Awakening of “DHARMA” (Religion)

Varanasi (India)

1996-12-12 Public Program - Dharma Jagran, Varanasi, India (Hindi), 56'
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1996-12-12 Public Program – Dharma Jagran, Varanasi, India (Hindi)
Awakening of “DHARMA”(Religion)

[Translation from Hindi to English]

I bow to all the seekers of the truth. First of all, you should recognize the truth because the truth is immutable. We can not describe it, we cannot discuss it and until we experience it we can not understand it. Whatever I am going to tell you, you don’t need to take it fully or agree with it (God save from this blind faith). Due to Blind faith, there is a very bad situation nowadays. Very bad…It may happen that many times the mind gets delighted by faith but it does not achieve the truth from it and we can not get the peace of our heart. Those people who use to come to earn the merit (“Punya”) from Kashi (in Varanasi)were killed on the way. There were many dacoits and swindler who use to rob them… Despite this, there was a reverence (faith)to go to Varanasi.And by going there they had the faith that – ‘we will wash our sins and we will become saintly’. It may happen by the grace of Mahadeva (shiva) that they become a little bit saintly…But whatever is achieved is the mere sight (“Darshan Matr”)for eg- There is a very beautiful painting and in this painting, the painter has created a very beautiful creation of the world …Get overwhelmed by seeing her beauty…There he has created- beautiful trees, mountains, flowing river, flying birds, trees with different colours of flowers. Just looking and enjoying it…But Seeing only makes one see. Whatever bliss and joy you gain from it get finishes by going to the mind. (the reality which the painting contains)…But As long as you do not participate in that rainy season, or you don’t take a bath in it .. until then you will not experience it.
Similarly from outside you can do anything in the name of religion, saintliness, truth etc. it is from outside (not innate). Until you get the joy of the spirit or the self- realisation, that joy which we are considering is temporary and It does not give us the special result …for eg- I went there in Pune in a very big conference (Peace Conference)…There the people were saying so many things like some of them were saying our Dharma (Religion) is good and another one was saying our religion is good …Although I reached late and not listened to it …I just said that -Any religion which is being followed by a human being… Can any religion stop from doing misdeed…Any person from any religion is free …he has no restriction in doing any misdeed …It is not seen that one dharma (Religion) people are doing the misdeed and the other one is not doing so …From here to there it is seen that this language of dharma has to be changed …Just by saying that we are Hindu, Christian, Jain, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist etc…donot make sense …It is just a naming business Unless there is an inner transformation of a human being…And behind this name, they all are fighting …What’s the benefit in it?

You did not found the real Dharma (Religion) …You should understand this thing …
Don’t you lie?
Don’t you hate it?
Don’t you take things away from anybody?
Do you have a complete solution in your heart?
Is there complete peace in your heart?
Is love inside you is without expectations? It’s not like that as old saints and Sufis..
That is not the case with you people So by taking the name of Dharma you can not find these things So first awaken this Dharma within you.
Until this religion is awakened within us, till then we are hidden in this pageant.
It is assumed that we are very religious and very good…I am not saying about good or bad …but the truth is -the way you are in reality is very high.
Who are you?
You are not this body, mind, heart, ego and these useless idle rites. You are a pure spirit. And unless you did not achieve this state of Atma till then you can not recognise the god.
In Koran, Mohammad Sahib has said that -Unless you will not find yourself till then you can not find the God. And in our scripture it is already written that – Know the soul …Know your spirit! Recognize the spirit …Similarly, it is written in the Bible -Know yourself …Know thyself …Don’t know how many times …it is written …that Know thyself …But it is not written to fight. It is not written to be quarrelsome. Don’t know from where these contradictions are arising that we people are fighting in the name of Religion…And if not satisfied with that -then making money on the name of God, … selling God …Everywhere Can we sell god almighty?
The truth is we can not sell god…But we are doing that …
And I don’t know what they do like -someone chanting and going to Himalayas someone standing in one leg and some remain Hungary for one month, some giving labour to the body …By giving pain to himself, he assumes that by giving pain he will achieve god.

