Public Program

KDU University College Hall, Petaling Jaya (Malaysia)

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Public Program, Malaysia, March 12, 1996

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. It has been, it is, it will be. You cannot change it; you cannot transform it. Whatever I’m going to tell you today, you also should not take it for granted, because we’ve had lots of problems with blind faith. If it proves, then this is like a hypothesis before you, then as scientists keep your mind open and if it works then you have to acccept it as honest people. Because it is for your benevolence, for the benevolence of your family and for the benevolence of the whole world.

I’m talking here about the global transformation which is very much needed today because this is a special time, they call it as the Last Judgment or in Koran is described as Qiyamah. In the Resurrection time, I call it as the blossom time when many people have come on this earth to seek the truth.

The first thing you have to know that you are not this body, this mind, these conditionings, this ego, your emotions but you are the pure spirit. In the evolutionary process you have become a human being; you have the human awareness but you don’t have the knowledge about the absolute truth. Everybody has a different idea and everybody propagates that idea. While doing that you can argue, discuss, find, quarrel and also we have wars but if all of us see the same thing as truth, we will never be able to argue, as you see Me sitting here, you know I’m sitting here. In the same way if you know absolute truth there cannot be any difference of opinion.

Now there is already an arrangement already made within us by the Divine power which is the second truth about which we are not aware. See how many flowers there are and so very beautiful they are. All over Kuala Lumpur you find such beautiful trees; it’s a miracle. You don’t think about it; you take it for granted. Who does this miracle? If you ask a doctor, “Who runs your heart?” He’ll say, “It’s autonomous nervous system.” But who is this “auto”? Who runs the heart? So there is no answer for him.

Thus we have to understand there is some power who does this thing; and this is the power I call as the all-pervading power of Divine love. This power has been called by different names. In the Bible it is described as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, also as the all-pervading power of Divine love. In the Indian scriptures it is described as Paramachaitanya. Also in Koran it is described as Ruh. This power is all-pervading and permeates into everything but we have never felt it before, this power, and that is why we do not know anything about ourselves. See this instrument that is here; if it is not connected to the mains, it has no identity. In the same way, if we are not connected to the mains, we have no identity. We may find as something, we might say we’re Indians, we’re Taiwanese, we’re Chinese, we’re Christians, we’re Muslims, we’re Hindus. But we are not yet connected to the mains; unless and until you are connected to the mains, you do not know the absolute truth about yourself.

It is said in all the scriptures that you have to find yourself; even in Koran it’s said if you don’t know yourself you will not know God Almighty. So talking about God, all these lectures are of no use. First of all you all should be connected to this all-pervading power of Divine love. You’ve already heard about the subtle system that is built-in within us. Now this power of Kundalini is in the sacrum bone; that means the Greeks knew that this was the sacred bone, that’s why they called it sacrum. Now this power is the one who is your own individual mother. She loves you. She is the store of all the knowledge about you and she’s just waiting to give you your second birth. Every human being has got this Kundalini. It’s called as Kundalini; Kundala means a coil. It has got three and a half coils within itself of energy which has to rise to be awakened and has to go through, go through the six centres to pierce through the last one here which we call as the fontanelle bone area or the Brahmarandhra. Then it gets connected with this all-pervading power. This power is the one that is the ocean of love and compassion.

Now this divine love is not the one as we understand love which is limited. It’s like the sap in the tree that rises, goes to the various parts of the tree and supplies the sap to the flower, to the fruit, to the branches, to the leaves. But it does not stick to any one flower or any one fruit; doesn’t get attached to, because if it does that then that flower will ultimately die because the tree will die. So this kind of attachment is actually the death of love. This divine love is all-pervading and is looking after us in every way; it protects us, it creates miracles for us. So many scientists have described that they get suddenly a kind of a suggestion from somewhere so that they can find out or research something about which they have no idea. Even Einstein has said that he was tired of finding this theory of relativity; he could not do it. So he was so tired and sitting in a garden, he was playing like a little boy with soap bubbles and suddenly the theory of this relativity dawned upon him from somewhere, he doesn’t know from where. So this all-pervading power has done all the miracles. Lord Buddha got his realization through this power only. And Jesus was using this power to cure people and healed people. So those who are connected with these powers are the ones who are realized souls, enlightened people.

