Bring your attention beyond the mind

Shih Chien Hall, Taipei (Taiwan)

1996-03-06 Bring your attention beyond the mind, Taipei, Taiwan, 117' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization
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1996-03-06 Bring Your Attention Beyond The Mind, CAM 2 Taipei Taiwan DP-RAW, 62'
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Public program, Taipei, Taiwan 06-03-1996


I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, you have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot transform it. But we have to feel the truth on our central nervous system. That means ‘Bodh’, in Sanskrit, from where the word ‘Buddha’ has come. Or ‘Vida’, means, from where the ‘Vedas’ have come, means, to feel it on your central nervous system. It is not just a mental feat, or a mental understanding about truth. Because you should not shock when I say that mind is a myth. By our reactions outside, through our conditioning, and our ego, we have made this mind. Which is nothing but bubbles of thoughts. Brain is the [light]. 

Now when we are at a mental level, we can create any ideas according to our conditioning or our ego. Like Hitler felt that he has to destroy all the Jews. And he did it. So this mind goes either to the right or to the left. That means it goes to the future or to your past. All the thoughts come to us from our future or the past. One thought rises, it falls down, another thought rises and falls down. And we are jumping on the cusp of these thoughts. But we are not in the present. And the present is the reality. In China, we had Laotse, who talked of nothing but Sahaja Yoga. Also, in Japan, we had Vidhitama, about Zen, Zen system. All are just to make a human attention go beyond the mind. Beyond the mind is the reality. As he has already told you that we have a power within us in the triangular bone. This bone is called as the sacrum. That means the Greeks knew it was a sacred bone. Now this power is within your [bone?]. And it is to be awakened for you to cross this mind and go above that. Now whatever I am telling you, you need not take it for granted. Blind faith has created so much problem. So, you have to just open your mind, or if you can call, open your self like a scientist. And whatever I am telling is like a hypothesis. And if you are convinced, if it is truth, then you have to believe in it. Because it is for your benevolence, for the benevolence of your country, and for the benevolence of the whole world. 

Now the truth is that you are not this body, this mind, these conditionings, this ego, these emotions. But you are the pure spirit. You say this is my hand, this is my body, who is the owner of this ‘my’? If you ask the doctor, “who runs your heart?”, he’ll say it’s autonomous nervous system. But who is this ‘auto’?. Another truth is, we see all these flowers, see, different, different types of beautiful flowers. The whole nature you see, beautiful, all around us. It’s a miracle! But we don’t think like that, we take it for granted. Who does this miracle? Now I have to tell you, that there is [an] all pervading divine power here. And this power has created you and has made you into human beings. The re…, the reflection of this power, is this Kundalini in you. So far, you have got a human awareness. But you haven’t got absolute truth! One person feels like this, another person feels like that. We all think a thing differently. As a result, we have arguments, fights, quarrels, and wars. But [when this] Kundalini rises, she separates those thoughts and makes you thoughtlessly aware. At that time, you cross your mind, and you become extremely peaceful within. You become the witness of the whole drama that’s going on. When that happens, also you emit peace around. With this happening, you get connected to this all pervading power. This power is described in all the scriptures. In the Quran, it’s called as ‘Ruh’, in the Bible it’s [UNCLEAR] as the all pervading power of divine love, or the cool breeze of the holy ghost, in Indian philosophy, it is described as ‘Paramchaitanya’. Patanjali has described it as ‘Ritambhara PrAgnya’. That means that changes the different seekers. 

So by this happening you become an enlightened person. Not only that you become peaceful, but you become extremely dynamic. You feel absolutely relaxed. And also physically, mentally, emotionally, you are completely cured, because all these centers are responsible for that. Thus you become a spiritual person. You become extremely dynamic, at the same time extremely compassionate. All these modern diseases, stress, strain, all drop out. So many people have been cured with Sahaja Yoga. By your own power. It is the living process of evolution. Is the last breakthrough of evolution. As you put a seed in the mother earth, it sprouts by itself. Because the seed has a power to sprout, and the mother earth has power to sprout it. It happens spontaneously. You can’t pay for it. Is a wrong idea that you can pay for God. God doesn’t understand money. He doesn’t know banking. That is our [headache?]. So now, once you understand that you are just on the brink of your evolutionary process, you desire to find it. 

So the time has come for you to get this realization. Is a special time. They call it the last judgement, or in the Quran, they call it Qiyama, means resurrection time. But I call it the blossom time. Because there are many flowers, who will be becoming fruits. Now this Kundalini is your own individual mother. She knows about you, everything. She knows about your past and your aspirations. And as your mother took all the trouble of giving you birth, she looks after you. That is what is the time today, you all have to get your self realization. So [the when] your spirit comes into your attention, your attention becomes very concentrated. Not only that, but you can direct your attention and can see that how your attention is effective. By this beautiful attention, you achieve a lot, even in your jobs, your business and your education, everywhere. Such a personality you have within yourself. For example, this is an instrument, if it is not connected to the mains, it has no identity. In the same way, unless and until we are connected to that power which has created us, we have no identity. That’s why we, we are sometimes happy, sometimes unhappy … sometimes frightened. But this power, is the power of all the knowledge. It is the ocean of love and compassion. Above all, it is the ocean of such a power that you can find together, all of you, if you want something, it will be done. If you collectively want something, it will be done, because you become saints. It is so blissful and so ener…, energising, that you are amazed how you are helped everytime. How your problems get solved! This is very surprising how it works. 

