Myths are unreal

Royal Albert Hall, London (England)

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1996-06-28 Myths Are Unreal, Royal Albert Hall UK NITL-RAW, 44'
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Public Program. Royal Albert Hall, London (UK), 28 June 1996.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. It has to be understood that truth what we know through our mental capacity is not the truth, because mind itself is a myth. We have created it. As we have created computers. we have created our myth also through our conditioning and through our ego. Beyond it is the reality. So if you have to know the absolute truth something has to happen. We have to evolve into a higher realm of existence of consciousness. You have been already told about the subtle system that you have. You all have it. You are the owner of it and you have every right to achieve that state of consciousness which in the Zen system call it “Satori”.
In every system they have something they call it some name, like the Islam calls it “Wali”, some called it “Sufi”.

In the realm of reality, when we are not, we have problems, because we fight for unreal things, you think of unreal thing as real and accept. For example, when they English lost the match. I mean one party has to win, either this or that. But they were so much identified with it, which was falsehood. They were not playing, there were not players that they were English, alright. But there was no war going on.

See the myth about it is this, that we get identified with things which are themselves not real. And all these problems that we see of anger, which is violence after all, or the attachments we have, identifications we have, then the lust and greed and all kinds of problems that we see in every country is due to our imperfection. It is due to our ignorance about reality while reality is beautiful. And we have to enter into that realm that is what is seeking for.

The other day I was reading a book of a boy, who was an athlete and who went through the Zen system of training and it was so hard and hazardous that I thought very few would accept such a situation, very few. Might have been in those days, there were seekers of that quality that they worked it out. But now there is system available for you. The knowledge that they gave you about the subtle system we have is a fact, but if it is a fact or not you should first verify don’t just believe me or believe what he has said. You should verify if it there within us this subtle system of our ascent. I knew about this since my childhood, but I did not know how to explain to people because I found people have no idea about it even in India. Traditionally, in India we had three types of seekers. One was through Vedas. Even the first stanza of Veda says that, “If you do not know yourself by reading or by chanting these mantras it is useless”.

Then the second seeking, second style of seeking was that of bhakti, is you to sing the name of God, or you can pray to God. Even great people like Gyanadeva [Dnyaneshwar] did not know want to do. So they also said it is better to do bhakti, bhakti of God because the time had not come perhaps to give Self-realization or may be the people were not prepared to get it.

But in the centre, we had another great movement which is called as ‘Nath’, ‘Nath Panthis’. They say it came from Shiva. But whatever it is, it came from Adinath and these people and got diverted into many types. But those who remained in the middle, one of them was we should say was called Gahini Nath and his disciple was Nivruti Nath, the elder brother of Gyanadeva. It is amazing if you read anything about them they know all about chakras, they know all about these all three channels. Everything they knew thousands of years back. Then somehow or other they didn’t tell people. They kept the knowledge to themselves. I can’t say why they did it but they did.

Ultimately, Gyanadeva took permission of his Guru Nivruti Nath and said that, “Let me tell you, at least let me tell others, you allow me because people should know what works it out”. So, he wrote about Kundalini. But if you read these ancient books, you will be amazed that the whole thing was described in those books how you get your Realization and how then you have those centers which are to be enlightened, what problems come in. But the method they employed for achieving it was really hazardous. I don’t know why they had to do it but they did it. They were all unmarried people and very strict with themselves and they had to lead a life very secluded from the society. This was really a very difficult time of ascent they had.

When I read about them, I really feel very extremely sad that all these great people who were seeking had to go through such horrible strenuous turmoil for days together and then some of them got Realisation.
But you are lucky people I should say to be born at this time. This is a special time, very special time, which is described in all the books, all the scriptures as the last judgment. Now, if you start deciding about it through your mental capacity you cannot achieve anything, because you have only two agencies: one is your conditioning, another is your ego. So one has to rely on the natural gifts that we have, is that of this Kundalini and she is your individual mother; she does not want to torture you, she does not want in any way to give you any pains, whatsoever.
Also, there are some books written that Kundalini means it is a something horrible and it can kill you, it will do all these things. All these years, now I have been working on it, I have never seen anybody getting into trouble. But if you are in trouble you get out of it. So, all these myths were created for Kundalini also later on so that people should not take to reality. But all this knowledge was somehow lost, though Gyanadeva had mentioned in his book that in the sixth chapter he said that one should seek through the awakening of Kundalini.
But people said no, this is no good, we are not going to have it; because when those people who organized the religion, become in charge of the religion – actually you cannot organize, you cannot organize religion – and once they start organizing it you see they put there own norms on people who are seeking. So they said no this is something is not allowed because they could not raise the Kundalini may be.