The god, the father …the ultimate god who is so compassionate more than your father, who loves you the most, in his heart, there is a lot of space for you …Would he like that you give pains to your body for him, give trouble to your body like this? Don’t know how such strange things were made
When I use to see it …I got surprised…That what is the purpose …But people are very intelligent in making these types of strange (abnormal)things …You say to someone that you cut your fingers then Mahadeva will be happy…then they will cut their fingers … Have you asked from Mahadev…Have you asked the god?
By giving this type of admonition, discomfort, trouble , trick, you can not find God.
Similarly, by deceiving others, by beating others – God can not be found …

Similarly, you can see that Bosa whatever is written for him …(He has not written himself )
So he had said that someone is going to come like this …11:30
Then after Isa came …he wrote about Bosa …Just like that as if they are the ancestors …very clearly he has written about him.
They have wriitten that ISa MAsiha has said so …
Then after Mohammad sahib, also said about is a Masiha …very much …Not only this he also said about his mother very gracefully and with full respect warning everyone that Beware if someone talks about the character of her. Now, these 3 types of books were made…Now I don’t understand why these 3 are fighting with each other. When everyone has described everyone about them…then why are they fighting? By insisting hard and fighting …Then, religion can not run with the strength…That if you do this type of sin then you will suffer from this type of sorrow or pain. And If you will do this, then you will get this …All these are ridiculous talks…Or by saying that – “your hands and feet will be burnt off, your neck will be cut off” and Saying so, can that be a religion? When religion loves …otherwise why there is a need of religion?
Dharma is tied. Pashupatinath is holding it. if there is one snake then there is a snake’s dharma ..If there is a scorpion then it will follow the religion of scorpion …In human beings, you can find every one of them …And nobody knows which one bites anytime …13:57
By this way, the human being has been distracted and 13:57 …
When we put a glance at our country then it is not understandable that what has happened in this world and where the “Desh Bhakti” (Patriotism) has gone behind which 1000’s of the neck are being cut off…Whether they were Hindu or Muslim or Sikh or Isai …
Now where these people have gone? And from where these Ghosts have come?From where are these people of demonic nature who just want money have come? What is the reason? What is the reason behind this?
The reason is this that those who choose, have no understanding that what to choose?
They don’t have the power to choose…if 5 Rupees is given then they use to give a vote. Who can rule over a powerless country except for demons? That is why we have to become powerful…With the power of love, we have to fill ourself …And it is very easy…You have heard that in you there is the power of Kundalini. In Koran it is called Asus but who reads Koran, even Mullah doesn’t read it. And it is also said in the Bible, that this kind of shakti or power is there within us And when it will rise then the power spread all around will bring “ekakarita” of Chaitanya power. When the power of god spread all around Which we call as “Ruh”16:04 is felt then we should say the transformation has happened…And this is a lively process…If you put a seed in the mother’s abdomen, then it grows. The seed gets sprouted… No need to stand on her head…The earth is itself so powerful and there is the power in the seed as well …that it get sprouted. For that, no special efforts have to be done. By this way, you also have this power …That power is sitting there, Whether you are of any religion or country, Whatever may be your colour …It is residing in all human beings…It is not that much on animals …Like nowadays it is popular “Save animals and kill humans”. This power is inside human beings…gets enriched completely …It is also there on animals but not that much prosperous. This is the speciality of human being that it is prosperous in them …And in that prosperity, if there is any known or learned person then the Kundalini gets awakened. Now tell that when you planted the tree then how much money you had given to that mother…How much money had you given to that land? So first thing you understand that -Giving money to anyone in the name of God, is a sin. Yes, you can give another work …Like in preparation of “mandap” you can give, for lightening you can give, for giving the space you can give money but for spirituality or to get the spirit, you can not give money. This means that- it is all vain. Does this land know what is money? Or does God know what is money? This …We have made a headache.If you understand this that nobody can give money then all the false gurus will return to their own places…This is the thing to understand. And understand that – that person who gets enlightened becomes Birla (rare)…he becomes a special kind of person. In the era of Kabir so many people became that but why do we remember Kabir only? In the Nanaka’s era/period there were so many of them who became like that but why do we follow nanaka only? In this way, there are lots of saints in Maharashtra …They were beaten and given a lot of troubles…These religious people on whose feet you live have deceived them a lot. All these pandits and Mullahs have cheated them …And by cheating them they have beaten them. You can see Khwaza Nizamuddin Shah…You can see and open any bodies life wherever there were the talks of truth, they came for stalking.

