Address to Doctors, The Art Of Healing

Indian Medical Association, New Delhi (India)

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1997-04-06 Medical Conference The Art Of Healing and Sahaja Yoga Delhi NITL-RAW, 178'
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Address to Doctors (Indian Medical Association), Auditorium, New Delhi (India). 6 April 1997.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

At the very outset, I have to tell you that Truth is what it is. You cannot change it, you cannot transform it, you cannot explain it. Only thing [is] you can experience it.

In this Kali Yuga there is a special category of people born in all the countries very surprisingly, who are seekers of Truth. And William Blake*, the great poet of England has said that these men of God will be born during this time and they will know the truth. So many have said about this. Even in our old books of prophecies. You have known so many of them but especially the one which is described in Nadi Granth written by Bhrigu Muni is clearly said that at this time people will know the Truth through the Kundalini Awakening.

The knowledge of Kundalini was known to us, I don’t know how many years back. You cannot say because our history is so unknown. But at the time of a great saint called as Macchindra Nath and Gorakh Nath, they were indulging into awakening of Kundalini but the condition was that one Guru should give Realisation to only one person.

Went on like this till the twelfth century when Gyandeva first of all asked his Guru, his own Master was his own brother. He asked him, “You please allow me to at least write about Kundalini.” Because in the Gita it was not described. Though Shri Krishna has talked of Sthit Pragnya and all those things but he didn’t talk about: How to get it? What is the mechanism within us which works it out?

Then he wrote it in his Gyaneshwari which is just a, I think, explanation of Gita very clearly that there is a power within us. In the sixth chapter he wrote about Kundalini but the people who were in charge of religion didn’t want that. So they said, “This is a Nishiddha (prohibited) part and you should not read this part of Kundalini.”

But in the sixteenth century under the guidance of Guru Nanaka, Namdeva, Kabira, all these people, clearly, clearly, very clearly wrote about Kundalini but the way it was mutilated by people which is very surprising. Everything has been mutilated but this one was very surprising because Kabira was in Bihar and he called Kundalini as Surti. Very clearly, he said about Surti but in Bihar, ‘Surti’ is what you call ‘tobacco’. They call ‘tobacco’ as ‘Surti’, so you can imagine what is the mutilation.

Now this power is within you. If I am telling you something today you need not accept it. Blind folded acceptance is of no use. We have had enough problems with blind faiths. So, first of all you must get the experience and then you will not doubt it.

This science was known to us since long but as it was only done for one person or say ten persons at the most, I decided to find out a method by which an en-masse Realisation could be given.

Luckily my father was a very social person and I could meet many people. Even my husband’s life was such that I could meet many people. So, I worked out the permutations and combinations of human problems and then I discovered how we can easily solve this problem of Kundalini awakening. Because there are problems on the way of its ascent then Kundalini doesn’t, Kundalini doesn’t come up.

Now there are seven chakras basically within us. These seven chakras are responsible for our physical, mental and emotional being.

There is no doubt about it but you have to first find out and then believe in it. Don’t believe because I am saying so or anybody says so. You have to experience it and feel it.

There are many ways we can also judge. For example, in the Koran, Mohammed Sahib has said, “At the time of Kayama, means this time of Resurrection, your hands will speak.” He also calls it ‘Kayamat’ means ‘those who will not accept will suffer’.

But who will accept their hands will speak, their mouth will be shut and their hands will speak? This is exactly what happens in Sahaja Yoga that once you get your Self-realisation you can feel those subtle centres within you.

These subtle centres of energy are seven in number and are acting for giving us all kinds of energies.

Now the problem is how to make people believe in Kundalini. It’s a difficult task because you are all intellectuals and you have had your medical education from England and all those places you see. It is more westernised and to believe in something Indian is rather difficult for people that it’s all Indian after all.

But actually, even in medical science we have to understand the limitations of a science.

First of all, science is amoral. Secondly, it does not go to the roots. So, it starts like we have to treat a tree. So, we treat the leaves, treat the branches but Sahaja Yoga is going to the roots, is the knowledge of the roots. And the roots are the seven chakras and our Kundalini. Of course, without medical science you cannot also understand Sahaja Yoga. That is also one of the things because you can relate very easily. It is very scientific.

Now there are three Nadis also Left, Right and Center. Left is called as Ida Nadi, right as Pingala and the centre one is called as Sushumna Nadi.

Kabira has described it very clearly and it is in the Granth Sahib also written down but nobody tries to understand or to go beyond the words. Just go and read the words that is not going to help. You have to go beyond it. It is like this, you see a beautiful picture say where it’s raining, it’s very beautiful and you are seeing it, that’s all. But you are not inside it to experience it.

So, to enter inside was difficult one because of the tradition of giving to one person only, or to few persons and secondly the greatest objection came from people who were in-charge of religion those days.

Nowadays those who are intellectuals, you should say medias and other people who have a feeling that they know everything, they don’t want to take anything, that is to begin with. This is one of the reasons why people don’t turn their eyes to the great knowledge we have in this country.

I am so very happy today that Indian Medical Association has given me this honour first of all because I could never imagine in my lifetime, I would be able to talk with you. I also did my medicine and I knew how difficult it was and how people were blind. So, I used to think, “How will I explain to them”, like Kabira has said, “Kaise samjhau, sab jag andha” (Hindi: How to make them understand when the whole world is blind?).

But the time has come because there are seekers now. And they should also know one more thing, that this country is the Yogabhoomi. They have given us science all right but we will give them Yoga. We will give them the real basic knowledge what is the foundation of Medical Science, is the foundation!

