Go beyond your mind to know the reality

Moscow (Russia)

1996-07-17 Go Beyond Your Mind To Know The Reality, Moscow Russia DP-RAW, 74'
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Public Program in Moscow (Russia), 15 July 1996.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

I have to say that truth is what it is and it cannot be changed. It cannot be described. Unfortunately at this human awareness you cannot know the absolute truth. If you had known the absolute truth there would have been no problem of quarrelling, fighting, arguing. Because absolute truth is singular and I’m sitting before you. You all know I’m here, so you are not going to argue on that point. But when we argue we cannot see. We do not know who is sitting next to us. If there is some sort of a sound everybody will start running, helter-skelter, hurting each other. Maybe they might start fighting. But your eyes are open. When you are alert you know where you are.

So what is the truth? The truth is that you are not this body, this mind, this ego, these emotions, but you are the pure spirit. That’s why all of them have said that you have to take your second birth. That means this birth is not the complete thing. In Sanskrit also we call a realized soul, a saint as Dwijaha, means born twice. Also bird is called as dwijaha, means born twice. And the bird is like a small egg. Till it grows and is broken by the mother it is not a bird, it doesn’t exists as a bird. And when it is matured then it comes out of the egg, but there are still some things sticking to him out of the blood and the egg and other things. Then it starts flying; the mother teaches him how to fly. Then the bird becomes free, strong enough to go around the whole sky.

In the same way, it happens with human evolution. At the human stage we are just like an egg. One side is the ego, another side is the conditioning. This is how our mind is made by us. It is a myth, mind itself is a myth. And we can make computers; we also can make our own mind. So one has to go beyond this mind to know the reality, to know the absolute truth. This is the evolutionary state one has to achieve. That’s the last breakthrough of our evolutionary process that has to happen to most of us. What surprised Me, the way the Russians have taken to Sahaja Yoga, also people in Ukraine, also Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary, but maximum by Russians.

After all people ask Me, “How, why Russians?” Of course Indians knew about it, they have been told about it. So they were expecting it. But Russians didn’t know. They had forgotten it. They are such a clean slate. I don’t know how it worked with Russians so easily. And we have now so many Russians who have achieved the state of Self-Realization. As you know how it is done; you have been already told about it. Yesterday I also saw a very beautiful tableau drama where they showed all the different chakras of the Kundalini. That showed that they have understood about themselves. They know. They have a complete self-knowledge. It is not the knowledge of the book, but it is the knowledge which is absolutely a part and parcel of you. And now I find this; people who have achieved it are their own masters. They know what is wrong, what is right. They know what is destructive for them.

I always say, this is the special time of Last Judgement. People asked Me, “How do you say it is the Last Judgement? What is the sign?” The signs are; I don’t know if you have ever seen miraculous photographs of Sahaja Yoga that there were never such photographs, there were never cameras, and now we can see these beautiful vibrations of Divine Love. Christ has said that you have to be born again. But it is not like some artificial certificate you should have, saying “We are born again.” If you are born again then you have many powers. Firstly you are filled with compassion and this compassion acts. It works. It is the compassionate intelligence power all over.

This is the second proof, because you can feel it as cool breeze on your finger tips. Before this you have never felt this power, all pervading power of Divine Love which all scriptures have described. But now, now you can feel it, because it is a special time and you are special people. So thousands and thousands can get Self-Realization. You see these chakras are responsible of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. All problems whether it is physical, even financial, all come from these chakras being influenced. But somehow with the raising of the Kundalini these chakras are corrected, nourished and integrated. Then you also get connected to this all pervading power of Divine Love. We go into another realm of existence. Because this human awareness becomes Collective Awareness. You start feeling others.

Today I went to see a very high personality and they told Me, “Just discuss economics with him, or politics.” which I don’t know. Within one minute time I knew that he has vibrations. And just after two three minutes I started telling him about it and he was so much interested. And he wanted to talk to Me for hours. I had to come away and he had also his work. So very surprisingly that in Russia we find a complete cross-section of the society; people are extremely sensitive to spirituality. It is most unexpected. But people in America are not. They take to stupid things. They asked Me, “How much money you take?” I said, “How much do you pay to your Mother Earth?” So they said, “We can’t believe anything where we don’t pay anything.” I said, “All right this is not a business.” For God doesn’t understand money. He doesn’t have banks. He judges [INAUDIBLE].

