Easter Puja

Kolkata (India)


Easter Puja (Translated from Hindi). Calcutta (India), 14 April 1996.

Today we are doing Easter Puja. Today is a very important day for Sahaja Yogis because Isa-Messiah (Jesus) has shown us that redemption of human beings is possible, and for that redemption we should always put in an effort. There is also a meaning why He was crucified. He was crucified on the cross and this cross is a symbol of the Swastika on the Agnya chakra. He was crucified and He left His body there only. He told some important things at that time and one most important thing out of this was “Wait for the Mother” – “Think of the Mother”. (Behold the Mother?)
Everybody can interpret it in a different way, but it seems He said that He will send for us such a shakti (power) who has three channels – Trigunatmika, and that is described very beautifully. One of these Shaktis/powers will give us comfort. This comfort-giving power in us is Mahakali’s power which gives us comfort, which cures our diseases, which corrects/solves many questions of our past. The second power, which He gave us, which He sent to us, was Mahasaraswati and to this Mahasaraswati Power, He called Counsellor, the one who will counsel you – that means, who helps us for Yognirupan (to see the form of Yoga). With the help of this second power, we will get Gyan (Knowledge), we will know the subtle knowledge. And the third power, (Mahalakshmi) with the help of which we will get our redemption.

Thus, He had talked about these three powers. Buddha also said that I will send you Matreya, that means three types of mothers – Matain-Ekritya-Matreya.
People did not understand what this Matreya is, and they made it Maitrya. This Matreya can be only in Adishakti – simultaneously – Adishakti, He must have told as Primordial Mother. But the one who corrected Bible, he made it as Holy Ghost – and made a dove instead of it. Because the one who corrected the Bible hated women and he did not believe that a woman could also do such a great work. Because of this hatred, he made a strange form of it (the Holy Ghost) and the second thing is that it is a dove and a dove means that she will be the messenger of peace. But He did not talk of a woman or that she will be a woman. But in our Shatras it is written „Sahasrare Mahamaya“, that means She will be in the form of Mahamaya. People will not recognize Her and you have to get your self realization to recognize Her. If you don’t get your realization, you cannot recognize Her.

In His lifetime He (Jesus) explained everything in a very open manner, He could do. Many things He told and many things He didn’t, but still some truth came out which they could not change. It was very necessary for Sahaja Yoga that Isa Messiah (Jesus) came. He was a Chir Balak (boy from olden times), and now it is proved that He was an incarnation of Shri Ganesha. Shri Ganesha incarnated only once in the world and that is in the form of Shri Jesus/Isa Messiah.

The work of these three(Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus(Isa)) was done at the level of Tapasya and therefore they worked in the Murdha of Virata (Brain), and there is a place of Tapasya in the work of all the three, that means human beings should do the Tapasya and they can cross through Agnya only with Tapasya. It was very necessary to pierce through Agnya chakra, without that, Kundalini cannot rise. Resurrection of Jesus facilitated the piercing of the Agnya chakra. First He died and then His resurrection took place. Therefore there is a great message from Easter that because of Resurrection of Isa-Messiah (Jesus), we could get our resurrection. The most difficult chakra in a human being is the Agnya chakra because a human being is always thinking. This continuous thinking results in a condition of vaporization of mind in the head and he cannot go beyond these thoughts. He cannot go beyond these thoughts.You can go beyond thinking only when the Agnya Chakra is opened. Therefore it can be said that Sahaja Yoga would have been very difficult if Isa (Jesus) would not have resurrected after leaving his body. However the work was done by all the Incarnations at their respective places and at respective times. But the work which was done by the resurrection of Isa(Jesus) was marvelous.That is the reason why it is not difficult to open Agnya. It is not difficult to go beyond Agnya. There have been many Gurus, many great Gurus. They did a great work. They did so many things so that people could get their Jagruti (awareness) to God and they could attract their attention to self-realization.