Now by experimenting this and that also you have seen that it is neutralised by challenges. Every theory is neutralised so that means it is not Absolute. So, we have to go to something that is absolutely Absolute.

You have seen that Einstein found out something then our people are after him this is wrong, that is wrong, it is going on like that. All the time something comes up, people go on criticising and the whole knowledge goes into oblivion.

So now we have to understand that if this is the Yogabhoomi, this is our country and if it has given us such a knowledge, why should we not also listen to it, because not only that it will flower your knowledge of medicine, not only that but it will give you such a confidence while practicing, while talking about medicine.

Now as it is a subject, is on medicine I would like to speak on one of the centres which is very important because doctors are always affected by that centre. So, I better tell them what can go wrong with doctors and what they should be careful about.

It is to be understood that there is a centre, is the second centre which we call as Swadishthan. This centre is very interesting. It comes out of the Solar Plexus we call it as Nabhi Chakra and like a lotus and it moves all round you see, as you can say in gross way it is Aortic Plexus. It supplies energy to Aortic Plexus. It is not Aortic Plexus but supplies energy to Aortic Plexus.

Now this centre is very important because it gives energy to our liver, to pancreas, to our spleen, to our intestines, to our kidneys, can you imagine such an important centre it is! This Swadishthan.

But the most important work it does is very…which I don’t know you will accept or not but it supplies energy to our grey cells which we are using all the time. When we are thinking too much, when we are acting physically and mentally, this centre has to supply energy to our brain, we can call it to our grey cells which we are using all the time.

When we are doctors, we are using our grey cells how much? We have no idea. There is nobody who has found out how much we use our brains but we are going exhausting our brains and also, we are very futuristic. All doctors are futuristic. Maybe they want to find out something in the pure sense of the word or maybe they have certain ideas or maybe it is money, may be anything but they are very, very futuristic and in that trend of futuristic behaviour also there is a big competition so they don’t know what to do. They have to be futuristic and think but what will happen.

Now in this kind of movement of the mind what happens we start becoming very right sided, extremely right sided. Now as a result of that, as a right sided man, you know I would say what medically can happen, of course also happens lot of things mentally also.

But what can happen medically, this Swadishthan Chakra which has to supply to your liver. Why do you call it ‘liver’? Because of liver we live. Liver is very important in Sahaja Yoga. I know that in medicine we don’t know much about liver and it is absolutely curable in Sahaja Yoga. But now what happens, liver is the one which takes all the poison of the body and throws it into the circulation. That everyone knows, all right!

Now when liver is looked after it is normal, then we have also a pancreas, then we have spleen and also kidneys and the last part of intestines, intestines as a whole but the last part is very important.

So, such a man who is always thinking all his energy is going to his brain and all these organs are neglected and he can be affected by any one of them.

So, the first thing he is affected is bad liver. Now this bad liver because it cannot throw its heat, which is the poison of the body into the circulation. What happens that it starts, heat starts rising, this heat goes higher on the right side. We call it right heart which is the centre which controls the lungs. So, such a person can get Asthma.

Now Asthma has been cured through Sahaja Yoga, very simple way. But it can be cured, it gets Asthma. We say it is incurable because we do not know about Swadishthan.

Now this same thing happens to our… when it moves to the left side pancreas.

Mostly people who are sitting on their chairs and thinking too much and planning too much get diabetes. Sugar doesn’t give you diabetes.

In Maharashtra, I don’t know maybe here also in the villages, a villager will take sugar in such a way that the spoon must stand at the right angles. That’s the way a tea has to be made otherwise it is not tea. He never gets diabetes because he earns without any insurance or anything, spends it sleeps off. Next day he earns. He does not have botheration about future. What he should do? He should accumulate money or he should give it to somebody? Nothing. He just lives with himself.

Now this goes to pancreas, gives you diabetes, this heat.

Then it goes down then the kidney, kidney it coagulates.

Now for kidney if you go to dialysis, I must tell you not that only you die, but you die bankrupt it is a fact. Now in no way I want to criticise doctors, they have to earn after all, but there is a simple way of curing this kidney trouble. And once this kidney is cured, it is cured forever.

So, by helping Swadishthan you can cure also kidney.

But the most difficult thing is the spleen. Now in modern times we are very hectic.

For example, most of the doctors have to get up early in the morning on duty. In college we also used to do the same thing. Then we have no time to eat our food properly nothing. And we take our breakfast with us sometimes. In America I have seen doctors even brushing their teeth in the car. (Mother laughs.) It is the limit of things.

So, in this kind of a hectic life you see what happens: the spleen, poor thing which has to produce RBCs for emergencies gets mad. She can’t understand, “What is the matter with this gentleman?” and it cannot also a sort of cooperate with all the madness we have.

Then we read newspapers. Reading newspapers in the morning is a very dangerous thing because every day you see something horrible and you get such a fright. For example, these days our country is in doldrums. I never read it in the morning at any cost. But if you read it early in the morning any newspaper then finished, you will get some… They only tell you about what has gone wrong; disasters, accidents, if not that then political crisis, this that which upsets you. Whether you like it or not but it upsets you.

So, reading newspaper early in the morning, then just running forward. No time for wife, no time for children, nothing. Formerly I remember that husband used to eat nicely at about ten o’clock. The wife used to fan him because there might be some flies around. She used to fan and relaxed way they used to eat food and live relaxed.

Now what you call in Urdu language ‘Kashmakash’ (Mental Struggle) is so much that people are just running mad. They don’t know what to do.

Now they go to the office, then they find, doctors especially, the boss is angry or there is some very serious patient has come, somebody has died by mistake. I mean doctors are completely treated like criminals in America, absolutely like criminals. So, this is also coming here. If they do anything wrong by mistake, they do something, finished. Their practice is gone, they are put in jail. I mean after all they are human beings but this consideration is not there.

