Evening Program, Eve of Shri Krishna Puja

New York City (United States)

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Day before Shri Krishna Puja, New Jersey (USA), 7 June 1997.

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you about it, but today, I would say, music, dancing, art – every kind of creativity will definitely bring forth the spiritual aspect of American’s life. They have to come to this. Otherwise it’s not going to be appreciated, it won’t be an appeal, people won’t like such music. They’ll try some tricks otherwise – you know that in this country we have all kinds of people, all kinds of music, and sometimes extremely stupid. But, somehow they are gaining the idea that popularity now doesn’t remain with all kind of strand and stupid things. They have taken, I’m sure, by their own urge to search the reality a new type of a style, new type of a singing, in which there is a different tune, I feel, is coming up, suggesting that there’s something higher that we have to enjoy. The idea of enjoyment is change. Sometimes people feel that this country is not so ancient, it has no traditions, also people are from different cultures and so they are all mixed up, confused. But in that confusion only you are going to find the truth. And that’s why everywhere in America you go you find that there are people who are working some out sort of a search of their own. Maybe it’s not correct – it’s not all right. Like the music now, you see, you had such serene, deep music, also some very collective music, all types of music that you could think of. And Indian music, Spanish music, also Russian music – all these have combined on the stage here. That is suggestive that one day the whole world will have sense of music. That’s a different thing than music is, because music can be anything. To have the sense of music that not only entertains, but elevates you, takes you to higher realms of your existence. That is music.

You know how much I love music. It is not because I’m – sort of – fond of music, but through music vibrations can be spread much faster. And they can be also easily penetrate into your being. So, a person who is absolutely dry, who doesn’t like music at all, or the one who is – who doesn’t like poetry, I mean, all the left-sided talents. Such a person is not in balance. And that’s why it is important that one should try – even if you don’t like – try to understand music.

The another side – it’s a very funny mixture here, I find, in America. One side is this creativity which is sometimes quite mad. On the other side you find people extremely busy. Have no time to even sing something or read something – extremely, extremely busy making money. Only money is the criteria. But the money situation seems to be very bad here to Me, for future. Because of the stupid ideas about economics here.

Whatever it is – Sahaja Yogis are going to be absolutely very rich, prosperous, well-known, because the talents they have will show. In every field of life you’ll find every Sahaja Yogi will be so successful that those who were full of their ego and thought no end of themselves will realize that unless and until you have the light of your Spirit you cannot grow very further. Because in the dimensions of human mind you cannot conceive the heights which you can reach. Through music – when today you were singing I was amazed what a talent we have in Sahaja Yoga. I mean, they are not paid for, they have not trained, they have not been to universities and colleges of music – just spontaneously how beautifully they can sing and give us spiritual music which really heartens Me. I was very happy to see the progress you have made in art, I should say, and the other variety of your expressions. Everything was really wonderful and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’m sure one day all of you who are just Sahaja Yogi singers will be professionals – and this and that, but don’t forget Me then. (Laughter)

So it’s a nice time we had this evening. Tomorrow again there is going to be puja and I’m really, really I must say very happy and I congratulate you to organize this program in America in such a beautiful manner. And all of you are such enthusiasts. They told Me how you have been contributing and they wouldn’t take any money from Me, because I thought, “How could they bear all the expenses?” But somehow or other it’s all working out. It’s just your sweet desires, your deep surrender. Everything has worked beautifully and the oneness of all the world you can feel in America today and I hope this will go on and on and on and we’ll be spreading it much more.

May God bless you!