Awakened Kundalini integrates your personality

Toronto, Convocation Hall (Canada)

1996-09-19 Awakened Kundalini integrates your personality, Toronto, Canada, 96' Chapters: Preparations, Introduction with bhajans, Arrival, Bhajans, Talk, Self-Realization, Workshop
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1996-09-19 Awakened Kundalini integrates your personality, Toronto, Canada, 107'
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Public Program. Toronto (Canada), 19 September 1996.

Unless and until you become the pure Spirit, you will not know the truth. Only through the purity of your Spirit you can know the truth. We see here beautiful flowers, [unclear: very] beautiful flowers, and we take them for granted. We never even think how miraculous it is that different kinds of flowers are grown by the Mother Earth and how she has created all these colors and how they maintain their heights, all the shrubs and trees. We never even think about it; we take it for granted, but there must be some superior power which is doing all these things that we take for granted. If you ask a doctor, “Who runs my heart?” he’ll say “it’s an autonomous nervous system” If you say, who’s this “auto”, that he’ll be very honest to say, he doesn’t know that one. They’re honest, but they don’t know. So the second truth is, that all these miraculous things are done by another very subtle power which we call as the All Pervading power of divine love. Some people call it as Paramchaitanya some people call it as Alakniranjana and some people call as Ruh. Whatever name you may give it’s the same thing they’re talking about that there is a power, power of divine love, which does all these beautiful things. So the truth we have to know first of all that you have to become the Spirit.

English language as it is, is quite funny I must say, because Spirit can mean anything. Spirit can be also alcohol, and also spirit could be the dead spirit, you see, ghosts or something like that. And could be the Spirit called that called as Atma, it’s the reflection of God Almighty in your heart. In those [Mother does say “those”, however “these” may be intended] days of science people don’t like to hear about God Almighty. Whether you like it or not, He exists, He exists, but because in His name all kinds of complications happened, all kinds of wars and fights are organized, we’ll start thinking there is no God.

It’s not very logical, though, so now, how do we become the Spirit? It has been said in every scripture, for example in the Bible Christ has said “you are to be born again”. Immediately people are so hypocritical, they put a brand, “we are born again”, just a kind of a signboard. What does that mean when you are born again? All the Sufis of the world have talked about it. All over the world they have talked about it. Now, what is that state when you are born again, when you become the Spirit?

That is through these, fingers of yours you can feel this divine power for the first time. Mohammed Saab has said that at the time of Qiyamat, that is the resurrection time “your hands will speak”, and “they will tell you all about yourself, they’ll give witness against you”. But Muslims don’t bother about that, neither the Christians when it is said that “you are to be born again”, nor the Hindus when it is said that “you must to get your Self Realization”. Because all the religions have become very power oriented and money oriented, many people think they should not believe in God. And all kinds of horrible things we now hear about the people who are in charge of religion, we also feel disgusted. But whatever one may do in the name of God or religion that is not going to put any blemish on the purity of divine love.

So we are here, to achieve that state of Self Realization, of knowing yourself by which the light comes in] and in that light you see the Truth and we get all, which is very, very important in our life. You’ve been already told about the subtle system that exists within us. We know about it in India, of course. I should say we knew, because now we are also very much enamored by the modern thinking, but, it was not only in India.

I was surprise that I went to Bolivia, and in Bolivia there are people who know about it. Bolivia, they talk about it and they told me that “we knew about it but we did not know how to achieve it”. Then I went to Kiev of all the places and they told us there were two saints who came from India, they told also the names of them, their names were Machindanath and Gurunath and they told us about this. And they’ve got pictures, they’ve got paintings, they’ve got everything, all about it. But then it vanished into thin air or in the illusion you can go and see.

I was even surprised that when I went to Finland they’d given a picture of a Kundalini. Thousands of years back must have happened, but Finland people discovered it very recently.

So this whatever I am going to tell you about yourself, this power which resides within you, has been known to human beings. But they did not know how to awaken this power which was dormant. At this time I call it special times these modern times as the blossom time. Because there are really true seekers of Truth. You don’t have to go to Himalayas; you don’t have to take Sanyasa, nothing. This is the time when you are worthy of getting this. How many lives in the past you were seeking?, and this is the time is already prophesized that many people who were seeking the Truth will be born as ordinary human beings, and they will receive their Self Realization, is already promised.

The time has come for us. You are special people who are seekers. Now you can’t pay for this. This I can’t understand, how people think they can pay for something which is so spontaneous, natural and Divine? How much did we pay to this Mother Earth for these flowers? Did we? She doesn’t understand money, as simple as that. God doesn’t understand money; He doesn’t understand banks, does He? It’s our [unclear: idea].

