To know the truth we have to be in connection with the source of truth

Tolyatti (Russia)

1996-07-20 To know the truth we have to be in connection with the source of truth, Tolyatti, DP-RAW, 52'
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1996-0720 Public program Tolyatti Russia
[Full Speech: 6.57 to 41.17]

I bow to all the seekers of truth. To know the truth we have to be in connection with the source of truth. The source of truth within us is the spirit and this spirit exists like a witness. It watches what you are doing, what right you are doing, what wrong you are doing but it doesn’t come into your attention. But when your kundalini rises then she connects you to this all pervading power and your spirit starts following into your attention. So this all-pervading power which is nothing but we can say the complete intelligence of compassion. For people understand that there cannot be intelligence with compassion. Normally a person who is compassionate is regarded as not so intelligent. But it’s a myth with which we live. A person who is absolutely intelligent will know that you have to have compassion otherwise you cannot exist. But to get to this absolute intelligence you have to get your self-realization. Without that you cannot be absolutely intelligent. Those who are mentally intelligent are always one sided they have conditionings or they are full of ego because they work through their mind and mind is a myth created by us through our conditioning and through our ego. We try to do things according to our conditionings or according to our ego. Through this we create, we create a kind of a mythical thing is a myth there is no thing existing as mind and then we become the slave of this mind. Whatever our mind tells us we try to do that. We depend on our mind too much. Now if there are three four people of this type who are mental then a quarrel starts. Because they start arguing and fighting. Then if there are more, serious troubles can come in because everybody has a different view. They do not know the absolute. They do not know the absolute intelligence because they have (no yet) not yet reached that absolute state. So, first thing is to know the absolute truth that means you have to go beyond this mind. That can be done only when your kundalini rises. She takes your attention beyond the mind and then you become one with reality. Then you don’t have to think. You know. You don’t have to argue because everybody knows the same. Simple things that you can know the truth on your fingertips. This is being experimented and you all know that you can feel the truth on your fingertips. Like the cool breeze. Then you realize that this pure intelligence, this, pure truth is nothing but compassion. You change in a way that your attitude towards yourself and others changes completely. Firstly, you become a peaceful person. Your mind is all the time thinking. One thought rises, falls off, another thought rises falls off. And is coming from your past or future. Past is finished and future doesn’t exist and you cannot stand in the present because you are jumping on the crust of these thoughts. Thus you are playing into the hand of your mind but when the kundalini rises she elongates these thoughts by which there is a space in between. That space is the one which we in Sanskrit call as Vilamba, is the pause. (Means the pause, pause when you stop) With this happening your attention stands in the present when there is no thought at all. Thus you reach the state of thoughtless awareness. This has been described already by Jung also. But in all the yogas they describe it as the ultimate aim to become thoughtlessly aware (to become thoughtlessly aware). As a result so many things happen. Because already the kundalini has risen and she has enlightened your chakras. So already you have got a source of power opened. You become healthy, you become wise, you become compassionate. But above all you get completely integrated. Normally at a human stage we say now should we do this or not, then another the mind will say no no don’t do, then the heart will say do it. But beyond the mind you are absolutely one with reality and we don’t have any questions. Everybody becomes so united and integrated that there is no quarrel no fight. Thus you realize that you have become one with the whole. That you have become a universal being. This state is a new dimension we call it as collective consciousness. We enjoy collectivity, we enjoy each other. We don’t see the bad points of others. What we see is a good point and enjoy another person. Everything that you used to react with our mind, stops. Our minds doesn’t react anymore and you feel extremely relaxed. In Sahaja yoga once you achieve that state of thoughtless awareness, you have to grow in to doubtless awareness. You need not know everything about chakras and deities, that’s not necessary. See we have our eyes, what we know about our eyes but we see. We have our body, we don’t know much about it but we use it. In the same way what we have to do is to grow into doubtless awareness where you have no doubts about yourself or about the Divine. That time you are a saint. But not a saint who will be tortured. They are not tortured any saint now. Anybody tries that will have to pay for it. Anybody who or tries to take the advantage of Sahaja yoga will have to pay it very dearly. I know of a gentleman who was making money out of Sahaja yoga. And I was amazed that he suffered so much after that. (I) In my compassion I felt that I should tell but he wouldn’t listen to me. All the time he denied no no no no like that and just imagine this man suffered, his family suffered. (I didn’t) I didn’t make them suffer because I am Mother but there are deities also. Specially Christ has said I will tolerate everything against me but I will not tolerate anything against the Holy Ghost. So, one should be very careful, so many ways people try to take advantage but Sahaja yoga is for taking the greatest advantage of Self-realization. Those who are Sahajayogis here must have known how much they have changed and how much they have achieved after coming to Sahaja yoga. In every way. And their face shows the glow of realization and the eyes also you know, have the light. They become very adjustable. They don’t have any demands. Only they enjoy the company of others. Such innocence comes in because your innocent is never lost. There is some cloud due to some misbehavior but it all disappears. We need people now who will change this world. Those people who have got realization and who are established can change the whole world.
