Arrival, Welcome Meeting

Boryspil International Airport, Boryspil (Ukraine)

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Welcome Meeting, Borispol Airport, Kyiv, Ukraine, July 21, 1996

You have so many now Sahaja Yogis, ah?

(The interpreter, “Yes, Shri Mataji. They are all Sahaja Yogis”)

So many!

(The interpreter, “Yes, Shri Mataji”.)

I’m amazed to see so many Sahaja Yogis in Ukraine. That shows how people are sensitive to spirituality, that they are taking to it so easily. They have been waiting I think, seeking all these years and suddenly now they have found the way. I see your love and your compassionment, your sweetness. I just don’t know how to put it in words – what I feel.

Tonight for the Program I hope you’ll be all there and I’ll tell you how to be with yourself and how to be with everybody else. We have to bring peace to this world. And you people can do it. And the way it is spreading here it has to spread all over the world. There are some very nice girls married from here – from Kyiv. And they have a very-very good reports about them. Also about the men who were married. They say that they are very deep, very great Sahaja Yogis. Specially in America they are very much adored (Shri Mataji laughs). And they can’t understand how Russians have been so great in spirituality. Spec(ially) about the Ukraine people also when I’ll tell them they’ll be amazed. They ask Me, “Why Russia and Ukraine, why?” I don’t know what to answer. You’ll have to tell Me the answer (Shri Mataji laughs).

I thank you to come all the way to this airport to welcome Me. My heart is filled with tremendous happiness. You can understand what a mother feels when she meets her children after such a long time. So I hope you all will come now to the Program and we have to expand Sahaja Yoga to give love, wisdom and joy to others. Thank you.

(Shri Mataji is talking in Hindi with two Indians who are living in Ukraine).

Say that you must take for a longer period in this country so that the problems of the Ukraine people will be solved. Please say it.

Indians are saying that, “You should stay here for a longer period.” They are all requesting Me I should stay here for a longer period to solve the problem of the people. Indians report there are problems.

Conversation in Hindi:

Shri Mataji: Pointing out to ashish and other Yogi: —–ye log yeha padh rahe hai
(Pointing out to Ashish and other Yogi: )_ These are studying here?

Ashish: Haa Shri mataji , pichale saal apne ashirwad diya tha, apki kripa se management padh raha hoon
Yes Mother, last year you blessed me and by your grace I am studying management here

Shri Mataji: acha_______

Ashish: Last time apne realization diya tha, bada acha laga
Last time you gave me realization , I felt very good

Shri Mataji: kaha

Ashish: yehi Kyiv mai, pichle saal apne kaha tha song likhne toh maine isbar ek chotasa song likha hai apke liye
Here in Kyiv, last year you told me to write song so I wrote one small song this time for you

Yogi: Aur logonko hindi aur Russian bhi padha raha hai
And he is also teaching hindi and Russian to the people out here

Shri Mataji: Aur economice bhi padh rahe hon?
And he is also studying here economics?

Ashish: Haa shri maa Economics bhi padh raha hoon actually hamara institute hai voh England se connected hai
Yes Mother, I am also studying economics, actually our institute is connected to England

Yogi: Acha institute hai
Yes it is good institute

Shri Mataji: acha hai, aur apne desh mai mante hai ,aur kisi desh main nahi mante
Good, and it has we renowned in our country but not in other country.

Ashish: Maa hum chahte app yeha rahe thode din jaise Italy mai apne mafiya khatam kiya waise hi aap yeha bhi kijiyenga
Mother we want the you finished mafia in Italy same way you stay here and finish all mafia in Ukraine as well.

Maa Haa jaise mai taliyati mai jaa rahi hoon toh sare mafia aarahe hai muze milne
Yes , now I am going to Italy then all mafias are coming to meet me

Ashish: waise hi aap yeha raho toh sare mafiya apko yeha bhi milne ayenge to sab khatam ho jayenga
Likewise Mother you stay here then all mafia will come here also to meet you and this thing will finish here also

Maa hum apse yeha milne aye to policewale kehete hai dekhao apke sare documents nahi toh chalo hamare saath, toh maine kaha maa se milne aye hai toh kaisa document

When we come to meet you here then policemen were asking all documents, we said what document we are just come to meet our mother, then they said show all documents otherwise come with them.

Maa Haa aisi kuch cheez chal rahi hai yeha , ho jayenga sab thik
Yes I know such things are going on here but don’t worry everything will be alright.

Shri Mataji: _Meditate karo aur mango maa hame aman shanti dedo, bahut jaruri hai
Please meditate and pray Mother please give us Aman & Shanti (peace), this is very necessary here.

Yogi: hum to mangte rahete hai
We always ask mother

Shri Mataji: Hindustani kitne hai yeha
How many Indians are here

Indians Bahut sare hai 2000 tak, burai yeha itani hai ki log bhatak rahe hai , ye aisi age mai aye hai ki yeha ki bahut sari burai and bahut galat cheezo mai involve ho rahe hai

Many Indians are here around 2000. Here the surrounding is so malicious and devilish that mislead people and this tanagers are involved in many falsehood and evil.

Ashish: age yehi 20-23 ke aspas hai sabki aur parents nahi hai aur freedom hai paisa hai toh buri cheezo mai fas rahe hai ,
They all between 20-23, they do not have their parents here, they have enough money in their pocket and full freedom, hence fall in wrong track.

Shri Mataji: unko sahaja mai uttaro toh sab thik honga
Bring them in sahaj then all will be alright.

Ashish: Utarte hai , aur bahutonko lekar aye hai sahaj mai apke ashirwad se
We brought many people in sahaj by your grace.

Shri Mataji: yeha ki abu hawa hi aisi hai
I know the surrounding and atmosphere is like this only here so can’t help.

Yogi: haa maa yeha ka culture hi aisa hai
Yes mother, the culture is like this only here

Shri Mataji: america mai bhi aisa hi hota hai bachon ka
In America also it happened with the children.

Yogi: haa maa aap jyada time toh ukrain mai
Yes mother therefore please give more time to Ukraine.

Ashish: speaks in Russian language

Shri Mataji: he speaks good Russian
Kitni laugauge hai yeha ,
How many language here

Yogi: : maa 2 , ukrainina aur Russian, Jaise India ki hindi aur Marathi
Mother, there are 2 basic language Russian and Ukrainian , like in India, Hindi and Marathi

Ashish: ukranin language mai 600 words hai jo ki sanskrit language se milte hai
In unkrainian language there are 600 words similar to Sanskrit language

Yogi: & Ashish: yeha ke log bahut ache hai , dekha nahi aap aye toh sab roo rahe the
People are very good here, you seen they were crying when you arrived

Shri Mataji: sahi ache log hai , gaharai hai, meri bhi to halat kharab huo roke
Yes they are good and deep and even I was crying…