Talk to Sahaja Yogis: The inner happening within you

Magliano Sabina Ashram, Magliano Sabina (Italy)

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Magliano Sabina Ashram, Magliano Sabina (Italy) 26-10-1996

We are now sitting surrounded by nature. Such beautiful nature. And this nature teaches us many things. We don’t have to have any rules and regulations if we can learn something from these trees and other things that are naturally grown. All this gives you a very good idea of a proper balance in land.

So we have small children, and these children are going to grow into big trees, very big trees of love and compassion. Look at the trees, how compassionate they are. They allow every leaf, every leaf, to have the sunlight. They are in different colors and different hues;  also the flowers. In the same way, the Divine has created you in different shapes and colors [unclear]. 

Now these little children who are little, so sweet. I know they will be very great Sahaja yogis, may be greater than their parents because they from very childhood have known the rule of nature. They know what is good and what is bad.

I am now going to a country which is faced with the problem of fundamentalism. Now these fundamentalists are saying that if you don’t take to fundamentalism, gradually all your morality will be finished. Because if there is freedom given to normal human beings, they don’t know what is the importance of morality is and they go amuck in their life and ruin their lives. 

So they say that with force, we have to control the people with force. And the very serious laws they had made. Very, very serious.  I mean, I can’t even describe what these people have decided to correct the human beings.

But in Sahaja Yoga we don’t need it. It’s all freedom given to you. Do what you like. Go wherever you like. You can enjoy everything.  But because of the inner happening within you, you can only enjoy nice things. You cannot enjoy anything which is harmful, which is violent. You will never enjoy. In the beginning, of course, in Sahaja Yoga, we had problems of people not loving each other. There’s fights, like that. But it’s over.  Now everyone understands how important they are and how they should behave, and also we have these beautiful children near. So we try to understand that we have to be good Sahaja Yogis toward these children. And so this combination is so good here that you have so many children and you are all living here together. It’s really a very great blessing. I am extremely happy to come and see them here and to meet you. 

I have to finish my lecture according to God [unclear]. But we know that all the time I am concerned about the school. And it’s such a miracle that we bought this place [unclear]. That is the, that is the fate of these children. All their purva punyas. 

So I don’t know what to say in this short time more, but I have some chocolates for the children and I hope they enjoy. My husband also sends lots of love for them. May God bless you.

Now You have to give Me flowers. All right. That’s how they are. Let’s see. Put it in this way. Good. Very good. Wow.

Thank you very much, all of you children. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

Beautiful flowers.

It’s all right. It’s all right Thank you. Keep it here. Give it. It’s all right.

You made it.

Wow. Thank you.

Too much.

My God.  You made it. That’s so good, I must say. Oh my God. Put it here [unclear]. Thank you.

Sahaja Yogi: He’s a very good tabla player.

Shri Mataji: Great artists are been born here.

Sahaja Yogi: As soon as he sees a tabla …