Talk to Sahaja Yogis: About honesty and money

Cairo (Egypt)

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Talk to Sahaja Yogis. Cairo (Egypt), 29 October 1996.

At the time of Moses, isn’t it, so I am very happy that you could all come here and visit this ancient place and see for yourself. We have to fight against all this nonsense that is going on to make the country weak, this is how any country will be weak if you divide the country, all these divisive methods make the country weak. When you join them together then only the strength will come. But if you want to divide the country these divisive methods… so new methods of how to unite how to bring them together but I think without realisation it is not possible. Because I have reached that conclusion. Because mentally what can you decide, now they will think of Hitler, but whatever it is… can do a lot now, at least they can get after the Swiss bank…… They should put attention to the Swiss bank, why not? There is one fellow who has started it in America, his name is E Anatole who has got from the Jews, he is an Italian, and not a catholic and he is being supported by the Jews of New York who are very powerful that they want to know about the swiss bank that would be the best thing… that would be best that they find out about the Swiss bank, but it should be done in a very proper manner I think first what you should find out whether their secret …. are in the bank itself kept in safes, so Interpol should take it, stop all the banks and search out these names and to whatever money is owned by others. They do not have any money, they are masonic people, horrible, and also they are joined with Catholic Church, the Irish Catholic Church, who have been so nasty with Jews as you know very well. There are criminals joined together, absolutely criminals. Now I am in Italy I know what it is. All kinds of criminality, from India they took away money …. by force and that money was taken to Vatican, was given as a donation to Vatican, after all, Vatican is God’s thing, yes? So it went to Vatican, then Vatican converted it to gold bars, some of them believe in gold bars, not in money. So it was all converted, was taken to Torino, there the house of our Prime Ministers wife, Rajiv Gandhi’s wife Soni, and then that they took to a bank in Switzerland, somebody saw it, and those gold bars were put in a particular bank, now we are poor people in India, this is the trouble. Now this is only a wee bit of one…. now in our country our politicians and Prime Ministers, except for Balhadur Shastri, who are absolutely corrupt. One by one they are going to be as in Italy, since I have been in Italy, (laughter) now when I was in India this thing started, even just imagine unashamed, but if there is no bottomless pit of Swiss bank, where will they send the money, you see. You must write to the Jews in America what they are doing. In Brazil the Supreme Court President and the Law Minister they met and they told me that there cannot be any law as long as America and the Swiss Bank are one. Its surprising. They said we impeached one president in Brazil, impeached one President you know that (yes of course) he is now a highly paid professor in Harvard University (yes). Jews can do a lot if they take sense into their heads, that is the point, instead of that ,what are they fighting? Jews should manage the Swiss bank. Imagine these people they (measured) the teeth of the people who died to make them into gold bars and who carried them was this Red Cross, can you imagine this Red Cross. If you should happen to find my lecture when in Basle I gave left and right to this Swiss bank especially to this lecturer. You must read that lecture, a very powerful attack against the Swiss bank. Since then they are after us, nobody should say you know whatever they are doing. I am not afraid of anyone, and you should not be afraid of anyone after all what can they do to us. I think you all should all write to the Jews in New York that whatever you do you have to do this and to also your Prime Minister why are they after the Palestinians what are they going to get out of them. Get after the Swiss bank (yogi speaks..) ‘This will solve the problems quickly. This will solve the problems between Arabs and Israel very quickly. This will solve the problem between arabs and Israel very quickly. Your idea we solve the problem between the Arabs and Israel very quickly when they go to the Swiss Bank’ . Openly you were surprised I went down for a lecture at this womens’ conference in China, I was one of the main speakers, so a big paragraph on the Swiss bank. I spoke clearly then afterwards after the lectures were over, so many ladies gave their responses. They said the person who has really beat the point is Shri Mataji because Swiss bank is our enemy. They were from all over the world, they had gathered there, they said because of Swiss bank we are poor, why cant people see this point, bottomless pit, all our money is going down there. But you Jews can do this work, I tell you as Jews, they are no more Jews I know but still still whatever it is. And another great point is that they are masonic people, this Swiss bank, masonic people, so they are secretive. Did you read that book ‘In the Name of God” in English language, did you read it? You read it, you read all the tricks of these people. This Swiss bank has got masonic people there and this masonic law was also part and parcel of their catholic church…..(…?…) The centuries or the centuries that are there are all Swiss in the Vatican. Now this Vatican counterfeited 9Bn dollars, counterfeited, do you know what means counterfeited? Yogi replies ‘yes fake, fake the money, fake money’ what is fake, yes fake fake and gave it to their own customers in their own bank up to such a point the book says that the last pope was a very good man but he was killed within 35 days, by this book that is what it says, I don’t know.

