700th Birthday of Shri Gyaneshwara

Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune (India)

1996-11-25 Public Program, Pune, India, 46'
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Public Program on the 700th birthday of Shri Gyaneshwara. Pune (India), 25 November 1996.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset, we have to know what is the truth. Whatever I am going to tell you, you should not believe it blindfolded. We have had enough trouble with the blind faiths. So I would just request you to keep your mind open to understand what is the truth.

First of all, I am so enamoured to see so many people trying to understand divinity of Shri Gyaneshwara. He was too great. He was too subtle. And I don’t know how many people really could understand Him without being themselves Self-realized, without being knowing their Self.

Even Mohammad Saheb has said that “If you do not know yourself, you cannot understand God almighty.” Everybody, even Christ. Christ has emphatically said it. I don’t want now to tell you how many people have said that “You have to know yourself.” Whether it is Jainism, Buddhism, any -isms that has sprouted but how many of them are trying to know the Self?

The problems are coming in this country, or in all the countries, all over the world because of complete ignorance about themselves. We go on giving lectures: “Don’t have this. Don’t do that. Don’t have enemy. Don’t hate people.” All sorts of lectures are going on. That has been done many a times now. People can’t give it up. They will have some difficulty in giving up this or that.

It has to be understood that still human beings have to rise higher than what they are. They need a transformation. Talking is not going to help. Words are not going to help them. I’m sorry I have to say this. I’m so happy there are people who are willing to listen to this. Adi Shankaracharya has said very clearly, “Mother remove my shabda jalam.”, it’s “Remove this mess of words.”

The truth is that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this intelligence, this ego, these conditionings, but you are the pure spirit. We see here beautiful flowers. We take it for granted. We don’t even think that this is such a miracle, that the Mother earth is producing different type of flowers, different type of fragrance. We don’t understand that we ourselves are a miracle. We have no valuation of our own life because we don’t know ourselves.

What Shri Gynadeva has described in His Amrutanubhava is something which you can only really appreciate when you know yourself. For example, He was a master of similes, I must say. And He has tried to convince the so called intellectuals and rationalists through His own great expertness in using similes. One of the similes, there are so many of them, He talks of the Amruta Anubhav, is the experience of the Ambrosia. Experience, again it is the experience, not just talking about it. And this experience, He has described like this, beautifully, that there is a picture, you see, beautiful painting where you see the rain and see the nature and all the beauty that nature can provide. You’re watching it. You’re enjoying it. But you are just seeing it superficially. You have to enter into that rain. You have to enter into that area of beauty. Otherwise we are just superficially doing everything.

He has given so many similes that in this short lecture I may not be able to tell. [UNCLEAR Or/Oh MAY BE] one after that, He has tried to describe the state we call Sahajavastha means the state of oneness with the divine, can call it Sahaja. Sahaja means one with you, this spontaneity. This state when it you achieve, I should say, not achieve but it happens to you. When you have this experience of Sahajavastha then what happens to you? He says, “Like at the sun. Sun has got its rays and the rays go and play all over but again they go back.” In Marathi it is, [some Marathi]. “They get content in themselves.” In the same way, a person who is a realized soul, he is doing every kind of thing outside but he’s absolutely absorbed inside. Because inside you are so glorious, so beautiful that one has to really rise to that height of Sahajavastha, state of Self-realization.

It is not at all difficult, this is [? 7:37]. The theory about getting Self-realization when people hear about it. [INAUDIBLE] They want to say so many things that you get frightened. You have to stand on your head. You have to go to Himalayas. You have to stand on one leg. All sorts of thing people … For that, Guru Nanak has said, “Kahe Nanak bin aapa chinhe, mite na bhram ki kaai” [LITERALLY MEANS “O servant Nanak, without knowing one’s own self, the moss of doubt is not removed”] “Without knowing yourself, you cannot understand.”

Every one of them in the 16th century and whose Gyaneshwara near 12th century [ie. 1200s] , has said the same thing, all of them say the same thing because truth is seen by everyone the same way. Now one can say they were also tortured and troubled. I agree. Because of ignorance. It’s complete ignorance and this ignorance we can easily prevail upon by becoming ourselves.

Today I am going to tell you, we have within us all these powers. As Shri Gyaneshwara had described in the sixth chapter, that there is a force called Kundalini within us which when awakened gives you the self. But as you know everywhere, there are fundamentalist, we call them dharma martanda. And they said that “This is something that one should just avoid, this we cannot.” Because they can’t do it. So that was not read anymore. Neither people ever tried to have.