In the same way, if anybody say “I’ll give you Self Realization and the subtle knowledge, you pay me so much money”, then know that he is a very great cheat. And so many cheats came all over the world, so beware of them. It’s not just talking, giving lectures, mesmerizing, but it’s a happening by which you are empowered.

You get your own power, which is your own; you are not obliged to me, not at all. It’s your own power. It’s dormant, and when you get it you will know how glorious you are, what you have got it. First thing that happens when the Kundalini pierces through the seventh center here. This is the actualization of the baptism, it’s an actualization, it is not some priest putting his hand on the fontanelle. It’s an actualization, and you can feel the cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. You can feel it, yourself.

You have to certify yourself and then you can feel, this All Pervading power on your hands as Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost described in the Bible. Then it grows, gradually, it grows. When She passed through these different centers, She enlightens them, She integrates them. Now these centers are responsible for our emotional, for our physical, for our we can call, mental being. Mentally, is another confusing word you know. Because if somebody is mad they’ll send him to the mental hospital. But mental I mean what we call intelligence [please check spelling: budhi]. So, this Kundalini when She rises She integrates your personality, then she nourishes your being through these centers. I am not telling you lies; people have been cured by their own powers, not by anybody else’s. All kinds of diseases have been cured, I assure you, for which you can’t pay, again.

This Kundalini is your own mother, She is your individual mother. She is your individual mother means she knows all about you. She knows your past, She knows your aspirations, She knows everything about you, and She’s your mother who is anxious to give you your second birth. So, it’s very important that if you are achieving the Truth, then you should not be aggressive about it; but be humble. It works out, She is your mother who gives you your second birth. Now, when she rises also, what happens that She creates peace within your heart.

We’re not peaceful people, at the slightest pretext we get angry with people, we start shouting, fighting. Why? It is because we have not felt the peace within ourselves. Those who are not peaceful within themselves cannot create peace, can they? They cannot create peace, just talking about peace you don’t achieve peace. I know people who have got many awards of peace also, and you better reach them with a barge pole, very hot tempered, very, very hot they are. I don’t know before getting the peace award they were we or not, but they are now, most of them, extremely hot tempered. It’s very difficult to understand, from which angle they got the prize I don’t know, but they did.

So, first of all, we have to be peaceful within ourselves. So, when the Kundalini rises, then what happens? We should watch our mind; mind is a myth, absolutely myth created by our own ego and by our conditioning. As we have created a computer, we have also created a mind, which dominates us. As the computer dominates us, this mind also dominates. So how to go beyond the mind? What’s the best way? Now what does this mind do all the time? It creates waves of thoughts, one wave rises then goes down, another wave rises goes down, another wave rises and goes down. It comes from the past or from the future, we are never in the present. If I say, you be in the present, you cannot, you cannot be in the present.

So, to be in the present, what has to happen? In between these thoughts there is the space which is the present when there is no thought. So when the Kundalini rises She elongates these thoughts. Like tired, you can say like tired animals, and the thoughts fall off. And that’s the time, we become absolutely peaceful without any thoughts. It’s described in all the books, it’s thoughtless awareness. Even Jung has talked about it, that we have to become aware, very aware, but thoughtlessly aware.

Now, see, I see a beautiful carpet lying here, now if I look at it, I’ll say “Oh, what a nice one, now where do you get it?” If it is mine it is greater headache because I feel it might be spoiled and I should insure it and all that. But if it is yours still I will think “Oh, What a nice one, I should buy this one from somewhere”. But supposing I am in thoughtless awareness. Then I just see it, just see it, I’m just a witness, and all the beauty created out of this, just pours complete peace within myself. The beauty becomes the peace. The peace giving energy, and this is what happens automatically. You don’t have think about it, it is spontaneous, Sahaj, “Saha” means within and “j” is born, with [**consider clarifying by changing this phrase to=within you it is born the right…etc.**] you is born the right to become a Self Realized personality, a Sufi, a saint.

It’s not outward, it’s not how you dress you up, it is not what you do outward. But it is something that happens within and you become a very peaceful person, you become a witness. Witness of the whole play and you just enjoy. If it is the ridiculous enjoy, you enjoy the ridiculous thing. If it is stupid, you enjoy the stupidity of it and if it is joy giving you enjoy this. This witness state is very nearby. When you cross this center here you become a witness, witness of the whole play, of the whole game and you start wondering. What a drama it is, it’s a comedy or a tragedy? But if you are involved in the drama then you think you are one of the characters and you start crying, weeping, doing all kinds of things, and then suddenly the drama is over and you realize that “oh my God, it was just a drama”, same thing happens to you, and you become that personality, that beautiful, magnificent personality; who sees the whole thing, very wise, very penetrating, very deep, understanding and not getting upset or worried.