He (Jesus) came to our country because the people of His country where He lived had no subtleness in their way of thinking. They had no spirituality. That is why He (Jesus) came to India and met King Shaliwahan in Kashmir. Shaliwahan asked Him „What is your name ?“ He replied „My name is Isa-Messiah“ (Isa-Messiah means the one who brings some message) and I am coming from that country where Malekh lives. Malekh means those people who desire something dirty. Now you see, all foreign programmes, they are all dirty. These people like only dirty things – crazy things. If you see their movies you don’t understand whether they are mad people or something else. So in our country, these people were called Malekh (means people who desire only dirty things). How can I go to these people(Malekh). India is my country because I am a spiritual person. Shaliwahan said that “you are such a saintly person. You go back to your country and teach those people Nirmal Tattwam (principle of purity).If you make Nirmal tattwa there, people will get rid of desiring these dirty things”. He went back – somehow. He lived three and a half years and then He was crucified. This He knew was necessary. But the way (in a dignified manner) He left his body shows what a unique personality He had. And in this short period of three and a half years of His life, what He did was great. It is true that He could not give realization to anyone because there were no seekers of truth like you at that time. I have a good fortune, therefore this work before self-realization helped the people to know that there is another life beyond that human life. He said „You have to take a new birth „. His own resurrection resulted also by taking a new birth.

It is also said in our country that this second birth is like a bird who comes out of the egg and is called Dwija (who is born twice) and when he is transformed and he gets the full power, he can fly anywhere in the world. He gets all the communication powers. You know how the birds fly from Siberia to India. They come here in the winter and go back in summer. They have neither Radar nor Aeroplane. They have nothing. How do they come exactly to the same place, to the same pond where they used to come. Their children come also to the same place. Once they did an experiment where they hid some of their children – but they could find them. Some of them they could not find and they themselves flew to India alone. They had no Guide. But they reached perfectly alright.

So we can say that God has made everything so systematic and beautiful that we can get our resurrection. I call it as Blossom time. It is amazing to see thousands of you people sitting here and there are thousands of such people in some other places. All these people were not here at the time of Isa-Messiah and nobody knew at that time about self-realization and why it is necessary to get self realization. Today, also there are some blind people who don’t understand these things. But thanks to the Great Gurus in our country, a big problem is solved that people know about it. Everybody knows that we should get second birth. We should know ourselves. Sufis say also the same thing. Even in all the shastras and religions the same thing is said.

Today is the new year day in Bengal , congratulations for that and therefore we can talk about its resurrection also. Bengal will be benefitted with this resurrection which we celebrated here. The culture, art of Bengal and the great patriots and sacrificers of Bengal who brought the country to a higher level, they are now lost somewhere else. Foreign rule is finished and the English people went back but we have accepted this foreign culture even more now and we don’t know where these people have landed. We don’t know what their condition is. Where will these people land? What have these people got? Many Christians think that Isa (Jesus) was born in England and to become Hindu for them is to wear a Dhoti. Such type of imaginations we have in our head. We think that we can see Isa from very close by becoming English. He (Jesus) named these people Malekh and we are giving so much respect to them. These people have now understood that our culture, our philosophy, opinion about Dharma/Religion is very subtle and pure and people of our country take to Sahaja Yoga very fast. But it is the duty of Sahaja Yogis that they share this mutual brotherhood and bring this message of resurrection everywhere because the condition of your country cannot be improved without this change, without this spiritualism. We cannot improve it by looking at the sky.
Therefore everybody should try and think over it that to how many people we talk about Sahaja Yoga. Isa was completely alone. There was nobody with Him. He had only 12 disciples and some of them halfbaked. Inspite of that He worked very hard. He gave us a great message by his resurrection. This message, which seems to be quite of extrovert nature is, in reality, a subtle work on our Agnya. Only by working on Agnya we reach that state where we can pierce through Brahmrandra (Sahasrara). He (Jesus) always talked about forgiveness, that you should forgive everybody. When He was on the cross He said „Oh God! Please forgive them. They know not what they do“. Therefore please forgive them. These people are blind. He said with so much love, even at that time, when the people were hammering nails on his body and crowning him with thorns that „Oh God! Please forgive them. They know not what they do“. This is a wonder of Agnya Chakra.

