Talk and Treatment at Vienna Airport and Departure

NH Vienna Airport Conference Center, Vienna (Austria)

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Talk at Vienna Airport. Austria, 10 July 1996.

In Bucharest, there were equal number like you people are here, and I didn’t know how to take out My attention away from them, it was so much touching to see people so much full of love. It’s a very powerful centre we have I think, Bucharest is, because we have some very great musicians there, as you are here. Also, they have, they told Me twenty-one doctors who are practicing Sahaja Yoga. So many scientists, very open-minded people, very open-minded. And it has spread so fast, there were 6,000 people in the stadium, we could not have it in a hall, so stadium, and everyone got Realization. I was telling them the General of the military hospitals, he came to see Me personally, he got his Realization first, then he came to see Me. So humble he was, all the time he was worried how Sahaja Yoga will spread – “What are you going to do?” “How long will it take?” I mean such, sweet, sweet things he asked Me. I was amazed. This man was meeting Me only yesterday, he came to the program, got his Realization, today he is very anxious to do so much for Sahaja Yoga. So, I said, “Why don’t you come to Italy?” He said “All right, “If you call me I’ll come. I’ll come to Pune wherever You will say, to Bombay anyway”.

Is very surprising, also in Bulgaria, where we went to Sofia, the people who came – I mean, the Bulgarian Government is too lazy yet to say that we are registered, so we have to go through some association. So this time yoga association called them and they believe in Hatha Yoga, and I mean, I told them all about Hatha Yoga – what happens with Hatha Yoga and how it works out and this and that. And we are doing the same but it’s very quick – that’s all, because it’s modern times. So they came to see Me later on, and I tell you I was so surprised, they were very well read people they’d read so much about yoga, they had been to India – this thing, that thing, but immediately they realized that Sahaja Yoga is the solution, for all the seekings, for all the problems of the world. It’s very surprising how these countries, which are still not so developed – monetarily I would say, are so much in Sahaja Yoga, and are so active. I was telling just now, that I think this democratic countries the money has gone into our head, and with money there is corruption, there is violence, there is mafia all kinds of things. With all that, still if these countries would not have been democratic I could not have entered there – just see. Because they became democratic I could go in there; we could talk of Sahaja Yoga otherwise it was impossible, to talk about Sahaja Yoga, God (unclear) or about anything.

So there is a big advantage that democracy started, but the situation of democracy is not all right and the people are not worried about, not at all worried about political side – they said let them fight, let them do what they like. And the people are so nice – so, so nice. Little, little presents they gave Me, even in the shop. It’s different type of people, and then they were telling Me about their ancient times whatever they have discovered is. And they said that before Christianity came in, people used to worship the Mother Goddess, and then they showed Me paintings where a Mother Goddess is there and She’s blessing some horsemen, some soldiers. They said it is 3,000 to 5,000 before Christ. That means they were very, very close to reality. Even I was surprised in Colombia and Bolivia; there are some statues that have come out of the Mother Earth and there’s Kundalini. Even the ornaments they brought as a copy ornaments, they have Kundalini.

So I think human beings were aware of Kundalini when they were very simple people, and they knew about Divinity, no doubt about it. And they did not need it; they did not do Sahaja Yoga, or anything, just because they were there. But this so-called democracy, for such a long – is not good thing; I’ve reached that – because if it is too long, people become extremely money-oriented. Money becomes so important that goes into their heads and that money, money, money; it’s no end to it. In My own opinion is, money is for what – not to make a slave out of you, no, but to make a master out of you, and this is where I find, people have missed – are still running after having more money, having more money – not satisfied. But with Sahaja Yoga one can achieve that state of satisfaction. That now is sufficient, we don’t want anything, what do we want? Is more than sufficient.

And today only I read in newspaper that Americans are just mad buying things. I’m also mad buying things for you, I tell you. All the time, everywhere I go, try to buy some presents – something, all the time buying things. But only things that are artistic, things which are made by hand, because now the European fashion is such a funny thing that they want everything simple, they don’t like anything ornate, nothing classical. They are the ones who started everything classical, now they want everything to be simple. I can’t understand, God has given us a nose which is protruding, and ears protruding and are we to cut them out? So much so they don’t think what will happen to the artist. Artists are creative and they want to put their exuberance into their art, and we don’t want to see why they are like that, and we don’t feel that – wear very simple dresses. You see, by this wearing a simple dress one doesn’t become simple inside – not at all.

