Feel The Power Of God On Your Central Nervous System

New York City (United States)

1996-09-27 Feel The Power Of God On Your Central Nervous System, New York City, United States, 124' Chapters: Preparations, Introduction by Yogi, Introduction with bhajans, Introduction by Yogi, Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization, Bhajans after program
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1996-0927 Public Program, NYC, USA

[Full speech – 1:04:00 – 1:30:00]

“I bow to all the seekers of truth. I have told you many a times that truth is what it is. You cannot change it. You cannot transform it. You cannot sell it. This is very important to understand in America that you cannot sell the truth. Also unfortunately at the human awareness you cannot know the absolute truth. If you have known the absolute truth there would have been no problems, no wars, no fights, no arguments. All the evil thing would disappear in the light of the truth. But truth is pure love, pure compassion. And the truth is that you are not this body, mind, emotions, your ego but is the pure spirit. You need not believe me again I would request you because we had lots of trouble with blind faith. If you experience the truth then you have to believe if you are honest because it is for your benevolence, for the benevolence of the families, the benevolence of your country and the whole world. As I said, truth is what it is. The second truth is when you see these flowers you take them for granted and we don’t even think that it’s a miracle. Who does all this living work? A doctor if you ask him, who runs your heart? He will say it’s autonomous nervous system. But who is the auto? They can’t answer that question. Thus we have to open our minds to the fact that there must be some power which does all this miraculous things so gracefully. Flowers you see on the tree we can’t see it growing, we can’t see it opening, we can’t see it becoming a fruit. If you put a camera very close to it, may be you might get it. The picture of it. But with your eyes you can see the beautiful delicate work of the nature. This nature we think is separate from us and we are something different is not a fact. We are part and parcel of this nature. We are part and parcel of the whole world. Every person sitting here is part and parcel of all the people of the world. This only is possible if you have the experience of the spirit. In those days of science one cannot talk of God Almighty. They cannot digest it. Give it any name. But there is some power that does all these things and this is the power you have to feel it. You have to feel first time this power on your fingertips, on your central nervous system. This has been described in the Vedas. Ved comes from the word Vid. Vid is to know, know on your central nervous system. Not reading, not remembering by heart, not by chanting. But you have to know the truth on this central nervous system. Another word which we know very clearly is Budh. From Buddha word has come. Bodha. Comes from the word Bodha. Bodha also means the same thing that we have to know it on your central nervous system. The truth. The truth that there is a all-pervading divine power that has all these miraculous things. And this Divine power is of pure love. If you understand this much that this power is nothing but pure love then we will give up the all ideas of seeking powers of different types. But we will seek this power of pure love because it is all pervading. It acts so slowly. It works out so delicately. And it understands everything. It knows everything. And it works out much faster than any other thing you know about. Just like we have to have a receptor, a television say for example. In the same way if we become the receptor of this great power we are enlightened. We have the light to see what’s wrong with us, what’s wrong with our society, what’s wrong with the progress of humanity. So you are all here to seek the truth. But genuinely to seek the truth you must know that you can’t pay for it. It is a simple thing like a evolutionary process. This like the flowers have to become the fruit. An egg has to become the bird. In the same way you are seeking you have to become that higher being, that superior being, that special being which is enlightened. But its not just you certify yourself that you are a person who is born (1:12:45…). These certificates are not going to work out. If you are satisfied with these certificates then let it be doesn’t matter. But those who are not certified with these certificates have to know that they have to become. Becoming is the point. Of course as you have been explained, these chakras are there and these three channel are there no doubt and there is much more. But even knowing these what’s the use? You will be amazed that at least three thousand years back in a place near Bolivia (farfetched-1:13:31) There were people who were knowledgeable about it. And the knowledge passed even till today, it is there that they know there are chakras, there are three channels, there is kundalini. But they don’t know how to raise, that’s the only point. They are not to be told anything. They know it is there and anybody who can do it can do it very fast. And thus we have got many many people in Bolivia who have got their realization. In such a short time. I have not been there but somebody who might be. Another thing I discovered was in Kyiv, which is the capital, capital of Ukraine. They told me that we have all this knowledge with us because two great saints came from India. I couldn’t believe my ears, went to the museum and saw all the chakras drawn, all kundalini drawn all over and even on the pots and pans they had created out of thier terracotta, which they made out of their own hands and this was also 2000 BC. I don’t know, that’s what they said about it. They told me the name of saints who came from India. Very amazed. Macchindranath and Gorakhnath. I was really amazed how they knew the names of these people and they talked of the primordial mother as the Aditi as we call it in sanskrit language. So this knowledge was known to them. And may be in so many other countries, maybe, might be able to find this knowledge. This is your inner being created to get your second birth. Kundalini is your own mother. She is your individual mother who knows all about you, about your past and about your aspirations. And she’s waiting all these years to give you your second birth. You must have read about Kundalini also because I know Americans go on reading everything that comes along. And there are horrible books written about it which I have seen myself that with the Kundalini you get heated up, you start jumping, you become mad all kinds of things. I never seen this happening in the last now 25 years I have been going around. I have never seen anybody becoming mad. But if he is mad he becomes better. So all such books are written and are easily digested. I don’t know whatever written in black and white should be digested or not. So people were very frightened when I first time came to America long time back. I think it was in 1972 I came. As soon as I started talking of Kundalini they ran away. And I was amazed how is it they don’t want to listen to me about it. Then for nine years I never came. Because they have impressed by such people that I said these are like children immature. I can never talk to them. I gave up all the hopes and I went away. Those nine years I traveled all over the world and lots of people came to Sahaja Yoga. Because Sahaja Yoga is only possible if you are genuinely seeking and you have intelligence enough to understand. And you have to have an open mind. Otherwise it is a waste. Because the kundalini has to be awakened. If she is not awakened no use talking about it, about all kinds of things people talk about. So they would like to have references from scriptures. There are many which can be shown that it was mentioned. But what is the interpretation that others is so much stupid that we are carried away with those interpretations. Now for example people get really tired of seeking also. I have seen people extremely tired say they went to some places where they are made to starve for so many days and then run for another few days. I read a book called as peaceful warrior. I was shocked (_bapre!__) 1:18:59 poor thing that a little boy he was made to run for hours together. Then he was made to jump (on to something__) 1:19:07. My grand daughter when read it she said “Grandma I am so angry with this guru horrible fellow. What is he upto? Why he troubling them so much?” Then I understood that it was Zen system of religion. Zen didn’t do that. It’s a new style they have started in Zen system where you must torture your body. Now this body has to achieve it. This body has to get to that level of enlightenment where even the attention is enlightened. The whole inner being takes the transformation. Not only that but all your problems just drop out. Like we have lust and greed and anger and jealousies and all kinds of non sense that bothers us all the time. It all drops out. Because we get the light of the spirit. Supposing there is darkness here. In this darkness you cannot know who is sitting next to you. In this darkness you do not know how to go out or come in. In this darkness if you start running about there will be a stampede. There would be a problem. So this darkness that we have or we can call the blindness that has to go. Firstly it should be your experience is the point. Not something like shaving your head or wearing some funny dress or I don’t know standing on your heads or standing on your one leg. All this is easily can be done by anyone. Not easily of course. But