But you should understand that by the money you can’t find the truth and secondly if anybody will do like this then God ” Vishweshwar ” has awakened now and he will have to take action ….and when the God gets awakened then you don’t know from where to where…..

So going behind such people is also the wrong thing. By this, you also lose.Your children also suffer and your body suffers too. If you have any trouble then you can solve it on your own…By this Kundalini awakening, there are lots of miracles that have happened. But I will not talk of them because you have not to experience as its rediculous to talk (for inexperienced).
But by kundalini awakening, all your bodily sufferings get finished all the problems of the body can get finished completely. Now in some people, it doesn’t. But in most of the people, it finishes off …You will say how?
Then, the chakras from where this kundalini passes through fulfilling the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. And when there is any malfunction on these chakras then we get sick and our mind starts working fast ….or our brain fails …or any type of problems are also caused by these malfunction of chakras.
Now you see a human being that every time he thinks too much Whether literate or illiterate …Sees every advertisement …newspaper …And thinks too much …What are you thinking?
What is the need to think? The mind from which you are thinking is a false thing …This mind you have created! Because of your ego and sanskar …Without going beyond this mind you can not go to that attention which I am describing, and you can’t experience it …So it’s necessary to go beyond this mind. Where there are no thoughts. You see, that now you stand in present then you can’t …Either you are in future or in past …
One thought will rise from the past and other with future …and you dance above them …When there is the awakening of the Kundalini then this thought process gets elongated and there is a gap in between Which is present. And Present is the truth only. It is the only reality. When you are in absolute Neutrality then there is the establishment of peace and you become peaceful. Now only see…Just like you go to one mountain from the large gathering and from there you can see what is happening and now you are afraid of this crowd…Like if you are standing on the tides and large tides are making you feel afraid off …You are jittering. But anyhow you get boarded into the boat then you will not feel afraid off you will just watch and you will feel entertaining too by looking the tides …But when you are a swimmer then you can swim miles…The time has come, to enlighten many lamps from one lamp …You all have to get awake to improve the bad condition of this country. Then, only the real truth within you will be awakened …And you will be surprised that all the dharmas are residing in it …There will be only one dharma in the world …But inside you if there is dharma, then this kind of person never tell lie, don’t eat money (are not greedy in any way) and they remain in peace …
In the name of Peace, there are so many awards achieved by people but they are very fighter kind off(quarrelsome). There can be the establishment of peace in every human being when they come in present ..then he witnesses the future and the past …But I will sit in my pride…Now I am witnessing everything …And When this situation comes then despite this peace there is one more thing that you become free from worries …Stop worrying …It dissolves. And the thing about which you worry gets dissolved. How?
Because your attention becomes enlightened. When your attention gets enlightened and your attention gets out of worry, then in that light, worry dissolves…Many people had such questions which got corrected …They were sitting in peace Mother, we didn’t do anything …And everything got corrected …He was angry with me …He came the next day and shake hand with me. My Money was about to go…He told me to protect money…
Somebody told me that your son is going to die …But he is alright and alive …There was an accident but everybody saved …nobody died.
There will be some disease …And he will be alright …These are all small things. I don’t know from where to where the human being is reached …
Because he gets the peace …moreover he gets the solution…

