Shri Kartikeya Puja: The spirit of Kartikeya

Vashi Health Centre, Mumbai (India)

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Shri Kartikeya Puja, (Marathi and English talk), Mumbai (India), 21 December 1996.

[Marathi to English Translation]

Today you all have expressed the desire to do a puja to Shri Mahalakshmi, but here in Maharashtra, Shri Mahalakshmi is worshipped regularly and she has appeared here in Maharashtra but I had an immense desire to tell you all about Shri Kartikeya because he took birth in this Maharashtra, he was Shri Gyaneshwara himself, I have not said anything about this until now because Maharashtrians find it difficult to understand it. Shri Kartikeya himself took birth in this Maharashtra and he wrote such great and deep scriptures like Gyaneshwari and Amrutanubhava. You can ask a question by putting your attention to see if Shri Gyaneshwara was an incarnation of Shri Kartikeya and you will find yourself in an ocean of beautiful, joyful cool breeze. I never told such a big thing like this in Maharashtra, because of the change in nature of Maharashtrian people now. Maybe because of all the horrible politicians we had here, and it might have influenced the Maharashtrians, (and Shri Kartikeya means, being in here, quite simple Maharashtrian……… a bit unclear.)

We are someone great, it was very true what these people were telling me just now, that there were 40 IAS officers had come and there were three policemen on horseback, from where I came, so I asked who had come, they told me that the chief secretary himself had come. The Governor himself of that place said to me that if I don’t pay proper respect to you Shri Mataji, then these people would throw me out. This is the level of understanding in those people, and there Shri Gyaneshwara did not take his birth (unclear about the place Shri Mataji was talking about). Now I understand why he wanted to take his birth in Maharashtra. By the age of only 23, he had enough of Maharashtra and decided to take Samadhi. The way the Saints were tortured in this Maharashtra, nowhere else they were tortured like that. They feel that they have done something great, but after The Saints has died then they will build temples for them, and sing songs in their name. All this is just a nonsensical business to pass the time.

All these years, this Maharashtra is my Motherland, my mother tongue. Shivaji Maharaj has said to awaken the Dharma of oneself and then Gyaneshwara himself has already said that the world should see the sunrise of the Dharma of oneself. And then Shivaji Maharaj said those same words and that same work I am carrying forward. So that the universal religion of oneself should be awakened, and it should take place in this Maharashtra first, because Gyaneshwara has told that to people in Maharashtra first of all. Whatever I said about Maharashtra yesterday, you do not feel bad about it, I mean to say that you go on thinking that Shri Mataji was talking about this person or that person. You need to think about yourself, that means ‘Introspection’.

What great work have we done to feel so great about, thinking that we had Saint Namadeva and so many great Saints here, and saying, ‘Shri Mataji herself has said it’, but you are not the Saints. It will be like there is a beautiful Lotus in a pond and a frog living inside it thinking that ‘he is somebody so great because he lives in such beautiful lotus’. Exactly that kind of thinking is quite a lot in Maharashtra, you should all take a note of that. 06:42 The kind of behaviour I have seen here (in Maharashtra) never seen it anywhere else in the world. The first thing is the tendency of quarrelling, I get so fed up some time, that I said now going to allow only one puja, and no more. We have built this beautiful Ashram here in Ganapatipule, so they have got a problem with that, such filthy people, they do not understand anything. They think ‘they live in the land of Saints’, and also have ‘Ashtavinaykas’, also have ‘The three and half Swayambhus of The Goddess’. All these people must have dared to appear here to cleanse this place, and I also have dared to work here.

I am so surprised to see what these people been up to, one gentleman who I never even seen his face, without my permission he arranged a procession, someone else has puja done to himself under my name, I never seen such kind of nonsense anywhere else, not even in Madras, or in Bengal. There is no fear of God, they will go on doing whatever they feel like. There were some bad people, they could have behaved according to Sahaja Yoga, I told them that they should not stay in Sahaja Yoga, for now, they should put themselves right first. So they did not like that, they said, ‘Shri Mataji talks about love and then why does she get angry with us’.

I am a Mother and I have to tell whatever is good for you, and I do, at some places, I do not have to tell anything, there is no need for it. Some ‘great’ people, who always have to be in the front, they will make a point of showing that they have specially come from Thaane with one flower in their hand, and I am going to give it to Mataji myself, they look like they have just come from a mental asylum, so why is it like this in Maharashtra, I do not understand.