But in these modern times, it is predicted that is going to happen to thousands of people and it has happened also. Its specialty of this age, that it is happening all over the world, I am surprised Myself! This is the power that you have within yourself. I am not obliged. Neither you are obliged. It is your own power that rises and gives you this selfhood which is being described by Shri Sant Gyaneshwara. And this state of Sahajavastha [Self-realization] is very easy to achieve.

But people don’t want to have something simple, you know. I was surprised, like blind people they can’t find anythings. They go round, round, round, round like that they go round, round, round. It is very simple. It is within you, is your own.

Now look at this mic, just now it failed, so you understand. If it is not connected to the mains, if it is not at all connected to the mains, it has no meaning, it has no identity. So, it has to be connected to the mains. Now what is that mains is? That is the all pervading divine power of love. By saying, “We must love, we must not hate.”, it’s not going to work out. I can understand. Unless and until you are one with that divine power, you cannot get the power of love. And this is very easy to achieve.

I’m not telling you something very fantastic. There are so many sitting here who have known this and have had it. But you should have an open mind. What are the hurdles? First I said ignorance. Another is rationality. This mind, I would say, is a myth. It is made by us through our ego and our conditionings. And when we use this mind to transcend or to go higher, it cannot work out because it is artificial. How will it work out?

It will only work out when you take to the gifts that you have already within you. Now this is the gift of evolutionary process. You are a human being but you are not yet perfect. That’s why all these problems. Integrate religions through your mind. Integrate this by your mind. It will not work. I tell you, it will not work. The integration must take within, first of all. And then you see for yourself that this is all falsehood.

All religions themselves should have been self-oriented but they are not. They are money oriented, power oriented, this oriented, that oriented. Because of ignorance only, again I am saying. Why did they torture Shri Gyanadeva? Why? When He’s not here, we are celebrating. What happened? Why? Because He had the truth with Him. The one who has the truth is always prepared. He knows that He’ll be tortured, He’ll be troubled. And nobody is going to listen to such a person. That’s a fact. We have seen all the saints have suffered. Not only in India, all over the world. Wherever there have been people who are saints, who have talked of divinity, of the truth, they have suffered. Nobody accepted them.

For example, in England, William Blake*, they thought he was a mad man. When everybody is mad, I mean, if you go to a mad house, to a lunatic asylum, all the lunatics think that you are mad. Same way it has been happening. It’s very sad. So many have come on this earth. Not only in India, as I said, all over I find them. They were Sufis. They were people of great talents. But they suffered. All of them suffered. Even Socrates had to take the poison.

So you can imagine the people who have been getting involved into some sort of a destructive behavior towards saints because they were blind. So one has to forgive them. Because blind man can hit anyone. They can’t help it. But what about today when we are so much enlightened, you know, people are talking big things and all that is happening in this world.

What is it that is keeping us away from the truth? And that is again, I should say, the hurdle is of Mr. Ego. I’m sorry to say. This ego comes because we think we know science. We can’t even make one drop of water, we can’t even make our own a little amount of Mother Earth, we can’t. Humble down and see for yourself whatever science has achieved is nothing compared to what exists. With science you cannot reach reality. But from reality, you can come to science. Because in the light of reality, you can see how far we have come in science and how far we have to go.

It is very very important because I think you people represent a very acme, I should say, of human beings. And I would request you, all of you, to understand that unless and until you get your self realization, no use talking about anything. In Marathi, say [Mother speaks some Marathi]. You have words and words you eat and words you talk and words you give. These are empty words. But when the Kundalini within you rises, [I DEL] I don’t know if I am suppose to [tell DEL] talk about Kundalini or not, but I can’t do without it, that power that is in the triangular bone, which is in the sacrum bone. Why was it called the sacred bone by Greeks? This sacrum bone contains that power, three and a half coils, which rises through your six centers.

Now these six centers are responsible for your physical, mental, emotional, also spiritual being. So when She rises, spontaneously, you don’t have to do anything, spontaneously It rises, and pierces through your fontanelle bone area. And you become one with this all pervading power of divine love. In Sanskrit it’s called paramchaitanya. You do become.

So, it has to be an experience and the experience that you can feel this power on your finger tips. Imagine, the fifth imam has said that “When the time of kiyama, transformation, will come, your hands will speak and give witness against you. You will know the truth on your palm.” This is exactly what happens. And you know the absolute truth because everybody says the same thing. So how will you quarrel? How will you fight? How can you have wars? [Mother Laughs] No question.

Such description of such people is in Pasayadan, absolutely the same. That they become your relation [Mother says something in Marathi.] They become your relations. All other relationships drop and you become one with all of them, whether they are Christian, Hindu, Muslims, or anything, whether they are black or white, whether they are from Russia or from England. You should see how the world becomes one. But people don’t like if you talk of global oneness. They don’t like it.