Sahaja Yoga is something that is spontaneous. Its Sahaja – born with you is the power to become a realized soul. Of course you can’t pay for it. How much did we paid to become human beings? How much did we pay to Mother Earth for these flowers? In the same way you cannot pay. First you put the condition that you cannot pay for it. All the false gurus will run away. Because Americans had money they came here. And I know they will cheat you. And now you are a poor country. How much did you paid to Christ? This thing in the head that we can purchase our realization has to go. Another important thing which I told last time was this that you are in America. You do not know what center it is America. America is the Vishuddhi center. (Is the most centre) It’s most important because it has got 16 petals. And the people from here have to have collective sense. That’s the part and parcel of this center in you. That means you have to bother about the whole world. That’s why Americans are going everywhere, Vietnam, this that.of no avail, of course, that’s different  but the basic thing is that they have to think of global problems. If you are born here you have to do it, that’s your responsibility. And with that responsibility if you are endowned with enlightenment you will do the right things in the right purpose with the right method. Only what you need as Americans is enlightenment. And to grow into it. Of course every time I come here the hall is full I am coming here now I don’t know how many times. Hall is full. People get their realization and I don’t know what happens to them. It’s like what Christ has said that some seeds get sprouted and are wasted. It’s a very important thing that you must get your realization and that you have to establish this. It is very very important. As Americans unless,  until you people feel your responsibility the world problems cannot be solved. That’s why I have been coming here. If you do not grow you cannot achieve anything. As Americans you have a right to get your realization. But also as Americans it is important that you grow deep into it and that then you can go to other countries not to fight, not to kill, not to destroy, not to argue but to give enlightenment. There are people who have come from abroad to America here I know that. What is the need for them to come here? They think they can help me in sorting out American brains. I wonder is it that reason? What is keeping them back from growing I have not been able to understand? For example, I went to Washington and they were crying and they said Mother we lost all our house, all our children, everything, money. And I said Why? How? What happened? There was a gentleman who said that I can teach you how to control the mind of others. Now think how can you believe such a person? why do you want to control the minds of others? And he called somebody from the audience and started moving a pendulum. He started moving the pendulum so he was controlling the mind. Can you imagine? And they believed. And they joined him to control the minds of others. I asked him one question, what is the value of your life. Have you evaluated yourself? Are you here to move the pendulum like that? So, first thing is as Americans you must know your value and the value is that this works has to be done by Americans first and foremost. And that’s why first time I came to America. You know so much about the world. You know so many things about the world, nobody knows so much as you people know. But problem is that you have to grow into your awareness and should know that this compassion how powerful it is. This power of compassion is not like somebody comes and cries and weeps before you and you give money to that person. That is not power of compassion. Is not also so that somebody brings some people who are dying from the street and treats them and say Ahh haa haa! No. It’s compassion which doesn’t speak but works. Works automatically. You have that power. You have it but the only problem is that you did not grow into your enlightenment. This enlightenment is available to you absolutely free without any exercise, without any physical movement, nothing. No commitment. You are not obliged to me either. It’s your right to have this real freedom within you. It’s not like the freedom you have to kill yourself. No. But you have the freedom by which you emancipate yourself and the whole world. This is all is within you. Today I am telling you because what I find that people do not know their value. They do not understand what has to be done. Even Germany is better. Even Austria is much better. Italy is very good. England is very good. Excellent. Of course India we shouldn’t talk. Russia is tremendous. They don’t listen to non-sense. Despite the fact they have been under such tyranny and everything but they are the ones who know what is freedom.