Therefore for the opening of Agnya Chakra, I always say “please forgive everybody. Please forgive everybody fully”. Half of the thoughts in us are like that. For example, he misbehaved towards me or made problems for me, how can I correct him? When we surrender everything to Paramchaitanya, He will correct it. I tell you, I fear if some people do wrong things in Sahaja Yoga. I really start worrying that these people will get problems now because on the one side is sitting Jesus, on the other side is sitting Shri Ganesha and the third and fourth side, Shri Hanumana and Shri Bhairava. They will not be able to set them free from the net of these four. Somebody is doing a little bit wrong in the matter of money or in the matter of work, I always try to solve it so that no problem comes to him because when you enter a pure atmosphere, for example, this is a white bedsheet and if a black spot comes on it, it is immediately visible. Therefore you have been made pure (Nirmal) and if a black spot comes thereon, these people will catch you immediately and I don’t know what punishment you’ll get. This is very difficult. Jesus let himself be crucified at that time but He said, about me, that “if you do anything against the Adishakti, I will not allow. I see when these people do wrong, He doesn’t bear. If you call me Mother, I have respect for that. Sometimes they misbehave with me, then I say, that “it doesn’t matter, they have called me once ‘Mother’ – but these people don’t understand it. Therefore we should remember that it is our previous birth’s hard work (Tapasya) and devotion which facilitated our resurrection.

So then you have the special blessing, in this birth, to get what people think is very difficult or impossible. So you have to be careful that you don’t do anything wrong, because if you do anything wrong, your purity is caught immediately. I am not making you fearful – I am telling you the truth. So whatever you do, do it full of love and full of joy. It can happen that somebody troubles you, it doesn’t matter. How long he troubles you will be taken into account. Therefore you should not forget at any stage, at any state, in any field, that you are a Sahaja Yogi. How many yogis were there in olden times? A very few Sufis. Nizammuddin was there and Shah came to cut his throat . He told him that, “if you don’t bow down to me, I will cut your throat”. Next day his own throat was cut.

So, if there is such a type of person, there is no need to fear. If you have to fear at all then only for that which will happen to them. Oh God! Please save them. You are in the Kingdom of God. You are not like other people. You have to remember that you are not alone. You are fully protected. Why do you worry if you have such a protection? Isa Messiah was never upset, even when He was crucified, and what worse can happen than that to you.

Many people come to me and say that “Mother, I have this problem -I have that problem”. This means that you are not a Sahaja Yogi. The right thing comes out that you are not a Sahaja Yogi. If somebody is a Sahaja Yogi, he/she can’t have a problem. Problems are playing somewhere down, only to be witnessed, and you are sitting at a very high place. But if we are always talking about problems, we should realize that something is not o.k. We should meditate, introspect and assume that we are Sahaja Yogis, which awakens a feeling of inner peace and self-confidence and the people can see it. You don’t have to say anything. There is no need to quarrel with anybody. Just keep quiet and Paramchaitanya will do the rest, even if they are so called very clever people. But if you yourself have done something wrong, then Paramchaitanya will take account of you first. Therefore we should …….

Jesus had a very short life of 33 years – what a short life. And He was wandering all the time. While wandering, He went to India and how much He worked in His life. So many things were founded after His name, so many Institutions – this and that. Everything is deceptive. But how much he worked and in the end wrong things were given in His mouth and false institutions were grounded. But there is nothing in this outer religion. You can see it now. The diamond which was covered by them is shining inside you now and is operative in your Agnya chakra. The more your forgiving power increases, the higher you will go in Sahasrara.. Now the difficult thing for the Christians is that, as they are born Christians, they think of only Jesus or Jesus’s Mother. They don’t go beyond that. There may be other incarnations – it is of no interest to them.The same is with the Hindus. Hindus know only Shri Krishna or Shri Shiva – they are lost in that .
But you have reached much higher now. You have got your realization now. You have become Sufis. Therefore you have to take the essence of all these things and to search the truth in everything. There are many false things in these religions. For example, in Christianity, I don’t know whether you know – the same is with Jews and Muslims, that when you die, you bury your body and don’t burn it and when you get your resurrection, this body will come out. You get your resurrection only if you die in the name of God and you sacrifice your life for Him. Now you think, what will come out after 500 years? If you are buried, what bones etc. will come out after 500 years? How will resurrection take place? Many people believe in it and this belief is so deep that some people came to me from Bosnia. I asked them why are you dying? Leave this nonsense, you are Muslims, you believe in Nirakara. For what are you fighting ? For land, what does it mean? They told me that “it is written in our shastras, that if you die in the name of God, then such and such will happen”. I asked them “Where is God’s name in this type of dying?, please tell me.
The second thing is, that if you die and get your resurrection after 500 years, what will come out of this. On the other hand, you take so much land for these graves and live as bhoots in these graves. I must say that our shastras are correct in this regard, that Atma leaves the body after death and Jeevatma takes the new birth. This is true, that Jeevatma does not die. But to believe that the resurrection of body will take place after 500 years is complete foolishness. Sometimes I don’t understand why these people are fighting because of this foolishness.