The land is so pure here because there have been so many Saints, and even more so because of Ashtavinayakas and top of all that there are three and a half Swayambhus of The Goddesses, it is such a pure land, so why then do such horrible things happen here? There was one gentleman who was possessed, so I told him to keep away from Sahaja Yoga, so he started his Sahaja Yoga of his own, he did not want to see that there is something wrong with him, but go on thinking that he is somebody very great, thinking that, ‘now I will show them’. His wife went on telling everyone that ‘my husband is much greater than Mataji’ I was really surprised to know all these strange things. Such a thing never happened anywhere else. Also we have these Marathi Newspapers, Hindi and English newspapers are much better than that. They go on writing whatever they like (Marathi Newspapers) Quarreling amongst each other is the nature of the Maharashtrian. OK whatever it was, but now you are in Sahaja Yoga! Still, there is so much jealously, fighting, pulling each other down, snobbish behaviour, so they will say that ‘we are old Sahaja yogis’, and these are new in Sahaja Yoga, so they don’t know anything.

Slowly the people from North India have started to come to Sahaja Yoga, but after seeing the situation here (Maharashtra) they started to go away. When I went to Puna, there were some people from Punjab, who had come to Sahaja Yoga, so they said Shri Mataji what are you doing with these Maharashtrian people, they just want to create problems for everyone. I felt very bad to hear that, I thought how can these people say this? I said to them (Punjabis) what do you think of yourself? But today there are about 8 to 10 very good strong Sahaja yogi’s. They have built an Ashram in Delhi, and you will be surprised to know that every day, before going to work, from ten miles away they will come by car or by bus, there are at least 100 people come for meditation.

We are very blessed here, blessed by The Goddess! We are very clever in doing the work perfectly well outwardly, but when are we going to get awakened from inside? Without getting awakened from within, you are not going to understand yourself. You are not going to be able to know the intensity of me without getting to know yourself first.

Just now what he told you, which I asked him to tell you, because I could not get myself to say these things. Now, these people (foreigners) who have gone much deeper in Sahaja Yoga, who used to take drugs, take alcohol and all kinds of things, have such great heights, and the Maharashtrians just busy fighting among each other, so what to say? They say that Mataji gets angry with us, so what should I suppose to do? If not get angry, should I suppose to garland you? Not just experts in quarrelling but they are also experts in gossiping. Just to pass the time they will go on gossiping. Then if nothing else, they will start saying that Mataji does not give any money for anything these days, so we have to pay extra money. I have myself been paying for everything, right from your food, accommodation, I have tried to pay for everything, and still you people go on saying such things. Do you think I am some politician or what? And then they will ask me that Mataji why do we have so many earthquakes and other disasters?

I have never seen so many drunkards anywhere else as much I have seen in Maharashtra, you will not find it in Delhi (drunks) not even one, not even in a foreign country, but in this Maharashtra where ever you go you will find drunks. It is like this from the beginning, when I went to Rahuri once, there was a big road going up, and when we stopped the car there and what I could see, they were dropping dead like flies, I thought what is going on here, is there some disease like cholera or something? Wearing a white hat, white Kurta, and dropping dead like flies! I said what is going on here? So they told me that there is a place called Indira Nagari where you can buy very cheap alcohol. Big number of people here drink alcohol. If you go to Delhi, you could see not so many people drink alcohol, some people even avoid going to places where people are drinking alcohol. But here everybody drinks, where ever you go, to any party, anywhere if they do not get drunk then they won’t be Maharashtrians! You know, we did not even know what alcohol was when we were growing up, did not know what colour it was supposed to be. So, if you question anybody about their drinking, they will say, look such and such person was 70 years old and he used to drink alcohol, so I said is that so, then go and put up his statue. This is the situation here now. When we were very young at the age of seven we took on a fight to close the shops where they sold alcohol. Here leave alone alcohol shops, some such people can’t live without alcohol. If I say a word against alcohol, then people will be after my life, you can not say a word against it. These are all the journalists, and there are all people in business, it is really surprising.

