Money Power and Land

St. Petersburg (Russia)

1996-07-18 Money Power And Land, Russia DP-RAW, 61'
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Public Porgram, Money Power and Land, Russia, St. Petersburg, 18-07-1996

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. You cannot change it, you cannot transform it, you cannot describe it. I’m very happy that so many of you have come here to know about the truth. I really apologise for the very small hall; it means you have to [unclear/ fix yourself somehow.] Next time, I’m sure we’ll organise in a better way. 

So the truth is not known to us, but unconsciously we are seeking the truth. We want to solve the problem through our mind, but this mind is a myth. It’s created by ourselves – through our conditioning and our ego – so one has to go beyond to know the truth. Whatever I am telling you, you are not to believe in, but to experience it. The truth is you are not this mind, this body, these emotions, this ego, these conditionings but you are the pure Spirit. In all the scriptures it is described that, you should know yourself; you must have self-knowledge. People are seeking money, who are of low level of spirituality, then there are people who are seeking power – in the politics or something –and there are people who want to get hold of some lands and fighting for it. All these things are not going to give you the self-knowledge. Without getting the self-knowledge, you can never be satisfied; whatever you might get, money, power or land. Even to enjoy whatever you have, you have to have self-knowledge.

All the scriptures have described about it. Luckily I am very happy that you people didn’t do much of religiousness, because these so-called religions have just harmed human beings by creating disunity and dishonesty, because most of the religions are money-oriented or power-oriented, but they are not spirit-oriented. So we take to science, but science is amoral. It doesn’t give you the morality that is needed; by forcing people you cannot bring in morality – by saying: don’t do this, don’t do that. 

In the yoga awareness, people are still not steady. They easily get dominated by their six enemies: lust, greed, anger, jealousies, possessiveness and also attractions. So, all these enemies are there to drag man’s attention to really low level. One has to rise above that. Buddha said that: ‘As long as we will have desires, we will suffer.’ But main thing is you have to have knowledge about yourself. Even Mohammed has said that you must know yourself if you want to know God. 

I know that the St. Petersburg has been a city of independence; it always took a very independent view of the whole thing. For that, you must have a proper introspection. Now it’s so easy to get to your Spirit; in the light of the Spirit, you can know about yourself. We have, in our triangular bone, a subtle power called as Kundalini. I should tell you that I have heard that two great saints came from India, even to Russia. Also the elder son of Shri Rama – [unclear/ actually they were twin brothers,] his name was Luv –he came here, and that’s why you all were called as Slavs. And the younger brother was Kush, who went to China and was called as Kushana. So that means that, people in Russia have been always longing for a higher life. They did not seek this mundane, materialistic life. The people who were evolved, people who were of a higher level in Russia, have been great masters of music, masters of literature and masters of art. It was such a great [unclear.]

So now, we have to have self-knowledge is the first truth. The second truth is there an all-pervading Power of divine love that does all the living work. All these beautiful flowers you see here: it’s a miracle, but we take it for granted. Who does this miracle? There is an all-pervading Power of divine love which does all these living things, even running our heart. This divine Power is reflected within us in the triangular bone as Kundalini. This bone is known as sacrum that means the Greeks knew that it’s a sacred bone. So when this power rises, She passes through six centres; She nourishes them, She enlightens them and integrates them and thus you become one with the all-pervading Power because it crosses the fontanel bone area, giving you that realisation of the baptism.  This is actual baptism, not just someone putting hand and saying: ‘You are baptised.’ So when it happens, you get so many of your powers manifesting. 

First of all, if you are an artist, you become a tremendously dynamic and creative artist. If you are a musician, you become a world-famous musician. If you are an architect, you produce very beautiful buildings and beautiful architecture and designs: that is only when Shri Ganesha [unclear/is at] the first centre. Then, in the higher centres than that, you understand what is satisfaction: you enjoy the satisfaction. At the same time, your attention becomes very concentrated, and enlightened. This attention can work out thousands of things, of which you are not even aware. So you improve financially, physically, also politically, socially: in the family way also you improve. Then when it enlightens the higher chakra of Heart, you become a compassionate personality. Your interest in useless things drops out and you become compassionate; you become absolutely peaceful and this compassion works: acts. It’s not just: ‘I have compassion, I have…’ – not like that, it really works and acts.  In the same way, your peaceful personality emits peace: emits, and creates peace.  