I met the author Allen and he told me I have all the documents with me so they cannot charge me. Now the only point is that these Christians started saying as a view other religion is stupid, they started saying that Christ was crucified by the Jews, now tell me any country can the multitude crucify a person? There should be someone body who is a magistrate or something isn’t it, how can a thousand people say I will kill him, or kill him? And then they get after all the Jews these Christians you know, and troubled them and tortured them. So now the Jews are sitting on their head, and Freud you know wanted to make Christians really anti God so gave his own tips because he was a Jew. That is how the western culture became so ? That is how the fundamentalists became so strong, it is a vicious circle. But in Sahaja Yoga we don’t say don’t do this don’t do that, we just don’t do it isn’t it, a wrong thing automatically isn’t it. But I don’t say I never said you don’t take drugs did I? Never, you just didn’t do. So big responsibility on the Jews I tell you to get out of this Swiss Bank. They are the best because their forefathers who were gassed they took out teeth, I mean it is such a horrible thing to do, and made them into gold bars. 3, there 3000 gold bars, shameful people. Also in, what happened in Rome they didn’t allow what they didn’t give protection to many Jews I think..Guido ‘Ah the point, Yes actually they never protest, they never say anything against, and on the contrary they were protecting the Nazis so they were hosting the nazis in the churches and then they were helping the nazis go to South American” So many war criminals, they took away in the submarines to Argentina, I have seen them in Argentina I have seen them there. You see they have taught them all german things and goose step and identity and all that, and when Argentina was attacked because of that island I was just thinking that it should be lost to them because this German thing has to go. They are building up huge big things there??? I don’t know how many miles together for a third world war these Germans these war criminals. They are still hiding they are still in Argentina, so they took all the war criminals with them in the submarines what do you say to that? So for Sahaja Yogis it is important to write to all the Jews what are you doing about it, whatever people would like to know. And I will get you all the addresses of all the Jews in New York, I have already sent Linda there to find out. Divert their attention from Palestinians to this. It should be diverted to something constructive what is the use even (three words not clear) Palestinians what will they get, little land more so what will happen what is such an achievement? I just didn’t understand, Israelis must now realise war has to be stopped, they have suffered a lot with wars, no more wars, no more wars at any cost we don’t want war, but get out of this. You see as far as peace is concerned I will manage that bit, but poverty only this Swiss bank has to go. There are only two problems we have, one is violence the other is poverty, the violence part I can look after, violence I can manage, but the Swiss Bank. Italian magistrates went there I was told to find something, they couldn’t find because there are numbers, but now find out, the numbers only are kept in a vault, so they should break the vault instead of fighting the Palestinian people they should fight the bank, the Swiss bank. See thats important, not for money but on principle, they can save all the world by that. They are already doing it but if you people write you see they will feel no sort of energy about it. Since I have said it in China it has started working out I know. (Shri Mataji enquired about her socks at this point)

So you see Sahaja Yogis should have some jobs, and that is, I have asked Linda and she will be sending you the addresses and you all should write combined. What will you do with the land in Argentina what will you do, what will you achieve. Now this war in say, going on, another war, which America is joining with Saddam Hussein if these people Americans are so very sympathetic say for bhootish? so why don’t they take all of them, they are not money, back to America, in the lower part of America in the south part it is all vacant, nobody lives there, these are few bhootish?, take them there, they will never be troublesome people you don’t know I have had inner bakti they are not very sensible, they are not only rustic they are like Kalpanis? they are fighting cocks very big fighters, you cannot talk to them they are not sensible at all they are like nomads, nomadic people they are nomads I think, but gypsies are better than this and these bhootish? who protect them they are throwing these things for Saddam Hussein. What is it after all? Take these bhootish? and put them in America somewhere they will be alright there is a lot of room there.