There was a big thing against Me that I’m talking of global religion. And why? Because they want to have different religions to fight. That’s all. Why do they want to have different religions? Just to fight. Otherwise I don’t understand why it’s essential to have different religions. And when people who are rationalists, they see the religion the way it has been created, a new atmosphere of hatred, no peace at all, then they criticize, naturally. Because what is the outcome of it? I don’t blame them for that.

The fighting comes because, again, of ignorance. We have now-a-days, wars after wars, cold wars, I don’t know, all kinds of wars in the name of God. Can you imagine such a thing can happen? How can we fight in the name of God? How can we have killings, violence in the name of God? Now one may say, our value system is finished. Why? How are you going to put it right? What is the solution?

Only solution, you have to have self knowledge. That gives you the strength. That gives you a kind of a personality which is described by Shri Gyaneshwara. That is the personality we have to achieve. And that is not, not at all difficult. It works out in no time. But you are still adhering to some ideas. If you are in the clutches, I always say, of the crocodile and don’t want to come in the boat, what can I do? In the name of God, these are crocodiles. Or maybe some other name you can give it too. And thus people are lost.

When you see, you just cry and weep. You don’t know what to say, when you hear that this [uh this DEL] whole community was tortured because they follow a particular religion. Then another community is trying to attack because they are following another religion. When we say, in essence all religion are the same, is just same. It is not that it is a part and parcel of our understanding. To understand Gyaneshwara, I would say, first you must have your self realization. Otherwise you can never understand Him. I’ve heard the lectures on Shri Gyaneshwara from many, many people and the life they lead is surprising. How can they do it?

I am talking about the power of love, love of God. Once you achieve that power, this power can do so many things of which we are not aware. We don’t know what things we can do. This Kundalini which rises, She is your own Mother, your personal Mother. She knows everything about you. She knows what are your problems of the past and what are your aspirations. And She’s your [Mre DEL] Mother. And She’s anxious to give you, your second birth.

Now when you were born, your mother took all the problems. In the same way, She does it. Many people have talked so much against Kundalini. When the Kundalini rises, this happens, that happens. Now I’ve been doing this kind of work for the last 25 years or so, I’ve never seen any one person suffering or having all these symptoms that they describe. On the contrary, first when She rises, you become so peaceful.

Now how do you become so peaceful? A thought rises and falls. Another thought rises and falls and we are all the time living on the cusp of these thoughts. These thoughts come to us from our past or from our future. But if I say, “Be in the present”, you cannot. When Kundalini rises, what She does, She elongates those thoughts, actually She does. So within you, there is a state which we call as thoughtless awareness, which is called as nirvichar samadhi, thoughtless awareness. You are aware, you’re absolutely aware, but there is no thought.

At this time, your memory becomes just like a photogenic memory. Your temperament is so detached. Supposing your are [sin.. DEL] standing in the water or in the sea and the waves are coming on you, they are frightening, there are all problems but once you get onto the boat, you can watch them, enjoy the fun, see for yourself what’s coming up. But supposing, if you can, become a great swimmer, you can go down and save them, those who are getting drowned. You can do it. It’s not difficult at all. But you have to become that. And that is within your reach. All of you can get it. It’s not difficult at all.

For that, what do you have to do? Nothing, Effortless, Sahaja. Sahaja has double meaning. Sahaja, saha means ‘with’ and ja is ‘born’. ‘Born with you’ is this power ‘to become one with the divine’, this yoga. And that is what He has described. Everybody, Guru Nanak has ‘sahaja samadhi lago’. None of them has said that “By standing on your head, you can do it.” I asked one fellow, why are you standing every day on your head. “Because the Kundalini will rise.” I said, “Does it move with the gravity or with love?”

All funny ideas we have, I tell you. And with these funny ideas, where are we going to reach? No where. We have reached no where so far. When I see all these people, you know, My husband was in the U.N. He was Secretary General of the Maritime Organization and I met so many great people, very great, shaking hands with them. I was surprised-,. where are they living?, what are they doing? They are not united at all.

I have a feeling, I must tell you, to get united, first of all, you have to become self realized. Then what happens, the second state comes in which we call as “collective consciousness.” Your consciousness becomes collective. You don’t have to say, “You are my brother. You are my sister.” Nothing, you just become, you just become moral. Becoming is the point, I’m saying. When you become moral, I don’t have to tell, nobody has to tell you, give lectures or anything of the kind.

