Evening Program, Eve of Shri Ganesha Puja

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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1996-09-14 Evening Program, Part 2, Eve of Ganesha Puja, Cabella

Just now you have heard all these 4 artists. The first one is an Australian I only know his surname. I don’t know his name  What is his name ?

So his name is Nick and I have heard him before also. But this instrument that he plays, I have never heard anybody playing classical Indian Music with that I think it must be very difficult to play with that particular saxophone that you have seen … But how he is playing Because Indian Music is all melodious. And it can not be played in parts. I was amazed at how he managed it …And another thing which really enamoured me about him is this that my father had a great desire to spread Indian Classical Music all over the world. And he said that if you spread this kind of music then all kinds of music which are not music but are noises will vanish. And so people should know this classical music then they can play any other music they want. His ambition was like that and I am so happy that Baba Mama has started a beautiful academy, very beautiful land he has got in Nagpur. And from that academy, this gentleman Mr Nick has come up. And in such a  short time, so remarkable, he is a genius, must be something very special that in such a short time to play a raga-like jog is very good Only great Musicians play that I have seen. I have heard Vilayat khan Sahib and also I have heard our …his nephew as you know him very well. So all these difficult ragas, I think he will play Yaman or something like that but here he plays jog and so well …like any other great musician. Now actually my eyes will fill with tears, I dont know what to say that I never knew this academy can produce such good artists and such good talent would be utilised. It’s more creditable because he is not an Indian. And in such a short time he has picked up this difficult Music …Its really absolutely impossible feet. And I have no words actually to describe by the joy that one of the desires my father had, is fulfilled. Now once we establish this academy, many people will go I am sure to it …And will learn this. In that, of course, Guruji has helped a lot, Sandesh has helped a lot, Jain has helped, But still, I must say I must be creditable to the talent . I never knew  Australians were that talented …They are!

You will see their talent now.They are quite talented …I think it is Shri Ganesha’s blessings on them.They are so talented. But this play of Indian Music, it’s not an easy thing. And is a markable, I dont know, maybe my father’s blessings are working or I dont know what’s happening to this academy that such a brilliant and such a beautiful melodious rendering of the jog raga you have heard.I am very grateful to him for really reproducing something, that is an impossible fleet.The second person for whom a great love is as you know is our little Dhananjay…He is such a young boy and he is also I think is a born genius, something like that.These days lots of prodigies are born I think he is also a  prodigy or something.He is so well I mean to play this raga, in such a beautiful manner and this is a western instrument again. To play on this western instrument he really… if you know ‘rivali’ if you have heard ‘rivali’, Many times it sounded lie rivali today and it is something remarkable again at this young age, I don’t know what to say but all my blessing and I take the bad eye from them Nobody should do anything wrong to these boys.He couldn’t come …It’s a big story …He couldn’t come …They said that you pay no income tax …At this young age who can pay income tax in India .Moreover, he is the son of a farmer …In India farmers are not paying any income tax. So, the Italians thought that they are not paying income tax so how can they go …They might start working here or I don’t know what was the idea …But thank god It came into my… just into my own inspiration …I felt  I better tell [UNCLEAR]……..Vedo. And Vedo knows somebody there luckily. Now anybody who doesn’t gets visa tell vedo for [UNCLEAR]……. Because they are very troublesome …They are very funny nowadays. I mean they are coming for only 2-3 days, what is there to trouble them so much …So he went down and he ..we know had told somebody there whom he knows and they gave him the visa …So he came to the customs, and the custom said that why are you carrying this big instrument. He thought that he is coming here to sell it …you see…He said I am going for the program of Shri Mataji in India He shows him the badge.The customs know me there very well. But surprisingly here in …..When he came here, the airport authority again objected to his carrying this instrument …Again he showed my badge and they said alright go! So I think now Sahaja Yoga is in the where it is acceptable At least in Italy it is now.And its a very great thing …There is something about Italian I felt always, that they are very simple-hearted people, good people and also something like the Indians  …You see…Their ways are a different little bit …but they can cheat as much as Indians can cheat …But Indian cheating is different, And Italian cheating is another style …But still, I say that they are very sensitive to spirituality & they all have a great love for me …Matrey all the time they say and they …I tell you …I am very much surprised …How they have accepted me …This I cant accept from Germans, I can’t accept them from English …from France offcourse no question. So the authorities also here are spiritual and surprisingly when I was coming from Russia …In Mosco airport, we met a very well known designer.They say the Gurus of designers …and he just ask for his realisation. Then another lady came She is also very well known, and she also asked for realisation, then another gentleman who was some sort of a minister or something he also asked for his realisation Can you Imagine? In what country people can ask realisation like this? And now they are trying to contact us … So we are very well placed here in Italy I think & I feel quite safe …with these people because they have respect for mother, they have respect for children and that the Ganesha Puja should be here is a very very good thing because the respect for children is as much as in India …May be more …In this country, you don’t find funny things happening. So tomorrow again we will have a nice session of puja But Sandesh is the one … I would say …for whom I must thank him because I think his hands must be paining now … We have known him very well And every time he plays something new  He is working so hard and he has achieved such excellence. Now about Avi, I don’t know what to say because he is nothing but creativity personified.I don’t know …Baba Mama told me I don’t know how he creates things How it comes to him and such creation of this raga is not so easy you know It doesn’t have so much expansion.But the way he change every time a new sort of a composition But they don’t have anybody like Wadly or anyone in front of them and the way he was really I tell you …I don’t know how to say but I am so lucky that even in this country I can hear & enjoy such nice music And that you all are enjoying such nice music. Thanks to these four young people. Now because this was Ganesha’s  Day, We are celebrating here …I thought we should get some young people are not yet married. But I am told you Avi is getting married so next day he will not come for Ganesha Puja but can come for another Puja And Sandesh I don’t know why he does not want to get married …So it was not to be done by married people but Baba Mama sent somebody from there to show What they have achieved …and the Sikh is marrying an Indian lady …That was really remarkable …So we all should give them a big big hand … 

Now I am sorry for the cold weather suddenly it has come with Russians I think …In Russia, I was dressed up like an Eskimo all the time. And this is a very cold today But I think day time will be good tomorrow and also It might improve a little bit  

There is one thing I have to explain because of Michael has asked some question that what is the tradition-Classical Music is the first or the other thing is. Actually, we have changed a little bit here …Why …Because they come out with very good friends and last time they showed us a very beautiful friend from America And all their programs were very good but needed darkness …So they started their program after 10 o’clock or 10:30  because then we said alright …The classical Music we can have even in the day time doesn’t matter So we changed …So today is another way round somebody came to see me & I was late also And it became dark very fast  So I don’t know what to do now You changed according to the need and here it is. I hope you people do not mind, the second shift. One thing about classical music is that it does settle you down & to me, it’s nice to have something classical first, not all. But a little bit …It helps, helps us to meditate and to come to the proper mood but today it was in this way and I hope you have enjoyed it very well …so now the second shift is there … It’s going to be an interval for about 5-10 minutes and after that, we will start the second one …and the hero is Alex who is going to do the job.