When I was in London there was one fellow, from the hippie group came to see Me – all his hair was like that you see, and he was just scratching, perhaps maybe there may be lice because I couldn’t understand wearing funny dress. So I said, “What is this, it’s like primitive everything?” He said “I want to be primitive, I am primitive” I said “You cannot be, because your brain is not primitive, you are modern inside. Outside if you try all these tricks, by that you cannot become primitive – this is just your satisfaction, but why do you want to become primitive?” “Because they were better people”. “Then become a better people”. So this trend of madness, that we want to be extremely simple, is not necessary.

In Sahaja Yoga, we don’t believe in sanyasa at all, no, not at all. You better get married, have children, go through it, and live like normal people. By the way when I was talking, giving a lecture, I said you don’t have to stand on your head, you don’t have to stand on one leg, nothing of the kind. Then Ruth told Me that the gentleman who has invited Me has got his photographs where he is standing on his head, and standing on his leg, standing on one hand. I said, “My God; you should have told Me it was so embarrassing”. He’s the one who invited Me; I’m just saying without understanding that this gentleman is sitting there. But he was quite convinced, he said, “Mother just put Your Hand on my head” I said “All right – all right-sided”. The main thing, this Hatha Yoga, I told him, there’s no talk of compassion. So only physically you will improve, only physically, what else, at the most he had a chest like this you see and all that, but what’s the use. “Are you satisfied, are you happy?” “No”.

So the simple thing one has to really understand, to be simple is to be satisfied. And to see things with an eye of appreciation of what people have created. In the modern thinking, see I don’t know what sort of abstract nonsense they produce, is abstract. Now many people are realizing it, that one line they’ll put like this and another like this, it’s abstract, finished. I mean you are not abstract, first the artist has to become abstract, means subtler, that is only possible if he becomes Sahaj. Sahaj in the real sense, then he can play with colors beautifully to please others. But this is a very big problem of modern life today.

Then also I found out because of such bombardment, upon the modern mind, they have become absolutely unstable, there’s no stability. Mr. Armani comes out with one dress say, so everybody will buy that dress. He’s now in goal thank-you; I mean thank the government there. He’s in goal and six others of his type. So he takes out a dress, all the women will be dressing up like this otherwise they think they are not in. Then they will have another one gentleman coming, giving another show so all the men will be dressing up like that. This is nothing but we are playing into the hands of these entrepreneurs; because we have no stable mind, no wisdom. See once you have established what you require, what is the dress you require, what is the style you require, finished. Then you must grow inside and not outside. But this unstability has grown so much now, that if you go to somebody’s house you see, suddenly you will find two legs of the pant falling on to you from somewhere, the whole house is filled with clothes, with the jewelry, with this, that, and everything nonsensical.

So this modern mind has become extremely polluted; that we have no stability, no wisdom, and we are playing into these things like fashions, this that. It won’t work out in India I can tell you this much. This mini sari came, mini sari, up to the knee or maybe …You see this fashion is to expose the knees; is very dangerous, because you can get both the nabhis, and I am suffering because of them. They open their knees in this cold weather or hot weather, either you catch the right nabhi, or the left nabhi, and what is there in the knees to expose, I can’t understand. So they expose the knees and then it is regarded as a very big fashion that they expose the knees, you see. Then tomorrow they’ll bring out something else, and that’s what they do.

So for Sahaja Yogis it is important that they must decide now, that’s all finished, no more. I can understand a dress in which you have got some handwork done, some embroidery, some lace, all right – for men also. Something that is some artistic thing. Now the attention is absolutely blasted by all these superficial things, and to add to My pain was, that in all these countries, Eastern Block and Russia, which are very poor countries, imagine, one pound is equal to 5,000 lei, 5,000 lei. And they get their highest pay is about 100 dollars per month. So all the junk of America, which is not selling there, because there’s recession, all the junk of England, all the junk from maybe from Austria also I don’t know, is all going there and – of course selling at a cheaper price, but they are wasting all their money on those things. Indians won’t, I told you, this mini sari came, it came for a short time, for a week, near Bombay and then people said, you get lost, we can’t do it. Once a sari is established traditionally, for Indians, finished. Kurta pajama for men is finished, at the most they can have something shervani and all that, but then there are no every day fashions you see, of this kind coming up and who is paid for all this are these horrible entrepreneurs who are charging us for their tailoring.