I have seen people, I must tell you, drug addicts, overnight they have given up. Alcoholics, overnight they have given up. I never told them. If I say, “Don’t drink,” in a big hall in London, half of them will walk out. I dare not say such a horrible thing. So I don’t say. I say, alright, you be seated, have your self realization.

The greatest blessing of this Kali Yuga, this modern times is this, the greatest blessing is this, that there are so many seekers of truth are born. Christ never had so many. Even Gyanadeva didn’t have. Till the twelfth century [ie. 1200s] there was not many. Till the sixteenth century, there were not many. But today, there are many, many seekers, beautiful seekers. They might have taken drugs, doesn’t matter. They might have tried anything, doesn’t matter. Whatever has happened in the past, doesn’t matter. They get it. And that is the state Gyaneshwara has described.

If you read his Amrutanubhava , you will know that He is describing that state. So then people can say, “Oh, it’s very difficult. How can we give up these, how can we give up all these enemies of ours? We cannot.” But they just drop out. Because also you develop this new awareness, new dimension in your awareness, of collective consciousness by which you not only, know yourself but you know the centers of others, centers of people who are far away, who have died. Then you know where is the problem. Then you don’t talk in the language, “He is a Christian.” Nor, “He is a this thing or that.” But what you say is that “This is the center is catching.” Alright?

If you know how to cure your center, you can cure the centers of others also. For that, you don’t have to be a doctor or anything. I did medicine, I agree, because I had to talk to doctors, to psychologist. I thought I’ll have to break My head to talk to them. But now I was surprised that so many doctors, also, have understood that behind all our personality, all our body there is a subtle system that works it out. We have to handle everything through this subtle system.

When we were studying medicine, now it has advanced so much that I don’t know what to say because we used to remember everything [in DEL] about the prescription of every little thing. Today, only antibiotics. Bringing to the hands something [INAUDIBLE 33:40 just this MAY BE] and things like that. Now once [you’re a PROBABLY] self knowledge, you can cure others through collective consciousness. You can easily cure others, not only you cure yourself.

Of course, I don’t know if you know, there are many people who have been cured through Sahaja Yoga. Cancer, of course, even AIDS, I must say. It can be cured. But we are not here to cure. That’s the main thing, once you say, “You can be cured.”, all the mad people are standing in front of your house [saying, “I want to get.” UNCLEAR 34:22] No, that’s not so. You’re cured in the sense that inside you are cleansed completely. [Clensme? INAUDIBLE 34:35] said that, “So I would be whiter than snow.”

And a person is amazed at himself. How? What has happened? Where is that gone? Where is that hatred? Where is that anger? Where is that envy? Where is it gone? It’s like a lotus that comes out of the water and flowers and gives fragrance to that pond, making it so beautiful. The time has come today for thousands and thousands and thousands to [to DEL] become lotuses. Is the blessing, as I said, this is the specialty of the modern times which, of course, we don’t very much appreciate.

Everything that is constructive starts working within us, whatever is destructive, just drops out automatically, automatically. Like a person who is not blind, say, there’s light. You can see who is sitting there, how you have to walk, this is the road, you have to come, nobody has to tell you. But supposing you are absolutely blind, there is darkness. What will happen? Just a chaos. And that is the chaos we are facing now.

To achieve that peace all over the world, transformation of human beings is very much [needed? INAUDIBLE 36:18]. Try anything else. They have tried. Does it work? Transformation of human beings in large scales will achieve that so that you enter into the kingdom of God. Not only that, but you are helped, supported and looked after all the time. Whatever is promised in the scriptures, you’re amazed that you get that.

Is not falsehood. In no way it is falsehood. But to achieve it, you have to rise into the realm of divine love. Unless and until you are there, in that divine atmosphere, it’s all talking, talking, talking. When they told Me, I have to speak, I said “Uh? It’s difficult you know because I have to tell them the truth.” I’m sorry I had to tell you because how long are we going to postpone it?

It has to work out in this great city of Pune. It’s called as punya patanam. I built My house also here. But it’s not so, I must say. They were after my life for nothing at all. Alright, doesn’t matter. But on the whole, people, here, have to really know that they must have done some great deeds, some punyas that they are born in this Pune. And the way they are going on, I think they have forgotten completely. They have no idea as to what they were. But for people who are really now serious about it, who are thinking that “we should solve the problem of the world” have to accept that the transformation of human beings is needed.

