How to receive the self-knowledge?

Hong Kong (China)

1996-03-09 How to receive the self-knowledge? Hong Kong, China, 61' Chapters: Talk, Self-Realization
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1996-03-09 How to receive the self-knowledge? Hong Kong, China, version 2, 127'
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1996-03-09 Public Talk Hong Kong

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of truth! At the very outset, We have to know that truth is, We cannot change it. You cannot transform it, and You cannot purchase it. You have to feel it in your Central Nervous System, Which is called in Sanskrit as ‘Bodh’ from where the word Buddha has come. The word they have used for the saints, on the Central Nervous System [unclear]. They are used for Veda…The Ancient Vedic Scriptures. Whatever I am going to tell you today …You need not accept it [unclear].
Because We have suffered a lot, all because of this blind faith. Once it proves, it’s better to accept it as honest people because it is for your benevolence, for the benevolence of the country, for the benevolence of the whole world…Because this knowledge is coming from India, some people really don’t like it. But the other cultures of the western cultures, have [unclear/grown so ] big without going to its roots. If the Indians can learn science, from the west, Why not the science of the divine be learnt from the Indians. And this is the special time for seeking the truth…It’s all predicted. While people are misled, by the wrong type of marketing people. This is divine knowledge, can not be marketed. It is the knowledge of divine love. So, there is the power within you, already placed in the triangular bone called the Sacrum Bone. And the Greeks also knew that there is a sacred bone. Of course, this knowledge has been there, for thousands of years in India. But it was kept as a great secret and was transferred from one master to one disciple. That was the tradition. But now the Sahaja yoga in this modern time is working out in 1000’s of you.
As far as I know, 65 nations have got full fetched Sahaja Yoga working. Now I am talking to you about the evolutionary process… I wish you receive your self-knowledge. You have no knowledge about yourself. Also with this human awareness, you do not know What is the absolute knowledge. Absolute Truth! Everybody has a different [unclear /frame ] of a mind And they are projecting their own mind, and having their own ideas about truth. That is why we are [unclear/suffering from ] quarrels, fights, and wars. If you all know the same truth, nobody will disagree, nobody will argue …There won’t be any wars
[unclear/I think]. We have not yet reached that point if you strongly admit Where we know the absolute truth. All the scriptures have said that you have to know yourself. They could not elaborate… But they always said. So, it’s a great task for all of you today to know yourself. The first truth is – that, You are not this body …this mind …these emotions …these conditioning’s …this ego. But you are the pure soul, Which is called pure spirit …
That is What we have to become. That is the goal of of…in your life…So that you find your entity. So when this Kundalini rises, What it does …Is… to pierces through your fontanel bone area and connects you to this all-pervading power of divine love. You see the beautiful flowers near all around, you see the flowers all over the world, beautiful trees, beautiful nature…and you take it for granted. It’s a miracle. We don’t think but it is a miracle! Who works this miracle? If you ask a doctor Who runs your heart. He will say the autonomous nervous system. But Who is this Auto? If there is autonomy there is a driver sitting there…So when We have [unclear/ confronted ] with the [unclear/Christian ] like that