Now you are Italy, just there is so much of land it is so much wasted so of much land in such a poor country and such a small population, but they don’t want any immigrants to come in, they brought some snakes 3000 snakes and put them in the jungle we had because somebody told them for ecological balance we must have some snakes, in the winter all the snakes died. This solution did not work, I mean in England you will be amazed half of the England is just vacant, half of the England has very few population isn’t it? So why not put some of the people there? Then Australia I am surprised, Australia is a barren land and there now they don’t want any immigrants there I mean this world belongs to the whole world and if there are more people somewhere why not have some of them there? Some of the people are protesting Chinese are protesting about the suppression (immigration? )laws in Australia. Australia is so big and so difficult you have to go from one place to another in the night you don’t find even one single place. It is only there Koala Bears are prospering, Koala Bears are prospering too many koala bears, crocodiles are prospering Guido says “Rabbits, Rabbits” Rabbits are prospering they are so much of lambs they are killing lambs but they will not, one of very surprising things, have human beings there. After some time you may just find the rabbits living there. Australia the growth of white skinned people is minus, America is double minus, Europe minus. All the white skinned people are disappearing, they don’t think from a global point of view. The whole thing is limited isn’t it? They never think what we are doing what good it will do to the whole world never. They must somehow or another get some Palestinians in Sahaja Yoga also, Yogi speaks “we have one” Yes? Really? You have one? “He is actually in Israel” I didn’t see any “He is really from Germany” Really? “Actually he is a Palestinian, its a start” One person? Well get more. “We have no Sunnis Shri Mataji we have no Sunnis in Sahaja Yoga, we have virtually no Sunnis in Sahaja Yoga” No what? “We have Shias in Sahaja Yoga, within Sahaja Yoga we have had no Sunnis naturally to join Sahaja Yoga” Well you are a Sunni, a Sunni I know of Hamsa is a Sunni, he is not a Shia, Zaphir is a Sunni, only Iranians are not. Majid? Majid is sufficient for all the Sunnis and all actually they are all conditioned, they have to be Sunni, and they have to be Sunni and Arabs, it is a very difficult combination.It is very easy to get a Berber, Berbers are easy to get into Sahaja Yoga because they are not so conditioned like Achalan? “he is a Berber” ..Achalan is a Berber? “He is not he is a Sunni, he is a Sunni but Berber. He is supposed to be Arab. In Algeria the…no no no Bedouin are actually Arabs”. So now it is your responsibility to get some other..? “It is very difficult to get this combination of Arab and Sunni, very difficult, they are much more fundamentalists in general than Shias” are more fundamentalist? “No I think I said, I was in Bahrain before, I am Sunni I met many Shaid, Shia from Iran and Bahrain. Sunni are moderate”, Moderate? “Yes Yes..Shiad are not really, and I read their books. I read many books on Shaid. There is no middle way no go between, only right or left” the Shaids? “Yes But here in Egypt We are Sunni but we respect, Sunni respect, but we respect the names of Shaid Islams. But Shaid does not respect the Shias or Sunni, you know Saddam Hussain, the Hussain Shaid Mosque of Shaid Hussain I am going to take some friends to it, it is Shiad it is Hussain one of the grandfathers.” SM …I know I have been there, I have been to all these now. “Exactly yes, close to Ramallah. He was decapitated, they hated the Kaballah and he asked God to send punishment and torment on the people in K because they cheated him. So Shaids I think Shaids are very hard and you cannot talk to them. “I tried to meet some Shias, you would be amazed all the Shiites of the whole of Europe has taken to Sahaja Yoga” Really? All? “oh yah yah yah, what was his name? Ayatollah Rohani another one “he was assistant who was Prime Minister, ‘The former PM’ the former president, they have taken to Sahaja Yoga, “Yes Great Yes.”
Now you see these theories also talk about when it is living Sahaja Yoga. I have seen it. Because this gentleman came to my program to get realisation, can you imagine this? “No No I can”, Can you imagine this man, have you met him? “No.” This Ayatollah Rohani his brother was elected instead of this whats his name ??? in his place. “Oh Yes Yes”. His brother was supposed to become the new …………….terrorist humorist. The Ayatollah of Ayatollahs, there is a name for it, and they took somebody elses name, common name, something like that, Hassan and left Iran after the Ayatollah Komeini controlled ???? in Iran. I know this story.

