Your Hands Will Speak

Los Angeles (United States)

1996-09-25 Your Hands Will Speak, Los Angeles, United States, 58' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization, Q&A, Departure
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Persian Public Program, Los Angeles, 25 Sept. 1996

Shri Mataji: They all understand English?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes, yes.

Shri Mataji: Is all right? [Good] Of course, I can’t speak American English [well].

I’m happy tonight you have been able to come back again and it’s a great pleasure for Me to see you here, because last time I was quite in a hurry, and same thing is happening today.

The program was arranged actually day before but you had some festival. So it was postponed for today, and I am booked to go tonight to New York. So I’ll be quite short in my speech. So to begin with, I bow to all the seekers of truth.

First of all, you must know that you are seekers, and seekers of truth and not of untruth. So one has to know what is the truth. Whatever I’m telling you, you don’t believe in Me. No! Because blind faith has really created great problems today. If people didn’t have the blind faith and if they were enlightened, there would have been no problem whatsoever.  So first of all, the truth is that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this ego, but you are the pure spirit. Is not only I’m saying! It’s said by Abraham, Moses, by Christ. Also it has been said by so many people who were saints in India. Apart from that, Mohammed Sahib has said very clearly that if you do not know yourself, you will not know God. It’s clear he has said you have to know yourself. But as you know, none of these books to which we are bound are written by people who have started the religion.

In the case of Mohammed Sahib, it was after forty years his death that the book was written by one horrible fellow called Muawiya. He was a hater of women and he tried to change as much as possible. Still, there are lots of truths in it. So another truth that is in the Quran also. What Moses has said has been many a times written, rewritten. But Mohammed Sahib has written very clearly that when your resurrection will take place, then your hands will speak and will give witness against you. That is what that they will tell you what’s wrong. Your hands will tell clearly and that to know the truth you will feel it in the palm here when you ask   the question to the real one, you will feel the answer here. All these things can happen only in Sahaja Yoga. In no other way. Whether you are a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Jews. We must know that we have to still step one step forward. We are not yet complete Jews, Christians, Hindus or Muslims, and that step is that we have to be born again, but it is not we are born again like the people you see. Just they have a thing written down, you know, they called, they are born again. Anybody can say themself they are born again. It’s not like that!

We call ourselves Jews or, say, Muslims or Hindus, but still we are not fully that. Because a Muslim can commit any mistake, he can do any wrong. Jews can do also any wrong. Also the Hindus and Christians. They’ll go to church, come back home and do some sort of a nonsense. All right? Then same about Jews and same about Muslims. Same about Hindus. That means what they say, what they preach they do not practice, for which I do not blame them because they haven’t got that personality, that strength within themselves to follow it fully. There’s something lacking. 

Like a transport minister from India came to me in London and he asked, “Can you solve my question?” “So what is your question?” “The problem is that the Sikh people of London refuse to wear a shield,” what they call? I don’t know what you call it here. For the motorbike people, the steel one, yeah, yeah, “helmet. So they said he’s not allowed in our religion.”

At the time of Mohammed Sahib there were no motorbikes. So he did not write about it. So it’s not allowed in our religion to wear this, because Nanak Sahib did not ask us to wear. He said, “Now how to answer this question? Tell me.” I told him, “It’s very simple. In their book [unclear?] it’s clearly written by everyone that you should not drink alcohol. Clearly. So you ask them, ‘Out of all of you, who does not drink the alcohol at all can do without the helmet’.” And they couldn’t find even one person in London or in England who was not drinking alcohol. They claim they are Muslims and they were doing the thing which was completely forbidden. Then I said, “They are not Muslims.” Because they were, and they drink alcohol, and they drink so much sometimes that even the people of Scotland are frightened of them. It’s very surprising.

Now these are the Sikhs. Then the Muslims are not supposed to drink that. But the way they can drink, you know, because they say, “We are this. We are that.” These religions are based on books. The whole knowledge is in the books, not in their character, and they are all the time trying to find some sort of an excuse to do what they want to do. But why? What is the weakness in human beings that doesn’t allow them to follow their religions properly? And the weakness is that all the human beings who are following these religions are seldom enlightened. They haven’t got enlightenment. In every scripture it is written that you have to have enlightenment.

Now, what is enlightenment? Is what Majid has told. This is a knowledge. It was known to India, Indian people long time back, I would say, to the saints. But even those saints who had this knowledge were tortured, beaten, killed, all kind of things they did. Anybody who tells the truth has to be killed by the people who do not know the truth, because they are blind. Instead of knowing it, instead of learning it and improving the quality of their life, they just want to torture them. Is a common practice. Who was not tortured? Even Moses had to go to India and he died there. Is a fact! And I had told about this long long time back. 

