Public Program: Maa ka Khel Maya

Kolkata (India)

1996-04-13 Public Program, Maa ka Khel Maya, Kolkata, India (Hindi), 70'
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1996-04-13 Public Program Hindi Kolkata NITL-RAW, 70'
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Translation of 1996-0413 Public Program, Maa ka Khel Maya, Kolkata, India (Hindi)

I bow down to all the Seekers of Truth. First you should know, that truth will remain truth. What is truth today will remain truth tomorrow. You cannot change that in any way. You cannot transform it and you cannot describe it. Truth is to be known and it is known on our central nervous system. That is what is called bodh; that is what is called Vid. The word Budh from Bodh and the word Vedita from Vid. Until we can feel the truth on our central nervous system until then saying that you know the truth is deceiving yourself. You know truth with your mind with your brain which we call as mann. This system called as Mana which is established in us is a non-ordinary power of ours through which whatever we see, there is a reaction of anger a part of the system one side ego and another system is what we call Sanskar or conditioning. Using these two systems we react to any human, things, topic. Like we see this camera then we think whose it it, wonder what the cost is where to buy it and many other kinds of thoughts popup. The ego says we can also buy if that person can buy and the other system of super-ego driven by our conditioning thinks well with that person in a similar case this happened, it got broken / lost etc. Like this thoughts about future or past bombard us. These thought bubbles that form in the brain are what comprise the Mann. Mann is an illusion. It really does not exist. It is what we make.Like we made the watch or computer and then become slave to it. Similarly this system called Mann keeps us away from reality. We do not know it. To know it we have to go beyond thoughts (not clear word). For every small or big thing we always keep thinking about how to react. If you turn to your mana you will see that your mann is not silent, it is bubbly. THis person’s shoes are not good, that person’s clothes are not good, so and so is poor / rich, he is from a different country, this is different / that is a different, color is different, religion is different. This is all a game of our mann, it is all an illusion.

There are two meanings of this illusion or maya. One is brahm in which man becomes brahmak and another is love. We get into illusion because of love. There are these two types of Maya and then there is Lord’s Maya with which he reminds you that you need to achieve something else. You need to search for something else. Your life is mean to discover something else. You are meant to discover the truth. This emotion awakens from the inside and unless your internal desire is not pure until then you cannot achieve that unparalleled state called as Self-realization. We say this is our body, our hands, our legs, my car, my house but who is the king of this Me? Who is this me? Ask a doctor who runs this heart? The doctor will reply is an autonomous system. But who is the auto or the self, the doctors do not know. To get the answer to this you have to reach such a state where you know yourself, you have to have self-knowledge. If I tell you that you do not know yourself, you should not feel bad. You may know what color you like, what food you like but there is system in built in your a beautiful complex system consisting of chakras / plexus, nadis / channels a very high state where you get self awareness (atma-bodh). And that too sahaj meaning saha meaning with and ja menas born, so this is born with you. You have the birthright to achieve this Yoga (union with God). And like you sow a seed in earth and it sprouts, similarly this Kundalini of yours sprouts because you have the power to get awakened. This Mother Kundalini has the power to sprout this seed. The power of God’s love is all around. You needn’t believe all this (God’s love all around and me) blindly.

When we first had the program there was only one person who came to get realization. Some Sahaja Yogis said Mother there is no point of the program here. There are so many false Gurus here that no one will believe you or accept you. But I am a Mother not a Guru. Every person here seemed to run after their Gurus, working so hard, giving so much money to these so called Gurus what did such people achieve. This way human being tries all these things and then thinks what is right, what is truth. If I tell you that this will happen to you or that will happen to you, you should not believe it. You experiment with it and if it is proven that there is this subtle complex system and Kundalini in you then you should accept it like a scientist with open mind. If you do not accept something that is proven to you then you are deceiving yourself. This what is happening or to happen is the epitome of your evolution. You became human but what did you achieve by being human. Every person seems to present a theory, this is good or that is great but nothing great happens from it. So this can only tell you that what you found so far is not absolute truth. Until you know the absolute truth there can be thousands of varieties of thoughts, this, that etc. People think there are way too many ways, there should be one way. And there is only one way: awakening your Kundalini, your individual Mother. This kundalini is each person’s individual Mother and like you record everything on a tape this kundalini of yours records everything about you, your past, present, future. Knowing everything about you, she waits patiently for you to give you your second birth. Everyone of great saints have said that we need to have a second birth, here also Brahmins are said to have second birth (we don’t know if that is true but it is said), a bird is called dvija, twiceborn. First the bird comes out of the egg, then it becomes a bird.