you really should know that there must be an answer to it. So the second proof is that there is the subtle power of divine love which does all the living work …If you take a seed and put it in the mother earth it sprouts spontaneously, Sahaja! You don’t have to do anything …Because this mother earth has the power to sprout the seed, and the seed has the power to get sprouted. In the same way, we have the Kundalini within us, Which sprouts itself …You should not be shocked …If you are the people of the Chinese tradition, you should know…What Tao has said? They said …the Lao Tse …”This mind is a myth”
That is this mind is created, out of the reaction through our conditioning’s or our ego!
But there is no reality. Now [unclear 15:32 this reaction still travels] in the brain Which is the truth, of course. But it builds in our own brain and creates this so-called mind, which is nothing but like bubbles of thoughts. All the ideas of war, and fighting, and quarrelling, all these are born in these bubbles with our tortured mind …So you have to cross over that mind, you have to go beyond the mind to reach the reality…They said that in a great [unclear ] like HongKong, How can you go beyond the mind? and can do your business 🙂 All the mess you see… of today’s business, recession and all kinds of nonsense It is because of the using of the mind[16:48 unclear/ Which is defected ]. It’s we create through our reaction, this mind …Like we create a …Say the watch and then we are afraid of the watch… We create a computer and we are slaves of the computer …In the same way, this mind dominates us…And which is the relative entity within us. It’s not the absolute. But If you adhere to the absolute lies within you, You are absolutely one with the divine, one also with reality …And with totality…Just now you are not integrated, this kundalini integrates you completely… Your attention …gets enlightened …
Any people told me -“Mother We want to give up drinking, drugs, smoking …We can’t.We are helpless.We have no power”. But through the power of a spirit, you give up all that is destructive… in your time. It’s like this …If I say -I am obstinate and I am holding the snake in my hand, in darkness. And if you will tell – there is a snake in your hand & I will not give up…because I am obstinate and I can’t see.I will say it’s the rope. But as soon as there is a little light, you will throw away as you can see it.This is what is enlightened.So your awareness is enlightened… Your attention is enlightened. And you become a wise, and knowledgeable person. You immediately know What is good for you. Even you! But When the attention becomes absolutely detached and you can see the problems much more clearly and solve it because you are out of it. For example, you are standing in the water and you [21:06 unclear/ waiting] of the waves But supposing you get into the boat you can see the waves and enjoy … And if you can swim you can jump, and save many people in the boat. This is what happens in Sahaja Yoga…First, when you cross, open your mind with thoughtlessly aware.No more thoughts torture your mind and I mean …your mind does not torture you. Like the doctor in Switzerland, ask me Mother Do what you like …Cut my throat But take away these thoughts I am fed up with these thoughts. So they become absolutely peaceful. And you become the witness of the whole drama… And you solve your problems yourself. On your fingertips, you can feel your centres. These centres are responsible for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. Even a person may get cancer or may get mad …He doesn’t know, he is getting mad, he doesn’t know he is getting cancer …But in Sahaja Yoga in your fingertips, you will know what trouble you have which centre in you is in jeopardy. This is What is self-knowledge. In the second stage[unclear 23:53 ] is we call it as doubtless awareness.While using this power you know What it is …What you are …What is your greatness …You know your glory and you are absolutely confident about it.But you don’t dominate anyone. You become extremely dynamic and at the same time extremely compassionate … Recently I have heard that many Sahaja Yogis from Germany went to Israel to give them realization …First time When I went to Russia,25 of the German Sahaja Yogis came and said to me -Mother We are very happy we are here.But I said why did you come? So they said our forefathers killed so many Russian’s so don’t you think that we are duty-bound to do something for them. So talk of [unclear ] doesn’t bring it.It’s just talking, is talk & talk … You have to become peaceful within it. This is… I am talking about the global transformation of human beings. They call it ‘The Last Judgement ‘.Of course, the stupids will go to the false gurus, no doubt. They pay their money and feel the tantrums. Because all these gurus…, they transfer their egos and they are very much satisfied with that. But one who are genuine and serious will come to reality. It’s very surprising that We people think that you have to pay for your self- realization. And when the [unclear 27:24 ] and the tv people ask me before, that how many Rolls Royce’s you have. I say them none …[unclear 27:45 ] so they said they are not in the business …I said no…They said they are not interested if you are not in business, What are we going to do with it… If that is the level of understanding, then how can you [unclear] …With this attention which is enlightened, you can put your attention to anything, you can direct it and by that motivation you can correct it, correct any human being, you can help [unclear 28:39 ]. You can raise the Kundalini of the 1000’s of people …One person can give to 1000’s That is how Sahaja Yoga is spreading… And I have seen children who were very bad students who couldn’t pass their exams [unclear] have got first class positions. And also there are many many people who are cured by Sahaja Yoga. But you don’t have to be with any expensive doctor for that.You do it from your own powers. You have all the powers within yourself.You can cure yourself and even cure others. It’s the knowledge of the fundamentals within us.And once you know it well you become the master, you become your own master. Unfortunately, We don’t know what we are capable of. Once you know the absolute truth, & your attention becomes a concentrated, deep, penetrating type. And to get to connect with this all-pervading power of divine love Like this instrument (mike of Shri Mataji )if it is not connected to the mains it has no meaning …In the same way, if we are not connected to this all-pervading power Which has created us We have no meaning…Whatever we try outside, starve yourself with fast, you go to the Himalayas, give up the family doesn’t work out … It’s something inside that has to happen with this connection with power, the power of such beautiful blessings.You feel blessed …you know… it is a blessing. Because otherwise, It would not have been possible to achieve anything.[ 32:43 unclear will tell you one miracle which really pampers every one /(Mother is telling one miracle) ]
