Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Shri Saraswati Hall, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

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Talk to Sahaja Yogis in Malaysia. 14 March 1996.

I’m so full of love and joy to see you all here again, to see it, the number of people came and you all have to look after them with care and concern. I never expected that such a lot of people will come and in one year they’ve grown such a lot. So we have to get them very much rooted in Sahaja Yoga; it will depend on your own handling or managing the whole thing. Like when I was in Hong Kong I was surprised we’ve very beautiful Chinese, mostly Chinese. The Yogis liked them very much and they informed Me two hundred people came for the follow-up very seriously, two hundred people, it’s something very gratifying. If they’re coming and if they settle down, we’ll have so many of them there in Hong Kong which is being managed by one boy from, Alex from Australia. He’s done very well, I must say and he might have to go back but he’s done his job very well and now there’re so many people there in that place which I never expected.

Now what I find that just like something making noise little less, I find that just like Hong Kong also here the people are very active, over-active. The streets are filled with cars and so much more coming out and there’s so much pollution. This is not a good thing to have too much pollution so Sahaja Yogis have to be careful about it themselves, be alert that we sould not have cars like that which are emitting all kinds of pollution. Also they can manage to be in one car, that is three, four people. Here I find in every car there’s one person sitting; that’s not a very good idea because then you’ll have so many cars on the street. So you have to yourself concern about the problems of this city here, also of this country.

Whatever you believe in should not be blind faith, that is very important in Sahaja Yoga; you have to experience it. But after experiencing when you have a faith which is being verified by [INAUDIBLE]. Now the faith should be very deep, with that most of your problems will be solved but the faith has to be very deep and understanding. But if you waver and still you think is not all right then it doesn’t work out. So what works with this all-pervading power is your faith in yourself and in this power that all the things will work out. But meditation is the only way that you can grow deep within yourself. Every evening and morning you must meditate but you must know what sort of a personality you are. Now supposing you are a, we can say, a very right-sided person, then what you have to do is to work out on the right side. If you are a left-sided person then work out on the left side but in case if you’re right-sided and you’re trying the left-side treatment then it won’t work out. So first you should find out what is your style, what is your category in Sahaja Yoga. It’s very important and then you’ll be amazed so many of your problems will be solved through meditation.

Now I have here some letters from most, they’re all from Indians, I must say, not from Chinese and they’re regarding different, different problems. Now it is the faith that you have to grow, as I said. With the faith your problems will be solved. For example there’s a very nice letter from a doctor who is faced with the problem of the owner asking him to quit. So best thing is to quit such a place and get something else and shift there because we should not get into controversies and fights, that is a waste of energy. We can easily get some other places, smaller place and a better locality, that’s an old house, according to him.

So firstly try to avoid controversies, fights, arguments. Even you will be surprised new Sahaja Yogis will be coming, they’ll be arguing, if they’re arguing too much just put your hands to your ears, “We don’t want to argue.” Then that person will understand; they’ll be very argumentative, all the time trying to provoke you also. So try to be very patient with them and tell, “We don’t want to argue, we don’t want to fight.” We should not get into these mental feats, you see, I told you we have to go beyond the mind. So when these people provoke you, you will start arguing with them and you would be lost in that which we call the mental barrier.

This mental barrier has to be crossed, so one should not get involved in any way, in any argument because it is not going to solve the problem. It’s no question of argument, it’s question of experience. Those who can experience can only understand Sahaja Yoga; those who cannot experience cannot understand Sahaja Yoga, and no use fighting about it, quarelling about it, discussing about it. It’s not going to help you at all; it’s just that they have to have the experience and they have to go deep into it. By the experience of course they will know there is something higher. Also by meditation you’ll go deep, means you can now get the blessings, blessings of the Divine. In every way you get those blessings. In that you should know you have to be very collective, when you are collective the blessings are much better, much higher, I should say, much deeper.

Our whole system has to receive this energy, whole system within ourselves, the subtle system. Once it starts receiving the energy freely every different chakras they will open out and your problems of different chakras will be solved. The problem is that if you write to Me, supposing I answer, it has no meaning. Only thing is that your meditation has to be deeper. If your meditation is deeper I don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to do anything; all will be done by this all-pervading power which is there. So first of all to have faith in the all-pervading Power, leave it, if you have any problem you can use My photograph, put the letter in front of My photograph, “This is the problem I want to solve.” Actually if our faith has not grown we’ll have every sort of a problem but if it is grown then it’s all taken over by this Paramachaitanya which looks after it.

