze like vibrations are coming out of your fontanel bone area. Some people get it a little far away. Some get it quite close. Now don’t feel guilty. I can feel your centres out of which this guilty business is quite a lot. If it is hot then you should know that you have not forgiven yourself and or you have not forgiven others. So please forgive now.

You can move your hand. It may be close to your head. It might be away from it. Depends on. And move your hand and see for yourself. Now please put left hand towards me. And please put down your head and see for yourself on top of your head on the fontanel bone area which was the soft bone in your childhood. See for yourself if there is a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head. Out of your head. Here again I will request you to forgive yourself and to forgive others. Please. That will definitely help.

Now. Please take your right hand towards me. And now see for yourself with your left hand on top of your head if there’s a cool or a hot breeze like vibrations are coming.

Actually, you have to desire it. It is not meant for arrogant people. But meant for humble who want to have their self-realisation. You have to humble down.

Now please put both your hands towards the sky like this and put back your head. Push back. Here you have to ask a question in your heart three times. Any one of these questions you can ask. Three times.

Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?

Or Mother is this the all-pervading power of Divine Love?

Or Mother is this the Param Chaitanya?

Ask any one of these questions three times. In your heart. Push back your head and your hands.

Now please take down your hands. Now, if you can put both your hands towards me like this and watch me without thinking. Just watch me without thinking. Some people are getting it here. So you can push it up if they are getting down here. Just push it up. Watch me without thinking. All those who have felt cool breeze on the fingertips or in the centre of the palm or out of the fontanel bone area, whether hot or cool, please raise both your hands.

My goodness! I bow to you all of you have felt it which is very great experience for me. So may God bless you all.

Now your saintly life has started. So be careful. You don’t have to give up anything outside. You don’t have to renounce anything. Everything there and you have become a saint. So please respect your self-realisation and develop it so that you can help yourself and help everyone around. I must tell you I was surprised that there was a good centre started in Israel. And the people who started were Germans and Austrians. IT was such a feeling of joy for me that look at these Germans they feel responsible for the Jews they have gone to Israel to give them their realisation. Such love and such compassion. Such transformation that you will enjoy your virtues you will enjoy yourself.

May God bless you all. May God bless you all. May God bless you all.

I will like our school children to sing one song so that they will see for themselves how they have picked up if there are here.

Are there our school children here?

Have we got? No not here. Any?

Come here then. ‘Sabko aane nahi diya shayad’ (Perhaps they were not allowed to come). Yes yes come along.

Nothing like children. We have to learn so much from them. Alright. Come and join. Come forward. All the little girls should sit in front. And the little boys. ‘Samne aao’ in Hindi (come forward). Yes. Good.

[1.57.30 – Children sing.

2.04.20 – Shri Mataji leaves]