In a place like Lucknow, where there was a person like Wajid Ali Shah, he was a Nawab, there they have such softness in their nature, their language is full of humility, their nature is so humble. I was so surprised, they will talk ill about this person or that person, (talking about Maharashtrians), they will send me letters after letters, and such horrible letters, about someone’s character and this and that, I am so fed up of it. If a letter has come from Maharashtra then I just tell them to burn it. Now what to say in front of Saint Gyanadeva here, at the age of just 23 years he took Samadhi, they say that Gyaneshwara never criticized anyone, why would anyone do that, there was no point in wasting time doing it, that is why he did not criticize anyone, but he talked about the situation there, he talked about people in that situation, but who is going to understand that, it is not something these Maharashtrians will understand. I am not saying that I have anybody from Maharashtra, but compared to the hard work I have done here and compared to the size of the state, there should have been a lot of progress here.

They will tell me I have come specially, I said why did you come, who asked you to come? There was no need to come. And then when I come, instead of my ‘Darshan’, they will give their Darshan, and they will be fighting to be in the front, I have to look at their horrible faces, whatever you may think, need to understand that you people have a lot to learn. And I don’t understand where has all the pride gone, but there should be some humility, that we have to achieve this, we have to go higher, where have all those Saints and Sadhus have gone?

I think all the Hardcore Brahmins have come over here, because, it is like this guru that guru, if you want to have an expanse of some wrong people then you can either do it in America or Maharashtra. They are so stupid that they do not know what is right and what is wrong. You should go and tell them, that if you do not even know the difference between right and wrong then what good are you for? Today I want to tell you that if you are real Sahaja Yogis, and then, ‘ we are Maharashtrian and related to Gyaneshwara and all that’ wherever they go, they will say we are descendant of Gyaneshwara, with such pride, I said is that so? And don’t even read the Marathi newspapers, they are all very complacent, do not even know what to write and whatnot, what will be good for people, OK I understand that there have been some bad politicians, but are you all going to be like them? Now I request you all not to argue amongst each other, and whoever has left Sahaja Yoga, you do not pay attention to them. They have nothing to do with us.

Somebody came to see me the other day, he had big-big bumps on his head, so I asked what was the matter? he said, “Mataji I am dying”, I said what happened, he told me he had gone to see such and such Sahaja Yogi, I said why? There are so many centres, you should go there. Now nobody should interfere with other centres, I want to see how everyone is managing their centres, I have decided that now. Nobody should interfere, people keep saying that, because of people keep interfering we have all the problems. Whoever is running the centre, that person is in charge and also the leader. And if anybody writes to me against the leader I will throw you out of Sahaja Yoga, that’s it. Christ has called them murmuring souls. 23:08 It is all just nonsensical stuff, in old days Grandmas use to go on gossiping like that but the young people do the same thing then what to say about that? Talking against each other, or go on saying that why does such and such person do this or do that? How do you even have the desire to do such things? I want to take you to a much higher place, I want to give you that status of a Saint, I have given it to you, but you have to behave like a Saint!

Yesterday I spoke about Warkaris (people who walk for miles bare feet, chanting gods name to visit some temples), but I did not speak. To put all their faith in completely the wrong things, is a speciality of Maharashtrians, Americans are also the same. I am talking about the Americans here because they have not got that maturity yet, they don’t have that depth, but here live all the mature people, then what has happened to these mature people to behave in such a way?

Now at the time of the puja, I am telling you at the beginning, the ground you are sitting on, there The Saints have shed their blood, and it is not difficult for you to become Saints also, that is the reason you have taken your birth here. You have an experience, but even then if you boast about to say that we are ”Sahaja Yogis”, then what kind of Sahaja Yogis are you? This language (Marathi), there isn’t another language as spiritual as Marathi. There has been so much spiritual work that has been done here, can’t praise this spiritual work enough, and you have taken birth here, is that without any good deeds (punyas) in past lives? But it has been a wasted, I did not take Samadhi at the age of 23 like Gyaneshwara, and even with having so much on their side, they are too clever for their good.

Yesterday, there was somebody who came saying that I am working to demolish the blind faith in people, so there is that thing, whatever anybody comes up with people will start following him, they will follow in their thousands, to such filth. They have made so much money, Shri Mataji, and his wife has run off with Rajanish, ‘is that so’ I said, maybe he did not give her any money. ‘We used to worship him’, ‘really’? Then you carry on doing so. What do you mean by saying that ‘we used to worship him’, ‘who are you’? You should ask yourself ‘Who are you’, humility should start right from here, who am I? I am a Sahaja Yogi. ‘Who has become the Spirit (Aatma), I am a Sahaja Yogi, and how should a Sahaja Yogi behave? You have an example of Gyaneshwar in front of you, you have an example of Tukaram in front of you, Ramdas and Ekanatha’s example is in front of you, did you not hear what they had to say? have you not witnessed that? Namadeva, who Shri Gurunanaka embraced, wasn’t that Namadeva also a tailor from this Maharashtra? But what I see here, that they are busy singing in his temple! Even if there will be just ten tailors come to Sahaja Yoga then we should think that Namadevas existence has been worth it. Today I just want to pray to all those Saints that please take your birth here again in Maharashtra and put these people right.