Now when it happens that you become one with this all-pervading power, so many things happen to you. First of all these centres that we have within us, different centres, they are all responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. They look after these. So when this Kundalini rises she nourishes them, she integrates them, she brings them together. And that is how first thing that happens to you then, you get cured of diseases which can be also incurable. In Delhi university, we have four doctors who have got M. D. They have got their M. D. in Sahaja Yoga for curing some incurable diseases; but it happens through your own power, you don’t have to take anything for that, no expensive medicines and all that. It has cured patients of cancer, all kinds, hypertension, diabetes; all kinds of diseases have been cured by this power that is within you. This is the power we have never used so far. So when it happens to you that you become connected with this all-pervading power, you can feel on your finger tips these cool vibrations, we can call the cool breeze-like sensation on your finger tips. Now these are responsible for different centres, so you don’t have to go through the whole rigmarole of diagnosis, even a child can tell you what’s wrong with you. It’s so simple.

Another thing that happens to you that apart from curing you of your ailments, that a person who has many qualities in him, many potential qualities. For an artist he becomes a great artist. If he’s a musician, he becomes a very big musician. Those who could not speak, had stage fear become great orators. They become writers and we have so many people who achieved great heights by Sahaja Yoga. even the children who could not do well in their classes have become extremely brilliant, they stand first class first. I’m not telling you just the story, it’s a miracle, but it happens, no doubt, it happened. Now if you see that the part of the brain that we use is very limited; but suddenly the light of the spirit enlightens the brain and you start understanding many things and doing many things without much difficulty. Actually you become extremely dynamic, very dynamic, at the same time, extremely compassionate.

Now our problem starts from our mind. Those people who think of wars and fighting, violence and crimes, it all comes from the mind. Now this mind is a myth. If I tell you you should not be shocked, though Lao Tse has said that it’s a myth, it is. The mind is something that we are creating by reacting to outside. It’s like the bubbles of our thoughts that we get out of our reaction outside through our conditioning and through our ego, this mind is created. We depend on this mind as we create, say, the watch and we become slaves of watch; we create the computer, we become slaves of computers. In the same way we depend on this mind so much. But mind is keeping you out of the reality. All the horrible things people think about or create comes out of the same mind. So one has to transcend, one has to go beyond this mind; that is the reality, that’s where the reality is. Now normally what do we do? We’re thinking, thinking, thinking; worrying, worrying, worrying. We’re thinking, the thoughts rise and fall off, another thought rises and falls off and we’re jumping on the cusp of the thought, all the time, on the cusp of the thought. We are either in the future or in the past; we cannot be in the present. The past is finished, the future doesn’t exist. So you have to be in the present where there is reality, but we cannot stop our mind in the present. So the only way is to go beyond the mind.

Now this Kundalini does wonders that when she rises, she elongates those thoughts and between these two thoughts or many thoughts the space is there which is the present. So you become thoughtlessly aware; you’re absolutely aware but you’re thoughtless. You’re absolutely peaceful. Many people talk of peace, I have heard of so many are awarded for peace but they are extremely hot-tempered people, I’ve seen them. I met so many of them, they’re very hot-tempered; if you’ve to meet them better take a barge pole in the hand. It’s horrible they are, you can’t talk to them; but they get awards for peace, I don’t know from what angle they get it. If you don’t have peace within how can you emit peace to others? So the only solution is that human beings should reach that stage where they’re absolutely peaceful within. It’s like this, if you’re standing in the waves of a turbulent sea then you are frightened. But supposing you get into a boat then you can watch all that great fun for you; but if you know how to swim you can jump and get the people out of their problems. This is exactly what happens; first you become thoughtlessly aware and then you become doubtlessly aware where you become yourself equipped with all the powers of a divine personality. First of all when you become peaceful, you become the witness; witness of the whole drama going on. Just witness, when you become the witness all the powers that are there of the Divine which are miraculous powers start flowing through you and you are amazed how things are solved; how you can solve the problems, not only your own, of your society, of your country but of the whole world.