So, you see, it is very important for us first of all that we should take to, what you can say, an inner development project, it’s an inner development project. These days there are so many projects. So first of all, inner development; for inner development you have to meditate. Then also very good idea is to introspect. Introspect, you can ask your mind, “What am I thinking?” or you can ask, “What are you thinking?” Now you’ll be amazed in the beginning there’re too many thoughts there, gradually it will… , then you should say now, “You shut up, I’ve had enough.” So this inner mental barrier will be finished.

But introspection has to be done very sincerely and carefully. For some time, it’s about five minutes, ten minutes, if you can introspect yourself, you’ll cleanse yourself. I don’t have to do anything, you yourself will be cleansed, in the sense the Kundalini will go and do the job. Wherever you project your attention and this attention itself manipulates, attention itself works, attention itself purifies. So the problem is where is your attention. Now so many people have their attention on their themselves like, “My mother is not all right, my father is not all right, my house is not all right, my clothes are not all right,” all these things. All those who have such attention towards themselves only cannot improve. They shouldn’t have all this attention on themselves and on others. It is very common that we just all the time worry about ourselves, “My health is not all right, something is going wrong with me, this has happened, that has happened,” just give it up. Because there’s no need for you to pay attention to yourself; there’s no need.

We have had so many miracles, we must have heard about them. I told you the other day about a lady from the UN and how her son got all right. There’s another one in Delhi. There’s one customs officer who’s a Sahaja Yogi and I think his daughter who was sixteen or seventeen got frustrated in something and she took his revolver and hit her on the sides. Now they got a fright, they didn’t know what to do and the bullet came out from here, just imagine and fell on the ground and there was all kinds of… , flow of blood, first there was little, then more and then more. Then the blood stopped but this girl was quite conscious about it, she didn’t do anything. Now these people telephoned to Me, “What should we do about this lady because she’s hurt herself?” But I was not available, so they said, “All right Mother we leave to you to look after her.” So they took her to the hospital and in the hospital they said that, “We can’t understand, she’s quite conscious,” and when they examined her they saw no bone, no muscle has been hurt by this bullet, as if the bullet was taking a nice stroll and came out from her. And this girl was all right after, I mean, they had to discharge her, she was all right throughout.

It’s the faith of her father which has saved this girl. In the same way your faith can solve all your these frivolous problems that you have but the faith has to be deep, has to be not blind but really from a very very open heart and open understanding. This will help you a lot if you follow Sahaja Yoga in this way. Actually, you see, I don’t need Sahaja Yoga as you people need it. I don’t have to do anything about it as you have to do it. But the problem is I’m not overdoing it, I’m not sort of, working it out or something. People see, “Wah, Mother doesn’t do anything, why should we?” Because I don’t have to achieve anything, I’m there while you have to achieve and that’s the only reason why you have to do your meditation and you have to develop within yourself the capacity to be absolutely drowned into the ocean of joy.

There are so many things one can start doing after getting this kind of a devotion. I’ve seen people doing so many wonderful things and unexpected, nobody expected it that these things can be done by such and such person. It has happened and they’re quite surprised [INAUDIBLE] and people see they’re amazed how these people have done such a thing. Even your faces look so charmed that people are surprised, “What has happened, how are they changed so much, how did they have such a nice expression and just like flowers.” All this has to be done in a proper shape, in a proper way.

Now our culture is of decency and decorum. We don’t believe in indecent behavior and we don’t believe in doing things which are not proper. For example you’re building your houses now, you might build your house, you might build anything. So you must learn how to build it which is also very welcoming house, also has to be made available spaces for nice things that you want to put in. And so if you are going in for a house also what I would say, first meditate. Meditate and see that you get the best plot, best everything and then when you push your ideas as far as the decorations are concerned and you’ll be amazed even the architect who’s building your house will be surprised how you know all these things. So the interest in everything you have to take.

The other day these newspaper people came, they asked Me, “How do you take interest in all things, worldly things and in your household, your family, your husband.” I said, “It’s all right because I’m so dynamic that I don’t feel I’ve to put a special energy for this or that.” So every walk of life, every aspect of life, facet of life has to be nourished by Sahaja Yoga. You can nourish it, you can change families, you can change the world, it’s not difficult because you have now a capacity to project it, to manifest it. Your attention can be manifested very beautifully and this is what one has to know is to grow within yourself. As soon as you start growing all your greed, all your jealousies and false pride, everything will drop out. It [INAUDIBLE], when you do introspection everything you’ll be surprised how you’re so much changed, you’re not like this. But you find yourself to be absolutely changed person, personality from where he has come.