And so, this futuristic life makes them really crazy people. Then they become very hot tempered. Liver gives you heat, you become very hot tempered at the slightest thing, you just shoot off and start saying things which you should never have said. Then you feel guilty.

When you feel guilty you catch this centre here, left Vishuddhi we call it by which you develop spondylitis. If not spondylitis, there is something horrible thing can happen to you.

Now according to Sahaja Yoga, we have two types of heart attacks. One is an active massive heart attack and another one is what you call lethargic like angina.

So, the first one which happens is the massive one where same thing the heat reaches the heart.

Now say there is a boy who is playing tennis at the age of twenty-one or twenty-two and is drinking also, competing with his father. So, he gets that massive heart attack and it is absolutely fatal. He cannot live after that. This is a very common case you must have also seen. I am not telling you something out of the blue. But the another one is if you continue with this kind of thing then maybe one day you might get massive heart attacks especially the industrialists. Industrialists are so much futuristic, so much calculating that they don’t calculate that this will entail their own heart trouble.

So, this heart suddenly collapses and they die. This is a, we call it an active heart attack due to over acting.

Another one is lethargic heart attack like angina, that is if this [Vishuddhi]  centre is caught here, if you feel guilty.

Some people are very sensitive and very formal type you know, they feel guilty, “I should have done this.” I have known people who have been crying all their life, “I spilled coffee on the table of such and such.” I say, “Let it be, now gone finished. Why are you bothered?” But they’ll go on and on and on. It’s a habit they have formed to feel guilty about this. So, about anything they start feeling guilty.

In India we are not so much I think formal type of people, thank God. So, I find less cases of this but still there are many people who develop this left side. Not only with that you develop your spondylitis but you develop a situation where heart cannot pump blood for your brain, that is angina. Nobody knows that it comes from this left side problem; left side problem. It comes from other things also but one of them is feeling guilty.

This is something I am telling you which is not yet told in medical science. But I am sure one day we will have it from India. We will tell these people what we know about the roots of trouble. The root of trouble is like that.

So now the last but not the least is the effect of Swadishthan is this heat reaches the brain and gives you paralysis on the left hand side because you know it crosses over nerves. So, it gives you a terrible paralysis on the left-hand side but you feel it on the right-hand side.

Also, nature is the one which tries to stop. If you don’t stop, it says, “All right, I will stop your right side.” Left side will be all right.

Now the one side of life is also right side. Second side, another side we can say is the side which is left side. And the left side and right side when they meet, you get psychosomatic trouble.

With this Kundalini rising what happens that it nourishes those centres.

For example, see this is one centre formed by two left and right side. This is a centre; left and right side. Now the Kundalini passes through this. But supposing you are using right side too much like this and suddenly left side breaks sometimes then what happens that your connection with the main, you should say mains is lost. You are on your own and cancer starts.

Now this cancer can be cured also; I am sorry to say but it is a fact. It can be cured. Cancer can be cured, not at a galloping stage I think but at an early stage. We have also tried some galloping stage people. They have improved but still I would say it is not guaranteed at that stage. After all nothing is guaranteed but still it works and it has worked.

Now when this cancer is caused you see, what is our job is to push back this left side with the right and also through Kundalini awakening to nourish, nourish the centre.

You see this is the basis for our health our – you can say mind, everything it’s a mental, physical and emotional but also spiritual because when Kundalini rises like this; it goes crosses over this fontanelle bone area.

This is Kabira has said, “Shunya shikhar par anahat baje re.” Nobody can explain what does he say. “Shunya shikhar par anahat,” is the heartbeat. How can a heartbeat come up? ‘Shunya shikhar’ means ‘on the fontanelle bone area’. He was not mad but the people who do not understand cannot think that this Kundalini reaches here. It does. You can see for yourself; it does reach here and once it breaks, this sound is finished.

Then on your nerves, you are amazed on your central nervous system you start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost as they call it in the Bible or they call it as the Alakh Niranjan or they call it as Brahma Chaitanya. You start feeling it on your fingertips, on your hands, you can.

If you experience that, still you go on saying, “No, no, no. I do not believe in anything.” It’s all right. But if you really start moving into that line and start feeling that, then you are amazed because when the Kundalini rises as I told you She helps you physically.

I have told you about only one chakra but there are seven chakras. So, all these seven chakras, they give permutation, combination of these three channels. It cures all. As a result, you start enjoying your life. You become what you call a person who is a witness to this whole thing. The whole thing becomes just a drama and you start live it, seeing it so clearly. This is first thing happens to you.

Now if you have something serious or say something you have to operate somewhere then you are nervous already, “How can I do it?” If you are nervous, then how can you operate?

And also because of specialisation you can only do one part. I have known people, surgeons also, who have opened the body they said, “No this is not my job. This is the job of that doctor.”

So, you know the complete knowledge of medical science, complete! It’s not only surgery, it’s not only what you call medicine and others; we have learnt so many. So, all that becomes a totality.

In totality you know what is wrong with it on your fingertips. For diagnosis, you know a patient dies after it. If somebody goes to say “Houston” for diagnosis, you should insure him because maybe he might die with diagnosis only. It’s like this, here diagnosis is only on fingertips. On the fingertips you can feel very easily what is the central catch.

Now if you learn or if you know what are these centres meant for, if you know what they are related to as far as your physical side is concerned for doctors, then you will know that this person is suffering from this disease. Even small children, say ten children, you tie up their eyes and ask them, “What is this person suffering from?” So immediately supposing they give this [Vishuddhi], you ask that fellow, “What about your throat? Is it all right?” “Ah no, it is not all right.” But how do they know? Because on the fingertip they know, they show the finger. So, everybody will say the same thing because it is Absolute.