Human beings don’t know how great they are; they don’t know how glorious they are, what are their powers, they have no idea about which, so what happens to them is that they are all the time trying and to run after something without having any evaluation of them. Like in America, when I was in Washington some people came to Me, said, “Mother, we have lost our house, we lost our children from the school, we don’t know what to do.” I said, “What happened? What did you do?” They said, “There was one gentleman who came as a master and he said that ‘I can teach you how to control the minds of others.’” I don’t know what is the need to do that but he’d said so. So what he did is to ask somebody from the audience and called him and said that, “Now this is a pendulum and this man will take this and I will make him move the pendulum.” And after some time he started moving the pendulum. He was so much impressed by that, that he really fell at his feet and he gave him all the money, everything, whatever he needed. I said, “Is that the value of your being a human being? Have you come on this earth to move pendulums? Ask yourself, why are you on this earth? What is the purpose of your life? Just to move pendulums you gave all so much money?” Then they realized but it was too late; they’re already lynched and many people are lynched like that.

So one has to understand that to get your self-realization you cannot pay. You can pay for the hall, that’s different but you cannot pay for your self-realization; for your self-knowledge, you cannot pay because the Divine or God Almighty doesn’t understand money. This is our headache, banking, money, insurance. It’s not His headache. So we are sadly mistaken when we think we can purchase the divine knowledge or we can purchase self-realization, you cannot. If you put only one criteria, I tell you, most of your conditionings will drop out. The conditioning of human being have led them to all kinds of nonsensical things. If we could be free of these conditionings we’d realize that we have been drifted into something nonsensical, we’re doing something nonsensical. This is very important that we have to go beyond this mind which is created by our ego or by our conditioning. So to go beyond it is only possible if there is the awakening of the Kundalini.

Like a seed you put it in the Mother Earth, it sprouts by itself; what do you do, you don’t stand on your head, you don’t pray to Mother Earth, she doesn’t understand money. It sprouts by itself. How? It sprouts because it has the built-in capacity to sprout. And the Mother Earth has the built-in capacity to sprout it. It just happens spontaneously, Sahaj. Sahaja, Saha means with, Ja means born. Born with you is the right to get this Yoga, is the union with the Divine, is born with you. But you’re conditioned, you don’t want to give up whatever is mythical; so you continue with it and you land into difficulties.

Now, luckily these are days, special days when people are searching; it’s already predicted that they will be searching like this. Thousands of them are searching and they will get answer to what they’re searching; now what are you searching, we should know. What we are searching is nothing, to become the spirit; because in the light of the spirit only your attention becomes enlightened. With this enlightened attention you can find out everything about truth. Supposing there is somebody who has come out of the jail and put on an orange dress and comes to Kuala Lumpur; many have come like that, I know, and says that, “I will save you and I will give you this,” and you start just falling at his feet. How will you judge whether he is truthful or not? For that you have to have the light of the spirit; in the light of the spirit you can see that he is a very bad man because on your finger tips you can feel the heat from him, you can even get a blister if he’s a very very cruel man or a very bad person.

So the self-knowledge not only comes but also you get the knowledge about others because a new dimension of collective consciousness comes into you. Because you become part and parcel of the whole, you become part and parcel of the whole. Who is the other? Like a drop falls into the ocean becomes the ocean, you too become like an ocean and you can feel it, another person, the centres of another person whether he’s dead or not. Sitting down here you can feel it. If you grow into your own being then you’ll be amazed how much you are capable of.