So the first thing in democracy, people must have satisfaction. If you don’t have satisfaction, it’s not going to work out. The blessing of Sahaja Yoga is on you people, Sahaja Yogis, though we belong to the same type of country, that you have children; you have children. Normally now they are saying that the white colored people are not producing children, everywhere in Germany anywhere. So at least Sahaja Yogis are producing children, what a satisfaction. That we all have children, and sweet beautiful children, beautiful as they are, what a satisfaction it is. That we have such beautiful children that, you see this race would have been finished. In America they say is minus, Germany is minus, everywhere it is minus, only Sahaja Yogis are producing children. Sometimes in America they produced in one year eleven children – because one lady had three, two ladies had two each. So she said, “Mother what are You doing?” I said “I want to have some saints in that country, you know, otherwise it’s going to dogs, so better to have some, and very sweet children. Three children imagine, and they were feeling rather embarrassed, I said, “Is very good, it’s very good that you are having so many children”. What we need is now, children, and that’s such a satisfaction, to Me it’s the greatest satisfaction to see you with your children and, their sweet ways and methods and the way they play around, they talk, so satisfying.

So we have to seek satisfaction, this way, in our relationships. Like, you see, for My coming, you were so anxious. I mean, people don’t understand, what’s there an old woman of seventy-three years, all these people are mad or what. Why do they want to meet? But there is a kind of a thing that is very much a satisfaction within us. For Me and for you. Very satisfying, now what is that that is satisfying us, you cannot analyze it, you cannot explain it, you cannot, but there is a kind of a satisfaction we are enjoying.

So let us see, where do we feel satisfied? For all of us who are democratic people, there’s one thing that all this nonsense plays on our weaknesses and exciting our dissatisfaction. So our society which is Sahaja Yogis, we have to be careful. As I told you, you should be more satisfied to see something artistic, to see something poetic. This is the only way you can counterbalance the another side is. Now why our Prime Minister in India, is shamefully going to goal. Can you imagine this man? I gave him Realization; he came to see Me three times, but once he became the Prime Minister, he wouldn’t allow Me to meet him even. He was on the other line, and he met this fellow Chandra Swami, and this guru of ours, this Mr. Chandra Swami, took advantage of greed, and so the greed. Greed is like this, I just don’t know billions and billions, what are they going to do?

There’s no satisfaction – and now in the goal I don’t know what they are going to do. What a shameful thing all over the world to see the Prime Minister of India going to goal. But this greed is everywhere. Somewhere they are caught up, somewhere they are not caught up. But it’s a very stupid thing to have greed. Because there is no satisfaction, so you fall into greed. But what are you going to do with all that, still I don’t understand. So for us, what is My satisfactions, we should have ashrams, we should have so many Sahaja Yogis staying there, we should have small little children doing Sahaja Yoga – all that is so satisfying, there’s no greed about it.

The good news is that Shudy Camp is about to be sold. It’s only for a small amount, about 420,000 or so but, out of which 300,000 belongs to this Mr. C.P. Srivastava, but he said “now what are we going to do with this money? You better take it – and you had one great desire to have some land near the river Ganges at the foothill of Himalayas, so buy that, it is very good”. So as soon as this is sold out, we can buy that land, it’s a very beautiful land along the river Ganges. It won’t be, I don’t know, the climate will be the same as you have here, but no snowing – without snowing. But summer time it will be little hot and I think you will like that. It’s a land about 80 acres of land and I want to build there houses, small little houses for you, about two bedroom houses. Let’s see what happens, and you all can own it if you want.

But something I think Sahaja Yogis have to be aware, that so much money is needed for every kind of thing. Today for the first time I’m telling you, that lot of money has been spent and needs to be spent. Now when we go to Daglio we don’t find out from where do we get the money for Daglio. Now there’s one big hanger, which we are going to put, near the river and the land we are buying, from where is the money going to come? It’s not simple, it’s quite expensive. But for Me it works, see now, Shudy Camp is selling. For Me everything works out. So I think for Sahaja Yogis, satisfaction is also extremely blissful because everything will work out.