There was a deity very good, devoted Sahaja yogini Her son was studying in Harvard University from Mexico [unclear ] and she wrote to me that this boy has got a disease if they all [unclear/get ] in their family old age…but this young boy has not that horrible disease. And she wrote to me three letters and I told her just ask your son to do Sahaja yoga. 33:37 And she wrote to me the fourth one saying that her son is completely cured. So that’s it. It’s the truth I am telling you …She is working in the United Nations now in Mexico and it’s such a miracle I think for this young boy to be cured like that – just by doing Sahaja Yoga ! 4 doctors from Delhi University have got their M.D in Sahaja Yoga. You will be happy to know that the great land of the (unclear/Vienna )government has invited us to show how We cure Epilepsy. All there …within you. You can feel it. You must have faith in yourself. Not ego but faith in yourself. This power is the ocean of knowledge. I have seen many people who were saints here, have become great orators, great musicians, have become world-famous Musicians. Many artists have become world-famous. There is no end to it. How many powers are potentially within you. They just start manifesting. You feel absolutely secured, confident and joyous. You jump into a new dimension of awareness which we call as a collective consciousness. By which you can feel others, you can feel yourself. Such friendship, such love I mean …The people of so many different countries, you can see such concern that you become the part and parcel of the whole. The vital force becomes the active force 37:04 Like a drop which drops into the ocean becomes the ocean. Last, of all, you have to know that you have jumped into the ocean of joy. Joy is secular with happiness and unhappiness is not like that. It’s singular …It’s an experience And When you are in that state, your age doesn’t have cons, you don’t feel tired, you enjoy…everything.If there is a ridiculous thing you laugh and enjoy. I am sure all of you look to be quite serious of all today. And It is going to work out. Be confident …Be confident…Of course, I must confess that can not be forced on you…This Kundalini is your individual mother …It’s the power of pure desire. If you have a pure desire, to be self-realized then you can get your second birth. This Kundalini is very anxious, is your mother to give you your second birth. It’s not just you write it down and [unclear ] No you don’t become again [unclear 39:43 ]It has to be a living organism It should be a living organisation It can not be some sort of an official organisation. You can not organise divine. It will take 10 minutes only for you to get self-realization…Which is the last ( like) few of our evolutionary processes? But I can not force you. It’s divine. So those Who do not want should leave the hall. Nothing will go wrong with you. People are described that something will be horrible because they don’t know about it…I have never seen anybody suffering from Kundalini awakening. On the contrary, this [unclear/experience] will be soothing …
So the first thing will happen to you that you will feel this all-pervading power for the first time…as a cool breeze. It is called the cool breeze of the holy ghost.
In Koran, it is called ‘Ruh’. In, of course, Sanskrit it is called as Param Chaitanya. In Patanjali it is called as ‘Ritumbara Pragnya’, meaning enlightened knowledge which changes the seed. Sahaja should not be complicated by any chance…It’s very simple …We have to be simple about it …Firstly, as nobody is going now, has requested you.
There are 2 very simple conditions …
Firstly, you should be very pleasantly [43:28 unclear ] towards yourself…
If somebody has said that you are [43:37] a sinner just forget it. Those who say like that must be sinner themselves…So just forget that part…Here you are not sinner, you are not guilty at all, or anything, forget the past …We have to live the present …past is finished, the future does not exist! The present is a reality. So please forgive yourself. And Whatever you did a long time back Why remember all your life …finish! Alright, the second condition is this you forgive yourself and [unclear ] forgive everybody else …Some people say it is difficult to forgive. But logically whether you forgive or don’t forgive what you will do? You don’t [unclear 45:23 ] … But [with respect you are not[unclear 45:32 yourself and playing into wrong hands ]So don’t even think to whom to forgive and just say that I have forgiven in your heart. You can call Mother ! or Shri Mataji! I forgive everyone. Don’t think about it in general … You will feel very much lighter… Now another humble request is that we have to take out our shoes. In England, when I told to take out their shoes in the beginning half of them walked out…:) [unclear46:49 ] So Sahaja Yoga is not meant for egoistical people …And not also for stupid …Those Who are here to criticize, their kundalini itself will not rise, there mother 47:07 [unclear ] …Maybe some people are thinking about What religion to follow and all kinds of things …which I can see the mind going on …Then you follow the universal religion which is being innate within you. It’s just …we don’t say DON’T you just don’t do it yourself. Religion has to be innate! inside, enlightened !… It is the essence of all the religion. We respect all the prophets and all the seers and all the incarnations all over the world. There is no exclusiveness of the religion Its a wrong ideally.No body preached that …Nobody preached exclusiveness. Christ talked of Moses He talked of Abraham. Abraham talks of Moses. Also, Mohammad sahib talked of all of them plus Christ and his one. I can’t understand how can Muslims and Jews fight … We have the same [unclear]. Christian might be these people in Bosnia I can’t understand …Because they don’t have religion within It’s just their myths in their heads clearly.