When you are in the traffic, you are afraid of it, but supposing you go, on some hill, you watch the traffic is going on. Or if you are inside the sea and there are waves high and low, you’ll get worried, but supposing you get in to the boat, you enjoy all the waves. Enjoy them. But if you know how to swim, you can jump and save many.

In the same way it works out with you, your personality has to grow into that glow of divinity. It has nothing to do with your color, religion, race. What else you divide, I don’t know. People have divisions; you see they know divisive methods. Somebody has say blonde hair, then that’s another community altogether. Then somebody say has black hair, they have another community. Underneath this hair the same brain everywhere, you see, no difference. Underneath here, same heart in everybody but even if you tell them a hundred times still they are not going to believe in it. They believe that they are something different. You are not, you are all just the same, it’s all skin deep but you discover not that you are not just the same, but you are all part and parcel [unclear: of the whole].

You discover this. Through this. Because you develop a new dimension in your awareness. Which is the human awareness, which we call as collective consciousness. [unclear: Samuni] You become. You can feel others. You can feel the centers of others. Sitting down here you can know about anybody you want to know. Also you can cure that person, you can help that person, you can correct those centers if you can correct your own, and this is how it works.

Is absolutely scientific. Absolutely scientific. Surprising, it is very surprising, that in a place, I went to Leningrad for some specialists, they never had heard anything about Me or about Kundalini but we had 2,000 people in the hall because there were allowed, and 2,000 were sitting outside. I was amazed. I said “how are you all here?” Mother, it is so obvious and so evident. I was surprised this people so sensitive to spirituality. They would not like any false gurus, anybody came there, no, we don’t want [unclear: all this to come]. How did they become such sensitive? [Edit: ADD “people” to clarify]. Because they were tortured, troubled, oppressed, had no freedom, so in their own introspection they were very mature, I must say. I just, even the scientist in this Russia; I tell you one day that country may rule the whole world, the way they are.

They didn’t have this stupid freedom that we had. They didn’t have all the good times we have had. But they developed their inner being. And in that sensitivity, even their scientists, when I addressed them, they were about 250 of them. They called Me, and I thought I better start on science, because they will like to hear about science, they said “Mother, No, no, don’t tell us, now you tell us the science of the Divine”, we’ve had enough of science.

That sensitivity we have lost, I think, in the West, very much, because we had so called freedom which we didn’t know how to use. In that freedom we lost, to have the freedom also we have to have maturity. And we lost that freedom and that’s why I find I mean, the maximum number of Sahaja Yogis abroad are in Russia and the minimum in America. And all kinds of stupid things they do, all kinds of stupid things. I was wondering: What is the matter with them? Why don’t they ask for reality? Why don’t they take to reality? I couldn’t understand.

This one fellow who said “I can make another man control his mind, alright” He asked one person from the audience, come along, and gave him a pendulum in the hand, now hold it fast. He said, now I’ll control his mind and he’ll start moving the pendulum. My goodness, [even unclear ?] all these people who have been to see him said, Mother we’ve lost our houses, our children are outside on the street, we cannot earn anymore. I said, what happened?, They went to this man, who was moving the pendulum. I said, is that the worth of your life that you move a pendulum? Have you come here, on this earth, to move a pendulum? and that’s why you gave all the money. Then I realized that people think that the one who takes money must be the real person, imagine what an absurd idea.

So I have to warn you again, that you cannot purchase your guru. You cannot purchase a person who is talking about the Truth. He doesn’t care for money, doesn’t want any money. How much money did we go for Christ?. On the contrary, we sold him. So, let us understand that this is something innately within you, which you have to achieve. Innately. And that you have to achieve, the Self Realization.

There are so many things happened to you, so many things, that, it is not describable in this short lecture, but I know very great poets have come out of it, very great artists have come out of it. Musicians have come out it, but also most of the people who have come to Sahaja Yoga are very well placed in life, financially, because their attention becomes penetrating. Their intelligence starts showing business.

It’s not like a man who is drunk, the way people think this is, but a straightforward. But still I find that in Canada is better, it’s not that bad. I don’t know how, maybe, because, you are basically farmers, maybe that’s the reason that people are very sensitive, and working it out well here. For you to respect yourself is very important.

Must suspect, once you get your Realization, and you should know how to use this power which is within you. If you know how to use this power which is within you, then you develop a complete confidence in yourself, and you will be very different people, very different.

I’ve been here many a times, and I’ll come back again, I hope so. But one thing I must tell, first thing is you get your Realization. In this hall there are many lights. And if you want to you to put on, only one switch is to be put on, that’s all, you get all the lights. So first get the light within yourself, and then you know what you are. After that you must grow and you get all knowledge about yourself and about others.

Which is very easy and you don’t have to pay for anything [unclear]. As simple as that. It will you take hardly 10 minutes, to give you Self Realization.