There was another story later where recently there is a rank the Ayatollah of Ayatollahs, the Ayatollah he died and he was supposed to be replaced by the brother of Rohani, and of course they put him

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……..Russia and all that and he has tremendous respect for him “I know I saw him you know Mother to mark the death of Hussain they cut with the long swords hit their heads, (whats that?)yes the Shaids (aah hah) and they catch Yesus? (huh) they hit blood everywhere, (I remember that ????????) we were not there, they are repenting. But out of that all the people came to Sahaja Yoga, they gave up all the nonsense, you see they gave up all the nonsense, they are and became great Sahaja Yogis you would be happy to meet them, we have some great Sahaja Yogis you would be happy to meet them specially Majid, Majid he is the last word, the way great Sahaja Yogi is, and the one you have in Rome? “Ali” Ali so this is stupidity this was not told by Hasrat Ali that you should hit yourself for anything it is only ritualism they have to challenge to make a big show thats all, all this nonsense it has no meaning.

In Sahaja Yoga you will discover who was Hazrat Ali, who was Prophet Mohammed, who was Fatima, they are not like, like somebody coming up, they are ancient, and who they are you will discover. In our ancient books it is written about Prophet Mohammed, Maha Meda, this is the Meda. Maha means the great, that part he resides, we believe he is the incarnation of the primordial master, see the Islamic version the poor fellow has no place at all, they dont even think he was Divine. Was he like a radio or what, can he become like that? ???They think he came to his manna, can he become like that? This was all done by I think this fellow was, was Marweia [Muawiyah?], “Marweia” they did all this harm to him, and another was Osman, they killed him we called him “?” like ribbons now “He was a ribbon” “Like ribbons” “They entered on Osman ???his wife was sitting beside him, they want to kill him, so his wife tried to protect him by exposing her hair, her head, it was a disgrace at the time, any man enters at the woman and she exposes her hair at this stage he should quickly do like this, they refused to leave, she exposed her face to make them shame and leave the room, do you understand, as if I entered the room? Mother then says Yes I understand yes “Yes sorry, as if i entered the room and I saw a naked woman I should quickly do like this, they refused, they refused to leave and raised their hand with the sword and they tried to protect Osman so they cut her finger this finger, but they killed him” Mother asks “they killed him?” “yes” Mother then says All history is full of this nonsense. “Yes” “there was a war, a war between his followers and the Ali ????? What do you think of this fellow, this Marweia [Muawiyah?] fellow ?????” “His mother ate the liver of the fifth Calipha “Yes Yes” “He is the founder of the Marweia [Muawiyah?] family and the ruling” Mother says My father told me all this because he translated the Koranish texts to me. My father was a great scholar of fourteen languages.”Fourteen” He was a member of our parliament and a very well known man, he told me so many things of what Islam was, is no more. “Exactly yes” Islam means to surrender, surrender to the Divine, the Islam word means that. But everywhere, the bible has changed so much, the bible is so much changed, you can’t believe it, the things they have said, Christ has said something, they have said something, because I have Divine eyes I can see what they have changed, the way they have interpreted everything, human beings are such they can spoil everything, thats their speciality. So you can go in a forest it will be very clean there, one human being goes to live in a forest, you will immediately know what is in the religion “This is human beings” Ruined, and all the religions are like this, and by ruining them they are ruining the people also and people believe, I really, sometimes I feel such pity, the faithfuls you know, the way they pray, the way they do, the poor things they have no connection with God, what are they praying they should be with a connection with God they are praying, without a connection with God what are they praying, to whom are they praying, just think of it, you have no connection at all and are just praying morning til evening. There was this fellow a Sheik in Maharastra, he was a musician and a poet also, he told me by doing the Namas both my knees broke