Now people are talking, and so many Jews also went to India and they are still called as Jew, like Asven Jew, Mayru Jew. They are all Jews who settled down there as Brahmins. They don’t know what are they supposed to do as Jews.

Now it was Moses who brought, if you have read Zen Maya, what you call, Irmaya in Hebrew language. He was the one who saw the people, when he came down with his Ten Commandments, that they were completely decadent, absolutely decadent, in the worst possible position of sins. So it is he gave this Shariat. He said Shariat should be applied to all the Jews, but I think Jews were wise enough not to accept it.

So the Muslim said, “All right. Why? You cannot do; we’ll do.” So they took over, and that’s how these religions started working on fear, not in freedom. Because you are born to a Muslim family or to a Christian family or to a Jew family, you became that.  Then the fear starts. “I belong to this society. How can I become something else? How can I know something else? How can I read anything else?”

Still, I must say, among all these, Jews are the most open-minded people. Surprisingly! They read about other religions, they read about other knowledge also, and they want to know about other knowledge. Maybe they are seekers.

Now whatever has happened so far say in Germany, what Hitler has done, because he got the concept that Jews are to be thrown away. Because he is a special race, called himself Aryan. And later on, people started saying that the Germans are the highest race. Actually, the psychologist also, because they have better brains. Those who can kill small children in the gas chamber, how can they be the superior race? Superior race is that of people who are saints, who do good to others, who are benevolent to others. They are the people who are superior, not those who try to destroy and to bring in bad things. So this thing happened at that time. He got this idea in his head and he started misbehaving. In a way, it was too much, I should say, but when the Germans came to Sahaja Yoga they were very different people. First time I went to Russia, and twenty-five German Sahaja yogis came rushing to Russia. I was very much touched by them. I said, “How are you here?” They said, “Mother, is it not our responsibility? So many of Russians were killed by Germans, is not our responsibility?”

Then the same Germans, now, you will be surprised, are going to Jerusalem. And they have started a very beautiful center, and the people are coming to them and they are more than what we have here. You’ll be surprised. Such a nice center they have started for people. Because everybody wants peace, everybody wants to lead a good life, everyone wants to have a beautiful family. That’s the desire. If you see inside, everybody wants a benevolent beautiful society. And when these people went, they were Germans too, so-called. And when they talked about Sahaja Yoga, gave them realization. So many Jews are now changing and are becoming very beautiful people.

All your problem will be solved one day, once the Jews get their realization and understand, and also Arafat. I’m going to give him realization. Poor fellow, he is trying his level best. But what can he do? The first country I visited was Iran. Now you’ll be surprised first, and I give realization to some [of his] rich people there. That time it was all right, but then this Ayatollah came, and new kind of regime started. A very fundamental regime and the Iran, which was once upon a time a great country, is going to dogs. It’s in very big trouble. Now by hating Iran or Iranians, people are not going to gain anything. By saying that Iran should be banned and do, it’s not good. On the contrary, if Iranis take to enlightenment, they will change definitely. It’s all out of fear people behave like this. When there is fear people behave like this, but when there is no fear there’s love and compassion. And this can only be removed if people get their enlightenment. This enlightenment is within you, as he must have told about all this.

I must tell you that this Kundalini, of course, was discovered or maybe has been described thousands of years back in India. But imagine in a place like Bolivia, they have a community called Inthoz [Indos?] and they know all about Kundalini. Also, they know about left and right side, everything, whatever Majidh has told you, but they do not know how to awaken the Kundalini. They don’t know this. 

Then I was surprised. I went to Ukraine where the capital is Kiev. I went to see the museum. At the museum there are picture of Kundalini, and pictures of these chakras are very well done, and description of the Primordial Mother. They all believed in the Mother, but I don’t know how somehow or other these people managed to keep out the Mother part of it. In the Christian Bible they described God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Ghost, which is a dove because Paul didn’t want to talk about the Mother. He didn’t want to talk the power of the Mother. So he didn’t describe it. And like that in every religion I find this kind, the women is treated as something rather low. Then came Mr. Freud. Also he was a Jew – imagine – and he challenged all the morality of the world. I don’t know why he did it. Putting the mother into very sinful attitude towards her child. Now we see the results of that. You must have read so much what’s happening to our young girls.

But according to our Indian scriptures, women is the power. Mother is the power, and she should be respected, not like Islamics, say. But even in the Islam you’ll be surprised, Mohammed Sahib respected women very much. He respected Christ and especially for his Mother, he has written very beautifully that this woman should never be challenged for her chastity, very clearly. With such a respect he has written. Even Paul didn’t write. Paul calls her just a woman. So when I came to west, I find of course in Iran same thing; the women had no position. She had no position in society, and I was amazed how could they accept all these things. So blindfolded.

