Birthday Puja: Ego is the outcome of stupidity

New Delhi (India)


Birthday Puja. Delhi (India), 21 March 1997.

[First part of the talk is translated from Hindi (unverified).
English part starts at 1:37 on video, 36:09 on audio (verified)]

[Translation from HINDI]

When the whole world sleeps a Sahaj Yogi is awake and when the world is awake a Sahaja Yogi sleeps-‘ This means that those things towards which a Sahaj Yogi is inclined, other people are not inclined. They are inclined towards other things. In some way or the other they are disinclined (vimukh) from the truth Someone is caught up with money, someone with power, they are caught up with one thing or another and are completely lost; away from the truth. They cannot see the truth Someone will say this is the reason, someone will say that is the reason, some explanation or the other.
However I think, God knows what all a man does in his ignorance A sort of darkness envelops. Like for example, if this place is plunged into darkness, God knows there might be a stampede, people may fall, get trampled over, anything can happen When we are in this darkness we are asleep. But when we are awake, when our Kundalini is awakened and when we are confronted with the truth, nobody can explain the beauty of truth.
I asked somebody what did you get out of Sahaja Yoga? He said, “I can’t tell you what I got but I have got everything. ” What does everything mean? I will also say that today, in Sahaj, I have got everything. When I was small, I used to tell my father that it is my desire that, like the stars in the sky, many people on earth should also shine and spread the light of God. He said, it is possible you can find a method for en masse awakening; don’t give lectures, don’t write anything or else you will have a second Bible, a second Quran and there will be a thing to fight about. So, before this there should be en masse awakening and the task of enmasse awakening has started in Saha|. But, the problems of this, I have to discuss with you today.
It is a thing of great pleasure that there has been en masse awakening and everywhere people, in such great numbers, have found out the truth and in that bliss, we have not been selective. We opened the door and all sorts of people entered and brought their dirt with them. When even a few people like this come they cause a lot of damage. Saints like Namadeva had said very clearly that those who are bad can never become good. Their habits can never become good He said, for example, if a fly sits on your food, it will make you sick and if it dies and you eat it, you will die too. This fly cannot become alright and like this fly a lot of people are very fond of jaggery and they keep running towards it. In Sahaj all these things should drop off. Until they drop off we cannot ascend. If something gets stuck to the wings of the bird, it cannot fly. This is why this sky of bliss which he has called “Raganchal”— the Mother’s love, in this if you cannot fly like a bird you should leave things to Me. Let Me decide if a leader is good or not. But to say why has this leader done this?, Why is he like that?, You do not have the authority to say that. Now someone will say why are there leaders in Sahaj Yoga? They are there because it is not possible for me to associate with everyone, so if there is a person in between, through him I can associate with everyone. So, they got angry with the leaders If there is something wrong with the leaders, I should correct it, not you. What you should do is to write to Me. But if you do not like your leaders you should leave Sahaja Yoga. With them 10 more half baked Sahaja Yogis will latch on and then trouble the leader.
In the same manner, a group was formed and about 70-80 Sahaj Yogis whom I had never seen or heard of before, joined them. Then that person said,-” I am an incarnation of Kalki”. Alright, if you are so be it. I have nothing to say. But keep away from Sahaja Yoga. There is no place for you in Sahaja Yoga. These people believed that he was an incarnation of Kalki and started touching his feet and all that —these are “charanchhoo m a ha raj”, “Paisa Le Maharaj.” That is why they become so. When they took money, all the faults they were pointing out in the leaders, the same faults were apparent in them and everybody started wondering what was going on. So this sort of jealousy and ambition takes place. But all the foolish Sahaj Yogis got strained into that since it is the last judgement About the leaders, that his character is not right, that he misappropriates money, he is like this, like that, more than the FBI. I was surprised. At least consult Me. They say well Mother we believe in you, but what I say at least believe in that. Then these people reached Ganapatipule and threw stones at me because when one loses one’s mind, one is not aware of what one is doing or saying, like a drunkard. And there they created a scene, came into my programme I felt such bad vibrations. I said are these people in Sahaja Yoga? Instead of improving their own vibrations they were checking other people’s vibrations. So such people should leave Sahaja Yoga. Now if such a person stands up, many people follow him, thinking he will lead them to heaven This is not so. Sahaja is a collective movement. Here if somebody’s ear is here, nose is here, hand is here—it’s just not going to work out because the Chaitanya does not like this. Then I said “you are rebelling”, they said, “are you abusing us?” I said, “I am just advising you that don’t rebel against the Chaitanya.” This is why there was an earthquake there. As a Mother I told them the truth and God will not spare you, I am after all a Mother, you please leave all this But they are still caught up.
In Sahaja Yoga there is no compulsion. I have never even forced the people of my family to take to Sahaja Yoga, although I know that there is nothing greater than this If you want to take to this, do so, if you don’t want to, then it is your wish, but don’t do these kind of things. This means you can never be a Sahaj Yogi. In a way, from a Sahaj point of view, to behave like this towards your leaders is a sin and to form groups on this basis is a greater sin. If you want, you can write to me. I will find out. In fact I know immediately through vibrations, whenever you are right or not. They write all kinds of things in their letters. When they write it’s so nonsensical, I don’t bother. That leader is like that, that one is like that. Are you yourselves a very great soul? Look at yourself, if you are not alright, then what will happen in future? You have children and besides the people around you, what will they think? These kinds of things start and Sahaja Yoga finishes. Till now it has not finished anywhere. We have always tried to save all those who are drowning, the more Sahaj Yogis we have the better. But I also feel that this is a heaven based on truth and to go to this heaven also some preparations are necessary. And if not then there must be a shortage of space, so destiny must be doing this job of pushing out the useless people. But you should not get into all this if you are aware, be-aware of yourself, not of others and find out what is wrong with you Somebody is caught up with something like money, people come to Sahaj to earn money If you tell them that you are not here to earn money, it cannot enter their brains.
I will also have to tell you today that in the money game, people have very little brain. Christ had said that first will be the last and the last will be first. But I don’t see any such thing. In the beginning the Sahaj Yogis who came to Bombay, they said Mother at least take a thousand rupees from each one of us. I said children, I neither know how to count money or how to keep it nor do I know any banking. But if you form a trust, then I will put your money in that. Not that I want to be very honest, but because I have no brains to be dishonest. If I don’t know how to count money, what should I do? I don’t even know how to write a cheque. But-you people know that if anyone takes money in the name of religion he can not escape punishment. This money game is very dangerous. So, this time I thought that lots of women who beg on the roads, a lot of Muslim women too, who have been abandoned by their husbands, who take their children with them and beg on the roads and a lot of women who come from Bihar and Rajasthan, we should do some good to them, so we formed an organisation. For this we don’t need any money from you people. We have never asked you for any money, it all gets arranged but I thought that you should also receive some blessings, so I said OK, donate five hundred rupees for the cause. But so much fuss was made about it. Mother, who suggested you to decide like that? I received so many letters and phone calls complaining about it.