Sahaja Yoga has not progressed here as much as it should have, only Sahaja Yoga is growing (in numbers), as they say, that if something is weak and if you spread it too thin then it will get torn. I don’t hear all this over there (in a foreign country) that this is a different group and that is a different group, I do not see all this kind of quarrelling at all there. How can you have different groups in Sahaja Yoga? Shri Kartikeya himself took his birth here, they call Shri Saraswati, as ‘Skandhamata’. Actually, she was not his mother, she was a virgin, but she had embraced Shri Skandha as her son. That Kartikeya chose this Maharashtra to take his birth! The whole world is inspired by what Gyaneshwara has written down, but here it is the opposite. They said that someone has come from America here, to build a University, ‘Peace University’, here in Aalandi, so then what happened, they will not do any such thing here in Aalandi! Then they came and surrendered at my feet and said that Shri Mataji please now you do everything, we leave it to you now, we don’t want anything done by people in Maharashtra, we don’t want to deal with them.

So, what happened was, there was some great person, who grabbed two and a half Crore rupees, from these poor Americans. Another person grabbed Three and half Crore. They ran away from there, they had enough of this Maharashtra. They said Shri Mataji wherever you will do it we will follow you there, please you do it, and give it your name. We had only met for two hours. They were shocked by the behaviour of these people, and it was not that these people who fooled them and took their money were politicians or anything. Absolutely everyone is running after money. The reason for telling you all this is because to achieve that depth, you have to look at yourself first (correct yourself), you have to pay attention to yourself, and see that, have I got any of those qualities that Shri Mataji is talking about?

I tell everybody that when the Kundalini is awakened, all your problems and all your status drops away, you get detached from everything and you bloom like a lotus, but I don’t see that in Maharashtra, and again their biggest concern will be that what ‘status’ am I going to get? They will complain that who is this person to give us orders, who is he to correct me? We don’t believe in leaders, and then he will write to me against him. They will tell me about his character, telling me that, Shri Mataji, you threw me out of Sahaja Yoga because of such a person, but he has a very bad character. Do you think I do not have a brain of my own? If I had to do things using your brains then, I don’t know what would have happened!

The biggest problem here is people are very ritualistic, like they will get up at 4 o’clock, have their bath, and sit in front of Shri Mataji for meditation, and then they will say that Shri Mataji, I do so much meditation and all that then why nothing goes right for me? I said look at your heart, you have not given me your heart? You have to give me your heart. Without having your heart, how should I fill it with anything? To fill it with love you have to have the ‘Heart’. I don’t think that the quarrelsome people have a heart. So the reason I have told you all these things in today’s puja that, you don’t have to be over smart, Marathi language is like a sword, I mean to say that you have to light a lamp in your heart (awakened the spirit) as soon as the light in your heart, you will find out everything about yourself. When we were young, our Mother used to say, where is your attention? Now I understand its meaning. ‘Where is your attention? What is your aim?’ ‘To become a Saint!’ All the anger, irritable behaviour, bringing in something new, all this kind of thing, will not be allowed in Sahaja Yoga.

You should be peaceful by nature, take the example of Amrutanubhava, how amazing it is. How Gyaneshwara has explained it to people, but where are those people now, who would understand it? They do not understand what he has written. So take to Amrutanubhava don’t go on reading scriptures in a ritualistic way. Read every word from it (Amrutanubhava) to see if you are anywhere at that level. A Sahaja Yogi who is completely satisfied, and joyful, become one with himself, he does not want any power or money, he has reached that level. He becomes the joy himself, he has a very special kind of personality. 35:37 But here in Maharashtra there are some very great people in Sahaja Yoga, like especially chiselled diamonds, great very great (a bit unclear), but the rest of them are just ordinary. There should be no rivalry amongst each other, nobody should write to me criticizing others, I do not like that at all. Not only me but nobody likes it, and there will be consequences of it, so please do not write to me such dirty letters. In your opinion, it might be very good, but just keep it to yourself. You don’t need to tell me anything I know everything. But you all have to know everything, out of you people will come jewel, I know that because this is a mine, and if you could only see the cole in the mine, there are some real jewel. I have worked hard here for so many years, if but you have not recognize yourself then what can I do?