This All-pervading Power about which people have talked about, they have called it Brahma Chaitanya. They have called it all kinds of things but they don’t know what it is. It is this power that starts flowing and when it starts flowing through you, tremendous things happen, tremendous things happen.

I have known so many bureaucrats you see, were so much worried, upset; because they were honest people and were suffering. They took to Sahaja Yoga. Their lives are changed now, they are enjoying themselves. They are not bothered. Because this not only guides you, this not only gives you knowledge but also protects you all the time.

I have seen many doctors who are doing say heart trouble. Heart patients they are looking after. There are doctors who are curing cancer patients. I met one doctor who has a dialysis hospital; got his kidneys. I said, “Doctor, how have you got this?” So, he is just treating only people for dialysis and he gets his kidneys.

So, there is no protection. You should also have the protection as a surgeon has. He will tie up his hands and everything. But then otherwise normally doctors have no protection of any kind when they treat another person and if they are sensitive, they may catch from them slowly, slowly the diseases, which they are going to cure.

This is also a point nobody thinks of. We are not machines, we are human beings, we are not stones but we are sensitive and when you see somebody suffering you catch from them. You definitely catch but in Sahaja Yoga you know you are catching.

In Sahaja Yoga you know what you are catching and you know how to clear it out and how to protect yourself.

Now this is what one doesn’t understand that all human beings can get their Self-realisation, all of them. Only thing if you are thinking that you are a great scientist and you are above everything and you have read everything, “I don’t have to know anything”, then it doesn’t work.

It cannot force. Sahaja Yoga cannot force on you its knowledge, nothing. It respects you, respects your freedom. Freedom has been given to you whether you take to it or don’t take to it, is your own.

But if you want it, if you are really desirous of getting it then you get it. But with that you get knowledge not only about medical science but also about people.

Now there are so many types of Godman coming now. How will you know they are not correct? How will you know that Guru Nanaka was a great, not only saint but an incarnation? How will you know about Christ? How will you know about anyone of them because you don’t know the Absolute?

You are born like that but once you are born in Sahaja Yoga, you become a Yogi. And then you know exactly that they are all one. All the Sufis are one, all these great Prophets are one. All these we can call them Prophets and also incarnations, they are altogether one. Christ himself has said, “Those who are not against us are with us.” But how many Christians understand this?

So, there is no need to have different, different religions. It’s in one big huge ocean of knowledge which has different, different, we can say, ports but that doesn’t mean the ocean is different.

All your problems will be solved as far as integration of religions are concerned and you don’t have to give up anything but respect everything in the right manner that you know about them. There is nothing to discard, nothing to condemn but to just, to know about them, that you are amazed how they are talking the same thing what you are talking.

I have read a book written by a one great Sufi from Turkey and another I have read it with our Nisamuddin here who had written something and his disciples, just the same, they write the same thing. I mean there is no difference because absolute knowledge is the same, only expression may be different. They might use different expression.

So, you get out of this madness of religion also. Religion can never teach you to hate anyone, can never, because I am talking here about the power of love. This All-pervading Power is the power of love. It guides you; it looks after you, it cooperates, it coordinates. It is so efficient a government that I don’t think we can ever imagine how efficient it is and it works just like this. Sometimes it is very amazing.

I will tell you now, today a case of a lady which is a true case. Is she here now?

(Response is inaudible.)

Mexican, no? She might be here. See, there is a lady. You are there!

She is a lady here. She was working with the UN and when I went to New York, she got her Realisation and she became a very ardent Sahaja Yogi. It rose to that thing where we call shraddha. Then she wrote to me three letters telling me about some disease her son has got who is only eighteen years of age studying in Harvard University or something. She said, “Mother this disease some people get it in my family at old age and they die.” It’s a special Mexican disease, it’s a big name as usual you see. (Laughs.)

So, I was thinking what to write to her and we’re just paying attention. And she said, “Should I bring my child there, what should I do?” and all that. And the fourth letter I find that the doctors have said that he is completely cured, there is nothing in it. Just imagine how quick it was. (Clapping.) I mean, I was amazed.

There are so many cases like that but this is something remarkable. Where is Mexico! I was in Pune and just see how this Paramchaitanya has done it. How it is kind! It is the power of love of God which looks after.

After all the One who has created us, the Creator is going to look after us, isn’t it? But we should have also little attention towards finding out what is the truth. Don’t accept anything, you have to find out the truth first of all and everybody has said that it is the same thing. Everybody has said you should know about yourself.

Guru Nanaka’s thing I will say:

Kahe ray Ban khojan Jai, Sada Niwasi Sada Alepa, Tohey sang samai

Pusp maday jo Bas Basat Hai, Mukur Mahey ras chayi

Taisai hi Hari basay nirantar, Ghat hi khojo bhai

Kahay nanak bin aapa chinay, Mitay na bhram ki kai’

He said you must know yourself. “Know thyself” Christ has said. Everybody has said you should know yourself.

Now what is that knowing yourself? That is nothing but you are – the principle is that the truth is this that you are not this body, this mind, you are not these emotions, you are not this ego, you are not these conditionings but you are the pure Spirit. All our saints have said that.

Now we are not on that path. We are not looking out for what are we. If we are the Spirit, then how are we to become the Spirit?

Now anybody who starts talking like that, I mean, I was very much opposed by many people because they thought I was just telling lies, I am this thing, that thing, but when they got sick, they came to Me.