So those who don’t want to have, can go. I’ve never seen like this before. First time I see people just walking off. If you want to go, you can go out, but don’t disturb anybody. It will take hardly 10 minutes.

[Trouble with the audio system, I was telling it’s better to give me. There are always new devices coming out. Every time they develop a new system, I tell you]. Is it alright? You say so, that might be the reason they are going. They can’t hear me. Now can you hear me? This I know, but I don’t know this one. Alright.

So now, the first condition is that we should be very pleasantly placed towards yourself. Absolutely, that means you should not feel guilty at all. For anything whatsoever, at this moment. Whatever has happened, has happened. If you feel guilty, then the center on the left hand side gets into jeopardy. As a result, this center doesn’t allow the Kundalini to pass through. Now, what’s the use of feeling guilty? If you’ve done anything wrong, finished. Why torture yourself feeling guilty? If you are really guilty, you would have been in jail, not here. So, be very pleasant towards yourself, forgive yourself completely. Also these days, it’s a fashion, I tell you, to feel guilty for anything.

For example, sitting here people will feel guilty for Vietnam, I mean, you are not in Vietnam, this is all imagination, so please don’t feel guilty. Now, this is one thing, the second condition is even easier, that you have to forgive everyone, without even thinking about them, so you have to just say in general “I forgive everyone”, logically, whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything, what do you do?, nothing, but by not forgiving you’re torturing yourself.

So just in general, you forgive everyone, because it’s a headache even to know that, those who are troubled you [Seems as if Mother is saying: troubled you. If so, the words “who are” should be changed to “who have”] So in general, you should forgive. For this center is very important of Agnya, is just placed like this, constricted, like a cross. And it has to open, and it will only open if you forgive. Just to say in your heart just now, that I forgive everyone; just see the miracle of it.

You’ll feel extremely light and happy about yourself, alright. These are the two conditions we have and if you have understood, please do it. Now, can I also request you one thing, is to take out your shoes if possible. In London, first time I asked English to take out their shoes and they walked off, you know; it was too much for them.

Alright, now let me try, for the first time, I’m going to try this in here, it works very fast; I don’t know, but we’ll try, alright.

So now put please both the feet away from each other, if you are on the ground it’s alright, it makes no difference. You can sit wherever [Mother said: “whatever”, REPLACED with wherever] you like.

Now, put both the hands towards Me, like this. Now put the left hand, like this, further, and put your head down, and see if there is any cool or hot breeze like vibrations are coming out of your head, with your right hand. Now, don’t put the hand on top of your head, you have bend your head, it’s easier, bend your head and see for yourself if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head. Bend your head, bend your head. Now please change over.

Please put your right hand towards Me and put the left hand now on top of the fontanelle bone area which was the soft bone in your childhood, now, sometimes it comes close to the head, sometimes away from it. So you can move your hand up and down to see for yourself, if it is hot, then you have to forgive. If you have not forgiven yourself or forgiven others, then it will be quite hot, so please forgive, now see for yourself.

Now, again once more, put the left hand towards Me, again once more, and put the right hand on top of your head, and see for yourself if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head. Bend your head please, bend your head.

Now, you can put both your hands towards the sky, and now you can ask. Close your eyes, and ask a question one question out of the three I am going to tell you, three times, can call me Mother, or Shri Mataji: “Mother, is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost?”, ask in your heart, “Mother, is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost?”, ask this question, or you can ask another question: “Mother, is this the All Pervading Power of Divine Love?” or the third question: “Mother, is this the Paramchaitanya?” Ask any one of these questions three times.

Now, please take down your hands. Now, put both the hands like this again, little higher, and watch Me without thinking. Just watch Me without thinking. Now, all those who have felt cool or hot breeze on their finger tips or on their palms or out of the fontanelle bone area, please raise both your hands.

This is the first time you all have felt the All Pervading Power of Divine. May God bless you. I know some of you did not. It doesn’t matter. We have a very good center here, we have very good people who know a lot, and you should go there, and they will tell you all about it. Expand your personality. Know about yourself, use your powers, and you’ll be amazed to know what you are, how glorious you are.

It’s very amazing and what happens to you is that you jump in the ocean of joy. Not only that your attention is enlightened now, but you jump into the ocean of joy. And you’ll feel very silent and peaceful. But that’s not the end of it. You have to become just a master and hardly will take a month to know about it. Some of you might have got it already up to that point, but some of you may not. [Edit this phase to clarify] So, just, one month doesn’t mean that every day [unclear, every week perhaps they have [Add: a meeting] and please next time when I come, all of you should be there like big, huge trees of Sahaja Yoga. That’s what I wish for you, all the happiness and joy. May God Bless you. If you want to meet Me, you can come on stage, I would like to shake hands with you.