Now in the light of this, enlightenment, I would call, spirit, you also see what is destructive for you. Also you get power to give it up. I know so many people who are drunkards, who take to drugs, all kinds of things, they find it impossible to. But once you have this light you just give up, just like this, for example, I’m holding a snake in my hand and there’s darkness and I’m very obstinate and you tell me that “There’s a snake in your hand,” I would say “No, it’s a rope,” I’ll fight. Till it bites me I would. But if there is little light I’ll just throw it away by myself. In the same way you throw away, in the sense you give up all that is destructive to you. So many people in Sahaja Yoga who were taking very serious type of drugs, specially in the West, at least thirty percent of them were taking it, they all have given up, now they don’t take drugs. I don’t say, “Don’t do this,” and “Don’t do that.” As soon as you say that half of them will walk off. But in your only light, in your only guidance, you become your own master, your own guide and you see for yourself what is wrong and what is not wrong and you take to it; I don’t have to tell you. These modern times you cannot tell anybody “Don’t do this.” Best is that you yourself see for yourself and solve your problems; because you become a master.

This attention is so peaceful and so kind, so generous and so compassionate; wherever it puts its projection, it helps, wherever. But you have to grow into it, the thing is people come for Sahaja Yoga, they get their realization and they feel nothing great, you see, on top of the world, and they forget about it. You have to grow. Now the seed has sprouted, it has to grow into a tree; if it doesn’t grow then it’s like a waste I think, as Christ has said that like a primule or the seed which are just sprouted, are thrown in the marsh. In the same way we should have value for our life, we should understand that we have come on this earth at this special time to have our self-realization and we must respect our self-realization by which we should grow.

All the saints have said about it; it’s not that I’m saying it. You see, the great saint in India like Guru Nanaka has said very clearly that “You have to know yourself, where are you running about? Why are you going to jungles? It’s within yourself.” Every person who has had experience of the Divine has said it. Buddha has said it, everybody has said it. But the problem is nobody understand that you have to be spirit-oriented. All the religions now have become money-oriented, power-oriented, that-oriented, not spirit-oriented. If you become spirit-oriented you will see to it that you get your self-realization and that is very important if you want to know what you are. You have to have self-knowledge and you have to have full capacity to cure yourself, to enjoy yourself and to be able to project yourself to whatever good you want to do. You need not be a degree-holder, you need not be a rich man, nothing of the kind.

Every human being can get this self-realization and, as I said, it is your birth-right, to get self-realization. It is there, free for you and you have to have it. It is the greatest blessings of modern times; I envy the modern times are one of the worst, called as Ghor Kali Yuga but in this Ghor Kali Yuga only this great thing had to happen that you get the awakening of the Kundalini and the blessings of the Divine. First this has to happen to you, will happen, I’m known to today, it will happen to you. You’re going to get your self-realization, all of you. But then you must grow; there where you all fail sometimes that you don’t grow.

It is a collective happening because now you have become the ocean. In the ocean you must know that you have to be one with the ocean; and that’s why I think some people fail and they cannot grow. So you get all the peace, all the health, of all the things you get all the blessings of the Divine. Divine is extremely blissful. It has helped people in so many ways; how it has guided people, how it has taken to the right path and how it has blessed. I get letters practically everyday in hundreds and one day, you see, I said, “Better write them down in a book or something.” So I gave it to somebody, “You better do the job.” In one month, he said, “It has come up to my head on both the sides, now what am I to do? Mother will you make a choice for me?” I said, “See, I’m sorry I have no time to do all this, I’m travelling all the time.” So we gave it up, because there’s no end to it, because if you enter into the kingdom of God, it’s very different; that’s so peaceful you’re not bothered and your problems get automatically solved. You don’t have to worry about it.

The latest miracle, I must tell you, it was very great; there was a lady from Mexico. She was working in the U. N. and she became a great Sahaja Yogini but her son who was young, studying in Harvard, got a horrible disease that in the family everybody got, but he got it at a very young age, they got it at a very old age and she was worried and she wrote to me. She wrote to me three letters and she was just praying and I just told her, “Ask your son to do Sahaja Yoga.” And the fourth letter came within one month’s time and she said, “Mother, he’s completely cured, the disease has disappeared.” I was in India and she was in Mexico because she had taken the son there, he was studying in Harvard University, taken there, and now he’s completely cured. It’s very surprising, she came to Italy in a big seminar and told everybody what has happened.