Actually, we have to understand that this Kundalini is your own mother. She has been with you in your past. She knows all about you, about your aspirations, about your future. Everything she knows, and she is just waiting for an opportunity to give you your second birth. Now think how a mother behaves, but she is a holy mother. She has no hatred for you, just love, love and love.

She wants to give you Self-realization. You all are out of Iran now and you are here in this country. You are Americans, maybe all of you. So the responsibility on you people is much more. You people have to get your enlightenment, and all those who have come here, you can enlighten them and you can save their lives.

No doubt this Kundalini awakening has been said and is the last fontanel bone area from where it pierces through, and this is an actualization of baptism that takes place. An enlightened person, in the Sanskrit language, is called as ‘dvijaha’, means born-twice. It’s not just anybody can call himself as second birth or a born-again. But the person who is enlightened is called ‘dvijaha’, meaning twice born. And a bird is also called ‘dvija’, because bird is first an egg, and then it becomes a bird.

In the same way we are limited by our ignorance. Absolutely we do not know anything about ourselves. So we have to break our Sahasrara this part and become one with All-pervading Divine Power.

So the second truth is that you see these very beautiful flowers here; it’s a miracle. In the same way, if you ask a doctor who runs your heart, he will say it’s an autonomous nervous system, but if you say who is the auto, he can’t answer. This is what you have to become. Then when this Kundalini rises, she connects you to the All-pervading Power of Divine love, which creates all these living miracles. It’s called Ruh. It’s called Paramchaitanya. It’s called as the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. This has to happen. You will see with this you will absolutely realize. Your talents will grow.

Yesterday we had a very well-known artist here who was just an ordinary person, has become now a very famous musician. We have many artists, many orators, many writers, who have got a new dimension of creativity.

Then comes where you feel absolutely satisfied, not that you buy this, you want to buy another thing, buy another thing, you’re never satisfied, but once the Kundalini passes through this center, second chakra, then what you get is a satisfying temperament. You are satisfied and you do not run after things.

Come in.

The greatest thing that happens to you that you develop a compassion which works, which acts, compassion that acts because your attention becomes absolutely pure. You’ll be amazed, we cannot lose our innocence. It is never lost; it’s eternal. Some there are, of course, some clouds, but once you get this awakening your eyes get a glint, a kind of a shining thing, and your eyes became absolutely innocent without lust or greed. What Christ had said, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” Now in these western countries where they call themselves Christian nations, I haven’t seen anyone like that. But that kind of thing happens to you automatically, spontaneously, such that your eyes become absolutely innocent, and when you put this glance onto anyone, such a person gets completely overwhelmed with joy, happiness and bliss. But the greatest thing that happens to you that you become a peaceful personality, absolutely a peaceful personality. We talk of global peace, this, that, this and that. But if you are not peaceful within, how can you bring in peace on us?

Actually, what happens that we live in the past and the future. I mean, jumping on the cusp of the thoughts which are coming from the past and the future. We cannot be in the present. We cannot be. So when this Kundalini rises, she elongates those thoughts. There’s a space in between, and that is where [unclear – is the truth?]. Then you become extremely peaceful, peaceful, watching everyone like a witness. The whole thing becomes a drama. It’s a drama going on. Whether it is ridiculous, it is tragedies, and or comedy, it’s a drama. You are seeing a drama, and that drama that you see doesn’t disturb you. You are absolutely peaceful within yourself, but when this state grows, wherever such a person goes, there’s peace. Such a person emits peace and gives peace.

So many things can happen to you. I don’t know how to explain in this short time, but the new awareness comes in within you, which we call as collective consciousness. You become collectively conscious. Means you can feel sitting down here, the centers of others. If you can cure your centers, you can cure the centers of others, and your brain gets so much enlightened that even a student who is not a very good student becomes an excellent student. Your mind becomes extremely sensitive, but this mind that we know of is a myth, created by your ego and conditioning, but your brain starts emitting such knowledge to you that you are surprised, how is it this knowledge coming to us.

In this short time now, they’ve asked Me to finish the lecture and I have to catch the plane. So I hope you don’t mind but you better catch your enlightenment just now.

It’s very simple. You have to take out your shoes. You have to know what glory you are, what greatness you are. You don’t know! We have no respect to yourselves; that’s the main point.

Now please put both the hands towards Me. Both the hands. Now what I have to tell you that first of all, you should be pleasantly placed to yourself, not to feel guilty at all. You have done nothing wrong. Why should you feel guilty? It’s a fashion, I think, just to feel guilty for nothing at all, because if you feel guilty then this center catches. Here specially the Christians, they feel guilty. This chakra, if it catches in left hand side, then you Angina, one disease. Spondylitis is another disease, and lethargic organ third disease. So why do you want to feel guilty for nothing at all, for something has happened long time back to get these disease on yourself and to pay doctor’s bills? So don’t feel guilty. You should be very pleasantly placed towards yourself. Be happy that you are here to get your enlightenment.

