Talk on Marriage Vows at start of Marriages

Ganapatipule (India)


Talk on Marriage Vows at start of weddings, Ganapatipule, India, 29 December 1996

So one should marry with a very open heart because you are marrying in Sahaja Yoga. Is no other binding force for you but your love and affection and care for each other.

Now as you have got a bride and you have got a husband I will tell you one thing that Sahaja Yoga will grow much more now because of you being there as couples who follow Sahaja Yoga, and who will have children of very great spiritual character. There are many saints who want to be born on this Earth. All these saints will be born to you because you are Sahaja Yogis and you are at a level of that great consciousness which we call as Atma Sakshatkar (Self-realisation).

I wish you all very great love, prosperity and joy and that you all develop in Sahaja Yoga in a very great love and understanding; forgetting what is what was your past what was your religion, what was your caste, what was your country. Forget everything! We are all really human beings and now we are realised souls so there is no difference like this.

And all of you should prosper in such a manner that other people should see you and try to follow you. It’s a big, very big responsibility. I hope you understand and realise.

Thank you, may God bless you.

Now, first thing you have to do is to accept the the Vishwa Nirmala Dharma. This is the religion which is a universal religion which encompasses all the religions, respects all the great incarnations, knows about them and all the good things that are told in all the religions it accepts. It’s one religion which is not outside. Outside religions have created problems. You know they just create differences and divides people, it’s divisiveness, divides people. But this is one religion. But this one religion was there amongst sufis among all the saints. All those people who were born realised souls, they had the same religion and that religion of humanity we follow. This religion is not outside it is inside. It’s inside, within yourself; is awakened. And here we respect all the great incarnations. All the great religions we respect, not only that [but] we follow [them]. But we do not believe in any differentiation or superiority. So, first, we have to accept that you belong to this religion then there won’t be any fights about small things, like, “I belong to this caste, this community, this religion, this country,” nothing. You are beyond that, and thats what we have to establish if you want to have real peace and joy and blessings of the Divine. So this is the first thing that we have to do [in the marriage vows], is to accept.