As it is your country’s so beautiful, so very beautiful, lush and green and nice to see all this green things around. The children, I feel they’re very sweet children and what we have to do is to start a school for them, will be a good idea, for the little children that you have. I don’t know how far you live from each other but if you could start a school, day school for children, you can look after them very well and the children will also have a full chance of knowing about Sahaja Yoga. You see it is very important that we have to pay attention to our progeny, to our children; they’re going to be tomorrow’s Sahaja Yogis, they’re going to look after this world, so it’s important that you give them all the knowledge about Sahaja Yoga, tell them about Sahaja Yoga. You can also make them meditate.

Now you’ll be amazed that some children I’ve seen at a very young age of seven years can stand up and give a big lecture on Sahaja Yoga. They’re quite capable, quite capable, they can do it. In the same way they can also recite poems. I’ve seen the children from Dharamshala, they don’t use any, without using any book they [INAUDIBLE] and listen. So this is also quite possible.

Moreover now I was thinking of sending some people here, maybe, some doctors to talk to you about health, how we have improved on that, how we’ve got a regular hospital, regular hospital we have. So all these people can come and tell you about it, how to correct people, how to give them Realization. Apart from Realization what after the health they will suggest to you, what you have to do. It would be very interesting if they could come sometime whenever you say for at least three, four months and have some lectures.

So many developments in Sahaja Yoga. For example now I’m going to Bangkok and the president of the parliament wants to meet Me, this I cannot believe. Such a big man and he wants to see Me, very anxious. He’s waiting there for Me to go and talk to him. It’s a very big step. If that happens and if he’s convinced about Sahaja Yoga, this all problems of their country will be solved. I will talk to him, I don’t know what are his problems but he says this is the way his country has been ruined by the Americans, “Americans have ruined our country and they’ve spoiled our women, they’ve done all kinds of things which have really ruined us.” The cultural problem is very important. Sahaj culture itself is so good that it absorbs all the best, all the good from every culture and then it tries to fit in. And that is how Sahaj culture has started. So he was saying that, “The gentleman will meet you and he wants how will you spread this Sahaj culture also there.” Let us see if I can really explain to him because the politicians are off their heads sometimes, they don’t understand whatever you may tell them or explain to them.

So there are problems and problems, [INAUDIBLE] problems are physical, then we have problems, can say, problems of particular type of life you’re leading, or problems of the country where you’re living, all kinds of problems are there. Now all these problems also can be solved collectively. Now supposing you think there’s a problem here, some people told Me that there’s no proper democracy. All right, you all sit down and give bandhan, all of you, give bandhan together for this problem and it will be solved. Any kind of a basic problem which is corroding the life of people in any country can be solved very simply. For example, I was in Italy and they told Me that, “Mother, there’s so much of corruption in Italy, what do we do about it?” They’re Sahaja Yogis. I said, “All right, you give a bandhan.” They gave a bandhan, you know half of the people are now in jail, it has worked.

Same in India; in India there’s too much corruption. They told Me, “Mother now what to do about this India where the people are so corrupt.” I said again, “You give a bandhan.” They gave a bandhan for three days and half of the ministers are out of ministries. So this bandhan works very well and you have to use this bandhan for all kinds of big problems in the collective, any national problems or international problems, you can work it out on your bandhans and really you can solve the problems. It’s not so difficult, I must say it’s not so difficult. Giving bandhan is a very good thing, works out in such a tremendous way and so efficiently, very efficiently it works out. It is doing it’s very different because they will say, “All right, I want to do it, then on the normal post you must pay so much money to the god or do this penance and penance.” For you it is very simple, you just give a bandhan. But for problems which are collective problems you must give a collective bandhan, whichever are personal you can give personal bandhan.

I’ve already told that those who are going out of their houses must take a bandhan before leaving because you’re going out, God knows what sort of people there are, to begin with. After some time there’s no need, after some time you’ll be amazed that those who are bad people will suffer, will be controlled by your vibrations, absolutely, can be done. But some of the bad people are very bad people, like Namdeva has said that the fly is wilderness and her mind is not clear, her heart is not clear and a fly can ruin your life if you by mistake you eat the food which is contaminated by a fly, you might get a disease. But the worst is even when you by mistake eat the fly, by mistake if you eat the fly then also she makes you vomit, though she’s dead, but she makes you vomit, vomit, vomit. So it’s best that some bad people who cannot be cured, who cannot be [INAUDIBLE], they’re very vicious in their heart, they are spoilt, maybe some guru also might have spoilt them. And so don’t try your hands on such people.