Similarly human beings have to be twice born. But you cannot attach a certificate of twice born onto yourself. But when you really become twice born, like a bird no longer remains an egg, similarly a new human being is formed in you. And like a bird can fly, powers awaken within you because of which you can do lot of things. You benefit a lot from it. First know the truth. The truth is that you are not this body, mann (Mann the virtual brain where thoughts are produced), intellect / brain, ego etc but you are a pure spirit. Second truth is that Lord Almighty’s power of love is spread all around us. You see all these flowers, they have fragrance. Each flower is different in color and we do not think it is a big thing. We do not know how these came about. What power is behind all this? The power of God’s Love is behind all this. In patanjali this is called ritambar (unclear) meaning that which makes different seasons (ritu) in us that awakened power. Many have called this power by many names. Quran calls this as ruh and scriptures called it as param chaitanya. Some have called it as alakh niranjan and some call it as nirakar shakti (formless energy). They are all talking about the same energy that is present all around us. As long as we are in human state we are disconnected from it. We do all kinds of things and we do not know what is right and what is wrong, we do one thing while thinking of another and achieve a third thing. This kundalini energy when awakened connects us to this all pervading power of God’s Love. Like there is this mike instrument and until it is connected to the mains it will not work. Without this connection even we have no meaning. We do all kinds of things. FIrst we think that let us get hold of a country, let us fight, then if nothing else you think let us earn some money. Now while earning money also you get into issues. You earn money any which way, you know the state of those people who earned money and people got entangled in this greed to earn money. Then these people sat tight, fixed themselves became Gurus. What is the use? Doing this they felt they have great power. Then people thought let us try some politics, then they will make an organization, let us make such big claims that we become a huge organization that we love and can spread hatred and fighting. This is no use either. What benefits you, think.

What will benefit you is the awakening of this resident Kundalini energy in you. You energy will spread in all directions. When kundalini is awakened and you are connected to this energy all around us, this energy flows into you too. You are nourished by this energy that is why many people who take to Sahaja Yoga get rids of lot of diseases. They get out of big troubles. Whatever they thought, they got it. Now this is not because of me. And you needn’t and cannot give any money to this energy. In this country people do not understand that God does not understand money, he does not have a bank. I went somewhere. A lady came there and since Shri Mataji does not take money she gave Rs 2 to me. She thought otherwise it would be expensive …(People and mother laugh). This way how every knowledgeable a man becomes, however much he is well read, he goes to such noticeable positions and all but still remains foolish. They go to this Guru and that and those people inflate the human ego; if a person is full of ego all the more better. They are happy being mislead and this way human beings go down spiritually. Instead of naturally going up in the ascent they go down. Progress is in going up not down.

In the modern world today, things that were unimaginable are happening. We saw people who gave up everything for nation. Such great people. After independence did we go up or down. What kind of hell are we in? So this proves that until a human being is transformed, until then things cannot improve. First we do not have peace. We keep jumping up and down. If we cannot get back at outsiders so we come home and hit wife and if not wife then we hit kids. We are in such anger. We are not peaceful within. When man is not peaceful inside how can a country be peaceful. Today someone was telling me things are bad in Calcutta, the Police has been deployed. Why police, I will fix it. If police is involved people try to show off more. Human nature has become such that his reactions are backward. We need to think why we are not peaceful. We are always engrossed in such things, and when we think we should know that we are not at a place where we can find peace.

When Kundalini rises then first and foremost then in your hands and on top of your head (fontanelle bone area) you feel cool breeze. When this happens know that you are connected to this energy around you. And what else happens? These chakras that are present they take care of our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual self and nourishes them, all these chakras are awakened by the kundalini. That is why our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems get solved. And our worldly issues specifically financial ones get resolved. Put it to test and see. All issues are resolved because you left everything to param chaitanya. You are in Lord’s kingdom now. You are not in your country but in Lord’s country. This power is so active that Sahaja Yogis issues are resolved miraculously. When i went to Russia people said there is flu here. I asked them aren’t you afraid. They said that we live in Lord’s country not in Russia so we have nothing to worry about. I was pleasantly surprised. They said no one can harm us. This is your heritage. Known for thousands of years. This is a yoga bhoomi and all this has been known for long was never used. All of you can achieve this transformation very easily. You will need to settle down for it though. I am seeing that people are coming, going etc, instead of sitting peacefully. You have all come from so far so better sit down. Usually there is a bombardment of thoughts, people usually keep thinking of past or future they are never in the present moment. When kundalini rises then you can be in thoughtless awareness (Nirvichara samadhi) in the central channel.