There is nobody who can suggest anything to me. I go according to my will. This you should understand. I look very simple but actually I am very clever! So you should not try to befool me, and you people cannot even do this much for Sahaja Yoga? For so many years I cured so many, gave away so much money, did what all you know, but for such a small thing so many people complained! I felt very sad. Earlier also such a thing has happened, such a lowly behaviour. First Indians especially should take their attention off money to grow in Sahaja Yoga, otherwise there is a ‘jail bharo andolan’ going on. Why is your attention so much on money when I have awakened your Lakshmiji?. How much you give that much you shall receive. To give is so joyful I cannot tell you. When you give Me something I only take it to make you feel happy. I don’t need anything, There is no place in my house to keep anything. You give it out of so much love, I am tired of fighting with you people, of saying don’t give me sarees, I don’t need anything, I don’t need jewellery. I even said I am going to sell all the jewellery, all the jobs will be done by that. They said do whatever You want but we will give to You anyway. I am doing it for your joy. I don’t want any give and take. When I have not taken I needn’t give. But this is something we Indians must learn. I have met such people, you will be surprised, to gain independence, my father sold all the land my mother sold all her jewellery and went to jail. They gave Me electric shocks and made Me lie on ice. Nothing happened to Me, it was a joke but still all kinds of things people tolerated and went to jail for 2-3 years. They are still going to jail, there is no doubt, but that’s because they have eaten money. They claim we also went to jail! Those people who have misbehaved in Sahaja Yoga are going to be turned out for sure and if anyone dares to voice against any leader in Sahaja Yoga, we will turn him out. Know that fully, because we do not want to divide. If you are selfish, you don’t have any job, join the police or CID. Do anything, why have you come to Sahaj, when you are not worth it? I know it was not fair on my part to talk of all this today. When I went to sleep I thought, what should I say today? I am 74 years old, what should I say now? So old people also have only one job, to guide their children, to tell them what life is all about and why they have come to Sahaj. In Sahaj you have not come to destroy yourself because Sahaj is an extremely narrow path. If you have to come to Sahaj you should know that you have to tread on this narrow path, on one side of which is a mountain and on the other a ditch. So to ascend this, if you do not have that determination, that wisdom and that pure desire, it will not work out, you will be stuck somewhere in between. On the mountains you have seen people sit on donkeys and go up. Somebody asked them how did you become donkeys? So they said, we were also like you but since we were half baked God made us donkeys, so that in this form we will make it to the top. These stories you have heard, read, our country abounds in them, mostly they were written to teach us and those stories which have a moral, those are the ones which are real The knowledge of Sahaja Yoga for you is in a way free You have received it because of the punyas of your previous lives. However, after coming into Sahaja and gaining all this if you are going to be of no use, it is better you leave it and relieve me. Also, I have been thinking a lot about this, although I do not think much, I am generally in Nirvichara, I am worried because I consider you as my children and so if due to your faults you are falling, I cannot bear it. It pains me. In Sahaja Yoga there is everything; bliss, peace, all your questions disappear in a snap of the fingers. You know it, you have experienced it, I don’t have to explain it to you especially.