But in the sixteenth century in India, suddenly so many Realized souls were born, saints were born. Perhaps they might have been Nath Panthis who had died before may be, they have taken the birth, so many of them. And they started understanding each other because they were one with reality. Everybody was feeling the same thing about each other.
There are many examples of that. First of all, I would say, Namadeva in Maharastra. He was a tailor and he went to see one pitcher – who make pitchers you see, potter you can call it – and, when he went and saw this fellow standing and trampling over the clay, he just stood up and the sentence he said is so remarkable. He said,” I came here to see the formless – that is the vibrations or Chaitanya they call it – but I see it in you in person. It is in person I see it”. This kind of appreciation is only possible between people who are Realised souls because they understand each other. Those who don’t understand you see have different, different ideas, different, different things.

Now they say that we must have peace. How can you have peace? One is going to the right direction, another is going to the left direction, another is going in middle some where hanging.
Everybody think they are right. Whatever they are doing is right. But what is the outcome of it. Nobody is peaceful within. They are fighting for things which has no meaning at all in life. They are many people who are fighting in the name of God, I mean this is the worse someone can do stupid thing. How can you kill each other in the name of God, how can you? But this happening is accepted and not only but it is regarded as religion.
Like this whole world is full of violent people. You should say minimum disturbed people: families are disturbed, children are disturbed, the whole mother earth is shaking and everybody is disturbed.
By saying that you should have peace you cannot have. By talking about you cannot have. Because I have seen some people who got peace awards, there is no peace within. Only by transformation of human beings, by evolving them, taking them into this realm of peaceful existence of reality you can bring peace. Everybody wants peace but even if you want you should genuinely ask for it. If you are going to decide it mentally you cannot. Mentally everybody differs, everybody has opinion for everything.

Like they will say, now they have come here. I mean the modern mind is like this. It always tries to run away from the truth, always. If you, I will give simple example, if I tell somebody to please telephone to such and such gentlemen, immediately the other person will say, “He may not be there. He might have gone to his office.” Today is Sunday how can he go to his office. “All right, then he might be…” I said, “Why don’t you telephone first, why do you react? First telephone, finds if the person is there or not.”
But that is not possible because the mind is all the time wobbling, giving answers and reacting. Whatever you do, there is reaction. It can also say now why so many flowers, I never asked them but they did put it also. I don’t know whom to be blamed, who is the victim. But they might say so. They can have objection to everything.
But one thing is that, why don’t you understand that you are not at peace, at peace with yourself? Unless and until you are yourself at peace, you cannot find faults with others. You cannot judge others.

Why are you not at peace with yourself? This is a thing one should understand. Because you are not integrated. Your mind, which is – I have told you what it is – says something. Then your heart says something and then your liver says something. There is no integration in your understanding of any problem. Once you are completely integrated, then you feel the peace. But the best thing that happens I have seen with Kundalini awakening is this: that we are all the time thinking, thinking, thinking, and thinking so much. Some people really have told me that, “You cut our throat, but stop this thinking”. Specially in modem times, we think much more for everything. We think, “Without thinking, we will be lost”. And in this ocean of thinking, we are so frightened with the waves, as if you are in the ocean and there are waves around you and you are very much frightened of them. But supposing by any chance you get into a boat. Then you can watch these waves which were frightening you and enjoy them; but supposing you become an expert swimmer, you can jump down and save many. In the same way it happens. When Kundalini rises, these waves that we have of a thought which rises and falls, rises and falls, and we are all the time jumping on the cusp of the thoughts, either in the past or in the future. We cannot be in the present. So, when she rises, she elongates those thoughts and there is a space in between that is the present. And in the present, we don’t think but we are aware, much more aware than we were ever. We are in the centre; we are in the centre and there it is our peace. So, we have to rise up to that point.

Now – as he has told you about all these centres – when the Kundalini passes through them she nourishes all of them. These centres are responsible for our physical mental, emotional, also our spiritual being. So she nourishes them, integrates them and ultimately pierces through our fontanel bone area and connects us to this All-pervading Power of divine love.
All the scriptures have described about this thing. they call it by different names, as I have told you that they call it “Ruh”, they call it “cool breeze of the Holy Ghost”, they call it as the ‘All-pervading Power of divine love’, all kinds of names like ‘Param Chaitnya’ as ‘Nirakar’. They call it ‘Alakh niranjan’. All kinds of names they have given to this All-pervading Power because you can see it, you can see it and you can feel it after Realisation. You can feel it, it exists. For the first time, you feel it.