A lot of people will ask me that Mother we need to go to Himalayas for this, we have to stand on one leg, leave our family behind. If you want to do that go ahead. You have tried all this for so long. Now I am telling you to sit peacefully and receive your self-realization. Why do you doubt this new awareness that you are receiving? Now you do not have do all of what you did in the past. Now this energy is resident in you and it is eager to be awakened. First thing you will feel is peace. It is as if you are standing in water and you say hope we do not drown in these thoughts. You say you have a lot of questions. But fortunately if a boat arrives you will climb into it and that fear of drowning is gone from you. Now from safety you watch all this what happened. The same way you become a witness of the present. What is this happening…..You watch yourself separated from yourself. Your questions are answered like this. But no reason to go till there also. This universal power of God’s love is there for you which works for you and provides solutions for you.

Today there is lot of hatred, ill will / thoughts and fights between people in same country, neighboring countries, even people in the same house. People compromise but then things fall back to same old state. When we go beyond our mana (virtual mind) in such an outstanding state where you are thoughtless then we understand that there is no other, we are all part of one universal being. We have awareness on our fingertips whenever we think of someone. Even little kids can tell which chakras are caught in whom. It becomes so simple. When we go beyond ourselves all this becomes know to you. Some people tell me Mother please fix my Agnya Chakra, meaning I have a lot of ego. Usually people will not tell you that they have ego. This state gives you awareness that agnya chakra catch means ego. This way you watch yourself and get to know your own issues. But as soon as the light of the atma (spirit) comes to your attention, in your chitta then you become such that when a person thinks he ras a rope in his hand but it is actually a snake then you drop it. In the light of the spirit you drop all false Gurus. First receive the light then you can see. There is no need to put any restrictions like stand on head don’t do this or that. All this knowledge of right action comes in.

This is the difference between Sahaja Yoga and other things. You first get self-realization. Then you fix yourself on your own using your awareness. You solve your own issues. In a program i asked people to take off the shoes and half the people went away. It is ok. Such are people that if you say don’t do this then people take wrong meaning. Moses and Muhammad Sahab told people to not indulge in some actions but people never listened. So it is better that people get realization so they themselves know the righteous path. No push backs and no fights then. Then as you sang that Mother you have given us such love; actually I just helped raise your kundalini with love and then you started loving your own self, developing self-respect, you are surprised at your powers, awareness of self-respect, all these thoughts vanish and just like a lotus blooms in muddy water, your personality blooms in all its glory. This kundalini, your individual Mother assists in this process. Your physical ailments set right. Lord Jesus fixed 21 people in 3.5 years. He never said how. People did not let him live. Some Christians in America who believe in Jesus Christ, but if a person fixes someone by using Sahaja Yoga then that person will be jailed. The reason is that the doctors there have formed a pact that people should be cured only with medicine not in any other way. If they do so then jail him. If Jesus Christ comes back again then jail him. Man has become blind today like this. The light with which man can know himself and a lot of things is being restricted. You can know yourself and others on your fingertips. You can know people, things through vibrations. People are weird. If there is a Guru that is jailed and comes out of Madras jail, then people will accept him in this city; and those who get out of jail from this city are accepted in Madras. Such so called gurud not make fool people but spoil their kundalinis. Not sure what they do but some people become blind and one person that came the other day got parkinsons, another who came got paralysis, some get heart trouble, some get some other issues. Once all money is taken from people then these teachers give people the heart attacks.

This way human mind is mislead. Now it is time to get self-realization and there is only one way forward. Know yourself, your atma (spirit). Until you know yourself you cannot dispel this illusion. Guru Nanak has said just like so many others over the 14000+ years that don’t worry about Gods / Goddesses; just talk about parama chaitanya. Really they said know thyself, get self-realization. You attention will become pure. You can know about people and cure people sitting here. You can do Devi Kavach and you / anyone for who you did it, will be protected. You cannot kill anyone though. You do not have samhar shakti (killing power). You will not desire that either. You can transform people. Like a drop becomes an ocean similarly you get such a huge personality that you are surprised at its effect. There are a lot of people here, I have seen them from 25 years, with this all fights will stop in Bengal and worldwide. There will be peace everywhere. Even if one person becomes a Sahaja Yogi then all the surrounding area becomes peaceful. You need to understand that you are so powerful. You still have some journey to cover and then all your powers will be awakened. Then you will become a very powerful and strong personality.

