Evening Program Tolyatti (Russia)

1996-07-19 Evening Program, Tolyatti, Russia Thank you very much …I am very happy to be with you all again …And you have gathered here in such a big group, so many of you!  Tolyatti has been a very great success of Sahaja yoga because so many centres have been established here. 26 meditation centres have been established inside and outside also 26. This is because of your genuine interest and genuine feeling for Sahaja yoga …Because You have felt that. It’s very important to change the world, to get peace & joy. Some other places, meditation centres are been going down in number. I just don’t understand why it is happening …It should not happen. Because once you discover the bliss of the divine then people go on distributing this joy to others. That shows that you people are very sensitive to spirituality…& you are not materialistic especially blessed people I must say…I have discovered that here is the direct flight from here to Delhi by your aeroplanes and I think you can come to Delhi. You are all welcome very much …and Indians are also grown like you…And they will be very happy to meet you all. Thank you very much!

Arrival and Welcome Talk Kurumoch International Airport, Samara (Russia)

Talk to Yogis: Arrival and Welcome, Love has no Bounds, 19 July 1996 [Yogis sing bhajans to welcome Shri Mataji and a Yogini introduces in Russian] Sahaja Yogini: Jai Shri Mataji. Shri Mataji: Are you all right? Thank you, thank you. [Sahaja Yogini continues speaking in Russian, which Dr. Bogdan translates for Shri Mataji] Dr. Bogdan: This is the filming lady. [translation] O great Mother of ours, all Sahaja Yogis in the city of Togliatti [inaudible]with love and thankfulness to meet You on our lands. Every one of Your comings here is a great blessing for us. Your energy and vibrations gives us so much power and energy. We are extremely thankful to You, Shri Mataji. Every one of Your comings here is a great blessing for us. May You do this for long and long and long, Shri Mataji. [last sentence not translated by Bogdan] Jai Shri Mataji! [Yogis: Jai Shri Mataji!] Shri Mataji: Thank you very much, thank you. [Yogis sing ‘Swagata Agata Swagatam’] Sahaja Yogini [translated by Dr. Bogdan]: This is a welcome, Shri Mataji with greatest love. [several sentences are inaudible in the translation from Russian] Dr. Bogdan: This is for the camera, Shri Mataji. Shri Mataji: I am very much [unclear] by your love, to come all the way from Togliatti just to greet Me here, with little, little sweet children whom I love very much. I know it’s raining, still you are all here; love has no bounds. It’s so enchanting. That’s how a Read More …