Shri Raja Lakshmi Puja: Don’t waste your time in fighting

New Delhi (India)


Shri Raja Lakshmi Puja (Hindi). Delhi (India), 7 December 1996.

[Translation from Hindi]

Around the Delhi, Sahaja Yoga is growing very fast. Delhi is a capital, people are power and money oriented, but even if it is like this, still they are seeking their self-realization and it is very surprising. It is like a picture, in that birds are flying, flowers, the rain and so on. You are feeling happy to see the picture, but it is important to see what is in that. It is very subtle and to raise the subtle thinking is very important.

We have not achieved the truth and we are lost in these mythical things. Externally, because at ego one is thinking that he is very smart, and the others are thinking that they have achieved everything in life, so why should they need Sahaja Yoga? So, this way there are two kinds of people, some which are lost in their ego and others which are surrendered to wrong things. They both will never reach the truth.

Once I met a person and I told him that you don’t have to do anything special to get your self- realization and the person replied “How come it is possible?”. I mean, to get your self-realization you don’t have to do anything special, you will get it very easily. So don’t waste your time on the people who think that they will achieve it on themselves.

But not all are like this, many will transform in this Kali Yuga because it’s a time to transform whether you desire or not. The ones that are seeking, they will transform.

For example I will say about Russia. They didn’t know were about it, they were not aware of it, they were even not allowed to talk about it, not even about dharma. They were very oppressed. Even after that they turned to Sahaja Yoga. Why? It is because of introspection. If one will say that we are Sahaja Yogi and we are fine, it will not work out. You have to introspect and it is very necessary. Sahaja Yoga is spreading, it’s all right, but a thing that is growing can be burst out because of small faults.

This time when I came to Delhi, I saw that there are two singing groups from Noida and from other places also. It is very dangerous. We will see how these groups are coming up. Christ said about it: “Beware of murmuring souls!”. These people just talk about the faults of others and these groups are coming up like two, four, six and so on. If you came to Sahaja Yoga to find faults of others, it is better to go to newspapers. You came here for your ascent, here you can only correct your faults, not others. By looking at others faults, we cannot correct ourselves.

So these murmuring souls just talk about others, even in front of me too. So this kind of things are happening when Sahaja Yoga is spreading and we must take care of it.

Second thing is that they are thinking that they are the leader, and this and that. This leadership is nothing but a kind of joke and that’s all. But they will go on fighting for leadership. It is nothing but a nominated place and still they are wasting their time on it. Because of freedom may be it will not happen here as it happened in Russia. So, the people who don’t have anything to do, they are creating misunderstanding in between the Sahaja Yogis.

To feel competition in between us, to feel jealous about each other, this kind of things must not appear in Sahaja Yoga and if it is happening it means that you are not in Sahaja Yoga. It is very necessary to be introspective and to clean your own faults. Us Indians are fighting together all the time. We are saying that this is a very great country, love and peace, this and that, but what is the use? So if one is talking ill about others, you must stop him because the one who is talking and the one who is listening, they are both not behaving according to Sahaja Yoga. So if we correct ourselves this way, there will be a great and beautiful organization and SY will come up and it will be possible to give realization to many many people.

We must understand our responsibility. If you read newspapers, there are just shocking things that are happening everyday and in this Kali Yuga you have received your realization, the highest level of your spirit. So your responsibility is to stop these things with your will power. There is nothing to fight, you can solve society problems with your will power or power of soul. And the second importance of SY is that the people who are doing wrong things and thinking that they are smart, they will get exposed.

The dharma does not mean that you have become saint and you are in samadhi. But the state you have achieved, the joy you have enjoyed, you have to give to others, you have to tell others. You have to show through your behavior that you are special. If you behave like normal people, it creates a bad impression of SY. By looking at your peace, tolerance and generosity, they will be surprised, you just have to do anything, just watch it, it will work out. So, we have to be introspective, where I am, what I am doing, whether I am useful for SY or not. People are getting benefits of SY through me or not.