[English Transcript]

That was for Indians, not for you people and I have to tell you thank you very much for this celebration, for all these beautiful balloons; but, looking at these balloons, we have to also see some of them who have lost their air completely. This is another problem we face in the West because to have ego itself, according to the Western culture, is a very great achievement. And when we start living with our ego I know how one looks like. He really looks like a stupid fellow. When he talks, when he describes himself, you don’t know where to look because just feel like laughing at his stupidity.

Ego is the outcome of stupidity. I don’t know what to say, how to give a simile to ego, because it’s just bloated and makes you float in the air, and when it bursts you are down on the earth. But you are not down on the earth the way Sahaja Yogis should be down to earth; but you are completely finished. All your arrogance goes to waste. You can never understand Sahaja Yoga if you have this ego in your head.

I’ve know people who have this ego. They have come to Sahaja Yoga and still they want to think that they know more than anybody else. To know about yourself, you have to go deep down. And to go deep down, you have to give up all this idea which makes you float in the air. Imagine if you have a big balloon attached to you, how can you go deep down into the sea? You cannot. That kind of a “air” which makes you float in the air, absolutely in an area of stupidity- what else- I mean in English we think there is no word, stupidity means everything. Then you may think no end of yourself, you may think whatever you like, you can behave the way you like and all that, but what do you achieve? You achieve nothing out of it. Whatever you achieve people are jealous of you, they want to harm you, you have no friends, no body cares for you, and in Sahaja Yoga people know who has got this problem. So I’ve seen people, when they start talking they say: “Ah, he’d say same, we know, we know him, beware”.