 Then, higher than that is the chakra of the Vishuddhi, by which you become a universal being. By the Agnya Chakra, between the two… on the optic chiasma – is the optic nerves, where they cross – you become absolutely thoughtlessly aware. You are aware, but you are absolutely thoughtless. Thoughtless because you become one with the present; and in the present resides the reality, because past is finished and future doesn’t exist. 

And then you go even higher, and pierce this last centre of Sahasrara, as they call it, with a thousand petals. When it is enlightened, then all kind of very subtle knowledge of spirituality dawns upon you. Now, very subtle poems are written, books are written and all these great works of literature have come from people who used… whose Sahasrara was opened out. All great politicians, all great composers, all great writers; all of them had this capacity because their Sahasrara opened. You become collectively conscious at this point. [points to Vishuddhi] You feel your centres [unclear] you feel the centres of others. These centres are responsible for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. 

All right, now this special capacity you develop that, you can cure your chakras, by which you correct all your problems. Secondly, what happens is that, you know how to correct and you can now feel the chakras of others and correct their chakras also. So you become extremely powerful. But when you cross this limit and it’s permanently connected with the divine Power, then you develop a new dimension of doubtless awareness. Then you have no doubts about yourself; you know you are a realised soul; you know you have self-knowledge. All interest in money and all nonsense drops out and you become a super-human being. Your attention becomes powerful and your desire becomes even more powerful. Like this instrument, [microphone] if it is not connected to the mains has no meaning; we too have no meaning if we are not connected to the mains. 

Then we get our identity; we are not that any more deluded. We don’t try to copy anyone. Like I see here now, I was kind of amazed that, because your money is convertible, people are spending all their precious money on the junk that is coming from America. America is ruining the whole world by their bad films and immorality has filled the whole world because of them. Also they are going to bring that immorality to you. I have seen girls walking about with very funny dresses. This is all… absolutely was never done by Russians; they are always properly dressed. Only these few years I have seen this kind of nonsense that, they are taking to Western dresses which will give them diseases. But one has to really understand, in a deeper way that, why should we copy anyone? Your country has such art, such culture, so why should you take to this stupid culture of other countries. 

Indians are very wise [unclear] They will not take to this kind of culture, much. Moreover, we cannot get anything imported, even this much, in our country: not even this much. Not even one shop. This is all thanks to Mahatma Gandhi, who said: ‘Never import anything, but export everything.’ That is why India is going to be so strong in finances. 

But one has to be patriotic. Once you get your Self-Realisation, then you will know how great is your country and you will not pick up anything from the West. We take to decency, to morality and above all, to the divine qualities and values. It is very important because, in our country also, these Westerners have done very wrong ideas and people are cheating us. They are all getting exposed.

So, one has to understand that, we have to be self-respecting. Even when they get Self-Realisation, still they go on in a dilly-dally way. If you have to grow, then you have to become a serious Sahaja Yogi otherwise, one day will come when you will be completely exposed and you will know how horrible it is to live in this hell. 

Now this is a special time – I call it a blossom time – but is a special time when you have to decide, because it is the day of judgement: the Last Day of Judgement. Whether you want to go to heaven or to hell, you have choice; no one can force you. You have to decide and you have to find out what is really benevolent for you: for you, for your family, for your nation, for the whole world. This is the last breakthrough of your evolution; it is the natural process of evolution, which is a living process for which you cannot pay. You can pay for this hall, but not for Self-Realisation. So, it works out very quickly these days I have seen, but you must respect yourself and respect your Self-Realisation, and you have to grow. You have to grow by meditating. Also by collective meditation. It is very important, because if you say: ‘I was meditating at home,’ makes no difference. You have to humble down and come to the collective meditation. 

