Evening Program, Eve of Sahasrara Puja

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

1997-05-03 Evening Program At Sahasrara Puja, Cabella, Italy, 174'
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Talk at the end of Evening program, eve of Sahasrara Puja, Cabella Ligure, May 3rd 1997

Today’s program was really very, very joyful, very masterly. I must say credit goes to Germans as well as to the Austrians for doing everything so perfect. The first half we were amazed how people from the west can play so well on Indian instruments with Indian ragas. It’s an impossible task. I mean, in India, they spend at least ten to twelve years to reach that stage and in three months’ time they all have achieved so much.

And Babamama was saying that it is due to their realisation perhaps, that they pick up all these things in three months’ time. I was surprised Myself in three months’ time how he could play so well.

Then other programs also were very interesting, for example the way they showed about this music being conducted so well.

I mean, you have to pay $50 to see this program!

And has to be pin-drop silence, and must sit in your place sort of fixed, permanently as if…

And this was so remarkable and so professional, so, so beautifully done, without one mistake anywhere, in such unison – also is that the blessing of Sahaja Yoga, I don’t know.

No conflict, nothing; but sometimes you find, say you go to some big orchestra program or some sort of what they call it, where you find people are jealous, they are feeling angry, we can see from their faces they are not enjoying each other.

But I found that they were not only enjoying, but they were encouraging each other, and were treating them in the collective consciousness. Which is a very good sign for an orchestra like this from eight countries – could have been impossible.

Impossible to have such unison, such understanding, and such beautiful rendering of these difficult people, like Vivaldi I think is quite an intricate fellow, and I loved him very much when I heard him first.

And though he was an Italian he was quite, I must say, he was musical, in every way, very honest and very musical.

This is what is of every country, wherever there is music, I find there is a Divine play through them and they forget their nationality, they forget their problems of their own community and creed.

Same with the Germans and Austrians: Austrians are known of course for having very good orchestra and music and all.

But this orchestra was really Divine.

Because you could see on their faces such joy while playing, enjoyment, even the conductors were so sweetly conducting.

It’s a very different atmosphere and different styles where everybody enjoying, you see, playing so well. I could enjoy all that much more than any other places I’ve been to. Very beautifully done, and it really shows how Sahaja Yoga can be so creative. And also can be so much collective, giving so much joy to themselves and to us also.

Sometimes You felt You are sitting in a very big hall or somewhere with a big music is going on, and suddenly You find “These are My children playing so well”.

I’m so proud of all of them, very much proud of all of them. And then the, even the rap was quite nicely done I must say, you had to show that part, also the other side of it. And the films were another very, very well done films, very much carrying the message of Sahaja Yoga.

On the whole, if you see, every, every, every piece of work was so beautifully organised and arranged that I don’t know how you people have developed all these capacities, to rush, run the stage, and to manage the drama, and the films and things like that. Even the drama was so good, the play was so beautifully performed. If you, I don’t know if you have been anywhere near a company which does drama: they are so nervous, shouting, screaming all the time, you know? And getting so very upset that you don’t know how they are going to perform. And then sometimes, you know, they just make such horrible mistakes while rendering their speeches and all. In England there are very good, I must say, drama houses and … But nowadays they make such horrible ones that you can’t see anyone of them. It’s horrible, I don’t know what cheap things they are producing, taking such a lot of money. And in that cold, you see, there’s always very cold in those halls, I don’t know why. You just can’t bear to see those horrible plays.

One day you people, those who have performed here, I am sure will be going to the masses, and you will be going to these big halls and playing such beautiful orchestra, and showing such beautiful plays and dramas. Also the film was made with very great understanding of the subject. I would say that we should put our hands on all kinds of art styles and try to see what we can produce, because there is so much talent in Sahaja Yoga.

This is only in five countries we have got all these talents, but otherwise if you see in every country we have such talents, and with Sahaja Yoga, see, they have become real artists and great artists – so we should utilise them and try to make something creative, because nowadays the whole world is nothing but art. Because people want to see good plays, they want to hear good orchestra, and also they like to have something very much – what you can call – musical dramas and all that.

So I would say that we all can work it out very well and find out the talents within us, which is amazingly is hidden there. Because now you are realised souls, you’ll find it’s very easy. I’ve known people who could never get onto the stage to speak even, absolutely so frightened, so I pushed some of them up.

And now they are very great orators. As great orators they have occupied very high positions in life now, and they are doing very well.

But this is what it is: you must have courage and you must have faith in yourself, that you have achieved something, you can express yourself very well. That is going to give you a very good exposition I should say, or a rise in the whole atmosphere of art. There you will be recognised, I am sure you all will be recognised, because you have special talent like this artist has: he is a realised soul, but you are all realised souls.

So also in painting you can work it out, I was happy so many sahaja yogis are learning.

So it’s [a] very good idea. And also I am also very much touched that this academy of music, which you have started in the name of My father – because he was very anxious that our Indian music should go all over the world. And this Academy is doing a very good work and is creating such great artists, that unbelievable they are.

Very, very, really talented people. But still, the way they have prospered looks like Sahaja Yoga miracle. And this Academy was, Babamama was telling Me that he can have for three months over here in Daglio, three months during summertime, for the sahaja yogis to come and learn, so all of you will become great artists (…).

It’s only Italian government should give us visas, you see, they’re very difficult. They are the most difficult people I don’t know, Italians: who wants to settle in Italy? But they are very troublesome. And if they allow us to start this academy here, with all the rules and regulations and things, whatever it is, then it’s a good idea, we can start it.

We have Daglio already here and during summertime people can come and learn. And you learn so fast, in three months you become experts! In tabla like Allah Rakha, sometimes, in sarod… I mean, really you out-beat all these great artists. So it seems you have entered into a new realm of special energy and dynamism.

May God bless you all.