Today there are so many people here. Maybe quite a few will sprout but when those sprouts will become trees needs to be seen. When that happens then there will be peace in Bengal/Calcutta, in India and the world. Here I am talking of awakening, transformation, global transformation and all of you are in Sahaja Yoga for it. It is very easy for an Indian to accept this. For foreigners it takes me a long time to give self-realization. With Indians it takes 5-10 min. As though they are on shores and just need to be helped out of it. Not sure if you understand your own powers or these are your qualities and your kundalini is in a good shape. The day you understand this you will know your own high level of spirituality and your own powers. There will come a day that the entire world will come to India for this. Rich / poor is nothing; all of you are happy, truthful enjoying yourself. In foreign nations people are not happy. You will become joyful, will feel young. I go to so many programs all over the world. No issues. If something is not right to eat then it is ok, it will set right. You will become dynamic and everything works out for you. You will be loving, compassionate, wise and be joyful. You can recognize another Sahaja Yogi using vibrations. Till now we have not recognized another human.

Now there is a disciple of mine in Algeria and he told his parents I am going to Hajj (the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca that takes place in the last month of the year, and that all Muslims are expected to make at least once during their lifetime). His parents said now that you are a Sahaja Yogi, Mecca has come to London. Let us go there. When they arrived in they felt such tremendous vibrations that they understood how Mecca came to London. These vibrations (chaitanya lahiri) flows from you and this is what has been spoken of since times immemorial. Adi Shankaracharya, Mohammad saha spoke about it. Until you know yourself you cannot know the Lord Almighty. Lot of people think all religions are different. That is not the case. They are all branches of the same tree of spirituality. Bible talks of Abraham, Moses. Lord Jesus also spoke about those people. Then how can Christians and Jews fight. If the same person came twice and spoke about same things then how can the followers fight. Then Muslims, In Quran which was written 40 years after the death of Muhammad Sahab has been tampered with but originally Mohammed Sabah wrote about Lord Jesus and his Mother. And this same thing has been written in bible too. Talking ill about the character of Jesus’s Mother is a sin. Still Christians and Muslims are fighting. How can there be caste differences and religious differences? Human spirit is the same. By doing all these incorrect things and hating each other we have created mountains. Once you take to Sahaja Yoga your capacity to fight ceases. If someone fights you will feel as though a little child is acting.

This treasure trove and powers resident in you, that is your right, please achieve it. Please receive it in your right.

Please sit, it will take 10 min. You came from so far. Bengal has has such great patriots, freedom fighters, people who sacrificed. Now nothing of that is left. Don’t know what happened. How did this happen? Such a beautiful country where Sharath Chandra lived. Under each circumstance he did such an amazing job what happened. What is the minimum? All of you are such great devotees of the Goddess / Devi. During Durga Puja Jagadamba that you pray too is the kundalini in you. Please achieve this. May Lord Bless you.

[Sahaja Yoga Self Realization experience follows…..]

Please sit. It will be good if you can all sit. Let us see if we can sit 10 min.
Those who are on floor it is ok, those on chair keep feet separate, take shoes off.
If you have questions in your mind that i did all of things and how can i be forgiven. Know that today here you are all forgiven. Because of this guilty feeling left vishuddhi chakra catches. Lot of issues happen with this like spondylitis or angina. Catch in left Vishuddhi chakra impacts working of all organs in the body, people become lethargic. Why feel guilty? What is past is past. Forget it. Don’t go around with this burden. When mistake happens, fix it, finished. Those who point at others saying you are a sinner are the true sinners. You can tell them that. Another thing very simple forgive everyone. Even if you do not forgive what happens. Those people forget it but you are burdening yourself. You will feel lighter by forgiving everyone. Say Mother I forgive everyone. Third thing, on yourself, don’t have doubts. With complete self-confidence sit. It will work out.
Open both your palms towards me.
Right hand towards me and left on top of your head 2 inches above, check if you are feeling warm or cold air. If you do not forgive anyone then you will get hot air.
Now left hand towards me and right on head 2 inches above on fontanel bone area. Do you feel hot / cool breeze.
Now both hands towards me try to be thoughtless
Now both hands towards sky, turn head backwards and ask one question 3 times: Mother is this Lord’s power of Love? (or) Mother is this Parama Chaitanya? (or) Mother is this alakh niranjan?
Those whose can feel vibrations in hands/fingers or on top of head, raise both hands.

All of Calcutta City I bow down to you, eternal blessings and love. [ everyone in the stadium raised hands ]
This does not happen to everyone and doesn’t happen everywhere.
You have all been sprouted. This is Self-realization. The sprouts need to grow into trees. Then bengal will become nandan van. (beautiful forest). Know yourself, develop depth and spread sahaja yoga to everyone in the villages and other places.
If you go to weekly meditation you can know about the various chakras. You have all been provided information. Consider it important and follow it.