That’s not the way. The way is to try to know that we do not know the absolute. Once you become a little humble about it that we don’t know the absolute, so the religion and science become one because you can explain it scientifically as Dr. U.C. Rai has done. Scientifically, you can explain what happens.

Now you don’t have to become what you call ‘karm-kandi’, ‘ritualistic’, no need. There is nothing to be done ritualistically, nothing. Once you are really realised, you have to do a little meditation everyday in the evening.

Now what I also would I should say this Paramchaitanya that it gave us a chance to have a hospital in Vashi and the results are very good in Vashi.

They never use to charge anything for the outdoor patients but they said, “Mother, please allow us to take ten Rupees.” I said, “All right, take ten Rupees.” Is all right for (inaudible) but the people who are living inside, they are also paying little amount; nothing compared to what people pay in the hospitals. And Dr. Rai has so sacrificingly accepted. And the doctors are coming from Russia all the way.

You know, Russian doctors are wonderful doctors. They are very great scientists, I must say. They have gone very far in scientific approach. They have tried to find out the energies, which are subtle energies, and lots of things they have done but specially, they are very much interested in working through Sahaja Yoga and they are coming down here to work.

Now I would not expect our doctors to come and work like that but at least for once a week, they can give some time and they can practice Sahaja Yoga just as a blessing to the people.

Our country is full of very poor people, very, very poor people, extremely poor and we feel very much concerned. People always ask Me, “Yours is such a Yoga Bhoomi then, the, why the people are poor?”

The poor they are, because they do not follow the right path, you see. If they follow the right path, Lakshmi is also there to bless you.

There is nothing to worry about money, nothing to worry about anything and you become a person who is absolutely in balance. As soon as something comes up, some crisis comes up, immediately you all become silent and you start seeing what’s wrong, what is the problem. Because you are not silent, always in the conflict, you cannot see the problem clearly and you cannot solve it but, you actually, you don’t solve any problem.

It is this, I must say this power. I also tell them I don’t do anything; I am just sitting down; this power is doing everything. They don’t believe it but it is a fact. I am not doing anything, I am just sitting, I am not planning, I am not doing anything whatsoever but this power does everything for us so why should I do it. But, it’s rather difficult for human beings to leave things to this power.

Even some doctors who have been practicing Medical science have had very funny experiences.

Like there’s one Dr. Amjad Ali in Australia who is very well qualified and he was experimenting (Mother laughs) on some sort of “kya kar rahe they.” (A yogi is telling something to mother.) So, you see that what he found out when he went close to them, they start becoming smaller. He could not experiment. He said, “How my experiment will go? I cannot! As soon as I go near them, everything disappears, all the disease disappears, so what can I do?” I said, “You don’t experiment with that but you can experiment with the people who are already sick and do something about it.”

So, there are many things like that. And another person told me that in England there is a craze for research. So, one scientist, they told him, “You find out what is minus 273, the absolute zero.” So, he said, “I cannot, because the formula is such that some heat will remain always there.” I said, “All right, do one thing, you go and tell them this is absolute and how can we find absolute.” “We cannot find Absolute. It is absolutely, absolutely beyond us”. Then I said, “You use vibrations and you use these divine vibrations.” And he achieved it. He got his doctorate and he did it.

So, they asked him, “How did you do it?” He said, “I cannot explain to you.” “Because if I talk to them, they will never listen to me. These scientists, you know, they think no end of themselves. How can I tell them that I did it with this divine power?”

They cannot believe that there is another big power.

After all who runs our heart? Ask the doctors who runs our heart. They will say Autonomous Nervous System. Now who is this Auto? Ask this question second one. You can’t answer. Who is this Auto? ‘Auto’ you don’t know. They will just… But they are honest because they say, “We don’t know” and they have put it the name ‘Autonomous’. Now I am talking of parasympathetic nervous system, as you know very well. And we know very little about parasympathetic. It’s a fact. How far other people?

I will tell you that in very simple words what is parasympathetic. Now when there is some emergency, our sympathetic nervous system which is to the left and right side go into motion. Like, we have to run, then if you are running, our heart will start pumping blood. But what brings it back to normal, is the parasympathetic, in simple words. (Shri Mataji speaks aside in hindi: kuch kuch to doctors bhi hai aur kuch kuch aur bhi hai thoda.)

So, this parasympathetic nervous system, when it is filled with energy, when it is filled with energy it just settles down. It gets nourished and then it starts working in such a beautiful manner that you achieve so many things which you could not normally achieve.

First thing that happens that you become a very peaceful personality, very peaceful.

Because we are thinking, now the thoughts are rising and falling, again thoughts are rising and falling, again thoughts are rising and falling. All the time we are jumping on the cusp of the thoughts. But there is a space in between and that is in Sanskrit called ‘vilambha’. But we can call it ‘pause’ in English language.

Now this is the time where we never see that point. We never are there. So, when we are jumping, we are jumping in the future or in the past.

For example, just now, you are sitting before Me, maybe you are thinking if they will get a train or not, a bus or not, this and that, or maybe you are thinking about your past. But you cannot be in the centre. This is the big problem. You cannot be in the present. If I say, “Be in the present”, you cannot.

And in the present is reality. In the present is totality and in the present is silence. You don’t think. So, according to even to Patanjali you have to become Nirvichar. These thoughts which are bombarding your head, you have to become in charge of them, I mean, you have to be in control with them.

So, what happens? You become Nirvichar, without any thoughts. It’s a thoughtless awareness. And this thoughtless awareness is the one that gives you complete peace within yourself.

People talk of peace, other. I know of people who have got peace awards, big, big, such hot-tempered people that you have to approach them with a barge pole. I don’t know from what angle they are talking about peace but they have got peace awards. You know, big, big people like that I have known who have got peace awards.