So so many miracles take place; people who meet with accidents, how they’re saved and all, all kinds of miracles take place because the Divine wants you to live, live well and enjoy life. So the highest thing that happens to you is this that you become the instrument of this Divine love. It acts through you and you enjoy it. You have the power to give realization to others, one person can give realization to thousands. Now I have been to some countries but they first told Me it’s in sixty-five nations it’s working, now they told Me it’s in hundred and ten nations it is working. Imagine I didn’t visit these countries but it has worked out. It has worked out because somebody, one person gets realization and goes and does the job.

Like one fellow got realization in Germany and he went to Greece and he got so many people there. So you also get power to raise the Kundalini and cure people and help them. Like one enlightened light or one enlightened candle can enlighten many candles, you can do that, it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman, man or a child, anybody can do it. You’ll be amazed to know that how compassion comes in. In Israel we had no one, so some Germans went to Israel to work there. I was amazed how Germans of all the thing could go to Israel; so they said, “Mother, our forefathers have killed so many of these Jews, so we must make amends and that’s how we are there.” And they took leave, went there and gave realization to so many Israelis.

So this is what you have to understand that you have immense powers within. I mean you are glorious, you’re very good, you don’t have to think that, “I shouldn’t do this, I should starve myself, I should fast, I should stand on my head, go to Himalayas or give up my family,” nothing of the kind; it happens within yourself because it’s the very evolutionary process through which it last breaks through , you don’t have to do all these useless things which so far you have been doing, it just works out because it is within you. Only thing, you must have full confidence, confidence in yourself that it will work out. Once you have this confidence it will definitely work out because this is the power, what we call, the Kundalini, is the power of pure desire, pure desire, all other desires are not pure. Because whatever desire we have, we’re never satisfied with it. Today I want to buy a carpet, I’ll buy a carpet. Then I want to buy a house, I’ll buy a house. This carpet will have no value, when I buy the house, the house will have no value. Then I want to buy a car, the car will have no value. Like it will go on and on. You know the economic law that in general wants are not satiable, but there’s one want within us which is the Kundalini which is the pure desire that we become one with the Divine power. Whether you are aware of it or not that’s what is the desire within you which you have. Once you have it you become a very satisfied soul. Greed drops out, jealousies drop out, your false pride drops out and you become a beautiful, saintly personality. It’s all within your reach and as I said, it will not take much time; hardly it will take ten minutes.

In this short lecture I cannot tell you everything about it, but there are many lectures of mine which are already recorded and you have here. Luckily we have very good people, Sahaja Yogis who are very capable and know a lot, who are very kind and affectionate and I’m sure they’ll guide you to your higher growth and they’ll help you without paying any money. You have to come to the collective, that is very important. We don’t have, we don’t take too much money, so we don’t have palaces for you to meditate, but whatever is there please do come and know how to meditate and how to get rid of this horrible mind which is always bombarding you with thoughts. I’ve told them the best way is to watch your mind and ask, “Now,” after realization, not before, after realization, “Now, what are you thinking, let’s see,” and then tell him to shut up. It will work out, that’s how it works out, the meditation part and it’s very, very simple.

It will help you in so many ways and it’s question of love. I have to make one appeal to you that as I love you, you love yourself. You should not feel guilty at all at this moment. Many people have been told, “You’re sinners, this, that,” forget it. Actually, I think those people who talk like this, that you’re sinners, must be sinners themselves. At this moment, you are absolutely not guilty, not guilty at all, also it’s a fashion these days to feel guilty for nothing at all. There’s no need to feel guilty, you’ve done nothing wrong.

So please, first of all, forgive yourself. This is the first condition. The second condition is, you’ve to forgive everyone, everyone, not even thinking about them, whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, what do you do, nothing. Actually if you forgive then it’s better because if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands, you play into very wrong hands and what happens to you is that you torture yourself, while the person who has troubled you is very happy and you’re torturing yourself. So just tell in your heart, “Mother we forgive ourselves and we forgive the others,” that’s all. If you have to say that you’ll feel much lighter, much better, very important because if you feel guilty, the centre here catches. There’s a very important centre on the left hand side and this centre when it catches you get troubles, what we call as the, maybe spondylitis of a serious nature, angina and the lethargic organs. Now supposing you catch this centre on the optic chiasma then what happens, it’s like this, like a cross, absolutely very constricted. When you forgive others then it opens out.