I was told there were many meditating centres in Leningrad, but now there are only two; I don’t know why all this has happened. So you must all organise proper meditation centres for yourselves. Of course, for meditation also you don’t have to pay. Formerly it used to be one individual used to do the meditation, only one used to get realisation, today there are thousands. It is a collective happening. So you have to be collective. I’m sure this great place, which was a place of such ancient importance, will take a [unclear] in Sahaja Yoga also.

Last, but not the least, you must jump in the ocean of joy. Joy is singular; it is not unhappiness and happiness, but it is pure joy, which is the greatest achievement of human awareness. I wish you all luck and I am sure today, you are all going to get your Self-Realisation. [applause]

One thing that, those who don’t want, have to leave the hall. As you know, many people are also cured by Sahaj Yoga, and not only, but you achieve your health so well in Sahaj Yoga, so I would request you, those who don’t want to have should leave the hall, because I cannot force on you – this great thing known as self-knowledge. 

I’m sorry – these people sitting in the middle can come down here, and be seated. I’m sorry for that, to be seated on the ground. Are they comfortable? [realises they are Sahaja Yogis and laughs. Speaks aside and asks for help to take off Her cardigan as it is too hot.]

There are two conditions, which are very simple. One is that you should believe in yourself; you should have full faith in yourself. You should not feel guilty at all. Whatever wrong you have done in the past is finished, we are talking of present. So please, don’t feel guilty. If you feel guilty, the centre on the left hand catches, [points to Vishuddhi] and you can develop very bad spondylitis or maybe angina, or may even be lethargic organs. So this is your own power which is going to work it out, which is going to give you the glory, so don’t try to feel guilty because that will spoil your chances of realisation.  So you have to forgive yourself: completely. 

Then, you have to forgive everyone else. You might say it’s very difficult, but whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, logically you don’t do anything. But when you don’t forgive, you torture yourself, so what’s the use of torturing yourself? Moreover, the centre – the Agnya Centre – in the optic chiasma is like this, constricted absolutely, and if you don’t forgive it won’t open, and how can the Kundalini pass through. So just say: ‘Mother, I forgive everyone,’ then it will open out like this. Another request is to take out your shoes if possible. Please take out your shoes. [aside: Some have taken out, I think]

All right, please put both the hands towards Me like this. Now please put down your head. Put the left hand higher, like this, and with the right hand, you see if there’s a cool or a hot breeze-like vibrations coming out of your fontanel bone area. Bend your head and see. If it is hot, means you have not forgiven yourself or others, so now please forgive. Please forgive everyone and forgive yourself, just by saying: ‘Mother, I forgive myself and I forgive others.’

Now you put the right hand towards Me and bend your head and see with the left hand if there’s a cool or a hot breeze-like vibrations are coming out of your fontanel bone area. Some people get it closer, some away from it, but don’t put your hand on top of your head. Have faith that this is coming out of your head. Don’t doubt yourself. 

All right. Now put the left hand towards Me and raise it and see – again bend your head – with the right hand, if a cool or a hot breeze is coming out of your head. Bend your head please, bend your head. Now raise your, both the hands, towards the sky like this. Push back your head. Ask any one of these three questions, three times. You can call Me Mother or Shri Mataji: ‘Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?’ This is the first question. Second one: ‘Mother, is this the all-pervading Power of divine love?’ Third one is: ‘Mother, is this the Paramchaitanya, the Ruh?’ Ask any one of these three questions, three times. 

Now, bring down your hands please. Raise your hands and watch Me without thinking. [aside: All have got it.] Now, all those who have got cool breeze or hot breeze on their fingertips, or on the palm or out of their fontanel bone area, raise your both the hands. [all raise] That is really the great country, and the great city of St Petersburg. All of you have got it. [applause][inaudible in English, may be heard in Russian translation]

Thank you very much.

[speaks aside to ask musicians to play Maha Maya so that audience can clap along. Musicians request to sing Qawali instead. Shri Mataji says: All right.]