Evening Program

Sahaj Temple, New Delhi (India)


1997-03-30 Evening Program, Easter Puja, Sahaj Temple, Delhi, India,

talk starts at 02:09:09

After the performance of Artists :

Shri Mataji: You can see the creativity of this young gentleman.He is a born realized I could see…The way he was singing was so creative, so creative, so beautifully made.His father is a very well known musician I have heard him, on the …I think… twice I heard him from Delhi and once I think from Bombay television maybe and he is a long time back & his brother also …And their style was very unique no doubt. And in that style, I feel that there is a combination of every sort of permutations and combinations we use in music …Well, I don’t want to discuss them …that part of the music…But it’s very elevating…Elevating and for you people who are all Sahaja Yogis now, you should know that we have some more here sitting …Today is the great day of resurrection of Christ and resurrection of many if you take place now And I am surprised that even so many Muslims are now getting their realization, so easily. Muslims are the best, I think for realization because perhaps they follow the ‘Nirakara’, the formless. Also, Sikhs are very good …but `compared to Sikhs we have more Muslims because they have found out that with all these they have been doing They have to go beyond. They already described in the ‘Koran’ that you have to receive your resurrection.So there are many who are looking forward to especially the young people I have seen have great alertness for this. In Bombay now we have 25 young people, Who have taken to Sahaja Yoga and they are understanding that what we have to have is What Mohammad sahib has told that you have to become a ‘wali’. In our country We have many of them as you know here we have Aulia Nizamuddin, then we have ‘Khusro’, we have [unclear].But also in Pakistan, there are many like that. And there are ‘Sufis’ all over the world. They are ‘Sufis’ and they believe that they all have to become ’emam’.And it’s true you have to become the ’emam’.All this religion …Why do you follow? Because to become something which is already promised to be one with the divine… And you could see How he was so creative, I was amazed! At this young age, he is tremendous and also it shows that day by day we are getting not only musicians but also artists, in all field of art …Very creative people…Especially among Muslims God has given them, a blessing of art. But they are not supposed to sing I can’t believe it.Mohammad Sahib could never have said that …Could never have said that …It’s little bit, I think to mix up there because they have such a talent for music, such a talent for any art …They are more artists than intellectuals… And that’s something good also in our way because for Sahaja Yoga the intellectuals come rather difficult people Can’t they? So it is a great pleasure… I thank you …Your father especially…and the way you are working in America I am very happy. Please teach them this Music, Which is eternal music…I am sure they will all pick up very fast because I have seen that whatever we have our foreign Sahaja yogis, they sing so well that you can’t bring them out. They are Indians or they are foreigners …So when I will go to America I will call for you. And I will send for you and there you will meet those people quite a lot.Also, I think you can come to Cabella sometime you can invite him.He is tremendous I mean people will go mad over him I can see that. 🙂 Also this gentleman who is playing the violin I have never heard him before but once only I had a chance to see him such a young man I was surprised!  He is so beautiful meant for ‘Sangat’.  Also himself he knows so well and he is so well Just imagine such a young age.Then we have one tabla also. Another gentleman whom I have heard before also. And as they say, there that ‘Baya’ is very good for Muslims He has got very good ‘Baya’ I must say …So God has given them some sort of special blessings. And that’s why they are part of us. And we are part of them …We don’t believe in separate religion, separate thing …We are all one …One with divine and once we realized that, our joy is complete.As through Music, you can have a record So through the divine how much will be the record. Isn’t it? Through Music, you become so much one with anyone, Whether they are Christians, Hindu, Muslims anything…Then beyond the Music is the music of divine Love. Once that starts emitting through your personality, through your behaviour, through your life, this world can change for the better …Very much for the better and I hope this will happen …Everywhere it will work out in such a manner that we all become one world. May God bless you.