Now you are listening that they have crore and crore of Money with these people ..I don’t know what are they going to do …Carved into the wall …You will not understand- this is a disease, one of the diseases to add money like a mad …To eradicate the disease of greed the best way is Kundalini awakening. Because Kundalini lightens the lamp of Solution (Samadhan)…People will say that he is very poor but you will be like King. The person who is not greedy is the King. And the greedy one is begger. This kind of personality you get from Kundalini awakening …And then you understand that what are you? Such a great and graceful personality…What have you had? When these things come in front of you then you will be surprised to see yourself -This is me! Becomes the ocean of love. Just like one drop meets in the ocean and becomes the ocean …You become the ocean ..You don’t get tired…Now you know my age …There would be no one elder than me here …Day and night roaming in different countries …I don’t feel tiredness …Because I am not doing anything…You fell like this …Whatever faults there are within you which you don’t like to get dissolve automatically. And just like a beautiful lotus flower spread the fragrance in the whole lake from bad and foul water… This all is within you …India is a yoga land, Religious land, I believe..those who left India I know there condition But despite that there should be the enlightenment of deep as for spreading the light in every home, in every town …When these light will be there everywhere then the darkness will vanish completely and Satyuga is standing near me. I will say one thing definitely that whatever I can see you are not able to see that thing. That is why people think that mother says so many things …She has the habit to say so…
But the truth is this and you have to achieve this …You will get the powers within you that you will be able to give realisation.
In Maharashtra, there was one person who gave realisation to 4000 people within one month. And see how these 4000 people are well-settled Sahaja yogis …These are our relatives …These are our own …If one person gets a problem here then the whole world is shaken. It is so vast …The garden of Sahaja yoga …32:41
And everyone gets one in that…All these idiots who are fighting for religion are creating humour …
Not only this our society is also trapped in small, small things …Which you will be able to understand…And you will get realised on your own I will not have to say anything.
I will not say anything …Even I don’t say Don’t drink …I don’t say anything …When you will get realisation then this Kundalini will place you in the position that you get transformed on your own …Like there is a cut in the diamond …You can not be Dharmic by saying we are from this religion and that religion…There should be enlightened Dharma …enlightened dharma of the world …We have named it Vishwa Nirmala dharma It is being registered in Russia, America but it can not be in India because they say that there are so many dharmas here These many dharmas are needed so that they can fight with each other ….good for politicians also…If there will be one religion then how will they fight They have come here they have a strong faith in Banaras, they respect and belive your Indian land so much…they touch your land and say that this is “yoga bhumi”. They can see or feel the vibrations while we people don’t. All are lost in Karma Practice (“Karma Kanda”). You can see in Russia, these people don’t know about God anything but they have stuck in Sahaja yoga that doesn’t ask … And in Lakhs …Our program conducts in Sweden and min 18 people 35:22…This work is done in Russia where they don’t know about God, where there is no dharma/religious land like Banaras. But what about here …Should understand that there is something wrong within us…We have to correct this wrong thing…And we have to reach the state of absolute bliss. Now I have said that your attention gets enlightened and wherever your attention goes it works …will give peace …and if anyone is sick will recover it …your attention is enlightened because your relation with attention is with all-pervading power of love … If it is not connected then what will I do? Just like radio comes from the ether element it is the subtle ether but it is so powerful that you get surprised by its working…How does this work? YOu can experience it …you can feel it…and you should know that God exists…and there is very huge power that we call Param Chaitanya …The Ruh…is present there and when there is a connection with this power, is yoga, in reality. And you have the birthright to get this yoga. This work is being done in this Kalyuga and I should happen…In a sacred place like Banaras, this work should happen aloud … That area where there should be more work, there is no work …Due to fear, lethargy and due to lack of knowledge we are wasting our time unnecessarily. It is not necessary to do so…There are many sages and Sahaja yogis from whom you can get the knowledge …First, you get sprouted then a tree is made…You have to become a tree…Why they have come here …Because they think that there are many saints here and this land is very special…
Now I don’t say the true thing to them…But you people have a lot of capacities than them I am telling. Because you have been born in this sacred land. And you are special You have to work hard. You don’t know what are you (importance of yours )…this is the lack of knowledge you have …First, you understand yourself then will understand everything…Blessings to all of you …God bless you!