For that you can’t pay. First of all, one should know, you can’t pay. It’s a living process of [humility/humanity? INAUDIBLE 38:44]. If you put the seed in the Mother Earth, how much do we pay to Her? God doesn’t understand money, first of all. He doesn’t understand banks . This is our headache. We have created it. So it has nothing to do with money. It is just love and love which is pure. In Sanskrit, it’s called nirvajay, means that you don’t even pay the interest on it. That is how it is and so powerful, so beautiful.

It does not only give you good health. Health it gives, it gives you tranquility, peace. Unless and until human beings really become peaceful, peace, which we call as global peace, cannot come. At least the people at the helm of affairs should be peaceful. But they are not. All their greed, all their power hankering will drop out, like autumn leaves, once they get their self realization.

It is very important that we should know our value system. What we have is only mental and which can go out of order just like this mic. But when it happens to you, you become a personality of emitting peace, emitting love, emitting value system to others. You, yourself, enjoy yourself. You all the time, I don’t know how much more can I describe [Gyan DEL] Sant Gyaneshwara. You become the witness of this world. And you start enjoying the humor, all the stupidity and all the blindness of this world.

There’s no need for Me to give you a list of things that can happen to you. But first and foremost thing that happens to you, that you know the absolute truth, absolutely, on your finger tips. English language has used this “on your finger tips” I don’t know, from where the English got this idea. On your finger tips, you know the truth. On your hand, you know the truth about everything.

Then if you have the power to correct others, if you have the power to know and correct without telling them, you can correct. Now I’m working, they say, in more than 65 nations. Those people who come here, in a seminar, I’ve never seen them arguing, no. Of course quarreling is out of question. Fighting is out of question. They come from different countries, different cultures, different religions .. nothing, just love and no lust and greed in it. Nirvajay. No lust and greed. Just pure enjoyment of love.

The greatest thing is your attention. Your attention becomes enlightened, again I am saying. Means what? You can put attention anywhere and can find out about that. If you put your attention anywhere, you can work out whatever you want to do. Your attention becomes so powerful. It’s a fact, I’m telling you. And the last of all, you jump in the ocean of joy. You enjoy everything. If it is ridiculous, you enjoy. If it is stupid, you enjoy. If it is good, you enjoy. Because you are a witness. You are not involved. It is such a state, one has to achieve. This is the experience one has to ..

I mean, in this small [letter DEL] I would say, lecture, I cannot tell you all that can happen to you, how great you are, what are the possibility, I can’t tell you, I am sorry. But once you have the experience, your self will come and tell Me, “Mother, this has happened. [Whichever happened MAY BE] “

[Approximately 10 seconds are missing from the recording.]

.. of love pouring. His collective consciousness, by which I can tell you one thing, one little thing happens to one person, he has the whole of them. They know in the whole world, this has happened. They all pray. They all think about it. But now these prayers are not empty prayers because you are one with the divine. Without the connection, what’s the use of praying? Without the connection, what’s the use of asking anything to God and blaming Him for everything? You first get your connections. Unless and until you are connectioned Him, how can you say that God has been very unkind, He’s done this, He’s done that?

So, in this short lecture I’ve been [I DEL] able to at least say to you that there lies a great potential within you. Through your divine personality, you’ll be amazed how things will work out.

I am especially very much enamored by Mr. and Mrs. Mogul. I have their photograph with Me, all the time. And I was so surprised how this sensitive personality has seen the beauty of Gyanadeva. It’s something and it has worked out so miraculously that we came in contact with him, really it was so miraculous. Unbelievable.

And it has worked in this way that they have such a nice collection of people who can do a lot, they are so important. They can do a lot, if they have self knowledge, if they become self realized. Not that I condemn any science, no. I do not condemn any religion, nothing. But, even science is not sufficient to solve the problems of the world. One has to understand. So, this is I am talking of meta-science.

I’ve written a book which is all full of mistakes, I think. Because in India, they make so many spelling mistakes. Three times I’ve corrected, every time they have made so many spelling mistakes. Then what to do? So I’ve got now, I think this is the latest and there will be less spelling mistakes, you see. Despite that, I must say, our English, whatever it is, is not that bad. We make spelling mistakes, that’s all.

So, [we have, I DEL] I try to write it in English. It is just My witness state in which I saw the western life, now how it is. And what is the problem of western life. About India or Indian life or Indian culture and all that, I have still to write something when I get some time. I can do it but this is just to show how western life is in trouble. What has happened in the western life. And how things have taken this form. If you could read that book, it would be a nice idea. I don’t think I’m going to sell them. But, there are limited numbers so I would request somebody to distribute it to, I would say, Mr. [INAUDIBLE 48:13] Kulkarni can do that. She distribute these books to people whosoever wants to know about self knowledge.

So thank you very much.

May God bless you.

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