The life of Gyaneshwara was so very important, just 23 years of life, but very important. How must have he lived his life? He took his birth in a sanyasi (Ascetic) family, he did that on purpose, because he wanted to show people that, all this is just artificial, he took his birth against all odds, to expose all pretentious and artificial nature. And he was tortured by all these pretentious people. Don’t let that happen in Sahaja Yoga. Just try and remember one thing about Mataji that I know everything about everybody. I do not need to be told anything. The only thing is that you have to recognize yourself. Instead of recognizing me, if you recognize yourself, then we should think that today’s Puja has been worthwhile (meaningful), but I doubt it.

In North India, the work has started in a very big way, I don’t have a doubt about that, and there, the IAS officers has made an association amongst themselves, and if they find some people who are corrupt, whoever it may be, on any higher position, they will take an action against him. They will find out everything about his background, where has he come from, how he is making his money, everything, and then they will take him to court. I was asking these IAS people that, how did you come to Sahaja Yoga? They said, Shri Mataji, it is such a big problem (corruption), we are very honest people, we don’t know how to be dishonest at all. We are also the same, my Husband is also the same, also my Son-in-law is the same, we can not be dishonest. So they thought now what to do, how to live with these corrupt people? They tell us to be dishonest, but then we found the way, when we came to Sahaja, all of us like-minded, honest people formed a unity. Nobody fights with each other, nothing of the kind. And just like that, you all should also unite as Sahaja Yogis. Because we are standing on truth, and no one could make move away from the truth, and the light of that truth is love.

Gyaneshwara has clearly said that, where there is love amongst each other, only those people will be your true relatives. 40:50 But no, they will say we have Haldi-Kunku (a ritual at Sankranti time, where women go round each others houses to put Haldi-kumkum on each others forehead) program at our house, so I asked who will be coming? They will tell me my aunt who believes in such and such god or another aunt who worships such and such guru are coming, are there any Sahaja yogis coming? Who are your relatives? These are your relatives (Sahaja yogis). These are your brothers and sisters, instead of talking against them, or go on fighting with them, fight with yourself. Today in the whole world, people have come together (united) through Sahaja Yoga, the thing I call collectivity is in real sense has been established all over. 41:40 I could hear it echoing through all 65 countries. But I can not see anything like that in Maharashtra. You have to truly come together, whatever happens, we are Sahaja Yogis, and all others are strangers for us, until and unless you realize this, you will not go deeper in Sahaja Yoga, because you are not collective. It is not going to happen unless you become a collective being.

Now if you look at the sea, if there is a wave, it goes around the whole of the sea, because the sea itself is collective, all the drops stays together, if one drop goes outside, then it will evaporate with the heat of the Sun. It is exactly like that in Sahaja Yoga, if you are in then you are properly in, otherwise you are not. Talking against each other, talking ill about each other, does not suit you, today on the Puja day you have to cleanse your heart. And let the Ganges of love flow in such heart. Maharashtrian needs to get rid of their snobbishness. ‘I need to see Shri Mataji’, ‘Send a message to Shri Mataji’, no there is no need for that, if you have to see me, then you can see me in your heart. Only there (in the Heart) I will meet you. All this is just too much. when they come to Pratishthan, I get bombarded with everybody wanting to see me, they feel as if they are ‘somebody special’, therefore they have to meet Shri Mataji. ‘I am a doctor’, OK you might be a doctor, go and sit in your dispensary, ‘I am a Barrister’ ‘I am this, I am that’, ‘I am a peon of a Chief Minister’. The variety of egos you can see in Maharashtra, you won’t be able to see anywhere else. It should not stick on to you (ego).

The very reason you are called Maharashtrian, the very reason you are Maharashtrian, you are great people for being born in this Maharashtra, then why are you stuck in this mud? Wanting to be in the front all the time, showing off. These people who have come here (from abroad), you would not be able to tell who is the leader out of them! It is just not in them (showing off), because they know what humility is in Sahaja Yoga. In today’s Puja, I am giving you infinite blessings that you experience the oneness with your spirit, don’t be half-hearted (half baked), become complete. I am giving you this infinite blessing.