So, you have to keep both your hands like this …on your lap like this …You must sit comfortably …Put your both feet apart and sit comfortably.
Just sit comfortably! be comfortable!

Now please put your left hand like this …towards me…Like this and put down your head and see with your right hand …If there is a cool or hot breeze like vibrations coming out of your fontanel bone area.
It was the soft bone in your childhood… You have to see it away from your head, not on the top of the head …Little away …move your hand and see for yourself …Is it a cool or hot breeze like vibration emitting from your fontanel bone area. ….
If it is hot that means you have not forgiven yourself or you have not forgiven others … so please take it down …..
Now, please put your right hand towards me …And put down your head …
And see with your left hand …If there is a cool or hot breeze like vibrations are coming out of your fontanel bone area …Have faith in yourself…Don’t doubt …It’s not air-conditioning in your head …You can even take out your glasses …Now, please again once …Put left hand towards me and right on your head and see for yourself…Some people will get far away from the head…. some closure …So move your hand …
Move your hand here and there and see for yourself. Now, Please open your hands like this and bow to me …
This is not mesmerism because I have closed my eyes and you can also close your eyes …Feel out of yourself … If you have stopped thinking …Watch me! Now raise your both hands towards the sky like this. Here you have to ask only one question 3 times …

first one: You can call me Mother or Shri Mataji …Mother Is that the cool breeze of the holy ghost!
second one: Mother is it the all-pervading power of divine love …that is you!
Third one: Mother Is this the Param Chaitanya
Ask any one of the questions 3 times in your heart…
Now keep down your hands, please put it down …You can wear your glasses …
All those who have felt a cool or hot breeze on their hands or out of the fontanel bone area …All fingertips …Please raise your hands…Place it higher so that I can see … Most of you have felt it …This is for the first time you have felt the all-pervading power! All of you will feel it …Those who have not felt also can feel it, so please try to come to the collective. It is not the individual practice that helps, you have to be in the collective ..You don’t have to pay for it …No, But you have to come to collective to understand …everything and work it out …Some people get it so fast that they get the second stage in no time …
But some people take time to establish themselves. But you all can become like seeds, from a small seed If you have any problems or anything then you can always write to me. And I am here to all the persons who are here in Sahaj yoga …They are wonderful people, they have come all the way from Australia and we have some yogis from China. I am sure we will all go into bigger trees and next year I will definitely come again.
But please, know that you have to be in the collective …You have to come to the collective. Otherwise, you will not grow as you should. You all have to become your own masters. This is how you are going to help everyone. So it should not be just a sea [unclear 1:00:24 ]
It has to grow. May God bless you.