There are people coming from other countries to your country now you will have to go to help other countries to grow in Sahajayoga. And you will be very happy to meet them. A Sahaja Yogi is very happy to meet any other Sahaja yogi anywhere in the world. Such friendship, such love, is absolutely pure friendship, pure love. So, this purity just shines in your character, in your everyday life and also in your behaviour. So, one has to understand that this is the most important thing one has to get is the self-realization. The process has become now very fast. Formerly I used to take 3 hours, sometimes even 4 hours to give realisation. Now even sometimes 5 to 10 minutes are sufficient. Because there are so many Sahaja Yogis also here to help me. Their also love and their compassion and their desire that all the people should get self-realization works. Excess things are spreading very fast. Specially in Tolyatti I am surprised such a farfetched corner of Russia I don’t know how I came here and I have seen it’s grown so big. I was told it’s a industrial town. But people are extremely loving and extremely open to spirituality. I don’t know why in Tolyatti there is so much spirituality. It’s something great that in the industrial town like this there should be so many who are seeking the truth. I am traveling all the time last 18 days I have been traveling from one country to another. And I am sure I will come next year again. May God bless you all.
Now for all the people it’s very simple to get realization. First thing you must have full faith in yourself. If somebody has told you that you are a sinner then don’t believe. At this moment you are not a sinner. And whatever has happened in the past is finished. No use remembering that whatever happens at that moment you should correct otherwise forget it. So, you should not feel guilty. If you feel guilty then this center catches very badly. And with this center you can get horrible diseases like spondylitis, you can get angina, you can get lethargic organs. So, what’s the use of feeling guilty? Just to invite troubles. So, you should not feel guilty. You should not confess anything. The kundalini is your Mother she knows everything about it. She knows about your past and she knows about your aspirations. She is your own individual Mother. And everything that you are is all recorded in it. So, you should know that no use feeling anything that has happened in the past. I mean you must feel very pleasant about yourself. After all you are human beings and you have to know that you are the epitome of evolution. So, this last breakthrough is very easy also because the times are very good. I call them the blossom time but is the last judgement. If you want to ascend you can. You can enter into the kingdom of God or you can go to hell, is your choice is the last judgement. So not to feel guilty is the best way of keeping this center open. Now also we have a center here as the agnya chakra, is optic chiasma, is just like this, constricted like this. I would request you to forgive yourself as well as others. By forgiving others this center will open. Otherwise this will not open. And the kundalini cannot rise. And such an important thing as your self-realization, you won’t achieve. So also, you have to forgive others. So many tell me that very difficult to forgive. But whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then kundalini won’t rise because this center won’t open. And also, if you don’t forgive you torture yourself for nothing at all. You have tortured already yourself all your life, why do want to torture now anymore. So, this are the two conditions that you forgive yourself and forgive others. As it is I know you have taken out your shoes and you are sitting. Those who are not they can take out should take out their shoes. What you have to do first is just to put both your hands towards me like this. And now bend your head. Put your left hand towards me and right hand on the top of your head where there (is) was a soft bone in your childhood. Now see if there is a cool or hot breeze like vibrations are coming out of your fontanel bone area. You can move your hand up and down, side ways, but don’t put your hand on top of your head. Now please have your right hand towards me and put down your head. Put your left hand. You can feel again hot or cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. Please don’t doubt because there is breeze blowing. It is hot because still you have not forgiven yourself or you have not forgiven others. Once more try with the left hand towards me, bend your head and with the right hand on the top of your fontanel bone area. Now raise your hands towards the sky and ask one of these questions three times. Push back your head. Any one of these questions three times. Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Or Mother, is this the all-pervading power of the divine love? Or Mother, is this the Parama Chaitanya? Or Rooh. Ask ask any one of these questions three times. Take down your hands please. They have got it also. Now put your hands like this. Now watch me without thinking. All those who have felt cool or hot breeze on their fingertips or on the palm or on the, their fontanel bone area raise your both the hands. I bow to you all again. You all have got the self-realization. You have to know about self-knowledge through this. And you have to rise into higher realms through your meditation. It is the greatest thing that can happen to you in your lifetime has happened. If you have any problem you should write to me and the letter will come to me. Somehow it will work out. May God bless you all. They will sing one song now for you and you have to clap.