[English Transcript]

I am sorry, I had to speak in Marathi language because I had to tell them something which I don’t want you to know (Laughter).
Today is a great day, I should say in a way, because I am going to tell you one thing great. That is Shri Gyaneshwara – in Marathi they call it ‘Dnyaneshwara’ – He was the incarnation of Kartikeya.
And Saraswati, who was a virgin, she looked after Him like Her own son. He was the brother of Shri Ganapati but She looked after Him. And then also there’s description how He was born and all those (things), is very interesting.
But here in this place, in this Maharashtra, He took His incarnation. And also there were many great, great, very great saints in so many numbers took place, took their birth in this Maharashtra. But such horrible people, they tortured their lives. Worse than Christian Inquisition I tell you; worse than any inquisition anywhere. Individually they attacked. And that same people are born again in this great country of Maharashtra.

They are very talented people; they write very well. Their language is so rich. You can see that, what description of a realized soul, given by Gyaneshwara, is so beautiful.
He says that, “The moon doesn’t run after moonlight, the sun doesn’t run after sunlight.
In that way a realized soul doesn’t bother about his own glory. The sun shines till it shines, then it takes back all his rays.
Whatever work the rays have to do they do it. And the sun is just watching, watching all the work, then he takes them back.
And he gets completely contained within himself”. Samavun ghene, completely contained within himself.
The description He has given of realized souls is so beautiful, if you could just experience it. Namadeva, who was born much later, said that even one line of Gyanesha [MEANS Saint Gyaneshwara, fondly called by a short name] if you could experience, you had that.
I wish you all could read Amrutanubhava in English, understanding how He describes a realized soul, and you’ll find that within yourself it has happened.
You are different from others very much. You’ll be amazed how you have got such beautiful description of your Self.
I was talking about Maharashtrians; they are extremely talented people.
See their music. In music no-one can beat them. See their drama. In drama no-one can beat them.
You can see from films. In Maharashtra only great films were created.

The another one is Bengal, which is, I would say, different but of the same level. It’s such a talented people here, it shows that God has a special blessing for these two, and, should be, Maharashtrians should rise very high.

But all the time complaining about others, talking ill of others, and something very low they do.
I’m surprised it, I hope you don’t pick up anything from them. And also the fussiness that is of the North Indians; that’s also not a very good thing.
It’s surprising how you people have adjusted yourself to this country, which has all kinds of parasites. Because you live with vibrations, you feel the vibrations. It’s something so great to see you all here, and I’m telling them that they should try to understand you people.
Really I’m very proud of you all who have come all the way here. In this puja I am thinking of so many great saints who were born, who were great gurus, mahagurus.
Of course Gyanesha, I must say, is the king of all those high, highly evolved souls, no doubt.

So we are now having a puja on the twenty-fourth of December because it’s a Datta Jayanti, Dattatreya’s birth.
And so we’ll be having on the twenty-fourth night. In any case it’s a Christmas Eve. We could all start with that. And also Dattatreya, who took His form in Maharashtra. Maharashtrians understand Dattatreya. They understand the Nath Panthis.

These Nathas went all over. They went to Kiev. You’ll be amazed, they went even up to Bolivia, those who are from Maharashtra, from Rahuri. Can you imagine?
Such great people they were, and that is what I expect to happen in this Maharashtra. And I’m sure one day I’ll be very much happy with all of them; not few.
There are some very great Maharashtrians, no doubt, but all of them have to join together because I talk of synthesis, not of divisive method.
I hope they understand the inner feeling that I have, otherwise all the good diamonds will be selected and the ones which are defective will be thrown away. What’s the use? But all of them are capable of achieving any height. They may belong to any caste, community, doesn’t matter; but they are born in Maharashtra, which is such a great country.
So today they wanted to do Mahalakshmi, this thing, we already have Mahalakshmi temple. And they have a great blessing of Mahalakshmi also, in a way, but they lack: one is the wisdom, and the second the spirit of Kartikeya. The spirit of Kartikeya – that pure, absolute dynamism which doesn’t indulge into nonsensical things and useless things; which shows the results.

May God bless you all!

[The puja continues with the leaders who go to wash Shri Mataji’s Feet.
Bhajans: Ganesha Sthuti, then Tujhya Pujani, Tuzhe Rupa Pahuniya, Nirmala Kiti Varnavi Tujhiga Sthuti.
Then Devi puja begins, with more bhajans, Vishwa Vandita. Then decoration with the sari.]

[Video ends]