Now only thing is there are some very nice people who came to My program, so see to it that you look after those people in such a manner that they see in you a true Sahaja Yogi. You are quite a lot of number I think so and you are capable of creating such good vibrations. Not only that but you should travel; go to other places, go to other cities and give Realization. Find out the places where you can work it out; keep your attention open and you’ll receive messages, within yourself you will know that, “All right, let’s go to this place and we can have a little program,” and then you can give Realization. It’s important, very important that you should give your vibrations for these vibrations go on up to anything and they might trouble you. So the best thing is you start giving vibrations even to the trees, to the flowers, to everyone; but the best is to know the problems and give vibrations through bandhans.

This is for your protection but for your growth you have to have meditation, there’s no other way out. You have to have meditation in such a way that you remain in [INAUDIBLE] atmosphere, absolutely. You shouldn’t take to, suddenly to some discussions, arguments, everything. Also better not to have company of such people because they’ll spoil your vibrations, what’s the use, what is the need? So now your relations are these, these are your relations. Other relations who try to spoil your vibrations, better to keep out; they’re not your relations. These are your relations.

From Malaysia last time there were very few people for marriages and the Sahaja Yogis have asked Me specially to tell you that we can perform so many marriages there. If you have not yet decided about your life partner, you can decide later on. So that’s what is the report I have that you have to be on the lookout and see for yourself what you have to do and how far you can go because the marriages are also very important. With these marriages we have got so many people and Sahaja Yoga and beautiful children are there. So also for this, those who want to get married, so really try to apply and write everything about yourself. Marriages are going on very well, last time we’d hundred and twenty-one marriages and perhaps till today there’s no report of any marriage being failed. So if we get more applications from Malaysia it would be a nice affair to have the marriages just like… .

Now it’s a thing I was thinking I asked them how much they pay for going to Ganapatipule and amount seems to be little more and if some people can’t raise such amount can pay less, doesn’t matter. But if you can pay, it’s better to pay. I must tell you at least fifty percent people they pay nothing and I have to pay for them, fifty percent. They come from all the Eastern bloc while you can say it’s not only they [INAUDIBLE] but we have to look after them and do so much for them. They all come from this, you can say, Russia and the Eastern bloc, there’s such a lot of people. Then some people also come from South America, they’ve no money, so I’ve to even pay for their tickets, but doesn’t matter. Because they’re very, very good, very intelligent, very well-known scientists also. And the way they are now handling Sahaja Yoga, it’s also very good. Because, you see, we have to know that it’s not Sahaja Yoga, it’s for you, it’s not, you have to spread it, you have to give to others. Otherwise you’ll never be happy; even if you have got glimpse of happiness or joy, you have to give realizations to others, [INAUDIBLE] Sahaja Yoga at home.

So many things I can tell you but after all everything has limit because of time, so I would say that if you have problems again write to Me but these problems I’m not going to solve them the way you want. I just give it a bandhan, finished. And so you also should write your problems, put the letter in front of the photograph and give it a bandhan and you’ll be amazed things will be solved. It’s very, very difficult for Me to really say that don’t use too much of computerization, machinery and all that. Do it more through your reading and understanding because this is also computers are also felt by human mind and there could be [INAUDIBLE], but whatever it is whenever you want to find out about yourself, find out through vibrations, about anything, not through all these artificial things but through vibrations. “What’s the matter with the person?” All right put the hands to him. You’ll immediately know what’s the matter with that person. “What’s the matter with him?” Put your hand and you can check. It’s not difficult once you train yourself, it is a question of developing the system and telling yourself. If you train yourself you’ll be amazed that you can do wonders and this is what you can really achieve.

Now we have had some questions and letters, I’ve given bandhans to them and this will solve the problem I’m sure. If there are any more problems or questions you should again send it to Me.

Some people are coming for My birthday? But also they have organized, I think for Ganesha Puja they have organized for all of you to come from Australia, from Hong Kong, from your country and also from other countries which are on this side. So it’ll be a good idea that if you want to come let us know when you are coming. I will have to organize it for your stay. As it is, Cabella is not a very comfortable place, just we’re trying to build this, build that, it’s very difficult. And still people don’t mind because they enjoy the collectivity, they enjoy the living there and they have told Me all the time, “Mother, we don’t care for our body comfort but for our spiritual comfort.” So they’re very happy people. In this case I would say that you shouldn’t expect too much. Whatever is possible we have spent money and tried to… , but whatever is not possible as yet you can’t help it, you see this is the big problem.

I bless you all from My heart and remember that I love you very much. I’m happy I had a chance to meet you because I was thinking I’m going tomorrow but then they suddenly told Me, “No Mother, you’re not going tomorrow.” My goodness, I said, “How will I meet all these people?” They said, “We have arranged for you to meet them in the morning time.” It’s very nice to meet you all here. May God bless you.