So why, what has happened to Americans now. One thing you have to promise I am willing to give you realization that you will grow into it. You don’t have to pay for it but you have to grow and you have to grow because you have understood your value. As the result first of all you will become extremely peaceful. The other day, I went to a shop and the man was shaking like this, I said what’s the matter, so nervous, then there is stress, there is this. What is the use of all this, that God has given you such a beautiful country. When there is no peace of the mind, so you can achieve your peace of mind and this when happens you have to believe in yourself. Not only believe in yourself but you have to again grow into it. Specially,  New York ,is a place where it’s like a earthquake always one feels, everybody is shaking everything. I got late because one car got stuck and two trucks came then they had to pull it out, my God! Then naturally the people get frantic. The franticness that has come in this country is responsible because we don’t know our value. How great we are, what we can do, we can stop all the non-sense of the world. Sitting down, we can solve all the problems of the world, sitting down that’s why you were born in this country, that’s why there are so many seekers but they went to all kinds of non-sense, all kinds of non-sense ,so many are lost, so many seekers are lost and I really feel that whatever are remaining at leastSahaja yogake to Sahaja Yoga. I don’t think I will give a big lecture today because there are many lectures I have given and you can find it out why today I am so much insisting that you all should grow in Sahaja Yoga because all my effort, coming to New York has not shown much result, only New York, even Los Angeles is much better, so what’s wrong with New York, it’s supposed to be new. Now today you have to promise me otherwise no use giving you realization and you will all have to promise me that you will all grow in Sahaja Yoga. One gentleman has run away. There is no commitment, I told you. Only thing like a seed which is sprouted has to grow, grow into it. There is no commitment, nothing wanted. If you understand the simple thing that we put a seed in the Mother Earth, it grows by itself. But only problem between the seed and you is that you have the freedom to choose and this is the time of last judgement. Whether you want to go to hell or to heaven, you have to decide yourself, is your freedom. Freedom can take you to any extent but with wisdom you will come to the right path and you will do the right things, very important, whatever be your profession, whatever may your religion, race and all these non-sense all these divisive ideas has nothing to do with your growth but only that in your freedom you must decide to grow and grow in this compassion which is so powerful. How many powers it has, I cannot tell you. In some other lectures you will know how many powers there are, within you which can be enlightened, which can be just flowered into something beautiful. You are not aware of it, you don’t know it. Even in the Koran, Mohammad Sahab has said, if you don’t know yourself you will not know God. So to know yourself it is very important but not by stupid things but awakening of the Kundalini and growing into Sahajayoga. So one thing I have to tell you that it’s your right to get your Self Realization. This is the time that you have to get your Self Realization. So, you should not feel guilty about anything. That’s one thing very important, you don’t feel guilt. I mean some fashion also to feel guilty you know. They talk about I am very guilty, I am very guilty. For what if you are guilty why are you here you go to jail. So one thing believe me, you are not guilty at all, believe me. There is no confession needed, nothing. Those people who call you sinners, I can’t understand, how can they do it. You are not guilty. That means you should be very pleasantly placed towards yourself because I said that with enlightenment you will know what is your value. You will be glorified, you will know your powers, you will be amazed that you will be like saints above everything that is non-sensical, so knowledgeable. So, first thing you have to do is, not to feel guilty. Now when you feel guilty what happens is, that this centre here on the left hand side goes into jeopardy. As a result, physical side is also very bad, you get spondylitis, you must have seen many people with the dog’s band around their necks, that’s it. Secondly, physically you suffer with the disease called angina. Thirdly, you may have very lethargic organs. So why you should feel guilty, whatever has happened has happened, past is past, I’m talking about the present. You cannot be in the present. You can be in the future or in the past. So please don’t feel guilty. You can say in your heart, I’m not guilty at all. That will be sufficient. Believe me you are not guilty. You should be in a very pleasant mood today that you have come here to get your realization. You are special people, you are the seekers and you are going to get it and now don’t feel guilty for anything. Second thing is a centre here between the optic chiasma like this crosses like this in center, very important and closed like this absolutely constricted, kundalini cannot pass through it. So what you do is to forgive everyone. As you forgive yourself, you forgive others, it opens. At this very important moment of your life, you just forgive everyone. This centre will open. Otherwise logically also whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything, logically. But if you are logical that’s the point. So some people say Mother we can’t forgive, Why? Why can’t you forgive? It’s just in the mind you are bearing the grudge may be a feeling of hurt and torturing yourself. You are troubling yourself. You are playing into wrong hand. So just forgive everyone and that’s the best way to feel much lighter. I think these are very simple conditions, one is not to feel guilty and forgive everyone. Just to say in your heart that I forgive everyone, for that I don’t say that stand on your heads or anything. Just to say I forgive you. So then we come to the third position which is very simple but in England when I told them first time they left half of them, that, to take out your shoes, because it helps a lot.

