Evening Program before Sahasrara Puja and Short Talk on Integration

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Talk on Evening Program before Sahasrara Puja, Cabella Ligure, May 3rd, 1996

It has been such a great pleasure and glorification of Sahaja Yoga today, I remember the day when it started, on the 5th May 1970. And today I see all of you so much engulfed in the Divine love and Divine power.

The whole thing shows one very great, fundamental thing, of Sahasrara: that people from so many countries integrated together.

Integrated. It was Sahaj, spontaneous, but every way and there was no confusion, there’s no quarrelling, no fighting, nothing. Such an integration, spontaneous, whether it is on the stage or stage of life.

Now, as we are all global personalities, we are all integrated and those who were acting were enjoying as well as the ones who were looking at them were also enjoying in the same manner.

It was such a good also integration between the one who was acting, or the all those who were there, and all those who were watching – I couldn’t understand whether the people who are seeing them are also acting, or also those who are acting are also seeing.

It was a beautiful blending I must say, and I congratulate all the leaders of all these five countries, who have contributed so well to this deep sense of integration.

Not that is the integration within that is important – of course that’s very important for a personality, but for our work, for our global emancipation we need integration of all the nations, and understanding of all the nations, because these barriers are created by human beings, not by God Almighty.

So we have transcended those barriers, and the way we are all sitting together in a complete integrated mood is – you don’t know what your Mother feels, I, I just can’t believe that in such a short time this we have achieved, in My lifetime I can see all these things happening.

So it was such a beautiful Sahaja, spontaneous, creation of the Spirit of this integration, and I congratulate all the leaders for this, and we all should thank them, for giving us this beautiful integrated, Sahaj-spontaneous illustration of Sahaj character.

Thank you very much.

May God bless you all.