Birthday Felicitations

New Delhi (India)

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Evening Program, Tabla Kathak Qawalies, Tabla by Shafaat Ahmed Khan

talk starts at 1:37:10

Please give a big hand to Baba Mama

Baba Mama: Thank You very much!

We will now begin the proceedings by the solo tabla recited by none other than the great Maestro of Tabla, Shafat Ahmed Khan. So I request him.
Only yesterday Khan Sahib was saying how blessed he is that Shri Mataji …When he was not so well known Shri Mataji gave him the blessings and now I think he is definitely number one or equal to number one in India. A bigger applaud I think …So I would request you to please watch the [unclear 03:23 ] he plays with the left hand.
The very difficult art …The way he plays you could hear music through it.
(After performances)

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, Can we say Happy Birthday to you …It’s 12 o’clock.
(Everyone wishes mother)

Shri Mataji: Please be seated …

Sahaja yogi: It is Sir C.P birthday so we will also sing for him …

Shri Mataji: Please be seated …
I don’t know what to say on the birthday but I was taken aback to see …At this time I never expected …You are so conscious of it …So aware of it! I don’t know you first ever done in India before to celebrate Birthday or anything like that …But of great man, they did.
Now the purpose behind this is to remind the great person that now you are getting old …that you should do whatever you like as soon as possible. No time is to be lost. And also that you must look after your health. Perhaps I do all these things already. But one thing sometimes surprises me …Which I will tell you tomorrow, about Sahaj yogi’s that you also have to grow. Grow out of it. All nonsensical things we have been doing Which we have seen, which are around us, to show to the world that we are very matured Sahaja Yogis. Tomorrow I am going to tell you about this thing, though the occasion is not so good for telling you some of the things that can be very hurting to me. And which you should be very very careful about. Today or tonight I thank you very much all of you …for having such understanding and appreciation of Indian Music, Which is classical music. Normally, foreigners, westerners don’t enjoy. Indian’s, of course, do it. Most people in India don’t understand, appreciate or know anything about classical music …But When they see the western people taking so much interest into it, they get competitive I think and try to learn more about it…It’s very important you must know about Classical Music. For example, I have never studied music in my lifetime. I had no time to study …But in my family, people use to sing all the time all around the day …around the whole year …so you can’t help it. You see your ears get used to it …And that’s how I picked up classical Indian Music but somehow I feel that for Sahaja Yogi it’s important to understand that [unclear 1:40:48] Indian Music. So I am announcing today, another promising day for me that we have started a very nice academy in the name of my father in Nagpur to educate people, Indian classical music. So far we have mostly westerners who are coming there. But also I should say Indians should come and stay because we haven’t got any place like that in our country. You still have to build it up, the residence but school [unclear 1:41:27 ] and the teachers told Baba Mama that better take to huts because people are fed up of cement and all the cement jungle. So it’s time to make like Gandhi Ji’s ashram some hut and I am sure you really love it to be there. You enjoy each other’s company & you enjoy classical music training …It is one of my dreams to make this academy for the whole world and I also promise my father that one day will come when people will appreciate this divine music of our country. So I hope some of you, the Indian’s will go and join this academy though it has just started…Let it grow a little more… You can send your children there… And I am thinking also starting this, dancing of India there and also the art …What you call it …paintings …Also another art of embroidery and all, everything that is artistic …We are going to get to that place. It is a very good land which has a very nice liver, where I use to go to my childhood with my father …So I am sure you will be interested in as you have taken interest in Sahaja yoga and you will try to help to build up the new concept of having a Sahaja Music Academy. Thank You very much. Thank you.

Sir C.P: How can I thank you all for the affection and kindness. I have mentioned you the last year and I won’t repeat the important thing today is that it is the birthday of your mother. And that is what we all are celebrating. We are celebrating her birthday as marking the beginning of a new yuga, a new age, a new era. Buddha was born 2005 years ago, Lord Jesus came 2000 years ago, then came Mohammad Sahib and now she is here among ourselves. And it is my prayer that her dream, your dream, that Sahaja yoga should spread out the world, may come true…as soon as possible. When she talked of old age, I have no doubt at all that she was really thinking of me. Look at me, and look at her and you will know who she was talking about. She is as young as she was when I married her 50 years ago. And she will always remain young. Because she is eternal. So thank you very much once again. I am old, I am getting old …But I enjoy being old …It’s nice to be the oldest person in the gathering as I am here today. Thank you very much! Thank you And Thank you, Baba, very much! He is my sala, He is always ecstatic about me.

Baba Mama: I will share with you, that before you became the children of Shri Mataji Much before …..I was chosen to be her child and after marriage, I don’t know for whatever reason I would know because a man of his wisdom why did he accepted me as a son but he has been always treated me like a son …So I am very grateful to both of them…
[Then Baba Mama calls Debu Ji on the stage ]