But they don’t have like that. But I would like to warn you not to take to American ways and American clothes. I have seen so many shops here, maybe they are second-hand. It’s all the junk they can’t sell in their own country, because of recession. And why should you waste your precious money for this kind of a junk? Many ladies are also taking to the fashions. They get their knees open. It is very bad, very injurious. Their both the chakras of Nabhi will be hurt. They can become lame or they can get arthritis or they can get anything. Sixty-five percent people of America within ten years time are supposed to become schizophrenic or mad. With your wisdom you should judge. When you are transformed I think they might also get transformed out of competition.

I’m very happy to come to Russia because people who have taken to Sahaja Yoga have reached a very great height. They are not only thoughtlessly aware, it’s the first state, but they are doubtlessly aware. Yesterday I saw so many of them as leaders of different cities, different villages. It’s like one seed gets transplanted into another city, another place. It will cure you of your sickness. First time when I came, there were so many people suffering from so many diseases, especially the children. And it seems they are all cured, I don’t see them now, by their own power, by this power of Kundalini, which is your individual mother; is waiting in the sacrum bone and knows all about your past and all about your aspirations, your future.

So She knows your problem. She is your individual Mother and She is anxious to give you your second birth. Once it happens automatically you start seeing things very clearly in the light of the spirit, because light gets enlightened, spirit gets enlightened. And you start seeing yourself clearly, understanding what you have. Then you know how to cure yourself, improve yourself. Once you become perfect then you know how to cure others and make others all right. Up to Siberia we have people. It is such a blessing of your country. I must say that it was just waiting for this. I hope those who have come for the first time will get their Realization. But if you are arrogant, if you are critical, then it doesn’t work out. You have to be humble. You don’t have to pay for it now or never. And that’s what is so simple.

This can happen to you just within ten minutes time. Your attention itself becomes active and it can inform about others. If you can cure yourself you can cure others. But the best thing is, inside you become absolutely peaceful and joyous. Actually you jump into the ocean of joy. All these destructive things which are destroying the young people in the West just is given up without any difficulties. So I bless you all and I know that you all can get your Realization tonight. But, for that, first of all you should not feel guilty. If you will feel guilty, then you get this hurt, this chakra caught up. One may get angina, spondylitis or maybe lethargic organs. Whatever you have done wrong is finished for the past. I’m talking about the present. Also you have to forgive others. As you forgive yourself, you forgive others. Those who say that, “We cannot forgive. It is difficult.” they should know it is a myth. Whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. On the contrary if you don’t forgive then you torture yourself.

So you can call Me Mother or Shri Mataji. You can say, “Mother I forgive everyone.” You need not even think of the people whom you have to forgive, because it is a headache. But just say, “I forgive everyone in general.” These are the two simple conditions that you forgive yourself and you forgive others. Now you have to do one thing is to take out your shoes. Already taken out? Surprising, all have taken it out already. First time in England I said take out your shoes half of them walked out. So you should be pleasantly placed towards yourself.

Please put both your hands towards Me like this. Now put your left hand towards Me, higher, and put down your head and put your right hand on top of your fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Please bend you head. You may move your hand up and down, because some times you can get it away from the head also. But please don’t put your right hand on top of the head. Now see if there is a cool or a hot breeze like vibrations are coming onto your hand. Or through your fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in you childhood. Now please put your right hand towards Me and with the left hand you just see if there is a cool or a hot breeze like. Vibrations are coming of your fontanel bone area or on your finger tips, or on your palm. Once more. Please put down your head. See with the right hand if there is a cool breeze like, hot breeze like vibrations coming out of your fontanel bone area. Now if it is hot that means you have not forgiven yourself or others. So please forgive yourself and others just by saying “Mother, I forgive Myself and others.” Now please put both the hands towards the sky and push back your head and ask one of these questions. One question three times. You can call Me Shri Mataji or Mother. “Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Second question, “Mother is this the All Pervading Power of Divine Love?” Third question, “Mother is it the Ruh, Paramchaitanya?” Ask anyone of these questions. They have got it. Now bring it down it’s cooled down completely. So much cool is coming. Now please put your hands like this and don’t think. Just don’t think. Watch Me, don’t think. All those who are feeling cool or hot breeze out of their fontanel bone area, or out of their finger tips, or on their palms, please raise both your hands. The whole of Moscow, the whole of Russia, may God bless you all.

But it is a collective happening not an individual happening. So you have to go to our centers, which are very good and we have very good Sahaja Yogis. And you must grow. And get more and more Sahaja Yogis so that your country is blessed. May God bless you all.