Paramchaitanya is actually very busy now and also I think all the ganas are really playing lots of tricks, lots of tricks. I showed them Photograph, one of … and we had many miracle Photograph. But this time I was addressing the people, in Bucharest and they have shown one big white colored vase with flowers – it was never there, but first time it appears on the right-hand side of Mine, another left-hand side. What are they up to? I think they were trying to adjust perhaps that. But they said they don’t have anything like that. So they are trying to help us. Now what does that show, shows that, what are you worried about? This satisfaction works out everything, but that is the thing one has to achieve, is satisfaction, I am satisfied. I am absolutely satisfied.

There was one girl who was a journalist who had come. First, she was asking Me questions when I was going just now when I was in the car. She was standing there and she was going on and on. Then she said, “I may come tomorrow”, I said “please come”. By that she had received her Realization everything and when I was coming she talked to Me. She got her Realization and with this she was like a little baby, you know. And the way she was talking everything changed. She had asked Me a question, that you seem to be the happiest person, I said “Yes, and I can make you also happy”. She said, “I am also very happy”. She was sitting downstairs, and I said, “How long have you been sitting – why didn’t you come up?”. She said, “You told yesterday that you have to be in present – so I am in present. I’m not bothered”. First she asked Me question, “Do you see visions?”, I said “No, because I know everything, what is there to see? I’m in the present”. So she gave Me back that “I was sitting here in the present nicely enjoying every moment of the present”.

That is what it is. Future doesn’t exist for us. But every moment of our present is filled with great joy, because of satisfaction. But it’s not mental; satisfaction is not mental, it’s a state I think, where you are just satisfied. I don’t know what hankering people have. Like some people are fond of food, let us take it like this. They like tasty food, they want to talk about tasty food, and the food should be good and all that. If you have read Lal Bahadur Shastri’s book that My husband has written, he said that Gandhiji said, “You should not have any sense of taste, aswad, you must develop aswad”. “How to develop aswad, it is very difficult? I’m so fond of good food you see” – and also he came from a society I mean, from I should say a caste, which is – My husband is also same, all the time they talk about food, what they are going to have, what they’ll have, this, that. So one day he told his friend, “I’ve solved my problem” he said “how?” “I’ve put water in the food and I ate”. But those people, who are particular about swaha, they are such a headache I tell you. In Sahaja Yoga, I now see that they do not complain so much. They are all right, quite happy, because we have in a general way, some food cooked for you and you are quite happy with it you don’t complain about it. But that is one of the early hankering of human beings, is food. Try to see if you feel satisfied about food, that doesn’t mean you starve, never, never, I never mean that, shouldn’t starve. But you must feel, just satisfied. Now how will you do it, it is the point? If people say that Mother no, no, how to get rid of it, You tell us, I mean, it’s not just like some operation that you can do it.

So main thing is the nabhi, nabhi gives you all kinds of hankerings. Nabhi, like you want to have good food, consume swaha, want to consume, consume, consume, but after that, nabhi has another quality known as swadha, is to sustain. Sustain it. Into very subtle way, if you try to understand. We have eaten this; we have eaten that, we have eaten this and all that. Now, what is to be sustained out of that? The food is finished now, it’s no more, nothing, it’s finished, gone. Then what do you sustain?. Nothing. Only hankering – Oh, there I went, had a very nice dinner, there I went and this. So the past. The swadha is the present. So how do you sustain it, is a very subtle thing one has to understand. When did you enjoy the most? When all the Sahaja Yogis were eating the food together, in collectivity – that experience of collectivity of eating together. That’s what we enjoyed the most, together the collectivity.
So you have become even subtler than that and more than that is when you give it to somebody else to eat. To your children, to your friends, in giving something to them. That has even a more subtler satisfaction. Like I was surprised in Bulgaria I went, they said, “Mother we want one thing if You allow us”. I said, “What is it?” “We make a very good of salad in this country”; I said, “really? all right, then what?”. “We want to make salad”, I said “All right, come along, what do you need for salads?”. They said, “except,” she said, “except for one thing, you can get everything but we have to have a kind of a special cheese”. “And where do you get that?”, “Only here”. “And how much is needed?”. “26 kilos, at least; for Guru Puja”. “My goodness, I said, how will you carry?”. “We’ll manage. Mother, please just allow”. And when I said, “Allowed”, they were so happy about it, as if they themselves have eaten it or I don’t know what was it like; they were so happy, clapping hands. “Mother has allowed us to take that cheese, I mean just think, such a sweet experience.