Peace has to come within. When human beings become peaceful, there won’t be any quarrels, no fights, no wars and no politics. If you are peaceful, then you are so satisfied, you are as in Hindi, they say, “Apney me hi sama jatey hai,” you are satisfied with yourself. You don’t get into the mad rush of approaching somebody, encroaching somebody, aggressing on someone; no, you are with yourself in complete peace. As a result, so many things happen.

Maybe I am the oldest person living here. Nobody can be more (laughs) in age because I am seventy-four now. I will be seventy-five. So, you can imagine. But at peace when you are, you are not having any such ideas of aggression, aggression or anything. You become absolutely peaceful and this peace is very required today for this world to come to something which we call as a peaceful world.

By fighting, by quarrelling you can never achieve peace. I have seen people going with the flags, now fight for peace and fight for this, no need. If you become peaceful everything works out so well and this Paramchaitanya is with you to help. There is no need to fight anybody, to aggress anybody or to trouble anybody.

This is very important for doctors and for also business people.

The problem of business people – because they told me there are some business people also – is their stress which is a common disease. They are the same, very futuristic, you know, all the time calculating, very, very futuristic. And in America, a new disease has developed, they call it ‘yuppies disease’ (Shri Mataji talks aside: What is the name – samaj liya na – in that? Naya naam nikla hai na par mai usko ‘yuppies disease’ kahti hu.)

That disease is such a horrible thing, it is that your rational mind just goes out, your conscious mind just goes out, you can’t even lift your hand, you can’t even lift your fingers and people carry you just like what you can call a reptile on your body. You can think all right, you can talk all right, you can plan all right, calculate all right but you cannot walk, you cannot lift your hand, you cannot do anything.

This is a new disease that has come in America and is spreading all over and I have seen one patient also here.

So, what I am trying to say that going with this your stress, all kind of things can happen.

Now why this stress is there, that also we should know.

First of all, the Kundalini has started working in this Kali Yuga in these times. Secondly, if you see these two centres, two Nadis or two channels, we call Ida and Pingala. So, the Pingala Nadi creates Ego within us as it is shown here, you see, the yellow one. It creates a balloon like. Then the second one is the Ida Nadi which also creates a balloon. Now Ida [should be: Pingala] Nadi creates the ego balloon and the left side one creates the superego, means conditionings.

Now if you are identified with something, if you are conditioned within you with something, then these two are. But when you are too much right sided, these are all – you see the ego moves and covers the left side. So, there is a blockade, complete blockade.

Now whatever problems you have they cannot pass out of your body. That makes you weaker and weaker and that’s how you have stress.

With this Kundalini, these two move out and is opened out and you become one with this divine power.

Now as far as the brain is, for there are some neurosurgeons also, as far as the brain is concerned, we know that we use wee part of our brain, very little part of our brain. But once you get this Kundalini get it enlightens so many areas of your head that you just know.

Sometimes people ask Me, “Mother, how do you know?” “I know. I don’t know how I know.” There is no technique for it. Just I know. They say, “Mother, how do you know this thing? How do you know?” Somebody wrote me a letter and I said, “Who has written this letter, I know.” And I told them, they said, “Mother, how do you know?” I said, “I know for definite this is the one who has written.” I don’t know that person. I have never seen him. I have never seen his hand writing but I said, “I know who has written this letter.” Just I know.

But I wouldn’t say that it’s something great that I should know because I just know without any work, without any thinking, without any managing. Just automatically I know everything. So, once you become that, you don’t have to worry.

Now, for example, I know, also, a lady doctor in Delhi, no in Bombay. She is the one who is a surgeon. She said, “Mother I could know that this man has tumour, very much low in his brains but it will come out.” So, she said, “Then I was just giving vibrations first. I said let me try first the vibrations on that.” They said, “No, No, there is no tumour on that side.” She said, “It is here. I know I can feel it; it is here.” They wouldn’t, they started arguing with her and then they found out the tumour where she said, exactly there. They said, “How do you know?” She said, “I don’t know how do I know.”

So even the children can tell where is the problem, in your head, in your brain, what is happening.

Now to look after your brain is very important that you don’t go into imbalances because if you go into imbalance, your right side will develop or your left side will develop. Actually, the right side develops on the left and the left side develops on the right.

Now also I don’t know how far the medical science has gone up to the understanding as to left and right side are two different complementary systems

(Shri Mataji, aside: I don’t know if that they accept, do they?)

But in Sahaja Yoga you will discover that there are two complementary systems. One is right sided; one is left sided. And when the right side is too much then the left side might act or when the left side is too much, then right side may act. You see it’s a complimentary two systems and if you go on one system all the time then you become right sided or left sided.

Now left sided are the people who are not futuristic but who are the people who live in the past.

Now of course I don’t want to, just now, discuss about it very much because it’s also more confusing for people. Because they don’t want to believe that there is something like dead souls or they don’t want to believe in the viruses being dead vegetables and things like that but it is.

On the left-hand side, we have got all our past since our creation. So, if somebody gets virus you give antibiotics, you do what you like, it won’t go. Only Sahaja Yoga can drive it out. Only through Sahaja Yoga you can cure viruses because only Sahaja Yoga can act on the left side. Many mad people, crazy people have been cured through Sahaja Yoga.

Also, it gives you a good idea about how you can show people, who is mad and who is not mad.

Like I had a program in Pune in the beginning and they arranged it in a hall which was owned by some Brahmins. So, when I went there, they said, “No, no, She is not a Brahmin so we can’t give Her the hall.” So, Sahaja Yogis were mischievous, they said, “All right, we will give it in the newspaper that they are refusing because She is not a Brahmin.” “No, no, don’t do like that we will have it.”