Now the main thing is you have to believe that you are all going to get your self-realization. You must have faith in yourself, not in me, faith in yourself. You are all going to get your self-realization tonight here, this will take hardly  10 minutes to happen. So you have faith in yourself, I would request people who don’t want to have their self-realization, I cannot force it. It cannot be forced. So those who don’t want to have their self-realization should leave the hall. That would be very kind of you. (You can come and sit here, there is room in here come along, let them come and sit this side. Come along, there is. Come come. What about you people, you can also come, come along there are rooms here. You have to be comfortable, that’s very important , absolutely comfortable because you will be comforted. Be comfortable, don’t get agitated or in trouble). 

As you know these are five, six and seven centres on the right hand side and five, six and seven centres on left hand side. Right hand side is the power of your action, the left hand side is the power of your desire. Now these are the endings of the sympathetic nervous system, you put your hands towards me like this. Please raise it a little for a while. All of you have to do it, little higher, now please put your left hand towards me little higher, put down your head and see for yourself if there is a cool or a hot breeze like vibrations coming out of your fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now please take this right hand on top of your head, here. I’m saying on top means above, above your head and now move it upward and downward and see for yourself, if there is a cool or a hot breeze like thing is coming out of your head. Now please don’t doubt yourself because it is not the air conditioning from outside but from your head, your own head, alright. It’s very common doubt here, so now see for yourself, bend your head and see for yourself. Some people get it further, some people get it nearer the head. Now, change your hand, please bring your right hand towards me, like this. Please put it towards me right hand, now bend your head and with the left hand just see if there is a cool or a hot breeze like vibrations coming out of your fontanel bone area. Now if it is hot means you have not forgiven yourself or you have not forgiven others. So please do it now. It is very important. Close to your head, close your eyes if possible, close your eyes. Now please put your left hand towards me again lastly and put your right hand on top of the fontanel bone area. It’s hot, still I can feel it. So try to forgive yourself and forgive others, still hot. Just try to say from your heart that I forgive everyone. You can call me Mother or you can call me Shri Mataji. Now here you have to say Mother, I forgive myself and I forgive everybody else. Just say that and it will cool down. Say it three times, three times it will work out.hmm. Now please again open your eyes, put both your hands towards me and watch me without thinking. Watch me without thinking. Some people might be getting a cool or a hot breeze in the lower part of your hands so take it upward like that or this one like this now see for yourself if there is a cool or a hot breeze like vibrations you are feeling in your hand. Now watch me without thinking, you can do it because a new dimension of thoughtless awareness has reached called as nirvichar samadhi. This I will explain to you later on but just now you get your realization that’s important. hmm.Now you have to raise both your hands towards the sky like this and push back your head. Here you have to ask me one of the three questions. One of the three questions, three times. One question three times. First question is, Mother, Is the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost as written in the bible also. Now, another question is, Mother, Is this the all-pervading power of Divine love. Thirdly, is this the Paramchaitanya. Ask any one of these questions three times. Now bring down your hands. All those who have felt cool or hot breeze on their fingertips or on their palm or out of the fontanel bone area, please raise both your hands. See now. I bow to all the Americans. See this is how  it works with your identification, took no time at all. Formerly it used to take at least 45 minutes, then half an hour and now just see how fast. When Americans will start understanding their responsibility, greatness of their personality. I’m sure it will work much faster and will solve all the problems of the world. So now my message is now enjoy yourself, enjoy. You have to come to our centre wherever they will make you grow, you will understand what has to happen, how you have to work it out. Some of course at the first instance achieve their full realization but some don’t. So please all of you as promised must come to our centre for the follow up, have you told them, what is it, they will tell you. But also there must be some pamphlet. You will get that please keep the promise, is your responsibility again and again I say that you have to grow in Sahaja yoga and you will be amazed to see how great you are. I want all Americans now to go all over the world to tell them about enlightenment, the real sense. But first you must grow and mature, nothing to feel bad about it you see. After all this knowledge is to be absorbed with an open mind. May God bless you all.

(Short time has helped me because I could talk to Americans directly. Alright. Now. They want to have, which one). Now this is a poem written in the 14th century by a very well-known poet called Eknath. He has asked for yoga, for union with the Divine from the Mother. So in marathi language it is called as Aai, is the Mother. Asking that Oh Mother, give me the realization and he says that let my Kundalini rise, let your Kundalini may rise. So he says Ambe is the Kundalini. So he says that Udo Udo Ambe and it’s a very good song which will help you and you can also clap with it and it’s really has been sung in all the villages of Maharashtra. I don’t know how far they understand it but it is a very beautiful song, is sung in all the villages and I am sure that you all will enjoy it. See the cool breeze is coming to me also. 

(Who is going to sing? My goodness, I see something____(1:55:14) also coming down). It’s great, this New York is the great place I think. (Where are the Austrians, that have come I have told. Good. How many Australians, Austrians have come. How many Austrians. Wow. 60 or 16). They are all realized souls, great people.”