You see these flowers you take them for granted how beautiful they are. But it is a miracle, just think it, how beautifully this mother earth has created for you all these. That means she is living organism. She understands what to produce out of what to do.? Who does all this? What is this energy? This is the energy of divine Love. When I say “Love”, I mean compassion, it is the compassion. It is a thing we don’t understand that how can compassion be the truth. But on a little lower level we can understand it. If you love somebody then you know everything about that person. Take it that way. Compassion is real intelligence. Which gives you the, I mean, enlightened compassion, the complete idea of the totality, it does not talk of one here and one there but of the totality it has. Through its intelligence it understands what is benevolent for the global peace, what is benevolent for an individual problem. It understands everything, because it hasn’t got any angularities. It is so pure. And this purity, which is compassion, which is pure intelligence.
And once you enter into that realm you don’t have to read anything. You become just very knowledgeable, yourself very knowledgeable. So many powers you have within yourself, of which you are not at all aware they all start manifesting. I have known people, ordinary artist coming to Sahaja Yoga become now world-famous artist. Ordinary people who could not even come up on the stage have become great orators. All these qualities which make you so special just start prospering and also manifesting itself.

But that’s not, that’s like you see mother giving chocolate for children, that is not the main thing. The main thing is that you reach a point that you feel you don’t have to achieve any thing. You have achieved everything. All that hankering after achievement and all that is finished. Then you enjoy everything. Your existence you enjoy. You enjoy each and everything that you see. This enjoyment cannot be described. But it is to be experienced and to be felt.

I must say, in England, I worked the most because somehow my husband is posted here and lot of time and the country which I had worked very hard is England, no doubt. And I had an advantage of this English language which I could speak also. But I have seen that, once English take to something, they will take it seriously. But to take them to something is difficult, because too much of mental activity. We have to go humbly beyond this. Because they will say, I don’t like this, I did not like this I don’t want this. That is not the thing. Who are you? Do you know who you are? I want this, I believe, our politicians will always say I believe, now who are you? Do you know who you are? Mohammad Sahib has said, “Unless and until you know yourself you cannot know God Almighty. So why talk of God? First know yourself. That’s why Buddha never talked of God. He said better not talk of God First, know yourself, because, you haven’t got yet, the capacity to understand God.

First of all, you must know yourself. And to know yourself is quite easy now days. I am amazed the way it worked in so many nations, the way people have taken to Sahaja Yoga and the way it is spreading, I am amazed; this is the special time and a special blessing where you are born when it was to happen. But, still it’s a judgment; again I will say it’s a judgment. Nobody can force you. You have to judge yourself whether you want it or not. There cannot be any forcing. But you see, these countries also, European countries, I have some ideas, they think it is a cult. I mean, I cannot understand how can there be a cult when where there are no weapons used, there is no money taken, there is nothing as such peace such joy, such friendship among so many nations its established. If it is cult all right, does not matter. I wish there were some more like that!
This mind all the time criticizing, finding fault, this and that. But what have you got so far? As a Mother, I will say you have to be selfish. Just know that you have to know yourself and that is what will give you everything that you want.

Actually, the wants also change. It is very surprising how after Sahaja Yoga people change. Of course, there are one or two here and there who are not so good. But they will be, they will be, they have certain hankering, something hanging in their minds, I think. But most of them come up so fast. I am really amazed, how these things are happening in the western countries.

India, of course, no problem, because they have the heritage, they have the knowledge they know everything, they know what they have to get. But here, in England, I was really amazed, how it has worked out. So seekers are born everywhere, I see now this seeking is so deep and so much maddening for people.
Of course, many people have made money out of it. That’s where I can’t understand. They have made marketing thing, you cannot market, you see, this is your evolutionary process. How much money do we go give to mother earth for giving us these flowers?
It is natural process of evolution, which has to take place in simple words it is “Sahaja”. Sahaja means spontaneous. It’s born with you. It is a great chance of becoming sahaja yogis. “Yoga” means the union with the Divine. You get powers, it is not just to say I am twice born have some sort of sign board; but you become. Is the becoming is the point. You really become and in that becoming you get powers, you can raise the Kundalini of others you can cure people. I mean so many things happen.

The greatest thing happens is that such a person become extremely peaceful, wise and enjoyable. As Namadeva enjoyed, Gora Kumbhar they enjoyed each other.
Then Namdeva went to Punjab where Guru Nanaka: he saw another realized soul, immediately he recognized, and he said “It is so nice you come to Punjab, now you better learn Punjabi language and write beautiful poetry as you done it in Marathi language.” So, there is such a big book written in Punjabi language by this great poet.

You too had great poets here, there is Lewis, then we have William Blake*. William Blake was unknown to us in India. They never, they thought he’d be a mad man or what I don’t know. After coming to London only I could discuss something about him such a great man, such a great poet.
But they had to write it in this poetry, because if they were saying something, they would have been murdered or killed, I don’t know what would have happened. So they wrote it in poetry when people couldn’t understand much. They have [not clear] way for us. They have created this path. For them the greatest thing is that it is working out because they are all together.