“But Mother I came to you and in 5 minutes you gave me realisaation” I said this you all did in your sweetness and innocence, But I can not do to you that anymore you see there is a big Sahaja Yogi now you see, there are many like that, many, In India you see also there are so many false gurus and even if there are real gurus they are very hard. They haven’t got a Mothers side with them. Once, one story I will tell you there was one Guru, one Master, he was supposed to be very good, so he was living on a big mountain near Kolapur, one doctor lady came to see me and she said “Mother I went to this Guru and he told me “why are you coming to me, there is somebody, the Adi Shakti sitting there, so why do you want to come to me?” “So I said I have come to you, and I bowed to him”. So when I went to Kolapur I said let me go and see this fellow Guru ??? He had lost his legs completely poor thing, because he used to sit in the water, he felt the heat of the people so much that he always used to sit in the water, and lost his feet completely. ??? So I had to climb quite a lot, so the Sahaja Yogis said “Mother you have never been to any guru, why do you want to go to him?” I said you see the vibrations and you will know what a Guru means. When I went to see this Guru it was raining and raining and raining, very hard and this Guru was sitting outside the cave, very angry, just imagine, so I went into his cave and sat down. So this Guru Maraj came and sat on his err, I mean they brought him you see he cannot walk, he came on a tiger, he came and sat on his ???? as we call it, he said “Why did you not allow me to stop the rain, you wanted to take down my ego?” He was supposed to be able to stop the rain, thats what they said, he can stop the rain, “So why didn’t you allow me to stop the rain?”, cos he knew what I was, that was one thing, so I told him, see you are an aesthetic, you are a sanyasi and you have got a sari for me and you know I wont take anything from a sanyasi son, so I had to get drenched. If I was not drenched with water how will I accept a sari from you. Immediately, absolutely, he started crying and of course he sat with me and he was talking on another level, not on a human level, but other level about Gods level, doesn’t matter. Then he said “Now I have to tell you that I cannot be of much use to you but if somebody troubles you send him over to me, I will put him right” He had a very big name in Maharastra ??? He is a very big man, he never beats anyone and all that. One fellow came to me and he started “Mother you must not give realisation to everyone, you try to give realisation to everybody ??? He was giving me a big lecture so I told him, I said alright you go and see the Guru Maraj he has called you, he felt very enamoured on my (progress?) “Oh the Guru Maraj has called me” So he went to the ???

After one month, I was sitting one month where I had a program and this fellow came with both his legs around his neck dangling like that. What happened, what has happened? He said Guru Maraj, be praised, the blessing of the Guru. What happened? Mother I didn’t do much I just told him Mother should not give realisation to everyone. Anyone comes in she gives realisation. She has no discrimination and all that. So in the night when I was sleeping h;is ??? came perhaps, and threw me in a (cut), i came down about 80 feet down, yes I saw, and I broke my legs. So after two days somebody brought some chapattis, eat…….80 foot, he might have come down on the other side from where is but…..then he ate. Then what happened? I was lying like that for 4 or 5 days and nobody bothered about me, after 5 days some people came, lifted me, took me and gave me a bath and all that, so then this Guru said put these broken legs on your neck and go dangling to your Mother, who will cure you, not me. My…really? Tears came into my eyes, so I said What? So I fixed his legs you see, he is still there, fixed his legs and so I said what did you say? No I just said Mother has no discretion she gives realisation to everyone, and all that. But what a punishment he gave him. You see that is what Gurus are, if they are real gurus they don’t want money, but they hit you hard, I know that, but I didn’t know they were as cruel as this. The next time I met him, this fellow I told him what do you mean by being so cruel to these people. He said “Thank God he didn’t die, such people should not live who talk such ill of Mother. Such Horrible things I said ??? I said I am not going to send anyone to any Gurus now, I am finished. There are some real ones who are real, who are extremely harsh, very harsh and troublesome, but this is the job of love, if you have an ocean of love within yourself you don’t have to torture anyone for that, its not necessary. By talking to you you got your realisation, I didn’t do anything to you, just for talk. If it was talk it is there, and now it is becoming very easy, formerly I had to work at least for 15 to 20 minutes and with the English even more… (laughter) ???? One of the early ones…… but now yesterday you saw, for 5 minutes, so now it takes on speed.

I have to leave tomorrow, I am sorry to say, I would have been so happy to stay over here with you, but I may go tomorrow, but he should look after these people and they they will look after you. Yes? I think now it is time. May God bless you. Very good, the kundalini here is very good.