At this moment when you have come for your self-realization it’s important that you should make these chakras open, these centres open, so that the Kundalini can rise and you get your self-realization. So please forgive yourself and forgive others. You have to be pleasantly placed towards yourself, in no way hating yourself or condemning yourself. That will work out very well and don’t condemn anybody else, forgive everyone. These are the two conditions and the third is not a condition, but a request that you’ll have to take out your shoes and I hope you don’t mind. Though, I must say it cannot be forced on anyone, you cannot force, it’s something you cannot force. It has, it can only work if you want it. If you don’t want you cannot force it on anybody, so please those who don’t want to have the self-realization can leave the hall. It’s much better so that they don’t disturb anyone. But for those who want it, please be seated and it will hardly take any time, I know, because this Mother Earth of Malaysia is specially vibrated, it’s very good Mother Earth you have, it works wonders here. Moreover such a cosmopolitan place where we have people from all cultures, from all kinds of countries which is very, very encouraging and joy-giving.

So first thing that will happen to you, you’ll feel extremely joyous, as if jumped into the ocean of joy.

I know some of you have questions, maybe in your mind, but that is also coming out of this mind, so just now you need not ask Me any questions. If you have some some problems, you can always write to Me through your leaders here. But just now forget it, just now tell your mind to shut up for a while so that you get your self-realization alright. Also you can take out your spectacles later on, not now when I’ll tell you.

What you have to do is to put both the hands towards Me like this in a very simple…, sit comfortably before the…, those who are sitting on the chair can put their feet apart from each other. Now please bend your head and put your left hand towards Me and right hand on top of the fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Not touching the head, away from it and see for yourself if there’s a cool or a hot breeze like vibrations coming out of your head, out of your fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood, we call it, it’s also as Taloo. Now don’t doubt because there’s a conditioning, you might start doubting; I have to tell you one thing, it’s coming out of your head. Put right hand towards Me and again bend your head and see for yourself if there’s a cool or hot breeze-like vibrations coming out of your own head. They’re hot because you might not have forgiven yourself or others, so please forgive yourself and others now so that it becomes a cool breeze coming out.

Now, please put now the left hand towards Me and see with the right hand, once again if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Now please forgive yourself and forgive others, without thinking about them, it’s a headache even to think about them. So please see for yourself. Now please both the hands towards Me like this and watch Me without thinking. Let’s see if you can do it. Some of you might get a cool breeze from the lower part of the palm like this, you’ll take it up like that, if it is so; if it is not just keep your hands and watch Me without thinking.

Now you have to raise both your hands towards the sky and push back your head and ask a question, anyone of these questions, three times. One question you have to ask only three times, ask a question, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” or ask a question, “Mother, is this the all-pervading power of Divine love that is Ruh?” or, “Mother, is this the Paramachaitanya?” Ask anyone of  these questions three times. Push back your head. Now take down your hands please. Push your hands like this and see if you are getting cool breeze on your finger tips or on the palm or out of the fontanelle bone area, just see for yourself.

Don’t doubt, don’t doubt, one thing you should not doubt; tell your mind not to doubt but see for yourself. Now, all those who have felt cool or hot breeze on their finger tips or on the palm or out of the fontanelle bone area, please raise both your hands.

This Kuala Lumpur, everyone of you! May God bless you! Everyone! Now this is the first time you have felt this Divine power, first time. May God bless you! I’m feeling from you this. It’s wonderful. May God bless you. God is so fast, I told you this is a special country where it works so fast. May God bless you all. Please put down your hands, please. May God bless you all.

But one thing you must become collective, you must come to the collective, otherwise you will be lost. So please come to the collective, they’ll give you all the help, all the Divine knowledge, everything and which you can work it out and you can really master it. I request you, don’t waste it. I’ll come again next year, I’m sure I’ll come here to see you all. May God bless you.

Also you are requested to come to India for a seminar we have in Ganapatipule, let us know before-hand and we’ll make all the arrangements. Thank you very much, thank you.