But one cannot just go on describing it. You have to experience it. As a result, you jump into the ocean of joy. Joy is singular, it’s not like happiness and unhappiness, it’s singular. So, you become extremely joyous and a happy person. This is your birthright [to get this experience]. This is your birthright to get this experience. Of course, you need not pay for it. But once you get it, you must respect your self realization. The seed sprouts but then you have to become a tree! If you are standing in the water, you are afraid of the waves. But if you jump into a boat, you can watch the waves, and witness it. But supposing you know how to swim, then you can jump back and save many people. Thus you develop into another dimension. First you become thoughtlessly aware. And then you become doubtlessly aware. This definitely happens to you. It’s so simple that people can’t believe it can be that simple. But whatever is vital is always simple. For example, our breathing, if we have to go to some guru or we have to read some books, what will happen to us! 

So, just you have to desire, that you should get your self realization. It will happen in ten minutes. Of course, those who do not want, it cannot be forced upon. All those who don’t want should leave the hall please. 

As I’ve, you have seen here, that is all these five centers, and six, and seven, are the centers of the sympathetic nervous system. And, also on the right hand side we have seven centers. Left one are for our, you can say for our emotional being, the right one for physical and mental being. So, there are two conditions which are very simple. First one, you are not to feel guilty at all, for anything whatsoever. These days, it’s a fashion to feel guilty also, it’s a fashion. Whatever had happened in the past, forget it just now in the present. But you don’t know, if you develop guilt to a great extent, then you develop on this side, this center goes out of order (on the left side). [Shri Mataji points to left side of her neck]. You may develop horrible thing called spondylitis or angina, which is a heart trouble. Or you might develop a very lethargic system of your organs. Moreover, at this most important time of your life, if you feel guilty, this Kundalini won’t come up. So why to feel guilty? Just be pleased with yourself. I would say as I [love?] you, you must love yourself. And must have full self esteem. Now there’s another center  which is inside [Shri Mataji points to the forehead] where the two optic nerves crosses. Which is constricted like this. [Shri Mataji demonstrates the crossing of optic nerves] So first you forgive yourself, to open this center. And then you forgive everyone, everyone, to open this center. Some say, [it’s] very difficult to forgive. Whether you forgive, you don’t forgive, what do you do? But if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands! So you have tortured yourself all your life. Now if you continue to do that, your, this Agnya chakra won’t open and the Kundalini won’t rise. Just in your heart, you have to say, you can call me mother, or Shri Mataji, “Mother I forgive everyone.” You please don’t think about them, because that’s also a headache. You must forgive in general. 

Alright. So now, another thing is very simple is to take out your shoes. I hope you don’t mind. This mother earth helps us a lot. Now please put both your hands towards me like this, straight. Like this. You can take out your spectacles if you like. Now put down your head and see with the left hand, putting right hand towards me, if there is a cool or a hot breeze like, vibrations coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Put down your head, please put down your head. This fontanelle bone area was a soft bone in your childhood. Move your hand, so that you can feel it, some people get it close and some people… If you are feeling hot, that means either you [have] not forgiven yourself or you [have] not forgiven others. So now forgive, yourself and others. Now put the left hand towards me, put down your head, and see with the right hand if there is a cool, or a hot breeze like … vibrations are coming out of your … You can move your hand, sometimes you get quite close also, even far away. Don’t doubt it. Now, put your right hand towards me please, and put down your head again, and see with the left hand for the last time. 

Now, please put both your hands towards me, like this, and watch me without thinking. Now, please put both the hands towards the sky like [this]. And push back your head. And ask, one of these questions three times. One of them. The first one is, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the holy ghost?” Now, second question is, “Mother, is this the all pervading power of divine love?” Third question, “If this is the power of Maitreya, which was the future buddha?” “Or Paramchaitanya?” Now please, put down your hands. Put both the hands towards me. Some people might be feeling it here [Shri Mataji demonstrates beneath the palm], [if you] take it out and put it up like that. Now all those, who have felt, cool or a hot breeze on the fingertips, or on the palm, or out of the fontanelle bone area, please raise both your hands. Both the hands please, I [think]. 

May God bless you, all of you, practically who’ve felt it. First time, first time, you have felt this all pervading power. But you must now learn how to use it. This is not an individual work but is collective work. Is working in, atleast I know 65 nations, but they say it’s 105 nations or something. So you have to grow in it. And then you’ll know how glorious you are. You’ll know what powers you have. Luckily, we have here, some very good Sahaja Yogis who can guide you with great compassion and love. May God bless you. 

You have any questions? Many people are wearing glasses here at a young age. We have solution for that. I am 73, I, because of these lights [UNCLEAR] four years back. But this is absolutely curable. So many [diseases], cancer, er, your, also, blood cancer, all kinds of troubles have been cured. Luckily we have a doctor here, er, where is this doctor [UNCLEAR], he’s in charge, and, his wife is also a doctor. [inaudible] …and we have here Sarvesh, who is a very good Sahaja Yogi.