Today there is fighting going on in Israel and tomorrow somewhere else. Everywhere there is some problem because of religion. Wherever you go there is fighting because of religion. I said yesterday also that there is no separate religion. They are all connected. This is clear, that all of them have described about the people who came before them. Why this fighting then? Because some people say that they are mediators. They call them Dharammartand (those who have command on Dharma) and do just the opposite of that which was told by these saints.

Now you see, Isa (Jesus) had said a very important thing, that your eyes should be without adultery. But Western people do just the opposite of this.“Thou shall not have adulterous eyes“. How subtle is this? „Thou shall not have adulterous eyes „. Not to think of adultery, even eyes should not be adulterous. There should not be adultery in the mind – very subtle thing. He said, “and when I went to a foreign country what did I see – everybody’s eyes moving here and there (flirting). I didn’t see anybody whose eyes were steady except Sahaja Yogis. Before coming to Sahaja Yoga, the eyes are moving here and there. Women are looking at men and vice-versa and this is going on. Some are looking at the things. So who followed this important message of Him (Christ). Who is following Him? Nobody. The only reason is that they have not got their realization. I have seen the people in the West when they get their realization, their eyes also get very steady. Love, peace and joy (Anand) flows from this steadiness. How this happens is because the impurity in the eyes vanish and the eyes become pure (Nirmal). The eyes become like that which Isa said. But this cannot happen only with words. In the west, this disease is too much. So what we understand is that we can’t do what He(Jesus) said.
Every religion is the same. There is no religion where the people do the same as what is told to them. The reason is, that they are not Samarth (capable). Samarth means the same thing. In this case they can’t do what they are supposed to do. Somebody says that he is a sikh, but he drinks wine. Somebody says, I am Christian and his eyes are full of lust. Somebody says he is a Jain and he does the cloth business and so on. They do what they should not do. The reason is that Dharma (Religion) is not yet fully awakened in us and it can be awakened only by Sahaja Yoga.. If you don’t respect your self realization and don’t ascend in that, you can get different problems. These problems which you don’t feel much before realization, feel more now because you have become sensitive now. Therefore we should know what a great thing we have got. We are equipped with that. We should assume our dignity and glory now.

In the same way when Isa got up from his grave, He and His mind were more pure and beautiful. His talks were more beautiful and open. Therefore He (Jesus) is a great Sahaja Yogi for us. He had already achieved everything before. He came after having everything and He died for you so that your Agnya Chakra could be opened. Therefore we should keep away from Ego and similar things. If you have this Ego, then you can become anything – you can become Hitler. If you put attention on yourself and try to understand why you assume yourself a big shot in the whole world. We should see the pure character of Isa who opened the Agnya and helped us to rise above that . Our life should also be pure (Nirmal) like that. There is a complete arrangement of married life and other things in Sahaja Yoga.
Isa had not married because He didn’t need it, but for you there is such a complete arrangement and you can live fully like normal people. From inside you are abnormal. We should understand our special role as Isa and Sufis did. They fought alone against this world and did such a great work. You people have so many brothers and sisters in the world. You should have so much self-confidence in you because you are not alone. They all say the same thing like you say. All of you have the same thing as they have. If you get this thing, You should realize its importance. There is nothing more valuable than that. I am very happy that such a big work is done in Calcutta. We have so many new Sahaja Yogis. There is so much mutual love and no fighting. This is a big thing. I think there must be Devi’s compassion here that people have gone so deep after getting to Sahaj. Women should also work like the men and when Sahaja Yoga spreads all over, you will see that Bengal will become a beautiful form.

Anant Ashirwad to all of you.