So, I didn’t know what was happening behind the back. When I went there, I was sitting there. Very interesting I saw about twenty-five people sitting in front of me shaking like this you see. “Mother, stop it, stop it, we know Your power, stop it.” I said, “I am not doing anything, you are….” They said, “Now, also there are people who are shaking like this.” So, I said, “Ask them, who they are?” They said, “We are certified mad from Thana. We have come here with our superintendent because You had cured one mad man.” “So”, they said, “Are we also mad?” “Yes, there is something wrong.”

So, the thing was they were thinking the Brahmins are the highest or something like that. Is all nonsensical ideas because Brahmin is that which knows the Brahma, which knows All Pervading Power. And because of these funny ideas, they have tortured all the saints. Specially in Maharashtra people have tortured all the saints all the time.

So, where you have so many saints and so many people then you must know that it was just to work out the brains of these close-minded people. But to open them out is only possible I think when they are in difficulties. When they are not in difficulties they don’t want to accept. Supposing they are sick then they will come to Me. Now if you cure somebody sick, you see once he is cured, he is finished. He doesn’t do any Sahaja Yoga; he doesn’t want to help anyone.

But if there is a person who is healthy, who is perfectly all right and who is knowledgeable, if he comes to Sahaja Yoga, he will be such a help to this, I should say, to this poor country. This country is suffering from tremendous poverty.

Now only saying, “Garibi Hatao, Garibi Hatao, Garibi Hatao” (“Eliminate poverty!”) I know of one gentleman who was a great corrupt fellow and who used to live in one small room with a little cot. I said, “Why do you live like this?” He said, “Because, everybody is garib [poor] so I want to live like garib.” I said, “Why don’t you give all this money to these garibs? Why are you lying like this?” He said, “All right, you suggest to me any organisation which is absolutely above board and I will move.”

That was a difficult thing, a decision. But what I am trying to say only by saying people are garib, garib, you have to attend to that and is only possible through Sahaja Yoga. How?

Sahaja Yoga is practiced mostly by middle class. Both the sides are – one side are the poor, another side are the rich. Rich are very few [in Sahaj]. But more by the middle class. Then it’s like a river which expands on both the sides.

This time I was, I mean, I have been always thinking that I have to do something for the poor people, something, always and I have done also on my own but I wanted Sahaja Yogis to contribute, Indian Sahaja Yogis. So, I told them I want to start a place where we could have these women who are standing on the roads with their children asking for alms. We can have something to help them. Immediately, I was surprised Sahaja Yogis contributed to me for that and I was so amazed at their enthusiasm. I said, “This is the generosity. This generosity that has come to Sahaja Yogis.” And then when they said, “Mother this is we have got all this through Sahaja Yoga. We have improved so much that we don’t have to worry.”

And they so generously, I mean a person becomes extremely generous. He becomes very peaceful; he becomes generous and he starts enjoying the generosity. I mean people earn such a lot of money. Everything they should do there is no harm.

In Sahaja Yoga, there is nothing like sanyasa. Nobody has to take sanyas. Nobody has to go out of his family, out of his … nothing. It’s all here. Why to go anywhere?

So, you have to be a very normal person. But one thing is important, you must have the pure desire to get your Realisation. If you don’t have that pure Realisation then it doesn’t work out. Apart from that it might work but you go on dropping down because if you want to make money out of Sahaja Yoga or if you want to, say, achieve some power out of it. You see, you are so powerful that you don’t have to ask for power or anything.

You don’t know how it works and how it gives. First of all, only we have to believe that we are reflections of God Almighty. We are not just human beings.

Specially, to be born in India you must have done lots of punyas, otherwise you cannot be born in this great country I can tell you. All this, you see, is all nonsense that is going on, is just skirmishes on the periphery, but if you see the culture, the love, affection we have, the understanding of value system we have, you can’t imagine.

When you go abroad, you are amazed, you don’t know how to tell them. They are so stupid, I tell you, very stupid people, nothing to learn from them. I have been fighting with the stupidity of people specially. Americans, I sometimes, I think that they are not yet grown up as human beings. The way they talk, the way they understand. They only like people who will come and tell them stories and make fool out of them, make lot of money.

To me they said, “We cannot take to Sahaja Yoga.” I said, “Why?” “Because you don’t take money, what is your validity? If you don’t take money then you have no validity, why should we believe in you because …” I said, “Supposing I take money, then?” “Then we can prosecute you.” I said, “Go and prosecute all these people who have looted you”. Nobody could prosecute them.

So, this is we should not look to them for understanding of life. They have not yet understood. We have to look to ourselves. We have such a heritage. You can imagine, thousands of years back, we have been talking of Brahma, we have been talking of absolute truth. In what country they have this kind of knowledge. No country.

So, first of all we should be very proud to be an Indian. That’s very important. Even Sahaja Yogis from abroad they dress up like Indians and they have taken to our culture, our style of culture. I need not tell you about the Western Culture as I was really shocked. Then I thought I better write down something about them as a witness whatever I saw.

So, there is nothing to learn from them, nothing to learn, but one day will come, they have to come here.

All the doctors have to come here. I am very thankful, very, very thankful to this Indian Medical Association especially. I never expected and I am very grateful to them for this because I know in this country if the doctors take it up, all over the world they will have to understand the value of our knowledge of life and of Medical Science.  (applause)

I would say that I have seen so many people sitting here I don’t know how many are doctors, how many are from industries and how many are Sahaja Yogis. Whatever it is, one has to know that all of us are blessed by the same reflection of God Almighty within ourselves which we should experience.