Don’t doubt yourself at all. You all going to get it. So, you please forgive yourselves completely. Second thing is that you have to forgive others, forgive everyone. It’s difficult for Jews to do that. I know they can’t do it. But by not forgiving, what are you doing? What do you do? Nothing. You are playing into the hands of Germans again, because you are torturing yourself. So just forgive, forgive. If you don’t forgive, then this center here, as you see on the optic chiasma like this, completely constricted. It won’t open. It will open only if you really from heart forgive everyone. Even don’t think about the people whom you want to forgive. Just forgive. It will open. You must understand. Just forgive. Because you don’t do anything.

Now, then these are simple thing I’m requesting you to do. Only thing I have to tell you, I cannot force it on you. You have to ask for it. You have to ask for it. Just you have to ask for it. Forget all your worries, everything and everything will work out. Just ask for it.

Now you can take out your glasses also if you want to. Now you put your left hand towards Me and right hand on top of fontanel bone area and bend your head little. You must not worry about anything. Don’t have to pay for it. It’s natural. It is living process. You don’t have to pay for it, just will work out. Bend your head. Now see if there’s a hot or a cool breeze coming out your fontanel bone area. Please don’t put your hand top of your head but away from it, and some people get it closer, some people get it further. Maybe hot breeze also coming. Now please take your right hand towards Me. Put it towards Me again and put down you head and please put your left hand on top of your fontanel bone area. Now, if it is hot, that means you have not forgiven yourself nor you have forgiven others. So please do it now. It’s very important that it should cool down.

Now lastly with the left hand, you just see there’s a cool or a hot breeze is coming; left hand towards Me and right hand on top of your head and bend your head and see now clearly if it’s a hot or a cool breeze-like vibrations coming out of your own head. Don’t doubt at there is a air conditioning. It’s coming out of your own head.

Now please put both your hands up and bend back your head and ask Me any one of these three questions. One question three times, any one. First is, you can call Me Mother or you can call Me Shri Mataji. “Mother, is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Ask this question three times, or “Mother, is this the All-pervading Power of Divine Love?” Ask this question three times, or “Mother, is this the Paramchaitanya?“ Ask this question three times. One question only, ask three times whichever you like.

Now please put down your hands. Now put your hands towards Me and watch Me without thinking. Just watch Me without thinking.

All those who have felt cool or hot breeze out of fingertips or out of the fontanel bone area or on the palm, please raise both your hands. You didn’t feel? All right. You didn’t feel? Except for one or two, all of you have felt. May God bless you. For the first time you have felt this All-pervading Power. It’s there! You have been to some guru? Some guru you have been? No? Are you sure? That’s it. That’s why! If you go to a wrong guru the Kundalini doesn’t rise immediately. But she will all right. What’s the matter? You never felt it? No? Are you a journalist? That’s it. I can understand why only two people didn’t, because you meet all kinds of people in journalism and you don’t know how to protect yourself. All right? But you should get it. The best way and to be the best journalist is to be an enlightened person. Then you can see the person and know what’s wrong with that person. All right? It’s very important to add efficiency to it.

So may God bless you. I’m very much thankful to you and I hope all of you will come to our center and grow.

They had a big objection to Majid that will not have any such program because they do not come. They just come as a fashion. No, take it up seriously. It’s very serious. You must respect your Self-realization. You must know you have to grow. This is a chance you should not miss. This is the last judgment. So be careful.

What she is saying? You come here?

Sahaja yogi: She asked about the question, why in the end we asked these three questions.

Shri Mataji: You will know later on. Everything should not be known just now because these questions are just like computer. You know, you ask a question to the computer, and the computer gives answer, isn’t it? All right? I know, I know, but I forgot about it. I’m sorry just now she didn’t feel it. Isn’t? Yeah. Yes, I know.

You see, it was done in such a different way because I was to address this meeting day before. But because there was a festival they arranged it today, and I booked already to go. So we will see. But still we’ll manage. I’m sure I will get the plane. Ha ha ha.

Yeah, of course, of course. You see, because my father translated Quran and he was scholar for Arabic and also Persian. So he said that written in Arabic is gibberish, but Persian when they translate is made more sensible. But then he found a lot of disparity in things and all that. Then he found out that it was not Mohammed Sahib who wrote it, but it was written by another fellow who was the fifth Caliphate and whose mother ate the liver of fourth Caliphate. He wasn’t an imam. Imam is the one who is a realized soul, and Hazrat Ali was the first who was a realized soul. But I know a lot.

No, it was what he was. You see, the thing was, he did not write because he didn’t know how to write or read, and his friends also didn’t know then. Their grandchildren knew. I’m telling you authentically, because my father had a great respect for all them. He was a great scholar of fourteen languages.

Namaste. May God bless you. You will be all right.