Once I had an experience in, long long time back, in Pune, where the people who were owning that “wara” said that: “We cannot have Shri Mataji’s program because She’s not a Brahmin”. So the Sahaja Yogis said: “Alright, we’ll give it in the newspaper that ‘because she’s not a Brahmin we cannot have her program’”. So, these people came to My program and the owner of that was sitting on the gallery, on top. He could not even walk he was suffering from some sort of a funny disease. So these people suddenly started – I didn’t know, they didn’t tell Me anything. They didn’t tell Me that these people have protested or whatever it is. So they all started shaking like this, doing like this, like this, like this. “Oh, Baba” I said [to Myself] “What is this?” So, I said: “What is it?” They said: “Mother stop it, we know You are Shakti but stop it, it’s too much, too much.” “But what did you do?”They said: “We didn’t do anything, we just said ‘this is a Brahmin staying and a Brahmin wara, and this area is mostly resided by Brahmins’, so we thought that You cannot have Your program”. I said: “Really, that’s all?” “Yes, yes, that’s all. But there’s, see, see on the other side, you see those people, they are also shaking with Your power.” So I asked them: “Who are you? You’re also Brahmins?”. They said: “No, no. We are certified mad people from Thana.” “And how are you here?” They said: “There was one fellow who was mad, who was cured by You.” “Really?” “So our superintendent is here, he has brought us here. We are certified mad, certified!” My goodness! These people looked at Me. I said: “See now, you tally: you are shaking and they are shaking, now you tally. Where are you?” They know now. [unsure] [Shri Mataji laughs].
And they all became Sahaja Yogis not only that but the gentleman who was sitting upstairs. I told him: “You get up and come down.” He came and since that day, he surrenders his life and did a lot of work in Pune.

So what I’m saying that anybody who talks like that, that: “This is wrong in Sahaja Yoga, this should not happen, we should not have paid so much or this leader is not good”, should take a paper, thin paper on his hand and put it before the photograph. If you can stop the shaking, then you are alright.” All of you can try this. Then try on the right hand, very practical. If the paper is shaking, that means “mister ego” is shaking and you know how to treat your ego in Sahaja Yoga. Thanks to Mohammed Sahib. He has told us how to treat it [shoebeat].

Now these two problems are within us. One of them is our conditioning and another is this ego business. And we make our minds out of that and we are playing under the governance of these two things which we have used to make this mind. Now you have to be careful, you find out with left hand. Now, let’s see. If the left hand is shaking then you are conditioned, if the right hand is shaking then you are egoistical. So now you treat it. You treat these two things. Before Me you’ll get vibrations alright because you see, I’m your Mother, alright. But that doesn’t mean you are alright. You try on My photograph, that’s much more sharp. Being a mother, you know, I play around I think- I don’t know what I should say- but maybe you might not feel that. But before the photograph you put on the left hand side a newspaper, or a little paper or a thin paper. On the right had side another paper. One by one you try and judge yourself what are you. After all, you have not come here in Sahaja Yoga to emancipate Me. You have come here to evolve yourself. And because of that you have to face yourself and see for yourself what is within you, which is very strong, which is troublesome, which is dragging you down, which is killing.

Sahaja Yoga is nothing but ocean of joy. I thought that in My absence, you’ll be all enjoying it alright. You do. Airport, I’ve seen sometimes I’m late, because of the plane, I’ma four hours, five hours [late] and everybody’s so fresh and so nice early in the morning. I said: “What’s happened?” “The whole night we have been enjoying Mother.” So what you’re enjoying that is collectivity, you see, “samuhika”. That collectivity you should enjoy only by betting rid of your nonsensical boundaries that you have built in. And then you see the joy. All the time, you’ll be floating in joy.
There is a sense which people have, which you may not have before Realization.
Some of the people have worked- I’m amazed have how deep they are, how they took to Sahaja Yoga. Supposed to be very great men, supposed to be people of very great principles but very hot-tempered in- not tolerant about people, and they take to Sahaja Yoga just like this! Because inside there’s a big depth, so that everything is absorbed without any problem. Everybody can achieve, but one has to be careful as to the two wheels of our mind, one is the ego, another is the conditioning. All kinds of conditionings are there, especially in India. In the West it is all kinds of egos you know, different, different types, I have seen so many types and varieties of egos, I was surprised. To face that, I didn’t know what to say. It’s a very, very subtle thing which people have carved out of their minds.