After that you will tell me what has happened to you, what you have felt and what you had. It’s a thing, is a matter of your right to have it. It’s your right to have that power but you have to ask for it. If you don’t ask for it, I cannot force it on you. Nobody can force it on you.

It is a very spontaneous happening and it works out, so fast, so fast.

I must tell you in Russia, this hall of course has fallen short but in Russia you always have it in big-big huge places with sixteen thousand, eighteen thousand and they are so much, I don’t know, endowed with shraddha, so much that in the program only they get it. Only in the program! I could not understand.

And they had a meeting of the scientists there, about two hundred and fifty scientists came. So, I started telling them about science to begin with. I said better be on their level at least to talk to them. So, one of them got up and said, “Mother, don’t tell us about this science, we know everything. Now, you tell us the science of God, science of Divine. You tell us about this.” I was amazed, look at these Russians!

So, I found out all these countries like Bulgaria, Russia, Romania and all these five countries, there the people are like clean slates, they have no conditioning, they don’t know anything about God, they don’t know anything about books, nothing. Absolutely, they are not conditioned and the way they have achieved this Sahaja Yoga I have been really amazed at this.

Romania I was amazed and I just told them, one paper I read – not read, I never read – I told them about one thing and the medical, same thing like this, was there and they gave me a Doctorate, not honorary but real Doctorate, on that knowledge.

Can you imagine? I mean it’s not possible. First, I didn’t know, I have never known these things, so one of my disciples, “Mother, you have become a Doctor!” I said, “That I think I have, already.” “No, no this is a real Doctorate, real.” I said, “Really, how they have done?”

Such sensitive people but this sensitivity comes perhaps may be that they were very much oppressed and troubled and also, they had no conditioning of anything. And it’s very surprising they have no sense of possessiveness. Their Government said, “You take your own flats and look after.” So, they said, “No, no, no we don’t want. You look after.” They said, “All right whatever cars you have given, you take them.” “No, no, no, no. What a headache. You better look after. What is the use of taking them? Because after all when we die it will be left here.”

So, such unconditioned minds and such clean slates I tell you!

In the same way we are also very much, Indians are very much capable, very much more capable than they are.

Once they get it, they get it and they can go very deep into it because our life is very deep. Our, culture is very deep. We have had thanks to all the Saints and all the Sufis and all the incarnations that basically our genes are very good.

But with Sahaja Yoga you can even change the genes, we have shown you. You can change the genes also in Sahaja Yoga. And we should not accept anybody because he says, “His genes are bad, so he should be allowed to be what he is.”

It’s not that. Everything changeable and to say that genes are just the cause of your own style, it’s not so. Because one child will have different genes, another child will have another genes. So how can that be? So, it’s not from the parents, it’s not from anything, circumstances but it is with your own reactions to things that you develop genes.

So, what happens with genes is that you become a very, very religious man, very religious in the real sense of the word. Not religion because you pray too much nothing but inside, inside you are so religious. And religion is what is love, love for humanity is religion and that become so innate and so in born and you enjoy.

It’s a loving thing. You enjoy giving your love to others. Even those who hate you, you love to give them love because you think hatred after all is due to ignorance, is not because he hates you really but ignorance. And you start seeing the whole thing in a very different vision.

So, I have a great vision of our country achieving that en masse emancipation, awakening and so let the whole world come here. Once, they came just to give us slavery. Now, let them come here to learn what is Divine. And you all can do it very well. You don’t have to read many books, nothing of the kind. We don’t give also books to people because if you give them books, they will just become masters of the books and will not achieve anything they should go deep down.

First of all, they should be themselves completely one with the divine. Otherwise they are not entitled, they have no powers. When you are not empowered, how will you do the job?

But for that you don’t have to spend too much time, five minutes in the morning, ten minutes in the evening. If you can meditate nothing like it and you will be surprised that all your thought process will slow down so much so that you can see clearly what is right, what is wrong. What’s going wrong with you also because you get self-knowledge. And also, with others because you develop a new dimension which we call as collective consciousness, Samuhik Chaitanya, collective consciousness. Sitting down here you can feel the vibrations of Mr. Clinton or you can feel the vibrations of any person anywhere, sitting down here.

Now if you know how to correct these vibrations, your own vibrations, you can correct the vibrations of others. You can correct the vibrations sitting down here of other people who are far away. But of course, you can also correct the vibrations of people who are with you. In your family there are people who are mad, you can correct them. So, we can have very good families and we could have very good marriages.

It has many dimensions Sahaja Yoga but today is the day I want to really thank you all the medical science people, and the industrialists, that they should now take to Sahaja Yoga and make the best of their lives, lives which are brought in this great country of Yoga where you can easily achieve.

In this country, it is so full of vibrations, so full of vibrations, you won’t believe. I was coming from London with my husband, and I told him, “We have touched India.” He said, “How do you know?” I said, “See the vibrations all around. It’s only in India you feel these vibrations.” So, he went to the pilot just to find out. He said, “Sir, only a minute back we touched India.”

So, this is such a great country you have. (Very big applause.) And if we could just develop that feeling that we are Indians and it is our responsibility to see that our knowledge goes all over and let people take advantage of it. By that we don’t criticise anyone. By that we don’t condemn anybody, as I have told you, but we give them the basis of all the knowledge, and that, in Sahaja Yoga, you can do it very well.

I would say that instead of reading the book better get your Realisation because Kabira himself has said it, “Padhi Padhi pundit murakh bhayo, pundit bhayo na koye, dedha hi akshar prem ka, seekhe to pundit hoye.”

Thank you very much.

(Dr. U. C. Rai is asked to make a presentation on Sahaja Yoga.)

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