Now the situation is much better than before. Before they used to write me, but it’s better now. But still they are insisting that I should come here and there. I am going but I can’t go everywhere now. They have some kind of attachments, like one is from Bombay or Delhi. If I will go to Bombay, the Delhi SY people will feel frustrated. I want to ask them why have you become so localized. Second thing, they want me to visit their house, if I will go to everybody’s house I will need another birth to visit them. I must eat and after that: “this is my son, this is my husband”, this and that. just “my”, “my” things. As long as you are attached with this my, my things, you will not achieve the goal of SY. These are your responsibilities and you do it, don’t force me to do it. Like, they are asking me to give name to their child, if I will go on doing it, I will need to make a dictionary of names. So this kind of madness is everywhere. If I say that I will not come, they will feel that it’s the end of the world. They will come to me and cry and will ask me, what wrong we have done, and things like that. It is very simple that I can’t come and you must understand it.

Kabir has given a very beautiful example of a goat, that when he is alive, he is just saying I, I and I, but after his death, they are making dhal (tabla) out of his skin and the sound is coming like Tuhi, Tuhi (you, you). So, until this Tuhi sound will come from your inside, nothing will work out for you.

If you think that you can do it yourselves, then do it. But if you will leave it to the Divine, everything will work out just like this. One fellow was telling me that everyday 20/25 miracles are happening to him. When you are in the kingdom of God, you are the citizens of his kingdom and all the ganas and deities are there to look after you, to server you. But you must understand the meaning of it.

The experience of Yatharth means Reality. And this experience is very subtle, but at the same time it is very vast. It’s like a drop, when it is solving into the ocean, it is becoming the ocean and it will go where the ocean will go.

So, now our life has evolved and we are much better than before, but we have to give up this mamtwa (my things.) This Mamtwa is creating problems. In the foreign countries, they don’t care for their children, they don’t even want them. And if children are getting born, they feel it’s better to die. But after coming in SY they are very much attached to their children. That child is everything for them, a very big attachment. It’s a big problem, especially in India. They think that they are looking after their children. But they must understand that this whole world is operated by the Divine, so why the worry? You must look after your children but with detachment. So instead of giving up this Mamtwa, you will reach to level with SY. To reach up to level of SY don’t run after the mythical things, be happy in the real joy of the soul and be in the witness state. And you will be surprised that you will give up and forget the things very easily, like you are watching drama and you are completely detached.

When you will clear your Vishuddhi, your vision will change and you will receive the help from the divine. You will help to change the situation, to join the things together. Like one person came to me and started telling bad things about another person and I told him that that person was telling me so many good things about him. And the next day I found that they became very good friends. So this way we have to joy people, to make collectivity strong. If one is in problem we all must help. We are now part and parcel of the whole being. It should happen on the global level. I heard that Germans went to Israel to spread SY because they were feeling that Germans tortured Jews in the past and now it is their duty to give them self-realization. And this way Israel is in SY.

Another good story I will tell you that when I was in Egypt, twenty Sahaja Yogi from Israel came to meet the Egyptian Sahaja Yogis and they were like brother to each other. I never told them to do this, it is coming from inside. It’s an innate bounding. But it will happen only when you are detached. In India castes are a big problem, Hindu – muslim problem. But in SY all are together and not bothered about it. Once I asked one Sahaja Yogi about another Sahaja Yogi that whether he is black or white, and he replied that he doesn’t remember whether he is black or white. It is happening only when you are at that high level of SY and this is love. The mother doesn’t differentiate her children, whether they are black or white. She just loves them. This is the power of love that brings us all together. And the negativity that is separating us will fall down. Before you used to feel jealous about other but by the awakening of Kundalini you will receive this power of love and you will feel love to others.

Many Indians are out in foreign countries and their problem is that there are very few Sahaja Yogis. So they want to spread SY and to be with many Sahaja Yogis. They are not going to clubs, night parties but they are spending time with collectivity. This is the power of love. The Mayor of Italy was telling me that in the church people want to go out as soon as possible, but here in SY they are sitting for as long as 10 hours, how come? It is because they are enjoying love and as they are enlightened, the people who are meeting them, they are also becoming enlightened.

So, today, I am telling you: Don’t waste your time in fighting. Your job is to stay and grow in SY.

May God bless you!