I said, “We will never do like that, you see, we cook whatever is possible here only, otherwise every country will start bringing anything”. “No, no Mother, this is the first time, You just allow us”. But very satisfying, very satisfying. They said, “Oh no we are coming by bus, we’ll preserve it well and we will bring it, it’s a special type, belongs only to this place”. So when you feed somebody, you get their satisfaction. It’s very subtler inside you see, and when you see that you give food, to people who need food, is even greater satisfaction. Then you forget about your hankerings and a new collectivity grows, you see, starts growing. But this feeling, this satisfaction acts because it is compassion. It is compassion, and this compassion acts. Say, for example, if you desire today, if you really collectively desire or feel that people from Ethiopia are starving, this will act, they’ll get the food all right. This is the maha collectivity I would say, into which you have to jump.

Like I was going now, they were telling Me about Bucharest that there has been no rain at all and they are agriculturist and people are suffering. It was very hot in the train, I tell you really, we were all getting boiled up, but I said “It’s all right”. Then suddenly I remembered that I can make it cool also, why not try the trick and as soon as I gave a bandhan, immediately you’ll be surprised, temperature came down, immediately. So by the time we reached the station, they said the temperature has come down, it was 40 degrees, today it has come down about 38 or something. I said, “Only that much?”, “Yes”. Then I just thought of the rain, and can you imagine, it started becoming cooler, cooler, cooler, by the time I came to the program, it was all full of clouds, and as soon as the program finished and I got up, it started raining. Raining, raining, raining, and it became so cold that I had to wear a sweater. Can you imagine, from 38 it came to 18 degrees temperature, just compassion, just compassion, that it’s agricultural country, they are already poor there’s no rain, just compassion. And I didn’t even say that there should be rain, but just that feeling, which became so subtle.

So I started with satisfaction and then I went on to compassion. Without satisfaction, you cannot have compassion. You have to be satisfied souls, then your compassion will act. But people are mostly worried about them, in the beginning. “What is it?” “Mother, I’m very depressed”, another used to say, “Mother, I am like this”, or one would say “Mother, I have too much ego” another would say “Mother, my family is like this, my father is like this, mother like this, this, this”. Now you are changed, you have grown up, very much. But now try, to see that you don’t want anything anymore, now let’s give, we have had enough of it. That’s very important to understand. Give to others, to your friends – it’s very touching you know, very touching.

Like yesterday when I was there, the Sahaja Yogis had been to India, to study music you see, and when I sat down they started Binati Suniye, in such a beautiful manner, that just tears came into My eyes, just to make Me happy you see, I don’t know. Just they started that song. You see this is something is that, when you think that, we have to make others happy. All this whatever we have enjoyed, had enough now, no more.

Now let us make others happy, this will work. If we want to change the whole world, I mean that’s My idea is, it’s the global transformation of human beings. It’s not possible by My going everywhere you see, but possible by your strong desire to change the whole atmosphere into a beautiful atmosphere. You can do it. You all can do it. Now you are so powerful. Your desire was that I should come here. All right so the whole airplane, everything they worked out for Me, I had to come here. I can’t help it also, it’s your desire and then it’s so satisfying, such a mutual feeling, you know. As when you reach, say, the Ocean of your compassion. And you see, as if you are touching the hearts of people and the ripples come back to you.

[Aside:] It’s all right, let it be, I am quite happy with her. Let her be there, she’s quite happy. [Conversation with the child:] What’s the matter? Ah, ah. All right. [Inaudible] Let her come to Me.

So in small, small things there is joy, which we cannot see because we are very gross but once we start becoming subtler and subtler then we get joy out of this.

I am just expressing my joy today when I’m meeting you all, I hope you also enjoy everything that you have,

Thank you.

Hello, hello, what’s your name?
Am I going to listen to some good music now? [Laughter]
I must tell you that was a girl who plays piano so well so well. And Mozart [unclear] so well. I thought I should marry her to somebody here, so that you can get her there. Tremendous!