Will not take more than 10 minutes But one thing is that I am not forcing you and if you don’t want then please leave. That will be better…
It will not take more than 10 minutes but at least for ten minutes please sit peacefully …would be very kind If you can do this…39:49 You are sitting in this land and it’s going to give you benefit but those who are sitting in the chair as well should remove their shoes from their feet…And all the people please remove the shoes. When we were in England for the first time and said there that please remove the shoes then half of the people left the hall…They were so stuck to the shoes God knows from where to where they have reached …My father used to say that Do whatever you like but don’t teach the Hindi language to English people and now you listen to their Hindi language. In three months they have become perfect …they use to sing quwalli, in 3 months that …This is all due to Sahaja yoga that all the good habits come in front …Those who have not written one sentence are writing poems after poems Those who have never given lectures and who didn’t come to the stage are now giving lectures.[unclear]…They never fight with each other never argues with each other …NEver listened that the wife of other person eloped with the other person …It never happens…Whatever goodness is there, whatever spiritual is there it automatically comes in front and displayed There is no need t give the certificate …Yes, some times a person can come whose bad habits are not left after doing Sahaja yoga also then we say that sometimes remain outside from Sahaja yoga then we will see …Neither annoyed with him, neither hands breaking nor touching his feet…Those who are truthfully seekers get deep no doubt …For that, you have to first think that or we should say there is one hindrance that you forgive everyone at this moment. Even don’t think that who have tortured you…Those who have tortured you are making fun of you and you are destroying your mind …Forgive them at a one go …
And then the second thing is Wherever you go like in Mandir, MAsjid, or Gurudwara they will tell that you have done this sin that sin … You are sinner And you people agree that you have done this sin …YOu father has done that sin etc…Everything is written to them? See, I don’t see any of you as sinner…For the mother, no child is a sinner …So, kindly say that I have not done any mistakes if done also then also say that I have forgiven myself …Why are you crying for the previous mistakes? The third thing I have also seen that people get shocked like if somebody loses his child, somebody lost his mother …And after death, they use to cry every time…Then they use to weep all the time. Are you made for crying all the time …You should value your life …Now I am talking about the sea of joy so whatever happened has happened …forget it …This third thing I have seen in India that especially if the husband dies then …No man is a widower in Hindustan only women does …So this burden which society has given to us …We should think that we are the beautiful creation of God and we are the very high level of the human race and by getting sad with these low level of things is foolishness. This is just like that, that everywhere there is happiness, there is joy everywhere and in between the man is weeping …Why …And if you like weeping then what can I do? There re people like this also …[46:56 unclear]

But when you sing the song then why do you choose songs of sorrow/sadness…Then they said that she always writes the sad songs what could I do?

So with full faith, you sit down …that is the joy of the palace you are sitting…And you forgive yourself …Otherwise, your left Vishuddhi will catch By this catch you can suffer from Enzyme, Spondelytis and many more. And Kundalini will also not rise. And then this chakra (Agnya) catches when you don’t forgive others. This chakra can never get opened up if you don’t forgive and the moment you forgive then it gets opened So you all forgive at this moment everybody at my behest…”Mother I forgive every one” says this …and the whole work is done easily. This happens![48:41 unclear]
Now you all keep your hands like this …Simply open your fingers and hands like this …
I hope you understand what I am saying And hope you are doing the same without wasting the time. So Put your hands towards me …Little higher Now put your left hand (I use this left, right in English because in Hindi many people say it differently)So Put your left hand towards me and see from your right hand with your heads down …That at the top of this fontanel bone area (Which is a soft bone in the head ) are you getting the cool or hot breeze? Don’t worry at all …From you only this hot and cool breeze is coming …If you have not forgiven yourself or others then you will feel the hot breeze …To convert it into a cool breeze by forgiving yourself and the others. Now with another hand…Keep your heads down …and see again from your left hand now that whether you can feel cool or hot vibrations …Again forgive yourself and the others …Now many people say that it’s very difficult to forgive but no it’s very easy because Whether you forgive or not you are not doing anything but when you are not forgiving then you play with the hands of the evil. So please forgive…Now again put your left hand towards me and feel from your right hand that whether the cool or hot breeze is coming from your head? Observe the Chaitanya Lehri …Adi-Shankaracharya said this one as “spandh”…This is the shakti please understand …I say it Kundalini! And it flows from your fontanel bone area (talu)…
Now put both hands towards me …Now see towards me…Look at me and think …Don’t think anything …Now put your both hands towards the sky and put your head at the back. Now ask any one of these three questions in your heart …Whether you say me Maa or Shri Mataji!

First question: Mother is this the param Chaitanya?
the second one: Mother is this the love of all-pervading power?
or the third one: Whether this is Ruh mother? by which we get ruhani life?

Now put your hands down…
Now put your hands in front of me again. And don’t think…
Please keep your eyes open.
Now those people who got the cool breeze from their hands, fingers or fontanel bone area, please raise both the hands up.
Please raise your hands if you felt the cool breeze. This is the blessing of Mahadev and endless blessings to all of you…All of you …You all are saint now …
This is very joyful And now it should be spread everywhere …In Banaras, In Varanasi and all-round …It s very easy …The human being is very Turbulent…When this all-pervading power will work then all our question will get corrected …Blessings to all of you …