First, so many came, trying this, and else you see build the path. Now, it iss complete, not only that, but also the temple is ready for you to enter in. The whole work of this great people has helped us. They were never against each other, Never.
When they talk different religions I can’t understand specially, when Moses, Abraham, were described by Christ. How come the Jews fighting Christians, I can’t understand? Not only but also Mohammed sahib described about Christ, his mother, much more with greater respect than in the Bible. So how can this people fight among themselves?
It is to be seen clearly in their books only, they find the books so authentic it is in the book written down that they followed all these great people. So there cannot be any devising thing that is a religion. Religion cannot divide.
Actually, religion is within ourselves. And when you get your Realization you suddenly become very righteous, suddenly. I have seen in this England only, people taking drugs and all that overnight gave up, overnight. It is remarkable how in the light of the spirit they saw what is wrong with them, what is destructive and they just gave it up. Such beautiful people have come up. You won’t believe that these were the people who lost all hopes about themselves and how now they have become such beautiful beings, I am very proud of them.

This lecture of mine should not upset you in any way. If I have said something that makes you feel little nervous or anything, you should not worry. Because your Kundalini is all the time there and innocence cannot be destroyed. Of course, some clouds come over it but there is the deity of innocence sitting within you and it holds everything works out without any problem.
Only thing you have to desire for it and asked for it. As I said it cannot be forced. I respect your freedom, and in your freedom, you need to receive your Self-realisation. It cannot be forced, it cannot be argued, nothing of the kind; because it is natural process as I said, is a natural process, and for the natural process how can you argue it.

So, I would request you, first of all, that those who do not want to have Self Realization should leave the hall. Because it will take hardly 10 minutes, hardly 10 minutes. But those who don’t want should leave the hall, would be nice, very amicably, I will be thankful.

[Pause for some minute]

One thing I have to tell you that there are mainly two problems with human beings where Kundalini stops: one of them when you feel guilty. When somebody tells you, you are sinner or something like that, such an idea crops into your head, and you think you are sinner and they are afraid. Many people have told me, “We are afraid of you.” I said “Why?” Because you have sinned… that’s why I am here, why you should be afraid.

So, first thing is that I love you all and you all should love yourself. Because you all are human beings and at the epitome of the evolution. So please give up the idea of feeling guilty. Alright, you have done something wrong, accept it. That is finished now that is past and I am talking about present. That is finished. As far as this moment is concerned, it is doesn’t exist. So, don’t think of what you have done wrong or what you have been worried about and all the time thinking.
Also our modern life is so much, full of norms that even a little thing you do like, even if you put the spoon on this side to that side, you feel guilty, “Oh I did like that”. If you were really guilty, you would have been in jail not here. You should have very pleasant attitude towards yourself and not to feel guilty. That is what I am requesting you again and again don’t feel guilty.

Then the second thing is why I say so. Because this center [left Vishuddhi] here left side catches. It goes into very big jeopardy, into very big problem and this center can give you spondylitis to minimum, or angina or all your organs become very lethargic. So why carry this guilt with you? So, give up the guilt.

The second simple thing is that please forgive everyone, in general. Don’t think about them. If you don’t forgive then you go on thinking, “Oh my goodness he troubled me” like this and the person who has troubled you is quite happy while you are just troubling yourself. By that, you catch on the Agnya which is in the center of this optic chiasm like this. And it is so close and so constricted, that if you want forgive it want open and how will the Kundalini pass through? So, just forgive all of them and don’t think about to whom you have to forgive. Just say in general, I forgive everyone.

Many people say it is difficult, it’s a myth. You forgive or you don’t forgive what do you do, do nothing. But when you don’t forgive then the all problems start. So, better forgive everyone. Without even thinking that you have to forgive this person or that person. It is headache even to think about them so better not.
This center is very important, especially for Christians. You know that how forgiveness was [not clear] that Christ has manifested and requested all of you to forgive.

The third thing I have to request is that have full faith in yourself that you are all going to get your Self-realisation. Please have this faith in yourself. If you have that faith it will work out. In no way condemn yourself or say that how could I get it.
In Genoa it happened, it was not such a big hall but quite a big hall and everybody got realisation. And for at least half of they were stunt they couldn’t believe that they were feeling the cool breeze of Holy Ghost, they just could not believe it, for a half a minute. Then they looked very happy and joyous and started smiling and clapping.
So,, it is going to happen to you all. I promise, but have just faith in yourself. You all can get it.
Another thing I have to request is if you can take out your shoes, this mother earth helps us a lot.

*(about William Blake)