So for you today, it is to be decided that you are only still small children, and like small children you must have a very clean heart to accept, to absorb the beauty of peace that is within you and also the beauty of purity. Without purity you cannot enjoy anything. So in Sahaja Yoga, though we have so many people I must say, the purity of these few saints, who lived earlier, we have to yet achieve. For example, yesterday they were singing about Ali. I was so very happy because He was an Incarnation. And His purity people are singing now; not at that time. He was killed at that time, He was tortured. That always they do.
Then we have many others. We have here Dam Dam Sahib. See, what a great thing to come to. We have here Nizamuddin Auliya. We have so many people in our country itself that nobody, no other country can claim. They have once in England, they have William Blake or this and that. We had so many people. Why? Not because we were very good people, but because we were to be improved. Things had to be done. So they were born. Though this is a Yoga Bhoomi, anywhere you go in India, I was surprised, in Haryana so many great saints lived there. But they were all tortured, troubled, never understood. It’s so painful and hurts you, how this stupid, ignorant, blind people tortured them.
So now it is our duty of Sahaja Yogis to, first of all, find out who is a saint. Even among Sahaja Yogis, as I described in Hindi language, there are people who try to trouble, trouble others. If you have no recognition and understanding of what is the truth, what is love, what is pure compassion, then you are not a Sahaja Yogi. It’s like an obtuse angle you see, you have. You look at a person with an obtuse angle you don’t see anything, one-sided.

Now, at this juncture when I am so very old now, I have to request that you turn your eyes to yourself, introspect. Because among you there are some people who will try to divert your attention, will try to say things, very easy to say: “He is very dishonest, he is very immoral”; very easy to say. What are you?

We have to now understand that Sahaja Yoga is to be consolidated through synthesis. We are believers of synthesis. Any divisive thing that comes into your mind you should just throw it away. This is a request on this day I make you – that you please introspect. Unless and until you introspect you cannot even respect yourself, you cannot even love yourself. If you love yourself you will introspect and find out what’s wrong. Supposing I love this sari, then if I find any dot, dot about it or see any dot somewhere or something I’ll get it cleaned. I’ll not be proud of it, wear it and go round saying, “Ah! See I’ve got so many spots.” In the same way, you should be not proud of whatever asahaj temperaments you have within yourself. And don’t talk like that. Christ has called them ‘murmuring souls’. He said, “Beware of the murmuring souls”. I would say: “Throw away all the murmurings”. That’s the only way.

In Hindi as they say ‘bakwasi’; their name is bakwasi; means the ones who just chatter, chatter, chatter; talk all nonsense about others. He doesn’t know what he is.

It is much more in India, I must confess. I’m sorry, though I’m an Indian. It is a habit of talking ill of others, sitting down just chit-chatting. They will not talk of Sahaja Yoga. How many people know Sahaja Yoga in the proper way? I mean if I have to give degrees, what degrees I should give to you? Tell Me. You don’t know even about your vibrations. Of course you are Sahaja Yogis because you have fallen into this trap of achieving evolution. But how many are really grown up into it? You can.

So I have to again and again tell you, to make Me happy, you have to give up all these nonsensical, cheapish talks; but try to understand from each other what we know of Sahaja Yoga. Discuss it and contribute to this knowledge by describing your experiences of Sahaja Yoga. There are many who do it. I am not saying they don’t do. But even there’s one bad fellow he can spoil all of them; like one bad apple can spoil all the apples. So what do we do? Throw away the apple out of the basket.

It is important see, even I feel all this, standing like a witness to you, silent witness. When I see big, big mountains, and I think they are like great saints who are watching, and they are trying to record what is happening in this world because they also understand. They also know. I have to again, and again, tell you that today is the day to see your own self, your own chakras, your own – I should say – defects. That will give you permanently the joy that is promised. You will get thoughtless awareness. Also you’ll get doubtless awareness. But never get into the trap of your conditioning and of your ego.
This is what I have to tell you today, on this day where you are celebrating, that you celebrate your own birthday. Celebrate it. See for yourself what you have achieved and what you are going to achieve. It’s time for you to celebrate than to celebrate My birthday. I’ll be very happy to celebrate your birthday than to celebrate Mine.
So may God bless you.
Today, I was thinking, that we had given a nice chance to children to come up. But all the leaders are also My children. So they should come here on the stage and can say Atharva Sheersha, not the children which are really children, in the real sense of the word, but those who have become child-like. All such people should come up and say Arthava Sheersha, We all should say Atharva Sheersha. It’s going to be a very small puja because you are worshipping Me as I am.
It’s not like anything else.